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Need a steering-wheel lock for your Hyundai/Kia? Southwest Precinct plans another giveaway event

As mentioned here recently, the Southwest Precinct has more steering-wheel locks available free for people with Hyundais and Kias, current favored target of thieves, so the precinct’s acting Crime Prevention Coordinator Mark Solomon just scheduled an open pickup time:

Based on the number of folks that reached out to me regarding getting a steering-wheel lock, I have scheduled a steering wheel lock giveaway at the Southwest Precinct for this coming Wednesday (September 27th), between 5-7 pm. Anyone who wants a lock can come to the Precinct and get one, as long as supplies last.

The precinct is at 2300 SW Webster, next to The Home Depot.

UPDATE: Two ‘scenes of violence’ responses in South Delridge, unfounded

8:32 AM: SFD and SPD are arriving in the area of what was reported as a possible shooting, but haven’t found anything/anyone yet. They started with an address in the 9200 block of 16th SW, are now checking the 9600 block of 15th SW, while trying to reach the original caller.

8:39 AM: Having not found anything – officers even looked on the unincorporated King County side of the area – they’re canceling the response.

11:09 AM: Now there’s another response to the same area – we’re monitoring.

11:14 AM: Ths one also appears to be unfounded.

UPDATE: Suspect arrested after 2-hour police search in Fauntleroy – and southward – with helicopter

4:38 PM: Police are searching around homes on Fauntleroy Way SW just south of the ferry dock, looking for a man in what’s described as a “weapons call” and possible burglary. He’s described as Hispanic, with dark medium-length hair, no shirt, tan pants. The Guardian One helicopter is on its way to join the search. More information as we get it.

4:47 PM: The helicopter’s arrived in the area.

4:56 PM: We went to the area to look for an officer to ask about what preceded all this. We’re told the first call came from people at the ferry dock who saw what they described as a naked man with a knife or possibly box-cutter. Police noted that this might be the same person seen acting suspiciously near Fauntleroy Church earlier in the day.

5:08 PM: This search has moved a bit further south, along Marine View Drive. Meantime, police are also investigating an unrelated burglary near Fauntleroy Park, to the east of all this, and it sounds as if they have arrested someone – DIFFERENT suspect. … The original subject of the search, meantime, is said to be running through yards in the 10000-10200 block of Marine View Drive and is described as carrying a machete.

(Reader photo)

5:22 PM: The search has moved westward from there to 47th SW.

5:34 PM: They’re surrounding an area there and making the mandatory announcements that a K-9 will be deployed.

5:57 PM: Nothing new to report. Many officers still in the area, and Guardian One is back after a brief break.

6:31 PM: With the helicopter’s help, they’ve located the person they believe is who they’ve been looking for. … And he’s reported to be in custody. This was in the 10200 block (whether 47th or Marine View Drive, not clear). … Officers also just told dispatch they’ve found the machete, too.


2:08 AM: The first “heard gunfire” report this time came from a police officer who was in the High Point vicinity. Then in short order, dispatch started reporting multiple 911 callers who heard it too, including one who saw “muzzle flashes” in the Walt Hundley Playfield vicinity. Officers have subsequently found shell casings “about 30 yards into the park.” 13 “pistol casings” found so far, as well as “rifle casings,” as officers described their findings to dispatch.

2:18 AM: So far no reports of injuries or property damage. One officer gave dispatch a more-specific location, in the park west of the 6900 block of 31st SW.

ADDED THURSDAY: The police summary of the incident describes the recovered casings as “twenty-two 9mm … and six .556.”

VIDEO: See inside SPD Mounted Patrol’s West Seattle home

A dozen years after saving the SPD Mounted Patrol, the Seattle Police Foundation has saddled up a special fundraising campaign for the unit, which is based here in West Seattle – in a barn next to Westcrest Park.

This time, it’s not in danger of shutdown, but the SPF funds “gaps” not covered by the basic SPD budget, so to get the word out, they invited media to visit the barn.

Riding McLovin – a name bestowed by the horse’s previous owner – in our video is Sgt. Brandon Caille, who along with one officer comprises the entirety of the Mounted Patrol’s permanent unit staff – supplemented if necessary, he says, with temporarily reassigned officers from elsewhere in the department. You must of course be trained to ride. Among those who are – SPD Chief Adrian Diaz.

