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From SPD Blotter: Why police were called to Delridge P-Patch

Didn’t hear about this one until it turned up this afternoon on SPD Blotter:

Police were called to a dispute at a West Seattle P-Patch on Wednesday after a gardener hosed down a man who tried to treat the patch as his personal compost bin.

Just before 4:30 PM, officers responded to the 5000 block of 25th Avenue SW and met with the gardener. The woman told police she was working in the P-Patch when she saw a man dumping a tarp full of leaves, collected from his yard two houses away, onto P-Patch property.

She confronted the man and accused the man of illegally dumping the leaves. The man shrugged, walked off, and returned a short time later with another pile of leaves.

The woman told police she squirted the man with a garden hose as he was dumping the leaves, and that the man then started coming toward her. She alleged the man tripped her, knocking her to the ground.

Police contacted the man, who was sitting on a bench in the P-Patch, and he disputed the woman’s account, saying he had pursued her because he was trying to get the hose away from her. Officers noted the man’s shorts appeared wet.

The man said there was no sign regarding dumping, and agreed not to enter the P-patch again.

And now a PSA regarding dumping compostable items at P-Patches: “I would say it’s frowned upon,” says Department of Neighborhoods spokeswoman Lois Maag. “While we can’t condone spraying your neighbor, you should just use your own compost bin.”

Police tower on the way, and other news from West Seattle Crime Prevention Council

The Seattle Police portable observation tower that drew a mixed reception elsewhere in the city will be deployed in West Seattle.

That’s what Southwest Precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis told the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting last night.

The tower recently turned up in a Rainier Valley supermarket parking lot, but not for long. In West Seattle, police intend to use it in the expansive parking lots at Westwood Village and the Delridge Home Depot – both hot spots for theft, with strong-arm robberies also a problem at the former. Capt. Davis said the tower, sold as SkyWatch, will be backed by emphasis teams on the ground including the bicycle squad. No time frame yet.

Also at the lightly attended (five members of the general public) meeting:

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We received a few questions about what sounded like gunfire early this morning, heard in the 36th SW/SW Dawson and Fauntleroy/Edmunds areas. No injury reports on the SFD log, but Tweets by Beat showed a “property destruction” report this morning. When we followed up for details, Seattle Police confirmed evidence of gunfire was found in the 5000 block of 37th Avenue SW: “Officers arrived on scene and located … a bullet hole to the back hatch of an SUV. No other damage or evidence was located.”

Police arrest driver after flipped-car crash

Another early-morning flipped-car crash. This one did not lead to a major callout and we didn’t hear about it until this photo came in from a nearby resident a short time ago. The SFD log shows it happened in the 3200 hundred block of Walnut around 1:30 am. Police tell WSB that the driver hit at least one parked car and they arrested him on suspicion of DUI.

About the police search in Westwood

March 27, 2019 7:16 pm
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The police search in Westwood – and a bit beyond – is targeting someone suspected of attempted sexual assault. That’s according to Southwest Precinct operations commander Lt. Steve Strand, who we talked to at the Highland Park Action Committee meeting that’s under way now. We had heard the “containment” area being set up just as we left for this meeting – a K9 team is part of the search. So far he had only a partial description to share – shirtless, wearing boxer shorts.

COMMUNITY: No Block Watch Captains Network meeting Tuesday, but SPD @ HPAC Wednesday

March 25, 2019 6:06 pm
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If recent high-profile incidents have you wondering about the next chance to talk with SPD leadership at community meetings, two things you should know:

WEST SEATTLE BLOCK WATCH CAPTAINS NETWORK: Though WSBWCN usually meets fourth Tuesdays, they’re skipping this month and inviting you to their next meeting at 6:30 pm April 23rd (at Southwest Precinct), at which you’ll hear from the Guardian One helicopter crew.

HIGHLAND PARK ACTION COMMITTEE: At 7 pm this Wednesday (March 27th) at HP Improvement Club, the HPAC meeting will include a crime-trends update from precinct operations Lt. Steve Strand and a presentation by Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner.

