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Next up for Summer Concerts @ Hiawatha: The Service Providers

Tomorrow night’s Summer Concerts at Hiawatha band, The Service Providers, has a serious rock pedigree. Here’s part of the explanation:

The Service Providers is a new project of Brian Naubert, Dave Fox, Mike Musburger, and Arthur Roberts.

How they started: Mike and Arthur played together in The Posies. Arthur left the Posies to play in Sushirobo and Peach. Mike and Dave played together in The Posies. Dave left the Posies to play in Flop. Mike left the Posies to play in the Fastbacks. Brian played in Popsickle. Brian left Popsickle. Mike, Dave and Brian played together in Tube Top. Mike, Dave, and Brian left Tube Top. Mike, Dave and Brian played together in Ruston Mire. Now, Mike, Dave, Arthur, and Brian play together in The Service Providers.

(If you saw the Fastbacks at SPF30 last Saturday, you saw Mike.) The Service Providers describe their sound as “a crackling bonfire of hard guitar rock, rife with unabashed pop hooks and formidable chops. … catchy as hell, treating heartbroken love songs and post-ironic party anthems with equal dexterity. … something like stumbling into a bar fight between Blue Oyster Cult, Devo, and the Kinks — amped on adrenaline and bleeding nostalgia.” They’re releasing a record with help of a crowdfunding campaign – the page for it includes two sample tracks, if you’d like to preview their music before packing up your chair/blanket/picnic dinner and heading to the east lawn at Hiawatha Community Center – along Walnut south of Lander, 6:30 pm Thursday (August 16th) – free! (The series is in its 10th summer and WSB has been a co-sponsor since the start.)

Next up for Summer Concerts at Hiawatha: High-energy sound from General Mojo’s

Before we get to SPF30 … there’s Hiawatha 4! You’re invited to the fourth of this year’s six free Summer Concerts at Hiawatha, 6:30 tomorrow night on the east lawn at Hiawatha Community Center. This week, you’ll see and hear General Mojo’s, whose lead singer Heather Thomas describes their live performances as “high energy and danceable, inviting and empowering.” Here’s a preview:

Stephanie Jordan, who organizes the concert series for the Admiral Neighborhood Association, notes, “On their website, they relate themselves to the Flaming Lips and ‘a renaissance of familiar soundscapes that recall the tradition of long-haired frontmen making fuzzy yet catchy rock sound’.” Go see for yourself Thursday night! Bring your own chair, blanket, picnic dinner; the concert site is along Walnut south of Lander. (Concert series co-sponsors include WSB.)

STUFF THE BUS DIAPER DRIVE: Talarico’s trivia tonight; WestSide Baby HQ party Sunday

July 18, 2018 1:00 pm
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(WSB photo: WestSide Baby’s diaper-drive bus at West Seattle 4th of July Kids’ Parade afterparty)

The heart of summer also brings the heart of WestSide Baby‘s biggest diaper-donation drive of the year, Stuff the Bus! Here are two opportunities for you to contribute:

TALARICO’S TRIVIA TONIGHT: Host Phil Tavel says, “This week, Trivia Night at Talarico’s is supporting the WestSide Baby diaper drive. Help give to parents and their children who don’t have enough diapers. Instead of cash, bring diapers! Any size for children. If you can’t bring diapers, bring cash and we will buy the diapers – but, bring diapers! There will be a nice prize for the team that brings the most diapers. Also some raffle prizes as well.” 8:30 pm until about 10:15 pm. (
Starts at 8:30 and goes until about 10:15. (4718 California SW)

STUFF THE BUS BASH ON SUNDAY: Again this year, WS Baby is inviting everyone to bring diapers to its headquarters for a big party – that’s noon-3 pm this Sunday (July 22nd):

Fun during the afternoon will include…

Tours of our new, expanded warehouse
Diaper Dash – a short race for baby crawlers & non-walkers!Article Image
Trike Race – fun for kids ages 2-6 (we will provide trikes & helmets!)
Diaper Relay – because adults want to have fun too!
Kids games, arts & crafts!
Live music
Local food trucks
Free lemonade stand
Free ice cream!
And, most importantly, we will be stuffing our WestSide Baby Bus with your diaper donations!

