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No West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day for 2021. Hopeful for 2022.

If only the decline in COVID-19 cases a few months ago had continued, we might have been able to consider bringing back West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day this year. When people have called or emailed to ask about it, we promised to decide in March. We’ve waited out March as long as we could, but time’s running out, and it’s just not going to be safe this spring. WSCGSD – founded in 2005 and presented by WSB on the second Saturday in May since 2008, until the pandemic – depends on thousands of shoppers thronging hundreds of sales, and it’s going to take a higher level of vaccination and lower number of cases before that’s safe again. The West Seattle Bridge’s ongoing closure doesn’t help matters – since WSCGSD draws shoppers from around the region and as far away as Eastern Washington – but the virus is the main argument against it. Individual garage sales throughout the spring and summer might be OK, so if you choose to have one, remember you can list it for free in the Freebies/Deals/Sales section of the WSB Community Forums. And let’s all hope this is behind us by spring 2022, when West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day would be on May 14th.

No West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day this year, but if you have your own sale later this summer …

If not for COVID-19, today would have been the 16th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, the one event each year that we present/coordinate. But like so many other organizers of the big spring/summer events, we had to cancel or event. Today, like so many WSCGSDs, it’s sunny and warm, perfect day for being outdoors … but we hope you’ll instead enjoy the sun safely – walking, bicycling, running, etc. Garage-sale fans and sellers can look forward to May 8, 2021. Before then – if it’s safe to have sales later THIS summer, remember that you’re welcome to post yours in the WSB Community Forums‘ Freebies/Sales/Trades section. (If you don’t have a log-in for the forums, go here.)

CANCELED: 16th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day

Dating back to 2005, the second Saturday in May has always been West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, which in recent years has involved hundreds of sales and thousands of shoppers. It’s the only event that WSB coordinates and presents every year; we took it over in 2008. This year, WSCGSD was scheduled for May 9th, one month from today, and if not for a certain virus, we would have been registering sales by now. But even if the stay-home order does get lifted in early May as currently scheduled, we can’t imagine it being a good idea to invite people from all over the region to come visit so soon, as we do every year (some shoppers come all the way from Eastern Washington). Not to mention, our area has a bit of a transportation challenge right now. So, we’re canceling this year’s WSCGSD, and holding out healthy thoughts for next year.

P.S. If/when you have your own yard sale later this year – you are welcome to list it free in the Freebies/Deals/Sales section of the WSB Community Forums. (If you don’t have a login, get one via this link.)

THINK SPRING: Looking ahead to West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2020

Did you see it? The sun made a brief appearance at midday today. And if you look closely – now that it’s February – some buds and shoots are starting to appear. All this got us thinking about spring, and we have two dates to mention regarding West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, the one event we coordinate each year after taking it over from its founders starting in 2008:

THE DATE: Saturday, May 9, 2020 – exactly 14 weeks from today
REGISTRATION: It’ll start on April 1st, exactly 2 months from today

If you’re new – WSCGSD isn’t one big sale – it’s one day with hundreds of sales, all sizes, all over the peninsula – not the only Community Garage Sale Day in the city, but the biggest one. Registered sales get on the map and the list; we promote it far and wide. More as we get closer, of course.

POST-GARAGE SALE DAY: After the selling and buying, the giving

As we’ve mentioned, there are at least five ways to donate West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day leftovers this year – and we’ve stopped by three of them. Above, Bruce and Russ are in the carport behind the Senior Center of West Seattle (4217 SW Oregon), where you can drop off donations for the Stop ‘n’ Shop Thrift Store until 6 pm. At 4712 44th SW, Northwest Center‘s truck will be there even later, until 6:30 pm.

And you have two options on 42nd SW until 5 pm – Holy Rosary‘s “Stuff the Truck” for St. Vincent de Paul:

And West Seattle Christian Church has a Goodwill truck plus WS Helpline on the SW corner of 42nd/Genesee:

Our list has full details including contact info for the new group West Seattle Cares that also was interested in certain items.

