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UPDATE: Woman stabbed in robbery at Juneau Street Market; suspect arrested

12:28 PM: Seattle Police and Fire have a “scenes of violence” response right now at California/Juneau. More shortly.

12:33 PM: Per scanner, a suspect is in custody.

12:38 PM: Police say this started as a robbery. We’re told at the scene that a woman has a head injury but is alert and conscious.

12:40 PM: Per radio communication, the victim was stabbed. This is reported to have happened at the Juneau Street Market, which as reported here was hit by a burglar less than a week ago. Avoid the area for a while, as California is blocked southbound by the emergency response (photo added above).

12:52 PM: The suspect was arrested about a block south, on the other side of California, after what police describe as a “brief foot pursuit.”

12:55 PM: Police on the scene confirm the robbery and attack did happen inside the market, with the aftermath visible from the front door:

Again, avoid California/Juneau for a while. Metro has sent an alert that buses are rerouted.

1:39 PM: The street is open again. Police are still at the market.

4:21 PM: SPD has released a little more info via SPD Blotter. The victim is 71. The suspect is 51. From their writeup:

At approximately 12:20 pm, officers responded to an assault call in progress in the 5900 block of California Avenue SW. The call indicated that a male was assaulting a female inside the store and that the woman was screaming for assistance. A delivery driver and another customer happened to walk into the store while the assault was occurring and pulled the victim to safety. The suspect then retreated to the back of the store and ran out the back door just as officers were arriving.

Officers gave chase and took the 51-year-old suspect into custody several blocks away after deploying a Taser.

The victim’s family has posted comments below and says she “is doing well.”

8:18 PM: We stopped by the market earlier this evening to ask if there’s any community help needed. Not at this point; the owner planned to close early to go visit the victim in the hospital.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Police search for bike thief in Delridge

10:21 PM: Thanks for the tips about the police search in Delridge – we’ve just gone to the area where police with K9 are searching, the 26th/Brandon vicinity, to find out more. They tell us they are looking for a suspected thief, after recovering a stolen bicycle. The Guardian One helicopter is joining them. The man they’re looking for is described as in his 50s, white, 6′ tall, with a white beard. More as we get it.

11:13 PM: Helicopter has moved on after exhausting the possibilities in the area. No report of an arrest so far.

ADDED 11:03 AM: As promised, we contacted SPD’s media office this morning for more details. From Det. Mark Jamieson:

A victim called 911 to report seeing his recently (unreported) stolen bicycle being pushed past his location in the 7100 block of Delridge Way SW. He called out to the suspect, who fled the scene riding the bicycle northbound. Officers conducted an area check and located the suspect in the 5400 block Delridge Way SW. The suspect observed officers in the area and, again, fled the scene. He was observed in the 5400 block of 26 Ave SW before losing sight of him. Containment was set up and a K9 track was established. K9 observed the suspect in the nearby wooded area, but due to the terrain and natural obstacles, the suspect managed to elude the officers. K9 located the stolen bicycle, which was returned to the owner. The suspect was not located after an extensive area check with assistance of Guardian One.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Police found a camera. Is it yours?

One good reason to report any and all thefts – police might recover your stuff and not be able to get it back to you if there’s no identifying marks and no report on record. That’s what happened in this incident we just got word of today: A detective in the SPD Found Property/Evidence Unit e-mailed to say police recovered a Nikon DX digital camera in West Seattle and are looking for its owner: “The camera contains family photos from the 2017 Holidays and the family trip to California. The owner can contact the Evidence Unit at 206-684-8720, ext. 8. Must have proof of ownership.”

About the emergency response in The Junction

Thanks for the texts/tweets about a sizable emergency response by the bus stops on the SW side of California/Alaska. Here’s what we found out at the scene: Two men got into a fight at the bus stop (which is why KC Sheriff’s Transit Police are handling). One man is going to the hospital; the other was arrested.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Gunfire investigation

Police are finding shell casings in the 12th/Trenton vicinity, per radio communication, after multiple 911 callers reported hearing gunfire in the area. One caller is reported to have seen someone firing a gun from a car that was seeing going northbound on 13th, then southbound on 12th. No reports of any shooting victims so far.

