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DELRIDGE PROJECT: What’s planned next week

(WSB photo, Thursday)

The repaving-and-more project paving the way for RapidRide H Line on Delridge continues. Here are the toplines for next week’s work, as sent by SDOT:

Electrical upgrades along the west side of SW Webster St to Sylvan Way SW begin soon
Trenching and demolition in the sidewalk will begin as early as January 27
Sidewalk restoration and paving to begin in February

Roadway demolition and paving on west side of Delridge Way SW between SW Holden St to SW Kenyon St in early February
Paving will follow shortly after and include roadway, sidewalk and curb restoration

Select driveways for business in Zone C are now open
Remaining driveways will be poured soon

*We will also be installing the curbs for the roadway median in Zone A. Traffic will also shift again in Zone B soon. We ask that people driving practice caution when driving through this area, as the traffic patterns will be very different in the next few weeks.

The full preview for the week ahead can be seen here.

UPDATE: Power outage in south West Seattle, White Center, same area/cause as December outage

7:11 AM: Thanks for the texts. More than 3,700 homes and businesses have lost power, including Westwood, South Delridge, and White Center. No hint yet of the cause. Updates to come.

7:28 AM: No indication yet what caused this. Note that the outage zone includes parts of Roxbury and 16th SW, both arterials, with signals, so if you travel through an intersection that’s affected, it’s a four-way stop. Also remember that SCL’s restoration estimates are just guesses. (Added: The latest guess has already changed dramatically, from 2 pm to 8:54 am.)

7:51 AM: We have one report that power’s back. The SCL map lags so we won’t get the full picture for a bit.

8:01 AM: Map shows one pocket remains, almost 400 customers in the Greenbridge area. We’ll update later when we find out the cause. (So far, SCL has attributed it to an “underground issue.”)

8:15 AM: Checking the archives – this outage footprint, and cause, is similar to this December outage. We’re following up on that.

6 PM: City Light spokesperson Julie Moore responded: “Today’s outage was due to a switch failure that caused a substation feeder breaker to lock out. It was the same breaker as the Dec. 12 incident, so that’s why we saw a similar footprint. However, it was a different switch in a different location on the feeder that failed this time.”

DEVELOPMENT: Comment time for 7035 Delridge Way SW

(‘Preferred alternative’ massing for 7035 Delridge)

From today’s city-circulated Land Use Information Bulletin: The city has reissued its notice that a land-use application has been filed by the developers planning 9 townhouses at 7035 Delridge Way SW. The project, which includes 9 offstreet-parking spaces, has been in the pipeline for more than two years. It’s been going through Administrative Design Review; here’s the original design packet from last August. Comments will be accepted through February 2nd; the new notice explains how to send in yours.

DEVELOPMENT: 6-house cluster in South Delridge gets key approval

(King County Assessor’s Office photo)

South Delridge continues to be a redevelopment hot spot. One year ago, we noted a project proposed for 9020 15th SW [map] – six 2-story houses, with offstreet parking for six vehicles, replacing the house shown above. The site is 13,000+ square feet, zoned Residential Small Lot, which allows one unit for every 2,000 square feet. The plan now has city land-use approval, which means an appeal period is open, deadline January 25th, as explained by this notice.

DELRIDGE PROJECT: This week’s major moves

(WSB photo, looking westward across Delridge at SW Thistle)

SDOT says this coming week will likely finally see some major work it’s been warning about for a while, as the repaving/utilities project preparing for the RapidRide H Line continues. Top of the list: The SW Thistle closure between Delridge and 20th; crews started working on the west side of Delridge/Thistle last week (as seen above) and are scheduled to move across the street as soon as tomorrow. That’s also the potential start date for the installation of vehicle-detecting looping at Delridge/Oregon. SDOT’s weekly bulletin says, “Traffic will be split around the planned roadway median during this work.” Other plans include paving at the bus stop on the west side of Delridge/SW Andover, the start of demolition between Puget Blvd SW and SW Brandon, the completion of paving between SW Willow and Croft Place SW, and the start of paving on the west side of Delridge between SW Henderson and 20th SW. See the full weekly preview by going here.

