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WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Riverview robbery; ‘gold AK-47’ found in car

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reports tonight:

RIVERVIEW ROBBERY: Thanks for the tips about a sizable police response in Riverview just after 8 pm. It followed a report of an armed street robbery near 12th and Myrtle, one victim and two robbers. No other details except that no arrests are reported so far; we’ll follow up further tomorrow.

GOLD AK-47 FOUND IN CAR: A report of suspected gunfire this afternoon in North Delridge led police to seize a gun described as a “gold AK-47.” Someone called 911 around 1:30 pm to report hearing a shot in the 4800 block of 25th SW and seeing a black two-door car leaving the area northbound. Near 26th and Genesee, officers pulled over a vehicle fitting that description. They didn’t have probable cause to arrest the driver but did get his name before he walked away, leaving the car parked where police had pulled it over. Taking a closer look at the car, police spotted what the summary of the incident says “appeared to be a loaded rifle-type magazine.” That led them to have the vehicle impounded, and a search warrant obtained. Inside the car, they found – again quoting the summary – “a gold AK-47 (on) the backseat floorboard of the vehicle along with 7 rounds of AK-47 ammo and a pair of brass knuckles.” We’ll be following up on whether they tracked down the driver again after that.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 2 stolen vehicles to watch for

Two vehicle-theft reports received so far today:

That’s Indy‘s red 2001 Subaru Impreza hatchback. The plate in the photo is NOT the current plate – the car now has license # BUZ7132. Indy says it was “last seen in West Seattle 1/22/21.” Next, Jesse‘s stolen Toyota:

Jesse reports, “My truck was just stolen around 1:15 pm today in broad daylight in the 30th Ave SW alley behind Luna Park Café. They apparently took something out of my neighbor’s truck, and cut through the club on my steering wheel. They might not get far though, the engine surges when at an idle stop…” The plate, shown in the photo, is BTZ1825.

If you see either of these – or any other known stolen vehicle – call 911.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 2 more robberies, 1 arrest

Two more store robberies last night, we’ve learned this morning, and the suspect in one was arrested. Here’s the SPD summary on that one, which happened just after 10:30 pm:

A suspect smashed one of the front-facing windows of the 7/11 at 35th Ave. SW/SW Avalon Way. The suspect entered the store, threatened to kill the clerk and a customer, went behind the clerk’s counter and stole merchandise while holding a blunt-object weapon. The suspect had just fled from across the street where he had committed a burglary by breaking into a building by smashing out a front-facing window. Patrol officers responding to the burglary chased the suspect on foot as he fled the robbery. The suspect was captured four blocks away. The suspect was booked into KCJ for Investigation of Robbery and Investigation of Burglary.

(The burglary was at the 3295 SW Avalon building – added beliw, the boarded-up door:)

The other robbery was the third Walgreens robbery this week in West Seattle, second one at the 15th/Roxbury store. Few details except that one person robbed the store by implying they had a gun, making off with about $250. No suspect description provided but police do not believe last night’s two robberies were related.


Reader report from Gregorio, who says it happened in the 4400 block of 35th SW:

I had a vehicle outside my apartment rummaged through last night after potentially leaving it unlocked. There’s been a lot of suspicious activity in the area, including a white van that’s constantly parked near the Rotary Viewpoint park. I know my neighbor also had their car windows smashed in a few weeks ago.

It’s been reported to police. Even if nothing is taken, you can report a car prowl online – go here.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police search after store robbery

11:24 PM: A police search is under way in Admiral after a reported robbery at the 7-11 a short time ago. No details yet but a K-9 unit is being called in to join the search.

11:30 PM: Here’s the description officers have just given to dispatch: 4 Black men, 25-30, all about 6′, all dressed in black, with white-lettered hoodies (except for one wearing a yellow hoodie), one armed with what looked like a 9mm gun with a white stripe, all last seen on foot heading west on Admiral Way.

FRIDAY 10:37 AM: No arrests. We obtained the police report this morning, and it has a few additional details: The store employee who was robbed at gunpoint told police that the first robber – the one in the yellow hoodie – came into the store and appeared to be shopping. He walked to the back of the store and then the other three came in; one of them pulled out a gun and aimed it at the employee, while the man in the yellow hoodie walked behind the counter and began yelling. They ordered the employee to take money out of the register and put it in one of the store’s gray money pouches. In the meantime, the clerk was able to activate a silent alarm; the report continues, “The store is equipped with a live 24-hour video surveillance system with a PA (public address) speaker system installed. It appeared that the suspects were able to hear the PA and within seconds, they left with what they were able to take from the register and a box of Swisher Sweet cigars.”