REPORT #2: Shopping in the sunshine as West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2019 continues


12:19 PM: That pic is from the easternmost sale on the West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2019 map – Sale #276 is actually in South Park (8503 10th Ave. S.) but with at least one piece of classic West Seattle memorabilia – a sign from the old Chuck and Sally’s Tavern (hmm, maybe the one in our 2013 coverage of the tavern’s “closing sale”). Lemonade and ice-cream sandwiches too! … In Westwood, lemonade and treats are raising money for Seattle Children’s at Sale #120 (9819 28th SW):

Another fundraiser sent a pic – Sale #90 (3207 45th SW), Girl Scout Troop 45120:

Theirs is a “7-family sale! Furniture, household goods, clothes, stuffed animals, and baked goods!”

12:51 PM: Just in, a “quick pic of what’s left at 3823 42nd SW”:

That’s Sale #268 – “lots of baby gear and clothes, some vintage ’50s tablecloths and other misc. housewares” … Also just in, video of Sale #28 (5902 41st SW), with accordion accompaniment:

Thanks to Jessica for sending that! … Shelby at Sale #144 (6005 Lanham Place SW) promised “wicked humor” as well as a variety of cool items:

Vintage items from a 1964 manual typewriter to a 1938 Singer Sewing Machine to a 1953 “one owner” air rifle (and more) … Looking for bikes? This photo is from Jonathan at Sale #290 (5061 25th SW):

They realized they were going into their sale with “WAY more than we thought!”

1:40 PM: We have just visited Sale #133, 8421 34th SW (just south of SW Thistle, another site with vintage items among other things:

From there to Sale #300, several neighbors in the 9200 block of 20th SW (south of Barton) – including Andrew and Derek:

Our coverage continues (see pics and notes from the first half of WSCGSD here).

2:18 PM: Now into the final hour. Lindsay‘s sale, #188 (3226 42nd Ave SW), is now “everything half-price:

2:27 PM: Alicia at Sale #163 (3226 42nd Ave SW) also has cut prices in half. Check out the Barbies!

2:38 PM: And if you’re more a “Star Wars” person, we hope you made it to the sale that promised R2-D2 photo ops (Sale 119: 3034 Belvidere Ave SW) – via Instagram:

Though the official sale hours end at 3 pm, you can keep shopping at some sales (see the listings) including the loft at Click! Design That Fits (4540 California SW; WSB sponsor):

The photo’s from Click! co-proprietor John Smersh, who says they’re offering “seconds, discontinued, and clearance items, until 6 pm.”

REPORT #1: West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2019 is on!


The 15th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day has begun! Sale #175 (4726 50th Ave SW) is among the first to send a pic. They also have a “vintage working typewriter” among other things. Also just in, from Sale #85 (5941 31st SW):

“Starting strong!” they report.

9:28 AM: We’re out and about and seeing lots of activity. And sellers’ photos keep rolling in:

That’s Clara. The senders report she has “set up shop at her best friend Cameron’s (photobombing) sale” at Sale 198 (3440 39th Ave SW). “Her collection is small but thoughtfully curated.” … In Highland Park, Vanessa is #277 (926 SW Holden):

She notes, “I’m in the driveway of my townhouse complex, not visible from the street, but I’ve got signs and sidewalk chalk pointing the way. I have tons of plant pots and other gardening supplies as well as a complete Pack and Play, plenty of Mason jars for canning and 2 large boxes of FREE items (no purchase necessary).” … We just stopped at Sale #92 (2645 Harbor SW), whose listing noted that “early birds should bring donuts”:

Tom and Danny are running this sale – outside their new auto-detail business (look for the warehousey buildings, we missed it the first time by). … In Westwood, Sale #294 (8654 26th Ave SW) sent this pic:

They’ve added treats – including donut holes and lemonade … At Sale #132 (3035 SW Manning), some interesting decor:

We note this is the “Everything $2” sale (unless otherwise marked).