Donating to our summer drive can be as easy as bringing a package of wipes, or an open package of diapers with you.

All welcome! (10002 14th SW)

THURSDAY: Father-daughter card-game designers invite you to Goatfish release party

Ever wonder what happens AFTER successful crowdfunding for a project? West Seattleites Chad and Lillian Gray can tell you – in the photo they shared, they’re holding some of the results of last year’s Kickstarter crowdfunding to produce the card game they designed, Goatfish! It’s been distributed to backers and is now available to all. So they’re celebrating its release with a family-friendly event tomorrow night (Thursday, July 12th) at Meeples Games (3727 California SW), 6:30-9:30 pm: “There will be game decks available to play and an official Goatfish tournament with prizes!” You can also check out Goatfish in the Meeples Games booth at West Seattle Summer Fest this Friday-Sunday in The Junction.

Alki Beach beware – Seafair Pirates Landing tomorrow!

July 6, 2018 4:42 pm
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(2016 Seafair Pirates sighting offshore, photographed by Paul Panzl, from the yacht Pearl)

Alki Beach will be awash in pirate fans tomorrow (Saturday, July 7th) as the Seafair Pirates approach for their annual landing. As usual (as previewed here last month), the occasion calls for an all-day festival, 10 am-5 pm, with vendors, kids’ rides, and music. The stars of the show will be ashore sometime in the early afternoon – last estimate we heard is 1:30ish, but that could change … they’re pirates, after all. You’ll usually hear cannon booms offshore as they get close; eventually they’ll pull up in their landing craft and wade ashore, into the crowd that gathers near Alki Bathhouse (60th SW/Alki SW). Their non-seagoing Moby Duck usually awaits them along the street, but not until their arrival has been followed by photos and pillaging. This is the first big event of the four weeks at the heart of Seafair; the Pirates will be back for the West Seattle Grand Parade two weeks later, but this is the one time you get to see them sail in! (Forecast, by the way, looks perfect.)

Registration time! 2018 West Seattle Car Show plan revs up – 4 ways to be part of it

June 13, 2018 3:40 pm
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(WSB photo, 2017 West Seattle Car Show)

Registration is now open for the 11th annual West Seattle Car Show – and we have some details you might be interested in even if you don’t plan to show off a vehicle.

West Seattle Autoworks and Swedish Automotive (WSB sponsors) are presenting the show again this year. It’s set for 10 am-3 pm Saturday, August 25th, in the big north lot at South Seattle College (also a WSB sponsor), whose automotive program benefits from the proceeds.

To register – download a form here. Organizers have made some changes to the categories and other registration details so judging will go more smoothly. Also new: “A call for car clubs to pre-register — if we get a minimum of 5 vehicles pre-registered from any one club, we will provide a trophy specific to the club!” (Register by July 31st to get in on that.)

Want to be a sponsor? Here’s the form for that. You’ll be helping make this a fun day for all.

Can you volunteer? Here’s the form for that.

And there’s one more special request from the folks at WS Autoworks and Swedish Automotive: “Though we are happy to have been able to rescue the West Seattle Car Show when its organizer Michael Hoffman passed away suddenly, we also would like to find some dedicated folks to join the committee and take over the bulk of the duties for the production of the show next year. If there are supporters out there who would be willing to carve out some time and get involved, we would welcome you!”

P.S. And for show visitors – this year’s features (besides the vehicles!) will include a hot-dogs-and-burgers BBQ by the West Seattle Kiwanis Club, beverages available from the Northwest Wine Academy, kids’ activities in the NWA building, “Don’t Drip and Drive” inspections plus bulb checks, tours of the adjacent Seattle Chinese Garden … details on all that as the summer proceeds!

