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UPDATE: Garage fire in North Delridge

(Added: Photo sent by Mark)

9:04 PM: Multiple SFD units are arriving at an incident reported as a garage fire in the 4100 block of Delridge Way SW [map]. It’s already reported to be under control.

10:26 PM: Call is closed. Incident log shows the last unit to leave was only there half an hour.

DEVELOPMENT: Land-use approval for 5 ‘cottages’ in South Delridge

(Google Maps Street View photo of site, August 2019)

A unique redevelopment project in South Delridge has just gotten land-use approval. Earlier this year, we briefly mentioned the five “cottages” proposed to replace an old house at 9224 20th SW (map). The project documents show the site owner told the city he planned to rent the small 2-story houses rather than sell them, and that two would be “affordable” to satisfy the HALA-Mandatory Housing Affordability requirements of the site. Otherwise, documents say, the property owner would expect to pay a fee of almost $30,000 in lieu of having affordable units. Five offstreet-parking spaces are planned. The city approval document is here; the notice explaining how to appeal is here.

ICE CREAM! Full Tilt truck outside Louisa Boren STEM K-8 this evening

Thanks to Shawna for the tip: While Louisa Boren STEM K-8 would usually be kicking off Pride Month right about now with the annual GGLOW OWLS Family Dance Party, that’s not possible this year, so instead they’re having an online party and an ice-cream-truck pop-up. The Full Tilt Ice Cream truck will be outside the school (5950 Delridge Way SW) 5:30-7:30 pm tonight. All welcome to come buy ice cream – should be perfect weather for it.

Highland Park Way hill rechannelization on hold, and other news from HPAC’s discussion with SDOT

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

The proposal to remove one downhill lane of Highland Park Way traffic and add an uphill protected bicycle lane is shelved for now.

That was the big headline from last night’s HPAC discussion with SDOT, a week and a half after that particular detail of the Highland Park Way/Holden safety project update came to light, sparking controversy.

Instead, SDOT will focus on figuring out how to expand the trail along the downhill lanes.

But first, HPAC got a West Seattle Bridge update that segued into traffic issues. SDOT’s Heather Marx recapped where things stand and what’s been done related to traffic effects – all of which we’ve reported on, but if you’re interested in a recap, check out this SDOT post from earlier this week, and our most-recent update. On the bridge itself, they’re preparing for Pier 18 work, and the new Community Task force and Technical Advisory Panel will have their first meetings the week of June 8th.

Traffic-mitigation projects will be focused on what can be done in less than a year and for less than $100,000 because that way SDOT doesn’t have to send them out to bid and can move faster. Plans, she said, will address effects on SODO, South Park, Georgetown, Highland Park, Riverview, South Delridge, Roxhill – in other words, the areas now getting barraged with detour traffic. When the draft traffic-mitigation plans are out, they’ll look for community prioritization. The timeline for the plans is approximately:

Read More


If you live and/or work in Highland Park, Riverview, or South Delridge, your community council HPAC invites you to the monthly meeting online tonight at 7 pm, featuring guests from SDOT. The main topic: The newly unveiled details of the Highland Park Way/Holden Safety Project. A brief West Seattle Bridge update is planned too. See the agenda, and how to access the meeting via Zoom or phone, by going here.

MEMORIAL DAY 2020: Heroes honored at West Seattle’s Vietnamese Cultural Center

Thanks to Vietnamese Cultural Center director Lee Bui for the photo: “Flowers and fruits to honor the heroes at Fallen Soldiers Memorial at Vietnamese Cultural Center today. Special for heroes of the Vietnam War.” (The center at 2234 SW Orchard is open to the public weekly during non-pandemic times.)

NEED FOOD? Donated meals available today at KBM Seattle

Again this week, KBM Seattle and some of its chefs are making free meals available to anyone in need. Keith Mathewson sent the update for this afternoon/evening:

This week’s donation is headed up by The Roll Pod Indian Food Trucks and Bellevue restaurant. The menu is curried chicken with vegetables and spiced rice. Meals will be handed out between 4 pm and 6 pm Saturday.