10:15 AM: We just stopped on Pigeon Point to see Sale #284 (4137 23rd SW), with items a family member had amassed for decades. After we parked, one passing shopper was heard telling another, “Those coasters are bad-ass!” Still much vintage houseware:

Some shoppers show up looking for something very specific – among the ones seen here, record-seekers who showed up right at 8 and scooped up just about all of what was available. Speaking of shoppers:

Meg at Sale #2 (10234 Marine View Dr SW) sent the photo. … Near The Junction, from Sale #200 (4927 Erskine Way SW):

Some of today’s sales are benefits. The Solstice Park P-Patch is Sale #51 (7400 Fauntleroy Way SW, by the tennis courts):

Thanks to Kevin Schafer for the photo. … Another fundraising sale is the one we just visited, Sale #235 (3201 61st Ave SW), for the West Seattle High School football team:

Players Christian and Dominic (both juniors) are helping out:

11:07 AM: Steps away from there is Sale #155 (3057 61st Ave SW), which promised among other things “secrets to long and meaningful life.” You can’t miss the wedding dress hanging at the corner:

Plus: “The Entire Book Collection of HISTORY ART ARCHITECTURE from the estate of the late CURATOR OF THE MUSEUM OF HISTORY AND INDUSTRY”:

This sale is closing around 1, though, so hurry. … Heading south from there, we pulled over at Sale #270 (3708 Beach Drive SW), a few doors down from where we rented after our early ’90s arrival in WS. It’s a multi-generation sale team:

And they are set up for credit!

11:49 AM: Above, what we found during our stop at Sale #30 at The Kenney (7125 Fauntleroy Way SW; WSB sponsor), which is hosting multiple sellers on its expansive lawn on the west side of the campus. Among them, Kim and Christopher placed their own listing as WSCGSD Sale #45:

They have memorabilia and collectibles (Ichiro! Star Wars!) – if you don’t spot them, ask to be pointed to The Kenney’s space #4. … Just in via Twitter:

Baby and sale are at 4405 SW Holgate.

11:58 AM: We don’t know which sale it’s for, but Pamela said this is her favorite sign so far today:

In the mood to fish? Jim at Sale #118 sent this pic:

He is at 6936 37th Ave. SW. We are going to launch a new report for the second half of WSCGSD shortly -thanks for all the pics and reports! (UPDATE: Report #2 is here.)

HOURS AWAY: West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2019, one last preview

The signs are made …

(Photo texted by seller #283, which has “tons of kid stuff” plus “cooler full of ice-cold refreshments”)

The merchandise is ready …

(Photo emailed by seller #18, “vintage Singer Limited Edition sewing machine with table, circa 1980s”)

(High-backed kitchen bar stool, photo emailed by seller #197 – discount if you buy two!)

(Photo emailed by seller #281 – lots of snowboarding gear)

The 15th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day‘s ~300 sales are hours away. Official sale time is 9 am-3 pm – please don’t show up early unless it’s one of the sales that are starting early (as noted in the map listings – clickable/zoomable online map here, printable/downloadable version here). We’ve published some lists in earlier previews (review the archive here) – here’s our “four corners” list:

Northernmost sale, #243 in North Admiral (which promises “everything including the kitchen sink”)
Southernmost sale, #5 in North Shorewood
Westernmost sale, #246 on Alki Point
Easternmost sale, #276 in South Park

Looking for camping gear? It’s in the descriptions for sales #19, #45, #94, #98, #116 #135, #150, #176, #183, #185, #201, #226, #246.

Check back here on WSB starting at 6 am for the usual highlights list of everything that’s happening – including WSCGSD, as well as the crane-takedown closure and Stamp Out Hunger (set out your donation before you head out) – and we’ll have as-it-happens WSCGSD coverage too. Looking forward to an awesome Saturday!

TOMORROW! Updates for West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2019

Among the unusual items you’ll find at the nearly 300 sales on the map for tomorrow’s 15th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day:

That’s a wooden toy ferry, dating back to 1980, and you’ll find it at sale #162, on Alki. Then there’s sale #122, in Gatewood, where a professional stager is selling a house full of furniture, art, and decor including these items:

So many sales, so many items – browse the map and listings if you haven’t already! Meanwhile, with temperatures forecast to hit the 80s again tomorrow, you might need refreshments. As is a WSCGSD tradition, there are lemonade stands among the 16 sales mentioning food and/or beverages – #35, #117, #204, #274. Shave ice is promised at sale #84. Baked goods? Five places and they’re all being sold as fundraisers – #90, #120, #186, #230, #241.

We could go on but we hope to get one more preview in tonight. So for now, get ready to enjoy a glorious day of person-to-person recycling. If the official 9 am-3 pm sale hours just aren’t enough, check the map for some open early, some staying open late, some even continuing Sunday! And if you find yourself with buyers’ remorse (or seller leftovers), note that WSCGSD is also accompanied by a donate-a-thon of sorts, with five ways to donate items – all listed here.