When we visited during the “open barn” event on Wednesday, we had just missed the chief taking a turn around the indoor riding ring. The unit currently has six horses, plus Li’l Sebastian, who is wildly popular during community appearances:

Community appearances is what the unit focuses on, in fact, says Sgt. Caille – “relational policing” is the formal term. They might visit areas, for example, where data shows there’s been an uptick in crime. A common misconception is that they do crowd control work; Sgt. Caille says actually, they don’t.

The SPF calls its campaign “Adopt-A-Horse” – donations might even eventually fund a replacement for one of the current horses, which can cost up to about $20,000. (McLovin was one of the two most-recent purchases, in 2021.) SPF stepped up to save the unit when budget cuts threatened it in 2011; three years later, the city started covering its basic funding again, but the SPF has been covering “gaps” as it does for some other units in the department. If you’re interested in donating, go here.

Person found dead at West Seattle bus stop

Thanks for all the tips a=about SPD and SFD at the bus stop on southbound 35th SW south of Avalon early this morning. The initial call around 5:40 am was for an unconscious, unresponsive person, and SFD medics were unable to revive him. Police tell WSB, “There were no signs of foul play.” The cause of death will be determined by the King County Medical Examiner’s Office, which subsequently responded to the scene and, SPD says, “took responsibility of the deceased subject.”

UPDATE: False report of gunfire north of The Junction = fireworks; stolen silver Elantra

Two more incidents to report, one unfolding right now:

FALSE REPORT OF GUNFIRE: 9:39 PM: 911 received multiple calls about this a short time ago. Dispatch told officers that one caller at an apartment building in the 4100 block of California claims somebody – possibly a neighbor – fired a gun from a balcony. No injuries reported. Police are trying to sort this out right now. We’ll add anything more we hear.

9:53 PM: Police are not finding any evidence of gunfire despite that report, and now believe it was fireworks – they’ve reported finding an “empty box.”

10:02 PM: Thanks to David for this video of what it sounded like from 44th/Andover:

(back to original report) Meantime, via email:

STOLEN SILVER ELANTRA: Stolen-car report tonight from Lauren:

PLEASE HELP! Stolen car- silver/gray Hyundai Elantra (license plate AQS2284) stolen (near Fairmount Park). If you see this car, please call 911 and reference case number 23-237899. My fiancé starts teaching in about a week, and really needs his car back.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Wednesday night’s Admiral ‘havoc’

On Thursday, several readers asked about an Admiral incident the night before. We had heard bits and pieces of radio traffic, with a dispatcher at one point describing the suspects as “wreaking havoc,” but were unable to get followup information from Seattle Police until the case number was made available today. So we requested and received the report narrative, with a few redactions, today. The report began with the officer who wrote it being dispatched at 11:16 pm Wednesday to a report of a collision in the 2600 block of 42nd SW. The report picks up from there:

En route, dispatch advised that there were reports of shots fired in the area and that the involved vehicle may have left the scene.

I arrived with other Officers and observed several people clustered around a vehicle stopped in the middle of the roadway. The vehicle, a (redacted), had significant damage to the front end and windshield.

I spoke with the occupants of the vehicle (redacted). They told me the following. They had been at Alki Beach earlier in the evening and prior to the incident they were traveling eastbound on SW Admiral Wy. As they passed the 7-11 at 4312 SW Admiral Wy, they observed 3 vehicles in the parking lot revving their engines before leaving the area traveling westbound on SW Admiral Wy. They slowed down as they passed and they observed the 3 vehicles perform a U-turn behind them. They described these vehicles as a white sedan and 2 gray sedans.

They turned right at the intersection with California Av SW and cut through the parking lot at the Safeway … They emerged southbound on 42 Av SW and proceeded southbound. Another vehicle turned onto 42 Av SW facing northbound. The vehicle revved its engine and honked repeatedly. They stopped their vehicle in the roadway because they did not know what to do. There was an open lane of travel next to them for this other vehicle to pass them. The vehicle then proceeded forward at a high rate of speed and crashed into the victim vehicle. The vehicle then reversed at a high rate of speed. This vehicle was a white sedan.

(Redacted) all exited the victim vehicle and ran, fearing that they would be seriously injured or killed by this vehicle if it rammed them again. The vehicle then moved northbound again at a high rate of speed before driving around their vehicle and leaving the area northbound.

