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SURVEY TIME! Here’s how to provide your West Seattle Summer Fest feedback for this year and suggestions for next year

(West Seattle Summer Fest 2018 photo by Paul Weatherman)

On this third day after West Seattle Summer Fest 2018, the Junction Association – the merchants’ organization that presents the festival – is ready for your feedback and suggestions! The official Summer Fest survey is online (as well as a note about how last year’s feedback shaped changes for this year). There’s an incentive to answer it, too – drawing for a West 5 (WSB sponsor) gift card – or you can be completely anonymous. Just go here!

P.S. If you need a refresher before responding to the survey, you can scroll through all our Summer Fest coverage in the WSB “West Seattle festivals” archive.

West Seattle weekend scene: Mini-STP bicycle ride to Summer Fest

It’s a tradition every year – the “Mini-STP” bicycle ride to West Seattle Summer Fest! Don Brubeck of West Seattle Bike Connections sent these photos – from North Admiral to Gatewood and then to The Junction:

Don reports, “We did our 6th annual West Seattle STP bike ride today, riding from SW Seattle Street to SW Portland Street, and then back to Summer Fest. A great group of riders, young, old, and inbetween. The shady streets were the best!”

AS-IT-HAPPENED COVERAGE: West Seattle Summer Fest 2018, day 3!

(QUICK INFO: Bus reroutes here … Festival music schedule here … festival food options here … kids’ ride hours and pricing here)
(COVERAGE SO FAR: Saturday night music, here … Saturday evening, here … Saturday morning/afternoon, here … Friday night, with music, here … Friday evening, here … Friday morning/afternoon, here)

West Seattle Summer Fest‘s third and final day is officially under way! The question of the day so far – “where’s the Farmers’ Market?” As seen in our top photo, it’s in its old spot in the parking lot behind KeyBank – same hours as every week, 10 am-2 pm – if you’re trying to enter off SW Alaska, just look for the gap between the kids’ rides, on the alley.

Even if you’ve already been to the festival – today’s the day to come back and take another look, or do some things you missed on your first tour. Such as – support local nonprofits! More than a few of them are selling raffle tickets – including the West Seattle Helpline, West Seattle Food Bank, and the quilters who are donating raffle proceeds from this creation to the Senior Center of West Seattle:

(WSB photo taken Friday)

The crowd has grown quickly today – maybe because it’s expected to be extra-hot later – so far, though, nice breeze! Mainstage music (California north of Oregon) starts at noon, with Rat City Brass. More coverage to come!

12:19 PM: Another place to find out about, and support, some of your local nonprofits/community groups – GreenLife, headquartered at Junction Plaza Park (42nd/Alaska), where they have a few T-shirts left:

Sustainable West Seattle presents GreenLife, where you can find out about the West Seattle TimeBank, Metro buses, registering to vote, recycling, using solar power, and more, via these booths along SW Alaska east of California:

Diver Laura‘s virtual-reality look under the Salish Sea is not to be missed, either – get to GreenLife!

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Back in other booth rows, it’s a great day to learn about your local businesses (and pick up some swag). HomeStreet Bank (WSB sponsor) is right across from us in the heart of California/Alaska and has several freebies including discs.

Meantime, up at the mainstage, we caught a bit of the zesty Rat City Brass:

At California/Alaska, the Celtic dancers are expected to be back around 1. More coverage to come.

1:37 PM: They were, and it was a lively performance:

Comerford has regular sessions in West Seattle – e-mail celticartsnw@hotmail.com for info. Summer Fest isn’t just about being a spectator – you can participate too! The Giant Games continue up on the north side of California/Oregon, where you can also help paint the community mural. You can also stop by the Info Tent and ask us a question. Minutes ago: “I know Easy Street Records is famous, but WHY is it so famous?” (Our answer was long.)

3 PM: Only two hours left till the festival closes for another year – right now on the SW corner of California/Alaska, it’s the kids’ pie-eating contest.

(Junction Association executive director Lora Swift interviewing the contestants pre-contest)

Passing the Info Tent a few minutes ago, this cool canine:

Don’t miss the chance to contribute to the community mural before the festival ends – on California just north of Oregon:

The West Seattle Junction Association – the local merchants who put this festival on! – will hang the finished mural in a public space. Meantime, many of the sidewalk sales (did you know Summer Fest has its roots in a Junction-wide summer sidewalk sale?) are offering discounts – like the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop (west side of California between Alaska and Oregon), where these potted plant creations were just $4!

Some of the vendor booths are West Seattle merchants visiting from their storefronts. Longtime WSB sponsor Dream Dinners is based on the east outer side of Jefferson Square, and has a Summer Fest booth on the east side of California south of Alaska:

If you haven’t used Dream Dinners before, you can sign up for their open-house deal, for 6:30 pm Tuesday (July 17th) or August 7th – password dinner – make three dinners for $34.99!

3:25 PM: A bit of video from one of this afternoon’s bands:

Onstage coming up at 4 pm – The Dusty 45s rock Summer Fest 2018 to a close.

4 PM: It’s that time! Co-publisher is up catching the start of The Dusty 45s. Meanwhile, Paul Weatherman sent more great aerials:

That’s the heart of the festival – here’s what it looked like from above the Farmers’ Market and kid zones on the west edge of the festival a bit earlier:

When the festival officially ends at 5, the cleanup/breakdown begins, and the streets generally remain closed to traffic until it’s over hours later – but everything will be back to normal by early Monday morning. Remember that NEXT Saturday, California SW is closed again for the West Seattle Grand Parade, until early afternoon – here’s our most-recent preview.

4:30 PM: A taste of The Dusty 45s:

We don’t start packing up until the top of the hour but right across Walk-All-Ways from us is a sign the festival’s wrapping up – the QFC booth (water, coconuts, fruit skewers all weekend) is in cleanup mode.

