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YOU CAN HELP: ‘Essential supplies’ needed at West Seattle’s only shelter

(WSB file photo)

If you can help, Keith Hughes at Westside Neighbors Shelter – which continues to operate year-round, entirely donation- and volunteer-powered – sent this list of donations that would be useful right now:

Here is a list of some essential supplies that we are running very short on.

Top Ramen packages
Coffee Mate Creamer
Pancake syrup

8 oz paper cups (cold cups)
12 oz hot cups (without lids)
mens size large boxers and T-shirts

Thank you so much for continuing to supports our efforts to help the homeless in WS.

The center is at 3618 SW Alaska, co-housed with West Seattle Veteran Center and American Legion Post 160.

BIZNOTE: Mountain to Sound Outfitters goes ‘appointment-only,’ for now

With the snow-sports season ending, Mountain to Sound Outfitters in The Triangle is going “appointment-only.” Here’s the announcement we received on behalf of M2SO proprietor Greg Whittaker:

Greetings Fellow Snow and Paddle Sport Lovers,

We have some updates as we plan for summer that we wanted to share with you all. Effective May 12th, Mountain to Sound Outfitters will temporarily close to regular store hours for the summer season and pivot to appointment only. This decision reflects our commitment to improvement, as we seek to restructure our operations for the betterment of our community and to set up for a fantastic 2024-2025 winter season. We will remain open at Alki Kayak Tours, and will keep staff busy at the beach running on-water operations and facilitating by appointment sales and services at Mountain to Sound Outfitters.

During this hiatus, we will be working behind the scenes, refining our offerings and updating some systems to help the operations run smoothly. When we return for the launch of the 2024-25 winter season we look forward to reconnecting and dialing you in with the best winter gear.

Your support during this transitional period means the world to us. We invite you to visit us over the weeks, whether to stock up on summer essentials or gear up for the snowy season ahead. Your patronage now will help sustain us through this period of reimagining. If you are in need of paddle gear, please order and buy online, or make an appointment and we will be your personal shopper during our appointment hours.

We want to express our gratitude for your support and understanding during this reset. Rest assured, we remain committed to serving you. We still have a great selection of stand up paddleboards, kayaks, and accessories as well as vehicle racks. Most of what we sell will be available for demo at our sister business Alki Kayak Tours, which will be open 7 days a week beginning in June, and is currently operating weekends and by appointment. Please check our website for updates.

Greg & the M2S Crew

YOU CAN HELP: Westside Neighbors Shelter needs outdoor ‘helping hands’ Saturday

April 26, 2024 9:27 am
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(WSB photo, November 2023)

When that Peace Pole was installed last November outside the building that holds the Westside Neighbors Shelter (currently in operation as a warming center), West Seattle Veteran Center, and American Legion Post 160, future plans were described for more. If you can spare some time tomorrow morning, you can help – Catherine sent the announcement:

(Here is) a request for volunteers to show up this Saturday April 27th at 10 AM at our WS Warming Center, 3618 SW Alaska St. (American Legion Hall) to help Keith Hughes with a special project. He is removing sod and installing a gravel path and Peace Poles in front of the center. Keith has plans and materials; he needs helping hands. Interested folks can show up at 10 am Saturday or contact me for more information: catherinemann (at)


10:27 AM: It’s playtime at the West Seattle YMCA (36th/Snoqualmie; WSB sponsor) until 1 pm – this year’s Healthy Kids Day is on! The Y’s offering a variety of free activities, membership not required – just show up!

11:42 AM: More photos from our visit! You can take a pic with Pikachu:

Bouncing, too!

Again, the Healthy Kids Day free fun continues until 1 pm.

See who’s, and what’s, cooking inside West Seattle ‘virtual restaurants’ hub Distinguished Foods

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

From milk tea to soul food to vegan burgers, dozens of choices are on the menu at West Seattle’s Distinguished Foods.

Actually, that’s “menus” – this longtime commercial kitchen facility at 4611 36th SW is home to a dozen “virtual restaurants” and other food businesses, as Distinguished Foods owner Claiborne Bell describes them. (His own Seattle Sorbets is one of them.)

It’s not just a place where food is prepared – it’s also a place where you can order it and/or pick it up. We hadn’t visited in a long time, until Claiborne invited us recently to come tour and see who’s new.

