Crime Watch Links Before October 2021

More-recent links are here.

10/1/2021: 8-hour standoff

9/30/2021: Another gunfire investigation

9/30/2021: Plea bargain for one Westwood Village burglar

9/29/2021: Gunfire investigation

9/29/2021: Racist alley attack

9/28/2021: Spray-bottle assault; fence-jumping prowler

9/27/2021: Stolen pickup; car-window-smashing arrest; garage burglary

9/26/2021: Seen this stolen food truck? (update: found)

9/25/2021: Wheelchair user’s van stolen; fat-tire bike taken

9/24/2021: Bike thefts, car prowl, burglars and catalytic-converter thieves scared off

9/23/2021: Firefighter’s gear stolen

9/22/2021: Stolen inflatable paddleboard

9/21/2021: Bridge Park burglary suspect charged

9/21/2021: Stolen silver Murano; embankment-crash followup

9/20/2021: Apartment burglary; car prowls; vandal on wheels

9/19/2021: Wheels, catalytic converters stolen

9/18/2021: Two vandalism reports

9/18/2021: Stolen car down embankment

9/16/2021: Gatewood Elementary intruder

9/14/2021: Another catalytic converter; lockbox

9/12/2021: Building burglarized again; car prowler

9/12/2021: Another broken business window

9/10/2021: Another catalytic converter; car prowls; bikes found

9/9/2021: North Delridge gunfire

9/9/2021: Shooting victim in Gatewood

9/8/2021: Woman shot south of The Junction

9/7/2021: Confirmed gunfire; stolen cars found; wheels taken; prowler returns; dress dumped

9/7/2021: Stolen trailer (update: found)

9/5/2021: Gatewood vehicle vandalism

9/4/2021: Catalytic-converter theft

9/4/2021: Dumped mailboxes

9/3/2021: Catalytic converter; window damage

9/2/2021: Two stolen bicycles

9/2/2021: Racist vandalism at elementary school

9/2/2021: Stolen bike, found figurines, burglary arrest

9/1/2021: 2 stolen vehicles – white pickup, red Miata

8/31/2021: Summit Atlas ‘possible threat’

8/31/2021: Early morning gunfire; police chief’s plea

8/29/2021: Garage burglar; park vandalism

8/28/2021: Gunfire

8/27/2021: Racist vandalism

8/27/2021: Catalytic-converter theft

8/26/2021: Bike stolen outside store

8/25/2021: Burglary; stolen trike

8/24/2021: Gunfire at 5-way investigated as ‘road rage’

8/24/2021: Bike stolen from garage

8/23/2021: Stolen car dumped; 2 followups

8/22/2021: Red Subaru stolen again

8/21/2021: 35th/Barton 7-11 robbed

8/21/2021: Catalytic converters, again

8/20/2021: Lucky 5 robbed again

8/19/2021: White Harley stolen

8/19/2021: Stroller thieves

8/17/2021: More beachfront window-smashing

8/16/2021: Stolen red Subaru; catalytic converters again

8/15/2021: More catalytic converters

8/15/2021: Catalytic-converter theft

8/14/2021: Kayak stolen

8/14/2021: Alki gunfire

8/12/2021: Business burglary on video; dumped-likely-stolen bike, suitcase

8/12/2021: Garden art stolen; coffee-shop window smashed

8/11/2021: Business owner’s alert for others

8/10/2021: Garage burglar takes bicycles; bike stolen from bus; another catalytic converter gone

8/9/2021: Alki “shooting” maybe wasn’t; threat arrest

8/9/2021: Catalytic-converter thief speeds off; backyard barbecue stolen

8/7/2021: Prowler tries to steal scooter

8/6/2021: Rape sentencing

8/6/2021: Police video released in deadly White Center shootout

8/6/2021: Charge filed against burglary/car-theft suspect

8/6/2021: Twice-stolen pickup truck

8/5/2021: SWAT officers kill suspect who SPD says fired first

8/4/2021: Stolen green pickup; more catalytic-converter theft

8/4/2021: Stolen car “returned”

8/3/2021: Car stolen in burglary

8/3/2021: Admiral gunfire? Plus, Highland Park prowler

8/2/2021: Car windows smashed; porch prowler

8/1/2021: 2 reader reports

7/31/2021: Roxbury shooting victim was rapper Gonzoe

7/30/2021: Pickup stolen, tools taken, more

7/29/2021: Man shot, killed near Roxbury Shell

7/29/2021: Recognize the Canna robbers?