By (tonight) the members of the kitchen will have made and donated over 4,500 meals. It appears that the number of people coming for meals is dropping from a high of 1200 meals per donation to between 500 to 600; however, the people who do come appear to be in greater need. The line now begins about one hour before we open. I am assuming that some people have been able to return to work but for the ones who haven’t, things are getting worse. We intend to continue for as long as I can finance the program; our costs are about $1.50 to $2/person. If you are not impacted and wish to help, I would like to encourage you to consider donating to the fund, no matter the amount.

Anyone who is impacted is welcome to come; no questions will be asked.

KBM is at 5604 Delridge Way SW. And a reminder, some of the KBM-based businesses are also selling from a streetfront window, listed on our ongoing West Seattle list.


The photos and report are from Nicole:

Our work van was broken into (Wednesday) night sometime between 5:15 pm Wed and 9 am (Thursday) morning when we discovered it. All of my husband’s tools were stolen including his toolbox set, toolbag and his cordless Pex toolkit, all Milwaukee brand.

The Milwaukee toolbox and toolbag contained many tools – all had his name, “Julio” written on them in black marker, except the Pex toolkit. Even the bag and toolboxes have his name written on them. All the tools inside the Milwaukee bag and toolboxes were Dewalt and most are yellow/black. There were impact driver, hammer drill, saw tool, batteries and battery chargers.

The van was parked next to our complex office at Lighthouse apartments on Delridge Way SW. A couple small HVAC tools were found on the grounds and returned to us but all the expensive drills and tools within the toolbox and bag are gone. We’ve reported to Seattle Police and are waiting for the police report number.

DELRIDGE WAY PROJECT: Construction starting soon to pave the way for RapidRide H Line

Back in March, we reported on the final design of the next big (planned) road project in West Seattle, Delridge Way repaving (north of Orchard) and other changes to accompany the conversion of Metro Route 120 to the RapidRide H Line. Today, SDOT announced construction will start as soon as June 8th, and launched an “online open house” with key points of the project, including a video presentation. Take some time to go through it – a lot of information is interactive/nested, requiring a click or a pull to see – and then note the feedback opportunity at the end. Also, we have a followup meeting with SDOT tomorrow for an in-depth preview as we traditionally do for major transportation projects, so we’ll be watching to see what comes up in comments. The H Line is scheduled to start service in fall 2021,

WEST SEATTLE BRIDGE CLOSURE: HPAC forming Detour Subcommittee

If you live and/or have a business in Highland Park, Riverview, or South Delridge, you’re invited to be part of HPAC‘s new subcommittee to focus on traffic issue caused/worsened by West Seattle Bridge closure detours. Here’s the invitation to its first meeting Thursday:

Let’s Talk Navigating Our Own Neighborhoods
HPAC Subcommittee Forming – Join Us This Week

In order to prepare for further discussions, requests, and mitigation plans about the impact of the detour through Highland Park, Riverview and South Delridge during the closure of the West Seattle Bridge, HPAC is hosting a working subcommittee, West Seattle Bridge Detour Subcommittee. We are looking for neighbors to assist us in continuing to identify the needs of the neighborhoods, follow up and hold accountable SDOT, elected officials, and the Mayor.

Join our Zoom meeting for WSB Detour Subcommittee
May 21, 2020 – 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

This subcommittee and this meeting is open to residents of and business owners in Highland Park, Riverview and South Delridge.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 819 1899 0702
One tap mobile
Dial in number
+1 253 215 8782
Meeting ID: 819 1899 0702

SDOT says it’s working on neighborhood-specific traffic plans but hasn’t presented any of them yet.

2 more West Seattle ‘hygiene stations’ installed, in The Junction and South Delridge

That’s the newest city-provided “hygiene station,” installed this morning in the northeast corner of Junction Plaza Park – portable toilets with a hand-washing station. We reported in late March on the first round of installations, which included one at Westcrest Park; the second round of installations did not include any West Seattle sites. After getting a tip about this one, we asked the city if any others were being installed in West Seattle; the reply – “A hygiene station was also deployed at Salvation Army White Center, located at 9050 16th Ave SW” (in South Delridge). The original city announcement says these sites “will be accessible 24/7 and serviced daily, with waste removal, needle disposal, and supplemental cleaning.” 

