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THIS WEEK: After summer break, HPAC tackles traffic, crime, more

HPAC – the community organization for Highland Park, Riverview, and South Delridge – resumes monthly meetings this week with hot topics including traffic and crime. Here’s the announcement:

We welcome all back for our first meeting of the 2021-22 season. This month we’ll be hearing from Seattle Police Department with neighborhood crime trends, plus the Port of Seattle sharing impacts we can expect to neighborhood traffic as Terminal 5 reopens in January 2022.

Finally, we will be hosting Home Zone and Reconnect West Seattle team members from SDOT for a report out on the projects they are working on. There have been some changes in direction, particularly for residents on 16th Avenue SW, we’ll have them explained at the meeting with opportunities for suggestions and comments.

If you are noticing new detour route incursions of vehicles, or other traffic pattern changes to report, your voice is needed!

See you at 7 PM on Sept. 22 – virtually on Zoom during the HPIC rebuilding process.

You can find the meeting link (and call-in number) on HPAC’s website. The group also has opened a survey to ask neighbors what they would like future meetings to address – go here to participate.

DELRIDGE PROJECT: ‘Major construction is almost complete’

SDOT‘s share of the work to prepare Delridge Way SW for the RapidRide H Line – repaving, utilities, and more – is almost done, after 15+ months. That’s the headline in the weekly preview of what’s ahead:

*Major construction is nearly complete. Minor repairs and adjustments to curbs, curb ramps, lights, and other utilities will begin soon. These are often referred to as our “punch list” items, which you may have heard about on other SDOT projects.

*Sidewalk and water utility adjustments continue in Zone A

*Upgrades in Zone B are now complete

*In Zone C, traffic signal upgrades and curb ramp adjustments continue at SW Thistle St. We expect to complete this work soon.

The full look ahead to next week is here. Meantime, King County’s share of the project continues, including 26th SW between Barton and Roxbury, and several areas in White Center

FOLLOWUP: Delridge pathway project wraps up

(SDOT photo)

One month ago, we reported on the pedestrian-pathway project at the north end of Delridge Way, after a reader inquiry about its status. Today, SDOT says the work is complete – here’s the wrapup:

When the West Seattle Bridge closed to traffic in March 2020, pedestrian and bicycle traffic on the Delridge Trail increased significantly. This is the most used route for people walking between West Seattle and the east side of the bridge. After completing a stairway upgrade at SW Charlestown St and Delridge Way, the crews started working on improving the Delridge Pedestrian Trail.

The goal was to provide more protection for people walking and to increase the width of the pathway. The project required roadway structural mechanics to build a custom railing nearly 330 feet long. To install the rail, they cut fifty-two holes in the concrete which were each 12-inches deep and 12-inches in diameter. The crews then removed the remaining rubble and soil using a hydro-excavating truck, leaving holes three feet deep. With the additional height of the curb, the railing is set into 3.5 feet of concrete, giving the railing added strength to withstand possible collisions.

To create the pathway, crews excavated the area alongside the path, removing overgrown vegetation and taking the surface down low enough to place an additional 18 inches of asphalt increasing the width of the pathway to around 9 feet.

DELRIDGE PROJECT: Next phase of work includes signs and signals

(SDOT photo)

Bus-lane markings and striping are finished along the Delridge RapidRide H Line conversion project corridor, SDOT says in its weekly preview of what’s next. First, here are the toplines:

*Painting for the new street layout is now complete

*We will continue installing new traffic signs as part of the new street layout

*Landscaping and signal upgrades continue throughout the corridor

*Median and curb installation along Delridge Way SW between SW Juneau St and SW Graham St continues. This work will occur at night to limit impacts to traffic, residents, and students.

*Traffic signal upgrades and curb ramp adjustments have begun at SW Thistle St. This work is anticipated to last for several days.

Here’s the full list of planned work zones for the week ahead. The Route 120 conversion to RapidRide is set for September of next year.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: North Delridge gunfire

After getting some texts this afternoon about suspected gunfire in North Delridge, we looked around but didn’t see evidence of a shooting scene. We checked back with SPD tonight, and Det. Valerie Carson tells WSB that officers did confirm there was gunfire:

Several witnesses reported a drive-by shooting at 26th Av SW and SW Juneau St. Upon arrival five shell casings were located in the street. Through the investigation it was determined that there was a disturbance associated with a house in the 5600 block of 26th Av SW. A male approached a woman and began yelling at her. The female fired five shots either at his car or in the air. Both vehicles fled the scene in different directions. No victims and/or property damage were located.

