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VIDEO: The Service Providers @ 2018’s second-to-last Summer Concerts at Hiawatha show

The temperature – and air quality – are perfect for getting outside and enjoying some fresh rock ‘n’ roll right now. We’re on the east lawn at Hiawatha Community Center, where the summer’s second-to-last Admiral Neighborhood Association-presented Summer Concerts at Hiawatha show just got under way. As previewed here, tonight’s band is The Service Providers and though it’s a relatively new band, they have deep roots in Seattle rock ‘n’ roll, with ex-Posies and ex-Fastbacks among others. The show’s on until about 8 pm – free; just bring your own chair/blanket, and family/friends/neighbors/whomever, and enjoy the music! They just joked that this is their first all-ages show and first one “by the harsh light of day.” A bit of video:

They’re about to release a record – go here to find out about that. More later.

Next up for Summer Concerts @ Hiawatha: The Service Providers

Tomorrow night’s Summer Concerts at Hiawatha band, The Service Providers, has a serious rock pedigree. Here’s part of the explanation:

The Service Providers is a new project of Brian Naubert, Dave Fox, Mike Musburger, and Arthur Roberts.

How they started: Mike and Arthur played together in The Posies. Arthur left the Posies to play in Sushirobo and Peach. Mike and Dave played together in The Posies. Dave left the Posies to play in Flop. Mike left the Posies to play in the Fastbacks. Brian played in Popsickle. Brian left Popsickle. Mike, Dave and Brian played together in Tube Top. Mike, Dave, and Brian left Tube Top. Mike, Dave and Brian played together in Ruston Mire. Now, Mike, Dave, Arthur, and Brian play together in The Service Providers.

(If you saw the Fastbacks at SPF30 last Saturday, you saw Mike.) The Service Providers describe their sound as “a crackling bonfire of hard guitar rock, rife with unabashed pop hooks and formidable chops. … catchy as hell, treating heartbroken love songs and post-ironic party anthems with equal dexterity. … something like stumbling into a bar fight between Blue Oyster Cult, Devo, and the Kinks — amped on adrenaline and bleeding nostalgia.” They’re releasing a record with help of a crowdfunding campaign – the page for it includes two sample tracks, if you’d like to preview their music before packing up your chair/blanket/picnic dinner and heading to the east lawn at Hiawatha Community Center – along Walnut south of Lander, 6:30 pm Thursday (August 16th) – free! (The series is in its 10th summer and WSB has been a co-sponsor since the start.)

THINK HOLIDAYS! Fauntleroy Fine Art and Gift Show entry deadline approaching

(By Apple Cox, past and future show participant)

Not to rush you out of summer mode too soon – but some holiday planning does happen before summer’s end. So we’re sharing this announcement sent by Judy Pickens:

Aug. 31 is the deadline for artists and artistic crafters to apply to be in the Fauntleroy Fine Art and Holiday Gift Show Nov. 9-11. The 11th annual event hosted by Fauntleroy Church is open to artists working in any medium (glass, metal, paper, paint, resin, etc.) and crafters should display a high level of creativity and quality.

Show participants must live in or have studio space in West Seattle or on Vashon. For details and the application form, visit, email, or call 206-932-5600.

SPF30, PM REPORT: Sub Pop Records’ Alki celebration crescendo


6:58 PM: Evening is here and the final frenetic few hours of Sub Pop Records’ 30th-birthday party SPF30 are beginning. The crowd is thickening by the minute, and some are watching from the water:

Mudhoney‘s set is minutes away on the Harsh Realm stage at 57th/Alki. Shabazz Palaces is wrapping their set on the east side of the Bathhouse. More to come!

7:39 PM: Having some challenges with one signal provider so we’re behind on evening images. We will of course add when we can! Meanwhile, eyes on the sky:

Only the briefest of showers in the past six-plus hours. Just needs to hold out a few more.