FOUND: Aidan, no longer missing

SUNDAY EVENING: Aidan was found at a friend’s house, we’ve confirmed.


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UPDATE: 2 officers injured near 27th/Roxbury, 1 suspect arrested, 1 sought

(UPDATED 11:11 AM TUESDAY with new information)

(Added: WSB photos)

11 PM: Lots of sirens in south West Seattle, as one texter noted, and here’s why: A call for major backup went out after someone assaulted a police officer in the 9400 block of 27th SW. We don’t know how the call started but when the call went out for backup, one officer told her colleagues over the radio that there was probable cause to arrest a suspect – who is still being sought – for assault on an officer. No serious injury reported as there’s been no call for medics. The suspect was last reported headed southbound.

11:09 PM: Now there’s an SFD dispatch.

11:29 PM: We’re at the scene to see what more we can find out.

11:40 PM: Police at the scene say this began as a domestic-violence call. A responding officer was assaulted. No info yet on their condition.

12:13 PM: Still searching. As discussed in comments, the siren bursts are a search-related tactic.

3:39 AM: No further info; we’ll be following up with SPD when their media office opens later this morning.

11:11 AM: We’ve talked with police and obtained the narrative from last night’s incident:

According to the report, it started with a 911 call from someone saying their 21-year-old brother was banging on their apartment door and drunk, and was not a welcome visitor. Officers arrived and saw the suspect kicking the door. He tried to leave the scene. A struggle with officers ensued. That’s when, the report says, one officer “was kneed in the head.” A crowd had begun to form and another officer who was trying to provide crowd control was shoved in the chest by someone else. The person who did that ran into and then out of a nearby apartment. That’s when the search began but that suspect was not found. The report describes him only as male, black, dark complexion, 5’9″, 170, wearing a red Cardinals T-shirt and black jeans.

Ultimately the officer who was kneed was taken to the hospital and has since been released; two other officers were checked out by SFD medics at the Southwest Precinct, and one is described as having suffered minor injuries. The original suspect – the man whose brother had called 911 – is in jail for investigation of assault, resisting arrest, and domestic-violence property damage; jail records show he was booked two other times in just the past week, both on suspicion of trespassing.

FOLLOWUP: Police contract approved in 8-1 City Council vote

4:53 PM: 24 hours after the mayor and police chief came to West Seattle to in essence campaign for council approval of the Seattle Police contract, the vote has just happened at City Hall downtown. The contract required seven council “yes” votes to pass and got eight, with Councilmember Kshama Sawant the lone “no” vote. West Seattle/South Park Councilmember Lisa Herbold voted yes despite a number of concerns, explaining that – among other reasons – she has told constituents that she supports police staffing to address public-safety concerns, and didn’t see how that would reconcile with a “no” vote given the expectation that contract rejection would make SPD hiring even more difficult than it’s been lately. M

ADDED 9:31 PM: The Seattle Channel video from this afternoon’s meeting is available now, and we’ve embedded it at the top of this story. Also, we talked briefly with Councilmember Herbold after an unrelated community meeting we covered tonight. Asked to comment on her voting decision, she reiterated what she had said during the meeting – both that she felt she had to be consistent with her three years of telling constituents she supported increased police staffing, and also that she knew she let some people down, too. She said that when alternatives she was exploring turned out to be unworkable, she felt she had to vote “yes.”

CRIME WATCH UPDATE: Gunfire in 24th/Kenyon area; 2 victims later show up at hospital

(WSB photo)

ORIGINAL REPORT, 9:21 PM MONDAY: Multiple texters have reported hearing gunfire in the Delridge/Kenyon area, and though no injuries are reported, scanner traffic indicates police have found some evidence – “property damage.” We’re heading that way to try to find out more.

9:39 PM: Police are on SW Kenyon west of 24th.

9:50 PM: Officers told us at the scene that they have found three casings so far (photo added). No elaboration on the “property damage”; no injuries reported.

ADDED TUESDAY, 1:44 PM: In addition to the information and photos provided in comments below, we’ve learned that two people were injured – they showed up at a hospital later, according to the police report, which we requested and obtained. The officer wrote that he and another were dispatched:

Multiple 911 calls were received from the said location. On our way
to the scene, dispatch updated the call and said that a white 2-door sedan was seen leaving the scene.