This happened shortly before 4 pm.

DELRIDGE PROJECT: Here’s where road work continues post-holiday

Medians, curbs, sidewalks, and signals are the focus as Delridge road/utility work continues, preparing for next year’s RapidRide H Line launch. The weekly update starts with SDOT‘s list of the main points:

*Landscaping continues throughout the corridor. We will also be doing some more lane striping and channelization work this week.

*We are continuing to work in Zone A to upgrade sidewalks, curb ramps and electrical utilities

*Median and curb installation along Delridge Way SW between SW Juneau St and SW Graham St continues

*Traffic signal upgrades in Zone C have begun this week and signal upgrades will continue through this fall

*Sidewalk upgrades near SW Barton St continue. This work will continue into next week.

Here’s the full preview for the week ahead; SDOT says crews are off until Tuesday.

FALL FITNESS: Outdoor classes for Lifelong Recreation at Seattle Parks community centers

August 30, 2021 9:24 am
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Seattle Parks is offering outdoor fitness classes at local community centers this fall, includng its Lifelong Recreation program for peopl 50+. Here are three they’re spotlighting; each class title is linked to a page with online registration and more information:

Gentle Yoga at High Point: 9/13-10/18, 10 am Mondays

Stretch and move with awareness, correct alignment and a focus on breath to increase strength and stamina, improve flexibility, and develop better balance, posture, poise, and peace of mind.

Fitness at Delridge: 9/8-10/20, 10:30 am Wednesdays

Build total body muscle strength using fitness bands, free weights and floor work. Improve balance, flexibility and agility. The instructor is a professional dance and fitness instructor and performer. Please bring weights to class

Thriller Dance at Delridge: 9/9-10/21, 11:30 am Thursdays

Learn the “Thrill the World” version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” dance. During this session you will learn all the steps and practice the entire dance (no dance experience necessary). If there is interest, the instructor will provide quick tips on Zombie makeup, character and costumes. All participants will receive a dance script so that you can practice at home. After this class you’ll be prepared to join in on the next Thriller flash mob or be the hit at your next party! The instructor is a professional dance and fitness instructor, performer, and has taught and performed Thriller since 2008.

You can also register by phone at 206-684-5177. Classes will be moved indoors if the weather’s bad.

DELRIDGE PROJECT: More overnight striping, and what else is ahead

(WSB photo, Delridge work earlier this month)

The weekly update on the Delridge road/utility work preparing for the RapidRide H Line is in. Here are the key points:

-Final channelization and overnight lane striping will continue throughout the corridor, we are currently working to complete striping in Zone C and may return to Zones A and B to finish lane markings and bus lanes

-Crews will be working overnight from 6 PM to 6 AM. We have obtained a noise variance to complete this work.

-Landscaping continues throughout the corridor

-We are repairing some sections of the sidewalk and irrigation throughout Zone A next week

-In Zone B we will be install curbs between SW Juneau St and SW Graham St

-Traffic signal upgrades begin in Zone C. There may be intermitted interruption to traffic in this area as we work to complete upgrades

-King County Metro continues constructing their portion of the project in White Center and Burien. 15th Ave SW between 106th and 107th remains closed to all general traffic.

Note that the work between Juneau and Graham is in the same blocks as Louisa Boren STEM K-8, where classes begin Wednesday, so you’ll see school traffic there as well as workers. Next week’s full preview is here.

WEEKEND PREVIEW: Pickleball celebration @ Delridge Community Center on Saturday

Thanks to Alison for sending the photo and announcement about a celebration tomorrow:

Local Delridge pickleball players initiated a grant to get additional semi-permanent pickleball nets, and utilize Neighborhood Matching Funds to purchase the nets.

They’re here! And now we want to share the nets and encourage members of our West Seattle neighborhood to discover pickleball, America’s fastest-growing sport. Meet local players, play a little, meet your community at our pickleball play event. All are welcome!

Saturday, August 28, 12 noon to 4 PM at the Delridge pickleball courts, 4501 Delridge Way SW.

Seattle Metro Pickleball Association is a 501c3 working to grow pickleball venues indoors and out, and enable pickleball play for persons of all ages and abilities in an inclusive and welcoming environment. Join us! We have so much more work to do.

