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UPDATE: Teen to hospital after shooting at Delridge/Trenton

2 PM: Police have reported a person with a gunshot wound to the leg at Delridge/Thistle. More information as we get it.

2:03 PM: Texter says nearby Chief Sealth International High School is sheltering in place. A Seattle Fire “scenes of violence” medical response is now arriving in the Delridge/Thistle area as well as more police.

2:12 PM: Officers told dispatch they’ve found evidence – “three shell casings so far” – that the shooting happened in the 8800 block of Delridge. There’s also word that a Metro bus captured video of the shooting.

2:15 PM: Our crew at the scene says all they’ve been able to learn is that the victim is male. Meantime, police now report finding five casings “so far.”

2:19 PM: Police are looking for two suspects, one of which they have described to dispatch as a white or Hispanic male, 5’8″, gray sweater, brown pants, black Nike shoes with a white swoosh, silver pistol. The victim, who was described as alert/conscious, is being taken to Harborview. … The second suspect is described as a white or Hispanic male, 5’10”, black hair, black sweater, dark-blue jeans, black shoes. … As noted by commenters, Denny International Middle School (which is adjacent to CSIHS) also is in shelter-in-place.

2:40 PM: Police have just given clearance for the schools to lift their sheltering-in-place. No one in custody so far. Photos added above.

2:56 PM: A commenter uploaded this security video in which you hear the shots and a voice asking “Why’d you do that?”

Then two people are briefly seen on the right edge of the video, running.

3:45 PM: Police say the victim is 17 years old. Their update otherwise includes only one other bit of additional information: “Witnesses reported seeing a group of five or six young men fighting near Delridge Way and Trenton Street prior to the shooting.” They also request tips on their hotline, 206-233-5000.

ADDED 7:08 PM: Commenter TBD‘s video, mentioned below – this is from a camera on the rear of their vehicle:

UPDATE: Woman hit by driver has died, family member says

(Photo sent by Ian)

2:26 PM: Seattle Fire says a 75-year-old woman hit by a driver near the Junction 7-11 was in critical condition when medics took her to the hospital. We don’t know anything about the collision beyond that it happened around 9:45 am and was dispatched as “vehicle versus pedestrian – severe impact,” as police had cleared the scene by the time we heard about it (thanks to Ryan for the tip) and went there. Archived emergency-radio audio did not yield any further details aside from the first SFD unit telling others that though the dispatch was to an Edmunds address, the scene was on Erskine. We’re attempting to find out more from police but might not be able to get followup information until Monday.

5:35 PM: An SPD spokesperson tells WSB, A pedestrian was crossing at the 4300 block of Erskine Way SW, and she was struck by a vehicle traveling slow speeds. The driver didn’t commit any crimes, and he was released at the scene.”

SUNDAY PM: A family member has confirmed that the victim died today. (added) Also, we are told the age provided by SFD was incorrect – she was 83 years old.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police search after gunfire in South Delridge

2:37 AM: After multiple reports of gunfire in South Delridge, both Seattle Police and King County Sheriff’s Deputies are out searching right now. There are no reports of injuries so far. Officers are telling dispatch they’re finding “bullet damage to cars.”

2:43 AM: They’re looking for a suspect who apparently allegedly at some point threatened officers, and at least part of the search has ranged north into Highland Park. A K-9 team is part of the search.

9:29 AM: Update from police:

Police investigating a report of domestic violence came under fire from the suspect as he fled the West Seattle scene early Saturday morning.

A woman called 911 around 12:30 am to report that her ex-boyfriend was chasing her through West Seattle and pointing a handgun at her. Police responding to her home spotted the 26-year-old suspect’s vehicle driving toward the house. Officers attempted to get the suspect to stop the vehicle but he drove off at a high rate of speed.

45 minutes later, officers were dispatched to multiple reports of shots fired near the victim’s home. Responding officers again spotted the suspect’s vehicle and chased it to 17 Avenue SW and SW Barton Street, where the suspect exited the car and began running away. Officers gave chase until the suspect turned and opened fire on the officers. Bullets struck multiple vehicles parked in the area, and even hit a car narrowly missing the leg of the officer that was outside of that vehicle.

