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About the police response in Morgan Junction

Thanks for the tips. Here’s why police were at 42nd/Morgan in Morgan Junction this past hour: They were dispatched to a report of a strong-arm robbery at West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor) – a shoplift turned violent, with the would-be thief/robber reportedly physically fighting with a store employee. Shortly after arriving, police arrested a woman at a bus stop just east of the store; SFD medics were called but weren’t commenting at the scene.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen construction trailer; looking for crash clues

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports:


This is a black dump-style trailer with wood sidings added to it and an electric covering. This dump trailer was last seen located at 6011 37th Ave SW Seattle, WA and belongs to a small local construction company. I’ve attached a photo of what the trailer would look like without the wood siding added to it. Plate number 56401AA; tab Number P410628. Please call 206-276-7164 if spotted or Seattle police (911).

LOOKING FOR CRASH CLUES: One of the victims of a driver who hit at least two parked cars in Highland Park is trying to sort out what happened and wondering if there were any witnesses,

This happened near 11th and Holden but debris were found at 13th/Webster; our tipster says the debris suggest the other vehicle was a white Ford. The other vehicle might have been impounded but the victims are just trying to find out what happened and were told the police report won’t be available for at least a week. SPD incident # is 21-154036.If you know anything about the crash, contact us and we can connect you.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Admiral business damaged by gunfire

Early this morning, someone reported to 911 that they heard suspected gunfire near Admiral Safeway. Later in the morning, employees at Umpqua Bank – next to the supermarket – found the source. According to a preliminary police report, the employees “found two bullet holes in the glass of the bank … a thick laminated glass and it shattered from the bullets.” They called police, who. the report says, “recovered two bullets from the floor of the bank.” Incident number is 21-154202.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: More catalytic converters stolen; car vandalized

(update) Three reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch:

ANOTHER CATALYTIC CONVERTER STOLEN: Carly reports her parents were visiting her in Admiral when their Prius was hit by catalytic-converter thieves last night It was parked on the street near 42nd/College, by the library.

(added 7:24 pm) AND ANOTHER: Since we published this, Scott emailed to report, “Thieves got my Element converter AGAIN …. 2nd time in about a month. Belvidere area, 5 am Saturday.”

CAR VANDALIZED: A texter reported their partner’s rear car window was shattered by a beer bottle this past Thursday, while parked by her workplace, Les Schwab Tires (WSB sponsor) at Fauntleroy/Alaska. The vandal also “left dents all around the back.”

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police search in The Junction

11:25 AM: The big police response on the east side of The Junction right now is following a report of a vehicle theft. Officers are still trying to sort out what happened but the stolen vehicle is described via emergency radio as a white 18-foot Ford Econoline box truck, possibly with some of its tires deflated. The first report came from 41st/Alaska – though the theft may have happened elsewhere – and the vehicle was reportedly last seen heading west on Alaska, after hitting another vehicle while leaving the scene. The stolen vehicle’s plate is described as starting with C961. If you see it, call 911.

11:43 AM: Photos added. We’ve talked with a sergeant at the scene – clarification on the vehicle description, it’s a 2000 white Ford Econoline van. At right below is the car the thief hit while fleeing:

If you heard possible gunfire in the area, that hasn’t been explained yet – there was an initial report that the van’s owner might have shot out/at its tires but police say they haven’t confirmed that yet. Seattle Fire medics were called to the scene to check out the victim.

4:31 PM: Here’s the preliminary summary from police: “It appears to have been a disturbance involving a stolen vehicle. The victim located his stolen vehicle, and a suspect armed with a handgun. As the victim, who was also armed, tried to confront the suspect, the suspect drove off. The victim tried to shoot out the tires on the vehicle as it fled. No known injuries as the vehicle fled the scene. A second subject was detained, and as of the writing of the report, the vehicle, a KCSO stolen, had not been recovered.” “KCSO stolen” means it was reported stolen outside the city, in the King County Sheriff’s Office‘s jurisdiction.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: West Seattle murderer gets 31-year sentence