YOU CAN HELP: Combat Arts Academy’s annual food-and-more donation drive is on!

The holiday season is over, but community needs – and giving opportunities – are not. Here’s a way you can help – the annual Combat Arts Academy donation drive for the West Seattle Food Bank and its Clothesline, which help thousands of your neighbors in need.

From the CAA announcement:

In the early years, CAA collected about 1,500 pounds of food each food drive; in 2020, we collected 6,000 lbs of food! In light of the pandemic and all of the challenges it has posed, we want to encourage donations of any kind, instead of setting a specific weight goal. Currently, financial contributions are highly encouraged by the WSFB due to the pandemic, but we (CAA) will collect any of the following items:

Clothesline – Gently used or new items for any age (infants, kids, teens, adults), including:

Underwear (New only)
Gloves, Coats, Scarves (think Seattle winter-wear)
Blankets, Sleeping Bags, Linens
Diapers & Formula
Any clothing
Visit to find more requested items.

WSFB – any non-perishable, canned, or packaged item is welcome

Shelf-stable milk
Juice (individual servings)
Canned Meals (soup, chili, Mac and Cheese, etc.)
Healthy snacks (granola bars, raisins, fruit leather, dried fruit, etc.)
Individual Snack packs (peanut butter, tuna, etc.)
Applesauce/fruit cups
Visit to find more requested food items.

Financial Donations:

– Drop off a check (made payable to the West Seattle Food Bank) at the front desk for the drive, or contribute online at If you choose to contribute online, please add a note that it’s on behalf of the CAA Drive.

The amazing thing about the WSFB is how they strengthen the West Seattle community through the power of neighbors helping neighbors; their mission is so important in this current time of need.

Donations accepted at Combat Arts Academy (5050 Delridge Way SW), Monday-Friday 8 am-8 pm. For questions or comments, contact us at or 206-420-1834

ROAD WORK: Delridge project’s plan for the week ahead

Major work resumes tomorrow on the Delridge repaving-and-utilities project preparing for the RapidRide H Line. Here are the key points in SDOT‘s weekly preview:

*Vehicle detection loop installation and concrete work at the intersection of SW Oregon St and Delridge Way SW scheduled to begin as early as January 4. Traffic will be split around the planned roadway median during this work. The following week, traffic will be shifted to the east side.

*SW Brandon St on the east side is scheduled to reopen by (this) week. The west side of SW Brandon St will remain closed for staging.

*SW Thistle St between Delridge Way SW and 20th Ave SW closed as early as January 4th to complete temporary signal work and to demolish and rebuild the sidewalk during duct bank installation. SW Thistle will be local access only.

*Roadway demolition and paving to resume on the west side of Delridge Way SW in Zone A and on the east side of Delridge Way SW in Zone B.

The full update is here.

Mystery boom in North Delridge

4:30 PM: SPD and SFD are checking out multiple reports of what sounded like an explosion near Delridge Community Center/Playfield. So far, though, they haven’t found anything.

4:37 PM: SFD has closed the call.

DELRIDGE ROAD WORK: What’s planned for the last week of the year

SDOT says its contractor will return full crews to the Delridge Way repaving/utilities project next week, after holiday and COVID-safety breaks. They plan to work Monday through Thursday, taking New Year’s Day off. Here are the key points:

Continued demolition and paving on Delridge Way SW (east side)

The remaining paving in Zone A has been scheduled to the week of December 28 in the following areas:
Puget Blvd SW and SW Brandon St
SW Brandon St to SW Findlay St
SW Brandon St intersection

Demolition between SW Croft Pl and SW Myrtle St to begin as early as December 28
Paving is scheduled to begin the week of January 4

Demolition beginning on the east side of Delridge Way SW between SW Trenton St and SW Henderson St now scheduled to begin the week of December 28
Paving to begin as early as January 11

Sidewalk demolition on the west side of Delridge Way SW between SW Cloverdale St and SW Trenton St beginning as early as December 30
We will begin demolishing the sidewalks in this area to install and upgrade electrical utilities on the east side of Delridge Way SW
This work will last for at least two weeks and will include intermittent driveway impacts

The full preview for next week is here.