Big thanks to everyone who’s been in the Info Tent all weekend – it’s our 11th year of being headquartered here and helping answer questions while covering the festival as it happens – lots of great volunteers have been here, as well as The Junction’s event staff (special shoutout to “Skaty” and producer Oliver Little‘s Monumental Undertaking).

5 PM: It’s a wrap! Thanks also to the thousands who made this a mega-party again this year.

VIDEO: Shannon & The Clams at West Seattle Summer Fest

(WSB photos/video. Above, band leader Shannon Shaw)

Up from the Bay Area to headline the second night of West Seattle Summer Fest, behold Shannon and The Clams! We recorded video of parts of the first three songs in their Summer Fest set:

The group’s bio notes they’ve toured and recorded extensively in the near-decade since they formed. They were introduced – as were Friday night’s headliners The Briefs – by West Seattle musician Brent Amaker.

No late-night concert for Summer Fest’s final day – when the festival wraps up Sunday at 5, that means everything. But it’ll be going out in style with the always-popular Dusty 45s at 4 pm (see the full schedule here).

West Seattle Summer Fest reminder: Where to find the Farmers’ Market on Sunday

While we’re working on our last West Seattle Summer Fest report of the night, a reminder about Sunday – Yes, the West Seattle Farmers’ Market IS happening, 10 am-2 pm as always. But since its regular home in the middle of California SW is occupied by street-fair booths, you’ll find the market vendors in the WSFM’s old spot, the parking lot behind KeyBank – south side of SW Alaska, between 44th SW and the alley west of California SW. P.S. Remember that alhough the market starts at 10 as always, Summer Fest booths don’t officially open until 11 am.

AS-IT-HAPPENED COVERAGE: West Seattle Summer Fest day 2, evening report

(QUICK LINKS: Bus reroutes here … Festival music schedule here … festival food options here … kids’ ride hours and pricing here)
(COVERAGE SO FAR: Saturday morning/afternoon, here … Friday night, with music, here … Friday evening, here … Friday morning/afternoon, here)

5:04 PM: Another clear, warm night is on the way at West Seattle Summer Fest 2018! Thanks to Paul Weatherman for the view from dusk last night, looking over the beer garden/main stage zone on California north of Oregon. Today’s music slate continues leading up to headliner Shannon And The Clams at 10 pm. In the meantime, some bonus tunes:

They’re popular – several people stopped by the Info Booth/Tent asking for directions (Verity is on the west side of California just south of Oregon). Here at California/Alaska, a flamenco dancer and musicians wrapped up about half an hour ago:

They mentioned an upcoming show – in Wallingford, not West Seattle, but if you’re interested, here’s more info.

5:26 PM: Another SFD call for aid to the festival – this time to help someone who is reported to have had a seizure. If you are here and need help, of course call 911 first – if it’s something minor, we do have band-aids and sunscreen at the Info Booth/Tent (courtesy of WSB sponsor GoodMed).

6:04 PM: So here’s how things go for the next several hours. First, big night for music – we caught Gypsy Temple a little while ago:

Here’s the schedule. The music stage is on California north of SW Oregon, with the official beer garden right next to it. As for the rest of the festival activities – it’s up to vendor booths whether they want to stay open past 6 or not, so some have closed. The kids’ rides go until 8; the visiting food vendors usually go until then too, and of course many of the year-round venues will run later.

Also – GreenLife continues at the Senior Center (California/Oregon), where you can catch up with Diver Laura‘s “Virtual Salish See” goggles AND at 7 pm, the movie “DamNation” – here’s the trailer:

Haven’t been to GreenLife yet? Here’s the schedule of events at Junction Plaza Park (42nd/Alaska) for tomorrow. Don’t miss the booths, too – West Seattle TimeBank, Resting Waters, King County Metro, among others.

7 PM: We’re folding up the info tent – back later for music!

AS-IT-HAPPENED COVERAGE: West Seattle Summer Fest day 2, first report

(QUICK LINKS: Bus reroutes here … Festival music schedule here … festival food options here … kids’ ride hours and pricing here)
(COVERAGE SO FAR: Friday night, with music, here … Friday evening, here … Friday morning/afternoon, here)

11:34 AM: We’re already into hour 2 of West Seattle Summer Fest day 2, and The Junction is full of people – and pets! At Hotwire Coffee (east side of California SW, just south of SW Genesee), Stanley was one of the first participants in the Furry Faces Foundation fundraiser Paws & Paint (explained in our calendar listing), which continues until 5 pm, today only! Meantime, this is happening inside ArtsWest (west side of California, just south of SW Alaska):

Until 2 pm, you are invited to visit the West Seattle Community Orchestras‘ instrument petting zoo inside ArtsWest. Just found out about it thanks to a question here at the Info Booth/Tent! Which, by the way, we are sharing again today with community organizations/agencies you should stop by to meet – until 2 pm, Seal Sitters are on the south side of the booth, SR3 Sealife Response, Rehab and Research is on the west side.

For any questions you have at the festival, we are on the north side of the booth, West Seattle Junction Association volunteers are on the east side. (We also have info about other upcoming local events – come get flyers about Summer Concerts at Hiawatha, the West Seattle Car Show, WS Outdoor Movies, Tuesday’s West Seattle Big Band Concert in the Park, etc..)