West Seattle weekend scene: Community barbecue sizzles at Roxhill Park

ORIGINAL REPORT, 12:38 PM: The sun made an unforecast appearance and there’s a good crowd at Roxhill Park for the first community barbecue organized by neighbors working to get more community involvement with the park – the cookout tent in our top photo is just part of it. Stop by for not only your free food, but also to find out more about what’s at the park, to share your ideas about potential future events and activities, and to connect with other groups and agencies.

We spotted Southwest Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner and West Seattle Emergency Communications HubsCindi Barker, among others.

It’s on until 2 pm, just past the playground along 29th south of Barton. More photos later!

4:24 PM: Photos added above – plus, other barbecue scenes – that was Earl Lee on the grill:

Visitors got a chance to learn about wildlife in the park:

And support from nearby community groups – here’s Highland Park Action Committee vice chair Gunner Scott:

And, courtesy of organizer Kim Barnes, video from local musicians who played after our visit:

Eric and Ludovic, Roxhill Elementary parents, played music from Burkina Faso. Missed the party? Keep up with Roxhill Park’s community-centered future at

UPDATE: Emerald Water Anglers’ Fly Fest @ Me-Kwa-Mooks doubles as an occasion to give

June 2, 2018 12:39 pm
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(WSB photos)

12:39 PM: It’s that one day of the year when you’ll find all the fishing-related activity inland – gear demos/tryouts, classes, and more are all happening at Me-Kwa-Mooks Park (4503 Beach Drive SW) during the annual Emerald Water Anglers (WSB sponsor) Fly Fest. That includes, coming up at 1, the highly competitive (and tasty) EWA Staff Cookoff:

See the plan for the rest of the day here.

4:26 PM: We don’t know yet who won, but the dishes in contention sounded scrumptious – from a pork-belly banh mi to a fancy BLT to scallop sliders. Meantime, Fly Fest was also an occasion for EWA and the fishing community to give back. For one, while classes and clinics were free, donations were accepted for Casting for Recovery. For two, the Wild Steelhead Coalition was represented to accept a special donation:

EWA proprietor Dave McCoy’s daughter Nessa McCoy created art to sell at the shop and by donating $2.50 from each piece, raised $1.800 for the WSC!

EWA’s shop is at 4502 42nd SW in The Junction.

VIDEO, PHOTOS: Second year for Loop the ‘Lupe!

June 2, 2018 11:38 am
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11:38 AM: Perfect day for a 5K … and an obstacle course … and a Senior Saunter … and a Youth Dash … the four events comprising the second annual Loop the ‘Lupe at Walt Hundley Playfield! More than 400 people were signed up by the time the warmups started, preceding the obstacle course. Next up, the family 5K fun run/walk at 11:45, followed by the quarter-mile seniors’ loop at 12:15, kids’ 1K at 1 pm. Even if you aren’t joining in, you’re welcome to join the party at the playfield (34th and Myrtle) – beer garden and music! WSB is this year’s media sponsor; the event supports the social-outreach work at Our Lady of Guadalupe’s Walmesley Center. We’ll have more photos in a bit.


They ran … they climbed …

They made it through the mud …

Then there were the fearsome squirter-wielding OLG kindergarteners along the obstacle course, too:

Did we mention balancing?

(added) And here’s how it all began:

When all is tallied, we’ll add an update from race director Brian Callanan.

PHOTOS: West Seattle Sportsmen’s Club free ‘fishing pond’ for kids

(WSB photos)

That toddler was admiring one of the ~250 trout stocked in a temporary pond at Seacrest Pier by the West Seattle Sportsmen’s Club for its annual free fishing event this morning.

As noted in our calendar and today’s highlight list, you have until 11 am – the club provides the gear as well as the fish. Casey is helping out with cleaning the catch:

The club does this every year – you can check on their other activities at

Haven’t been to Seacrest? 1660 Harbor SW – where you’ll also find the Water Taxi dock.

Less than a week until you can Loop the ‘Lupe in West Seattle: Get a signup deal now!

(Photos courtesy Loop the ‘Lupe)

You can run, you can crawl, you can climb … you can even laugh because it’ll be so much fun! Just six days until the 5K with personality (and options), Loop the ‘Lupe, next Saturday in West Seattle.