ROAD WORK: Delridge project plan for this week

Weather permitting, the Delridge repaving/utility project is scheduled for Monday-Thursday work this week. Here are key points from the weekly preview:

Side-street closures on the east side of Delridge Way SW during demolition and paving

Currently closed (timing is weather dependent and may change):
SW Edmunds St (local access only)
SW Brandon St (closed into early next year)
SW Willow St (closed through the end of the year)

Closing soon (timing is weather dependent and subject to change)
SW Myrtle St (closed when SW Willow St reopens, as early as December 28)
SW Thistle St (closing in early 2021)

Driveways on the east side of Delridge Way SW between SW Alaska St and SW Hudson St to be reopened this week

Temporary street closure at SW Thistle St between Delridge Way SW and 20th Ave SW beginning as early as January 4

Roadway and sidewalk demolition and paving starting soon in Zone C
Roadway demolition is scheduled to begin on the east side of Delridge Way SW between SW Trenton St and SW Henderson St as early as December 21 with paving to follow in the new year

Sidewalk demolition between SW Cloverdale St and SW Trenton St to begin as early as December 23

The full list of what’s next is here. Though the RapidRide H Line launch is now delayed until 2022, SDOT says the road work remains on schedule for completion in 2021.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen silver Camry; two under-the-car thefts; intruder arrest

In West Seattle Crime Watch:

STOLEN CAMRY: Keep watch for Mary Jane‘s silver 4-door 1987 Toyota Camry, stolen late last night or early this morning near Fauntleroy/Monroe, across from Lincoln Park. License plate BSG2643. Call 911 if you see it.


Heads up to folks in North Delridge:

Sometime between 2 am and 4 am on 12/19/2020, someone in a dark colored SUV was pulled up close to my Prius in front of my residence near the Dragonfly Pavilion. A friend woke up to the sound of some sort of pneumatic tool and yelled at them out the window. They crouched down, got back in their car and took off. Unfortunately, my friend wasn’t able to see anything identifiable about the person or vehicle. By the sound of my car when I turn it on, I assume they got away with my catalytic converter and/or muffler but I have to have it looked at to know for sure.

UNDER-THE-CAR THEFT #2: This summary is from SPD’s Significant Incident Reports file:

On 12-18-2020 at 0355 hours, a male was inside his house sleeping located at the 9000 BLK of 3 Ave SW. The victim heard a loud noise outside his window. The victim saw that a male was under his truck cutting something, and there was a second male standing up being the lookout. The victim saw the suspects get in a green small van, and one of the suspects shot a round in the air. The suspects drove away Southbound on 3 Ave SW. The suspects took the muffler from the victim’s vehicle. Officers checked the area for the suspects and evidence, but nothing was located. King County was notified about the suspect’s vehicle.

INTRUDER ARRESTED: Also from the Significant Incident Reports:

On 12-17-2020 at 1723 hours, officers responded to a burglary in the 6300 block of 34 AV SW. The suspect, who does not live at this apartment building, made entry via the south stairwell door and then proceeded to the 2nd floor. Once on the 2nd floor, the suspect forcibly kicked in the victim’s front door after she refused to let him in and then entered the apartment. Suspect was still inside the victim’s apartment when officers arrived on scene. Suspect was arrested and booked into the King County Jail for Investigation of Burglary without incident.

UPDATE: Apartment fire in South Delridge

December 17, 2020 12:03 pm
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(Added: WSB photos)

12:03 PM: Seattle Fire has just arrived at a residential-building fire in the 9200 block of 16th SW [map]. It’s reported to be on the multi-unit building’s second floor.

12:07 PM: At least one person is reported to need medical treatment.

12:15 PM: Firefighters tell dispatch the fire is “tapped” (mostly out).

12:20 PM: Our crew on scene confirms even the smoke has dissipated. Avoid the 16th/Barton vicinity for a while, though, since as our newly added photos show, the response is blocking 16th.