He explains that Distinguished Foods is also an “incubator” helping tenants learn and grow – and that means some inevitably “graduate” to their own locations. When we were there a little over a week ago, he was about to say goodbye to the latest “graduates” – Aroy Mak Thai Food, opening a bricks-and-mortar restaurant in Greenwood after two years at Distinguished Foods.

“I’m very proud of them,” Claiborne smiled. He says the kitchens can be a place to learn how to sell food profitably, to get going with your business without “mortgaging your house” from the get-go. Another recent “graduate” is Taste of Mumbai, which now has a restaurant in The Admiral District.

The co-housing of multiple businesses also provides some synergy – maybe you came to pick up food from one, and while you’re waiting, you discover the menu of another, and order from them next time. It’s an eclectic lineup – also in house during our visit, Dada’s Plant-Based Burgers & Breakfast:

David’s business – there for about six months now – is the first vegan restaurant at Distinguished Foods, Claiborne notes. “Amazing food,” including a popular crispy “chik’n” sandwich.

Also among the newer tenants, Seattle Soul Kitchen, with fare including catfish, chicken, smoked stuffed turkey legs, jambalaya, sides including mac and cheese, yams, and greens.

They’re even serving “old-school Kool-Aid” if you’re thirsty.

Another beverage option – the teas (including boba) that Nhu makes at TAB (Take a Break):

“Authentic tea, no powders,” mind you. And TAB serves up authentic pho, too.

Winding our way through the building, we also drop in on Chef Michael Poole, who we mentioned a decade ago – he combined a Seattle Fire Department career with candymaking, and the result was Hot Chocolat.

He’s also leading team-building exercises these days – teaching classes.

Meantime, Distinguished Foods is also home to the growing business Papa Tony’s Hot Sauce, run by Tony Wilson (pictured below with Claiborne Bell).

Need a frosty treat after something savory? Claiborne’s Seattle Sorbets come in flavors such as mango sunset and raspberry merlot. He introduced us to Dora, who’s been making ice cream and sorbet for more than 20 years:

Dora’s roles are many, Claiborne notes, including helping manage the kitchen business. It’s been rebounding from the pandemic years – 17 companies operating in the kitchens pre-pandemic, down to five at the low point, “and things are just now coming back.” (The March 2020-September 2022 West Seattle Bridge took a toll too.) The “virtual restaurants” aren’t all open the same days and hours; most, Claiborne says, are open six days a week. But that’s part of the education he says they get from Distinguished Foods as an incubator – “be consistent with your hours and food. … Make money and do well.”

Haven’t tried any of the Distinguished Foods offerings? You can go to the north side of the building, peruse menus, press a button to alert the business, and place an order – or order online and go there for pickup. (Some work with delivery services too.) Here’s the directory by the door (but remember Aroy Mak has since moved – speaking of which, id you’re looking for a kitchen, Distinguished Foods has space):

Westside Neighbors Shelter gets new help, from the sky to the stage

A nearby resident noticed crews installing solar panels recently atop the building in The Triangle that holds Westside Neighbors Shelter, the West Seattle Veteran Center, and American Legion Post 160. We asked shelter manager/post commander Keith Hughes about it; he said the building now has a “14.6 KW Solar Array on the roof. It was all completed with donated equipment and donated labor. By my calculations, it will provide about 65% of our current electrical use, saving us an average of about $450 per month.” We asked about the donors: “This was a joint effort of West Seattle Electric and Solar, Platt Electric Supply, and Mad Energy Solar of Puyallup.” (WS Electric and Solar is Keith’s own company.) Meantime, two other notes about West Seattle’s only emergency shelter, itself operated with donations and volunteers: First, also on the subject of utility bills, the shelter has new help to cover theirs, thanks to a church group from Capitol Hill – read about that here. Second, one week from today you’re invited to support the shelter while enjoying great music – the West Seattle-based Boeing Employees Choir is performing a benefit concert at 4 pm Sunday, April 7th. No tickets needed; donations will be accepted at the door, at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church (3050 California SW).

BIZNOTE: Another milestone for West Seattle-based Rebellyous Foods’ revolution

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

More than four years after Rebellyous Foods relocated its “revolution” in plant-based “chicken” to West Seattle, it’s ready to deploy the next weapon in that revolution.

From the start, Rebellyous – headquartered in the SK Foods building at 37th/Snoqualmie – has emphasized that it’s a technology company more than a food-production company.

Its founder, Christie Lagally (above), is a former aerospace engineer. Her company has been working on the second iteration of its patented manufacturing technology, aimed at streamlining and speeding up the process of making dough for plant-based meat, while bringing the production cost down. And now, they’re preparing for the first installation of the new system – known as Mock 2 – so they put out a Request For Proposals (read it here) to find a home for it.