You can tackle the entire obstacle course, or make it a 5K family run/walk, or try two other options – the Senior Saunter, a quarter-mile loop, and a 1K Kids’ Dash. It’s all happening at Walt Hundley Playfield (34th/Myrtle), kitty corner from Our Lady of Guadalupe, which organized the event for the first time last year and found it to be so much fun, they’re doing it again. Did we mention, there’s live music and a beer garden? This is an event for everybody, whether you can barely get yourself off the couch, or whether you’re so fit you ca barely sit still. Here’s the timeline for Loop the ‘Lupe day on Saturday (June 2nd):

11:00 AM – Loop The ‘Lupe! Obstacle Course Challenge

11:45 AM – 5K Family Fun Run/Walk

12:15 PM – Senior Saunter

1:00 PM – Youth Dash

ALL DAY – Loop The ‘Lupe’! after party featuring live music with Northwest party legends BottleRockit, plus food & drinks for purchase and a beer garden provided by The Beer Junction!

You can get a special 10 percent discount on the obstacle course or 5K right now by signing up with the code WSB10. Go here to register right now! (WSB is Loop the ‘Lupe’s media sponsor, and we look forward to seeing you there!)

West Seattle weekend scene: Colman Pool’s first day of 2018

May 26, 2018 6:17 pm
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(WSB photos)

Walking along the Lincoln Park shore this afternoon, we stopped for a few photos between the second and third swim sessions of Colman Pool‘s first 2018 day. The pool is open again tomorrow and Monday, starting at noon each day, the first of four “pre-season weekends” before its short 7-day-a-week season starts on June 18th. The full schedule brochure is here (PDF); the brochure includes the list of fees, including the extra-but-optional slide charge that this poolside sign notes:

You’ll want to remember that Colman Pool closes on five days in July for swim meets – this year those dates are July 12, 13, 14, 20, and 21. Never been? Easiest access is to walk/run/bike on the waterside trail, via the Lowman Beach end of Beach Drive, or the Lincoln Park south parking lot access.

P.S. The historic pool celebrated its 75th anniversary just two years ago.

West Seattle Outdoor Movies 2018: Here’s the lineup!

It’s official! The lineup is set for this summer’s slate of six free Saturday night West Seattle Outdoor Movies presented at the West Seattle YMCA (WSB sponsor) in The Triangle:

July 21 – Wonder Woman
July 28 – The Secret Life of Pets
August 4 – Star Wars: The Last Jedi
August 11 – A Wrinkle in Time
August 18 – Coco
August 25 – Black Panther

Gates open at 6:30 – bring your own chair/blanket(s) to sit on. The movies start at dusk, and of course that time gets earlier as the summer rolls on. Preshow fun includes kids’ activities at the Y (which supports the series, as does the West Seattle Junction Association, with co-sponsors including WSB); food trucks, concessions, and the always-popular nonprofit-benefiting concessions are in the plan for this year too. See you at the movies!

2 EVENTS FOR 2-WHEELERS: Bike Everywhere Day tomorrow; Alki bike parade Sunday

May 17, 2018 1:10 pm
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Two West Seattle events of note for bicyclists in the next two days:

(Reader photo from last year’s Bike Everywhere Day station)

FRIDAY: Tomorrow is Bike Everywhere Day,” and once again, a “celebration station” is planned beneath the West Seattle Bridge during the morning commute, 6-9 am. The announcement:

West Seattle Bike Connections again hosts a Bike Everywhere Day cycling station at the west end of the Spokane Low Bridge on Friday, May 18, from 6 to 9 AM. Alki Bike & Board will provide simple, on-the-spot bike repairs. Homemade baked goods, beverages and information on bicycling routes and planned improvements will be available, and local biking enthusiasts will be on hand to answer questions about bike commuting, recreational cycling and other biking issues. Please stop on your way out of West Seattle!