(Redacted) ended up hiding in a nearby yard. (Redacted) ran away southbound toward SW Lander St. As they approached the intersection, 2 gray sedans pulled up and demanded to know if they had seen a black male with dreadlocks.

These vehicles proceeded northbound on 42 Av SW and stopped mid-block in front of the victim vehicle. 6 black males exited the vehicles with bats and golf clubs and proceeded to strike the victim vehicle several times, shattering all the windows and causing significant damage to the body. They removed all of the items inside the victim vehicle and placed them in their own vehicles before leaving the area northbound.

(Victim names redacted) were afraid to confront the suspects stealing their property. They believed that the suspects would assault them with the bats and clubs if they approached. Several residents in the area heard the collision and called 911. They observed the suspects damaging the victim vehicle. They all provided similar narratives of what had happened.

No one was able to provide further descriptions of the vehicles or suspects. The victim vehicle was not drivable. An impound form was completed and Gerber Towing responded to the scene and removed it. Officers conducted a check of the surrounding area but were unable to locate the suspects or their vehicles. (Redacted) No evidence of a shooting was located at the scene or nearby. It is likely that the sound of the collision and the sound of the victim vehicle being damaged were misheard as shots by several callers.

(Victim names redacted) declined to be examined by SFD. They advised that they each had a backpack inside the vehicle that was missing. They all stated their backpacks were black in color and contained personal items including their clothing. They believed that the 2 gray sedans had been chasing the white sedan that struck the victim vehicle.
(Redacted) They were all provided business cards and they declined to provide audio statements. They all left the

Dispatch broadcast an auto recovery at 14 Av S and S Dakota St. (Redacted) This vehicle [a Kia] returned stolen out of Bellevue. The vehicle was described as having significant front end damage. … I responded to that location and observed a black backpack outside of it. I collected this backpack and submitted it to evidence. … There was a report of an assault or robbery at xxxx SW Waite St; in that incident the suspects were described as 6 teenaged males one of whom was black. They may have left the area in a dark-colored sedan. It is unknown at this time if these incidents are related.


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First, from the inbox this morning:


Neighbor on SW Barton/ 31st Pl, reporting to warn others of what’s been reported a few weeks back in the spree of car windows being broken. At some point during the night, my car window was broken — car seemed to be rummaged through but nothing was stolen, including an iPad I forgot to bring in that was clearly visible. It was noticed this morning around 4:30 as I was leaving for work. Police report has been filed and I’ve attached a photo to warn others and if anyone has any suspects in mind.

Two more reader reports:

DUMPED ITEMS: Sent by Tom:

These items were dumped on 12th Ave SW just north of the intersection of SW Webster. These were from a stolen car because the ignition switch was lying on a WeatherTech floor mat. Seen on Sunday around 5:30 pm.

He wasn’t able to take possession of them so if they might be yours, check that area.

FOUND LAPTOP: This turned up on Chris‘s mailbox in the Delridge area:

Chris says the side not shown has “identifying marks” – if you think it might be your lost/stolen laptop, contact us – westseattleblog@gmail.com – and we’ll connect you.

One case of confirmed weekend gunfire:

ARREST NEAR ROXBURY LANES: As reported briefly on our partner site White Center Now, the King County Sheriff’s Office says it arrested a suspect after responding to a report of someone “shooting into the air” near Roxbury Lanes early Sunday. No injuries.

And a report from last week that we just found:

PRIDE FLAG ARSON: According to a brief SPD summary, this happened just after 11 pm last Wednesday (August 2nd):

Officers responded to a report of a bias crime in the 4600 block of Southwest Stevens Street. Unknown suspect(s) set a victim’s Pride flag on fire. The victim extinguished the flag and reported to police seeing several subjects in the area. The flag was damaged and a small section of an exterior wall singed.

We just checked the SFD 911 log and did not find an accompanying response. If you have any information, the SPD incident # is 23-220377.

SIDE NOTE: If you have used our Crime Watch page, you’ve probably noticed the absence of SPD “Tweets by Beat” incident categorizations, locations, and case numbers. It’s been down now for going on three weeks; SPD says the problem is known but they have no ETA for restoration. Prior to the full outage, some sectors around the city, including the F (eastern) ones in West Seattle, hadn’t been showing data for a while. SPD has a few other options for finding case numbers/classifications, but none are as thorough as Tweets by Beat was. You can find our archived crime reports here but as for current events, many calls aren’t dispatched by radio so your texts are more important than ever when you see a significant response – 206-293-6302 – thank you.