Other highlights as today gets going:
-Until 6 pm, special programming (see the schedule here) celebrating the grand opening of Verity Credit Union (west side of California south of Oregon; WSB sponsor)
-Noon, programming starts at GreenLife in Junction Plaza Park at 42nd/Alaska (schedule here), with a discussion about saving Southern Resident Killer Whales
-12:30 pm, music starts onstage (California north of Oregon), with a School of Rock showcase
-3 pm, adults’ pie-eating contest at California/Alaska (the kids’ contest is tomorrow)

ADDED 12:33 PM: Even more fun …

Here’s the studio those dancers are from. Also, Celtic Dance at 1 pm and Flamenco at 4 pm. Just be in the California/Alaska vicinity to see the magic happen. Elsewhere at the festival right now… go to VAIN (west side of California just south of Oregon; WSB sponsor) for a photo booth benefiting the Senior Center of West Seattle:

1:21 PM: The Summer Fest sights continue:

And we found the wandering “Star Wars” characters. Not stormtroopers after all:

While you wander, it’s not just about the booths – from sidewalk sales to cafés, The Junction’s year-round businesses are going all-out more than ever this year.

Pegasus Book Exchange‘s $1 sale is a hit. And steps away, Easy Street Records‘ café has extra room because of the temporary sidewalk setup:

Right across California from there, Click! Design That Fits (WSB sponsor) has a big sidewalk sale going too – as well as some discounts inside the store:

North of Oregon, the community mural continues to be a work in progress:

And another kind of art continues to be at the heart of the most popular question here at the Info Booth/Tent: “Where’s the face painting?”

Answer: One on each midblock crosswalk hump – plus, you might have noticed on Verity’s grand-opening schedule above, they’re offering facepainting 2-4 pm.

2:45 PM: New group of community organizations here at the Info Booth/Tent:

Endolyne Children’s Choir, West Seattle Be Prepared/Emergency Communication Hubs, and the West Seattle Amateur Radio Club are here now, through 6 pm. On our side of the tent, popular question: Where’s the shaved ice? Answer: By the kids’ rides (same booth as the cotton candy).

3:47 PM: Easy Street changed its marquee this afternoon:

Have we mentioned Easy Street’s huge anniversary sale? Read about it here. Or best of all, just come shop – longtime businesses AND new ones like the one Fleurt (east side of midblock California between SW Oregon and SW Alaska) just launched:

That’s Pili the plant truck aka greenhouse on wheels – part of Inside Wild, launched by Fleurt Collective: “Pili is a mobile plant greenhouse where we offer indoor plants fo sale, plant education, plant matchmaking, and gifts for plant lovers. PILI will be popping up around Seattle throughout the next few months.”

4:26 PM: About to launch the late afternoon/evening coverage. But first – if you’re wondering about an SFD aid response in the ride area, an employee of the company that’s providing rides took ill and is being treated.

VIDEO: West Seattle Summer Fest’s first night rocks to a close

Taking the stage to close out the first night of West Seattle Summer Fest 2018 just after 10 pm … The Briefs. They were – briefly – intro’d by one of last year’s Summer Fest headliners, Brent Amaker:

He told the Summer Fest crowd they “deserved” The Briefs. To deliver on that, they jumped right in.

The slate leading up to The Briefs included another Seattle band, Versing:

Both during and between bands, the official Summer Fest beer garden was the place to be:

Canna West Seattle (WSB sponsor) had a merch tent nearby:

Tomorrow the performances start earlier – with Boom Dance on stage at 11:30 am (the festival resumes at 10) – see the full lineup here.

AS-IT-HAPPENED COVERAGE: West Seattle Summer Fest day 1, report 2

(QUICK LINKS: Bus reroutes here … Festival music schedule here … festival food options here … kids’ ride hours and pricing here)

5:03 PM: Let the music play! Above, that’s Ellie Strauss, part of the Mode Music Studios (WSB sponsor) showcase that kicked off today’s main-stage schedule. Right now, BRACKETS is performing; here’s the schedule for the rest of the night, through The Briefs at 10 pm. The main stage is on California north of Oregon; along California, booths might close as early as 6 – the kids’ rides are scheduled to close at 8 tonight.

5:22 PM: Most-recent question here at the Info Booth/Tent was about the Farmers’ Market on Sunday. It’ll happen 10 am-2 pm as always – but in its old spot, the parking lot behind KeyBank. Though the market hours are the same, the festival doesn’t officially start until 11 am on Sunday. But tomorrow – Saturday – it’s another 10 am start, like today. But let’s not get too far ahead! More festival people – West Seattle’s two highest-ranking Seattle Police stopped by earlier:

At right, Southwest Precinct commander Capt. Pierre Davis, with new Operations Lt. Steve Strand. His predecessor Lt. Ron Smith was a fixture on site at the festival for years – this is the first Summer Fest since his retirement. Also seen from the info booth, a KING 5 News crew:

Our view also includes the QFC booth, which usually sells relatively cheap cool treats during Summer Fest. This year, the menu board features $3 coconuts, $1 water/soda, and $3 fruit kabobs.

6:03 PM: This is official closing time for vendor booths, so the festival is starting to shift to night mode – that means music, outdoor cafés, and at the Beer Garden, the brews include SOL, aka Parking Lot Pale:

The Beer Junction and Elliott Bay (which brewed the special fundraising ale) are pouring it too. Here’s our preview story explaining it. Speaking of beverages … the new bar behind Be’s is open just in time for the festival, as planned:

That’s Tony Larson – whose joint venture with Jade Nguyen and her family, longtime Be’s proprietors, was explained in our June story. You’ll find The Alley off the alley behind Be’s, east side of California just south of Oregon. If you’re here with a too-young-for-bars group … the rides are running until 8:

The rides are open 10 am-8 pm tomorrow too. Meantime, the music rolls on, with Versing set to start at 6:30 pm.

6:38 PM: Speaking of tomorrow – stop by GreenLife in Junction Plaza Park (42nd SW/SW Alaska) and check out #VirtualSalishSee with “Diver Laura” James, starting around 2 pm:

A post shared by Laura James (@diverlaura) on

GreenLife’s not done for the night tonight, though – you’re invited to a singalong in the park at 7 pm.

