CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Mail-theft suspect out again

We reported on Wednesday that suspected repeat mail thief Jason A. Turner was in jail again, for the seventh time this year. Tonight, he’s out again, and we have some details of his most-recent arrest. Court documents show that police took him into custody just after 7 am Wednesday, after 911 calls about someone who appeared to be stealing mail. They found him in the 4700 block of Delridge, in possession of what the police report lists as 19 envelopes and 2 packages “belonging to more than 3 victims.” In court the next day, the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office requested that bail be set at $10,000, arguing that he had a history of warrants as well as a pending trial, plus other cases. Judge Lisa Paglisotti set his bail at $750. No new charges were filed by his second appearance this afternoon, so he was released. That’s also why he was released March 19th, after his March 16th arrest for alleged theft from Home Depot. This doesn’t mean he won’t ever be charged in those cases – but prosecutors have to get investigation results from police before they can make a charging decision. Turner has no felony convictions on his record; a May date is tentatively set for his trial on the four felony charges filed last month.

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  • Auntie March 26, 2021 (9:28 pm)

    What is wrong with Judge Paglisotti and her fellow judges who keep releasing him???? Why does this guy keep getting released to torment law-abiding citizens time after time? Once again, criminals have more rights than regular taxpaying well-behaved people. What the heck is wrong with the system? What the heck is wrong with the Seattle that we knew and loved and could live in without being victimized by jerks like this guy, time after time? 

    • Elaine Evans March 26, 2021 (11:48 pm)

      You obviously missed the part where it stated he was released because the prosecutor did not file charges as was the case in the prior matter.  Perhaps you should learn how the system works before you start criticizing Judge Paglisotti.

      • Nope March 27, 2021 (10:55 am)

        You obviously missed the park where his bail was reduced from $10,000 to $750. Why can’t one blame the judge for that? 

        • Elaine Evans March 27, 2021 (11:59 am)

           Regardless of the amount of bail, no charges were filed within the rush filing window mandating release.

        • WSB March 27, 2021 (12:06 pm)

          Just to clarify: Bail was not *reduced*. Prosecutors asked that $10K be set – the judge always has the final say and set it at $750 instead.

          • East Coast Cynic March 27, 2021 (1:53 pm)

            A bad “final say” in my view for a serious repeat offender.

  • flimflam March 26, 2021 (10:20 pm)

    is this some sort of joke to the judge? wow. any particular reason this guy is so special or is everyone exempt from basic everyday laws now?

    • Sharon Miller March 26, 2021 (10:53 pm)

      As the article reports, this defendant was released because “basic everyday laws” were followed.  

      • flimflam March 27, 2021 (12:26 am)

        so releasing repeat repeat repeat repeat mail thieves should be considered normal in your opinion? these are not victimless crimes

    • concerned citizen March 27, 2021 (11:50 am)

      You may ask her yourself if you’d like. Here is her publicly available email address:lisaa.paglisotti (at)

      • Peter S. March 27, 2021 (7:04 pm)

        And you think she’ll respond, right?  If so, then I’d like some of what you’re smoking.  Have tried multiple times myself, to no avail.  And yes, my emails were all courteous and respectful, as befits any  sitting judge.  I’m not naive enough to think a rude and disrespectful email is likely to get a response from anyone.  Let alone an elected official. I’d like to know why the apologists are always so quick to defend either the criminal and/or the system when legitimate questions are raised by those who don’t agree with a judge’s discretion.  Judge Paglisotti may not have had much choice other than to release in this particular case, but she has a consistent track record of leniency.  I was jumped pretty good in a previous thread and similarly called “ignorant about the system” for pointing this out, when in fact I am fairly familiar with both civil and criminal court.   

  • Jon Wright March 26, 2021 (10:38 pm)

    Judge Paglisotti ( is the same judge who set free the two people who burrowed their way into Westwood Village. I’d love to know what this judge has against West Seattle.

    • WSB March 26, 2021 (10:56 pm)

      The reason her name comes up often is because she is sitting as a judge hearing the appearance calendars for recently arrested people – that can be dozens per day.

  • Sharon Miller March 27, 2021 (6:16 am)

    Again, I would just point out that this article states that Judge Paglisotti detained the suspect and that he was released when the prosecutor had insufficient evidence to file charges, pending a completed investigation by SPD.  This clearly follows long standing procedure.

    • Not A Lawyer March 27, 2021 (11:57 am)

      I think they have the evidence, it would appear they haven’t filed the finished report. It may be semantics, but I think there is a difference.

  • KT March 27, 2021 (3:10 pm)

    Postal Inspection Service not interested or was they not called???

  • SeaSpade March 27, 2021 (10:06 pm)

    So I don’t get it; is it the judge, the prosecutor, or the SPD that is failing us in these repeat cases?  It looks like the required “service level” to provide the defendant a speedy trial (or other judgements) is too fast for an underfunded police department to do the paperwork and/or the prosecutors not taking these crimes seriously.  Really frustrating.

  • anonyme March 28, 2021 (6:54 am)

    The laws need to change to address this kind of abuse.  It seems to me that if someone has been jailed 7 times in 3 months, with multiple warrants, that bail should either be set very high or denied entirely.  $750 is a joke.  It’s likely that Mr. Turner has already committed another crime since his most recent release.  And KT brings up a good point – where is the Postal Inspection Service in all this? 

  • Lola March 29, 2021 (8:02 am)

    Got it that will be a NO vote from me for this Judge again Lisa Paglisotti!!!!!!!

  • anonyme March 29, 2021 (10:35 am)

    Judges usually run unopposed, and there’s no such thing as a “no” vote for judges.  This means there is neither an incentive nor a framework in which judges are held accountable for irresponsible decisions.  We should think about ways to reform our justice system so that there are better checks and balances. 

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