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BIZNOTE: Café Verde on the way to Sunrise Heights

“You wouldn’t buy specialty bread baked a month ago … we don’t think you should have to drink coffee roasted a month ago.”

That’s the philosophy behind Café Verde, a West Seattle couple’s enterprise, currently roasting coffee in Auburn and shipping the same day – and soon, if all goes well, roasting, brewing, and serving in Sunrise Heights.

We happened onto the early permit application for Café Verde to move into 7354 35th SW, most recently a pop-up clothing shop (and briefly proposed for a mini-mart, but that fell through). We subsequently connected via email with co-proprietor K.C.

As you can see on the Cafe Verde website, K.C. and spouse Tatiana have a rich background in coffee roasting – they did it for more than a decade in Peru. “We’ll be replicating what we did in Lima,” a combination roastery and coffee shop. But the former will remain the focus: “We’re a coffee roaster first, coffee shop second.”

So what’s different about the way they roast? K.C. explains that most of the industry applies the light-roasting style to a variety of beans, but they have more differentiation – for one. And there’s that freshness thing – as little time as possible between roasting and serving. “Fresh-roasted coffee always tastes better.”

They’re excited about the space, which KC happened to see posted as “For Lease” while on a family errand. They’re in the very early stages of the permit process, so he’s aware it may take “many months.” They’re still working out other details of the future operation, like hours and what else they’ll serve, but K.C. expects traditional coffee-shop fare – like pastries (made in-house) – will be part of it.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Gunfire at 35th/Webster, 1 man hurt

3:36 PM: Thanks for the tip. Police are at 35th/Webster investigating gunfire. The 911 call came in around quarter till 3. At the scene, we noted that police have found multiple casings.

The area taped off is on the west side of the intersection. Traffic on 35th is getting through but Webster is blocked there.

3:40 PM: Update – we’ve just talked to a police supervisor. Police say one person was injured and taken to the hospital. They say a “blue sedan” was involved.

7:29 PM: There was no SFD response for a victim, and finally getting a chance to listen to dispatch audio (this happened while we were out on an unrelated story), we know why – the victim “showed up” at Harborview 20 minutes or so later. Also, officers told dispatch about bullet damage in an apartment building on SW Webster by the scene. And police were investigating a possibly related blue Honda Civic found, empty, at Westwood Village, with “bloody clothing” inside. … SPD says in an update on SPD Blotter that “multiple” buildings were hit and that the victim is a 30-year-old man.

READER REPORT: Looking for lunch? Taco pop-up in Sunrise Heights

October 7, 2023 12:15 pm
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Thanks to Tisbury for sending the photos and report:

Popup tacos ,chilaquiles and pozole at Webster and 35th at Milpa Masa Tortilleria. (Until) 2 pm – come support @ Rice Beans and Happiness. They’ll be there till 2 pm or until they sell out. *Sent by a neighbor to let everyone know.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stabbing in Sunrise Heights – or not

1:20 AM: Seattle Fire is sending a “scenes of violence” response to the 7700 block of 34th SW, where a man is reported to have stab wounds. We haven’t heard much about circumstances. Police are already on scene.

1:22 AM: They’re downsizing the response and canceling the medic unit, indicating the injuries aren’t major.

4:18 PM: We followed up today with SPD to ask for details on what happened. The reply: “Officers responded to a ‘stabbing’ but when officers arrived the injury was minor, and it could not be confirmed to be a stabbing. Neither party wanted to be a victim. Officers documented the disturbance and cleared the scene. Based on the investigation, no arrests were made.” (“Wanting to be a victim” is roughly another way of saying “wanting to press charges.”)

PHOTOS: West Seattle’s Station 37 hosts Fire Safety Fair

(WSB photos)

12:18 PM: Until 2 pm, the doors are open at Seattle Fire Station 37 (35th/Holden) in Sunrise Heights, for a Fire Safety Fair. It’s a rare chance to meet firefighters without being caught up in an emergency requiring their response, and to learn how to reduce the chance you’ll need their help. If you’re bringing a little one for Story Time with Fire Chief Harold Scoggins, that’s at 1:30 pm. More photos later!

2:07 PM: Very well-attended:

Station 37 is home to Engine 37 and Ladder 13 and is the southernmost of West Seattle’s five SFD stations.

NEXT WEEKEND: Seven reasons to visit Fire Station 37 on Saturday

March 26, 2023 12:10 pm
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In case you haven’t already seen it in the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar, this year’s chance to visit a local fire station is Saturday, April 1st, noon-2 pm, when Fire Station 37 (35th/Holden) will roll up the doors and host a Fire Safety Fair. Here’s what SFD says you will be able to do:

-Learn about fire prevention & life safety at home

-Meet local firefighters

-Explore a working fire engine, ladder truck and fire station

-Watch CPR demonstrations

-Join Firefighter Story Time with the Fire Chief

-Get creative at the arts & crafts table and more!

-Light refreshments provided

Station 37 is West Seattle’s southernmost fire station, home to Engine 37 and Ladder 13.