Police contained the area and searched with a K9 officer but have not found the suspect yet. Officers described the shooter as a Hispanic male, 5’7”, 140 lbs, mustache, goatee, wearing a black hoodie and missing one shoe.

If you spot the suspect please call 911 immediately.

VIDEO: Questions, answers, updates as community members and police talked face-to-face at West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

For the first time in more than two and a half years, tonight the Southwest Precinct meeting room was filled with community members there to hear from and talk with local police.

This was technically the return of the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council, but for several years the council was really just whoever showed up for the meetings, plus longtime chair Richard Miller. Tonight the precinct’s Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner announced Melody Sarkies as the WSCPC’s new chair. And with that, the meeting was off and running. We recorded it on video – first, here are the introductions, and the first speaker, the precinct’s Operations Lt. Dorothy Kim:

If you don’t have time to watch the video, here’s our summary of what Lt. Kim said:

PRECINCT UPDATES: Current focuses include the Harbor Ave. and 2nd/Michigan (near the 1st Avenue South Bridge) encampments. She said some “firm dates” are set for cleanup of the latter – which had to be worked out with state agencies since it’s state land (this was pointed out to us last time we asked the city homelessness-response spokesperson about plans for that area). She said it’s more a “criminal enterprise” site than an encampment. “We all know what’s going on there … but with staffing issues,” they haven’t been able to do much. So rather than put a longterm investigation into motion, they’re just going to “clean it up.” She also explained how encampment reports are handled in the Find It Fix It system – they’re assigned a point value, and certain sites, such as those in parks and near schools, get higher point values. Then a city team. goes out to offer services; after that the city interdepartmental team, which meets weekly, will talk about what resources are needed for the cleanup. … Lt. Kim also noted that the summertime Alki “emphasis patrol” is over so now they’ve moved those resources to Westwood Village and are putting officers there at times determined by data or the past two years. She said WWV’s new management is “responsive to law enforcement.” Regarding staffing, Lt. Kim said “it’s challenging” – 10 new officer recruits are in the pipeline and she says the Southwest Precinct probably won’t get any of them. Currently they’re continuing to “augment” – volunteers working double shifts to bring staffing to minimum levels – but she notes that’s voluntary – “at some point that’s not sustainable.” She reiterated that there’s no Traffic Unit in SPD any more, a bare-bones motorcycle unit that generally deals with “big events.”

CITY ATTORNEY: Ann Davison (above) was the second speaker. That’s where the rest of our meeting video begins, followed by our summary:

She says she’s been to the precinct previously to speak to SPD roll calls. “We are closing in on my first year of being in office,” she noted. She said she “walked into a 5,000-case backlog” of cases waiting for months on charging decisions. That sent the wrong message to both victims and suspects, she said.

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WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 83-year-old carjacked; armed hit-and-run suspect; precinct meeting reminder

First, two West Seattle incidents, from Sunday police reports:

CARJACKING: Police say this happened in the parking lot at the Arrowhead Gardens senior-living complex just after 10:30 Sunday morning. They report that an 83-year-old woman told them she was on her way to her car when a man asked her for a cigarette. She replied that she doesn’t smoke, and got into her car, with her key “on her pinky finger.” Police day the man reached into her car and tried to rip the key away from her finger, then grabbed her and threw her to the ground before stealing her car. She had to be taken to a hospital for evaluation of injuries including “a deep laceration to her arm.” The full police report says the carjacker was described only as “short”; the stolen car is a silver Hyundai sedan. SPD incident number is 2022-305063.