UPDATE: Man shot in South Delridge

(WSB photos)

3:24 PM: Police are investigating a shooting in the 9400 block of 16th SW [map]. They say 1 man is hurt. No one in custody yet. Updates to come.

3:39 PM: We’ve talked briefly with police at the scene. They believe this was a drive-by shooting. No clear vehicle description yet. So far they don’t believe it was random. The victim is being transported to Harborview Medical Center via SFD Medic 32.

4:05 PM: Both precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis and operations Lt. Steve Strand were among the police at the scene, and have talked with us. The victim was shot outside of a business building on the west side of 16th SW, which is currently closed for the investigation. According to a short update just posted to SPD Blotter, he was hit in the back.

4:19 PM: Initial information from SFD – which could change – is that the victim is about 30 years old and was in serious condition when transported.

4:29 PM: 16th SW is reopening.

VIDEO: Stolen car crashes, burns in Arbor Heights, driver flees

(Added: Reader video by Tracy. Alert, ambient sound includes profanity)

9:55 PM: In case you’re hearing the sirens: What we tuned into as King County Sheriff’s Office deputies followed/pursued a car into Arbor Heights has ended in a “car fire” call at California/106th [map]. Before that, a deputy had reported that the car’s driver tried to ram her at some point east of there. The driver has apparently bolted, as a K-9 team is being summoned to help search.

10:12 PM: Added reader video of the burning car. No report yet of an arrest. We aren’t sure yet what started this – except that it started somewhere east (25th/106th was the first location check we heard over the sheriff’s frequency).

10:30 PM: Tracy, who sent the video, says the fire is out but the search continues. Meantime, this photo also has been sent to us:

(Photo courtesy Robin)

10:47 PM: KCSO spokesperson Sgt. Ryan Abbott tells WSB the car involved was stolen car and that it indeed “rammed a Deputy,” who is OK. Meantime, a commenter reports seeing how it all started near 16th/107th in White Center. And nearby resident Tracy says SFD has departed – here’s the car, post-fire:

11:33 PM: Haven’t heard any updates for a while.

ADDED 12:10 PM MONDAY: Followed up today with Sgt. Abbott of KCSO. He confirms that the suspect has NOT been found. We also asked about the circumstances of the original car theft. He says it was taken in White Center – 1200 block of SW 107th – two weeks ago: “The victim had started his car to warm it up in the morning of 03/11 and when he returned to it, the car was gone.” It’s a 2007 Chrysler 300.

UPDATE: Harbor Avenue closed after stolen-car crash

1:22 PM: Police are reporting via radio communication that Harbor Avenue SW is closed both ways in the 2100 block because of a crash. This has drawn a heavier-than-usual police response because people were reported to have fled the scene after crashing into parked cars. Officers say they have two people in custody. They’re calling SFD medics because one may be hurt. Avoid the area.

1:26 PM: Also per radio communication, the car that was being driven in the crash is reported to have been stolen, in Tukwila.

1:56 PM: Photo added atop the story. The car in the foreground, which is about to be towed, is the stolen car; the one in the background is the one it hit. This is right by the entrance to Jack Block Park. Police tell us both people in custody are “adult males”; this happened after the car already had attracting their attention and they were trying to get the driver to pull over – he instead hit the other car and he and a passenger bolted, but were quickly taken into custody. They hope to have the street cleared and reopened within a half-hour or so.

3:28 PM: SDOT says Harbor cleared around the too of the hour.

MONDAY UPDATE: We followed up with SPD. The driver, 18, remains in King County Jail for investigation of stolen-property possession and attempted eluding. The passenger, 17, was questioned and released to his family.

MONDAY NIGHT NOTE: The driver’s bail was set today at $20,000

Street robberies & 911 questions/answers @ West Seattle Crime Prevention Council:

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Street robberies remain a top crime concern for the Southwest Precinct.