Prior to Officers arrival, everyone had fled the scene.

At the scene, (officers) found two shell casings on the road, a bullet fragment in the planting strip, a cellphone, keys and a chapstick on the side walk. The items were located just to the north of (7900 block) Delridge WY SW.

Bullet holes were located on the back portion of two apartment units … The bullets did not enter the living space of either units. …

Seattle PD Gang Unit Detectives responded to the scene. Gang Unit Detectives processed the scene and collected evidence.

Officers were informed by a witness on scene that the victims were possibly driven away from the scene by a white Dodge Challenqer. … No witnesses were located that actually witnessed the shooting.

While (officers were) still on scene, Dispatch updated over the air that two shootinq victims showed up at Highline Medical Center. Dispatch also updated that the white Dodge Challenger was seen parked outside the Hospital. Gang Detectives responded to the hospital and processed that scene.

Victim 1 … was shot in the left ankle. Victim 2 … was shot in the left calf. The white Dodge Challenger … was impounded to the processing room.

Mayor, police chief visiting West Seattle Junction on Monday

November 11, 2018 10:50 pm
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On the eve of a big public-safety-related City Council vote, Mayor Jenny Durkan and Police Chief Carmen Best are coming to the West Seattle Junction Monday afternoon. Part of their visit is billed as a “neighborhood walking tour,” followed by a 4:15 pm gathering at Cupcake Royale where they “will meet with residents and business owners for coffee to discuss public safety and issues facing residents and businesses in the community,” according to the announcement we received tonight from the mayor’s office. (The Junction, you might recall hearing, is the city’s first neighborhood business district to start its own Block Watch.) This is happening on the eve of the City Council’s scheduled consideration Tuesday afternoon of the contract agreement with the police union, which won’t take effect unless seven of the nine councilmembers approve it and which has drawn some controversy.

FOLLOWUP: 9200 16th SW listed for sale as part of court settlement, 3 years after drug raid

(WSB photo, July 2015)

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Another new real-estate listing of note has a unique backstory.

The auto-shop site at 9200 16th SW is up for sale as the result of a court settlement that traces back to the SWAT-involved drug raid we covered there in 2015.

It’s not mentioned in the listing, which heralds this as “Westwood Development Site” and says:

ZONED LR3 RC: 12,918 sq. foot lot, suitable for up to 14 townhomes at 1,350 sq. feet each or 19,000 sq. foot apartment Building (Buyer to verify). Excellent value at less than $65,000 per door. Development is rampant in this area. Excellent investment opportunity. Vacant at closing.

We recognized the address, as we’ve been checking in from time to time on the long-running court case’s files. Those files now contain a settlement agreement, filed in October. The settlement ends what had been a forfeiture case brought by the city in 2015.

The original filing’s documents tell the story of an unlicensed marijuana-sales operation at the site, known as “The Wolfpack,” including a detective’s report from 11 days of surveillance in 2015. On those days – scattered through the period of March to July – the detective wrote of counting 2,873 vehicles arriving to make purchases from the operation, plus 1,621 arrivals on foot, while the auto business handled a total of 7 cars for repairs. The documents also detail subsequent undercover buys which allegedly were made without requests for documentation such as proof of age.

The settlement agreement stipulates that the property will be listed for $900,000 and any offer below that would have to be approved by the city. The city will get 70 percent of the sale proceeds; owner Paul Noble, 51, will get 30 percent minus any and all fees and commissions. The city also gets to keep about half the $59,000 in cash that was seized.

In the extensive case files spanning three-plus years, a judge ordered the city to show this past February why the case should not be dismissed “for failure to prosecute” after both sides reportedly failed to fulfill a requirement to update the court on trial readiness. Lawyers for Noble subsequently responded that they expected felony drug charges to be filed against him shortly, and indeed they were; files show he then pleaded guilty to a reduced charge in July. Another city case seeking the forfeiture of his residence was dismissed.