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen F-350 pickup truck (update: found)

ORIGINAL REPORT: That’s Alex‘s stolen pickup truck. He sent the photo and report:

My 2006 Ford F-350 Super Duty Power Stroke was stolen from 44th and Edmunds on 1/20/21 between 12 am-6 am. $2000 reward for any information that leads to recovery of the truck. It has new tires and the front fender flares aren’t missing as seen on pic, and it has a dent on rear tailgate. Any info helps

Vin Number: (ends in) 5103
Plate Number: B70219X
Case Number: 2021-016504

If you see it, call 911.

UPDATE, EARLY FRIDAY: It’s been found.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Another drugstore robbery; park car prowls

Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes this morning:

ANOTHER DRUGSTORE ROBBERY: Two nights after a strong-arm robbery at the South Delridge Walgreens, the High Point Walgreens was hit last night. After a reader tip, we obtained the police report this morning. In this case, the robber was after money, not drugs, and did not appear to have an accomplice. A clerk told police a man came in, bought a candy bar, gave her $2 and demanded his change in dimes. While she was attempting to do that, he reached over her to grab money from the open register. She tried to stop him; he said “Get out of my way,” shoved her, grabbed money cash, and fled the store. Security video (not publicly available but police have viewed it) showed he was in the store a total of three minutes, from 5:31 pm to 5:34 pm. The report gives a partial description: Black, slender, 6’0″, hoodie pulled up, dark pants. The clerk reported that the attack left her with arm pain, but she declined emergency treatment.

PARK CAR PROWLS: Heads-up for people using Westcrest ParkAmy visited yesterday afternoon and was told, in the lot near SW Cloverdale, there had been five recent smash-and-grab car prowls.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: School sign stolen for 4th time; early-morning prowler; pharmacy robbery

Three West Seattle Crime Watch reports:

SIGN STOLEN AGAIN: The photo and report are from Julie:

I wrote back in June to let you know the upsetting and disappointing news that a Black Lives Matter sign (see photo) our PTA placed on the Myrtle St. fence at Gatewood Elementary School was removed and stolen. It has been replaced three other times since then, the most recent time being January 7th — all of these signs have been placed with the full permission & support of our school administration. Then unfortunately last night, it was taken again for the fourth time. Someone is trying very hard to block this message of solidarity and support for people of color in our community, and we ask that people be on the lookout. We are planning to have members of our community add their own signs supporting the movement to this fence during Black Lives Matter at School Week, February 1st-5th.

PROWLER: Dom says this security-video screengrab shows a prowler spotted in Sylvan Ridge Townhomes between 4:30 and 5:30 this morning.

Neighbors have reported various items missing, and Dom notes that video shows the prowler “trying to steal things from our patio and/or appears to then spend significant time trying to see if the sliding door is unlocked. She then seems to look underneath items on our neighbors’ stairs, perhaps to see if there’s a spare key beneath.”

PHARMACY ROBBERY, ASSAULT: This summary is from the SPD Significant Incident Report file, which says it happened around 8:11 pm Monday night at the 15th/Roxbury Walgreens:

Three suspects entered the Walgreens pharmacy by jumping over the counter. They demanded Oxycodone and Promethazine. They did not want to wait the 5 mins for the medicine cabinet timer, so they took about $300 from the register. As they were leaving the store, a female was entering. The suspects punched her several times in the face before taking her purse, which contained about $600. The suspects broke the front door off of the frame to exit Walgreens.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Junction mural vandalized

The first of the West Seattle Junction murals to be renovated – the Hi-Yu Parade scene on the south-facing wall of the Post Office – needs a little more work, to repair damage done by a vandal. Sometime recently, someone splashed beige paint across a particular group of parade-watchers depicted in the mural, to the right of the parade royalty – a woman and two children of color, seated on the curb. We heard about the vandalism via a tip, and checked it out this weekend. After we brought it to the West Seattle Junction Association‘s attention – as WSJA has been heading up the mural-renovating efforts these past few years – volunteers have removed some of the vandal’s paint, so the three people are partly visible again:

It will need professional repair, though, and the muralist who’s renovated several other local murals in the past three years, Bob Henry, will be consulted. The mural’s 2007 renovation, we noted at the time, followed tagging vandalism.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Vehicle-theft attempt; dumped bicycle

Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes:

VEHICLE-THEFT ATTEMPT: Would-be thieves don’t always succeed. From Alki, Steve reports, “I wanted to let you and everyone know that there was an attempt to steal my Chevy truck from the alley parking area behind my home on the 3000 block of 63rd Ave SW. The driver’s-door lock is destroyed and the ignition/steering column damaged. The incident occurred sometime Thursday night/ Friday morning.