12:30 PM: SFD tells us at the scene that the residents of the unit where the fire happened have all been checked out and no one will have to go to the hospital. An investigator is on the way to look into how the fire started.

UPDATE: Power outage in South Delridge, Westwood, White Center, Highland Park

2:34 PM: Getting word of a power outage – hearing from South Delridge and White Center so far. Not mapped yet. Anyone else?

2:37 PM: 3,760 without power – just came up on City Light map. No cause yet.

2:58 PM: The outage is affecting some traffic signals, including on Roxbury – remember that an out or flashing signal becomes a 4-way stop. Also reported to be affected: At least part of Westwood Village.

3:20 PM: There’s a multi-vehicle crash at an apparently affected intersection, 16th/107th, with one car reported on its side. King County Sheriff’s Deputies are on scene. Meanwhile, we have a message out to SCL seeking the latest on the outage’s cause.

3:32 PM: Via Twitter, City Light just said it’s “troubleshooting” the cause. But we just got a text that power’s back for at least some.

3:39 PM: The map shows just under 400 customers now still without power, mostly in the Greenbridge area. Adding the updated screengrab above.

3:51 PM: Here’s the crash scene at 16th/107th, east side of the intersection:

Deputies say three cars were involved and the signal (back on now) was out at the time. No injuries. They’re just waiting for tow trucks.

5:56 PM: SCL map shows everybody’s back on.

6:07 PM: SCL tells us that “underground cable failure” is what they believe was the cause.

DELRIDGE ROAD WORK: Construction to resume next week after COVID pause

Separate from this morning’s news that the RapidRide H Line launch is again being pushed back, there’s word that SDOT’s contractor paused road work this week because of a virus outbreak:

Out of an abundance of caution and with the utmost concern for the safety of the crew and community members, our contractor on the Delridge Way SW construction project voluntarily suspended work this week after learning of an increase in COVID-19 by people scheduled to report to the jobsite. Work is expected to resume next week after further testing, quarantining, and reporting to the City is complete.

This work suspension is not expected to impact the overall project schedule at this time. We have already begun working with individual residences to address access issues. Solid waste collections will resume on individual residence’s next service day, and all extra solid waste will be collected at that time. We are aware of the impacts this pause has had on sidewalk, side street and driveway closures along the corridor. Thank you for your patience as we work to safely resume construction.

So far, SDOT projects the restart is likely to happen on Monday. Here’s the weekly update of what’s now scheduled for the week ahead.

Delridge’s RapidRide H Line launch delayed for the third time

(Screengrab from newly updated H Line website)

Another West Seattle transportation-project delay has just been announced. First, as we reported earlier this week, it was an extra year added to the schedule for Sound Transit light rail; today, King County Metro has sent word that the RapidRide H Line won’t launch until 2022, instead of the previously planned 2021. This is actually the third delay – the conversion of Route 120 was originally projected for 2019, then that was pushed to 2020, then to 2021, and now to 2022. Here’s how Metro explains the latest delay:

The revision in the service launch schedule is due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it had on reaching 100% project design. The RapidRide program also was impacted by King County Metro’s budget revenue shortfall and the difficult decision was made to suspend some RapidRide lines at this time. RapidRide H Line remains a priority to Metro and will be fully funded.

As drivers, riders, and pedestrians are well aware, an extensive road-rebuilding/repaving and utility-upgrade project is under way along much of Delridge Way to prepare for the H Line. We’re checking with SDOT – which is leading that part of the project – to see how this will affect that schedule.

ADDED: From SDOT’s project spokesperson Adonis Ducksworth: “Major construction for SDOT’s portion of the Delridge Way SW – RapidRide H Line project is still scheduled to be completed in 2021. We are committed to upgrading the roadway, sidewalks and utilities on Delridge Way SW and we want to limit the duration of construction impacts to the community to the extent possible. King County Metro’s service launch revision does not impact our delivery timeline and we will continue working as quickly and safely as possible.”

UPDATE: Delridge blocked after driver crashes stolen car into pole

(Added: WSB photo)

5:27 PM: Thanks for the tips. SDOT says there’s a crash at Delridge/Findlay; we have reports that Delridge is blocked further north, at Hudson. One report is a possible driver-vs.-pole crash – on our way to check. Avoid tbat section of Delridge in the meantime.