8:32 PM: As featured in our first report, here’s the KEXP video stream:

At 9 pm, they’re scheduled to stream the last act of the night, Father John Misty. Here’s their clip of Beach House, the 8 pm band:

This is all supposed to end at 10 – remember that The Junction invites you to downtown West Seattle’s afterparty, including a DJ at West 5 (4539 California SW; WSB sponsor).

9:12 PM: Our Mudhoney clip remains stuck in cell hell. But Barry Devenney sent this photo of the crowd, during the band’s last song:

We just caught part of Father John Misty’s set, too. Lots more to add when we get back to HQ.

12:06 AM: Evening scenes! The crowd:

Hot Snakes:


Shabazz Palaces:

Beach House:


Here’s video by Tony Welch:

Father John Misty:

(Added Sunday: Video by Mark Jaroslaw:)

And as the party wrapped … Admiral Way was lined with people awaiting various forms of transportation, while the big tour-bus-size shuttles provided by Sub Pop circulated past.

P.S. We’re also adding more to our first report, which covered the afternoon and very-early evening.

SPF30, 1ST REPORT: Sub Pop party is rocking Alki, rain and shine

(SPF30 INFOLINKS: Music schedule here … transportation info here … food truck/vendor/etc. list here … video streaming here)

1:36 PM: At the Punky Stage on Alki Playfield, Caspar Babypants sang “Here Comes the Sun” shortly after opening his set at SPF30

It seems to have worked – we’re in a sunbreak as we type, starting our coverage of the huge Sub Pop Records 30th-birthday party, which is on at 4 stages (plus beer gardens, tents, and more) until 10 pm. The playfield is paradise for kids – along the west side, a big gathering of bouncy toys:

In the middle of the playfield, vendor/community tents include Alki Elementary PTA, steps from their school (here’s what they’re selling):

And the C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor) tent makes its debut, with cold brew:

(Photo courtesy Bryan Jones)

Our coverage is just getting started. If you’re headed here, a few things you should know – really, don’t even try to park within a mile of Alki – we tried it before 1 pm and can vouch for the neighborhoods south of Admiral being full up. Meantime, Carolyn Newman sends a photo of the wait for the Water Taxi shuttle at Seacrest:

(Here’s all the Water Taxi info for today.) If you just can’t get here – KEXP is video-streaming some of the bands. Clicking the “play” button for this YouTube window should get you to their stream:

Here’s the streaming schedule.

2:18 PM: We’re still near the Punky stage, where The Not-Its are playing now.

Also among the organizations in mid-playfield booths, the Southwest Seattle Historical Society, beneficiaries of some fundraising today including the guitar that’s being auctioned … demonstrated here by West Seattle’s highest-ranking politician:

(If you’re new, he’s King County Executive Dow Constantine.) Thanks to Clay Eals for that photo. Want to read about and/or bid on the guitar? Go here. Also note that SWSHS’s Log House Museum here on Alki (61st SW/SW Stevens) IS open today, and you can check out the new “Sound Spots” music exhibit there until 4 pm.

3:23 PM UPDATE: We’ve just wandered the rest of the site. Most of the food trucks are along 59th just south of Alki Ave (with a few others scattered elsewhere):

59th is also where you’ll find bike parking, on the tennis court:

Along Alki Ave. are the three stages – Loma just performed at the Flippity-Flop stage on the east side of Alki Bathhouse:

Nearby, just west of the KEXP booth, a water-bottle-refilling station:

In general, it’s not too crowded yet – still room to roam from the streets to the spectator zones. And the weather has behaved for the past few hours.

5:17 PM: The crowd is building. Here’s a quick clip of Clipping, last hour:

Each of the three main stages has two acts ahead, including the Fastbacks, scheduled to get going about now at the Loser stage (west side of Alki Bathhouse), Hot Snakes also set to have started minutes ago at the Harsh Realm stage on Alki Ave. at 57th. Meantime, transportation is still busy – someone we know was passed by enough full Route 50 buses to give up and walk here.

6:03 PM: The two aforementioned bands:

LATE NIGHT NOTES: We’ve added a few photos above. And if you haven’t already seen it, our evening coverage continued here.

