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WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen red Subaru Legacy

From Rebecca in Gatewood: “Early this morning, a red 1995 Subaru Legacy wagon with roof rack, license plate number BFP-5944, was stolen. Parked on street in front of residence. No broken glass, so most likely a shaved key was used. Car owner had a club on the steering wheel but that did not deter thieves. This theft has been reported to the police. If you see it please contact the police – Case #20-181934.” (Call 911 if you see this or any other known stolen car.)


From Steve:

Someone stole my work van near 35th and SW Cambridge.

License C99091A, Chevrolet Express 2500.

White work/passenger van with audio equipment.

Resembles pic with some peeled paint.

SPD case 2020-181471

Call 911 if you see it.

UPDATE: One man shot in West Seattle Junction, taken to hospital

(Added: Photo sent by Jason)

10:55 PM: SFD and SPD are responding to the 4800 block of Erskine Way for a report of a 20-year-old man with a gunshot wound. No other details yet.

11:03 PM: Police report being told this was the result of some kind of altercation/confrontation. The victim is being taken to the hospital.

11:12 PM: Police are looking for a suspect, described only, so far, as a “white male with a shaved head.”

11:27 PM: The Guardian One helicopter is assisting with the search.

11:42 PM: The search is ranging over a fairly wide area. Meantime, police are checking security video at the 7-11 to see if it has anything that’ll help.

11:54 PM: The victim was in serious condition when transported, SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo tells WSB. He also says the victim is 32, which is a change from the original radio exchange describing him as 20.

1:08 PM THURSDAY: Our inquiry to SPD has been answered by this SPD Blotter post, but the only new info is that the suspect is still out there somewhere:

At approximately 10:45 PM, officers responded to a report of shots fired in the 4800 block of Erskine Way SW. When they arrived they found the victim in a parking lot, with a gunshot wound to his chest. Officers immediately performed first aid until they were relieved by the Seattle Fire Department medics, who transported the victim to Harborview Medical Center.

Officers interviewed witnesses at the scene who stated that it appeared that the victim and another man were in an argument just prior to the shooting. The suspect fled. A K-9 team responded and attempted a track, but the suspect was not located.


11:08 AM: From Suzanne:

My grandson just turned 13 years old (on Monday). He finished his online studies (Tuesday) afternoon and went about three blocks to Lafayette School to skateboard. As he was skating he was jumped by four high-school boys, who took his cell phone and $30 from him. If your teenage son was in that area with three of his friends, please check to see if they have a phone that isn’t theirs or some extra cash. My grandson suffered scrapes and bruises as he was being attacked. He said he got one good hit in to one of the boys, so check your child for a facial bruise…PLEASE!!!! A Police report has been filed with clear descriptions of the boys who assaulted my grandson. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. … Please help us find these boys before they really hurt someone. His brother had given him a knife for his birthday. It was stolen as well.

The description wasn’t included but we’re attempting to get the police report.

ADDED 2:20 PM: The previously mentioned SPD incident #, 20-179853, turns out to be from a different robbery yesterday, with this report narrative:

On 6-2-20 at approximately 2:15 PM the juvenile victim was at 45 Ave SW/SW Spokane St. The victim stated that a dark 4-door sedan passed him and honked. The suspect vehicle turned around and approached the victim. The suspect vehicle cut the victim off and two teenagers exited the vehicle and demanded his bag. The victim had fear of being assaulted so he gave the suspects his bag. The suspects drove away Northbound on 45 Ave SW. Officers checked the area for the suspects but did not locate them.

We also have a text from the victim’s mom in that case – she writes that her son, 14, “was riding (his) bike … with a friend … when a blue four-door sedan started honking at them. As the car started to cut off their path the friend stopped and rode another way. The car stopped my son’s path and two of the four young white guys got out of the car. “Give your backpack and nothing else will happe.” My son said OK and handed it over. The car left and my son went to his nearest friend’s house.” Police were then called.

And we’ve heard from another reader who writes, “Our neighbor on 36th Ave SW said his son was mugged at the reservoir park (park across from OLG school on 36th) last night. … They took his phone.” The incident # showing for that area is 20-179948.