DEVELOPMENT: Another change for 9201 Delridge Way SW

Another change in plan for the ex-auto-shop site at 9201 Delridge Way SW. Originally it was planned for redevelopment as a self-storage facility; then the plan changed to a mixed-use building with xx residential units. Now, city records show it’s changed again – a new developer, new architect, and new plan. The developer is now an LLC with the same ownership as STS Construction Services (WSB sponsor), whose headquarters and other recent projects are nearby; online records show the site was sold for $2.1 million in March. The new architect is Atelier Drome. The previous plan, which was about to go to the Southwest Design Review Board before public meetings were suspended in March, included 46 apartments and 3 live-work units The new early-stage site plan proposes ~67 residential units. As for public comment, the process has changed because of the pandemic but we’re continuing to watch city files.

NEED FOOD? 3 ways/places to get it – school bus, Food Lifeline, KBM Commissary

May 8, 2020 10:51 am
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A variety of efforts to keep people from going hungry during the economic crunch continue. Here are three local reminders/updates:

TODAY & WEEKDAYS, DELIVERY BY SCHOOL BUS: For students/families who can’t get to the Seattle Public Schools locations that are distributing meals 11 am-1 pm on weekdays, there are now school-bus deliveries to set routes. If you are in south West Seattle, here’s the stop list/map/schedule; the one for north and west West Seattle is here.

TODAY, FOOD LIFELINE: As previewed yesterday, you can go to FL’s HQ on the south side of South Park 2-5 pm toaay as they distribute 20+-pound boxes of emergency, shelf-stable food. The only information you’ll be asked to provide is your zip code.

SUNDAY, KBM COMMISSARY: Again this weekend, the kitchen in Delridge is offering free meals to anyone in need. Here’s the weekly update from Keith Mathewson:

I am happy to announce that last week we were able to distribute nearly 1200 meals. Even with that amount demand still exceeded what we were able to provide. As nearly everyone is aware of the supply of meat is scarce as a result this week will be baked vegetarian Ziti with rosemary focaccia. We were fortunate to have Merlino’s Foods partner with us to provide high quality ingredients.

This week, meals were made by West Of Chicago Pizza and Los Panes Bakery with the help of the staff at KBM and will be handed out on Sunday from 4 pm to 6 pm; all who are in need are welcome to come.

KBM is at 5604 Delridge Way SW. Mathewson has been funding the project but help is welcome – here’s the crowdfunding page. And a reminder, some of the KBM-based businesses are also selling from a streetfront window, as noted here, and are part of our ongoing West Seattle list.

FOLLOWUP: SDOT’s reply to HPAC’s 13 West Seattle Bridge closure-related requests, and more

(WSB photo from April, new signal at Highland Park Way/Holden)

HPAC the community council for Highland Park, Riverview, and South Delridge – got a fast reply from SDOT on its letter centered on 13 requests related to the West Seattle Bridge closure and its effects on those neighborhoods. We spotlighted the letter here on Tuesday; HPAC circulated the response tonight. It’s signed by Heather Marx, who’s leading the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge Safety Project. The letter, which you can see in its entirety on HPAC’s website, also incorporates topics from HPAC’s April meeting (WSB coverage here). From the response, here are HPAC’s points, and SDOT’s replies:

… Below are the specific requests we heard from HPAC – at both your meeting and in your letter – with the status of each request:

Highland Park Way SW and SW Holden St Intersection

*Request for a left-hand turn signal for turning onto SW Holden St from northbound lane on Highland Park Way SW
Status/update: We installed a temporary traffic signal at this intersection and it’s not currently possible to add a left-hand turn signal to it. We are, however, sharing this feedback with the team designing the permanent traffic signal scheduled to be installed in 2021.

*Request for extra traction on uphill southbound lane on Highland Park Way SW
Status/update: The Highland Park Way SW and SW Holden St Safety project team will evaluate high friction surface treatment. This treatment has typically been done where crashes have occurred when roadway conditions were slippery.

*Request for separate green signals for pedestrians and drivers in the northwest corner of the intersection
Status/update: We installed a temporary traffic signal at this intersection and it’s not currently possible to add these features to it. We are, however, sharing this feedback with the team designing the permanent traffic signal scheduled to be installed in 2021.