A guilty plea and sentencing have closed the case on West Seattle’s first 2020 murder, the killing of 41-year-old Jana Layman in her Junction-area home. Her then-roommate Solomon Whitt, now 26, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder as well as to child-rape and child-pornography charges that resulted from discoveries made during the investigation. Last Friday, according to court documents, King County Superior Court Judge Douglass North sentenced Whitt to 31 years and two months – top of the standard sentencing range – for the murder, and concurrent sentences from six to 23 years for the other charges. As reported here after he was charged in January 2020, Whitt said he attacked the victim after she asked him to move out, and tried to make her death look like an accident.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Car deal gone bad; catalytic-converter theft

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reports:

CAR AD LEADS TO CAR CHASE, GUNFIRE: The preliminary summary from police says this happened just after 8 pm tonight: “The victims responded to an OfferUp ad to purchase a vehicle. They agreed to meet up in the area of 12th Ave SW / SW Webster St and waited in a park parking lot.” They were using the app to communicate with the seller when a vehicle pulled up. Three people got out and approached the victims, pointing handguns at them “while demanding cash and other items of value.” One robber fired two shots into the air before all three got back in their vehicle and left, the victims said. They followed the car northward, fast, and the reprt adds: “During the vehicle chase, a suspect fired additional shots from the moving vehicle,” which almost hit a third vehicle while continuing to speed away. The victims lost sight of it and pulled over to call 911; by that point, the report notes, “Officers had responded to the initial scene to investigate multiple 911 reports of vehicles speeding and shots being fired.” The robbers, however, were not found.

ANOTHER CATALYTIC CONVERTER TAKEN: The latest report is from Nicole:

Car was parked in the Louisa Boren school parking lot due to construction on Delridge Way. Happened sometime between Thursday late night- Sunday early morning. They sawed the converter right off the car. Police report was filed.

If you’re keeping track of what vehicle makes/models get hit – this one was a Lexus XS

Two Crime Watch reports, and why motorcycle officers were at Don Armeni

Three crime/police notes:

SEARCH: If you saw/heard a police search after 9 pm last night in the Delridge/Trenton vicinity, police say they were looking for someone suspected of a threat involving a gun. The preliminary summary says, “Officers were waved down … The victim reported that a male suspect crossing the street pointed a handgun at them, causing them to fear for their lives.” A search ensued but no one was found.

BURGLARY: Julia in North Shorewood sent the video and report:

A woman was able to enter our home around 3:30 am, and got halfway through our house before we were alerted. She was eerily calm and my husband was able to get her outside while I locked myself in the baby’s room and called 911. KSCO responded and had a number of officers out looking for her and the “others outside” that she mentioned.

She had checked our car and looked through things in our backyard before coming in. We’re not sure what her intention or mental state may have been. We did capture rather clear footage on our security camera … in case any other neighbors have experienced something from the same person, or she can be identified? We’ll be beefing up our security system with outside alerts, but are also hoping to warn other neighbors.

If you do have any tips, we’ll add the KCSO incident number when we get it.

POLICE AT DON ARMENI: Thanks to Doug for the photo from a few hours ago showing motorcycle officers gathered at Don Armeni Boat Ramp:

We checked with SPD: “Previously scheduled training” was the reply.

CRIME WATCH: Alleged theft attempt thwarted; window shattered

Three Crime Watch reports tonight:

MAN HURT TRYING TO STOP TOOL THIEF: According to a preliminary police summary, this happened mid-morning in the 7900 block of 34th SW. The victim was working on a house when a red Chevy Silverado pulled up. A man got out and, police say, “grabbed a Rotary hammer tool kit from the back of the victim’s truck, and placed it on the back of the Chevy. The victim jumped on the pickup bed, and the Chevy sped up. The victim was pleading for the (thief) to stop, but he increased speed and started swerving.” The truck slowed at 30th/Trenton St to turn, the report says, and “the victim grabbed his tool kit, and jumped from the truck.” He suffered non-life-threatening head and leg injuries and was taken to the hospital. Police searched for the thief but didn’t find him. The incident number is 21-145568.