ARMED HIT-AND-RUN SUSPECT: According to the police summary, this happened around quarter till 6 Sunday evening. Police were called to investigate a hit-and-run crash; the victim told them the suspect’s vehicle was parked in a driveway near 35th/Holly. They went to investigate, the summary says, and “as the officers were looking at the suspect’s vehicle, the suspect came out of the residence with a loaded rifle. Officers announced multiple times that they were “Seattle Police”, but the suspect continued to approach the officers with the rifle, while aiming the rifle at the officers. At one point, the suspect racked a round in his rifle. The suspect finally stopped and placed the rifle on the ground.” He was arrested and booked for investigation of assault. (We’re checking on his status. UPDATE: His bail was set today at $2,500.) SPD incident number is 2022-305361.

And a reminder:

PRECINCT COMMUNITY MEETING THURSDAY: The long-awaited community meeting with Seattle Police at the Southwest Precinct is still on for this Thursday (November 17) at 7 pm. In addition to SPD reps, City Attorney Ann Davison is a scheduled guest. All are welcome – bring questions and concerns. The precinct is at Delridge/Webster and the public lot/entrance is just east of the south Home Depot entrance.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: New info about Alki shooting investigation (more added Thursday)

(Monday night photo by Christopher Boffoli)

9:09 PM: Two nights after two people were shot on Alki, we have a bit of new information. This emerged at the District 1 Community Network meeting tonight, which – as we mentioned in last night’s followup – usually has a Southwest Precinct leadership representative in attendance. Tonight it was night-shift commander Lt. Nathan Shopay, who was asked about the investigation by a D1CN attendee. To the question of whether the shooting was indeed random, as preliminary information indicated on Monday night, Lt. Shopay said it still seems to be that way, and might even have been a case of someone else being targeted and the shooters missing their mark. There was “another group” in the area at the time, and that group “ran away” once the shooting started, he said. He also noted that the two victims were apparently there because they were “Pokémon-hunting.” Still no information on how the victims are doing. (The rest of the D1CN meeting focused mostly on port issues, and we’ll have that report separately tomorrow.)

10:22 PM: A commenter notes that a TV story tonight identifies one of the victims. It also includes a link to this GoFundMe page set up to help cover her expenses.

ADDED 1:53 PM THURSDAY: City Councilmember Lisa Herbold relays additional information from Southwest Precinct commander Capt. Martin Rivera:

(Gun Violence Reduction Unit) Detectives are actively searching for relevant video evidence and contacting witnesses for follow-up interviews. They also plan to speak with the victims today, now that they are in stable medical condition. The 32 casings that were recovered at the scene are being processed for NIBINS [database] hits.

Our best information at this time is that the victims were caught in the crossfire between at least three individuals who were shooting at each other. We have no information at this time that the victims were connected to the shooters in any way.

FOLLOWUP: Alki shooting investigation, and our check of past cases

(Monday night photo by Christopher Boffoli)

No arrests reported yet in last night’s shooting of a woman and man, both 37, near 62nd SW and Alki Avenue SW. Police have not commented since last night, when a briefing was provided at the scene and an SPD Blotter post with a few additional details followed. We asked them followup questions today but have yet to hear back. We also asked our area’s City Councilmember Lisa Herbold whether she had spoken to police leadership about the shootings. Here’s her reply:

Capt. Rivera let me know that SPD’s response included officers from other areas of the city. Further, this shooting was the subject of SPD’s weekly Gun Violence Reduction meeting today. As you know, the information that can be released is limited during an open investigation, but Capt. Rivera let me know that SPD will release updates when they can and the follow-up unit is still working the case and searching for evidence.

SPD had already deployed emphasis patrol throughout the area. Since emphasis patrols rely on assigning officers to overtime, the ability to staff the emphasis can be limited by capacity when there are higher priorities for officers on overtime.

Capt. Martin Rivera is commander of the Southwest Precinct, which handles West Seattle and South Park. He or one of his watch commanders may be at tomorrow night’s District 1 Community Network meeting (7 pm online, link will be in tomorrow morning’s West Seattle Wednesday preview list) if you’d like to ask a question. And the precinct itself (2300 SW Webster) will be the site of the twice-rescheduled community meeting with police at 6 pm Thursday, November 17th. Meantime, if you have any information about the shooting, the SPD tip line is 206-233-5000.