7/28/2021: Westcrest Park gunfire; apartment break-in attempt; mystery bullet hole

7/28/2021: Vandal/thief blamed for water-pressure problem that affected 1,300+ West Seattle customers

7/27/2021: Store robbery, plus 2 followups, including 9 catalytic converters found in 1 suspect’s car

7/26/2021: Stolen e-bike – without battery! – and related advice for bike owners/buyers

7/24/2021: Early-morning arson; more catalytic-converter theft

7/23/2021: Guilty plea in rape case

7/22/2021: Neighbor’s 911 call leads police to suspected catalytic-converter thief, and 2 other notes

7/21/2021: 2 gunfire reports; Fairmount-area attack; another axe arrest

7/21/2021: Man shot under 1st Avenue South Bridge

7/20/2021: Park steward tries to fight car prowls at Westcrest Park Off-Leash Area

7/20/2021: Business robbery; burglary arrest; bicycle theft

7/19/2021: Tools stolen from Nino Cantu Southwest Athletic Complex

7/19/2021: Tire-slashing attempt

7/18/2021: Business-burglary attempt

7/18/2021: Stolen (then found) Sienna

7/16/2021: 2 reader reports

7/13/2021: Carjacking investigation

7/12/2021: Catalytic-converter theft; abandoned bicycle

7/10/2021: Axe-attack charge, mailbox break-ins, tennis-court vandalism

7/9/2021: White Center fire was arson, investigators say

7/7/2021: Cars vandalized; axe-attack followup

7/6/2021: Abandoned bicycle; two hit-runs

7/5/2021: Axe arrest

7/3/2021: Armed robbery at Lucky 5

7/2/2021: Peel & Press burglarized again; catalytic-converter thieves’ getaway car

7/2/2021: Stolen blue Subaru

7/1/2021: Alki shooting suspect charged

7/1/2021: Another OfferUp holdup; thief scared off

6/30/2021: West Seattle warrant in raids

6/30/2021: Arrest in Alki shootings

6/29/2021: Police’s beach plan post-shootings

6/29/2021: Four shot on Alki

6/28/2021: Hit-run injures pedestrian, neighbor interrupts catalytic-converter theft, man follows woman; more

6/27/2021: Stolen blue Jamis bicycle

6/26/2021: Shoplifting arrest, porch theft, abandoned bike, car prowls

6/26/2021: Stolen food trailer

6/25/2021: Alki gunfire

6/25/2921: Stolen motorcycle

6/25/2021: Catalytic-converter theft-linked Mercedes found, impounded

6/24/2021: The case of the Mercedes-driving catalytic-converter thieves

6/23/2021: Business burglarized again

6/22/2021: Stolen Accord

6/21/2021: Shoplift turns violent

6/21/2021: Stolen construction trailer; looking for crash clues

6/21/2021: Gunfire damages Admiral business

6/20/2021: More catalytic converters stolen; car vandalized

6/18/2021: Police search in The Junction

6/15/2021: West Seattle murderer sentenced

6/14/2021: Car deal gone bad; catalytic-converter theft

6/14/2021: 2 Crime Watch reports, and motorcycle officers at Don Armeni

6/12/2021: Thieves thwarted; window shattered

6/12/2021: Threat investigation

6/11/2021: 2 killed, 2 hurt in White Center shooting

6/10/2021: Drive-by gunfire

6/8/2021: West Seattle Runner break-in

6/7/2021: House shot at; guns seized; hit-run

6/7/2021: Truck stolen again (since found), assault arrest

6/6/2021: Car prowl at Westcrest Park

6/5/2021: Alki Kayak Tours break-in

6/5/2021: Stolen contractor’s van (since found)

6/5/2021: Westwood stabbing

6/4/2021: Arrest near EC Hughes Playground

6/4/2021: Fauntleroy arson

6/3/2021: 4-figure shoplift arrest

6/3/2021: Catalytic-converter theft interrupted

6/2/2021: Hit-run

5/29/2021: Stolen blue Mazda (found)

5/29/2021: Two cases of multiple car prowls

5/27/2021: 2 cars to look for; SWAT standoff followup

5/26/2021: Park car break-ins; catalytic-converter theft on video; garage break-in prevention advice