CATALYTIC-CONVERTER THEFTS THWARTED: This happened in South Park but we have the preliminary summary since that’s also the Southwest Precinct, and the crime category is of wide interest. Police arrested two people after 5 am today who are accused of trying to break into a fenced property in the 8700 block of 7th Avenue South to steal catalytic converters off tour buses. The report says “in their possession were two electric saws with their initials on them (and) bolt cutters.” The buses’ owner had been hit a week ago by someone breaking into the yard and stealing five catalytic converters.

CAR WINDOW SHATTERED: Reader report from Michelle near Fauntleroy/California:

Sometime (Thursday) night, my car was shot with either a pellet or BB gun and shattered my window. The car in front of mine was affected as well. Reported this to the police at 7 am (Friday) morning. Thankfully no one was hurt and nothing stolen.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police investigating threat

We’ve talked to police about a threat widely posted on social media by someone who called us about it too. After numerous readers asked us about it via email and text, we wanted to let you know what we’ve found out so far. The caller said he works at The Alley, the bar behind Be’s Restaurant in The Junction, and that another employee had had a dispute with the owner and made death threats. We went to Be’s but it’s closed, and The Alley would not normally open until later in the day. We also talked by phone with the Southwest Precinct watch sergeant, who said officers had spoken with the person who reported the threats, but had not heard directly from the business owner, nor had they found the person who is reported to have made the threats. So it’s an open case but there is no warning or safety advisory at this point. If you have any information for police, the incident number is 21-145363.

From White Center Now: Shooting on 16th SW kills 2

(Texted photo)

4:11 PM: We’re covering this on partner site White Center Now but wanted to let you know here because deputies are blocking 16th SW in the heart of downtown White Center and may extend the closure to Roxbury: At least one person has been shot on 16th SW just south of SW 98th. No arrest reported so far. Updates to come.

4:39 PM: We’re continuing to update the WCN report; the investigation is likely to keep the center of downtown WC blocked for hours to come.

Multiple shell casings have been found and other apparent victims have shown up at Harborview Medical Center.

5:27 PM: Our crew is still at the scene and we expect a briefing soon by KCSO’s spokesperson; we’ll add the update on both sites when that happens. Also, if you’re noticing a helicopter in the area, that’s TV.

5:50 PM: KCSO’s Sgt. Tim Meyer confirms that, as we reported on WCN, four people were shot – and he says two have died. He would not confirm anything else, though, not even whether anyone was in custody. (Added – our video of his briefing:)

Crime prevention, ferry updates, more @ Fauntleroy Community Association

Toplines from the Fauntleroy Community Association‘s board meeting online this past Tuesday:

CAR PROWL PREVENTION: Half the respondents in the recent FCA neighborhood-wide survey said they had been hit by car prowlers. So FCA’s been working on an initiative aimed at reducing this. They discovered it’s a nationwide problem and there’s no magic solution, but in collaboration with precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner, they’re printing signs that can be left in the car to warn thieves it’s not worth their trouble – “there’s nothing to steal.” FCA will distribute these to the community. No date yet for when these signs will be available. FCA webmaster Bill Wellington suggested making the sign available for home printing via

POLICE UPDATE: Sgt. David Terry of the Southwest Precinct said thefts remain the highest crime category in Fauntleroy, which otherwise is what he calls “the safest area” in the precinct’s jurisdiction: Ten thefts in all for the month of April. Traffic violations are the biggest problem, one attendee said, pointing to a crash the previous night at 45th/Wildwood as the latest example:

Read More

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police investigating drive-by gunfire

(WSB photos)

11:28 AM: Police are at 29th SW and SW Henderson [map], investigating a report of multiple shots fired from a passing car. No injuries are reported but police have found at least one shell casing and are blocking the street in the area while they investigate. A preliminary description of the vehicle: Black BMW.

11:41 AM: Photos added. Police at the scene tell us they have now found four casings (that’s one of them in the photo above this line). This happened midblock, in the 8800 block of 29th. Still no additional descriptive information confirmed.

12:09 PM: At least one car was hit by a bullet (above).

