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Toplines from 2021’s first West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting

Though the Southwest Precinct helped circulate this citywide alert about being prepared in case of civil unrest tomorrow, our area has no planned demonstrations and no threats.

So confirmed Lt. Dorothy Kim during tonight’s online West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting, a short and sparsely attended gathering. It was led by precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner. Precinct commander Capt. Kevin Grossman was unable to attend, so the meeting-opening update was brief, just a quick recap of some of the 2020 crime stats we reported last week.

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About this afternoon’s Admiral Way Bridge emergency response

We got questions this afternoon about an emergency response that brought police and firefighters to the Admiral Way Bridge this afternoon. It was over before we could get there. Here’s the SPD summary of what happened:

Officers responded to the 3900 block of SW Admiral Way overpass for a 911 call where the caller reported a male had his hands on the railing and a female was holding him back. When officers arrived on scene, the male jumped over the railing and was dangling from the bridge. The officers were able to grab the subjects by his wrists to prevent him from falling. Two community members saw what was happening and were able to grab some rope to secure the subject to the railing until more officers arrived. Once more officers arrived on scene, they were able to pull the subject back over the railing to safety. The subject was a 17-year-old missing juvenile and was transported to the hospital.

As always, when we mention suicide or an attempt, we want you to know how to get help for yourself or someone contemplating self-harm: The Crisis Connections hotline is 206-464-3222.

P.S. Southwest Precinct Lt. Dorothy Kim tells WSB that wasn’t the only incident today in which officers saved a life. They were called to the scene of an apparent drug overdose in West Seattle and arrived before SFD to find the person not breathing and without a pulse: “The officers, who are also EMTs, started CPR and subsequently administered Narcan.” That restarted the person’s heart; more CPR, and another Narcan dose after SFD’s arrival, revived them, and they were taken to the hospital.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Business burglary; school theft and vandalism; prowler; scam call; community meeting with police

In West Seattle Crime Watch:

BUSINESS BURGLARY: Coastal Surf Boutique posted online that the store at 3270 California SW was hit by “massive theft” night before last. The police report says it happened around 2:30 am Thursday and that the store’s owner was alerted by security video; police got there fast and detained a possible suspect but he turned out not to be the person seen in the video. We have inquiries out to see if any community assistance is in order. The SPD case # is 21-011014.

SCHOOL HIT BY THEFT, VANDALISM: From Sally at Hope Lutheran School:

We have experienced two tagging events just this week plus one tire of our bus was taken.

They left the jack, plus tagged the bus. This is so frustrating. Before the holiday we noticed that the bus’s catalytic converter was taken, too, which we found to be a “thing” in West Seattle.

PROWLER: Jake sent this security video from Alki: “The guy in this video is creeping around on 61st Ave SW near SW Stevens going through people’s packages.” The video shows the person looking through package boxes, and then photographing them.

(added) SCAM CALL: Thanks to Hiro for the alert:

I received a call from a number identified as Seattle Emergency Management warning that my power would be shut off shortly due to my bill not being paid. I’m on auto pay so I knew it was suspicious right away and logged into their site to confirm but others that may be struggling to pay bills right now may think it’s real, as the recording on the call sounded official.

Here’s what to do if you suspect a scam like this.

CRIME PREVENTION MEETING: Hear from and talk with local police at the first West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting of the year, 6 pm next Tuesday (January 19th). Here’s the link.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 2 bicycles stolen; car break-in; police leadership change

Three notes tonight:


I’m reaching out to share an incident that happened sometime between 11:00 pm and 3:30 am at 5640 SW 35th Ave Monday night. The shed in our back yard was broken into and two bikes were stolen.

One is a Fuji Le Club Road bike (silver with red accents and red handlebar tape, older picture below).

The other is a newer Scott Cyclocross bike (dark blue with yellow lettering on the down tube). Doors to the shed were ripped clean off the frame. If you have any information, please text Evan at 617-875-0914.

CAR BREAK-IN: From Samantha and Mark near 49th/Forney:

Someone broke into my car sometime over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately it’s our second car that we have parked in front of our house and rarely use. The car might have been unlocked, but I noticed it when I went to use it to pick up our child from day care. Nothing of value was taken, but all compartments were rifled thru.