5/24/2021: Supermarket robbery; tires/wheels taken; bicycle stolen

5/24/2021: 2 bicycles – 1 stolen, 1 found

5/23/2021: SWAT standoff across from Lincoln Park

5/22/2021: Car prowled; 2 dumped bicycles; shots suspected but not confirmed

5/21/2021: Building break-in; phone scam; dumped bike

5/20/2021: Help solve a building-garage burglary

5/19/2021: Robbery arrest; business burglary

5/16/2021: Store robbery

5/16/2021: Burglars damage coffee stand

5/12/2021: Stolen electric bike

5/12/2021: Stolen silver Tacoma

5/12/2021: Shooting at 16th/Roxbury

5/11/2021: Bicycle theft on video; safety alert

5/8/2021: Building break-ins; found cash drawer; hit-run smashes signs

5/7/2021: Mailbox prowler; building break-in; burglary suspect charged

5/6/2021: Stolen Trek bicycle; fire-setting arrest

5/6/2021: Ryan Cox update; building-burglary arrest; how to help White Center vandalism victims

5/6/2021: Crash after sheriff’s deputies’ pursuit

5/4/2021: Assault arrest

5/3/2021: Recognize these burglars?

5/2/2021: 2 more catalytic-converter thefts; car prowlers

5/1/2021: Robbery attempt with gunfire; storage burglary; car break-in

4/29/2021: Ryan Cox back in jail

4/28/2021: Gunfire investigation; would-be catalytic-converter thief interrupted

4/27/2021: Ryan Cox released

4/25/2021: Store robbery; stolen van (FOUND)

4/23/2021: Alert in catalytic-converter theft case; another charge filed against suspected mail thief

4/22/2021: Gunfire damage at veterinary clinic

4/22/2021: 2 shot near 1st Ave. S. Bridge

4/21/2021: Stolen vehicle, tools, wheels

4/19/2021: Charges filed in three cases

4/19/2021: Stolen Bianchi bicycle

4/18/2021: Hit-run driver sought

4/18/2021: Repeat mail-theft suspect back in jail

4/17/2021: Shooting victim found at Delridge/Andover

4/17/2021: Flower thief

4/16/2021: Another stolen white van

4/15/2021: Car-attack charges; Rite Aid robber photos

4/14/2021: Robbery, ID theft arrests

4/14/2021: Merchandise-laden white van stolen

4/14/2021: Westwood robbery; vehicle arson; dumped-likely-stolen Peugeot bicycle

4/12/2021: Yet more catalytic converters

4/11/2021: North Delridge gunfire investigation

4/10/2021: Stolen red truck (found); more catalytic-converter thefts

4/8/2021: Shoplift-turned-robbery; purse-snatching suspect charged; catalytic-converter theft thwarted

4/8/2021: Woman assaulted; suspected arson

4/5/2021: Stolen silver Accord (found)

4/4/2021: Purse-snatching; catalytic converter taken; gun arrest; another alert about repeat mail-theft suspect

4/3/2021: Suspected DUI crash on Sylvan Way

4/2/2021: Two thefts

3/29/2021: Shoplift turned robbery

3/28/2921: Suspected DUI crash at 49th/Admiral

3/27/2021: 1 person shot near Roxhill Park

3/26/2021: Mail-theft suspect out again

3/24/2021: Another catalytic converter stolen; 2 back in jail; arrests

3/22/2021: Stolen red Harley

3/21/2021: Plates stolen; discs stolen; peepholes painted over

3/20/2021: Mail theft; car vandalism

3/19/2021: 5 followups

3/18/2021: Pepper-spray carjacking; midday hit-run

3/17/2021: Car thefts thwarted

3/16/2021: Parking-lot smash-and-grab

3/15/2021: Recognize this abandoned car?

3/14/2021: Bus-stop robbery; garage burglary

3/13/2021: Gunfire arrest; car prowled thrice

3/12/2021: SWAT standoff at Camp Second Chance

3/11/2021: Shooting at 30th/Roxbury

3/10/2021: Two death-threat cases

3/8/2021: Two stolen Hondas

3/8/2021: Arson alert; tree theft

3/6/2021: Upper Morgan search, arrest

3/4/2021: Stolen silver Legacy

3/4/2021: Stolen blue Jetta

3/5/2021: Robbery, burglary cases turn violent; hate-crime followup

3/2/2021: Attempted burglary, harassment arrests; 3 car break-ins

3/1/2021: Westwood Village burglary arrests

3/1/2021: Gunfire hits home, car

2/28/2021: Burglarized business owner’s request

2/27/2021: Gunfire investigation

2/27/2021: Burglars sought; catalytic converters taken

2/26/2021: Arbor Heights SWAT response; stolen bicycle

2/26/2021: Two stolen vehicles

2/25/2021: Another gas-station vehicle theft

2/24/2021: Junction police response; coffee-shop burglary

2/23/2021: More catalytic converters targeted

2/22/2021: White Center business burglary; harassment arrest

2/21/2021: Crime Prevention Council hears from City Attorney

2/19/2021: 35th/Avalon investigation; stolen car; catalytic converter taken

2/18/2021: Mail-theft suspect charged; Westwood Village burglary suspects out; plus, 2 reader reports