8:14 PM: We folded up the last section of the Info Tent about an hour ago to head to HQ for a while – planning to be back for tonight’s music headlines. Meantime, Alex e-mailed to suggest we include one more photo of SPD at Summer Fest – this one tweeted by Meeples Games (which has a booth on the west side of the south block):

Summer Fest is full of characters, so to speak. And thanks to the many people who stopped by to say hi today – as well as those who stopped by just looking for info – this is the 11th year that we’ve been honored to help in the info tent/booth (we’re an official Summer Fest media sponsor, too).

At Summer Fest: Southwest Seattle Historical Society celebrates $100,000 donation from Adah Cruzen

4:20 PM: The next beneficiary of Adah Cruzen‘s philanthropy: The Southwest Seattle Historical Society! We got the news from SWSHS while here at West Seattle Summer Fest and took the photo at the SWSHS booth minutes ago.

(Right now) at Summer Fest longtime West Seattle resident Adah Cruzen is (visiting to) tell some stories (to) be turned into impromptu poems by Typewriter Rodeo creator Sean Petrie. Adah recently donated $100,000 from the estate of her late husband, Earl Cruzen, the largest single gift that the historical society has received in its 34-year history.

Adah and Earl’s legacy gift helps the historical society in two major ways: Firstly, for capital repairs and ongoing care to the Log House Museum on Alki such-as porch deck and railing repairs, fence repairs, electrical upgrades, and other much-needed modifications and maintenance; and secondly “staff development and support,” an effort to help the society to expand its offerings to the public by increasing curatorial staff hours, professional development and training, etc. Presently the Log House Museum has two new exhibits on display that the Curatorial team has developed: “Fired Up: Neighborhood Fire Stations on the Duwamish Peninsula,” and “Navigating to Alki: Early Maps of the Duwamish Peninsula.”

The museum will also be launching a music-related exhibit, “Sound Spots: Music of the Duwamish Peninsula,” which opens on August 9, from 12 – 2 pm at the Log House Museum (in part to coincide with Sub Pop’s SPF30 music festival on Alki on Saturday, August 11, 2018).

“Adah and Earl’s gift will help — and has already been helping us — in major ways in our immediate future, and the ripple effects with the Cruzen gift will continue to help us for many years to come. The Southwest Seattle Historical Society owes Adah and Earl Cruzen a huge debt of gratitude for this major legacy gift.”


Comments from Jeff McCord, Executive Director of Southwest Seattle Historical Society

I recently met with Adah Cruzen at the Log House Museum to give her a tour. She and her assistant, Alfredo, stopped by and I took them through our galleries and showed them the exterior of the building. She was pleased to see what we had accomplished, both at the museum and within the community at large.

Adah said that she wanted to share some good news with us about funding that she wanted to provide. She was acting upon the wishes of her husband, who himself was very active in the community. Earl had been a key force behind the creation of 11 murals that originally appeared throughout the Alaska Junction, along with a key mural in the Morgan Junction behind Starbucks. Earl also spearheaded the effort to create the iconic “Walking on Logs” sculpture along the Fauntleroy Expressway and was on the Advisory Council of the Southwest Seattle Historical Society.

I shared with Adah our initiative of ‘Reaching New Audiences, Telling New Stories,’ and talked about the new curator staffmembers we’ve been bringing on to provide more resources for historic interpretation, all of which struck a chord with her. She expressed her support for our staff development, as well as seeing some of the needs we had about capital repairs and improvements to our ADA ramp, porch shoring, fence repairs, lighting and security updates.

Adah then gave us the amazing news about a $100,000 gift to the Southwest Seattle Historical Society. Thank you Adah and Earl!

ADDED 8:38 PM: Jeff shared images of two poems from this afternoon, as well as video of Sean reading one to Adah:

AS-IT-HAPPENED COVERAGE: West Seattle Summer Fest, day 1, first report

(QUICK LINKS: Bus reroutes here … Festival music schedule here … festival food options here … kids’ ride hours and pricing here)

11:51 AM: We are already approaching the third hour of West Seattle Summer Fest 2018 – and what you see above is part of what’s new this year: Giant games, on the east side of California SW, just north of SW Oregon, free for anyone, any age, to play. If you’re not ready to play, browse the year-round merchants’ sidewalk sales and visiting vendors and see who and what’s here. A couple places that caught our eye during our first stroll:

Those booths are both on the south block of California SW, between Alaska and Edmunds. (The Living Computer Museum itself is in nearby SODO – we are definitely making a note to visit sometime soon!) On the east side of that block, you’ll find these two WSB sponsors next to each other:

Talk to GoodMed about their unique plan for helping you and your loved ones stay healthy; talk to Westside School about the preK-8 programs at their campus in Arbor Heights. We’ve noticed MANY WSB sponsors at the festival and we’ll spotlight more through the weekend. Whether you’re new to West Seattle or a longtime resident, this is a great time to discover and celebrate what’s local. And to just plain celebrate – if you’re doing that with the little ones, note that the ride-ticket booth is on SW Alaska, east of 44th SW:

This is the best time to wander the festival – the scheduled events haven’t yet ramped up – first music on the main stage is a Mode Music Studios (WSB sponsor) showcase at 3:30 pm – you’ll also see the folks from Mode at the mentioned-above Giant Games zone. More to come!

P.S. Yes, that’s the Guardian One helicopter that just looped over the festival a couple times. Haven’t seen them over here in a while!

12:33 PM: Lots of people here already – including a West Seattle YMCA (WSB sponsor) tour group of sorts:

That’s one corner of the view from our spot in the Info Booth (aka Info Tent), one place where you’ll also find community groups/organizations/agencies – here’s the schedule. Others are scattered throughout the festival – for example, if you have questions about Sound Transit‘s West Seattle light rail, ST is here …

So is the Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Project, aka viaduct-to-tunnel, asking the big question of whether you’re ready for that big closure when the switchover is made, likely this fall. Both those transportation agencies are in the main row of booths on California SW; wander a bit east on SW Alaska toward Junction Plaza Park and you’ll find the GreenLife zone, with even more community organizations, including the West Seattle TimeBank. GreenLife programming (here’s the schedule) starts at 1 pm, with a welcome from the Duwamish Tribe, followed by a discussion of Native issues.