FREE: Seattle Police to offer two more steering-wheel lock giveaways

(WSB photo, June)

In hopes that fewer Hyundais and Kias will wind up like that one – stolen and pushed down a slope at Westcrest Park – SPD is giving away more steering-wheel locks. After two giveaways in April, two more dates have just been announced for late August and early September. Sent today by Southwest Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Satterwhite:

In response to a rise in vehicle thefts involving certain Kia and Hyundai models, SPD’s Crime Prevention Coordinators will be giving away steering wheel locks at each of its five precincts this summer.

Dates & Times:

Tuesday August 29th : 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Saturday September 2nd : 9:30 am – 11:30 am


East Precinct – 1519 12th Avenue
West Precinct – 810 Virginia Street
North Precinct – 10049 College Way N
South Precinct – 3001 S Myrtle Street
Southwest Precinct – 2300 SW Webster Street

The devices are available at no charge to people who live or work in the City of Seattle, with a focus on those who own or lease a Kia or Hyundai vehicle. Due to limited availability, locks cannot be set aside or held. Only one lock allowed per person. Please go to the pickup event scheduled for the precinct where you live or work.

BLOCK-PARTY PLAN? Registration deadline for Night Out 2023 is days away

Less than two weeks until Night Out, when neighbors around the country get together for community-building and safety planning. The official night is Tuesday, August 1st, but if you want to close your (non-arterial) street, you need to register your block party with SPD by next Monday (July 24th). That also is the day that Southwest Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Satterwhite invites you to stop by the precinct (2300 SW Webster) to pick up swag for your party – “goodie bags for kiddos, and crime prevention materials for adults.” That’s 1-4 pm Monday in the precinct’s community-meeting room, first come, first served. As of this morning, 179 block parties are registered in the SW Precinct’s jurisdiction (West Seattle/South Park) – go here to add yours.

UPDATE: Deputies, police, helicopter search for White Center robbery suspects in south Highland Park

2:13 PM: Thanks for all the tips about Guardian One circling over south Highland Park and a police response on the ground. We’re working to find out what led to this and will update shortly.

2:18 PM: KCSO seems to be the lead agency and a deputy tells us on the ground that they’re looking for robbery suspects. Four, according to dispatch. We don’t yet know where the robbery was.

2:34 PM: A commenter says the robbery was at 16th/107th in White Center; we’re going that way to check. Meantime, the ground search is focused near 12th/Barton (added photo above).

2:58 PM: The mini-mart on that corner told us it wasn’t them. (And the commenter now says that was a mistaken reference to a robbery earlier this year.) We have an inquiry out to KCSO’s media team.

3:19 PM: Finally found the incident in archived KCSO dispatch audio. The robbery was at the Top to Bottom clothing store in White Center, 9651 15th SW. The robber(s) were armed and got away with ~$500 worth of clothing. Still listening for more details.

3:43 PM: A tip led officers to detain at least one suspect at/near 15th/Roxbury. Seattle Police are involved again because in this case it started with a reported sighting on SW Cambridge.

3:55 PM: KCSO has provided a bit more information – the armed robbery was reported around 1:30 pm, with four people “reported to have entered the business at that location, displayed guns and stole about $500.00 worth of merchandise … 2 persons were detained close to the area in connection with the robbery, but it is not 100% sure if they were involved at this time. No injuries were reported and no firearms recovered as of yet. Some clothing items that have belonged to the suspects were recovered in the surrounding neighborhood. These were confiscated as evidence.”

4 PM: KCSO update on the previous two detainees: “The two detained were released as there was no evidence, or witnesses that could say they were 100% involved.”

UPDATE: Standoff at 14th/15th/Roxbury

10:35 AM: As reported on our partner site White Center Now, SPD is assisting King County Sheriff’s Deputies with a response in the parking lot between 14th and 15th south of Roxbury. At the scene they told us that they’re after a man who had made threats to passersby and who is refusing to come out of a van. KCSO says the man is believed to be experiencing a mental-health crisis. 14th SW is blocked south of Roxbury; 15th was too, but is reported to have reopened; avoid the area.

12:26 PM: We’re back in the area to check on the situation. The lot south of Bartell Drugs is still taped off with a major police presence. 14th SW has reopened, so this situation is now confined to the parking lot.