2/18/2021: Found bicycle

2/18/2021: Stolen Subaru; business burglary

2/17/2021: Another pharmacy robbery; stolen car

2/17/2021: Suspected mail thief jailed again

2/17/2021: Burglary arrests at Westwood Village

2/16/2021: New information in reverse-RV hit-run

2/16/2021: Another business robbery

2/15/2021: Two pharmacy robberies

2/11/2021: Police alert about mail-theft suspect Jason A. Turner

2/11/2021: Two Delridge crashes with side stories

2/10/2021: Stolen work truck (found)

2/9/2021: Stolen red/gray car (found)

2/9/2021: Catalytic converters again

2/6/2021: North Delridge gunfire

2/6/2021: Stolen-car-on-side crash, arrest; loot to look for

2/5/2021: Stolen car, 2 stolen bikes

2/4/2021: Rape charge in bus-stop attack, and more

2/2/2021: Vandalized mural to be restored

2/1/2021: Repeat offender charged in $3,111 shoplift, and more

1/30/2021: Burglary, gunfire

1/29/2021: Junction robbery-rampage suspect charged

1/29/2021: Condo break-ins, park car prowls

1/28/2021: Man charged with attacking partner twice in 3 days

1/27/2021: Scammer hits local restaurants

1/27/2021: Police search in Highland Park

1/26/2021: Robbery arrest

1/26/2021: Grocery-store robbery

1/25/2021: Arrests in store robbery, burglary; break-ins and attempts at businesses

1/24/2021: Riverview robbery; ‘gold AK-47’ found in car

1/23/2021: 2 stolen vehicles

1/23/2021: 2 robberies, 1 arrest

1/22/2021: Car prowl

1/21/2021: Police search after store robbery

1/21/2021: Stolen pickup truck (found)

1/21/2021: Another drugstore robbery; park car prowls

1/20/2021: Stolen BLM banner, prowler, robbery

1/17/2021: Junction mural vandalized

1/16/2021: Vehicle-theft attempt; abandoned bicycle

1/15/2021: Business burglary; school theft and vandalism; prowler; scam call; community meeting with police

1/13/2021: 2 bicycles stolen; car break-in; police leadership change

1/11/2021: Crime stats, bike theft, catalytic converter theft

1/9/2021: Tire-slashing suspect arrested

1/9/2021: Arson; truck stolen (update: found); pickup prowled; more

1/8/2021: Package/mail theft, including an arrest; camping gear taken in burglary

1/7/2021: 10 years since the unsolved murder of Kaari Higgins

1/7/2021: Warning-shot arrest; stabbing suspect charged; alert for runners

1/6/2021: Suspect arrested; package thefts

1/5/2021: Suspect charged in North Shorewood shooting/crash case

1/4/2021: Tire theft; tires slashed; bike wheel found; letter carrier harassed

1/3/2021: Man stabbed; tires vandalized; mail stolen; car prowled

1/2/2021: Stolen blue pickup, champagne Accord

12/31/2020: ‘Road-rage’ arrest; robbery followups; laundry-room burglar

12/30/2020: 2 street robberies; burglary suspects sought; 2 followups

12/30/2020: Stolen silver/blue Tahoe

12/29/2020: No, prosecutors won’t call you to demand money

12/27/2020: Trailer theft on video

12/26/2020: Green CR-V taken; stolen mountain bike recovered; abandoned pink bicycle found

12/24/2020: About the big police response in High Point

12/24/2020: Crash reveals stolen packages; bicycle taken

12/22/2020: Business burglars take truck, bonuses, booze; car smash-and-grab; toolbox turns up; helicopter search

12/20/2020: Blue Dodge Ram truck stolen from house where another vehicle was taken one day earlier