If you’re not familiar with the sport, the USA Pickleball Association explains that it “combines many elements of tennis, badminton and ping-pong,” and notes that it was invented here in the Puget Sound area, on Bainbridge Island,

HELPING: Volunteer cleanup brightens part of Highland Park/South Delridge, and you can help make another one happen

Want to feel as good as those volunteers felt after a community cleanup in Highland Park/South Delridge? You can help neighbor Vivian McPeak – who sent the report and photos – organize another one:

Last weekend Seattle Hempfest teamed up with The Full Spectrum (America’s only LGTBQIA+ cannabis advocacy group) to send our volunteers out into multiple Pac NW communities to pick up trash and discarded plastics. We called the project The Great Community GreenSweep.

We hit neighborhoods in Lake City, Capitol Hill, Mukilteo, Tacoma, and West Seattle, to name a few. In West Seattle, we focused on the area of Highland Park at Delridge north of Roxbury all the way to Henderson … up and down Henderson to Barton, and up to 16th Ave SW, cleaning areas that were seriously strewn with litter and trash on both sides of the street and sidewalks. Those areas are now nearly pristine and looked as if they had not been cleaned for some time.

TommySound on Delridge hosted our safety training and served as a meeting space.

There is still a lot of trash on Henderson (especially around the bus stop near Barton) and surrounding streets. I personally live near 16th and Henderson. I am wondering if there are others in my neighborhood who would be willing to join me on some coming weekend to finish the job? Anyone interested can contact me at

McPeak is “especially concerned about discarded single-use plastics that break down into microplastics and end up washed into drains bound for Puget Sound, where they pose a potential threat to wildlife and the biosphere.”

FOLLOWUP: Answers to 2 questions about proposal to tear down Delridge pedestrian bridge

(SDOT photo)

Last week, we reported on SDOT‘s proposal to remove the Delridge/Oregon pedestrian bridge instead of strengthening it as has long been the plan. This week, SDOT continues to ask for your thoughts, with an ongoing online survey, and two in-person opportunities Friday and Sunday. Two questions lingered after that first report, and we have answers to both. First: What’s the cost comparison? The answer to this one is partial – SDOT spokesperson Ethan Bergerson tells WSB, “The seismic retrofit project which would be necessary to keep the bridge safe in earthquakes would cost roughly $4-5 million (based on preliminary estimates).” But, he says, they don’t have an estimate on how much the teardown would cost. The other question was about this sentence in the last paragraph of the SDOT announcement we published: “Removing the bridge will help support SDOT’s policies focused on people walking.” Several commenters observed that sentence didn’t seem to make sense. So we asked which “policies” that referred to. Bergerson’s response:

“We’re building a new pedestrian signal and marked crosswalk across Delridge Way SW at SW Oregon St, allowing people to cross the street safely without using the pedestrian bridge. Before this project, there was no crosswalk or pedestrian signal at this location. The new signal and crosswalk was a community request submitted to the Your Voice, Your Choice program a few years ago. Taking advantage of an opportunity to get this work done efficiently, we added the crossing improvement to the Delridge Way SW – RapidRide H Line project for construction.

“The new signal and crosswalk is safer and accessible to everyone, so we expect it to be more popular way to cross the street than the existing pedestrian bridge. People walking and rolling across Delridge Way SW can head straight across the street at ground level instead of climbing the steep spiral ramps to the bridge which are a longer distance to travel, get slippery in the rain, and present challenges to people with disabilities, small children, the elderly, and people biking. But, most importantly, the new signal and crosswalk is designed to be fully accessible for people with disabilities and in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), including curb ramps onto the sidewalk and a push button which vibrates and makes a noise to let people with limited vision or hearing know when it is safe to cross the street. The pedestrian bridge is not ADA compliant because of the steepness of the ramps and other missing accessibility features. With the new signal and crosswalk offering an easier way to get across the street, we believe many community members will find the pedestrian bridge redundant and out of the way.”

And if the teardown were cheaper, he added, money not spent on the seismic retrofit might be spent on “other safety or pedestrian improvements.” But he insists there’s no decision yet – so if you haven’t already offered feedback, here again is the survey link; you can talk to SDOT reps in person outside the entrance to the Delridge Community Center (4501 Delridge Way SW), 2-4 pm Friday (August 27th) and 1-3 pm Sunday (August 29th).