After hearing about the RFP, we revisited Rebellyous HQ – almost exactly a year, it turns out, after our previous visit for an update on this unique local company. They’ve come a long way – when we first visited in fall 2019, they were producing 1,000 pounds a month of plant-based “chicken” nuggets, tenders, and patties; now they produce that much per hour. School districts are their largest customers – more than 200 districts around the country are buying and serving Rebellyous Foods products, and their sales continue to grow exponentially, according to Lagally. They’re also selling to other big clients, recently scoring a contract with the Vizient health-care system. Their production is done at Orca Bay‘s plant (still in West Seattle) – they’ve long since outgrown the space in The Triangle, though they have plenty of other uses for it, including research and development, and storage.

Components of the Mock 2 system are there, waiting for their future home. (Off-camera – since it’s proprietary technology.)

In its new home, the Mock 2 system will be used to produce Rebellyous Foods products and potentially other companies’ products too. Lagally says Mock 2 will be able to produce at least 2,500 pounds per hour – more than twice the current pace – and eventually up to 5,000 pounds an hour. The speed and efficiency means the cost of production will be reduced, and she says that’s a large part of what it’ll take for plant-based “meat” to truly compete with animal meat. The RFP declares that Mock 2 will result in a “60% lower cost of manufacturing than all current dough-making methods currently available to manufacturers.”

The central feature of the new system is continuous mixing – the dry ingredients are continuously hydrated and mixed into dough along the line, rather than being dumped into, say, a giant bowl, along with liquid, and mixed there. Of course, that’s a vast simplification, and they’re working on other efficiencies and improvements – we peeked inside one of the rooms where staffers were doing tests to come up with better ways to emulsify as well as testing viscosity.

When you’re inventing new ways to manufacture, you have to invent new components, too. Lagally says some of the Mock 2 parts are all new, some are modified. And the size of the Mock 2 installation requires some other customized equipment too – like a huge custom dishwasher that can handle the equipment’s parts. Associated equipment is part of the plan for efficiency too; they’re testing an energy-saving chiller, for example.

All this will serve the longstanding goal, Lagally says: “I’m very happy that our original mission still stands – getting plant-based meat into more (places).” Mock 2’s impending installation will be a major milestone, but Lagally and Rebellyous Foods won’t be resting on their laurels (or feathers) – they’re working already on Mock 3.

YOU CAN HELP: Here’s what West Seattle’s only emergency shelter needs right now

(WSB photo, December 2023)

The Westside Neighbors Shelter, co-housed with the West Seattle Veteran Center and American Legion Post 160, is preparing to help people during another round of cold weather, and shelter manager Keith Hughes just sent word that they could use some community help:

Another round of overnight mid-30s cold on the way. The needs for the Shelter right now are:

instant oatmeal packets
instant hot chocolate
Top Ramen
Cup of noodles
laundry detergent pods
disposable razors
cotton gloves
winter-weight socks

The shelter is at 3618 SW Alaska and usually open for donation dropoffs 7 am-5 pm daily.

About the Trump-merch tent in The Triangle

Several readers texted Sunday to ask about the story behind that tent set up in the triangle at Fauntleroy/Oregon known as Fauntleroy Place Park. We weren’t able to go over and talk with its operators yesterday, so we looked late this morning to see if they were back. The park was empty when we went by just after 11 am, but then a reader texted just before sunset that it was there, so we went back. There we found Ben, who told us he’s the “helper” – that the owner was off taking a break. Ben said they are here because it’s a “liberal area” – that they travel up and down the West Coast setting up their tent in liberal areas because that’s where they feel their message, support for former President Donald Trump, needs to get out. He wasn’t sure how long they planned to stay – they might be back tomorrow, or might not. He also said they didn’t have a vendor permit, which is generally required for selling in parks.

YOU CAN HELP: ‘Immediate needs’ at West Seattle’s only shelter

(WSB photo, last month)

The Westside Neighbors Shelter – West Seattle’s only shelter, powered by donations and volunteers – has “immediate needs,” its operator Keith Hughes tells WSB. If you can help, here’s what they’re asking for:

With the high volume of people being served, we suddenly find ourselves short on paper goods – Dixie Ultra 10″ plates, 6″ plates, 20 ounce bowls – plus powdered coffee creamer, pancake syrup, creamy peanut butter, sugar (5 or 10 lb bags), Splenda (the pink stuff), and store gift cards to buy eggs, milk, and butter.