(WSB file photo from Alki bicycle parade)

SUNDAY: It’s the 6th annual Costumed Bike Parade on Alki Avenue SW, a fun tradition that local resident and rider Guy Olson has continued to organize even though the city stopped its “car-free day”/Summer Streets events years ago. Just bring your bike and costume to 63rd and Alki in time for the 2 pm parade on Sunday, and get ready to ride eastbound along the beach. (Here’s the rest of the lineup for Guy’s “Alki Daze” festivities, which start Friday night.)

Remember HONK! Fest West in WS? It’s coming to WC next month

(Reader photo from April 2010 HONK! Fest West in West Seattle)

Back in April 2010, there was a glorious day of dancing and music in the streets, with an eccentric edge, as HONK! Fest West came to West Seattle. In the ensuing years, the street festival of wild-and-often-wacky marching musicians has visited other neighborhoods in the city but hasn’t been back here. Next month, though, it’ll be close – HONK! Fest West bands (the list is now online) will spend the festival’s second day on the streets of White Center, 1-6 pm Saturday, June 2nd. It’s free, it’s unpredictable, and you’re invited to drop by for part of it or all of it. (We have a bit more background in our recent White Center Now coverage of a festival briefing for the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council.)

COUNTDOWN: West Seattle 5K on Sunday!

May 14, 2018 9:04 am
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(2017 West Seattle 5K photo by Leda Costa for WSB)

It’s a run/walk for the whole family – and it’s now less than one week away. Sunday (May 20th) brings the first big 5K of the season to our area, the West Seattle 5K, raising money for the West Seattle High School PTSA. Even if you’re not participating, you need to know that the WS5K takes over the waterfront road for a few hours on Sunday morning, so heed those no-parking signs! So you might as well join in. The run/walk starts just after 9 am, leaving from and returning to 61st/Alki, just west of the Bathhouse. If you’re not already signed up, you can still register online – go here. Strollers and leashed dogs welcome! (WSB is a co-sponsor again this year, as we’ve been every year since the WS5K launched in 2009.)

SUMMER CAMP! What Hiawatha’s offering tweens this year

May 4, 2018 11:04 pm
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(Photo from

Continuing our mentions of camp opportunities as summer gets ever close: New Hiawatha Community Center assistant coordinator Andrea Sisco wants families to know about their Tween Camp for kids 11-14:

This is a day camp that runs from 7:00 a.m – 6:00 p.m. where kids get a mix of structured and unstructured recreation time, field trips, and a ton of projects and activities. Each week has a theme like “World Travelers” and “PNW Stomping Grounds.” We offer 10 weeks of camp beginning the week of June 25th and you can register through Hiawatha Community Center for one week, two weeks, all ten weeks – whatever fits your schedule.

You can register online for this and/or other Hiawatha summer-camp opportunities by going here.

HAPPENING NOW: West Seattle Rock Club show, day 2

It rocks … it sparkles … it entertains … it educates! All of the above can be said about the West Seattle Rock Club‘s annual show, and if you haven’t been yet, you still have time to get there.

Of course, you’ll see rocks and gems. You’ll also learn about some of them, courtesy of enthusiasts including local kids:

You can find out where the items on display are from:

And you can find out how they were obtained:

The show’s free … some items are on sale if you’re interested in shopping … otherwise, just wander! It’s inside the Masonic Center at 4736 40th SW until 5 pm.

HAPPENING NOW: Outdoor/indoor fun at West Seattle YMCA for Healthy Kids Day

April 21, 2018 11:24 am
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Inside and out, it’s a big day at the West Seattle YMCA (36th/Snoqualmie; WSB sponsor) – free fun for Healthy Kids Day, until 1 pm!

The Seattle Police Mounted Patrol – based in Highland Park – was visiting while we were there:

Along with activities to keep kids on the move, you can also learn about healthy eating. And the Y staff is ready to help you with everything from summer camp signups to memberships:

Demonstrations too – see the updated list on the Y’s Instagram feed! Today’s fun is all free.

SATURDAY: Healthy Kids Day 2018 at West Seattle YMCA!