POLICE LEADERSHIP CHANGE: Speaking to the Fauntleroy Community Association board last night, Southwest Precinct Operations Lt. Sina Ebinger announced she’s retiring. So today we asked precinct commander Capt. Kevin Grossman who’ll succeed her as second-in-command. The role will not be filled, he said, explaining that the units Lt. Ebinger oversaw – Community Police Team, Anti-Crime Team, bicycle squad, detectives – “have been eliminated.” (Police Chief Adrian Diaz reorganized the department last year to assign more officers to patrol/911 response.) If Capt. Grossman is out of town or otherwise unavailable, his backup will be new second watch Lt. Dorothy Kim.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 2020 stats, and 3 recent reports

In West Seattle Crime Watch – stats, summaries, and reader reports:

2020 CRIME STATS: Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz talked about them in a media briefing today. Here are the stats for the Southwest Precinct – which encompasses both West Seattle and South Park – for this year and the past two years.

The chief focused his citywide comments on the homicide rate, up 61 percent this year, to 50. Two were in West Seattle; both resulted in arrests and charges – the Junction death of Jana Layman in January and the Delridge death of Derrick Lacomb in September. As Chief Diaz noted in his remarks, the Alki Avenue suitcase-bodies murders are not counted as Seattle cases since the victims were killed in Burien.

Also tonight – from the SPD Significant Incident Report summaries, a confirmed gunfire incident last week:

SHOTS FIRED: The SPD summary says this happened just before 10:30 pm last Thursday: “A witness heard two to three shots in the area of the 2500 BLK of SW Findlay St. The witness saw a brown Lincoln Continental, and a black SAAB leave the area. Officers arrived and contacted the witness. Officers recovered evidence of a shooting and checked the area for witnesses, cameras, and additional evidence.”

And two reader reports:

BICYCLES STOLEN: The photo and report are from Erynne:

Somebody broke into the apartments at 4801 Fauntleroy Way SW last night and took a bunch of bikes; pictured here is my boyfriend’s bike that got stolen.

Case # is 21-008373.

CATALYTIC-CONVERTER THEFTS: Still happening, reports Wendy: “Just wanted to get the word out that only a month ago, thieves stole catalytic converters from 2 Priuses within a block vicinity of my house in the 38th/39th and Hanford area, and just a couple of nights ago, they got my 16-year-old Prius.” This too has been reported to police. Back in September, the precinct’s Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner offered some prevention advice.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: West Seattle tire-slashing suspect arrested

Police have arrested a suspect in last weekend’s West Seattle tire-slashing spree. We’ve been following up with the Southwest Precinct regarding progress in the case, and today commander Capt. Kevin Grossman reports that “SPD received reports from 9 different victims with over a dozen slashed tires. The crime spree spread from Lincoln Park area to Alaska Junction. There were several victims who had video surveillance of the suspect. SPD officers tracked down several leads and today the 28-year-old male suspect was taken into custody near Westwood Village. The suspect was booked into King County jail for investigation of malicious mischief.” We’re checking into the suspect’s background and so far he does not appear to have a felony record.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Arson investigation; pickup stolen (update: found!); truck prowled; prevention information

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reports, plus this month’s Crime Prevention Newwsletter:

ARSON INVESTIGATION: From the SPD Significant Incident Report summaries – SFD logged this Monday morning incident as a fire-alarm call at Cal-Mor Circle (6420 California SW):

On 01-04-2021 at 0135 hours, unknown person(s) started a fire on the exterior-facing door frame of a residential apartment unit in the Morgan Junction area of West Seattle. The fire was small, did not spread, and was extinguished after the smoke detection system alerted staff. Nobody was injured. The building did not need to be evacuated. Seattle Fire responded to ensure the fire would not restart. SFD determined the fire was suspicious and called for a fire marshal, who determined that the fire was intentionally set and took over the investigation. The fire marshal made the notification to the SPD’s Arson Bomb Squad.

(added 12:49 pm) PICKUP THEFT: Just in, from Cindi in Upper Morgan:

Stolen last night (January 8), sometime after 7:00 pm, from near SW Morgan St and 37th Ave SW, our Ford F250 long-bed pickup, somewhat distinctive because of the large antenna mounted on the front bumper. There is also an equipment box and a 5th-wheel trailer hitch in the bed. It was secured with a club. License plate NVISCOM, burgundy in color. Police report has been filed

Call 911 if you see it (or any other known stolen vehicle). SUNDAY UPDATE: Found in White Center.