DELRIDGE PROJECT: Next week’s plan for RapidRide H Line road/sidewalk work

(WSB photo, earlier this week)

Just in from SDOT, the weekly update on what’s ahead for the road/sidewalk/utility project paving the way for the RapidRide H Line launch next year. First, the key points:

Final channelization and overnight lane striping will continue throughout the corridor, we are currently working to complete striping in Zone C and along the 26th Ave SW neighborhood greenway

-Crews will be working overnight from 6 PM to 6 AM. We have obtained a noise variance to complete this work.

-Landscaping continues throughout Zone A

-Construction in Zone B is nearly complete, but we will continue to make minor updates throughout the duration of construction

-Sidewalk upgrades near SW Barton St and SW Henderson St will continue into next week. We will be installing new curb bulbs in this area to enhance crossings for people walking

-King County Metro construction continues in White Center – Metro crews will close 15th Ave SW between 106th and 107th to all general traffic. (Details here.)

The full preview is here. It also briefly mentions the new proposal to remove the Delridge/Oregon pedestrian bridge – if you missed our coverage earlier this week, with opportunities for feedback, here’s that story.

SDOT considering removing Delridge Pedestrian Bridge instead of reinforcing it

(SDOT photo)

Along with the closed-early Andover foot bridge, SDOT has been planning seismic reinforcement for the 60-year-old Delridge Pedestrian Bridge, which spans Delridge Way between Youngstown Cultural Arts Center and Delridge Playfield. But now there’s a new proposal: Remove it instead. Here’s the SDOT announcement – including ways for you to comment:

As part of the Delridge Way SW – RapidRide H Line project, we are installing a new, accessible crossing on Delridge Way SW at the intersection with SW Oregon St. With this new crossing, we are currently evaluating removing or repairing the pedestrian bridge connecting the Youngstown Cultural Center and the Delridge Playfield. Before planning any potential changes to the bridge, we want to hear from the community and create a plan for this area that will best fit the needs of the Delridge neighbors by learning from the community about how they use and value this bridge. We will make a decision based on data collection and the community’s feedback later in 2021. Construction for repair or removal would begin as early as spring 2022.

As part of the outreach, we’d like to invite community members to visit us at the Delridge Community Center these dates and times to talk about the project.

Friday, August 27 from 2 to 4 p.m.
Sunday, August 29 from 1 to 3 p.m.

Location: Delridge Playfield near the Community Center entrance

Below are more project details:


As part of the Levy to Move Seattle, the Delridge Way SW Pedestrian Bridge was identified as a high priority for seismic reinforcement, which makes the bridge more resistant to ground activity, like earthquakes. This option means the bridge will meet updated seismic standards for pedestrian bridges and people could still use the bridge to cross Delridge Way SW.

Repairing the bridge will not bring the bridge to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, but people with ADA accessibility needs wishing to cross Delridge Way SW will instead be able to use the crossing on the street at SW Oregon St.


Removing the bridge will help support SDOT’s policies focused on people walking. The need for regular maintenance and expensive, complicated seismic reinforcement would also be eliminated. Additionally, removing the bridge may improve sightlines for people driving southbound on Delridge Way SW as they approach the signalized intersection at SW Oregon St. The ADA-compliant crossing on the street will be the only method to cross Delridge Way SW at this intersection if the bridge is removed.

In addition to the info sessions mentioned above, an online survey has just opened – it’s open through August 30. Find it here.

You asked, so we asked: Here’s what happened to Delridge/Barton/18th encampment

Two readers – including John B, who sent the photo – noticed Monday that a longstanding encampment in the city-owned triangle at Delridge.Barton/18th had cleared out. City departments are responsible these days for prioritizing encampment responses, and we knew this was SDOT land from all the talk of a potential park there someday, so that’s where we started our inquiry about whether this site had been “swept.” Here’s the SDOT response:

We are planning scheduled maintenance on this site, which includes updating landscape and fixing the irrigation systems. That encampment has been there for so long and has grown so large that the area needs some weeding done, cleaning up and restoring damaged branches and smashed plant material. In these situations, we work directly with the Human Services Department’s HOPE (Homelessness Outreach and Provider Ecosystem) team to engage with unsheltered people living in area where we need to perform necessary maintenance and ask them to voluntarily relocate. In this case, the individual living in the area was receptive, understanding and willing to relocate.