1:12 PM: That’s been delayed. But there are many reasons to visit GreenLife, focused this year on the health of Puget Sound and other Salish Sea waters. Including the orca ride:

(Several people have asked us about PCC [WSB sponsor] – they’ll be at GreenLife tomorrow, we’re told.) Also on the central-east stub of the festival zone – SW Alaska east of California – you’ll find classic fair food, including elephant ears. Roasted corn, too! If you’re looking for cotton candy – a popular question many years – that’s over next to the kid-rides ticket booth on the west side of SW Alaska.

2:43 PM: For everyone who asked – the official festival Beer Garden (up on California by the West Seattle Eagles HQ and the main stage, north of Oregon) is now open. Meantime, Donna Sandstrom of The Whale Trail – which has a booth this year, west side of California between Oregon and Alaska – tells us that the Southern Resident Killer Whales’ J and K pods have just returned to the San Juans, first K-pod visit there since March.

3:16 PM: Two more WSB sponsors who are here – on the northeast corner of California/Alaska, not far from their bricks-and-mortar studio, Fitness Together West Seattle:

They have a Summer Fest special going on – ten personal training sessions for $500. And in the booths on California, visiting from Delridge (and Burien!), it’s Camp Crockett:

Speaking of dogs, if you bring yours and s/he needs to cool off, check out the Pet Junction zone by Next to Nature along the west side of California just north of Alaska:

We’ve been here six hours now and can attest to the fact that it’s not too hot – nice breeze here in the heart of The Junction (of course, we have some shade). Meantime, music is about to start up at the main stage, and we’ve heard that philanthropist Adah Cruzen is visiting the Southwest Seattle Historical Society booth on the east side of California just south of Alaska starting at 4 pm. We’ll be launching our second report – the afternoon-evening edition – shortly!

VIDEO, PHOTOS: 2018 West Seattle Summer Fest Eve & Art Walk

(For Metro bus reroute info in The Junction through Sunday, look here)

6:40 PM: The streets in the heart of The Junction didn’t close earlier than usual after all … but they’re closed now and West Seattle Summer Fest Eve, combined with the July WS Art Walk, is on!

Impromptu fun is happening in the street as well as planned activities like chalk art:

See our morning preview list for locations where you’ll find chalk art tonight (as well as the WS Art Walk venue map/list and more). Lots of setup under way – from sidewalk cafés to sidewalk sales, including the official farewell banner at Terjung’s Studio of Gifts:

If you missed it when we published it last week, here’s our story about Gregor Terjung‘s decision to retire and close the shop after half a century. Come to The Junction and celebrate your neighborhood, tonight through Sunday! Bubbleman is happening on California south of Alaska right now and a lot more is in store … updates to come.

7:18 PM: If you saw the Junction website mention of a 7 pm surprise on West Seattle Summer Fest Eve – this was it:

(added) This was led by popular local dance-fitness instructor Jennifer Cepeda of DancePowered, who’ll be leading a class on the main stage at Summer Fest Sunday morning at 11 am.

Thanks to Pamela for sending a longer clip:

What next? More music and art! We spotted another chalk creation in progress outside Cupcake Royale:

8:05 PM: Outside West 5 (WSB sponsor), the Yadda Yadda Blues Band is this year’s featured Summer Fest Eve band:

And at California/Alaska, lots more art – both to admire and to co-create, including the community mural that’ll be happening throughout the weekend:

11:14 PM: We’ve added more photos and video above. Remember that the streets are now closed until late Sunday night – the festival ends at 5 pm Sunday but breakdown and cleanup take several more hours. SW Oregon is open for east-west travel, but otherwise California is closed between Genesee and Edmunds, and SW Alaska between 42nd and 44th.

West Seattle Summer Fest Eve, Art Walk, and so much more happening on your Thursday

BIG day/night ahead! First, West Seattle Summer Fest Eve, with street closures in The Junction starting as soon as 4 pm, so festival setup can begin. It’s also become a fun night for locals to wander – and this time, there’s more than ever.

CHALK ART: At the locations on the map below, you’ll find chalk artists starting at 6 pm – you’re invited to join them!

BUBBLEMAN: The popular performer will be at California/Alaska starting at 6:30 pm.

YADDA YADDA BLUES BAND: They’re playing outside West 5 (4539 California SW; WSB sponsor) starting at 7 pm.

In The Junction and beyond, second Thursday means …

WEST SEATTLE ART WALK: Here’s the new venue list/map:

Note that some venues have artists, some have food/drink specials to enhance your Art Walk night, some have both! It starts at 5 pm and goes “until late,” depending on the venue. This month’s highlights are listed here, including the Art Walk debut of Verity Credit Union (4505 California SW; WSB sponsor), where artist Sarah Ghanooni and musician Gretchen Yanover will be featured 5:30-7:30 pm. Also, Click! Design That Fits (4540 California SW; WSB sponsor) will host Erica Gordon of Steel Toe Studios, 5-9 pm.

Remember that, as you can see on the list/map, Art Walk stretches beyond The Junction – for example, Viscon Cellars (5910 California SW; WSB sponsor) is a regular participant, waiving tasting fees for Art Walk’ers, and this month featuring artist Debbie Bianchi 6-9 pm.

What else is up today/tonight, you ask?

LOW, LOW TIDE: Just minutes before we published this, today’s lowest low tide bottomed out at -3.3 feet. Until 12:30 pm, you can meet up with Seattle Aquarium volunteer beach naturalists at Constellation Park (63rd SW/Beach Drive SW) and Lincoln Park (near Colman Pool).