Deliveries can be made every morning from 8 am – 10 am, and every evening 5 pm to 9 pm.

Thank you West Seattle community for your continued support of this vital service.

The shelter is in the Veteran Center/American Legion building at 3618 SW Alaska.

UPDATE: Small fire at Westside Neighbors Shelter/West Seattle Veteran Center building

6:57 PM: Seattle Fire has a full response out at 3618 SW Alaska, which is the address for the Westside Neighbors Shelter and West Seattle Veteran Center as well as American Legion Post 16 and Move2Center. Not a big fire – they’ve just reported it’s “knocked down” – but we’re on our way to find out more.

7:01 PM: Response is being downsized to a few units. But westbound SW Alaska is still blocked in the area.

7:15 PM: Our crew at the scene reports it was an exterior fire on the east side of the building and that everyone should be able to get back into the building shortly. Here’s the damage:

We hope to talk to building manager Keith Hughes shortly to verify that this won’t affect operations.

7:25 PM: SFD is turning the building back over to Keith. The fire is under investigation but believed to have been accidental. We asked Keith if he needs anything as a result of this – not so far, he said, but he had to go get busy putting up plywood.

7:42 PM: SW Alaska is fully open again.

VETERANS DAY: Peace Pole dedicated at American Legion Post 160 as step toward Peace Park

On the right side of our top photo is the newly installed Peace Pole outside American Legion Post 160 in The Triangle, installed and dedicated during a Veterans Day commemoration this afternoon. It’s the eighth one installed around this area by the Rotary Club of West Seattle – and Post 160 Commander Keith Hughes says it’s the first of three that will help transform the Post’s front lawn into a Peace Park. The Rotary’s Kjersti Stroup said it’s one of more than 300,000 installed worldwide as a “symbol of the continuing quest for lasting peace.”

A short song expressed the sentiment embodied by the pole, which is decorated with messages of peace in eight languages: -:

Before the pole was dedicated and placed, those gathered inside Post 160 – which also serves as the West Seattle Veteran Center and Westside Neighbors Shelter – paid tribute to veterans, Scouts from Troop/Pack 282 presented the colors:

Commander Hughes gave a short speech he credited to Legion headquarters, telling the story of Korean War veteran and former POW Hiroshi Miyamura, who died last year.

His voice broke as he recounted the story of Miyamura rescuing a fallen fellow soldier. He reminded everyone that veterans’ service to the country deserves respect and gratitude every day of the year, not just this one holiday. The American Legion exists, he noted, because “warriors need advocates.”

DEVELOPMENT: Second half of Sweeney Blocks project gets key approval, but construction’s not imminent

November 1, 2023 10:13 pm
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(Rendering by Ankrom Moisan)

That’s a rendering of 4440 Fauntleroy, one of the two “Sweeney Blocks” mixed-use buildings planned in The Triangle. The city has given a key approval to the plan for ~222 apartments and ground-floor retail in a 7-story building with 150 off-street parking spaces. But don’t expect the backhoes to show up any time soon. Like some other projects, this one’s in a wait-and-see phase, according to Lynn Sweeney, spokesperson for the entrepreneurial family that owns the property: “Overall status and timetable continues to be dependent on the overall state of the world, so we don’t have a firm ‘break ground’ timeline yet, though we are pleased to have been awarded the MUPs on both blocks and continue to work on the refinement of the sites.” The other “Sweeney Block,” 4406 36th SW, got the same pivotal approval back in June; it’s planned for 7 stories, ~284 apartments, commercial space, and 162 off-street parking spots.

Meantime, you might recall that part of the development property holds Alki Lumber, which the Sweeneys sold, after a century, two years ago. At the time its new owner was announced, its new location – South Park – was too. But Lynn Sweeney tells us it’s expected to “remain in its current location for at least a year.”

P.S. The approval for 4440 Fauntleroy opens an appeal period, through November 9; this notice explains how that works.