SPF30 tomorrow! More updates, from street-closure times to SOL ice cream

The setup continues at Alki Beach, where as many as 30,000 people are expected tomorrow afternoon/evening for the SPF30 mega-music festival in honor of Sub Pop Records‘ 30th anniversary. Interspersed with our photos (the first four are from early Thursday evening – breaking news got in the way of us publishing them sooner) are updates and followups:

ROAD CLOSURES/TRANSPORTATION/TRANSIT UPDATES AND ANSWERS: On Tuesday, we published the map and plan for road closures, transit, parking, and other issues related to getting there and back – if you’re going and you haven’t seen it yet, please check it out. Some readers had questions that we took to SPD Lt. Tom Yoon of the Traffic Unit, which is managing the closures and restrictions:

*Hard closures will begins at 6 A.M. on Alki Ave SW between 57th and 63rd. Absolutely no vehicles will be allowed in this area. This includes residences or business employees. This area will be for crowds to enjoy the concert.

*Soft closures (local access only) will begin at 9 A.M. This will be from California Ave SW / Harbor Ave SW and along Admiral Way (north bound access) to 63rd Ave / Admiral Way.

*Local access is for verified residents and their guests. Make sure the guests know who and the address of the residents.

The closures were also mentioned on a postcard sent to area residents, one of whom sent us this image.

FOOD TRUCKS/VENDORS/NONPROFITS: We’ve updated the list we published Thursday – see it here.

HUSKY DELI ‘SOL’ ICE CREAM: As mentioned here earlier in the week, Husky Deli and C & P Coffee (WSB sponsor) will be vendors by the Punky stage (kid music, Whale Tail Park/Alki Playfield). At the Husky Deli booth, a special flavor will support the “Save Our Lots” Junction parking fundraiser: “A luscious blend of rich chocolate with nuggets of exciting and surprising cookie dough.”

(Friday photo by David Hutchinson – the “Great Wall of Honey Buckets”)

JUNCTION AFTERPARTY: SPF30 ends at 10. But there’s still lots of Saturday night left. West Seattle Junction venues invite you to “afterparty” with them. Sub Pop’s shuttles will continue running that way until midnight, notes Lora Swift of the West Seattle Junction Association, so that’s a good safe start for getting there. Anything more special than usual? That’s up to bars/restaurants to decide, but Lora does point out that West 5 (4539 California SW; WSB sponsor) will have a DJ!

P.S. Speaking of music – as you might have noticed in our top photo – the stage banners list the acts and set times, so look for those and other signage at the event. They’re on the SPF30 website, a little ways down the right. And we have them here.

‘Sound Spots’: New music-history exhibit opens at Log House Museum

Long before SPF30 … remember the Seattle Music Fest at Alki? That poster is part of a new music-history exhibit that opened today at the Log House Museum, just before music fans swarm the beach for Saturday’s big event.

The display case above includes Nirvana memorabilia on loan from local entrepreneur John Bennett, including a smiley face drawn by Kurt Cobain. An interactive component of the exhibit will take you back decades further:

You’re looking at the house that was once home to Ivar Haglund – whose music you can choose to hear; Woody Guthrie, too. (Ivar’s bio explains the link.) Lots of other memorabilia to browse, too:

The museum (61st SW/SW Stevens) is open noon-4 pm Thursdays-Sundays, and yes, it’ll be open on Saturday during SPF30, too.

VIDEO: General Mojo’s onstage @ Summer Concerts at Hiawatha

6:54 PM: Even on another 90-degree evening, it’s perfect here in the warm shade on the east lawn at Hiawatha Community Center, during the fourth of this year’s six Summer Concerts at Hiawatha. Onstage tonight: General Mojo’s, whose lead singer Heather Thomas told the crowd a few minutes ago that she’s a West Seattle resident too. She and her bandmates “like to have fun,” she added. Right down to her shoes!