(back to original roundup) TRUCK PROWL: Via email from Tom, “I live on the 7500 block of 15th Ave SW and on Thursday (1/7/2021) morning I awoke at 6:10 am to the alarm on my truck parked on the street, in front of my house going off. It had looked as if someone had tried to pry open/wedge the driver side door, which sent off the alarm. A friend of mine going to work at that time, said she saw someone walking quickly south toward SW Holden. Nothing was taken and the prowl was reported online to SPD.”

PREVENTION INFORMATION: Vehicle prowling is among the subjects of this month’s newsletter from Southwest Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner:

(If you can’t read the newsletter embedded above, here it is in PDF.)

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: ‘Road-rage’ arrest; robbery followups; laundry-room burglar

Three West Seattle Crime Watch notes this midday:

ROAD-RAGE ARREST, GUN SEIZED: This happened just after 5 pm last night. Here’s the SPD summary: “Officers responded to a road-rage incident in the 3200 block of SW Morgan St. The caller reported a male in a vehicle blocking the roadway, and when the caller asked him to move his vehicle, the driver pointed a handgun at her. The male fled the scene but was located a few minutes later when he returned to his residence. The suspect was arrested for Felony Harassment and for DUI.” A subsequent search turned up this gun:

The photo is from SPD. We’re checking on the suspect’s status.

ROBBERY FOLLOWUPS: We reported briefly last night on two street robberies reported in West Seattle. Police tell us today they’re still investigating whether these might be related. From the initial SPD summaries, we have a few more details. In the first one, around 8:10 pm, “two juveniles were walking at 30 Ave SW/SW Thistle St and a dark 4-door sedan pulled up next to them. The sedan was occupied by four males. One of the males exited the vehicle and began asking the juveniles questions. The male pulled out a handgun, and demanded items from the juveniles. A couple of the occupants exited the vehicle and talked the suspect out of committing the robbery. The sedan fled the scene. The juveniles walked home,” and called police. In the second one, about 8:25 pm, “the victim was driving in the alley at 16 Ave SW/SW Barton St. (One suspect) was in the middle of the alley and the victim stopped her vehicle. (He) displayed a handgun, and (the second suspect) approached the victim in the driver?s seat and punched her in the face. The suspects took the victim s purse and wallet. The suspects fled the scene, possibly in a vehicle.” No further descriptive information in either case.

LAUNDRY-ROOM BURGLAR: The photo and report are from Beverly:

Apartment storage/laundry room break-in on 9th and Holden:

On Monday (12/27/) morning, this man broke into our secured apartment building and then broke the locks off the washer and dryer to take the very small amount of change, then proceeded to break into our shared locked storage room. He was clearly rummaging around in our storage locker as he had a few tools inside the door ready to take. My husband confronted him while I called 911. He ran out the back door just minutes before police arrived.A report has been filed, case # 2020-355004. If you have any info on this man, please contact SPD 206-733-9800.

UPDATE: Crash at Fauntleroy/Oregon sends 1 to hospital

3:13 PM: Thanks for the tips. A two-car crash at Fauntleroy/Oregon has sent one person to the hospital, and SPD says Traffic Collision Investigation detectives are responding, so this will be affecting traffic in the area for a few more hours. Right now, police say, southbound Fauntleroy and both directions of SW Oregon at Fauntleroy are closed. We’re checking on the injured person’s condition.

3:37 PM: Police tell us at the scene that they believe the white vehicle’s driver ran the light and hit the black vehicle, whose driver is the person taken to the hospital.

4:45 PM: SFD spokesperson Kristin Tinsley says the injured person is a woman in her 60s, in stable condition when transported. The victim’s daughter also has commented below.

5:15 PM: The scene has cleared.

About the big police response in High Point

(Added: Photo tweeted by @deviantollam)

Big police response scaling down in High Point. Police have just arrested a suspect in what was originally described over radio as a robbery or robbery attempt, involving a knife, at the 35th/Morgan Walgreens. The suspect wound up on a roof at Stewart Manor across the alley. Police called in reinforcements, even negotiators – then the suspect came down and officers arrested him.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Crash reveals stolen packages; bicycle taken

Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes this midday:

(WSB photos)

CRASH REVEALS STOLEN PACKAGES: A driver crashed that Subaru into a North Admiral garage door this morning. While investigating the driver (added: a man in his 30s) for suspected DUI, police also found what they describe as stolen packages:

According to police radio, an officer is going to attempt to return the stolen items. The driver was taken into custody.