P.S. Remember that we have one traffic alert tomorrow – California SW closed at Stevens for takedown of the Luna/PCC crane.

P.P.S. Whether you’re shopping or selling tomorrow – send a photo! (Please include the sale #.) or text 206-293-6302 – we’ll be out covering the day, of course, too.

From two wheels to six strings, some of what you’ll find on West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2019 this Saturday

No, he’s not for sale, but a “life-size R2-D2” will be available for photo ops at West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day this Saturday (sale #119). At least two sales are promoting canine greeters (#68, #216). And then, there’s the unusual merchandise. In the market for a motorcycle?

That one’s on sale at #32 – one of six sales offering motorcycles, along with #4, #62, #79, #190, and #281.

If you’re looking for a guitar, Thunder Road Guitars (WSB sponsor) is on the map (#158) with its moving sale. That’s one of a dozen moving sales listed (along with #19, #52, #100, #136, #159, #168, #199, #276, #278, #290, #296). Two sales are described as “combining households” – #36 and #170. Five sales mention remodeling – #12, #76, #79, #126, #167. If you’re looking to do some work yourself, but need tools, the sales offering those are too numerous to mention (even the West Seattle Tool Library is having a sale, #288) but you can use the online WSCGSD map‘s search function (or browser-search the PDF version) to see whether any are near you.

These are just a few examples of what you’ll find at the nearly 300 sales registered for the 15th annual WSCGSD on Saturday (twelfth one since we started coordinating it in 2008). More previews to come before Saturday – which is now forecast to be sunny and in the 80s!

Sale day = giving day: 2 things you need to know about West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2019

May 7, 2019 9:39 pm
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This Saturday is going to be sunny, warm, and busy. Not just for buying and selling during the 15th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day (get the map here!) …. here are two ways it’ll be a day of giving, too:

STAMP OUT HUNGER: Saturday is the 27th annual nationwide food drive with letter carriers picking up bags of nonperishable food left by mailboxes/slots. Before you get going for the day, consider putting out a donation bag.

GARAGE SALE DAY ‘LEFTOVERS’: It’s become a tradition to offer opportunities for sellers to donate anything unsold at WSCGSD’s end. From our list on the WSCGSD website, here’s what we have so far:

*Stop ‘n’ Shop Thrift Store at the Senior Center of West Seattle in The Junction (4217 SW Oregon): Staying open late, until 6 pm, with “extra helpers ready to unload your vehicle from our back alley”

*Stuff the Truck @ Holy Rosary: All day, 9 am-5 pm, @ school parking lot (4139 42nd SW) – clothing, books, toys, small household items

*West Seattle Christian Church: 2-5 pm, accepting donated items for West Seattle Helpline and Goodwill at WSCC Community Building (4401 42nd Ave SW)

*West Seattle Cares, a newly formed group with a focus on reaching out in friendship and service to our unhoused neighbors, has just announced:

We are collecting supplies needed for those living unsheltered in our community. If you are participating in the WEST SEATTLE GARAGE SALE DAY and have any of the following items in GOOD condition remaining at the end of the day we would be happy to come collect them from you and donate to those in need.

Text Lashanna at 206-715-5262 by 4 pm on 5/11 for a pickup or email

Items for donation include:

*Tents, sleeping bags/pads, tarps,
*Men’s clothing size medium or larger: jackets, sweat shirts, pants, shoes (sneakers, hiking, work boots), socks
*Backpacks: medium/larger size

Full details on all of the above, and anyone else who lets us know before Saturday that they’re accepting donations, are here.

West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2019: ‘Your wildest dreams come true’ this Saturday

May 7, 2019 12:34 am
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“We asked the cats and they don’t want our stuff.”
“Secrets to a long and meaningful life.”
“Curious variety of objects looking for a new home.”
“Will make your wildest dreams come true.”