(And band co-leader Dune Butler is wearing a cape.) The concert series is presented by the Admiral Neighborhood Association with co-sponsors including WSB; tonight’s show (free!) should run until about 8 pm so you have time to get here (Walnut south of Lander) if you’re not here already.

P.S. They’re offering free stickers! (Also selling merch including CDs.) More pics later.


SPF30 updates: Setup begins; a vendor you’ll recognize; the guitar you can bid on now; streaming plans…

With three days until Saturday’s SPF30Sub Pop Records‘ concert-filled 30th anniversary celebration at Alki Beach – we have four more updates:

SETUP BEGINS: Thanks to David Hutchinson for the photos showing stage setup today on both sides of the Alki Bathhouse. Above, west of the Bathhouse, is the Loser Stage; below, to the east, the Flippity-Flop Stage:

(Photo courtesy C & P Coffee Company)

Who’s playing when/where was announced two weeks ago; you can find it all fast on the right side of the main SPF30 webpage.

A VENDOR FIRST: The other two stages are Harsh Realm, at 57th/Alki, and Punky, at Whale Tail Park, where you’ll not only find kid-geared music but also this familiar vendor:

C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor) says this will be its first time with a pop-up outside the shop! They’ll be selling cold-brew coffee on Saturday. And another familiar West Seattle company will be nearby – Husky Deli. (We hope to have a full list of vendors for an upcoming update.)

FUNDRAISING GUITAR: Bidding is open online for this one-of-a-kind handmade guitar produced in commemoration of Sub Pop turning 30:

We got a look at it while covering the SPF30 volunteer orientation earlier this week. You can see it on display all week at Thunder Road Guitars (4736 California SW; WSB sponsor) in The Junction. It’s a fundraiser for the Southwest Seattle Historical Society, a beneficiary of SPF30. To bid on it – and to find out more about it – go here.

STREAMING: Can’t (or don’t want to) go on Saturday, but want to catch some of the shows? KEXP has announced a video-streaming schedule, with viewing options including its website and YouTube channel. Go here to see which bands it’s streaming and when.

P.S. In case you missed it – here’s the SPF30 transportation plan (including road closures, parking for motorized and non-motorized vehicles, transit, etc.) as announced Tuesday.

Next up for Summer Concerts at Hiawatha: High-energy sound from General Mojo’s

Before we get to SPF30 … there’s Hiawatha 4! You’re invited to the fourth of this year’s six free Summer Concerts at Hiawatha, 6:30 tomorrow night on the east lawn at Hiawatha Community Center. This week, you’ll see and hear General Mojo’s, whose lead singer Heather Thomas describes their live performances as “high energy and danceable, inviting and empowering.” Here’s a preview:

Stephanie Jordan, who organizes the concert series for the Admiral Neighborhood Association, notes, “On their website, they relate themselves to the Flaming Lips and ‘a renaissance of familiar soundscapes that recall the tradition of long-haired frontmen making fuzzy yet catchy rock sound’.” Go see for yourself Thursday night! Bring your own chair, blanket, picnic dinner; the concert site is along Walnut south of Lander. (Concert series co-sponsors include WSB.)

5 days to SPF30: Briefing for volunteers who’ll be helping at Saturday’s Sub Pop event on Alki

Just five days until the Sub Pop Records 30th anniversary party at Alki Beach – noon-10 pm next Saturday (August 11th), with 18 bands on four stages (see the schedule here). Tonight, volunteers gathered at the beach for a briefing and T-shirt distribution – here’s what you’ll see them wearing on Saturday:

With the band list and schedule out, the final details yet to come primarily involve the final transportation plan, including road closures, and we’re expecting that tomorrow. It’s been five months since Sub Pop started bringing updates to neighborhood meetings, seven months since SPF30 was announced.