DUMPED BICYCLE: From the dumped-so-likely-stolen file, a texter spotted this bicycle by the Admiral Way Bridge, near 39th SW:

Let us know if you recognize it.

P.S. Reminder that you can talk with local police at the first West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting of the year, 6 pm Tuesday (January 19th). Here’s the participation link.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Business burglary; school theft and vandalism; prowler; scam call; community meeting with police

In West Seattle Crime Watch:

BUSINESS BURGLARY: Coastal Surf Boutique posted online that the store at 3270 California SW was hit by “massive theft” night before last. The police report says it happened around 2:30 am Thursday and that the store’s owner was alerted by security video; police got there fast and detained a possible suspect but he turned out not to be the person seen in the video. We have inquiries out to see if any community assistance is in order. The SPD case # is 21-011014.

SCHOOL HIT BY THEFT, VANDALISM: From Sally at Hope Lutheran School:

We have experienced two tagging events just this week plus one tire of our bus was taken.

They left the jack, plus tagged the bus. This is so frustrating. Before the holiday we noticed that the bus’s catalytic converter was taken, too, which we found to be a “thing” in West Seattle.

PROWLER: Jake sent this security video from Alki: “The guy in this video is creeping around on 61st Ave SW near SW Stevens going through people’s packages.” The video shows the person looking through package boxes, and then photographing them.

(added) SCAM CALL: Thanks to Hiro for the alert:

I received a call from a number identified as Seattle Emergency Management warning that my power would be shut off shortly due to my bill not being paid. I’m on auto pay so I knew it was suspicious right away and logged into their site to confirm but others that may be struggling to pay bills right now may think it’s real, as the recording on the call sounded official.

Here’s what to do if you suspect a scam like this.

CRIME PREVENTION MEETING: Hear from and talk with local police at the first West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meeting of the year, 6 pm next Tuesday (January 19th). Here’s the link.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 2 bicycles stolen; car break-in; police leadership change

Three notes tonight:


I’m reaching out to share an incident that happened sometime between 11:00 pm and 3:30 am at 5640 SW 35th Ave Monday night. The shed in our back yard was broken into and two bikes were stolen.

One is a Fuji Le Club Road bike (silver with red accents and red handlebar tape, older picture below).

The other is a newer Scott Cyclocross bike (dark blue with yellow lettering on the down tube). Doors to the shed were ripped clean off the frame. If you have any information, please text Evan at 617-875-0914.

CAR BREAK-IN: From Samantha and Mark near 49th/Forney:

Someone broke into my car sometime over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately it’s our second car that we have parked in front of our house and rarely use. The car might have been unlocked, but I noticed it when I went to use it to pick up our child from day care. Nothing of value was taken, but all compartments were rifled thru.

POLICE LEADERSHIP CHANGE: Speaking to the Fauntleroy Community Association board last night, Southwest Precinct Operations Lt. Sina Ebinger announced she’s retiring. So today we asked precinct commander Capt. Kevin Grossman who’ll succeed her as second-in-command. The role will not be filled, he said, explaining that the units Lt. Ebinger oversaw – Community Police Team, Anti-Crime Team, bicycle squad, detectives – “have been eliminated.” (Police Chief Adrian Diaz reorganized the department last year to assign more officers to patrol/911 response.) If Capt. Grossman is out of town or otherwise unavailable, his backup will be new second watch Lt. Dorothy Kim.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 2020 stats, and 3 recent reports

In West Seattle Crime Watch – stats, summaries, and reader reports:

2020 CRIME STATS: Seattle Police Chief Adrian Diaz talked about them in a media briefing today. Here are the stats for the Southwest Precinct – which encompasses both West Seattle and South Park – for this year and the past two years.