That’s what attendees heard at this past week’s monthly meeting of the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council, which also featured a Q&A opportunity with a manager for the SPD 911 center.

The robbery trend has continued since the meeting – with officers dispatched to three more robbery reports this weekend, one in The Junction, one in North Delridge, one on Harbor Avenue. We have no details on the latter but we know the first was for a purse and the second for a phone, which is what police say most victims are being targeted for. Precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis and operations Lt. Steve Strand told the WSCPC that more than two dozen such robberies had been reported since the start of the year, often teens robbing other teens.

One attendee then spoke up to identify herself as the mother of a victim of a phone robbery and assault.

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About that ‘motorcade’ sighting in West Seattle

Thanks for all the sighting reportsSeattle Police motorcycles were spotted crossing the bridge, traveling on Harbor, down 35th SW, and in the Roxbury/Olson vicinity. We’ve just confirmed with SPD that no, they’re not escorting anyone, they’re out training (as happens periodically).

UPDATE: Police search in West Seattle

1:07 PM: We don’t know yet what started this but we’ve been tracking a police search that has moved westward from Camp Long toward the ridge over Fairmount Playfield. Police have just taken a suspect into custody. More to come.

1:11 PM: Radio communication indicates this started as a reported burglary or burglary attempt.

UPDATE: Why police were at the Denny/Sealth campus

11:36 AM: We went to the Denny International Middle School/Chief Sealth International High School campus after parents told us their children had texted to say they were sheltering in place. Police are reported to be looking for a student who is believed to have brought a weapon – believed to be a BB gun – to school.

11:52 AM: Police tell us they’ve located the student and the weapon, and the shelter-in-place should be lifted soon if it hasn’t been already.

2:27 PM: Denny principal Jeff Clark has just sent us the letter that he sent to families:

Dear Denny International Middle School families:

We have had a strong and focused second semester and continue to work to ensure that we have a positive school culture and a welcoming environment for everyone at all times.

We want to share information relating to incident at Denny today. Although no one was hurt, the situation raises concerns. Today, one of our scholars told a staff member that he had brought an airsoft pellet gun (plastic pellets) to school. School staff determined that a second scholar also had brought an airsoft pellet gun to school. The school coordinated with the Seattle Public Schools Safety and Security Team and the Seattle Police Department to locate both scholars and both pellet guns. Due to the fact that one of the scholars had left campus, we went into a Shelter-in-Place while we searched for the second scholar. Once he was located, both scholars were taken into custody by the Seattle Police Department. SPD is continuing the investigation and the involved parents have been contacted. Additionally, the scholars are being disciplined consistent with district procedures.

As you are aware, adolescents have complex social dynamics. Ensuring that they know appropriate behavioral expectations and always feel safe is our goal. We occasionally hear from them that they feel unsafe in the community and therefore carry weapons for protection. Our staff continues to discuss personal safety with them as well as district rules and state laws.

Most importantly, we wanted to let families know about these conversations and ask them to help all of our scholars understand the importance of keeping schools absolutely free of any type of weapon, as well as the importance of sharing critical safety information immediately with adults at school. We are providing a link to some additional information that might be helpful during these discussions. http://www.seattle.gov/police/community-policing/youth-safety-tips

Please be assured that the safety and security of our scholars is a top priority at Denny International School. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

SCAM ALERT: 9 things you can do to avoid being taken at tax time

Four weeks to tax-return deadline, so this alert from Southwest Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner is timely:

Tax season is in full swing- and during this time we often see an increase in tax fraud and various forms of scams. In order to combat this, the SW Precinct would like to provide our community with some helpful prevention information about these scams, as well as the most effective way to report them! Certain subsets of the population are more vulnerable to these types of scams- but everyone can help protect themselves by keeping the following ten practical suggestions in mind, provided by the Federal Trade Commission:

1. Spot imposters- scammers will often try to disguise themselves as someone you trust (such as a government official, family member or charitable organization). Never send money or give our personal information in response to an unexpected request.