UPDATE: About the police response near 45th/Hanford

7:20 PM: We’ve received a few questions about a police presence near 45th/Hanford. According to SPD Lt. Tammy Floyd, who happened to be speaking at the Southwest District Council meeting that your editor is covering right now, it involves a person in crisis who has barricaded themselves inside their home. There was some concern about a possible gas leak but police say there’s been no evidence of that so far. (Photo added: SFD was standing by in case.)

7:53 PM: Our crew has checked the area. The situation’s not resolved yet; 45th is closed between Hanford and Hinds.

8 PM: The situation has been resolved, our crew reports.

West Seattle scene: Thank-you barbecue at the Southwest Precinct

TUESDAY NIGHT: During the summertime Delridge Day festival, Southwest Precinct police are at the grill cooking for community members. Today, somebody came to the precinct to grill up lunch for the officers – and he didn’t have to go far. Brendan Moran is in the loss-prevention division at The Home Depot and explained that the company periodically shows up at police stations near their stores to provide lunch in appreciation of their help. Brendan noted that you can’t get much nearer to a Home Depot store than this precinct happens to be! He was there for a few hours starting at 11 am to catch officers coming and going at first-to-second-watch shift change.

ADDED WEDNESDAY MORNING: Lt. Steve Strand sent the following photo along with “huge thanks” to the Home Depot crew:

FOLLOWUP: What police found after the Admiral Safeway gas-station holdup

On Friday night, we reported on a robbery at the Admiral Safeway gas station and the police search that ensued. Today, we followed up with SPD and obtained the incident report. No arrest so far. But the report says police found evidence suggesting the robber might have had a getaway vehicle waiting. The incident narrative in the report is basically what we reported on Friday night – a man (same description as published that night) came in, demanded cash from the till, implied he had a gun, and left after the robbery. The report says the clerk didn’t actually see a gun but that the robber “reached toward the right side of his waistband and pulled up his sweatshirt” and kept his hand there while taking the cash. The K-9 officer who joined in the search found a “heat signature” nearby using what the report describes as a FLIR camera. According to the report, that “signature” indicated “a vehicle was parked for a long period of time while running” on the west side of 42nd SW next to the Safeway supermarket parking lot. Some sort of evidence – redacted in the report – was found there too. Surveillance video, meantime, showed the robber approaching from the north – crossing Admiral Way – and disappearing afterward into the alley between 41st and 42nd, east of the gas station. If you have any info, the SPD incident number is 2018-401639.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Robbery reported at Admiral Safeway gas station

9:59 PM: Police are searching the Admiral District after a robbery was reported a short time ago at the Admiral Safeway gas station. Per police radio, the robber is described as white, male, about 50 years old, medium height/build, wearing a brown/camouflage ski mask, brown jacket, blue jeans. He is reported to have shown a gun in his waistband and is possibly headed southbound through the alley from there. If you have any information, call 911.

10:14 PM: Still searching. K-9 team too.

UPDATE: Why the Guardian One helicopter was over eastern West Seattle

8:24 PM: In case you’re wondering about the Guardian One law-enforcement helicopter over eastern West Seattle – they’re helping police with a call about a person who is allegedly violating a court order near 24th/Thistle, according to the dispatch.

8:28 PM: Police say the situation is under control; G-1 is leaving.

Auto-theft spike, what happens to stolen cars, and more @ West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network

The only monthly meeting with coffee and home-baked treats (pumpkin crumble this time) is now on hiatus until the new year. Here’s what happened when the West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network met Tuesday night at the Southwest Precinct:

CRIME UPDATE: Precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis said auto theft remains a big issue. We noticed that earlier in the day, looking at the slides from the most recent downtown SeaStat intradepartmental briefing (MVT = motor-vehicle theft):

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Don’t need that unused/expired medication? Saturday’s your day to get rid of it

Quick reminder now that the weekend is in view: Saturday is the twice-yearly Drug Take-Back Day, and you’re invited once again to take unneeded/expired medication to the Southwest Precinct (2300 SW Webster) to get rid of it, 10 am-2 pm. Keeping it around could be a danger to someone in your household and/or a target for burglars. Last time around, SPD says, dropoffs at its precincts including this one totaled half a ton!