West Seattle’s historic murals: Here’s how you can help save the rest of them

(WSB photo, April 2018)

The Mosquito Fleet mural on the east side of the city-landmark Campbell Building is next up for restoration in the finally launched project to restore all of West Seattle’s historic murals; it’ll be restored by muralist Bob Henry, who recently brought the Morgan Junction mural back to life. While the campaign to save all the Murals of West Seattle has a good start to the necessary funding – thanks to Adah Rhodes Cruzen‘s gift and to the West Seattle Garden Tour, among others – community contributions are requested, too, and that fundraising campaign has officially launched. This video tells the story:

(Video by This Is It Video Production)
More backstory on the murals and the restoration campaign – plus your options for contributing – can be found here.

FOLLOWUP: Mural work begins at Roxhill Elementary’s new EC Hughes home

The photo and report are from Friends of Roxhill:

Artist Henry Luke has started working on the community inspired mural for Roxhill Elementary at E.C. Hughes at the corner of 32nd and Holden. The mural has been designed through a community process, with 75 comments through West Seattle Blog outreach alone. Friends of Roxhill Elementary, the 501c3 booster club for Roxhill Elementary, received a $100,000 grant from the Department of Neighborhoods, which funded both the recent playground for Roxhill at the renovated, updated E.C. Hughes (built by community volunteers) and the mural. Stop by and say hello if you see Henry at work! Questions? Contact

LAST CALL: Friday’s the deadline for voting on ‘Welcome to West Seattle’ sign

Will it be option A …

… or option B?

If you haven’t yet voted on which you would rather see along the Fauntleroy Way end of the West Seattle Bridge, thanks to the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce‘s receipt of a gift from philanthropist Adah Cruzen, you have until tomorrow (Friday, August 3rd) to get that done! All the backstory is here; the link for voting is here.

VIDEO: Micaiah Sawyer @ Summer Concerts at Hiawatha

7:29 PM: The sky is gray but the music is bold and bright in The Admiral District tonight, as the third Summer Concerts at Hiawatha presentation features Micaiah Sawyer (above center), her band, and – as you can see in front of the stage – a would-be guest musician. All ages are out enjoying the evening:

Still time for you to get there – the concert (free!) is scheduled to continue until 8 pm.

Next week (6:30 pm August 9th) it’s “Northwest psychedelic” music with General Mojo’s. (WSB is a series co-sponsor.)

ADDED 10:07 PM: Video from tonight’s concert:

SUMMER CONCERTS AT HIAWATHA: Micaiah Sawyer onstage Thursday

Tomorrow (Thursday) night, Summer Concerts at Hiawatha brings you the sound of a rising star – Micaiah Sawyer. Here’s how the Olympia-based singer/songwriter and her band won this year’s Sound Off competition at the Museum of Pop Culture:

She describes her music as “a catchy blend of folk, blues and rock.” Side note: This will be her last show with the full Sound Off-winning lineup “before violinist Caddie Derby moves on to attend university!” The show starts at 6:30 pm on the east lawn at Hiawatha Community Center (along Walnut south of Lander) and is free, brought to you by the Admiral Neighborhood Association, with co-sponsors including WSB. Bring your own chair/blanket, bring your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers … see you there!

DAY ONE: Alki Art Fair 2018!

What a glorious day at the beach – and the first day of this year’s Alki Art Fair is part of it. As previewed here last night, 89 artists and 11 food vendors (from tamales to Thai) signed up for booths along the boardwalk. And you’ll find the first-ever Emerging Artists spotlight just west of Alki Bathhouse.

Inside the Bathhouse, it’s a benefit silent auction, so don’t miss that. Elsewhere at the fair, you’ll find art of many kinds, including jewelry (one artist makes his from chandelier crystal!), yard art, paintings, pottery, wearable art, stickers …

You’ll also find kids’ activities.

Plus community-partner organizations including Seal Sitters, whose volunteers will be happy to answer your questions about marine mammals. Booths are open until 6 today, 10-6 tomorrow, with music continuing until 9 tonight on the main stage (we’re sponsoring the busker stage toward the west end of the boardwalk; here’s the lineup for both stages).

That’s Levi Graves, first up today on the busker stage (photos added 2:11 pm).

Here’s what you’ll see at this weekend’s Alki Art Fair!