2. Do online searches- try typing in the company or product name into a search engine with key words like ‘review’, ‘complaint’ or ‘scam’. You can also look up phone numbers to check on their validity.

3. Do not believe caller ID and hang up on robocalls- technology makes it simple for scammers to fake a caller ID. If you receive a call asking for personal information or money, hang up. If you feel the caller is legitimate- try calling back a number, you know is genuine for that person or company. If you answer the phone and hear a recorded sales pitch, hang up and report this to the Federal Trade Commission and/or to local police. These calls are illegal and are often fake. Do not follow prompts, just hang up.

4. Do not pay upfront for a promise- scammers may try to ask you to pay up front for debt relief, loan offers, mortgage assistance or a job (such as handy work or lawn maintenance).

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West Seattle Crime Watch: Man shot in bar bathroom

Thanks for the tip about an early-morning emergency response at the Tug Inn. We followed up with SPD and SFD and here’s what they tell us: SFD medics took a 59-year-old man to Harborview Medical Center in critical condition with a gunshot wound. The full report isn’t available yet but SPD spokesperson Det. Mark Jamieson says the early details show police were called to the bar just before 12:30 am after a gunshot was heard in a restroom. That’s where they found the victim. Officers found a shell casing in the bathroom but not the gun. They don’t have information about the circumstances except to say they believe someone else was in the restroom with the victim at the time but left before police arrived, and there’s no description.

UPDATE: Police search after gunfire in The Junction

(WSB photo)

8:51 PM: Police are investigating gunfire in The Junction. First they got a report three men were seen “firing a gun” near 44th/Edmunds; now they’re investigating gunshot damage reported to a car. One suspect is reported to have been seen running north on 44th. More to come.

8:56 PM: Police have found a gun in a dumpster behind the west side of the 4700 block of California after a tip. … Now there’s a report one person might be injured “by shrapnel.” Also, Guardian One is helping with the search, and police say they’ve found shell casings. … Police have been told that some suspects might have left the area in a “gray sedan with a burned-out headlight.” They’re also going to block traffic at California/Edmunds.

9:08 PM: Police have told dispatch they’ve found “nine .40 millimeter casings” so far.

9:15 PM: A K9 team is helping search.

9:29 PM: Our crew says police are about to reopen the streets. The air and K9 searches have both dead-ended.

10:21 PM: No further information so far. We’ll be requesting the incident report tomorrow.

ADDED 12:24 PM FRIDAY: Here’s what we’ve learned from police: A 17-year-old saw a car circling his Junction-area house with occupants he suspected were involved in a recent robbery of a relative. He went out and drove after them. He then noticed “a group of males” standing on the corner of 44th/Edmunds and he said someone in that group fired at the car – he reported seeing the muzzle flash, though not the gun, and said bullets hit the driver-side door. Police later found four bullet holes in that door, and nine shell casings in the street at 44th/Edmunds. The group ran northbound; he described them as “five to eight high-school-aged black males, 5’10” to 6″, all but one wearing black hoodies.” He said he suspected they were associated with the vehicle he had been following, described as “a silver sedan with a left taillight out.” A nearby resident, meantime, reported seeing “three or four males” running in the alley between California and 44th; while that witness had no further description information, they saw someone throw something under a dumpster, and that’s where police subsequently found a semi-automatic handgun. A records check showed the gun had been reported stolen in Tacoma. SFD tells us the teen was treated by medics but did not require hospitalization.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Tire taken from brand-new car; mailbox break-in video; 911 coming to WSCPC

March 13, 2019 3:58 pm
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Three notes in West Seattle Crime Watch:

TIRE TAKEN: The photo and report are from Brendan:

Came out to my new 2018 Honda Accord on my fifth day of ownership to find it had been hoisted up on cinder blocks overnight and the front passenger tire was gone. Delridge & Trenton. Spoke with a neighbor and they mentioned they actually caught a group of people attempting this on their car in the same area last week – cinder blocks and all – and thwarted it. I was not so lucky.