3:05 PM: More information from the preliminary police summary: “Witnesses reported that a black or gray BMW was (northbound) in the 8800 block of 29 AV. SW chasing another vehicle, possibly a Volvo. A suspect was seen shooting a handgun from the passenger window at the vehicle it was chasing.” Police recovered “six small-caliber shell casings” in all.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Store broken into, again

11:27 AM: From Lori McConnell at West Seattle Runner (WSB sponsor) in Admiral:

We wanted to let you know that we were broken into. We discovered it coming in to open the shop this morning. They didn’t trip our alarm – the broke a panel to the side of our door and crawled in that way.

They used a reader board from the Luna Apts to smash the window in. They got more merchandise than we are happy with. But nobody was here or hurt and we are focusing on that. Thought it might be good to get word out for other businesses. We are going to look at ways to beef up security in fear that things are getting worse in the hood.

This isn’t the first time West Seattle Runner has been hit by burglar(s) – our archives show at least two other break-ins, in 2019 and (at their original location south of Admiral) in 2013.

1:50 PM: WSR’s Tim McConnell just emailed with this update: “SPD just called to say they found a lot of our items in a tent camp in Lake City. They are collecting and cataloging it and will return it to us shortly. That’s all I know right now, I’m just happy to get some stuff back. We would like to say we appreciate their hard work in helping us limit our losses.”

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: House shot at; guns seized; hit-run clues sought

Three reports in West Seattle Crime Watch:

HOUSE SHOT AT: Police investigated a reported drive-by shooting in the 5600 block of 23rd SW. A resident said someone shot at the house and then drove away. No one hit/hurt.

GGUNS SEIZED: Police included these photos with a report of officers seizing the two guns when arresting a man:

This happened around quarter past 5 this evening near Delridge and Findlay. The preliminary police summary says four people were arguing “over a past assault.” A woman, “in an effort to defend her son, began bragging about owning a firearm.” A man said he owned one too. She expressed doubt. He went to his car and brought out one of the guns, “causing the victim to feel intimidated.” She called 911. They searched his vehicle and “recovered two semi-automatic handguns and their respective magazines loaded with ammunition.” The 31-year-old suspect was booked into King County Jail for investigation of unlawful use of a weapon.

HIT-RUN: From Rose:

My car was parked outside Luna apartments, 2745 California Ave near PCC, around 2:30 pm today and someone smashed the hood of my car – there was blue and white paint on the hood. I was wondering … if anyone saw anything.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Truck stolen, again (update – found); assault arrest

Two notes in West Seattle Crime Watch:


Last night my truck was stolen for the 2nd time in 2 months from in front of my house on 45th SW. It was locked and had a club in it. License number B30800H. Red F250 HD with a matching canopy and a black construction rack. Attached is a picture. (When stolen) ot did not have the Kayaks or the bike rack on it.

Call 911 if you see it. (WEDNESDAY NIGHT UPDATE: A commenter spotted it and called it in; we have confirmation from Andrea that they got it back.)

ASSAULT ARREST: A reader asked about the sizable police response to an encampment area near 1st Avenue S./S. Cloverdale near the southeast edge of West Seattle. The preliminary SPD summary says a woman was arrested for assaulting a man who lived there. She was there to visit another man, described in the report as her boyfriend, but instead barged into the structure where the victim was sleeping. Police say she woke him up, hit him, and demanded he leave, then tried to stab him; he suffered a finger injury while fending off the attack. Police responded and told her to come out and surrender; she did, and was booked into King County Jail.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Double damage in Westcrest Park car break-in

The report and photos are rom Amy:

Our car was the unfortunate target in the high-car-prowl area at Westcrest Park today. We were parked in the playground lot between 1:15-2:15 pm.

The thieves broke out two windows (passenger side and left rear), ripped out the rear privacy screen, and took a cell phone. Everything else was left intact. We were able to track the time of the break-in as well as their route due to the GPS locator on the phone, and tracked the phone to the last known location, just a few blocks away at SW Barton between 16th and 17th Aves SW though were not able to recover it.