COLMAN POOL CLOSED TODAY … to the general public. Swim-meet closures continue through Saturday (July 14th) and the pool will be back to its regular schedule Sunday (then two more closure dates, July 20-21).

WADING POOLS OPEN TODAY: From the city listLincoln Park (until 8 pm; 8011 Fauntleroy Way SW); EC Hughes (noon-7 pm; 2805 SW Holden); Hiawatha (noon-6:30 pm; Walnut/Lander)

QUAIL PARK MEMORY CARE OF WEST SEATTLE OPEN HOUSE: 1-4 pm, it’s the first public open house for Quail Park Memory Care of West Seattle (WSB sponsor) – refreshments, music, even face painting! (4515 41st SW)

LITTLE LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP: 6 pm at Bar-S, cheer on the West Seattle Little League 11-12 All-Stars as they go for the district championship! (64th SW/SW Admiral Way)

CHRIS DORMAIER: The founder of SoundYoga (WSB sponsor) is the spotlighted author for tonight’s Words, Writers, West Seattle at Southwest Library, 6-7:30 pm. (9010 35th SW)

GOATFISH RELEASE PARTY: The new card game created by West Seattleites Chad and Lillian Gray is available at Meeples Games, and you can go play it tonight to celebrate! (3737 California SW)

GENESEE-SCHMITZ ICE CREAM SOCIAL: The Genesee-Schmitz Neighborhood Council invites you to an ice-cream social, 6:30 pm-dusk. (Future park at 48th/Charlestown)

THE SLAGS: Live, local favorites at Poggie Tavern in The Junction, with guests Snowday, 9 pm! (4717 California SW)

SO MUCH MORE … just go see our complete calendar page!

West Seattle Summer Fest 2018: See the schedule for GreenLife

The three days of West Seattle Summer Fest (Friday-Sunday, July 13-15) include GreenLife, a festival within a festival, presented by Sustainable West Seattle and partners, who describe it as “three days of demonstrations and presentations to inspire more sustainable living,” focused this year on “Save the Orcas and the Salish Sea.” You’ll find GreenLife at Junction Plaza Park, along the north side of SW Alaska west of 42nd SW. GL will feature the “Virtual Salish Sea” exhibition, taking you underwater in Puget Sound via VR, plus an orca ride for kids, and booths with info on living sustainably. Plus – presentations and discussions, as scheduled:

Friday – What can we do?

1:00 pm – Opening Ceremony by the Duwamish Tribe; Discussion: Native American rights
2:00 pm – Make your yard a water cleaner to the Salish Sea
3:00 pm – The Tox-Ick Monster presentation
4:00 pm – Damsense presentation: Free the Snake and other wild rivers
5:00 pm – Diver Laura; Tox-ick
7:00 pm on, Summer Fest and GreenLife singalong

Saturday – Legislative Action!

12:00 pm – Governor Inslee’s Orca Task Force public forum
2:00 pm – Liquid Natural Gas, What it means to the Salish Sea, with Lily Adams
3:00 pm -.Neighbors for Peace and Justice
4:00 pm – Natural Law with Rebecca Campbell
7:00 pm – Free Movie at the Senior Center: “Damnation,” about the removal of the Elwha Dam and the freeing of wild rivers.

Sunday – Solutions

1:00 pm – Liquid Natural Gas: What it means to the Salish Sea, with Lily Adams
2:00 pm – SR3 whale and marine wildlife rescue
3:00 pm – Diver Laura – Tox-ick monster

Festival hours are 10 am-6 pm Friday and Saturday (main-stage music and beer garden running later), 11 am-5 pm Sunday. And remember that the streets start closing at 4 pm today (Thursday) for setup and Summer Fest Eve – more on that later this morning!

West Seattle Summer Fest 2018: 3 reasons to visit California/Oregon corners

This year’s West Seattle Summer Fest is ever closer, and our previews continue! This time, three reasons to explore the corners of California/Oregon on the north side of the festival zone:

ON THE SOUTHEAST CORNER – A RAFFLE! Here’s what you’ll be going for, and the explanation:

Once again, West Seattle Quilters have made a quilt to support the West Seattle Senior Center. Raffle tickets are $1 each and sales begin July 13 at West Seattle Summer Fest outside the Stop ‘n’ Shop. After Summer Fest, you can purchase raffle tickets at the Senior Center reception desk. All the ticket money goes directly to the Senior Center.

The drawing for the winner of this year’s quilt will be held on Friday Sept. 28, 2018, at 8:30 pm during Rainbow Bingo. You don’t need to be present to win.

The handmade quilt is a months-long effort by 28 people. This year’s quilt is titled “Stained Glass,” and the design features fractured squares that shimmer against a modern gray backdrop. This throw-sized quilt is the perfect size for your sofa or a nap!

West Seattle Quilters meet at the Senior Center on the first and third Mondays of the month at 7pm to share quilting ideas and projects. Quilters of all ages, abilities, and quilting styles are welcome to join us!

And right across the street from the Senior Center, just south of the southwest corner of California/Oregon …

VERITY CREDIT UNION GRAND OPENING WEEKEND: The Junction’s new branch of Verity Credit Union (WSB sponsor) is celebrating its grand opening throughout Summer Fest, and has this schedule of events planned at its new storefront:

Friday, July 13
11:00-1:00 caricature artist
1:30-3:30 face painters
4:00-6:00 Elijah Dhavvan

Saturday, July 14
10:00-12:00 caricature artist
12:00-2:00 Champagne Honeybee
2:00-4:00 face painters
4:00-6:00 The Whole Bolivian Army

Sunday, July 15
11:00-1:00 caricature artist
2:00-4:00 Katie Kuffel

GIANT GAMES: And on the northeast corner of California/Oregon, one of this year’s new Summer Fest features – Giant Games! The festival website has the list of 11 games you’ll be able to play for free. Another reminder that festival hours are 10 am-6 pm Friday and Saturday – music and beer garden running later both nights – and 11 am-5 pm Sunday. Still more previews on the way!