Turning from arterial streets onto SW Holden St

*Request to see painting and/or signage to prohibit blocking of the intersections
Status/update: Because these treatments have limited effectiveness and high maintenance costs, SDOT is focusing on more effective tools, many of which are below and will also be reflected in the neighborhood traffic plans we are preparing.

Traffic calming in the neighborhood

Read More

WEST SEATTLE BRIDGE CLOSURE: 13 things HPAC says need to be done ASAP

With no detailed city plan yet for handling West Seattle Bridge-less mobility when the stay-home order lifts, local groups are continuing to spell out their proposals. Today, we hear from HPAC, the community council for the areas most affected by detoured traffic – Highland Park, Riverview, South Delridge. While SDOT guested at HPAC’s meeting April 22nd (WSB coverage here), they had no specifics beyond the Highland Park Way/Holden signal that was installed in the first week post-bridge closure. So HPAC has sent a letter (see it here in PDF) to the mayor, council, and SDOT, noting that “… we are now in week 7 of the closure and very few of the public concerns that have been raised have been adequately addressed.” HPAC has these 13 specific concerns/proposals:

… Issues and areas that need to be addressed before the stay-at-home order is lifted:

1. At the intersection of Highland Park Way SW and SW Holden St:

● A left-hand turn signal is needed for turning onto SW Holden from Highland Park Way/9th Ave SW northbound. Currently, traffic coming up the hill on Highland Park Way and going right does not stop, with SW Holden being so narrow, only one car being turning onto SW Holden, so traffic trying to turn left are stuck at the light for several cycles or cutting through SW Portland St at higher speeds.
● Extra traction on the uphill southbound lane on Highland Park Way.
● Separate green signals for pedestrians and drivers in the northwest corner of the intersection.

2. Traffic signal adjustments to address traffic backups at the following intersections:

● Add a left hand turn signal at 16th Ave SW and SW Holden St as previously requested for
over the last 6 years.
● Delridge Way SW and SW Holden St.
● Orchard St. and Delridge Way SW
● 8th St and SW Roxbury St.

3. Traffic calming features on our neighborhood streets:

● For the school zones of Chief Sealth HS, Roxhill Elementary, Sanislo Elementary and Highland Park Elementary.
● Police presence to curb excessive speeding on 16th Ave SW
● Signage at 4-way intersections to ease transit for vehicles, bikes and pedestrians. Signs
along SW Thistle St at 20th and 18th Ave. Stop sign at 11th and Kenyon St.
● Work with the neighborhoods to identify streets to become one-way to help mitigate cut- through traffic.

4. Turning onto SW Holden St from streets both east and west of Delridge Way is extremely difficult with increased traffic.

● Mitigation requested.

5. West Marginal Way S:

● Increase the number of lanes to get onto the on ramp for the 1st Ave bridge.
● Request for better bike lane marking at the intersection with Highland Park Way SW
● Request to fill potholes and fix road deterioration near the railroad tracks
● Request for two lanes northbound at the intersection with Highland Park Way SW

6. Pedestrian path on the east side of Highland Park Way after the SW Holden intersection:

● Request to consider widening the path to allow for more use
● Request to clean moss off from path

7. Left-hand turn signal requests at the following intersections:

● 16th Ave SW and SW Holden St
● 16th Ave SW and SW Roxbury St.
● 8th Ave SW and Roxbury St.

8. King County Metro Route 131

● Make a bus-only lane starting at SW Holden and Highland Park Way going on through to West Marginal Way then over the 1st Ave bridge toward Seattle.
● Request to adjust signal at Highland Park Way SW and SW Holden for bus priority
● Increase Route 131 service.

9. We want to clearly understand the traffic patterns throughout the peninsula. SDoT has never taken into consideration the east-west traffic flow throughout West Seattle. We want to know what routes people are taking and which streets are becoming major arterials. Monitoring should be placed at the following intersections:

● SW Orchard St. and SW 35th Ave
● SW Orchard St. and Delridge Way SW
● SW Holden St. and SW 35th Ave
● SW Holden St. and Delridge Way SW
● SW Thistle St. and California Ave SW
● SW Thistle St. and SW 35th Ave
● SW Thistle St. and Delridge Way SW
● SW Trenton St. and SW 35th Ave
● SW Trenton St. and Delridge Way SW
● SW Barton St. and SW 35th Ave
● SW Henderson St. and Delridge Way SW
● SW Henderson St. and 9th Ave SW
● SW Roxbury St. and 35th Ave SW
● SW Roxbury St. and Delridge Way SW
● SW Roxbury St. and 9th Ave SW
● Olson Pl SW and 1st Ave S

10. For the City of Seattle to increase Metro bus service for access for east and west transit on the peninsula itself i.e. access to California St./ Junction areas only offer the 128, which is hard for the rest of the peninsula to get to without using their cars.