BICYCLE TAKEN: One reader report today, sent by Theresa: “Large silver Scott Ransom mountain bike stolen from North Admiral 12/22. Reward if found. Bo, 206-795-3970.”

UPDATE: ‘Scenes of violence’ response after road-rage shooting victims drive to Southwest Precinct

8:19 AM: Seattle Fire has a “scenes of violence” response headed to 2300 SW Webster, which is the Southwest Precinct address. The call type indicates two people injured. More shortly.

(WSB photo)

8:32 AM: Attention is focused on a car in the precinct lot. Two people were just “grazed,” SFD tells us, and refused medical treatment.

8:42 AM: As circumstances suggested, this happened elsewhere – near 16th and Holden, we’re told – and the victims then showed up at the precinct. Their car had a clearly visible bullet hole through one window.

9:41 AM: Police now describe this as believed to have been a “road rage” shooting:

Police are investigating after a couple in their 70s were wounded in a suspected road rage shooting this morning in West Seattle. The couple were driving in West Seattle around 8:15 AM when they encountered another motorist in a white van, who was driving slowly in front of them. The male victim honked at the other driver and then drove around the suspect’s van.

The victims then stopped at a red light at the intersection of 16th Avenue SW and SW Holden Street. The suspect pulled up on the passenger’s side of the victims’ car and fired a single shot into their vehicle, grazing the victims.

The suspect sped away, and the victims drove to the nearby Southwest Precinct and flagged down officers to report the incident and receive aid for their injuries. Police searched the area but were unable to locate the suspect. If you have any information about this incident, please call the SPD Violent Crimes tip line at 206-233-5000 or 911.

10:12 AM: A few additional details from Southwest Precinct commander Capt. Kevin Grossman – the white van was described as “dirty”; its driver actually got out and shot into the victims’ car. They described him as a “light-skinned Black man, mid-20s, gray cap, 6′.” Police are still looking around for any security cameras in the area that might at least show the van, so if you’re anywhere near 16th/Holden, take a look.

ADDED: SFD confirms the victims were a 71-year-old woman and 70-year-old man, both with minor injuries.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Another auto-theft alert

Almost two weeks ago, the Southwest Precinct warned that auto theft was spiking. Today, precinct commander Capt. Kevin Grossman sent the numbers with a renewed alert:

West Seattle Neighbors: The Southwest Precinct has seen a dramatic spike in auto theft in West Seattle over the past 28 days: A 62% increase (that’s 31 more stolen cars than at this time last year). Most of those thefts were of vehicles parked on the street. The neighborhoods that have been hit hardest this year are as follows:

Cars stolen in 2020
Morgan Junction – 94
Roxhill/Westwood/Arbor Heights – 80
Highland Park – 77
Alaska Junction – 75
South Park – 74

This line graph illustrates the steadily increasing number of auto thefts starting in May (the orange line is 2020; the gray line is 2019):

To prevent auto theft, please follow this link for tips. Chief among them:

-Use an anti-theft device (like “The Club”) whenever you leave your car, and
=Don’t leave your car running and unattended (for example, when warming it up in the morning)

Please contact Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner for more information: jennifer.danner@seattle.gov

Many stolen cars are eventually recovered – though not always in driveable shape (example, today’s North Shorewood crash).

UPDATE: Man shot while driving in Alki alley, suspect arrested

(WSB photo)

12:44 PM: Police and SFD are responding to 60th/Stevens [map] for a reported shooting. They’re searching for a suspect who’s described as (updated) a white man, 30s, brown hair, beard, green jacket, black (possibly camo) pants. The victim is reported to be a 42-year-old man. Updates to come.

12:53 PM: Police are still searching and will be joined by a K9. Sounds like they may know who they are looking. No word on the victim’s condition yet.

(WSB photo)

1 PM: The suspect is reported (via police radio) to be in custody. (added) Our crew just arrived in the area and verifies an arrest.

1:07 PM: The victim is being taken to Harborview Medical Center by SFD medic unit. (added) At the scene, we’re told he was transported in critical condition. (added) The suspect is reported to live nearby and police were checking his residence.