The chief focused his citywide comments on the homicide rate, up 61 percent this year, to 50. Two were in West Seattle; both resulted in arrests and charges – the Junction death of Jana Layman in January and the Delridge death of Derrick Lacomb in September. As Chief Diaz noted in his remarks, the Alki Avenue suitcase-bodies murders are not counted as Seattle cases since the victims were killed in Burien.

Also tonight – from the SPD Significant Incident Report summaries, a confirmed gunfire incident last week:

SHOTS FIRED: The SPD summary says this happened just before 10:30 pm last Thursday: “A witness heard two to three shots in the area of the 2500 BLK of SW Findlay St. The witness saw a brown Lincoln Continental, and a black SAAB leave the area. Officers arrived and contacted the witness. Officers recovered evidence of a shooting and checked the area for witnesses, cameras, and additional evidence.”

And two reader reports:

BICYCLES STOLEN: The photo and report are from Erynne:

Somebody broke into the apartments at 4801 Fauntleroy Way SW last night and took a bunch of bikes; pictured here is my boyfriend’s bike that got stolen.

Case # is 21-008373.

CATALYTIC-CONVERTER THEFTS: Still happening, reports Wendy: “Just wanted to get the word out that only a month ago, thieves stole catalytic converters from 2 Priuses within a block vicinity of my house in the 38th/39th and Hanford area, and just a couple of nights ago, they got my 16-year-old Prius.” This too has been reported to police. Back in September, the precinct’s Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner offered some prevention advice.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: West Seattle tire-slashing suspect arrested

Police have arrested a suspect in last weekend’s West Seattle tire-slashing spree. We’ve been following up with the Southwest Precinct regarding progress in the case, and today commander Capt. Kevin Grossman reports that “SPD received reports from 9 different victims with over a dozen slashed tires. The crime spree spread from Lincoln Park area to Alaska Junction. There were several victims who had video surveillance of the suspect. SPD officers tracked down several leads and today the 28-year-old male suspect was taken into custody near Westwood Village. The suspect was booked into King County jail for investigation of malicious mischief.” We’re checking into the suspect’s background and so far he does not appear to have a felony record.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Arson investigation; pickup stolen (update: found!); truck prowled; prevention information

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reports, plus this month’s Crime Prevention Newwsletter:

ARSON INVESTIGATION: From the SPD Significant Incident Report summaries – SFD logged this Monday morning incident as a fire-alarm call at Cal-Mor Circle (6420 California SW):

On 01-04-2021 at 0135 hours, unknown person(s) started a fire on the exterior-facing door frame of a residential apartment unit in the Morgan Junction area of West Seattle. The fire was small, did not spread, and was extinguished after the smoke detection system alerted staff. Nobody was injured. The building did not need to be evacuated. Seattle Fire responded to ensure the fire would not restart. SFD determined the fire was suspicious and called for a fire marshal, who determined that the fire was intentionally set and took over the investigation. The fire marshal made the notification to the SPD’s Arson Bomb Squad.

(added 12:49 pm) PICKUP THEFT: Just in, from Cindi in Upper Morgan:

Stolen last night (January 8), sometime after 7:00 pm, from near SW Morgan St and 37th Ave SW, our Ford F250 long-bed pickup, somewhat distinctive because of the large antenna mounted on the front bumper. There is also an equipment box and a 5th-wheel trailer hitch in the bed. It was secured with a club. License plate NVISCOM, burgundy in color. Police report has been filed

Call 911 if you see it (or any other known stolen vehicle). SUNDAY UPDATE: Found in White Center.

(back to original roundup) TRUCK PROWL: Via email from Tom, “I live on the 7500 block of 15th Ave SW and on Thursday (1/7/2021) morning I awoke at 6:10 am to the alarm on my truck parked on the street, in front of my house going off. It had looked as if someone had tried to pry open/wedge the driver side door, which sent off the alarm. A friend of mine going to work at that time, said she saw someone walking quickly south toward SW Holden. Nothing was taken and the prowl was reported online to SPD.”

PREVENTION INFORMATION: Vehicle prowling is among the subjects of this month’s newsletter from Southwest Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner:

(If you can’t read the newsletter embedded above, here it is in PDF.)