COUNTDOWN: Not just festival food at 2018 West Seattle Summer Fest

Continuing to count down to this year’s West Seattle Summer Fest, this Friday-Sunday in the heart of The Junction, it’s time to talk food! As WS Junction Association (the merchants’ organization that presents Summer Fest) executive director Lora Swift explains, “We’re focused more and more on the incredible food you can find right here in The Junction. With each restaurant offering table service, fair specials, plenty of seating, and front-row people watching, grabbing a bite at Summer Fest has never been better or more delicious.” The first list below is year-round food/beverage businesses with “extended service” during Summer Fest – in most cases that means temporary outdoor cafés:

Easy Street Records
Elliott Bay Brewing Company
Great American Diner & Bar
Falafel Salam
Vine and Spoon
The Lodge Sports Grille
Pizzeria Credo
Kizuki Ramen
Seattle Fish
The Beer Junction
JaK’s Grill
West 5
Pecado Bueno
Coastline Burgers
Bin 41

Some – like West 5 (WSB sponsor) – get going with their outdoor café on Summer Fest Eve, so come down tomorrow evening and wander! Meantime, for festival days Friday-Sunday, here are the vendors you’ll find with booths/stands on SW Alaska:

Monster Dogs
3 Little Sisters Filipino Deli
Ray’s Food
Frelard Tamales
Bang Bar
Matador West Seattle
Pecos Pit Bar-B-Que
Tasty Craves Roasted Corn
Kenyan Kitchen

Official festival hours are 10 am-6 pm Friday and Saturday – with music and beer garden running later those nights – and 11 am-5 pm Sunday. But “extended service” also can mean added hours, so wander when you’re at the festival and see what you find! More previews to come …

COUNTDOWN: Community info @ West Seattle Summer Fest 2018

West Seattle Summer Fest is almost here – the streets in the heart of The Junction start closing at 4 pm Thursday for setup and Summer Fest Eve festivities, and then starting at 10 am Friday, it’s on! We’ve been previewing various features of the festival – and right now, we want to call your attention to the question mark on the map above, at California/Alaska. That’s the Information Tent, but as always, it will be more than “just” festival info. It’s also where WSB is headquartered during Summer Fest, for as-it-happens coverage – and it’s also where community organizations/public agencies have free space so you can get community info! Here’s who will have reps there this year and when you can stop by to talk with them:

Friday, 10 am-2 pm

Girl Scouts of Western Washington
Seattle Public Schools Head Start

Friday, 2 pm-6 pm

Neighborcare Health
Making Strides Against Breast Cancer with American Cancer Society Seattle

Saturday, 10 am-2 pm

Seal Sitters Marine Mammal Stranding Network
SR3 Sealife Response, Rehab and Research

Saturday, 2 pm-6 pm

West Seattle Be Prepared
Endolyne Children’s Choir

Sunday, 11 am-2 pm

Seattle Police Department
Seattle Subway

Sunday, 2 pm-5 pm

Southwest Youth and Family Services
West Seattle Rotary Service Foundation

You’ll also find some community orgs at GreenLife in Junction Plaza Park, too.

Later today (Wednesday) – more previews – including Summer Fest food! (And you can browse the festival website for tons of advance info, too.)

Festival hours are Friday 10 am-6 pm, Saturday 10 am-6 pm, Sunday 11 am-5 pm, with music and beer garden running later the first two nights. See you at Summer Fest!

First-ever West Seattle Beer & Music Festival set for next month

Before we get back to previews of imminent summer fun (and other news) – we want to be sure you know about the first-ever West Seattle Beer & Music Festival, which is sponsoring WSB right now to help get the word out. First thing you need to know – this is a 21+ event. It’s happening August 24th through 26th at the Masonic Center in The Junction, offering what organizers describe as “an amazing selection of unique beers, spirits, customized food pairings from local culinary heroes, and an event soundtrack of live music throughout the weekend.”

It’s a benefit, too, with ticket proceeds helping WestSide Baby serve thousands of families in need.

So far, 30 local and national brewers are participating in the West Seattle Beer & Music Festival, with 70 beers, both specialty and familiar. The spirits will be offered in handcrafted cocktails in a special lounge. And the food pairings will be featured in “Sips and Bites” popups “curated by local culinary stars working directly with festival brew masters.” Food on Sunday will include a pig roast, and that’s also Dog Day – when you’ll be able to bring your furry friend.

As for the music – showcased acts include Rippin’ Chicken, Funky 2 Death, Marmalades, and Unsinkable Heaviesplus others – as well as DJ Indica Jones.

“We are thrilled to bring this festival to our community. It’s a very exciting time to be on the Westside,” said West Seattle Beer & Music Festival Association chair Joe Jeannot. (Read more about organizers here.)

READY TO GET YOUR TICKET(S)? There’s a range of festival ticket options, starting at $25. All include a souvenir pint glass, available for pickup at the festival. Limited and VIP ticket offerings are available, with amenities listed by organizers as including “early access, preferred seating, special drinks, private restrooms, custom T-shirts, private pours, and epicurean creations.” Get your ticket(s) here!

COUNTDOWN: Preview the West Seattle Summer Fest visiting-vendor list!

West Seattle Summer Fest 2018 is just a few days away! The streets in the heart of The Junction close at 4 pm Thursday for setup and Summer Fest Eve fun – then West Seattle’s biggest party of the year starts at 10 am Friday. While the year-round Junction merchants, restaurants, and bars are the stars of the show – most with something extra during the festival (outdoor sales, sidewalk cafés, etc.) – 110+ visiting vendors (and organizations) will have booths too, and tonight, while the list is in the process of being added to the official Summer Fest website, we have the names (after the jump if you’re reading from the WSB home page):

Read More

At West Seattle Summer Fest 2018: Drink beer, save parking!