Whether that means they relocated to another campsite or to shelter/housing, we don’t know but will be following up. You might recall that the sidewalk encampment not far from there, at Delridge/Roxbury, was also cleared without being formally “swept” – outreach workers from the JustCARE program worked with people there for weeks and they left for housing.

NEXT WEEKEND: Delridge Grocery Co-op teaches you how to can

August 15, 2021 8:32 pm
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(Photo courtesy Delridge Grocery Co-op)

Whether you’re a grower or a shopper – or both – you know we’re at that point in the summer that you might call Peak Produce. Perfect time to learn how to can. The Delridge Grocery Co-op is offering an online class next weekend. Here’s the announcement:

Get ready for preserving the tastes of summer to use during the gray Seattle winter with an online Fall Canning Class hosted by the Delridge Grocery Co-op on August 21 at 5 pm (next Saturday). The class covers water-bath canning techniques that are applicable to preserving other fruit into jams and jellies, most tomatoes, pickles, chutneys, and more.

If canning fruit jams, tomatoes, or pickles has always seemed daunting, this introductory class is just for you. Kerri Cacciata (DGC Board Treasurer, Tilth Alliance Market Programs Director, and all-around canning badass) will guide you through the basics of water bath canning with this 1.5-hour class. You’ll get a start-to-finish processing demo, recipes and tips, and time for questions.

Kerri’s demonstration will focus on making peach jam, using a 10-pound box of “freestone” peach seconds from Collins Family Orchards in Selah. These peach seconds come slightly bruised or very ripe, and they’re ideal for processing into jam, sauce, beverages, baked goods, or freezing for smoothies. If peaches aren’t your jam, the DGC is also offering 10 pounds of stewing tomatoes and 10 pounds of green beans from Wright Brothers Farm in Ferndale.

The online zoom class (register here) costs $20 and takes place at 5 pm that afternoon (8/21). The class is available for everyone, but DGC owner-members will receive a 50% discount. The 10-pound boxes of peaches, tomatoes, and green beans are priced at $24.99 and can be picked up at the DGC (5444 Delridge Way SW) on Saturday morning (8/21).

P.S. DGC continues with three-days-a-week operations at its storefront, 5444 Delridge Way SW – 3-7 pm Fridays, 9:30 am-1:30 pm Satureays, 11 am-3 pm Sundays. You don’t have to be a member to shop there, but if you’re interested in membership – go here.

DELRIDGE PROJECT: What’s ahead on the street and sidewalks

(SDOT photo – new curb bulb)

Work continues on and near Delridge Way SW in the project to prepare for next year’s conversion of Metro Route 120 to the RapidRide H Line. SDOT usually sends a weekly preview on Fridays – here are the key points for the week ahead (and a bit beyond):

• Final channelization and overnight lane striping will continue throughout the corridor later this month

• Construction in Zone B is nearly complete but we will continue to make minor updates throughout the duration of construction

• We have started installing the new sidewalk on SW Hudson St and will continue these upgrades through next week

• Spot sidewalk upgrades between SW Holden St and SW Thistle St on the east side of Delridge Way SW began this week. We will also be returning to SW Thistle St to adjust one of the curb ramps in the area later this month.

• As a reminder, 26th Ave SW is closed to northbound traffic between SW Barton St and SW Roxbury St for King County Metro’s construction of their portion of the project. Please contact King County Metro if you have any questions about this work.

Here’s the full preview. Meantime, speaking of work that’s not part of the project, we have been mentioning in our morning traffic notes that SW Genesee is closed west of Delridge, today through the weekend. SDOT says that’s not part of its project – the private developer who has built townhouses at that corner is working on the street.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Catalytic-converter thief speeds off (photo, video added); backyard barbecue stolen

Two thefts in West Seattle Crime Watch – starting with one that just happened:

CATALYTIC-CONVERTER THIEF SPEEDS OFF: We heard the dispatch for this Arbor Heights theft moments before Lisa called our hotline to report what happened a short time ago. Somebody was taking the catalytic converter off a neighbor’s Honda Element – they could hear the tool, and see the sparks – and neighbors went out yelling at the thief, who, Lisa says, hollered back, before getting into a white sedan and speeding away, even as the 911 call was going out. Only description she has is that he was wearing a red hoodie.