● The transfers through the Westwood Village has been difficult for Highland Park riders since the reroute of the 136/137. Highland Park and Delridge Neighborhoods have been designated food deserts by the city.

11. A commitment from the City to repair the streets that were damaged during the bridge closure.

● Once traffic resumes we will have a better understanding of which of the streets that will be, but assume at least: Roxbury St, Delridge Way SW, SW 35th Ave, Highland Park Way SW, and Olson Way SW.

12. Heavy freight routes clearly designated and enforced.

● This type of vehicle will cause massive and immediate damage to our more residential
streets (i.e. Holden St) and will significantly slow traffic since these types of vehicles will
have issues turning the tight corners. Both Avalon St. and Roxbury with their wider lanes
and concrete enforced lanes are better suited for this type of transit.

13. We want an immediate bridge replacement plan without a $33 million expenditure for the current bridge or a two-year evaluation period. SDOT’s current plan will put an undue burden on the daily lives of our West Seattle residents.

Please learn from the I35 bridge failure and replacement in Minneapolis and the rapid rebuild of the Genoa, Italy bridge. No one waited for two years before making a decision on viability – just replace this bridge.

The $33 millioh reference, if you missed the original report, goes back to the April 15th briefing covered here – it’s the projected cost of stabilizing the bridge, planning traffic control, and doing maintenance on the low bridge.

DONATING BLOOD: How to do it without leaving West Seattle

The COVID-19 response interrupted plans for West Seattle mobile blood drives, and compounding that with the bridge shutdown, it’s been challenging for local would-be donors to be able to help. Now, there’s a way! Combat Arts Academy (5050 Delridge Way SW) is hosting “pop-up blood drives” starting today. CAA’s Sonia Sillan sent this word from Bloodworks Northwest:

Combat Arts Academy Gym in West Seattle will be hosting a new Pop-Up Donor Center, providing donors a convenient, local location to donate blood during statewide stay-at-home orders. The governors of both Washington and Oregon recognize the crucial role that Bloodworks donors fill in sustaining community health, so leaving home to donate blood is a crucial and safe activity exempt from both states’ stay-at-home orders. Local, state, and national leaders are unanimous – donating blood remains a critical and safe activity for community health.

Thankfully, the number of new coronavirus cases in our region has been declining recently, which means that soon, hospitals will once again be able to begin performing elective surgeries which were cancelled or delayed during the first weeks of the COVID-19 outbreak in a successful effort to stabilize the blood supply. The resumption of these surgeries will increase the demand on our blood supply – in addition to the cancer, trauma, transplant, and critical surgery patients we always support – and to meet that challenge, we need all our donors to step up. So pre-book your next donation to make sure patients get the fighting chance they deserve.

All donations at this Pop-Up Donor Center and our other Donor Centers are by appointment only to provide the safest donation environment and adhere to all social distancing guidelines. Additionally, no walk-ins, guests, or people under age 16 are permitted onsite. Your one-hour donation appointment is a safe and essential action to support local hospitals.

Various dates and times are available; you can make an appointment by going here. (Thanks to the readers who tipped us about this just before we heard from Sonia at CAA!)

ART: #SeattleTogether signs in North Delridge

In our nightly coronavirus-response-related roundup on April 22nd, we mentioned #SeattleTogether, for which the city commissioned artists to create 1,000 signs to be displayed in neighborhoods. Michael Taylor-Judd let us know that North Delridge has more than two dozen of them, and shared photos.

So, where to see them? He also made a map of where to look:

The original announcement lists the commissioned artists: Amaranta Sandys, Asia Tail, Danielle Morsette, David Rue, Denise Emerson, Hailey Tayathy, Hugo Moro, Lauren Iida, Lin-Lin Mao, Nasrin Afrouz, Shawn Parks, and Vikram Madan.