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Package/mail theft, including an arrest; camping gear taken in burglary

Three West Seattle Crime Watch reports:

MAIL/PACKAGE THEFT ARREST: Southwest Precinct police report this happened Thursday:

A witness in the area of 26th Ave SW and SW Findlay Street observed a male taking packages from the porches and mailboxes. Officers responded to the area very quickly and located the male. The male was found in possession of approximately 40 pieces of mail and three packages that did not belong to him. Officers arrested the male for Felony Mail Theft and then delivered the packages back to the rightful houses.

MORE MAIL STOLEN: We don’t know if there’s any connection with what was found in that arrest, but we also got this report from Deanna on Thursday: “Several mailboxes were looted sometime during the night of 1/6 or early morning 1/7 on the 9000 block of 14th Ave SW. Some mailboxes were left open after being (emptied) of their contents, including one locked mailbox that was wrenched open by the perpetrator. An incident has been opened with USPS.”


I wanted to report a break-in to my place (sometime on the night between 1/5-1/6). My garage (close to the intersection of Delridge & Thistle) was broken into and lots of my hiking & camping gear was stolen. I realize it’s a long shot, but perhaps anyone will spot any of these items for sale somewhere? Or maybe someone on the block has a street-facing security camera and caught anything on tape? The big-ticket items that were stolen include (photos linked):
Osprey Volt 60L, blue
Osprey Manta 34L, black
Patagonia Petrolia 28L, red
Northface Stormbreak 3-person tent, yellow
Exped Megamat 10, green
REI camping table
Ski Helmet & Goggles, light blue
These are the items that I figured might be easy to spot; the rest are all smaller hiking items such as gloves, hats, boots, etc.

UNSOLVED MURDER: 10 years after Kaari Higgins was killed in Fauntlee Hills, daughter hopes ‘somebody knows something’

Kaari Higgins died 10 years ago today, the victim of one of West Seattle’s unsolved murders.

One of her two children, now a grown woman, continues trying to find justice for her mom. Lindsay Higgins asked that we publish her plea:

Kaari Higgins was found brutally beaten in her Fauntlee Hills home on December 31st, 2010, and succumbed to her injuries one week later on January 7th, 2011. The attack occurred sometime between 6 am and noon on that New Year’s Eve. On the 10th anniversary of her death, I want to remind the West Seattle community of this unsolved homicide. I was 12 at the time, and now that I am older I still hope to find answers.

Unfortunately, my mom’s case was not widely covered in the media, but there were a few articles published. This Seattle PI story most accurately reported the key details surrounding the case:

It was a few minutes past noon on New Year’s Eve 2010 when a medic dispatcher received a call about a woman unresponsive in West Seattle.

“There’s someone unconscious bleeding from the mouth, face down on the floor in the hallway,” a man said, directing medics to the 4000 block of Southwest Concord Street.

Homicide detectives were unaware of Higgins’ case until after her death – more than a week after her injuries were reported. It was only when her body was examined that investigators realized that it was unlikely her injuries came from a simple fall.

Police say Higgins had a split lip, two black eyes, a bruise on her lower left back, a bruise on her shoulders and a fractured bone. Investigators think she was beaten that New Year’s Eve – her 47th birthday.

I hope that somebody knows something, and that this post might trigger a memory. I urge anyone with possible information or tips on Kaari’s death to contact SPD’s Homicide Tip Line: 206-233-5000.

We reported on Ms. Higgins’s death in 2012, after SPD brought the case to light via a list of unsolved murders.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Woman arrested after ‘warning shot’ goes awry; stabbing suspect charged; alert for runners

Three West Seattle Crime Watch reports:

WOMAN ARRESTED FOR UNINTENTIONALLY SHOOTING HUSBAND: SPD investigated a shooting late last night in southeast West Seattle. We heard some of the radio discussion, and SPD summarized it online this afternoon. A 911 call – with no one talking but a “disturbance in the background” – brought officers to a house in the 9000 block of 3rd SW. On arrival, officers saw blood on a car. They eventually determined that a woman in the house had fired a gun, hitting a man in the hand. The SPD Blotter report says the suspect is the victim’s wife, and that it happened after they argued with a man “who ended up pepper spraying the couple. They said the woman then took out a handgun and fired a ‘warning shot,’ which struck her husband in the hand. The couple said they then chased the known man out of their home and the wife fired three additional rounds.” She was arrested; the gun (SPD photo at right) was recovered.