Water-main break in Sunrise Heights

For the second time in three days, Seattle Public Utilities crews are working on a water-main break in West Seattle. After a texted tip (thank you!), we went over to 29th SW just north of SW Othello [map], where the street is blocked by repair crews. It’s been three days since two breaks in Fauntleroy (the second one was caused by the first, SPU says). The utility’s water-outage map says this is affecting at least 69 customers (homes/businesses); as seen in past cases, water-main breaks may also have effects beyond the immediate zone, so if you’re seeing discolored water, it might be related.

RainWise returns! See if this is your chance to wade in

(RainWise photo: Fauntleroy Schoolhouse rain garden)

Got room for a rain garden? A site for a cistern? You might be eligible for RainWise rebates to help you get them, depending on where you live, because they’re returning to some West Seattle neighborhoods. Here are the details sent to us to share with you:

RainWise, a partnership between King County Wastewater Treatment Division and Seattle Public Utilities, has a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

The West Seattle neighborhoods around Sunrise Heights, Westwood, Fauntleroy, and Arbor Heights are eligible for RainWise rebates – again!

In 2013, King County joined the RainWise program, and parts of West Seattle became eligible for rebates that pay for rain gardens and cisterns on private properties. By capturing the rain that falls on roofs, these installations help keep stormwater out of the sewer system and prevent overflows at the Barton Pump Station near the Fauntleroy ferry dock. After five years in the program, almost 150 properties put in rain gardens and cisterns that manage the equivalent of rain falling on five acres of roofs. In addition, 15 blocks of highly engineered roadside rain gardens were put in to let rain washing down streets and sidewalks to soak into the ground. All of this has really helped but as we look to a future of heavy rains and atmospheric rivers, we would love more help to manage the rain in this area.

How does RainWise help? During heavy rains, the sheer volume of polluted stormwater can cause our combined sewers to overflow. This negatively impacts human health and the health of marine life, such as salmon and orcas. We can reduce this water pollution by installing green stormwater infrastructure solutions, such as rain gardens and cisterns. This is where RainWise comes in.

What is RainWise? RainWise is a rebate program jointly run by King County Wastewater Treatment Division and Seattle Public Utilities. RainWise rebates help property owners manage the rain by installing cisterns and/or rain gardens on their private property. This not only helps reduce stormwater pollution, but mitigates flooding, adds attractive landscaping, and can provide water for summer irrigation.

You can check your eligibility for rebates at And, for addresses not eligible for RainWise, Green Stormwater Mini-Grants are available as well at

To find out more, please attend one of our upcoming events to talk with program staff and RainWise contractors. We are excited about being back in this area and look forward to helping you get started on your RainWise project!

How to Get RainWise Workshop
Attend this in-person workshop to learn about the program with a short presentation followed by a Q&A with staff and RainWise contractors.
Wednesday, March 1st, 6 – 7:15 pm
Fauntleroy Schoolhouse, 9131 California Ave SW
Register at

Join RainWise at West Seattle Nursery
Come visit our table while you shop for your garden!
Saturday, March 4th, 10 am – 12 pm
Saturday, April 8th, 10 am – 12 pm
West Seattle Nursery, 5275 California Ave SW

How to Get RainWise Webinar
Attend this online webinar and watch a short presentation followed by a Q&A with staff and a local homeowner.
Thursday, March 16th, 5 – 6 pm
Register at

Edible Landscapes with RainWise Webinar
Attend this online webinar to learn how edible rain gardens offer a green solution to pollution. There will be a short presentation followed by a Q&A with staff and gardening experts.
Tuesday, April 11th, 5:30 – 6:30 pm
Register at

(RainWise photo, cisterns at Peace Lutheran Church)

RainWise Garden Celebration at Peace Lutheran Church
Come to our RainWise Garden Celebration where you can talk to an array of RainWise, sustainability, and garden experts to learn about the program. There will be tours of Peace Lutheran’s RainWise installation, refreshments, and activities. This is a family-friendly event!
Saturday, April 22nd, 10 am – 1 pm
Peace Lutheran Church, 8316 39th Ave SW
Register at

Not eligible? Feel free to reach out to us! We are happy to help provide you with resources. Check out to see what other programs are available to you.
Contact us for questions, comments, and concerns at

For more info about RainWise, visit

BIZNOTE: New shop in Sunrise Heights

Thanks for the tips! A new retail shop has just opened in Sunrise Heights, at 7354 35th SW. We stopped in to find out more and learned today is soft-open day for PNW Baby. The staff told us it’s under the same ownership as City Mouse in The Junction.

The new shop is open today until 5 pm but still determining future hours, we were told.

UPDATE: SFD response for car-on-side crash in Sunrise Heights (UPDATED WEDNESDAY)

10;29 PM: Seattle Fire has a “rescue response extrication” responding to a car-on-side crash in 7900 block of 32nd SW [vicinity map]. They’re trying to help a passenger get out of the car.

10:34 PM: They’ve gotten the person out of the car and are reducing the response.