Meantime, with ongoing comment discussion touching on questions about accountability and what happens if/when someone is arrested, we looked back at three Alki shootings in which arrests were made during the past two years:

JUNE 2021 QUADRUPLE SHOOTING: This Alki shooting killed 22-year-old Tilorae Shepherd and injured three other people. Charging documents say it followed some kind of disagreement over fireworks. 19-year-old Milton Arnold III of Des Moines was arrested and charged with murder and assault. Arnold had no convictions but was at the time facing possible charges in a robbery and assault case in Des Moines. He remains in King County Jail, awaiting trial, with a status hearing later this month.

NOVEMBER 2020 SHOOTING: 35-year-old Garrett Heinemann of Alki was charged with assault for allegedly shooting a neighbor who was driving down an alley. The victim survived; the motive was a mystery. Heinemann, who has no criminal record, remains in the King County Jail, awaiting trial, with a status hearing next week.

FEBRUARY 2020 DOUBLE SHOOTING: An acquaintance of the two victims, both of whom survived, claimed the shootings happened in a robbery attempt, but an Alki business’s security video showed what really happened. 23-year-old Allan Hawley of Marysville pleaded guilty earlier this year and was sentenced to 7 years and 9 months in prison, as reported here, with credit for the two years he had already spent behind bars. Hawley had one past conviction, for burglary as a teenager.

READER REPORTS: Early-morning intruder; black pickup stolen (update: found); abandoned bicycles

Three reader reports this morning:


In regards to the police call at 4:10 am on 4700 block of Findlay, that was our house; a woman had locked herself into our enclosed porch in a state of mental crisis; our video picked her up at 1:58 am. She banged on our door at 4 and woke us, claiming her name was Brenda and her dog was in the house. We called 911 and the police assessed her and had an ambulance take her to Harborview. She told them she was from Lynnwood and they have no idea how she got here. She systematically dismantled our porch but no harm otherwise.

BLACK PICKUP STOLEN: Texted report and photo:

Our black 1996 Dodge Ram Sport got stolen at 3:28 this morning. B48188V. This was on California Ave SW – between SW 100 and SW 98th! Saw truck drive down street, stop beside truck, then drive on; a few seconds later, someone walked up, got in passenger side, a few seconds later was driving down the street. Police were notified. Incident # 2022-290812.

(3:04 PM UPDATE: It’s been found, thanks to multiple tips.)


These bicycles were found in the ravine at the top of Sumner (Way) and Fairmount Canyon. Likely stolen, they are at the top of Sumner.

Southwest Precinct participating in Drug Take-Back Day this Saturday

Legal drugs can be a danger too – particularly when you don’t need them any more and they’re just taking up space in your medicine cabinet, where anyone from curious kids to burglars can find them. So once again this Saturday (October 29th) it’s National Drug Take-Back Day, and the Southwest Precinct (2300 SW Webster) is one of two SPD precincts where you can drop off unwanted/unneeded medications, 10 am-2 pm. (If those times/location don’t work for you, here’s the list of year-round drop sites, including QFC pharmacy in The Junction.)

UPDATE: Police shoot dog in South Delridge

6:07 PM: Seattle Police are on SW Cambridge east of Delridge Way, investigating an incident that involved at least one officer shooting a dog. The incident began with a report of a dog biting a person. We are at the scene, where police will only say that no human was injured and the “dog’s status is unknown.”

6:54 PM: A little more information from SPD via Twitter: Both the dog and the dog-bite victim “left the area.” If you see an injured dog in the vicinity, please report it to 911. Via archived scanner audio, the dog was described as a pit bull. Nothing yet about why police opened fire on it; the department’s Force Investigation Team is investigating.

8:26 PM: Dispatch just told officers the dog has been dropped off at a clinic. No word on its condition.

ADDED 12:33 PM FRIDAY: A few more details just published on SPD Blotter:

Two officers were on another call near the 9200 block of Delridge Way Southwest around 5:50 PM when they heard screaming. Officers ran to the source of the screaming and found the injured man and the dog. An officer opened fire, striking the dog.