5:32 PM: More info from SPD:

Police were dispatched to the 6000 block of Stevens Street SW after multiple callers reported shots had been fired in the alley.

Officers arrived and found a man seriously wounded with multiple gunshot wounds. Witnesses said the suspect had left the scene on foot walking towards the beach. Additional officers flooded the area and found the suspect a few blocks away where he was taken into custody. Police found a 40 caliber handgun partially submerged in water at Alki Beach.

(SPD photo)

Detectives believe the suspect shot at the victim as the victim drove down the alley. The suspect then fled between some nearby apartment buildings, entered an apartment, struck a resident with the pistol, then fled toward the beach. Detectives are now interviewing the suspect and attempting to determine what led up to the shooting.

Reader Diana sent a photo of the aforementioned beach gun discovery:

Police say the victim was still in critical condition at last report.

6:48 PM: And we have a few more details from the Southwest Precinct incident summary filed by acting Sgt. Tammy Frame, forwarded by precinct commander Capt. Kevin Grossman, lauding the second-watch team for Really good work in saving a life, arresting the shooter, and locating evidence”: The victim was shot seven times and the first officer on the scene “administered life-saving first aid which included applying two tourniquets, one one on each of the victim’s arms.” The suspect allegedly tried to bury the gun in the sand at the beach. He and the victim are described by police as neighbors.

UPDATE: 1 hurt in stabbing at Delridge bus stop

November 27, 2020 3:35 pm
|    Comments Off on UPDATE: 1 hurt in stabbing at Delridge bus stop
 |   Crime | Delridge | West Seattle news | West Seattle police

3:35 PM: Thanks for the tip. SFD and SPD had a “scenes of violence” response just before 3 pm at Delridge/Andover. SFD tells us most units were canceled before arrival – the initial report was a woman with a knife injury, which turned out to be minor. Working to find out more.

3:37 PM: Police have already cleared the scene.

3:47 PM: SPD replied to our subsequent email inquiry: “Victim reported he was waiting for the bus when a known male came up to him and they began talking. Victim turned around and then said suspect attacked him, unprovoked, with a knife, then fled in a vehicle. … Victim has a minor injury to his ear and will be transported to the hospital by AMR.”

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police ask for help ID’ing package thief. Plus, auto-theft alert

Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes from the Southwest Precinct


PACKAGE THIEF: Local police are circulating those images, with this bulletin: “Requesting assistance in identifying this theft suspect. On 11-19-20 at 0200 hrs, the suspect pictured above was captured on home security camera stealing a package off the victim’s front porch in the 3900 block SW Holden St. Any assistance in identifying this suspect is appreciated.” Contact police and cite case 20-926231.

AUTO-THEFT ALERT: According to the precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner, “As of November 24th, the SW Precinct is trending up in auto theft incidents; specifically, we are up 4% year-to-date over last year’s numbers, and we are up 14% in the last 28 days over this period last year. The following neighbors are seeing substantial increases: Alaska Junction, Westwood/Roxhill/Arbor Heights, Morgan Junction, and Fauntleroy.” She offers this advice for preventing auto theft and car prowls:

Both of these crimes are referred to as crimes of opportunity and can happen very fast! An experienced car thief can break in and steal a car in less than one minute!

What are some prevention techniques for car prowl and auto theft?

-Never leave your car running or the keys in the ignition when you’re away, even for ‘just a minute’, please remember this is illegal in Seattle and in Washington (SMC 11.70.160, RCW 46.61.600)

-Remove remote garage door openers, key fobs and key cards from vehicle

-Always lock doors and roll up windows, even if the car is parked in front of your home

-Never leave valuables in plain view, even if your car is locked

-Items you don’t want to take with you should be stored in the trunk, or out of sight

-Put items in the trunk before you arrive at your destination

-Even non-valuable items should be hidden from view (such as electronic charging cables)

-If possible, park vehicle in a busy, locked, monitored and/or well-lit area

-Utilize anti-theft devices (Please contact me directly for link/suggestions for where to purchase these)

-If possible, activate alarm

What else can you do?

-Be observant! If you see something, say something!

-Remember to always report all crimes and suspicious activity to the Seattle Police Department by calling 911 for in-progress crimes, or utilize the non-emergency number/online reporting if appropriate (206-625-5011)

-Organize and/or get involved with Block Watch

You can contact her with questions at jennifer.danner@seattle.gov. To report a crime online – something not happening right now or moments ago – go here.