The signs are also destined for other unspecified West Seattle neighborhoods – so please let us know if YOU see them!

NEED FOOD? KBM Commissary expanding free-meal offerings Saturday

The photo is from Keith Mathewson of Delridge’s KBM Commissary, whose resident food truck/catering chefs will continue their weekly free-meal distribution this weekend, and it’s expanding, as he explains:

The stay-home order has been extended and the strain on local families is becoming more acute. As a result the need for meals continues to increase. Last Sunday we produced 600 meals and ran out in under two hours. This week we will make 1000 meals and hand them out Saturday from 4 pm to 6 pm. Given the volume, two companies will be directing production; thankfully there are no shortage of volunteers in the kitchen.

*T’Juana Tacos will make 800 portions of Chicken Fajatias with Gallo Pinto

*Go Seattle Catering will produce 200 Bahn Mi Sandwiches.

We are asking people not to arrive too early as the cars are beginning to back up around the block and onto Delridge Way. There are now 3 people handling the distribution and are able to keep the line moving once we open.

I wish to thank all who are donated. The level of demand has become much greater than anticipated and without the communities support we would not have been able to meet a demand of this size.

KBM is at 5604 Delridge Way SW. Mathewson has been underwriting the project but help is welcome – here’s the crowdfunding page. Meantime, some of the KBM-based businesses are also selling from the window, as noted last month, and are part of our ongoing West Seattle list.

SEEKING FEEDBACK: Online open house for Longfellow Creek Natural Drainage System plan

Three years after we first mentioned Seattle Public UtilitiesLongfellow Creek Natural Drainage System project – to get polluted stormwater runoff out of the creek – it’s reached a design milestone, and an online open house is ready for your feedback. It’s not just about the creek, SPU says, but also includes a “partnership with SDOT to include pedestrian improvements near the NDS project sites,” which are focused at Sylvan/Orchard, 24th/Kenyon, and further south along 24th. Check out the online open house here; they’re looking for feedback by May 15th.

CANCELED: 2020 Delridge Day – but organizers keep its giving going

April 24, 2020 12:28 am
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One more summer-event cancellation has been announce: Delridge Day. But the community group that makes it happen has found a way to ensure the festival’s gifts are given anyway. From Pete Spalding:

After much discussion, thought and contemplation of options. Visualizing Increased Engagement in West Seattle (VIEWS) has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 edition of the Delridge Day Festival.

One of the things that VIEWS prides itself on is our commitment to giving back to the community that supports us. As you might be aware. we make donations each year after Delridge Day to help support community organizations. We have made the decision to dip into our reserves this year to continue to support vital community organizations that are on the front lines in helping our neighbors during this crisis. So we are making our own stimulus payments to:

$1,200 West Seattle Food Bank
$1,200 White Center Food Bank
$1,200 Southwest Youth & Family services

VIEWS plans at this point include a Gathering of Neighbors event during the first quarter of 2021. A part of this event will be a segment where we plan on recognizing the Heroes of Delridge who are making a difference during this crisis situation that we are going through right now.

We look forward to welcoming everyone to the 2021 edition of the Delridge Day Festival on the second Saturday of August.

NEED FOOD? This week’s free meal from KBM Commissary

(WSB photo, last month)

Two weeks ago, we reported on the plan for prepared-food sellers based at KBM Commissary to offer free meals weekly, with a rotating menu. KBM’s Keith Mathewson just sent word of how the first round went, and what’s ahead:

Last week was the first day that the kitchen distributed meals. We produced food for 400 people and ran out. This week Ka Pow Thai and the people in the kitchen are going to produce up to 600 meals. Meals again will be family style and will be distributed this Sunday from 4 PM until 6 PM. The menu will be stirfried chicken with rice and mushrooms. Anyone who is suffering as a result of the shutdown is welcome to come by. We are asking that people remain in their car and meals will be passed through the window on a long pizza board to maintain distance.

KBM is at 5604 Delridge Way SW. Mathewson has been underwriting the project but donations are welcome if you want to help – as mentioned in our first report, there’s a crowdfunding page.

P.S. Some of the KBM-based businesses are also selling from the window, as noted last month, and are part of our ongoing West Seattle list.