MAILBOX BREAK-IN VIDEO: This is a followup to Carolyn‘s report from Tuesday, about Highland Park mailbox break-ins. She has since posted and shared this video:

No police-report number yet.

911 AT WSCPC: Community meetings with Southwest Precinct police often include questions about 911 – how it works, why calltakers/dispatchers ask what they do, and more. Bring your questions to next Tuesday’s West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting, 7 pm (March 19th) at the precinct (2300 SW Webster) – a 911 center rep will be the special guest.

UPDATE: About the police search near 35th SW and Raymond

10:53 PM: Police including a K9 team are searching in the area of 35th and Raymond. The call started as a reported hit-run crash, with the driver and at least one passenger leaving the scene on foot; then police reported via radio to dispatch that a passenger left behind told them the incident included an “attempted drive-by shooting.” So now police are also looking for those possible suspects in what was described only as a white Buick.

11:01 PM: Via radio – the search is focused on that white Buick, as officers believe the people who left the scene were trying to escape danger. The white Buick is also now described as having dark-tinted windows and one burned-out headlight.

About the police response in High Point

Thanks to the readers who messaged us, wondering about a police response in High Point. They mentioned seeing officers in multiple locations, so we went looking around and found police near 34th/Graham. They told us this was related to a stolen car and suspects being taken into custody who might be linked to robbery cases. That’s all we have in the early going; we will have to follow up tomorrow to get full details.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Police search after robbery reported in South Delridge

10:48 PM: Big police response in, and headed toward, South Delridge, after a reported armed robbery. We haven’t heard who was robbed or exactly where but the 9000 block of Delridge Way SW was mentioned. An officer who at one point had a suspect in sight described him via radio communication as a black male teenager, 5’11”, 180, hoodie, bright-orange beanie, handgun. A K9 team is joining the search.

10:59 PM: The description has changed the suspect’s estimated weight from 180 to 130 and honed the age to around 17 years old.

11:21 PM: Still searching.

12:11 AM: Still an active search, and it’s ranged quite a distance from the original scene. By the way, if you wondered about the bursts of sirens, here’s an explanation from an incident a few months ago.

1:01 AM: The search has wound down, no one reported in custody. We’ll follow up on incident details when the written report is available, which probably won’t be before Tuesday.

SPD’s Navigation Team @ West Seattle Crime Prevention Council this Tuesday

(WSB photo, March 2017)

We first met Sgt. Eric Zerr shortly after the city’s Navigation Team was launched two years ago. Since then, its work with homeless people has continued to gain attention. If you have a question about that work, you have a chance to hear from, and talk with, Sgt. Zerr and other Navigation Team members at this Tuesday’s West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting. WSCPC president Richard Miller tells WSB that he’s confirmed them as guests at the monthly meeting. As always, you’re also welcome to bring neighborhood crime/safety concerns to Southwest Precinct police who’ll be there too. Tuesday’s meeting is at the precinct, 2300 SW Webster, 7 pm.

UPDATE: Police response near 35th/Roxbury

9:40 PM: Another big police response tonight -this one is happening right now in the 35th/Roxbury vicinity. Per radio communication, they’re investigating a reported burglary at a residence. They’ll be searching the area with K-9 assistance.

10:16 PM: No further details. Police are still at the scene in the 9400 block of 35th SW but the wider search is reported to be winding down.

UPDATE: Police search following salon robbery @ 35th/Avalon

6:45 PM: Thanks for the tips. A big police response at 35th/Fauntleroy this past hour; one resident tells WSB they were told to stay in their apartments while police were in search of a robbery suspect. We have a crew on the way to find out more.

6:57 PM: Police tell WSB’s Christopher Boffoli that they’re seeking a suspect in the robbery of a salon at the Aura Apartments building on 35th just south of Avalon. They are still there talking with victims/witnesses. No description made public yet.

7:06 PM: More info from SPD: The salon was robbed at gunpoint. Description only – so far- “white male in a black jacket and blue pants, silver gun, small umbrella.”