The male dog bite victim left the scene before officers or medics could speak with him. The dog also fled the scene but was later found and taken to an emergency veterinarian for treatment.

The Force Investigations Team is now investigating the shooting as in accordance with department policy. If you witnessed this incident or the events leading up to it, please contact detectives at 206-684-9292.

ADDED MONDAY NIGHT: A commenter points out police added some video from the incident to their original SPD Blotter post.

FOLLOWUP: One question answered in Highway 509 death, but others remain

(October 7th photo by WSB reader Mel)

More than a week and a half after a person was found dead along southbound Highway 509 a few miles south of here, investigators have finally identified her publicly. The King County Medical Examiner’s Office says she was 16-year-old Keyaleas Brewer. But they have not yet determined how she died nor whether her death was a case of homicide; a spokesperson says that could take days, weeks, or months. So the King County Sheriff’s Office has made one more request for help: If you were driving on southbound 509 between the 1st Avenue South Bridge and South 112th between 5 am and 7 am on Friday, October 7th, and have dash-cam or any other type of video, detectives want to hear from you. You can send information anonymously via p3tips,com or contact them via email at mcutips@kingcounty.gov – refer to case #C22033455.

RVs ON 16TH: Police response tonight; sweep notices for Thursday

Thanks for the tips. We went over to the 16th/Graham RV-encampment area a short time ago after reports of a large police response. There, the officers described it as a “person in crisis” situation. It was originally dispatched as a report of “threats.” No other details so far.

P.S. A neighbor with whom we spoke sent us this photo of signage indicating the “remediation” this week will be followed by a sweep on Thursday:

FOLLOWUP: New date for West Seattle community meeting with Southwest Precinct police

The twice-postponed community meeting with Southwest Precinct police has a new date: 7 pm Thursday, November 17th. As noted previously, this will be an in-person meeting at the precinct (2300 SW Webster). It’s a relaunch of the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council, which met monthly for many years until the pandemic (here’s our archived coverage). While awaiting that meeting, as also noted previously, precinct leadership often attends local community-council meetings, so watch for our announcements of those.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Gunfire investigation (updated)

October 13, 2022 11:55 pm
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11:55 PM: Police are investigating gunfire that happened along Sylvan Way about an hour ago. Area resident Sam, one of those who heard and reported the shots, says they happened just before 11 pm, and that police found casings. No reports of injuries.

ADDED 10:39 AM FRIDAY: Here’s the SPD summary:

At 2255 hours, a SW Patrol Sergeant heard gunshots to the north of the SW Precinct. This information was broadcast, and officers responded to the area to conduct a search. Additional 911 callers narrowed down the possible location to the 6900 block of Sylvan Way SW. Officers arrived and found a scene in the middle of the road at this location. A search for evidence located evidence of a shooting in the street. The primary witness provided a minimal suspect description of an older 2-door black sedan that may have been involved that had sped away from the scene prior to police arrival. No property damage or victims were located during an area search.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Gunfire damages apartments

A commenter on our coverage of this morning’s garage/car fire in Sunrise Heights mentioned hearing gunfire around the same time. SPD’s report summaries confirm it. Just after 2:45 am, officers were dispatched to investigate a report of suspected gunfire near 24th/Holden. The report summary says, “Callers nearby reported bullet damage to their apartments. Officers arrived and found bullet damage to 3 apartments in the same building. Witnesses reported hearing 1 shot, a brief pause, and then 4 rapid additional shots.” No injuries were reported. No one saw the shooter(s) or any possible suspect vehicles. If you have any information, the SPD incident number for reference is 2022-273714.


In addition to the incidents we’ve already covered, here are three more from the past few days, the first from a reader tip, the other two from SPD summaries:

BUSINESS BURGLARY: Thanks to Brenda for the tip on this:

The Verizon store in Admiral confirmed to us today that they were broken into via car crash early Sunday. Store staff told us the driver/burglar left behind damage including the now-boarded up window/door on the east side of the store, but said it did not appear anything was taken. Cameras did catch a license plate number, which has been provided to police.