12/19/2020: Stolen silver Camry and three other reports

12/18/2020: Stolen white Ranger, late-night package theft

12/17/2020: Man shot at Westwood Village

12/17/2020: Couple shot in Highland Park, police suspect road rage

12/17/2020: Hit-run victim’s family looking for help IDing driver

12/16/2020: Car break-ins; porch theft

12/15/2020: Stolen red CR-V; truck-theft updates

12/13/2020: Catalytic-converter theft again; car prowler leaves loot trail

12/12/2020: Stolen Stingray bike; found bike

12/11/2020: 2 stolen pickup trucks

12/10/2020: 5 reports

12/9/2020: Hate-crime charge filed

12/8/2020: Driver crashes stolen car into Delridge pole

12/8/2020: Stolen vintage Honda motorcycle

12/7/2020: Another auto-theft alert

12/7/2020: North Shorewood crash, gunfire; I-5 rock attack

12/3/2020: Hate-crime arrest; package theft on video

12/3/2020: Delridge animal-cruelty case followup

12/2/2020: Charges filed in Alki alley shooting

12/1/2020: Alki shooting followup; peeper; burglar

12/1/2020: White CR-V stolen with dog inside

11/30/2020: Catalytic-converter thieves strike again

11/29/2020: Man shot while driving in Alki alley

11/27/2020: 2 stolen cars to watch for

11/27/2020: Stabbing at Delridge bus stop

11/27/2020: 2 burglaries; shooting followup

11/25/2020: Package thief; auto theft

11/23/2020: Teen assaulted, harassed in park; package theft

11/21/2020: Gunfire; smashed-glass theft/vandalism

11/20/2020: Animal-cruelty suspect charged

11/19/2020: Stolen white Impreza

11/18/2020: Convicted killer charged in attack

11/17/2020: Weekend gunfire followup

11/17/2020: Man shot at “nuisance house

11/16/2020: Stolen car crash; street robbery; more

11/15/2020: Stolen Ford F-350 pickup

11/15/2020: Stolen gold CR-V; stolen tree

11/14/2020: Triangle gunfire

11/13/2020: Stolen blue Legacy wagon

11/10/2020: Car prowl loot; gunfire incident

11/9/2020: Mailbox break-ins

11/7/2020: Hit-run murder suspect Steven Abrahamson in jail

11/6/2020: Security guard cart-jacked; gunfire followup; more…

11/5/2020: Caffe Ladro window-smashing suspect charged, 2 months after similar rampage at QFC

11/3/2020: Police investigating reported carjacking

11/3/2020: Stolen white Dodge pickup

11/2/2020: Business burglar search; auto-theft suspect jailed

10/31/2020: Why police were at Caffe Ladro

10/30/2020: Stolen blue Wrangler; car break-in/theft attempt

10/30/2020: Gunfire investigation

10/30/2020: Stolen blue Silverado

10/29/2020: Stolen car, guns, drugs seized; USPS vehicle break-in; firefighting gear stolen; possible stolen items dumped

10/28/2020: Man beaten in South Delridge

10/28/2020: Stolen blue Wrangler; store robbery

10/27/2020: Car-prowl alert/advice; store robbery; W. Marginal crash followup

10/26/2020: Fauntleroy/Edmunds shooting followup; 35th SW gunfire

10/25/2020: Stolen Honda motorcycle (update – found!); another apartment-garage break-in; found red Razor scooter

10/25/2020: Alki Avenue crash, investigated as DUI

10/24/2020: Burglar steals family keepsakes

10/23/2020: Shooting east of The Junction

10/22/2020: Another catalytic converter stolen

10/20/2020: Stolen white Passat (UPDATE: Found)

10/19/2020: Why Guardian One was over South Delridge/White Center

10/19/2020: Alley holdup; stolen red Civic; found plate

10/16/2020: Followup on Delridge animal-cruelty case

10/16/2020: Gatewood gunfire

10/16/2020: 2 more stolen bicycles; another apartment-garage break-in

10/15/2020: SWAT raid at 17th/107th

10/15/2020: More than 200 animals found at Delridge home

10/14/2020: Stolen custom bicycles; car prowler sought; auto-theft alert

10/12/2020: Another stolen e-bike

10/12/2020: Weekend gunfire, robbery followups

10/11/2020: Stolen silver CR-V, 2 other thefts

10/10/2020: More catalytic-converter thefts

10/10/2020: Junction robbery, South Delridge gunfire

10/6/2020: Stolen black Liberty; car thief returns to scene; abandoned Schwinn bicycle

10/5/2020: Double-shooting followup, yard theft

10/3/2020: Burglary; stolen gray Audi, red bicycle

10/3/2020: Stolen cargo e-bike; abandoned bicycle; hit-run driver leaves stolen car behind

10/3/2020: Pickup truck stolen (then found)

10/2/2020: Stolen bicycle; abandoned motorcycle

9/30/2020: Police @ school; 2 car break-ins; 2 more found bicycles; more…

9/28/2020: Stolen Jeep Cherokee

9/26/2020: Mural repeatedly vandalized – and restored

9/25/2020: Neighborhood prowled, e-bike stolen (then found)

