WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Advice for preventing auto theft

As noted in last night’s roundup, auto theft is up 24 percent citywide in the past month. The Southwest Precinct is launching an emphasis on it, says crime-prevention coordinator Jennifer Danner, who sent this tipsheet:

You can also read it here in PDF.

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  • Ben April 20, 2020 (12:24 am)

    PRIUS AND ELECTRIC CAR OWNERS! Read up on the latest trend in battery theft. Keep your electric car off the street or find a product or DIY idea to protect your battery.Sadly, as I was parking at Hiawatha the other day, I saw a persons broken Prius across from me. It looked too nice to be dead or abandoned. The muffler was hanging to the ground. Later when the owner came outside, he mentioned he saw a jack further under the front. It was tough to see but the car was jacked up barely an inch off the ground. We were perplexed, but I left at that point. Realizing it was a Prius, I told the man I think Prius battery theft is up but I didnt really know at the time. A Google search later confirmed it.So take extra care with electrics on the street!! 

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