Five notes in West Seattle Crime Watch:

CROSS-CITY PURSUIT ENDS HERE: If you’re in southeast West Seattle and heard/saw the sirens and lights this past hour – our friends at Capitol Hill Seattle Blog report that it started on their side of the bay (scroll to the 10:12 pm update here).

STOLEN WHITE ACCORD: Amirah says the theft happened early Sunday: “All-white 2003 Honda Accord with a pink breast cancer ribbon sticker on the back. Last seen Sunday morning 4300 SW Edmunds St.” (We’ll add the plate when we get it.)


My Jeep was recently broken into on a lot that I rent down on Harbor Avenue (2300 block). We had to leave it there when the lockdown happened and moved south to be with the in-laws. I’ve checked on it weekly the last two months and so have friends who live in the area. This happened in the last two days, as my landlord for the property was just there and didn’t notice anything. The persons responsible stole my blue Raleigh bike that was locked to the vehicle. They broke out and smashed the passenger side window, stole all of the documents out as well as ripped out the trailer brake system, emptied the gas can in the back of the Jeep and rifled through the tool box in the back. They dumped a ton of trash onto the property and left a handicap cart and a shopping cart full of trash. They were clearly trying to steal the Jeep because they inflated the back left tire and the hood was popped up (which was why we were there Sunday to get it up and running to move it south).

DUMPED-AND-LIKELY-STOLEN BIKE FRAME: Craig sent the photo and report:

Found along Puget Creek. Now at the trailhead at 29th and Dawson.

THIRSTY TRESPASSER: Jayme reported this happened on Monday afternoon near 35th/Trenton:”Around 1:15, I looked out my window and saw a man with a red shirt and black hat sitting on my porch. I’m not sure how long he had been sitting there. He was drinking out of my 5 gallon water jug that had been delivered. He dropped the jug, looked like he was contemplating taking my stroller, and walked up toward Trenton.”

UPDATE: Man stabbed near 35th/Roxbury, suspect arrested

(Image from SDOT camera)

9:29 PM: Another emergency response – this time for a reported stabbing at 35th/Roxbury. Police are looking for a suspect. No word yet on the circumstances or the victim’s condition.

9:33 PM: The victim is being taken to Station 37 to be transferred to am ambulance, which indicates non-life-threatening injuries.

9:50 PM: Photo added above was sent by Lisa. It shows the victim was being treated by the commercial building on the east side of 35th just north of Roxbury. No update on the search for the suspect, but the police-radio exchange indicated they knew who they were looking for, so this may not have been random.

ADDED 1:23 PM MONDAY: We asked police for more info: “Last night around 10:30 PM officers responded to a house at 35th/Roxbury. Report of a physical fight between two men who knew each other. At one point the 18 year old suspect stabbed the 19 year old victim in the back. Suspect was arrested, victim transported to hospital for treatment. Suspect later booked into KCJ. Detectives will handle follow up.”

7:42 PM: The suspect remains in King County Jail, held for investigation of assault.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Red Loyale just stolen (update: found!)

“WSRes” just emailed to say a neighbor’s car was stolen less than an hour ago, near 35th/Raymond. It’s a red 1990 Subaru Loyale. (Update: plate #659 YTG.) Call 911 if you see it.


CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Suspect charged in Peel & Press burglary

A suspect is now charged in the May 9th burglary at Morgan Junction restaurant Peel & Press – a repeat offender who was already awaiting trial for a business break-in attempt in South King County. 33 year old Rafael S. Meyers is charged with second-degree burglary in what prosecutors describe as a “brazen and sophisticated” crime, causing thousands of dollars in damage to the restaurant while apparently trying to break into the neighboring Starbucks. The charging documents say police identified Meyers with the help of a nearby resident who had video of someone coming and going in an alley by the businesses north of Fauntleroy, and gave police information on a related vehicle, including its plate number. Police say the man in that video matched the man seen in Peel & Press’s security video (frame grab at right). They got a search warrant for the vehicle and found it last Wednesday in the driveway outside Meyers’ Fauntlee Hills home, with him inside, and took him into custody. The court documents also say police found suspected heroin and paraphernalia on Meyers, and that a GRIZZLY hat like the one shown in the security video was in his car. He was booked into jail, and got out a day later after posting bond in lieu of $15,000 bail.