SHOPLIFT-TURNED-ROBBERY: This happened around 12:30 am Friday but wasn’t reported to police until nine hours later, according to the summary. It happened at the South Delridge 7-11; the summary says two people came in and grabbed beer, chips, and other beverages, then left without paying. The clerk followed them, took a photo, and walked up to their vehicle. One of the people brandished a gun, and then the two left.

GUNFIRE: Also in South Delridge, several 911 callers reported suspected gunfire around 6:17 am Sunday; calls were received by both SPD and the King County Sheriff’s Office, so both officers and deputies showed up to investigate. The summary says they found “evidence of a shooting” – which usually means casings – in the street at 20th/Roxbury. No gunshot victims turned up anywhere. The summary notes that a vehicle was believed to be involved, “possibly a black sedan.”

UPDATE: Police investigation after Delridge/Genesee crash following Don Armeni holdup, gunfire

(WSB photo)

7:40 PM: Northbound Delridge at Genesee is blocked while police investigate a situation involving a crashed car and a gun.

(Photo sent by Kellan)

Police at the scene tell us they’re still trying to sort it all out but “multiple people” are in custody. Tgey are also investigating whether this is related to a gunfire report at Don Armeni earlier this evening. (added) The Don Armeni situation was first reported as gunfire following a robbery at gunpoint.

8:31 PM: Archived police-radio exchanges indicate the two incidents were indeed linked.

READER REPORTS: Followed by suspicious driver; auto accessories stolen

Two reader reports:

FOLLOWED BY SUSPICIOUS DRIVER: This happened in The Junction on Thursday between 7 and 7:30 pm, reports a reader who wanted to report this in case it happens – or has happened – to anyone else:

I was driving south down 42nd (off Alaska) to park my car in the neighborhood, and as I pulled over to park just north of Dawson St. I noticed that the car right behind me pulled over immediately behind me. Having that gut feeling, I immediately pulled out and kept driving, and the car followed me. This car proceeded to follow me back down 42nd to Alaska, down California, up 44th to Dakota Place Park, back down California (where he turned off his headlights and changed lanes with me twice) before following me into the Safeway parking lot. I was on the phone with my partner the entire time, trying to figure out what I should do and the best we came up with was that I should go somewhere populated and try to get help. He parked next to me in the Safeway parking lot (the one on 42nd near the Junction) and I screamed at him for a few minutes, snapped a pic of his license plate and started walking toward Safeway to get others involved. He didn’t get out of his vehicle the entire time, and as I was screaming at him he gave me hand gestures and a facial expression like, “what? me? I wasn’t doing anything?” although he did not speak to me.

I was able to involve two people standing outside Safeway, one of whom was a man who went over to the vehicle and was able to get the guy to drive out of the parking lot. A very kind woman called her boyfriend who was nearby, and the two of them walked me home so that I wasn’t alone, and didn’t have to get back in my car.

The man was driving an older white pickup truck with a covered back. He appeared to be a Hispanic man, in his mid-40’s with a thin face – since he didn’t get out of the car I can’t speak to his height, but my impression was he had a slim build, and he was wearing a hat (Seahawks, I think?).

We are not publishing the license number as it’s not clear a crime was committed, but the reader has provided it to police – the report # is 22-269009.

AUTO ACCESSORIES STOLEN: The photo and report are from Kevin:

I’d like to report theft of my Yakima Roof Rack and accessories off my Jeep parked on SW Nevada St. Neighbors said they were awakened at 3:23 AM early Sunday morning to some noise outside.

The platform roof rack was found down the block but items were stripped and missing.

1. Yakima Slim Shady 6.5’ awning
2. Yakima Fresh Tract 4 Snowboard Rack
3. Black Max Trax recovery board and various recovery equipment

Thank you if there is any information! Pending SPD case number

UPDATE: About the police response in Genesee Hill area

October 5, 2022 12:18 pm
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12:18 PM: Thanks for the tips. We’re told at least two schools – Genesee Hill and West Seattle (at the former Schmitz Park) Elementaries – sheltered in place for a while earlier today because of a police response in the area. One reader saw the officers in the 51st/Charlestown vicinity.