10:43 PM: Thanks to Kyle for the photo. No word yet on injuries.

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: SFD confirms the 39-year-old woman they evaluated reported no injuries.

UPDATE: Garage/vehicle fire in Sunrise Heights

3:01 AM: Five SFD units are arriving at a reported garage fire at 34th/Holden- practically next door to Station 37. Firefighters tell dispatch it’s a vehicle on fire in the alley, adjacent to a garage and in danger of spreading.

3:12 AM: Firefighters report the fire is burning in “the void” between the ceiling and roof of the garage.

3:19 AM: Firefighters have declared the fire “tapped” (out). They’re summoning SFD’s investigator to figure out the cause. No injuries reported.

3:26 AM: Thanks to the reader who texted a photo, added above. They also note that this was on the alley off Holden between 32nd and 34th.

ADDED 2:20 PM: SFD would only tell us that the fire remains “under investigation.” We learn from SPD’s overnight summaries that the fire is considered suspicious – they were called after 4 am to check it out because the “Fire Marshal considered it suspicious as there was a (gunfire) call fewer than 10 blocks away. The resident heard the shots and then voices nearby. They then noticed the vehicle on fire.” (The gunfire was at 24th/Holden, and we’re writing about that separately.)

UPDATE: Suspected gunfire at Fire Station 37 apparently wasn’t gunfire after all

10:46 PM: Thanks for the tips. Police are investigating gunfire tonight targeting a West Seattle fire station. It was reported just after 9 pm that somebody shot at Fire Station 37. Investigating officers reported initially finding damage from one shot to the garage window of the station at 35th/Holden. No injuries reported. We’re following up and will add anything more we find out. If you have any information, the SPD incident number is 22-269510.

ADDED 9:20 AM SATURDAY: We followed up with SFD. Spokesperson Kristin Tinsley tells WSB this morning that despite the initial police assessment, “the glass of one of the apparatus bay doors was damaged at Fire Station 37 but it’s undetermined what caused the damage.” We won’t have access to the police report for further followup until Monday.

ADDED 10:43 AM SATURDAY: We did manage to obtain some information from police, who say a “ball bearing” was found at the scene. They’re still not sure exactly what happened but didn’t find gunfire evidence.

West Seattle firefighters join in ‘Light the Night’ remembrance

At 8 pm, Ladder 13 pulled out of its bay at Seattle Fire Station 37 in Sunrise Heights, lights flashing. But it wasn’t heading out on a call. At fire stations all over the city, right at that moment, other SFD apparatus that weren’t on calls did the same, in tribute to fallen firefighters.

It was a citywide followup to SFD’s annual ceremony earlier in the day remembering its fallen firefighters at the downtown monument inspired by the four who died in the Pang warehouse arson in 1995. They are among more than 50 Seattle firefighters who died from line-of-duty injuries/illnesses, dating back to 1899.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police investigating gunfire in Sunrise Heights

(WSB photos)

4:45 PM: Thanks for the tips. Police are investigating gunfire reported this past half-hour in Sunrise Heights. Shell casings have been found. No victims reported so far. We’re at the scene and will be updating.

4:54 PM: The photo was taken at 32nd and Webster [map]; police tell us they found “several” casings. They also confirm no reports of anyone being hit/hurt. The only description information they have so far is that this may have involved a “red car and gold car.” They’re about to leave the scene.

5:04 PM: Or maybe not. Dispatch has just told officers someone just called in to report finding another casing, in the alley in the 3100 block of SW Webster.

ADDED FRIDAY MORNING: Police say it’s possible this incident and the later gunfire in High Point are related. Their summary says, “Witnesses advised that a red sedan was following a white sedan from behind, heading westbound on SW Webster St. Witnesses said an unknown suspect from the red sedan was firing shots toward the white sedan. After hearing the shots, other witnesses reported that a gold sedan was seen speeding away from the area.” If you have any information, the incident # is 22-106468.

READER REPORT: Know whose car this is?

The photo and report are from Sara in Sunrise Heights:

This Volvo has been sitting (in this spot) for over 2 weeks. It’s been reported to the city but I thought I would let folks know since, when my car was stolen in front of my house, it took the city over a month to let me know, when it was sitting only 10 blocks away!

We’ve omitted the exact location so as not to make it a theft target. You can contact us for more info if you or someone you know is teh owner.

UPDATE: Power outage in south West Seattle, fully restored after two hours (updated with cause)

1:26 AM: So far we have two reports that power’s out in Arbor Heights. Flickered here in Upper Fauntleroy, Not on City Light map yet. Anyone else out?

1:29 AM: Add Fauntlee Hills.

1:32 AM: The outage is mapped now – 4,880 customers, mostly southwest West Seattle.

1:39 AM: No cause yet but a few people report it was preceded by a “boom.” We noticed the wind kicking up. (The forecast was updated again after 9:30 pm and notes “Gusts to 30 mph after midnight.”)

2:24 AM: One hour in. No word on the cause yet.

2:31 AM: Just got a text about restored power in Arbor Heights. (added) