UPDATE: 1 person to hospital after shooting at 16th/Roxbury

12:11 AM: Police and fire are headed for 16th and Roxbury after a report of a shooting. One person is reported to be in the Walgreens parking lot with a gunshot wound. Updates to come.

12:16 AM: According to emergency radio, the initial report was that someone was firing a gun at passing vehicles.

1:07 AM: 1 person was taken to Harborview. No additional details yet about their condition or what happened, and no word of an arrest; police were focusing on the 16th entrance to the Walgreens lot.

1:56 AM: SFD says the victim is a 44-year-old man who was in stable condition when transported to Harborview Medical Center.

5:08 AM: Here’s the entire brief preliminary summary filed by police: “On 5/12/2021, at about 0006, there was a report of a shooting at 16th Ave SW/SW Roxbury St. Three victims got into an argument with the suspect. During the argument, the three victims ran across the street to the Walgreens parking lot while the suspect was shooting at them. The suspect fled the scene on foot. One of the victims was shot in the groin and taken to HMC by SFD.”

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  • Derek May 12, 2021 (8:37 am)

    There would be way less gang shootings if we had a UBI. Just sayin’. Poor kids wouldn’t feel like they need to look to drugs and gangs to make a good living if they had a substantial floor and safety net to fall on. It wouldn’t get rid of all of it but a big number of houseless and gang violence would go down. 

    • Brian May 12, 2021 (9:26 am)

      Oh it was a gang related crime? Which gangs were involved? And it was about drugs? What kind of drugs? It’s weird how you seem to have all of this information about what happened when the published story includes none of those details. You’re like a real life detective!

    • Kram May 12, 2021 (11:49 am)

      What data are you referring to or is this just your opinion?

    • David May 12, 2021 (12:40 pm)

      You’re kidding yourself. They’d just have more money to buy ammo with. 

      • stephknee May 12, 2021 (8:01 pm)

        actually, David,  he  may have spoken out of turn in this instance (or not), but there is a direct link between poverty and crime. Assuming that people are inherently born more likely to commit a crime regardless of the circumstances they are born into is kind of an odd way to think, especially when there is so much data available to anyone who cares to look at it. I mean, it’s also just kind of common sense. Desperate people do desperate things, and even though many people that are born into impoverished circumstances may not even consciously see themselves as desperate in the typical sense, but when  you live your life every single day juggling whether bills get paid or you eat, the frustration of working your ass off at bull sh*t job every single day and still not being able to afford the basics combined with among many things, the cumulative levels of cortisol (etc) that in a very real, very proven way change the chemistry of the brain, particularly the dorsolateral pre-frontal cortex which is the area responsible for executive functions (i.e. emotion regulation, impulse control, reflection and awareness of consequences, cognitive flexibility, etc) interactions and actions that someone might typically have a rational response to instead generate irrational, and impulsive responses because their brain chemistry already exists in a chronic state of fight or flight. It’s just like.. basic neuroscience.  Seriously, what else could it even logically be?  A genetic predisposition who’s possessors only commonality is the circumstances in which they spend their formative years? That’s absurd.. there are of course, outliers, but the vast statistical chasm between the haves and have nots who engage in violent crimes is kind of an “exception proving the rule” sort of situation. And, really, that’s info you could find yourself with no problem at all if you looked.. from research done by people way smarter than us. Absolutely not just some schmo on the internets opinion…  

        • andrea May 13, 2021 (6:31 pm)

          very well said!

  • Gus Polinksi May 12, 2021 (9:07 am)

    That area right around that bus stop seems like it is good for a shooting every year or so. Sad stuff.

  • Rick May 12, 2021 (9:20 am)

    Excuse my ignorance but what is a UBI?

    • helpermonkey May 12, 2021 (10:17 am)

      @ rick: UBI = Universal Basic Income 

    • Jim May 12, 2021 (10:45 am)

      Universal Basic Income

    • William May 12, 2021 (10:49 am)

      Universal Basic Income.     

    • Brian May 12, 2021 (11:14 am)

      Universal Basic Income, essentially the government regularly cuts everyone a check so everyone has some level of income to rely on, regardless of employment status. It’s not relevant to this conversation considering there is nothing said that the person was impoverished. 

      • Seattlite May 12, 2021 (12:21 pm)

        Where is the government getting the money for UBI?

        • Dan May 12, 2021 (1:14 pm)

          The money printer BRRRRR

      • Ashley May 12, 2021 (1:35 pm)

        It is an interesting point that is being piloted in Tacoma with city and non profit funds. I will be interested to see what the conclusion of the study will be 

  • phil dirt May 12, 2021 (1:45 pm)

    The government would be getting the money from you and me. In other words the tax payers.

  • Rick May 12, 2021 (2:34 pm)

    Well, I have a UBI on my state business license so that’s why I wondered. It’s actually a Unified Business #ID#.  Different so I was a bit confused. So if I take your money but call it a UBI I’m cool?

  • Bridge May 12, 2021 (4:48 pm)

    There is some documentation of experimental UBI in the USA that shows it as successful. No, it may not be relevant to this situation since we don’t have enough information, but in general instituting a UBI shows promise in lowering crime. https://www.npr.org/2021/03/04/973653719/california-program-giving-500-no-strings-attached-stipends-pays-off-study-finds

  • Rudyj May 14, 2021 (3:50 am)

    Were not for a gang we are to old for that the guy just started shooting at at for no reason!!!

  • Rudyj May 14, 2021 (3:58 am)

    And it was not about durgs or affiliated with a gang just too make that clear!!!

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