4 PM: As commenter “Alki Resident” notes below, the person has been taken into our custody since our last check at the scene.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Another convenience-store robbery

This time it’s the ampm store at 7301 Delridge Way SW – police are investigating a report of an armed robbery there. Early description of the robber is male, Black, late teens, covered face, all-black clothing, armed with a gun, got into a black SUV and left northbound. This is the fourth convenience-store robbery in West Seattle in the past nine days; the other three were at 7-11s.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Gunfire on Harbor Avenue, in North Delridge

12:26 AM: Police are blocking Harbor Avenue SW by Salty’s on Alki (1936 Harbor SW; WSB sponsor) right now for a gunfire investigation. A 911 caller reported seeing someone who appeared to be shooting at cars in the area; police arrived and have reported finding both casings and “unfired rounds.”

12:52 AM: Harbor has reopened. Officers told dispatch they “recovered about 20 fired and unfired 9-millimeter casings.”

1:12 AM: Out on a separate gunfire call in North Delridge, officers told dispatch they’ve found “four shell (casings) in the 2600 block of SW Brandon.”

UPDATE: Streets reopen after 8-hour police/SWAT response following carjacking attempt on Puget Ridge

(WSB photos)

9:11 AM: Thanks for the tips. Police have closed 18th SW near the 7100 block [vicinity map] as they attempt to arrest someone who we are told is a suspect in a carjacking. The suspect is believed to be armed and at a particular residence. SWAT has been called in. Avoid the area.

9:47 AM: Going back through archived police-radio audio, the original incident was reported around 8:10 am as an attempted armed carjacking, nearby on 18th SW, with the would-be carjacker leaving the scene on foot.

10:25 AM: Not resolved yet. We’re continuing to monitor and will add updates when we have them.

10:54 AM: Just received video from an anonymous resident who says it shows the attempted carjacking – a grocery-delivery driver was dropping off the items when in the background, you see the person run up and get in the car. Though the video cuts off, the resident says the driver subsequently pulled the would-be carjacker out to keep him from stealing the car. (Video removed for now per request of the resident.)

11:10 AM: Police are closing off Dumar as well between 16th/Delridge.

12:43 PM: Still not resolved. Also of note, the road closures are rerouting Metro 128.

2:04 PM: Not resolved yet.

3:09 PM: Seventh hour.

4:14 PM: Eighth hour.

5:22 PM: They’ve declared the house “clear” – we’re going back over to verify. Meantime, what took all this time were the steps it took to get to that point. They had to get a view inside the house, which required breaking windows to get a drone inside. They also used various devices – from flashbangs to “pepper balls” and gas – with the aim of temporarily incapacitating anyone inside. The house has multiple levels, plus an attic/crawl space, so each of those levels took time to investigate. The SPD SWAT team was assisted by K-9s and by equipment from the King County Sheriff’s Office. Another time-consuming component is that a search warrant is required, so they have to get one drawn up and signed by a judge.

5:40 PM: Our crew has verified at the scene that no one was found in the house or its outbuildings. Streets in the area, including Dumar, have reopened.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Arrests end Beach Drive, Alki SWAT standoffs

9:42 PM: Thanks for the tips. Police, reportedly including SWAT, are at an apartment building in the 3600 block of Beach Drive SW. It all started with a report that a resident armed with a gun had threatened a neighbor around 7 pm. No injuries reported so far.

10:02 PM: Meantime, a separate incident at Alki has police blocking off an area near 59th/Lander. We’re not certain exactly what this is about, though there was a dispatch for a “fight with weapons” about half an hour ago.

10:14 PM: The Alki situation is also getting some SWAT officers. It reportedly involves domestic violence, and as with the other situation, a suspect reported to have a gun.

10:33 PM: Neither situation is resolved yet. The one near 59th/Lander is actually at a residence on Marine (east of 59th). SWAT remains at both scenes. If you’re near either, you may hear PA messages meant to encourage surrender, and possibly the “flashbang” type noise devices SWAT often uses.

10:50 PM: Officers have just told dispatch that the Beach Drive suspect is in custody, so some of the units that have been there are headed to the Marine/Lander standoff.

11:48 PM: The Marine/Lander situation is still ongoing. Officers have told dispatch they’re communicating with the suspect.

12:05 AM: Officers have told dispatch their suspect is in custody. They have a warrant to search the residence, which is what they’ll be doing next.