In and around the Alki Bathhouse, setup is under way for this weekend’s Alki Art Fair (co-sponsored by WSB). We’ve already published the music schedule, and West Seattle’s own PNTA is on site setting up the main stage:

Here’s the overview from fair organizers, including what’s new:

We have 89 artists and 11 food vendors schedule to attend – over half of our artists are returning vendors! For the first time in 2018, the Fair will have an Emerging Artist Booth. We will be featuring 10 first-time Alki Art Fair artists who are just beginning their career. This booth was made possible by a grant we received this year from the Office of Arts and Culture.

Also for the first time, the Fair will have a Children’s Music Time from 10am to 12pm on Sunday morning. We will have children’s musicians at 10 am followed by Brian and Danika Duo (of Brian Vogan and his Good Buddies) at 11 am. The Little Gym of West Seattle will also be setup doing activities during that time. All weekend long we will have our Children’s Art Activities Booth (located right next to the Bathhouse) and our new Fairy Garden (located at the far end of the boardwalk). We hope to see more families come down and enjoy the event!

The Fair will run a FREE shuttle again from the West Seattle Park & Ride to the Fair. The shuttle will run continuously Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. It will pick up under the West Seattle Bridge at the West Seattle Park & Ride. It will go up Admiral Way, stopping at the Metro bus stop on the northwest corner in front of the Chevron station, and then will drop off in front of the Starbucks on Alki Ave. It will reverse this route on the way back to the Park & Ride. This is a great option to avoid circling the neighborhood for somewhere to park!

We received some wonderful donations from local West Seattle businesses for our Silent Auction which is held in the Bathhouse. Many of our artists also donate pieces of their work to the Auction.

We are also incredibly thankful for all of our sponsors this year which include: Full Circle, Getaround, Gutter Helmet, Office of Arts and Culture, Northwest Art & Frame, Renewal by Andersen of Seattle, Seattle Parks and Recreation, Therapeutic Associates of West Seattle, and West Seattle Blog. Our community sponsors are: Seal Sitters, Sea Shepherds, Log House Museum, and Aegis Senior Living.

The Fair goes from 10 am to 6 pm both days, with music until 9 pm on Saturday.

Here’s the full list of artists/vendors (including visiting food vendors).

SPF30: Sub Pop adds performers to August 11th Alki Beach event including Father John Misty. Plus, the schedule!

When we reported on the Sub Pop Records SPF30 event (August 11th, Alki Beach) update at last week’s Alki Community Council meeting, we noted that the label was planning to go public today with additions to the lineup. And they have! Plus, the day’s set times are all out too. From Sub Pop’s announcement (which you can see here in its entirety):

Father John Misty, Hot Snakes, and Bully have just been added to the lineup for SPF30 on Saturday, August 11th. The newly announced groups will join Beach House, Clipping, Kyle Craft, Fastbacks, Jo Passed, Loma, LVL UP, METZ, Moaning, Mudhoney, Shabazz Palaces, Wolf Parade, Caspar Babypants, The Not-Its!, and The School of Rock West Seattle House Band over four stages along incredibly scenic Alki Ave. in the Alki Beach neighborhood of West Seattle.

The stage names and set times are:

LOSER STAGE (@ Bathhouse West)
1:30 – Moaning
3:15 – Bully
5:15 – Fastbacks
7:00 – Wolf Parade
9:00 – Father John Misty

12:45 – LVL UP
2:30 – Loma
4:15 – Clipping
6:00 – Shabazz Palaces
8:00 – Beach House

HARSH REALM STAGE (@ 57th Street)
12:00 – Jo Passed
1:45 – Kyle Craft
3:30 – METZ
5:15 – Hot Snakes
7:00 – Mudhoney

PUNKY STAGE (@ Whale Tail Park)
1:00 – Caspar Babypants
2:00 – The Not-Its!
4:00 – The School of Rock West Seattle House Band

Also at the event, Sub Pop is selling four limited-edition singles – details on those are in the full announcement too.