9/24/2020: Statue head stolen

9/23/2020: Repeat offender charged after order-violation arrest

9/23/2020: 2 stolen bicycles, 2 abandoned

9/22/2020: Stolen Subaru; car prowls

9/21/2020: Suspect charged in hit-run murder, not yet in custody

9/20/2020: Arrest; mail theft; package taken

9/19/2020: Westwood gun incident; sign vandalized again

9/19/2020: Stolen black Corolla; stolen food truck (update: both found)

9/17/2020: Catalytic-converter thieves strike again

9/16/2020: Stolen beige Civic; Triangle window-smashing

9/14/2020: Triangle response; stolen rollerblades; abandoned bicycle

9/11/2020: Arson investigation; garage break-in; car prowl

9/10/2020: Motorcycle stolen; gas siphoned; window-smashing suspect charged

9/9/2020: Car arson; stolen gun found

9/8/2020: QFC window-smashing followup; two car break-ins

9/7/2020: 2 bikes stolen

9/6/2020: Window-smashing rampage at Junction QFC

9/6/2020: Stolen silver CR-V

9/6/2020: Park prowler(s)

9/4/2020: Park search; prowler report

9/2/2020: Building break-in; stolen statue

9/2/2020: Fauntleroy man arrested by federal agents, accused of bomb threat

9/1/2020: Stolen white Kia; police changes

9/1/2020: Stolen silver Subaru

8/29/2020: Another catalytic converter targeted

8/28/2020: Park robbery; motorcycle theft; building break-ins; package taken

8/27/2020: Suspected hit-run homicide car found in Highland Park

8/25/2020: Car and e-bike stolen in the same neighborhood, and vandalism nearby

8/25/2020: Police say body was hit-run homicide victim

8/26/2020: Stolen computer with irreplaceable memories

8/26/2020: Police release video in West Seattle hit-run homicide investigation

8/25/2020: Car and e-bike stolen in the same neighborhood, and vandalism nearby

8/24/2020: Police investigating after body found near Longfellow Creek

8/24/2020: Suitcase-bodies suspect charged with murder; second disposal site revealed

8/23/2020: 3 reader reports

8/22/2020: Gunfire investigation

8/21/2020: Junction smash-and-grab suspect charged; another catalytic-converter theft

8/20/2020: Bus-shelter mural restored

8/20/2020: $5 million bail for suspect in Duwamish Head suitcase-bodies murder case

8/16/2020: Gatewood gunfire; business burglary; theft attempt; plus, ‘dumped/likely stolen’ find

8/15/2020: Car prowler takes accessories

8/14/2020: Burglary suspect assists with his own arrest

8/13/2020: Paint vandalism

8/13/2020: Bullets hit house

8/12/2020: Stolen red CR-V; license-plate thefts

8/11/2020: Pandemic prowler

8/10/2020: Stolen e-bike

8/8/2020: Stolen scooter

8/7/2020: Catalytic-converter thefts

8/3/2020: Camping gear stolen

8/2/2020: After Alki shooting, precinct commander’s message to the community

8/2/2020: 2 shot at Alki

7/31/2020: Prowlers; scam call

7/30/2020: HPIC’s BLM banners stolen

7/30/2020: Puget Ridge gunfire; stolen car, backpack found

7/29/2020: Stolen white Honda Pilot

7/29/2020: Stolen boat recovered; dumped bag of tools (and more)

7/27/2020: Another gunfire-damaged car; stolen backpack to watch for

7/24/2020: Business burglarized, e-bikes and more taken

7/23/2020: Window-shooting victim wonders about others. Plus, prowler on video

7/22/2020: Can you help find these stolen items? Plus, trailer taken

7/20/2020: Arson suspect charged; gunfire incident; bicycle found

7/20/2020: Stolen bicycle, scooter; dumped bag

7/18/2020: Heavy … and stolen

7/16/2020: Police search in south Admiral

7/16/2020: Hit-run driver damages cars

7/15/2020: Wheels stolen – silver Lexus, blue scooter

7/15/2020: Another smash-and-grab, and a followup

7/13/2020: 2 businesses hit by thieves

7/11/2020: Stolen blue CR-V

7/9/2020: Recognize this thief?