STABBING SUSPECT CHARGED: We reported last Sunday that one man was stabbed and a suspect arrested after an incident at Transitional Resources in the 2900 block of SW Avalon Way. The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has charged the suspect, 34-year-old Harrison Washington, with second-degree assault. Charging documents say he does not have a criminal history and that the two have known each other for several years; the victim told police he was stabbed without provocation after asking Washington for a cigarette and being told he could get one in the suspect’s apartment, then finding none. Washington is in jail, bail set at $250,000.

ALERT FOR RUNNERS: Received from a reader who asked only to be identified as a “solo female runner”:

At 6:15 AM this morning (Thursday, Jan 7), I was running on Marine View Drive near the curve towards Seola Greenbelt Park /35th Ave SW with my headlight and reflective vest on for visibility. I had seen a late model gray Toyota truck traveling the opposite direction, but then noticed it was driving my direction slowly behind me a distance away, never passing me. I became concerned since I was quickly approaching the park open space, away from homes. I decided to cross the street and run up a driveway to the side of a house out of sight and turn off my light. I could hear the truck stop and it did not continue traveling my direction. Once I no longer heard the truck, I quickly made my way home on side streets without my light off. I didn’t have a cell phone on me to report to Seattle PD for investigation, but did call later to report the incident. I just want any early-morning runners to be aware of this incident for safety reasons.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Suspect arrested; package thefts

Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes:

SUSPECT ARRESTED: A big SPD and KCSO presence drew attention at the Dollar Tree store in White Center late this afternoon. We don’t have full details on this but officers at the scene told us they arrested the suspect they were seeking, wanted for using a knife to threaten people at one or more West Seattle locations before he was found at the store. Concerns about a standoff drew the big response but the suspect surrendered before long. MONDAY FOLLOWUP NOTE: The SPD “significant incident” summary published today indicates the person was in crisis and was taken to a hospital.

PACKAGE THEFT: Kendra says her building in North Admiral (44th/College) started having a problem with missing packages about two weeks ago. On Monday, she received a notice that a package had been delivered around noon, but returned home at 8 to discover the torn-open, empty box in the parking lot. A neighbor told her the package was seen in the lobby with another one around 6 pm. That same night, a suitcase belonging to a resident was taken from a locked storage area and dumped in the parking lot. Last night, Kendra saw a suspicion-stirring driver in the alley, in a dark sedan missing its front plate; when confronted, she said, the driver claimed to be an Amazon driver, but when she called to confirm, the company told her they were unable to look up anything more than package info.

CRIME WATCH FOLLOWUP: Suspect charged in North Shorewood shooting, crash

(WSB photo, December 7th)

Back on December 7th, we reported on a chaotic incident involving gunfire and a crash in North Shorewood. Today, we learned a suspect has been charged. 19-year-old Naquan L. Mapp is charged with three counts of first-degree assault and one count of reckless endangerment. He is not yet in custody but a half-million-dollar warrant is out for his arrest. The charging documents say the incident started around 2:45 that afternoon, when three teens saw Mapp at a gas station on Roxbury. Driving a white BMW, he followed the teens, who were in a blue Corolla, after they left. When they rolled down the window to ask why, investigators say, he shot at them. Trying to get away, they continued to the intersection of 26th SW/SW 107th, where the Corolla’s driver hit a minivan and then a pole, causing the van to spin around and hit another car. The charging documents say Mapp was still following them and that he pulled up along the teens’ car after the crash and shot into it at least 13 times, hitting one of them in the leg and arm, before driving off. A passing car was hit by gunfire, too. Meantime, two people involved in the crash – one in the Corolla, one in the minivan – suffered head injuries. With the help of surveillance video, detectives say, they discovered the white BMW had been stolen from Kent almost two weeks earlier. Police found it abandoned late that night at Westcrest Park. Investigators identified Mapp with the help of two of the teens who had been in the Corolla – one of whom may have had some kind of “beef” with him – and charges were filed just before Christmas. Records show no prior criminal history. Side note: Though deputies said on the day of the incident that the Corolla also was a stolen car, that’s not mentioned in the charging papers at all.


In West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

TIRES TAKEN: The photo and report are from Brenda: “New Year’s Eve, someone stole the two passenger-side tires from our car that was parked in front of our house on 46th Ave SW. Ugh 2020, so glad you’re over!!!