Reporting to help others be aware… it was a cool and rainy afternoon, lot was not busy at all, but no observed obvious car sitters when we pulled in.

A police report has been filed.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Alki Kayak Tours break-in

Alki Kayak Tours this morning. It happened around 5:14 am. The burglary has been reported to police – we don’t have the case number yet, but will add it when we get it. The business, based at Seacrest Park, is looking for tips on the burglar’s identity and/or any other information about what happened.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen contractor’s van to watch for (update: found)

10:54 AM: The photo and report are from Alexis:

My husband’s van was stolen from in front of our house sometime between 8:00 pm last night and 8:00 am this morning. It was locked and parked in the street. We live in the Genesee Hill neighborhood (in the 4000 block of) 51st Ave SW. It is a white 2003 Ford Econovan 250. It has my husband’s logo on both sides and the back of the van – “Toma Construction LLC.” It contained many tools.

We have notified the police. This happened to us about 6 years ago in a different neighborhood, and neighbors found it dumped and emptied out nearby. If anyone has seen it, please contact us at, at 602-326-7262, or at 206-697-5087.

But first call 911.

2:43 PM: Alexis says they recovered the van – someone spotted it at 40th/Edmunds and called police.

UPDATE: Man stabbed in Westwood

2:45 AM: A sizable Seattle Fire and Police response is headed to the 2200 block of SW Barton for what’s reported as a person “assaulted with a weapon.” Updates to come.

2:49 AM: Officers at the scene – a building lobby – have told dispatch that the victim says he was stabbed at a nearby bus stop. He is reported to be wounded in an arm and leg.

2:54 AM: The victim will be taken to the hospital by SFD medics. No word so far of any arrest(s).

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: About the big police response near EC Hughes Playground

A few people asked us about a mid-afternoon incident that brought a big police response to the EG Hughes Playground area (28th/Holden and vicinity). One neighbor who saw the end of it said police were chasing a man through the playfield area and then across two yards until he was tackled and arrested near 29th/Kenyon. Medics were called for the suspect, who, the witness says, complained after being cuffed that he was having trouble breathing. We didn’t catch word of this until it was long over; we eventually made contact with Southwest Precinct Lt. Dorothy Kim, who said the man was arrested for domestic-violence assault: “When the officers attempted contact with the suspect, he took off running, which resulted in a foot pursuit.” She says he was booked into the King County Jail.

UPDATE: Early-morning fire in Fauntleroy ‘intentionally set’

4:05 AM: Midsize fire response this past hour to Fauntleroy/Henderson, near the ferry terminal. We just caught up with the crews still on scene and they told us it was a carport fire, handled fairly quickly, no injuries.

11:08 AM: Though no investigator had been dispatched at the time of the fire, we noticed on the log that one was sent a few hours later. SFD says their investigation determined the fire was “intentionally set,” with damage totaling about $1,000.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 4-figure shoplifting arrest (updated)

ORIGINAL THURSDAY NIGHT REPORT: Police arrested a suspected shoplifter tonight after a four-figure theft from Ulta Beauty in Westwood Village. Their preliminary summary says officers responded to a report of “multiple fragrances” stolen from the store. They found the suspect on foot nearby and recovered $3,094 worth of stolen items. The suspect was booked into jail; the items were returned to the store.

ADDED NOON FRIDAY: More details from the full-length police report – the suspect is a 31-year-old man. Police found him after checking the Longfellow Creek Legacy Trail in the Roxhill Park area south of Westwood Village; the report says the trail “is commonly used by shoplift suspects as it allows significant cover and provides multiple access/exit points.” They found him with a backpack that looked “overstuffed”; a witness had told them he was in the store wearing a backpack and “carrying a large laundry bin” into which 34 bottles of fragrance products had been placed. The witness said he was then seen in the parking lot near trash bins, removing tags from the stolen products, and transferring them from the laundry bin. Police found the 34 bottles in the backpack. According to online records, the suspect has a lengthy criminal history going back more than a decade and is currently awaiting trial on charges from two building burglaries downtown early this year. The documents from that case say his record includes at least 55 failure-to-appear warrants from past cases.