UPDATE: Man shot in South Delridge

10:46 AM: SPD and SFD have responded to a report of a shooting in South Delridge, at 15th and Cambridge. First 911 reported calls about gunfire – then came word of one person with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Updates to come.

10:50 AM: According to radio communication, the initial assessment is that the victim was “grazed” on the abdomen. … Police are looking for evidence and trying to determine exactly where the shooting happened.

11:25 AM: No one in custody so far. The victim is male and we’re told his injuries are not life-threatening; he was being taken to the hospital by private ambulance.

12:44 PM: SPD says the victim is 55 years old.

TUESDAY EVENING: SPD told us Monday there was no additional information. However, tonight there’s a “significant incident” summary with a few more details:

On 11-15-2020 at 1040 hours, officers responded to 15 Ave SW/SW Cambridge St for a male who was shot in the stomach. The victim was inside a motorhome. Officers located the victim and were able to determine that the shooting occurred in the alley west of the 9000 BLK of 17 Ave SW. The victim stated that he was in an argument with two males and a third male walked up and shot him. The victim didn’t want to give any suspect information. Officers recovered evidence. The victim had a gunshot wound to his right rib and his upper left arm.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Triangle gunfire investigation

1:09 AM: Police are in The Triangle right now, investigating reports of gunfire involving vehicles near 37th/Alaska. The vehicles are reported to have left the area but one person at the scene is reported to be hurt, with an injury described as a “laceration,” not a gunshot wound, so far. Officers just told dispatch they’ve found shell casings at the scene.

1:14 AM: Alaska is closed between 36th and 37th while police continue investigating. They also are looking into a report that an injured man might have walked away from the scene.

UPDATE: Police response at The Whittaker

(WSB photo)

7:59 AM: Thanks for the tips about a police response at The Whittaker (4755 Fauntleroy Way SW). One texter mentioned “the bomb squad.” We got there just as police were wrapping up a short time ago. Officers getting ready to leave told us a “suspicious package” had been removed. No damage/injuries reported, and no other details so far.

(Added Wednesday evening: Photo tweeted by MTK)

11:31 AM: We’ve just received answers to our followup questions from SPD: “Officers responded and requested Arson/Bomb squad detectives to respond as well after seeing the items on a table in a common area. As a safety precaution, the immediate area was evacuated. ABS arrived and determined the items to be non-threatening, and removed them for further investigation. The owner of the items was contacted and interviewed. It does not appear that there was any malicious intent on the subject’s part, and no charges will be filed.”

ADDED FRIDAY: Just posted today in the SPD Blotter Significant Incident Report files, a summary that explains exactly what the “items” were:

On 11-11-2020 at 0537 hours, a janitorial staff member in a business in the 4700 block of Fauntleroy Way SW called 911 when she discovered several suspicious items inside a freezer located in the 7th floor apartment common area. Among those items she described a hand grenade and a metal pipe. SW patrol personnel arrived, interviewed the apartment staff member and evacuated the immediate area. The Sergeant notified the Arson Bomb Squad. ABS arrived and determined that the grenade was a novelty item filled with ice and that the other items were also benign. SW patrol personnel later located and interviewed the owner of the items, who apparently didn’t understand why those types of items would raise someone’s concern as he uses them to create art and furniture.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Gunfire investigation

10:01 PM: We didn’t hear an initial dispatch on this, so details are few, but police have SW Holden closed right now at 26th Place SW [map] for a gunfire investigation. They’ve told dispatch that they’ve found multiple shell casings of different calibers, stretching several blocks westward. A witness is reported to have told police someone was shooting out of a westbound vehicle’s window. No report of injuries.

10:29 PM: Per radio exchange, they’re reopening Holden. They’ve also heard from someone who lives elsewhere in West Seattle and says their vehicle was shot at and has bullet holes.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Car-prowl alert/advice; store robbery; W. Marginal crash followup

Three items in West Seattle Crime Watch this afternoon:

CAR PROWL ALERT: Received from Southwest Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner:

The SW Precinct has recently seen an increase in car prowl incidents in our William 2 (W2) patrol beat area, specifically on and around Beach Drive SW. These incidents are mostly occurring in the night time hours.