CONTINUING SUNDAY: West Seattle Ski Swap 2023

October 14, 2023 11:34 am
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(WSB photos)

The shopping started early at this year’s West Seattle Ski Swap, happening now at the VFW Hall in The Triangle (3601 SW Alaska). It’s presented by Mountain to Sound Outfitters (WSB sponsor), whose store is across the street, and proprietor Greg Whittaker decided to open the doors early so shoppers didn’t have to wait in line. It’s not just skis, though they are available in abundance – you’ll also find snowboards:

And boots:

Plus gloves and other apparel/gear to keep you comfortable during your winter adventures:

Most of the items are from hundreds of your neighbors who consigned them for the sale. Day 1 continues until 5 pm, and then there’s a second Ski Swap day tomorrow (Sunday, October 15th), 10 am-4 pm.

WEEKEND PREVIEW: West Seattle Ski Swap on Saturday and Sunday; if you’re selling, drop off today!

October 13, 2023 1:34 pm
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(WSB photo from West Seattle Ski Swap day 1)(WSB photo, 2022 West Seattle Ski Swap)

Quick reminder that one of this weekend’s biggest events will be the West Seattle Ski Swap, presented each year by Mountain to Sound Outfitters (WSB sponsor) at the VFW Hall (3601 SW Alaska) both days this weekend. If you have something to sell – skis, snowboard, boots, gear – you need to preregister ASAP and drop off your items this afternoon, 3-7 pm. Here’s where to find the link to sign up. Otherwise, if you’re just shopping, sale hours are 10 am-5 pm Saturday, 10 am-4 pm Sunday.

COUNTDOWN: One week until West Seattle Ski (and Snowboard) Swap 2023

October 7, 2023 10:42 am
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(WSB photo, 2022 West Seattle Ski Swap)

With the summer encore this weekend, it might be difficult to convince yourself that winter weather isn’t far away, but this might help: A reminder that Mountain to Sound Outfitters (WSB sponsor) is presenting the annual West Seattle Ski Swap next weekend:

Do your snow dances and get your gear together – you have one week left to pre-register your gear for the annual West Seattle Ski and Snowboard Swap. This event is a great avenue to outfit yourself and your entire family with good useable ski and snowboard gear. The key to this event is to help spread the word! Who knows what’s in your neighbors’ garage that might be the perfect tool for the snow rider you met on the chairlift last year?

If you have something to sell, the dropoff time is 2-5:30 pm Friday (October 13th) – the link for registering to sell is on this page. The venue is West Seattle’s VFW Hall, right across the street from M2SO in The Triangle, 3601 SW Alaska. If you’re shopping, the hours next weekend will be 10 am-5 pm Saturday (October 14th) and 10 am-4 pm Sunday (October 15th).

WEEKEND SCENE: West Seattle Boat Swap 2023

September 9, 2023 11:43 am
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The photo is from Mountain to Sound Outfitters (WSB sponsor) in The Triangle, where the West Seattle Boat Swap is happening until 4 pm. It’s all about, as M2SO describes it, “human-powered watercraft (Kayaks, SUPs, Canoes) and accessories!” With weather like this, there’s still lots of prime time to get out on the water, and it’s also never too soon to get ready for next year. The shop’s at 3602 SW Alaska (and once you’re all geared up, join tonight’s sunset paddle for Maui, presented by M2SO’s sibling business Alki Kayak Tours).

FOLLOWUP: Shelter/Legion/Veteran Center roof project needs one last boost

That’s part of the new roof at 3618 SW Alaska, the building that houses the West Seattle Veteran Center, American Legion Post 160, and our area’s only emergency shelter, among other things. We first told you 3 1/2 weeks ago about the donations from Adaptive Roofing, Malarkey Roofing Products, Stoneway Roofing Supply, Do It Right Roofing, and DTG Recycle making it possible for the building to get a badly needed new roof – the old one was estimated to be at least 40 years old! We saw the center/shelter’s leader Keith Hughes at an event on Friday and asked about the roof’s status; he said final work was scheduled for this weekend. And there’s one last thing you might be able to help with – though the businesses’ generosity totaled about $90,000 worth of labor and materials, Keith still has to cover several thousand dollars of related expenses, as explained on this crowdfunding page, where you can donate if so moved.

DEMOLITION: Ex-House of Kleen gone

(WSB photo)

Thanks to commenter James for the tip. The long-planned demolition of the ex-House of Kleen at 4425 Fauntleroy Way SW has finally happened. The demolition permit had already been in the works for months when the business moved out last fall (it’s now Alex Dry Cleaners at 4744 California SW in The Junction). But it’s not currently slated for redevelopment; as we reported in October, the property owner had told us the plan was just to demolish the 57-year-old building and clean up the site.