5:50 PM: Delridge is blocked north of Brandon.

6:10 PM: The crash is by the P-Patch. Closure starts at Hudson. SPD tells us the car was stolen; the driver is not seriously hurt, and is in custody. Adding photo. They’re awaiting City Light to deal with the pole, so this might be closed a while.

7:43 PM: As noted in a comment below, Delridge is still closed. Metro also is continuing to reroute the 120 off Delridge between Oregon and Orchard.

8:35 PM: City Light is there now – a reader texted this photo (thank you!):

By the way, this isn’t the first driver-vs.-pole crash SCL had to deal with today/tonight – on Capitol Hill, a crash is reported to have taken out TWO, and caused an outage (which this did not).

1:03 AM: Metro has texted/tweeted that the 120 is back to its normal Delridge routing, which means the road has reopened.

DELRIDGE PROJECT: SW Thistle closure ahead, and what else is planned this week

Just east of that intersection at Delridge Way SW, SW Thistle will be closed for several weeks, starting as soon as tomorrow. That’s part of what’s coming up in the ongoing street/utility work preparing for next fall’s RapidRide H Line launch. SDOT says its contractor will close SW Thistle between Delridge and 20th “to complete temporary signal work and to demolish and rebuild the sidewalk.” Some driveways will be affected intermittently. Other notes include:

*Once SW Hudson reopens, SW Brandon will be closed on the east side of Delridge. This too will include some driveway impacts

*Puget Blvd SW near the Delridge P-Patch is expected to reopen this week

*Electrical upgrades at the bus stop on the west side of SW Andover are expected to start this week

*Electrical work continues in the sidewalk between SW Orchard St and 21st Ave SW

*Vehicle-detection loop installation and concrete work at the intersection of SW Oregon and Delridge has been rescheduled to mid-December

See the full update of what’s happening now and next by going here.

DEVELOPMENT: Comment time for 9201 Delridge Way SW, with an address change

(Massing sketch from October meeting)

Now that the newest plan for the ex-auto-shop site at 9201 Delridge Way SW has passed the first phase of Design Review (here’s our coverage from October), the project team has applied for a land-use permit, and that’s opened the next round of comments. The project is in the city-circulated Land Use Information Bulletin today with a different address, 9208 20th SW. The proposal is now for a 5-story, 77-unit building – 73 apartments and 4 small efficiency dwelling units, and no offstreet parking. You can comment through December 16th; this notice explains how. The project also will have to have at least one more meeting before the Southwest Design Review Board; no date yet

WEST SEATTLE HOLIDAYS: Delridge Grocery Co-op offering gift baskets

December 2, 2020 4:20 pm
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Yet another option for online holiday shopping – the Delridge Grocery Co-op, working toward a food store in the heart of Delridge, is taking orders for gift baskets through December 11th. You can support the co-op and local producers by buying one (or more)! If you haven’t already seen it in our Holiday Guide, here’s the announcement:

The Delridge Grocery Co-op is now selling its first Holiday Gift Basket in addition to its weekly DGC Essentials produce box. Packed full of sweet, savory, spicy, and soft local delights, the DGC Holiday Gift Basket is great for sharing with friends and neighbors, sending as a gift to work colleagues, or treating yourself. Priced at $60 for pickup or delivery, it includes a specially curated selection of delightful foods from local businesses around Seattle and the Pacific Northwest plus a hand-dyed tea towel — all in a reusable wooden half-bushel basket.

You can order the DGC Holiday Gift Basket now through December 11, and it will be available for pickup or delivery on December 19. You can get a box delivered to your home, or specify another West Seattle address to receive the box. (Deliveries are limited to the West Seattle peninsula, as far south as Roxbury.)