(WSB file photo – one of WSJA’s 4 free-to-shoppers lots)

Continuing our countdown to West Seattle Summer Fest – next Friday, Saturday, Sunday (July 13-14-15) in The Junction – tonight, we’re talking beer. Specifically, a new beer that will make its debut at Summer Fest: SOL (Save Our Lots) Parking Pale! We’ve reported before on the challenge facing the West Seattle Junction Association in continuing to offer free parking; the land it’s on, owned by Trusteed Properties and leased to WSJA, continues to increase in value and therefore property tax, which is passed on to the local businesses who comprise WSJA, under terms of their lease. After an appeal, they’ll get a bit of a reprieve, but that won’t last, so a fundraising campaign is launching, and SOL Pale is part of it. Elliott Bay Brewing Company has brewed it, described as “a hybrid, somewhere between a session style pale ale and a hazy light wheat” with a “citrusy aroma and quaff-ably refreshing finish.” For starters, it’ll be available at Elliott Bay and The Beer Junction; watch for more news about it as Summer Fest approaches. P.S. If you’re not a beer drinker, WSJA is accepting donations for the lots online, too.

COUNTDOWN: See what’s where at West Seattle Summer Fest, with 1 week to go

That’s the official 2018 map for West Seattle Summer Fest, which will be wrapping up Night 1 right about this time one week from now (Friday, July 13th), with The Briefs scheduled as last act of the night. If you’ve been to the festival in recent years, you’ll notice the basic layout is the same, with a few changes – for example, the newly added (free!) game zone will be on the east side of California/Oregon. The California Stage at the north end of the festival zone is where all the entertainment listed here will happen. And if you get lost or have a question – come see the West Seattle Junction Association staff (and us!) in the Information Tent, marked on the map by the big question mark in the heart of what’s Walk All Ways the rest of the year. Summer Fest hours are next Friday and Saturday, 10 am-6 pm (music and beer garden running later), plus Sunday, 11 am-5 pm, with the streets in the heart of The Junction closing at 4 pm Thursday to get going with setup and Summer Fest Eve. More previews to come!

COUNTDOWN! What’s new at West Seattle Summer Fest 2018

(SDOT cam image captured during 2017 West Seattle Summer Fest)

Now that the 4th of July is past – we’re stepping up the countdown for West Seattle Summer Fest, the peninsula’s biggest party of the year, now just eight days away! (Seven, if you are starting with Summer Fest Eve, the Thursday night pre-festival fun – here’s our newest info on that.) We talked with Lora Swift of the West Seattle Junction Association – the merchants’ organization that presents Summer Fest (with co-sponsors including WSB) – to see what’s new this year. Here’s a taste:

-More local restaurants/bars with outdoor cafés – at least 26 at last count, Lora told us! – so the focus is on local food/beverages, with fewer outside vendors
-More activities for teens and tweens
-Giant games
-More signage to point you to the basics, like restrooms
-The music stage will be a bit further north, still on California between Genesee and Oregon
-Shade tents set up around the festival if you need to take a break from the sun ‘n’ fun

Lots more info to roll out, but we’ll start with this. Festival hours are Friday (July 13th) and Saturday (July 14th), 10 am-6 pm, with music and beer garden running into the late evening, plus Sunday (July 15th), 11 am-5 pm. Since the festival takes over California from Genesee to Edmunds, the West Seattle Farmers’ Market on Summer Fest Sunday will be back in the 44th/Alaska parking lot where it got its start (usual hours, 10 am-2 pm). Music lineup is here; pricing and hours for the kids’ rides is here; other info soon!

Whales in The Junction! GreenLife @ 2018 West Seattle Summer Fest

Now that West Seattle Summer Fest 2018 is 13 days away – Friday-Sunday, July 13-15, in The Junction – it’s time to start counting down. First up, let’s talk about GreenLife, the sustainability expo/festival-within-a-festival that you’ll find at Summer Fest again this year. From Stu Hennessey:

The GreenLife Festival will focus on the issues surrounding the failing Southern Resident Killer Whale population and the health of the Salish Sea. There are many solvable issues connected to the decline of our local waters, including Puget Sound. We will examine these issues at the Junction Plaza Park location.

Much of the marine wildlife is in decline, (including) the salmon that our Orcas depend on for survival. The 3 days of the festival will be divided into Day 1: What can we as individuals do? Day 2: What is being done with legislation? And Day 3: What solutions are already helping?

This will be very enlightening for the whole family. We will have a virtual reality underwater tour of the Puget Sound with 3D headsets, presented by “Diver Laura” James. There will be a mechanical Orca whale ride for the kids. You will hear a lot about what is being done by our local governments, and on Saturday night, July 14th, we will be showing the movie “DamNation” at the West Seattle Senior Center (Oregon and California). The movie is free and starts at 7 pm. We hope you are concerned about the decline of our native Orcas and will want to learn more about what can be done. The GreenLife Festival is a project of Sustainable West Seattle. Sponsors include Verity Credit Union, Alki Bike and Board, West Seattle Nursery, PCC, West Seattle Electric and Solar, and Waste Management.

And as part of that:

Governor Inslee’s task force on the Southern Resident Orca crisis wants to hear from you. Task force director Stephanie Solien will be coming to the GreenLife Festival on Saturday, July 14th, at 12 noon.

The objective is to present the task force mission and to hear from the public their concerns and comments about the failing status of our iconic Orca population.

Your concern and your comments can have an impact on what the task force will recommend to the Governor for future action.

You can find out more about the task force here; its other members include West Seattleite Donna Sandstrom, founder of The Whale Trail.

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