7/7/2020: Another car prowler on video; abandoned kid-size bike

7/6/2020: Car prowls; stolen dinghy

7/5/2020: Stolen black Lexus

7/3/2020: Stolen gray pickup; stolen e-bike; dumped tote bag and groceries

7/2/2020: Pickup recovered; bike stolen again; package taken

7/2/2020: Police response after gunfire in White Center

7/2/2020: Police search; bike theft; 2 car prowls

7/1/2020: Doctor charged with federal crimes

7/1/2020: Victims found off Duwamish Head were shot to death

6/30/2020: 2 victims identified in “human remains” discovery

6/30/2020: 2 burglaries, one with a keepsake stolen

6/29/2020: Rape suspect arraigned

6/27/2020: Restaurant furniture stolen

6/26/2020: Stolen white Fiat; mystery car; dumped items

6/25/2020: Business break-in

6/24/2020: Stolen art merchandise; construction-site hit-run

6/22/2020: Brazen bike theft; car break-ins

6/22/2020: Stolen black Nissan Leaf

6/20/2020: Catalytic-converter theft; car prowl; signs stolen

6/19/2020: ‘Human remains’ found off Duwamish Head

6/17/2020: Stolen red TrailBlazer

6/17/2020: Stolen boat motor

6/16/2020: Business burglar on video

6/15/2020: Guardian One helicopter over Arbor Heights

6/12/2020: Another BLM banner stolen

6/11/2020: Treasure-chest thief; hit-run fence-crasher

6/11/2020: ‘Black Lives Matter’ support sign stolen

6/8/2020: Hit-run rampage trashes neighborhood

6/8/2020: Box of lost or stolen laptops found in Westwood

6/6/2020: Food truck break-in

6/5/2020: Stolen red Subaru Legacy

6/4/2020: Stolen white van

6/3/2020: One man shot in West Seattle Junction

6/3/2020: Teens robbed

6/1/2020: 5 notes

5/31/2020: Man stabbed; suspect arrested

5/28/2020: Red Loyale stolen (update: found!)

5/26/2020: Suspect charged in Peel & Press burglary

5/22/2020: Another car thief on camera

5/22/2020: Tool theft

5/21/2020: Car thief on video

5/20/2020: Helicopter-assisted search

5/20/2020: Car prowl; backpack found

5/19/2020: Busy night for car prowlers

5/18/2020: Keepsake watch stolen in burglary

5/18/2020: Stolen blue bicycle

5/17/2020: Bicycle thief on camera; stolen copper Jeep

5/17/2019: Stolen blue Subaru

5/14/2020: Stolen mobility scooter

5/13/2020: ATMs vandalized; stolen/found car

5/13/2020: Police response outside PCC

5/9/2020: Restaurant burglary

5/7/2020: Stolen blue Camry

5/4/2020: Burglary suspect arrested; vehicle break-in; dumped-and-likely-stolen tennis rackets

5/4/2020: Gray Toyota truck stolen

5/2/2020: Stolen wheels; car prowl; diaper theft

5/1/2020: Charges filed in High Point attack

4/30/2020: Helicopter search in Highland Park

4/29/2020: West Seattle teen jailed, charged with rape

4/28/2020: Suspect arrested in High Point was wanted for robbery, attack

4/27/2020: Police search in High Point
4/26/2020: Car break-ins; package theft

4/24/2020: Tool theft; two dumped-possibly-stolen bicycles

4/21/2020: Tire store steers police to suspected car thief

4/20/2020: What car prowler(s) left behind

4/19/2020: Parents charged in baby’s fentanyl death

4/18/2020: Stolen black Dakota pickup, with tools

4/18/2020: Stolen silver Altima

4/17/2020: Woman attacked, robbed

4/16/2020: Advice for preventing auto theft

4/15/2020: Car prowl

4/13/2020: What preceded gunfire

4/12/2020: Stolen silver Legacy, with kayak (update – found!); dumped-maybe-stolen bicycle. with cart

4/11/2020: Stolen white Infiniti

4/11/2020: 1 bicycle stolen, 1 found, and 2 other dumped items

4/10/2020: Arrests after search following gunfire

4/10/2020: Stolen bag and hard hat

4/8/2020: Stolen maroon Subaru Legacy; three vandalism reports

4/7/2020: Prowling report; prevention advice

4/6/2020: Stolen blue-green Accord

4/6/2020: Car prowler(s) take child carrier; “Welcome to West Seattle” sign vandalized