Online records show Meyers has an extensive record, though much of it is for non-felonies. He’s awaiting trial on a charge of attempted second-degree burglary from last August in Auburn. Charging documents from that case say he was arrested after tripping an alarm while trying to break into a business there. His next hearing in that case is scheduled for June 3rd. He also was arrested in February of last year for allegedly tagging a railroad car in SODO. The charge, a misdemeanor, was dismissed in November because of witness issues. Documents from a car-prowl case in 2011 describe Meyers as a “well-known graffiti suspect” who was at the time also known for downtown car prowls. In the new case, he is due back in court June 8th for arraignment.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Another car thief on camera

The photos and report are from Ron:

My 1999 Honda CR-V was stolen early AM on Thursday morning (3:55 am) from Village Square Condominium complex directly across from Westwood Village. We were able to obtain fairly good photos of him. Really upset about this – the vehicle has been stolen more than once and regrettably the alarm and other potential (prevention) measures were yet to be implemented.

Color of vehicle is Navy blue (Honda calls it “Midnight Pearl Blue”). It has stock alloy wheels and brand new Michelin tires. The car was in great shape for its age and hopefully still is.

(Updated) Plate #009-YQY; report # is 20-167310. Call 911 if you see Ron’s car.


The photos and report are from Nicole:

Our work van was broken into (Wednesday) night sometime between 5:15 pm Wed and 9 am (Thursday) morning when we discovered it. All of my husband’s tools were stolen including his toolbox set, toolbag and his cordless Pex toolkit, all Milwaukee brand.

The Milwaukee toolbox and toolbag contained many tools – all had his name, “Julio” written on them in black marker, except the Pex toolkit. Even the bag and toolboxes have his name written on them. All the tools inside the Milwaukee bag and toolboxes were Dewalt and most are yellow/black. There were impact driver, hammer drill, saw tool, batteries and battery chargers.

The van was parked next to our complex office at Lighthouse apartments on Delridge Way SW. A couple small HVAC tools were found on the grounds and returned to us but all the expensive drills and tools within the toolbox and bag are gone. We’ve reported to Seattle Police and are waiting for the police report number.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Car thief on video

That security video shows the thief who took Ariana‘s red 2014 BMW x3 from her Fauntleroy driveway. Note the accomplice moving solid-waste containers at upper left. Here’s the plate:

If you see it, call 911.

UPDATE: Guardian One helicopter assists in search that started in Kent, ended in West Seattle

10:23 PM: Though this ss NOT related to a helicopter some reported hearing over the Admiral area a bit earlier, the Guardian 1 helicopter is currently over Highland Park/Puget Ridge, helping police track a suspect who is reported to be wanted for eluding. (The helicopter’s track before this was in south King County, so the Admiral reports remain a mystery.)

10:30 PM: According to radio exchanges, this all started in Kent. The search has now moved on to Westwood, where police have converged on a reportedly related vehicle.

10:42 PM: Kent Police are reported to be on the way too, and a possible hit-run crash along the way on Puget Ridge is factoring into all this too.

11:02 PM: One clarification in the Guardian One crew’s post-departure tweet – they report the suspect “abandoned [the first] car in West Seattle and got into another car.”

ADDED THURSDAY AFTERNOON: We asked Kent PD for more details, and Cmdr. Robert Hollis replied:

Around 2200 hours on 05/20/2020, a on-duty Kent Officer noticed a red vehicle driving at a high rate of speed eastbound in the 10200 block of SE 240th St. The officer was able to catch up with the vehicle and when he activated his lights and siren, the suspect vehicle started driving away at a high rate of speed. Officers pursued the vehicle until speeds became too great and stopped pursuing the vehicle. Because King County Guardian One was up and following the vehicle, officers determined they could stop and locate the suspect at a later time. … Our officer did take the suspect into custody for Eluding.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Another car prowl; backpack found

Two reader reports:

CAR PROWL: From Chris:

We live on 38th Ave SW, b/t Stevens and Lander, and I came out on Wednesday morning at 9:10 am to find our Traverse had been rummaged through. We must have left it unlocked when we arrived home around 4:10pm yesterday, since there were no broken windows and no alarm last night. Nothing much taken other than some change in the console, a multi-tool from the door, and flashlight from the glove compartment.