(WSB photo from Healthy Kids Day 2017)

Lots happening tomorrow, as you know if you’ve browsed the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar, including one of the year’s biggest family events, Healthy Kids Day at the West Seattle YMCA (WSB sponsor). This free event packs tons of fun into three hours, 10 am-1 pm on Saturday, and it’s open to everyone, regardless of whether you’re a Y member. Activities include healthy cooking demonstrations, arts and crafts, fun games, free cycle helmet with fittings (for the first 100 kids), and program demonstration to motivate and teach families how to develop and maintain healthy routines at home throughout the summer months. Performances too! Here’s the schedule:

10:15 Halau Hula ‘o Lono

11:30 Y Staff Dance Team

12:00 Y Karate Demo

12:30 Zumba Dance-a-Long

The Y is at 36th SW/SW Snoqualmie (map) in the West Seattle Triangle. And if you decide to become a member during HKD – no joining fee.

HAPPENING NOW: West Side Presbyterian’s 2018 ‘garage sale,’ final hours

March 10, 2018 11:47 am
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Searching for a spinning wheel? We spotted that one a short time ago at the West Side Presbyterian Church Gigantic Garage Sale, in its second and final day until 3 pm. Or maybe you need a vase for the spring flowers that are starting to bloom?

Whatever you’re looking for, it just might await you. WSPC is at 3601 California SW.

P.S. Just nine weeks to go until West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2018 (Saturday, May 12th), coordinated by us here at WSB – if you’re planning to have a sale this year, watch for registration to start in early April as usual!

AT THE LIBRARY: Putting the tech in textile

February 27, 2018 8:58 pm
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(WSB photos)

Almost every day, our calendar listings feature cool free programs you can enjoy at local Seattle Public Library branches. This past Sunday, we were invited to stop by the High Point Library to photograph one of them – a workshop about “E-Textiles.”

Participants learned how to use sewing machines – and how to add electronic components to their projects:

The result could be, for example, a T-shirt with embedded lights. Checking the library system’s Calendar of Events, we note that a shorter, kid-geared “e-textiles” session is planned as part of Tinkerlab, at the West Seattle (Admiral) Library, 2:30-4 pm March 21st.

GOOD TIME, GOOD CAUSE: ‘Fund the Future’ in Highland Park

Saturday night, you’re invited to have a good time for a good cause – a big party with food, drink, and one of the coolest “photo booth” settings ever, all for the Highland Park Elementary PTA, which shares this announcement:

The Highland Park Elementary PTA is putting on our first-ever auction, and we need your help! Our event is less than a week away, February 3rd, and we’ve sold only 61 out of 150 tickets.

An energetic and resourceful group of parents got together to organize our ‘Fund the Future’ auction – featuring delicious food from Joanie’s Catering, tasty cocktails, a ton of items up for bid, games, and a DeLorean. Yes, a DeLorean! Dressing up in costume from your favorite era is encouraged (bonus points for working in the ‘Back to the Future’ theme). Need childcare? Lil’ Bug Studio is showing their support by offering a Parents’ Night Out during the event so your school-aged children can have a fun night out too.

Fundraising is an essential job of any PTA, but a significant challenge at a school where over three quarters of our students come from low-income families. While the Highland Park PTA’s budgetary needs are just a fraction of more affluent schools, we still need to raise funds so we can provide enrichment opportunities for our amazing students, support our hardworking staff, and bring all of our families into the school through events.

We just brought the Science On Wheels program to our school and every student spent a memorable day exploring astronomy. We are beginning construction on a 4-year-old project to build a playground and in two months students will have play structures for the first time. We are trying to make sure our 5th graders have the opportunity for a transformational outdoor experience at IslandWood.

Help us continue this impactful work by going to our party! You can find out more about ‘Fund the Future’ at our blog, and tickets are available for purchase at Brown Paper Tickets. If you can’t make the event, please consider helping our 5th graders get to IslandWood.

Be the lightning that powers our school family into the future!

Get your ticket(s) here.

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