Here is the link to our Patrol Beat/Sector map. In order to address this increase, we would like to remind our community about the following car prowl prevention strategies:

• Check vehicle regularly (especially important during COVID times)
• Never leave valuables in plain view
• Hide chargers and accessories that indicate an electronic device may be in the vehicle
• Remove garage door openers, key cards and other keys from the vehicle
• If possible, park vehicle in a busy, locked, monitored and/or well-lit area
• Install anti-theft devices
• If possible, activate alarm

And from the SPD “significant incident” file, two summaries of note about arrests this past Sunday:

SHOPLIFTING TURNS TO ROBBERY: This happened in the 7300 block of Delridge:

On 10-25-2020 at 1632 hours, a subject was contacted by store security after they witnessed him shoplifting inside of a local business. Security attempted to contact the subject about merchandise taken when the subject pulled out a knife and threatened security staff. Subject left area on foot as officers arrived in the area. A student officer spotted a subject matching the description a block away and detained him for investigation. A witness from the store positively identified the subject as the person that pulled a knife. He was placed into custody and booked into King County Jail.

WEST MARGINAL CRASH FOLLOWUP: We briefly reported on this crash in realtime early Sunday. The “significant incident” summary reveals it had a backstory:

On 10/25/2020 at 0131 hours, the Washington State Patrol was actively pursuing a vehicle which exited SR599 and continued northbound on city streets, eventually heading north on W Marginal Wy SW. The suspect vehicle came upon a large gathering of vehicles and, after performing a U-turn, continued southbound on W Marginal Wy SW. The suspect vehicle entered the intersection of Highland Park Wy SW against a red light and subsequently collided with a motorist. The suspect driver fled on foot. WSP notified nearby agencies requesting a fast back. SPD SW and S units, Port of Seattle and King County units responded. WSP was able to capture the suspect and take him into custody. SPD assisted further with traffic control while SFD cut two passengers out of the victim vehicle. WSP is conducting the follow-up investigation.

REINVENTING PUBLIC SAFETY: Parking-enforcement officers propose taking on more non-emergency duties

(Reader photo, last March)

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Are parking-enforcement officers part of the solution to the reinventing-public-safety problem?

Nanette Toyoshima hopes so. “We’re public servants – let us serve.”

She is president of the Seattle Parking Enforcement Officers’ Guild, representing almost 100 people who work as Seattle Police parking-enforcement officers (PEOs)- a job she has done for 14 years.

As part of Seattle public-safety reform, there’s a proposal to move PEOs out of SPD and into SDOT.

Toyoshima’s group – with the support of West Seattle/South Park councilmember, and Public Safety Committee chair, Lisa Herbold – proposes instead moving them to the new department that will also include the 911 center after it moves out of SPD.

Read More

CRIME WATCH: Alley holdup; stolen red Civic; found plate; Q&A with police

Four notes:

ALLEY HOLDUP: From the SPD “significant incident reports” file – this happened Thursday night in Arbor Heights, in the 4300 block of SW 100th::

On 10-15-2020 at 1924 hours, the victim was in his alley taking out his trash when the suspect came up behind him and pressed something in his back (believed to be a gun). The suspect demanded his cell phone or he would shoot him. He didn’t have his cell on him so the suspect told him to turn out his pockets. The victim had nothing in his pockets. The suspect told the victim to run down the alley and not look back or he’d shoot. The suspect left the area in a vehicle.

No description or other details, but we’re requesting the report. (TUESDAY UPDATE: Police say the victim believes he knows the would-be robber, and that it’s related to an ongoing dispute.)

STOLEN CAR: From Byron, just south of the city-limits line:

Our red 2007 Honda Civic 4-door, license plate 867WSD, was stolen from our driveway. Sometime between 9pm last night and 11:15 am this morning. (10600 block of) 27th Ave. SW. There’s a car seat in the back and a brand new Yakima rack and kayak carrier on the roof.

If you see it, call 911.

LICENSE PLATE FOUND: From the “possibly stolen/dumped” file, Desiree spotted this plate in the greenery alongside the front parking at Junction TrueValue (44th/Edmunds):

CRIME PREVENTION COUNCIL MEETING TUESDAY: Got crime/safety concerns, or questions for police? Tomorrow (Tuesday, October 20th) night at 7 pm online, the next West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting is your chance for updates from, and Q&A with, local police. Here’s the link (via Teams).