BACKPACK FOUND: Betty, who sent the photo, says it’s hard to tell whether this was stolen/dumped, or maybe just lost. But given the uptick in car-prowl reports lately, we’re featuring it here in case of the latter:

She says the backpack contains “kids’ water shoes, and there’s a charger and a folding knife inside.” If it’s yours, let us know and we’ll connect you.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Busy night for car prowlers

Car prowlers were busy last night on both sides of 35th SW. This photo is from Tom at 36th/Graham:

Tom reports, “My car was broken into at 36th/Graham sometime last night between 10 pm and 6 am. Photos are attached, police report has been filed. As far as I can tell, nothing was taken: the contents of the console were left on the driver side seat when they realized there was nothing of value to take.”

TJ sent this photo from one of “a string of car windows being smashed” at 35th/Graham:

And texters report multiple break-ins near 34th/Morgan and 34th/Willow. If it happens to you – even if nothing is taken – you can report online; start here.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Keepsake watch stolen in burglary

Paul is hoping for help recovering the only irreplaceable item burglar(s) took from his home near 41st/Findlay: “I got a watch from my grandfather when he passed away and last night someone broke into our house and stole the watch. It was a 1960s Gübelin Watch with his name engraved on it, ‘John Palm.’ A couple other things were stolen but they can all be replaced. The watch is similar to the one (in this stock photo).” Police report # is 20-163824.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Help find another stolen bicycle

A WSB reader found Ray‘s stolen bicycle. Maybe you will spot Amelia’s:

It was stolen from her apartment building in The Junction. If you see it, let us know and we’ll let her know.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Bicycle thief on camera (update – bike found!); stolen copper Jeep

Two more West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports:

BIKE THIEF ON CAMERA: Ray reports his bicycle was stolen from his yard at 6:40 pm Saturday in a dead-end alley between 40th/41st SW and SW Genesee/Dakota.

He says, “The man had his face covered (which I doubt it was for social distancing), but his backpack and clothes may be familiar… Please be on the lookout for an abandoned bike.”

(UPDATE: Thanks to a WSB reader who spotted Ray’s bike, and let us know so we could let him know – Ray has it back!)

And just in – a stolen car:

STOLEN JEEP: Taken from Pigeon Point:

License Plate 166-XXK – Last night or early this morning (5/16 5 pm – 5/17 5 pm) someone has stolen my jeep. If anyone has seen it or has cameras on the 19th Ave SW between SW Andover and SW Dakota email the address below.

2000 Jeep Wrangler. Copper color. Chrome bumpers and tires. Black soft top (not seen in the picture). I’m really distraught and frustrated. I love this Jeep. I would really appreciate any information or any help in finding it. If seen, please contact:

But first call 911.


Laura hopes you can help find her stolen car, a blue 2000 Subaru Impreza Outback:

Where: Stolen from the 9000 block of 13th Ave SW

When: It was stolen sometime between last night at around 6:30 PM, and 7:00 AM this morning.

She’s pretty beat up on the driver’s side front part of the car from a hit and run accident in 2017, but she still runs well. This pic is of the same make, model, and color as our Impreza. If anyone sees her or has any information that could help us re-connect, that would be most appreciated.

The plate is 296VQS. Call 911 if you see it.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen mobility scooter

Maybe you can help find Bea‘s stolen mobility scooter:

Our rented battery operated Red and Black Mobility Scooter was stolen from our backyard driveway off alley between 60th and 61st and Admiral Way SW and SW Hinds last night.

It is transportable, Go-Go Pride 3-wheel with front black basket; rented from Scootaround. Also stolen were the battery and charger. but not the ignition key. Police report is 20-161656. If you know anything about this scooter, please report to police and send email to

No photo, but it would be similar to this.