(Photo via email)

SPD describes it only as a “person in crisis” situation. If we learn anything further, we’ll update.

2:09 PM: A parent forwarded the letter sent to GH families by principal Liz Dunn:

This morning Genesee Hill Elementary went into a brief shelter-in-place while there was police activity near our school.

At 11 a.m., we were alerted by the Seattle Police Department (SPD) that they were responding to a report of an individual who may have been suicidal in the area.

The Genesee Hill teachers and staff quickly got the students off the playground and back into their classrooms. The police did a thorough search of the area. According to SPD, the individual was taken into care. The lockdown was lifted at 11:10 a.m.

This incident occurred off school property and at no time was student safety compromised. Students may have witnessed the increased police presence as the SPD responded to the situation.

Please know that I take safety in our buildings very seriously. The well-being of Genesee Hill students is my top concern. I am proud of how our students and staff responded to this incident. District procedures were followed, and the situation was resolved quickly and safe

(A reminder that if you or anyone you know is experiencing thoughts of self-harm, there’s a new three-digit hotline – 988.

About the police activity in North Delridge

Thanks for all the tips. Police caught a lot of attention this past hour with bullhorn warnings and sirens in North Delridge. According to archived police audio, it all started with a domestic-violence call in the 4800 block of 25th SW, someone reporting that their partner was threatening them with a weapon. The suspect apparently left the scene on foot and police have been searching for her; we don’t know yet whether they have made an arrest.

VIDEO: Here’s why Highland Park Elementary sheltered in place (updated Friday)

1:01 PM: Thanks for the tips. Highland Park Elementary families got a message that the school had been sheltering in place due to “suspicious activity” nearby. We checked with SPD, which says police have cleared the scene, and said a responding officer summarized the incident this way:

“At approximately 1033 hrs (a witness) saw the subject to the north of the school walking in the attached park. (The witness) stated that the subject was wearing all camouflage and had on a small backpack and was carrying what appeared to be a small rifle type case. (The witness) stated that the subject was looking around nervously and appeared to be suspicious to him. (The witness) took a video of the subject. I reviewed the video and I did not see any weapon, but it was not possible to see what he was carrying on his left side. … The subject was last seen around the bathroom on the park. A check of the park by myself and other responding officers did not locate the subject. The surrounding neighborhood also checked clear.”

We’re checking to see if the school has lifted the shelter-in-place.

1:53 PM: Parents have received an update from HPE’s principal saying they’ll continue sheltering through day’s end, and that police and district security will be there at dismissal time.

ADDED FRIDAY: We’ve received the video showing the “suspicious person” from the person who recorded it:

VIDEO: Adrian Diaz appointed by mayor as permanent Seattle Police Chief

1:08 PM: Mayor Harrell is speaking at City Hall and just announced that Adrian Diaz will become the permanent chief of SPD. He was one of three finalists for the job, as announced two weeks ago, and has been interim chief for two years. … Crime and gun violence, accountability, department culture, safe neighborhoods are what Harrell says he wants Chief Diaz to focus on. More to come.

1:25 PM: The mayor says he admires Diaz’s “tenacity” and that he believes he’d be “the strongest, most effective leader.” Diaz said he’s committed to “restore safety citywide.” He also promised “reconciliation” on many levels. Here’s the official city announcement, which notes that City Council confirmation is required for the appointment to be finalized. … Senior Deputy Mayor Monisha Harrell added in Q&A that another major plus for Diaz was that despite knowing that the job he’s had for the past two years was not necessarily permanent, he “came in to make change.” He says those changes have included reducing officers’ use of force by almost half. … In response to another question, Diaz talked about changes in how they’re recruiting, which have resulted in a more diverse group of new hires – almost 50 percent POC. He said they have increased resources for recruiting and outreach, too.

1:48 PM: The announcement event is over. We’ll add the video above when it’s available. (2:57 pm update – video added above.)