FILM-CREW ALERT: What’s planned in Don Armeni/Duwamish Head area this Friday

Thanks to Carolyn for the heads-up on those “no parking” signs placed today alongside Harbor Avenue SW by Don Armeni Boat Ramp and stretching toward Duwamish Head, as well as several in the Don Armeni lot (southeast side) itself. It’s for “filming activity that will be happening at Luna Park (Duwamish Head) and the Don Armeni Boat Launch this upcoming Friday, 7/27,” according to the location manager, who adds that “A film crew will be over in the area filming a variety of scenes in the afternoon and evening. One of the scenes involves a jogger running along the path, which will involve intermittently holding both vehicle and bicycle/pedestrian traffic when filming is underway.” So if you’re planning to be in that area Friday pm, now you know. We’re hoping to find out a little more and will update with any additional information we get.

OUTDOOR MUSIC: Who you’ll hear at Summer Concerts at Hiawatha tomorrow, Alki Art Fair all weekend

Multiple opportunities ahead to enjoy outdoor music in West Seattle!

THURSDAY NIGHT: Good Quiver – listen to their debut EP via the embedded YouTube clip above – performs tomorrow night in the second show of the Summer Concerts at Hiawatha series, presented by the Admiral Neighborhood Association (with co-sponsors including WSB). It’s free, on the east lawn at Hiawatha Community Center (along Walnut south of Lander), starting at 6:30 pm. Bring your own chair/blanket!

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: Music is a mainstay of the annual Alki Art Fair, happening on the promenade/boardwalk at the beach all weekend.

(Alki Art Fair 2017 aerial by Long Bach Nguyen)

Today, we have the music schedule – see it here (PDF). Main stage music east of the Alki Bathhouse is scheduled 10 am-9 pm Saturday and 10 am-5 pm Sunday; there’s a “busker stage” 10-5 both days further west, too. The fair is offering a free shuttle bus again this year, with pickup both at the park-and-ride under the bridge and at the Admiral Junction – details are on the festival website.

VIDEO, PHOTOS: Ural Thomas and The Pain open 2018 Summer Concerts at Hiawatha

Photos and video by Leda Costa for West Seattle Blog

This year’s Summer Concerts at Hiawatha have begun! That’s Ural Thomas and The Pain, up from Portland, shaking the stage tonight for the first of six free Thursday night shows.

The Admiral Neighborhood Association has presented the concert series since 2009, and we’ve been co-sponsoring it since the start. Lots of other community businesses support the series, too, keeping it free.

As usual, the littlest concertgoers were the most prone to getting up and moving to the music. If you missed it, here’s a snippet of sound:

OK, some grownups did dance too:

Next Thursday (July 26th), 6:30 pm on the east lawn at Hiawatha, the concerts continue with Good Quiver – see you there!

VIDEO: West Seattle Big Band Concert in the Park

7:21 PM: Not on the Hiawatha east lawn yet? You have time to get here and enjoy the West Seattle Big Band‘s only local outdoor concert this summer – the annual Concert in the Park, on until about 8:30 pm, with a special West Seattle Grand Parade-related presentation at intermission around 7:45. The band’s second number was “Warm Breeze,” perfect for this night, as WSBB director Jim Edwards noted.

Bring a chair/blanket and come join the 100+ people already enjoying the music – free!

7:35 PM: Ever seen the legendary CC at Chelan Café on Monday nights (6-9 pm)? She’s a special guest tonight:

And she’ll be back before the show’s over!

8:43 PM: The concert’s wrapping up with “New York, New York.” More to add when we’re back at HQ!

ADDED: More photos! Vocalists Jenaige Lane and Jeff Carter:

The band:

Yes, some people danced!

The program was mostly classics – plus an old rock song, Chicago’s “25 or 6 to 4.” CC was back for songs including “All of Me“:

Jenaige sang “It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing“:

Watch for the West Seattle Big Band’s performances at a variety of venues around the area – especially school benefits, a special focus of this group that has its roots at West Seattle High School.

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