UPDATE: Driver jailed after allegedly hitting at least 4 other vehicles near Ercolini Park

10:42 PM: If you’re west of The Junction and wondering about the police response in the Ercolini Park area – radio communication indicates police are investigating a driver who is suspected of hitting at least four other vehicles, including an SPD car. The civilian vehicles that were hit are reported to be along 48th SW near Oregon. No injuries reported.

11:38 PM: Photo added. The pickup in the photo was subsequently being towed. We’ll follow up with SPD in the morning.

10:49 AM: Per online records, the 60-year-old driver was booked into King County Jail for investigation of DUI.

FOLLOWUP: Street robbery followed bus confrontation, police say

As promised, we procured the police report about the Thursday street robbery that led to a search through south Morgan Junction and three arrests in west Gatewood.

(WSB photo, Thursday)

The report says it all started on board a bus headed northbound on Fauntleroy Way. The victim – 18 or 19, not a juvenile as first reported – said he got on board at the ferry dock. He said he was confronted on the bus and asked where to buy “weed.” The victim said he didn’t know but that the people who asked him continued staring at him. He felt uncomfortable so he got off the bus at Fauntleroy and Myrtle. They followed him. He crossed the street and they kept following him. Two of them demanded he give them his stuff and swung at him with closed fists. He tried to get away from them by going into nearby retirement center The Kenney but its doors were locked. So he ran north and wound up in the yard of a nearby house. Witnesses told police they saw the victim being beaten and kicked in the yard. The victim said they tried to steal his backpack and eventually got away with his iPhone and Gucci belt. The robbers/attackers then ran eastbound and by then police had been called. Three suspects were spotted at the Morgan Junction McDonald’s. When police arrived there, the three took off running eastbound. Patrol and K9 officers tracked them into the west Gatewood neighborhood where three juveniles were arrested near 41st SW/Heights Place SW [map]. The report says all three were booked into the juvenile-detention center. The victim, meantime, got his phone and belt back; police say he was curled up on the ground in “great pain” when they found him and that SFD medics recommended that he go to a hospital but he declined. We’ll follow up next week to see whether charges will be filed.

Simple ways to make your home safer, plus Q&A with police, @ West Seattle Crime Prevention Council:

October 17, 2018 11:34 pm
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Home safety was the spotlight topic at the final West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting of the year, Tuesday night at the Southwest Precinct, so we’re starting with what the ~15 people in attendance heard from Jennifer Danner, the precinct’s crime-prevention coordinator:

She began by going around the room and asking people what they wanted to know about. Most had questions about video and cameras. Danner reminded everyone that she can do home-security assessments. She started with some myth debunking – “when a door is kicked in, it’s not the door that breaks, usually it’s the frame.” Changing the length of the screws with which your door is fastened is an easy, cheap way to help secure it, Danner said. When it comes to locks, exterior doors should have deadbolts – there too, the length is important; an inch-and-a-half throw is even better than the more-standard inch.

Window security – “You always want to add one more thing to your window,” since most windows can be broken into from the outside.

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UPDATE: Toddler found alone in Highland Park

11:58 AM: Tweeted by Seattle Police: “Officers located an unaccompanied 2-year-old boy near 8th Ave SW and SW Henderson a short time ago and are looking to reunite him with his parents. If you’re missing a child, please contact the SW Precinct at 206-733-9800 or 911.” Working to find out more.

12:47 PM: We went to the precinct to ask at the front desk. The child was spotted around 9:30 am by someone who called 911. Parents/guardians apparently not found yet, as he is now in CPS custody.

2:46 PM: No further info on circumstances but we did just get word there’s been a reunion.

4:10 PM: And a clarification – Southwest Precinct Operations Lt. Steve Strand tells us that while the child’s mother was found, the child remains with CPS for now “for safety reasons.”

Got opinions on crime, safety, policing? 2018 Seattle Public Safety Survey now open

Every year, Seattle University oversees the citywide Public Safety Survey about crime, safety, and policing, with findings that are then reported to SPD – and you. If you’d like to take this year’s survey, it’s now open – go here to start (and note the variety of language options). Want to know more first? Here’s the announcement published when results of last year’s survey were released.

P.S. If you want to talk about crime/safety in a more immediate manner – remember that tomorrow (Tuesday, October 16th) brings the last West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting of the year, 7 pm at the Southwest Precinct (2300 SW Webster).