10:39 AM: Both suspects were booked into jail, we’ve confirmed. The Beach Drive suspect is a 49-year-old man held for investigation of felony harassment; the Marine/Lander suspect is a 44-year-old man held for investigation of assault and unlawful imprisonment.

TUESDAY: SPD has recapped the Beach Drive incident on SPD Blotter.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Gunfire near Lincoln Park

Police dispatched after 911 callers reported hearing gunfire in the Lincoln Park vicinity Saturday night confirmed it. The reports came in around 11 pm. Officers told dispatch they had found at least one casing; a nearby resident reports that police found at least five (in the street on Fauntleroy Way, radio exchanges indicate). No injuries reported.

About the police response at 35th/Morgan

Thanks for the tips/questions about a big police response at 35th/Morgan. We went over to find out what was going on. Police say they got a report of a fight involving at least one person with a gun. No shots reported fired but the reportedly armed person is being questioned.

UPDATE: Man arrested for attempted kidnapping after SPD/SWAT response at Delridge/Juneau

4:04 PM: Thanks for the tips. Juneau is blocked between Delridge and 25th SW because of a standoff with someone in a unit at the Longfellow Creek Apartments. Police would only tell us that they’ve been trying to serve a warrant on someone who does not want to cooperate.

We don’t yet know what the warrant is for.

4:45 PM: If you’re in the area, note that officers have warned dispatch (in case of phone calls) that SWAT plans to use a device you might hear from a distance.

5:44 PM: The suspect is reported to be in custody.

6:07 PM: And here’s what SPD tells us about what led to this: “Police responded to a report of a suspicious circumstance in the 5900 block of Delridge WY SW around 11:15 a.m. It was reported a man attempted to take a child from a nearby business without authorization. Staff were able to intervene and the child was safely returned to his legal guardians. Afterwards, the 39-year-old male suspect barricaded himself within his residence. SWAT served a search warrant and took the man into custody. He will be booked into King County Jail for attempted kidnapping.”

SATURDAY UPDATE: Though we aren’t likely to be able to get the paperwork from prosecutors until Tuesday, the jail register shows the suspect had a bail hearing today and that his bail was set at $200,000.

UPDATE: Police investigating Myers Way encampment death

9:10 PM: Police have converged on the unsanctioned encampment on the east side of Myers Way, across from the Arrowhead Gardens senior-living complex. They say they’re investigating a death – a man was found dead, “circumstances inknown.” We are at the scene trying to find out more.

9:17 PM: Homicide detectives have arrived.

9:46 PM: SPD spokesperson Det. Judinna Gulpan told us at the scene that this was originally called in as some kind of gunfire incident; the man who was found dead had some “signs of trauma,” but that’s all they’re saying right now. It happened somewhere deep within the extensive encampment, which was the subject of a meeting with police, other city reps, and concerned Arrowhead Gardens residents (WSB coverage here) just three weeks ago.

CRIME WATCH: Three shot at Roxy’s Casino

11:04 PM: King County Sheriff’s deputies are getting assistance from Seattle Police responding to a report of a shooting victim at or near Roxy’s Casino (28th/Roxbury). No other details yet.

11:26 PM: We don’t have information on the victim’s condition but per SPD, KCSO has one suspect in custody.

11:30 PM: A reader who says he was in the casino when it happened just called. He says three people were shot.

12:24 AM: Our photographer is just back from the scene. KCSO is not commenting, saying they’ll “issue a statement” at some point. Meantime, commenters who were there say one victim died at the scene.

3:30 AM: No statement yet.

7:55 AM: From KCSO Sgt. Eric White :

What we do know at this point is that around 2248 hours last night an unknown person came into Roxbury Lanes Casino located at the 2800 block of SW Roxbury Street in Unincorporated King County and began shooting. KCSO Deputies from White Center, Burien, Sea Tac, Metro and Sound Transit Divisions responded to the scene. As many as three victims were reported to have sustained injuries, and were transported to Harborview Hospital for their injuries. KCSO Major Crimes Detectives responded to the scene. The suspect in this is still at large. This case is still an active and open investigation.

ADDED MONDAY: Though Harborview Medical Center usually won’t provide the media with updates on patient conditions without names, they are making an exception in this case. HMC spokesperson Susan Gregg tells WSB that 2 men are in critical condition and one woman is in serious condition. … Also, the casino, bowling alley, and restaurant plan to remain closed until Thursday.