SPEAKING OF TIRES: We’re still hearing from people who were victims in the weekend tire-slashing rampage – among them, Barbara, who tells WSB that “two cars in our driveway on Fauntleroy were slashed, as well as two cars of our neighbor to the south, and two cars across the alley to the east. We heard that the total for this last couple of nights was 30 car-tire slashings, not including the six in our immediate area. She had heard a suspect was arrested; we’re still working to confirm that.

(added moments after original publication) ONE MORE TIRE TALE: Mark just emailed tonight to report finding this:

I was out walking our dog earlier this afternoon and came across a nice Schwinn bicycle wheel from a higher end road bike (appeared to have been a carbon frame, or at least a carbon front fork). It was on the ground by the West 206 apartments at California and SW College in North Admiral. I snapped the pic attached and leaned the wheel against the SW College side of the apartment building in between some bushes. It’s really odd – there are still remnants of the carbon fork attached to the hub, and I can’t imagine how it would have ended up like that without some serious force being applied. I was guessing a thief dumped it after somehow breaking it, but honestly no idea.

LETTER CARRIER HARASSED: This happened on December 26th in the 6300 block of 24th SW but just appeared in SPD’s Significant Incident Reports file today. Here’s the SPD summary:

On 12-26-2020 at 1520 hours, the reporting party, who was a male, called police because while conducting his mail delivery route, the roadway was blocked by a vehicle. He said the vehicle was preventing him from delivering mail to several homes. The caller waited a few minutes for the vehicle to move out of his way. When the vehicle did not move, the caller then decided to honk his horn. The vehicle continued to block the roadway, so the caller decided to approach the vehicle and make contact with the driver to ask her to move. The driver of the vehicle was described as a female, 5’11, medium build, long curly hair and all black clothing. The unknown female began screaming at the caller. She used a racial slur more than once and added that she did not like the way he wore his mask. The caller stated that no threat or assault was made towards him. The unknown female never prevented him from leaving. The caller stated it was unknown if he was targeted because of his race. Suspect not located at the time of this incident.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Man stabbed; tires vandalized; mail stolen; car prowled

1:55 PM: Three West Seattle Crime Watch reports so far today:

MAN STABBED: A man in his early 60s was taken to the hospital in stable condition with an abdominal wound after what was reported as a stabbing in the Transitional Resources lobby at 2970 SW Avalon Way just before 9:30 am today. We don’t have details on the circumstances but a suspect was reported to be in custody and the scene cleared within an hour.

TIRES VANDALIZED: We’ve received two reports of multiple tire slashings this weekend – near Lowman Beach, and along California SW north of Morgan Junction. (Added – One victim’s security video from just before 5:30 pm Saturday:)

(Also added – one more report received since publishing this: “Three cars had their tires slashed along Fauntleroy Place SW. All of them were along the road and not tucked up in driveways.”)

MAIL STOLEN: Jennifer in Arbor Heights reported that on Saturday afternoon, “I just had a surprise visit from a neighbor a couple blocks away who was out delivering all the stolen mail that was stuffed into his neighbor’s mailbox. He said there was mail from all over the neighborhood.”

2:56 PM: One more report just in:

CAR PROWLED: From Taylor: “Just wanted to alert the neighbors that our car was prowled in our alley driveway at some point in the last 48 hours. We’re on 41st Ave SW near the dead end at Genesee. Nothing was taken but compartments were open and things from the console were on the driver’s seat. They must have been looking for cash because they didn’t take my binoculars or my son’s bike. Won’t ever forget to make sure it’s locked again.”

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen blue Dodge truck, champagne Accord

January 2, 2021 10:40 am
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UPDATED 11:11 AM: Two stolen vehicles to report:

Have you seen that truck? Sabrina reports it was stolen from the 9000 block of 3rd SW last Monday. It’s a 2001 blue Dodge Dakota Sport “with gray net over the back of the truck.” (We’ll add the plate # when we get it.) Call 911 if you see it.

ADDED: Tim just sent word of this vehicle theft:

Woke up to my car stolen out of my driveway. It’s a champagne/ivory 1994 Honda Accord 4-door. Bone stock. License plate number BEZ-9764. Slight bump/dent on passenger rear door just below the window along with a door trim that’s lifting up on the end. Has a long scratch on hood in the middle front (not super noticeable). Rear windshield has a blue/baby blue sticker on the lower driver side. Has rain visors on all 4 doors. Blue dog collar and red parking pass on rear-view mirror. Last seen the corner of Charlestown St & 52nd.

Again – call 911 if you see it.