4/5/2020: Mystery Made burglarized; car prowlers take tools

4/5/2020: Brief search in North Delridge

4/3/2020: Stolen maroon Accord

4/2/2020: Break-in attempt at Lady Jaye

4/2/2020: Help for domestic-violence victims

4/2/2020: Woman assaulted, boyfriend arrested

4/1/2020: Stolen blue bicycle

3/31/2020: Stolen white Subaru Crosstrek; broken-glass break-in; scam alert

3/29/2020: DUI suspected in Alki crash

3/28/2020: Car break-in

3/27/2020: Guardian One helicopter over Arbor Heights and vicinity

3/27/2020: South Delridge stabbing followup

3/25/2020: Business burglary; mystery mower & Buddha

3/24/2020: Advice for closed businesses

3/22/2020: Stolen blue Accord; package taken; illegal dumping

3/20/2020: Stolen black Legacy; business burglary; 2 bicycles, dumped and likely stolen

3/19/2020: Stolen camper, quickly recovered

3/18/2020: Two thefts

3/17/2020: “Lack of activity” in usual hot spots, police say

3/15/2020: Suspect sought in bizarre incident

3/14/2020: Scam calls; stolen green Civic; found bicycles

3/14/2020: Stolen dark-green Nissan Altima

3/10/2020: Stolen teal Subaru Impreza wagon

3/9/2020: Gabriel Putnam’s trial beginning

3/5/2020: Stolen black pickup

3/3/2020: Car break-in

2/29/2020: All tires slashed

2/27/2020: Gym theft; garage break-in; shoplifting; Midas incident followup

2/25/2020: Car prowler’s puzzling take

2/24/2020: Hearings in 3 recent cases

2/23/2020: Former basketball coach pleads guilty

2/21/2020: White Center shooting; West Seattle burglary attempt

2/21/2020: Blue kayak stolen

2/20/2020: Gym theft; bike dumped

2/19/2020: Wire theft forces bridge light repairs

2/17/2020: Auto-theft suspect arrested at Westwood Village

2/16/2020: Gunfire at Delridge/Trenton

2/12/2020: Attempted burglary

2/11/2020: Video – package grab-and-run

2/10/2020: Charges filed in Alki shooting, Junction robbery, tool buy-back sting

2/9/2020: 2 stolen cars – red Explorer, blue Cavalier

2/8/2020: Mail theft; cars prowled; packages taken; tools recovered

2/7/2020: Alki shooting followup

2/7/2020: Sentencing for Edixon Velasquez’s killers

2/7/2020: Bail set for Junction robbery suspect

2/6/2020: Shooting suspect arrested

2/5/2020: Altered-shotgun suspect out of jail

2/5/2020: Junction robbery suspect arrested

2/5/2020: South Delridge car prowl

2/3/2020: Thieves take U-Haul and hitched car

2/3/2020: Backyard surprise; car prowl on camera

2/2/2020: 4 court notes

2/2/2020: Shooting on Alki Beach

2/1/2020: Car prowl

1/30/2020: School alert about reported luring incident

1/30/2020: Alleged drug dealer charged

1/29/2020: Stolen green CR-V

1/29/2020: Business burglars on cam, more

1/28/2020: Stolen silver Ford Ranger

1/28/2020: Police arrest 1 after warrants lead to drugs, guns, cash

1/27/2020: Stolen maroon Accord

1/24/2020: Burglary on video; mailbox break-ins

1/24/2020: Stolen gray Chevrolet Cruze

1/23/2020: Murder suspect charged

1/22/2020: Murder suspect arrested

1/21/2020: Tires taken; business burglary

1/21/2020: Gas-theft followup

1/20/2020: Home broken into while residents were asleep

1/18/2020: 4 reader reports – purse theft, purse found, saxophone found, tire-slashing

1/18/2020: Stolen silver Honda Pilot, tire-slashing

1/17/2020: Vandalism/theft blamed for fuel spill

1/16/2020: 89-year-old aboard-bus killer to be sentenced; 2 reader reports

1/15/2020: Stolen black Impreza

1/14/2020: Vandalism + mail theft on video; trends

1/14/2020: 7-11 robbery

1/13/2020: Car prowlers busy despite snow

1/11/2020: Stolen black Forester; Audi theft attempt; illegal dumping at church

1/10/2020: Home-invasion robbery; children approached

1/9/2020: Assault suspect charged

1/8/2020: Keepsake ring, purse, car, bike stolen

1/8/2020: Early-morniing search; car prowl; Gatewood alley incident followup

1/7/2020: Man arrested in Gatewood alley

1/5.2020: Prowler on video

1/3/2020: Another auto theft; car prowls

1/2/2020: Vehicles vandalized

1/1/2020: Man injured trying to help assault victim in The Junction