Reviewing the ~300 listings for this year’s West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day – now just four days away! – we took notes including those memorable mentions. Now it’s all down to you, whether you’re just planning to wander over to your nearest sale(s) or planning a grand tour, north to south, east to west. The map to Saturday’s sales is your guide, explorable online, and downloadable in PDF. If you print out the latter to make your plan, please still be sure to check the online map page on sale day for last-minute cancellations/changes. Meantime, three more mini-lists –

*Sales with pottery: #3, #60, #74, #111, #192, #214
*Sales with Legos! #43, #111, #133, #146, #251
*Sales with one or more kayaks: #183, #224, #263, #291

Looking for something specific? Use the online map’s search function (explained on the map page) or use browser search to comb the PDF listings. More previews ahead!

6 days to West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day: Here’s who’s fundraising

Forecast so far is for sunny and warm next Saturday (May 11th), the 15th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day (coordinated by WSB)! Now that the map (almost 300 sales, all over the peninsula) is ready – online here, printable here (16 pages, PDF) – it’s time to start sharing a few lists. First one – the fundraisers. They include:

#7 – LungForce
#20 – Mt.Hood Kiwanis Camp
#21 – Delta Kappa Gamma
#51 – Solstice Park P-Patch
#90 – Girl Scout Troop 45120
#120 – with bake sale benefiting Seattle Children’s
#189 – Providence Medical Center
#230 – Breast cancer
#235 – West Seattle High School Football
#252 – Lafayette Elementary PTA
#288 – West Seattle Tool Library

Of course, all shoppers and sellers are doing an inherently good deed, fundraiser or not – person-to-person recycling! Every seller has provided a description, so explore the map/listings if you’re looking for something in particular. More lists and updates as Saturday approaches …

1 week to West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2019! Online map and printable guide both now available

One week from today, it’s the 15th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day (coordinated/presented by WSB), on Saturday, May 11th! If you’ve been watching for the map and listings, you might already have seen the online (interactive) version, which went live very early this morning. We now also have published the downloadable/printable guide – with all the sale listings plus map-section screenshots for reference – ready too. Here it is, 16 pages in PDF. While official sale hours are 9 am to 3 pm, note that some start earlier, some end later, and some even are running additional days – read the listings for all those details, as well as sale highlights. We’ll have updates and highlights in the week ahead, but for now – it’s map-browsing time!

West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2019: Almost map time!

Now just nine days away – the 15th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day is happening on Saturday, May 11th! 300 sales will be on the map, which will be available here (and at starting this Saturday morning, in clickable and downloadable/printable formats. Every sale is registered with a description that you’ll find in both map versions – click to open a bubble for any map marker and you’ll see its description; in the downloadable/printable version, the listings are on several pages. Official WSCGSD hours are 9 am-3 pm but some sellers are starting earlier, some ending later, and some have even added days – you’ll find that information with the map, too. We’ll get into some specific previews starting Saturday – unusual items, benefit sales, lemonade stands, more; one sale even promises a reason to stop by for a photo op! (WSB is proud to have coordinated/presented WSCGSD since its 4th year, in 2008.)

11 days to 300 sales on West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2019!

Hundreds of sellers and thousands of shoppers are looking ahead to the 15th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, now just 11 days away – Saturday, May 11th! We have read each and every one of the 300 listings as part of the map-making process and can promise it’ll be a fun day wherever you are, wherever you go. You might not be surprised to hear we have several sellers citing Marie Kondo and hoping their stuff will “spark joy” for you. We have a seller promising “the secrets to a long and meaningful life” will be at their sale. We have some simple themes from “everything free” to “everything $2” to the classic “everything must go.” Some sellers will open earlier than the 9 am-3 pm “official” WSCGSD hours, and some will stay open late – we even have some with extra days (Friday and/or Sunday). The map and listings will be available for your review and/or downloading this Saturday (May 4th). More previews to come …

P.S. If you’re a nonprofit inviting sellers to donate leftovers on/after WSCGSD, let us know ASAP when/where/how, so we can include it in WSCGSD-related info – email – thanks!

What sellers are saying as West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2019 approaches

“Earlybirds should bring donuts.” That’s a friendly warning from one of the 300 listings you’ll find in the West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day map packet when it’s ready to go one week from today. Then, there’s the confession from another seller: “All [items] in good condition but we want new stuff.” And: “Clearing out the Barn! … I don’t want to grow old with too much stuff!” We have seen all that and more as we review all 300 listings as part of the map-making process, and making notes to use while promoting and previewing WSCGSD in the next two weeks leading up to the big day (Saturday, May 11th). If you’re a seller, keep watch on the email address you used to register, not only because that’s where we’ll send your infopacket early next week but also just in case we have a question. Also: If you’re selling something unusual, send a photo ( for potential advance promotion! And whether you’re selling or shopping, keep watching for more updates/previews on the 15th annual WSCGSD (coordinated by WSB).