Here’s what you’ll get in the DGC Holiday Gift Basket:

Vanilla Salted Caramel Gourmet Popcorn (Cobb’s)
Preserved Lemons (Villa Jerada)
Pickled Green Beans. (Seattle Pickle Co.)
Black Truffle Mustard (Mustard and Co.)
Everything on Everything, Classic Blend (Stocked Kitchen)
Haxan Hot Sauce, Various Flavors (Haxan Ferments)
San Juan Sea Salt Chocolate Bar (Patty Pan Cooperative)
Blueberry Jam (Sidhu Farms)
Shibori-Dyed Indigo Tea Towel (hand-dyed in West Seattle by DGC board member)

Get details on all the Holiday Gift Basket contents at the DGC website.

As for the DCG’s ongoing Essentials Boxes – see our story from earlier this fall.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Catalytic-converter thieves strike again

Reader report from Ellie: “Our 2009 Toyota Prius had its catalytic converter stolen when parked on the street at 25th and Hudson. It’s normally in a garage but we had to leave it out due to the Delridge road work closing driveway access. Apparently these have been on the rise recently, as it is fairly easy to remove in under 2 minutes from below the car and it contains precious (metals). … It’s happening to more Priuses than other cars, and there are guards that can be installed to help prevent it. It was a bit of a nightmare to discover as the repair costs are more expensive than the car itself. Fortunately for us we have comprehensive coverage that will cover it but there’s still a hefty deductible.” Earlier this fall, the Southwest Precinct issued an alert that these thefts were spiking; they’ve been a problem off and on for years – our archives include reports going back to 2008.

DELRIDGE PROJECT: Road work resumes Monday

After the long holiday weekend, work resumes tomorrow on the Delridge project (re)paving the way for RapidRide H Line. Here are the toplines from SDOT:

*SW Hudson St and 23rd Ave SW may reopen on the east side of Delridge Way SW as early as this week
*SW Willow St and SW Brandon St may close on the east side of Delridge Way SW as early as this week
*Vehicle-detection loop installation at SW Oregon St and Delridge Way SW rescheduled, to begin as early as December 7
*Pipework to resume at SW Juneau St as early as December 4
*Demolition on the west side of Delridge Way SW between SW Holly St and SW Willow St to begin as early as Monday.
*Electrical work happening in the sidewalk between SW Orchard St and 21st Ave SW. Pedestrians are encouraged to cross Delridge Way SW at SW Holden St or SW Orchard St.

The full preview of the work plan for the coming week is here.

UPDATE: 1 hurt in stabbing at Delridge bus stop

November 27, 2020 3:35 pm
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3:35 PM: Thanks for the tip. SFD and SPD had a “scenes of violence” response just before 3 pm at Delridge/Andover. SFD tells us most units were canceled before arrival – the initial report was a woman with a knife injury, which turned out to be minor. Working to find out more.

3:37 PM: Police have already cleared the scene.

3:47 PM: SPD replied to our subsequent email inquiry: “Victim reported he was waiting for the bus when a known male came up to him and they began talking. Victim turned around and then said suspect attacked him, unprovoked, with a knife, then fled in a vehicle. … Victim has a minor injury to his ear and will be transported to the hospital by AMR.”

DELRIDGE PROJECT: More closures on the way

November 20, 2020 8:43 pm
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(SDOT photo)

The Delridge road-work crews that are paving the way for RapidRide H Line will take next Thursday/Friday off for the holiday, but otherwise it’s full speed ahead through fall and winter. More closures are ahead, SDOT says – from the weekly update, the status of side streets:

Side street closures on the east side of Delridge Way SW during demolition and paving

Currently closed (timing is weather-dependent and may change):
SW Alaska St (reopening date not yet determined; thank you for your patience)
SW Hudson St (through the end of November)
23rd Ave SW (through the end of November)
Puget Blvd SW near the Delridge P-Patch Community Gardens (through the end of roadway paving)

Closing soon (timing is weather dependent and subject to change)
SW Brandon St (closed when SW Hudson reopens)
SW Willow St (closed when 23rd Ave SW reopens)
SW Thistle St (beginning of December)

Paving between Edmunds and Hudson may move to an additional lane as soon as tomorrow. Then next week, paving will start between Hudson and Puget. The full update for the week ahead is here.