FOLLOWUP: Work begins for donated roof at Westside Neighbors Network Shelter / Veteran Center / American Legion Post 160

(WSB photos)

Work has begun at 3618 SW Alaska – home to West Seattle’s only cold-weather shelter as well as veterans’ organizations – getting a new roof after ~40+ years. As we reported last Friday, this is a gift – with labor, materials, and even the dumpster all donated; Adaptive Roofing is installing the roof in partnership with Malarkey Roofing Products, Stoneway Roofing Supply, Do It Right Roofing, and DTG Recycle.

The work is expected to take just under a week; we’ll check back.

YOU CAN HELP: West Seattle’s only emergency shelter says it’s ‘resupply time’

May 4, 2023 1:57 pm
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West Seattle’s only emergency shelter – which is entirely volunteer- and donation-powered – could use some “resupplying.” Here’s the message from Keith Hughes, who runs the shelter from the West Seattle Veteran Center/American Legion Post 160 building in The Triangle:

My sincere thanks to the West Seattle Community for your continued and generous support for the Homeless Shelter at the American Legion Hall here in West Seattle. We made it through the winter and extended cold weather this spring, but the need has been great and our food and clothing supplies have been depleted. The overnight operation has ended for this season, but we are still operating the Warm-Up Center 7 day a week from 7:30 m till 10 am including a hot breakfast every morning. This is our current need list:

Ground coffee, powered coffee creamer, 12 oz Hot cups (no lids)

Instant Oatmeal packets, Instant Hot Chocolate packets

Old Fashion or 1-minute oatmeal

Pancake mix, pancake syrup, butter, peanut butter

Cup-O-Noodles, single-serving instant soups

Safeway/QFC gift cards so we can get perishables like milk, eggs, orange juice, butter

Clothing items needed: men’s socks (9 – 12), underwear L & XL, tee shirts L & XL, cotton gloves, stocking caps. NOTE: We partner with the Clothesline for outerwear so we don’t need to stock shirts, pants, and coats this time of year.

To learn more about the Shelter or make a monetary donation, you can go to our website.

Thank you again for your continued support. This is an all-volunteer operation supported only by the Community. We do not receive monetary aid from any governmental entities.

The shelter is at 3618 SW Alaska.

BIZNOTE: Kayaks arrive at Mountain to Sound Outfitters

March 25, 2023 10:28 am
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Spring’s here and get-out-on-the-water season isn’t far away. On one recent sunny day, in fact, kayaks arrived at Mountain to Sound Outfitters (3602 SW Alaska; WSB sponsor), where their winter clearance sale continues through this weekend, too. Here’s the announcement and photo sent by the shop in The Triangle:

Hey there sun-seekers,

Spring is here and kayaks have landed! Mountain to Sound has just received a shipment of new kayaks, including top brands such as Eddyline, Old Town, Current Designs, Epic, and Ocean Kayaks. These kayaks are perfect for beginners and seasoned paddlers alike, and we’re confident that you’ll find the perfect kayak for your needs.

We invite you to visit our store locally or online to get the first spring picks of our kayaks as this first shipment won’t last long. Our knowledgeable staff is on hand to help you choose the perfect kayak for your needs and answer any questions you may have.

We also offer kayaking accessories and rentals, so you can make the most of your time on the water. As always, thanks for all the support!

Don’t forget, we are still doing our winter clearance until 3/26/23!

See you out there,
Mountain to Sound Team

VIDEO: Governor visits West Seattle to honor Keith Hughes as ‘Washingtonian of the Day’

Keith Hughes, who runs the West Seattle Veteran Center and the emergency shelter hosted inside it, is “Washingtonian of the Day.” Governor Jay Inslee and First Lady Trudi Inslee traveled to West Seattle this morning to present the award in person.

Here’s our video of the short ceremony, in which the governor presented that certificate as well as an apple pin:

There to show their support were community leaders from groups/organizations including the Westside Interfaith Network, West Seattle Chamber of Commerce (which honored Hughes last year as Westsider of the Year), and WS Junction Association.

Before presenting the award, the Inslees toured the center/shelter, housed inside historic American Legion Post 160. With another snap of sub-freezing weather forecast for later this week, we asked Hughes if the shelter has any specific current needs. Here’s what you can donate: Hot-cocoa mix (packets preferred), coffee creamer (powdered type), underwear, T-shirts, and jeans (men’s and women’s) – not a huge amount of those items, maybe a dozen each. The center/shelter is at 3618 SW Alaska. (Added: And as noted in comments, it now has a website.)