QUICK REMINDER: Hours left to register for West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day!

Seven hours left if you haven’t yet signed up YOUR sale for the 15th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day (coordinated by WSB) on May 11th! 11:30 pm tonight (Thursday) is the deadline – we then get busy making sure the clickable and downloadable/printable versions of the map and sale listings will be ready a week in advance of the big day. To register, go here – thank you!

West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2019 now 2 1/2 weeks away; registration ends Thursday night!

Another update on West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2019 – just two and a half more weeks until the big day of sales, all sizes, all neighborhoods, Saturday, May 11th! Thanks to everyone who has signed up so far – 245 sales and counting. If you’re still deciding, time’s almost up – the registration deadline is TOMORROW NIGHT (Thursday, April 25th, 11:30 pm). You’ll find the signup form here. Important note for sellers – please be sure you got a PayPal receipt as well as our confirmation email – several are showing as having not completed that step of the process, and so we don’t know whether that means you changed your mind or just had trouble with the system. If you didn’t, please send a note to and we can send you a special link. As soon as registration closes tomorrow night, we start making the map and list so everyone can access the clickable and printable versions one week before sale day!

2 MORE DAYS! Registration ends Thursday night for 15th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day

April 23, 2019 6:52 pm
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If you’re waiting until the last minute to decide whether to be part of the 15th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day on Saturday, May 11th – you have two more days to decide. Registration closes at 11:59 pm this Thursday night (April 25th). 220+ sales are signed up so far for the big day – all sizes, all kinds of merchandise, all over the peninsula. Official sale hours on May 11th are 9 am-3 pm; some start early, some end late (if you’ll be doing one or both, be sure the “ad” you include with your registration has that information too).

So – ready to register? Here’s where to do it!

Registration reminder! Just a few more days to sign up for West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2019

Less than three weeks now until West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day – 15th year! It’s coming up on Saturday, May 11th. And since we’ll be publishing the map and listings a week in advance as usual, the end of registration is getting close – this Thursday (April 25th) is the deadline. As of tonight, almost 200 sales are registered for the peninsula’s big day of person-to-person recycling, treasure-hunting, and neighbor-meeting, from North Admiral to South Delridge, Lincoln Park to Highland Park, Alki Point to Pigeon Point …to name a few. Official sale hours are 9 am-3 pm on May 11th but some sellers choose to start early and/or end late – if you plan to do that, be sure the “ad” you send us when you sign up includes that info.

Ready to register? Just go here!

1 more week to register for 15th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day!

April 18, 2019 11:59 am
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Friendly reminder if you are still deciding whether to have a sale on Saturday, May 11th, which will be the 15th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day – registration is open for one more week, until next Thursday, April 25th, when we get busy mapmaking! So far we have more than 150 sales registered – from individual sales to block sales to business sales, moving sales to “kids outgrew their stuff” sales, “vintage” sales, furnishings, collectibles, sports gear … if you’re looking for something and don’t mind that it’s used, WSCGSD will be the day to find it. We publish the map in clickable and downloadable versions a week in advance so shoppers can plan, and that’s why we cut off registration. So if you’re ready to sign up a sale, don’t procrastinate – just go here now!

West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day 2019: Registration ends next week

130+ sales are now ready to be mapped for the 15th annual West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day, coming up Saturday, May 11th. If you’re planning a sale, here’s your reminder that registration ends next week – Thursday, April 25th, is the cutoff, so we can get busy with the map and listings, which will be available in clickable and downloadable/printable formats one week before WSCGSD as usual. We have sales signed up all over the peninsula, north to south, east to west, probably something in walking distance of wherever you live – every year we hear from people (both sellers and shoppers) who say they most enjoyed meeting neighbors. 9 am-3 pm are the official sale hours on May 11th, but if you plan to start early and/or end late, just be sure that’s part of the “ad” you include when you register, so it’ll be mentioned on the map. Ready to register? Here’s where to start.