WEST SEATTLE BRIDGE CLOSURE: Work this weekend includes 5-way repaving + lane reconfiguration including Delridge Way

This was not discussed in detail during either of tonight’s West Seattle Bridge-focused meetings, but details are in for this weekend’s paving work (first mentioned here last week) on the 5-way intersection east of the low bridge, and it will include some lane reconfiguration too – plus a new bus lane for the north end of Delridge. From SDOT Blog:

… Our traffic engineers are evaluating intersections and arterial roads to determine where improvements are needed to support people and businesses in West Seattle during the bridge closure.

This weekend we will repave and change the lane design at the 5-legged intersection of Delridge Way SW, Chelan Ave SW, and W Marginal Way SW, just west of the Spokane Street/Low Bridge.

Construction and lane design changes are a preemptive step to ensure pavement can withstand increased traffic and to keep transit, freight, and emergency vehicles moving.

The signals at this intersection were upgraded on April 1 to allow us to control the signal remotely from our Traffic Operations Center. We can monitor and make real-time adjustments to the signal operations in response to changing circumstances.


The intersection will remain open during the day on Saturday, however there may be some disruption on Sunday.

We’ll grind the top 2 inches of the existing asphalt, repave, and restripe the intersection. Work is weather dependent. Should construction take longer than anticipated, work will happen on future weekends and notification provided in advance. Our objective is to complete work before Governor Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order is currently scheduled to end, May 5.

Neighbors can expect noise from heavy equipment and activities, including asphalt removal and asphalt placement during the night.

Signed detours and uniformed police officers will be in place to help people navigate the intersection.

If people are biking in the street, they will have to follow vehicles through the detour. If they are on the sidewalk or shared trail, they will be treated like pedestrians at the intersections and crosswalks


Intersection construction will occur overnight between the hours of 7 PM, Friday, April 24 and 7 AM, Saturday, April 25 and again from 7 PM, Saturday, April 25 and 7 AM, Sunday, April 26.

The intersection will be open to traffic during the day; however, there may be some disruptions on Sunday, April 26, related to striping and signal outages. If this occurs, signed detours will be in place as well as unformed police officers.

The new Delridge Way SW northbound bus lane will be installed from 9 AM to 5 PM, Saturday, April 25.

The Spokane Low Bridge will be intermittently closed from 8 AM-12 PM on Saturday for all vehicles; and from 12 PM-5 PM for people walking and biking for live load testing. Closures will be approximately 10 minutes in length, about the time for a normal opening.


To support bus service, emergency response, and freight movement over the Spokane Street Low Bridge the following changes are happening:

Delridge Way SW will get a bus-only lane northbound from SW Andover St to Chelan Ave SW.

The east leg of the intersection (westbound W Marginal Way SW) is going from 2 through lanes to 1 through lane and 1 left-turn lane.

The west leg of the intersection (Chelan Ave SW) is being converted from 1 shared left and through lane to 1 through lane 1 left-turn lane.

Here’s the construction info sheet (PDF) for this work.

ALSO WEDNESDAY: HPAC talks West Seattle Bridge detour traffic

(WSB photo of Highland Park Way/Holden traffic signal, rush-installed after bridge closure)

The West Seattle Bridge Town Hall is the first of two local online meetings tomorrow night focusing on the bridge closure and how it’s affecting peninsula mobility. At 7 pm Wednesday (April 22nd), the neighborhood group whose area is most affected by the detouring traffic, HPAC, is hosting its monthly meeting online – but please note the important disclaimer:

HPAC virtual meetings are limited to 100 participants (this is due to cost of the software and what HPAC has the budget for) and are intended for residents of Highland Park, South Delridge, and Riverview, if you are not a resident of one of these neighborhoods, we ask you kindly to step back from attending this one.

April Agenda:

7:00: Welcome and overview of attending a virtual meeting

7:10: Q & A with SDOT: Impact of West Seattle Bridge Closure on Highland Park, Riverview, and South Delridge.

A representative from SDOT will attend to answer questions about the West Seattle High-Rise Bridge closure and how it impacts our neighborhood, as well as provide an update on the intersection at Highland Park Way SW and SW Holden Street.

7:50: Outstanding Items/Closing

If you are in one of HPAC’s neighborhoods, you can find the meeting-access info here.