ADDED 2:15 PM: The car’s owner has provided a security photo and video. First, here’s the getaway car:

Second, video of the entire incident. Of particular note, after a lookout person runs away, the would-be thief remains alongside the car – until its owner (2:20 in) runs up, wrestles him away, and then chases him off:

The car’s owner says that just off camera, the thief pulled a gun as he got away. He also clarifies that they did NOT get away with the catalytic converter – but they “cut it both sides and now it’s just dangling from the bottom of my car.” He says

(back to original report) BACKYARD BARBECUE THEFT: This report was sent by Jordan Sunday night:

I wanted to report a theft from our backyard of a Traeger BBQ (in the 5000 block of) 26th Ave SW. They accessed our backyard from a back alley and must have known it was there because I left for 30 minutes for a run and it was gone when I got back. Pretty unbelievable, but just wanted to get the word out to avoid anyone else losing something.

DELRIDGE PROJECT: Here’s what’s planned this week

August 8, 2021 12:13 pm
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(Delridge Way north of SW Graham)

Southbound Delridge Way SW has reopened between Thistle and Trenton, but other work continues for the paving/utilities/etc. project that’s preparing for the RapidRide H Line conversion next year. Here are the upcoming week’s key ooints spotlighted by the SDOT project team:

*Final channelization and overnight lane striping (began) this weekend at SW Orchard St and SW Andover St. We’ll stripe the remaining sections of the corridor later this month.

*We have started installing the new sidewalk on SW Hudson St and will continue these upgrades through next week,

*We will begin spot sidewalk upgrades between SW Holden St and SW Thistle St on the east side of Delridge Way SW as early as August 12.

*We will also be returning to SW Thistle St to adjust one of the curb ramps in the area later this month.

The full preview of this week’s work is here.

WEST SEATTLE WEEKEND SCENE: First-ever Low Rider Block Party

While you can’t drive on the block of 17th SW immediately north of Roxbury this afternoon, you can admire cars on display at the first-ever Low Rider Block Party.

Along with the cars, there’s an abundance of art – some being made, some being sold:

Performances too! The mini-festival continues until 6 pm (and has a vaccination booth on the south end of the block until 5). The Low Rider Block Party was organized by nearby Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery, with support from the city.

5 years after fire, construction begins for new Lam Bow Apartments

Construction of the new Lam Bow Apartments (6935 Delridge Way SW) has finally begun, almost five years after a three-alarm fire gutted one of its buildings. In 2019, the Seattle Housing Authority decided the remaining building should be replaced too. Here’s a rendering of the 82-unit affordable-housing building that will replace the two original buildings.

(The project went through Administrative Design Review – public comment but no meetings; here’s the packet by SMR Architects, if you’re interested in design/layout details.) When the city first put the project out to bid last year, no one bid. So they tried again this year, and Walsh Construction was the winning bidder; SHA spokesperson Kerry Coughlin says the contract is for $32 million and that the building is expected to open by spring 2023.

UPDATE: Fire callout on 24th SW

6:57 AM: Seattle Fire has sent a full response to the 6900 block of 24th SW.

6:59 AM: SFD says the fire was “quickly put under control by responding crews.”

7:17 AM: No injuries reported. The cause is under investigation; the Red Cross is being called to assist the family who lives there.

7:22 AM: Our crew has spoken with firefighters at the scene. They say it was a small fire in the basement, out now. Photos added.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Tree down at Delridge/Orchard

August 1, 2021 11:31 am
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Thanks for the photos. As shown above, there’s tree trouble at Delridge/Orchard – beware if you’re planning to head through that area.

ROAD-WORK UPDATE: No full closure of Delridge Way the next 3 days after all

Just in from SDOT – an update on the Delridge Way repaving/utilities/more project – NO full Delridge closure starting tomorrow after all:

Weekend street closure cancelled between SW Henderson St and SW Cambridge St. Upgrades are now scheduled for the weekdays.

At this location, we have changed the full closure on Delridge Way SW to a northbound lane closure only. We have updated our construction plans and will now maintain southbound access on Delridge Way SW during street upgrades. These upgrades will begin as early as Monday, August 2.

People traveling north along Delridge Way SW will detour to 16th Ave SW or 18th Ave SW while this work takes place. Please view the detour map for details. This detour will be in effect for approximately 2-3 days.

Thank you to the businesses and residents in the area for working with us and providing feedback while we planned this work. We appreciate your continued patience during construction.