SURVEY: Micro-Community Policing Plan feedback is happening online this year

Pre-pandemic, focus groups were a major means of feedback for SPD’s Micro-Community Policing Plans. This year, it’s happening online. The announcement is from Taylor Lowery, the Seattle University research analyst at the Southwest Precinct:

Seattle University is partnering with the Seattle Police Department to conduct ongoing research related to community crime concerns. Qualitative concerns allow SU researchers to collaborate with SPD leadership to improve the city’s community policing initiative.

As part of the Seattle Police Department’s Micro-Community Policing Plans, Seattle University’s Micro-Community Policing Plans Research Analysts invite those who live and/or work in Seattle to respond to focus group questions citywide in each of the city’s 58 micro-communities regarding community perceptions of crime, safety, and police legitimacy, as well as knowledge of and satisfaction with the MCPP. The focus group questions offer an opportunity to provide feedback to the Seattle Police Department on crime and public safety in Seattle, as a check-in between the administration of the Seattle Public Safety Survey every Fall. The questionnaire is accessible at from May through August 2020.

Information obtained from the focus group will help inform your neighborhood’s MCPP, so please come share your concerns and suggestions! Thank you in advance for taking the time to offer your perspective on crime and public safety in Seattle via the online focus group questions. Please feel free to email me directly any questions that you have regarding the focus group.

She’s at lowerytaylor (at)

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: ATM vandalized; stolen/found car

(WSB photo)

3:44 PM: Thanks to Desiree for the tip: That’s the drive-up Chase ATM in The Junction (44th/Edmunds), out of service after vandals hit it. Since it wasn’t taped up, she checked to make sure the Chase branch a few blocks north was aware; they told her they were, and that no cash was stolen, but that other West Seattle ATMs have been hit. We’re following up on that with police.

4:24 PM: Adding this reader report just received from Nancy:

Last night, my locked 2017 Volvo sedan was stolen from in front of my home (in the 3400 block of) 48th Ave SW. My husband’s 2002 Toyota 4 Runner was also jacked open . Inside it, Police found registrations from at least two other vehicles from nearby streets.

Today, my Volvo located in a hotel parking in Everett . The way it was located was thru Volvo dealer and my car’s “On Call” program which had ability to track my car’s position by GPS built into that.

I still haven’t seen my car because I need to figure out how to get up to Everett. It may not be driveable. But it was found all in one piece.

I had Everett Police have it towed to an Impound Lot. It will cost between $300 -$500 in fees to release it from Impound but what a joy to pay.

But I can tell you all to praise our Police. Pandemic has changed the ways crime occurs and where it occurs. Downtown Seattle is nearly empty so crime is on move.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: About last night’s police response outside PCC

Last night many people asked about a large police response outside the PCC West Seattle store at California/Stevens, coupled with an SFD medical response, in the 8 pm hour. We weren’t able to find out what was going on at the time, but we followed up today with SPD, and just got the info: “This was an arrest and use of force (tasing) after the suspect, pulled over for reckless driving, resisted arrest and assaulted officers. Officers were uninjured, but they did deploy a taser. SFD responded for that. Officers saw loaded handguns inside the vehicle and were able to recover them. The 36-year-old man was later booked into King County Jail.” Online records show the suspect is being released on personal recognizance but faces potential charges including assault, resisting arrest, and unlawful gun possession.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Restaurant burglars ‘stole from the whole community’

As if it’s not tough enough trying to keep a small independent restaurant afloat right now – Peel & Press proprietor Dan Austin is dealing with cleaning up after a burglary.

Dan told us, “They broke in and mostly caused damage trying to break through my wall in 3 different spots to get into Starbucks as well. Pic is of the person removing the glass panel of my door not to trip the door and glass-break sensor.” On social media, he had a direct message for the burglar”

To the special folks who broke into my restaurant last night, I would have helped you if you need help. We have given away 1400 meals since this pandemic started. We have donated groceries to people. I have even ran tabs for regulars who have lost their jobs but don’t want “anything for free.” Why would you do this to us? What give you the right to violate my hard work and jeopardize my ability to give back to the community? You didn’t just steal from me, you stole from the whole community!!!

If you have any info, the SPD case # is 20-153344. (Thanks to Sandy for the tip on this.)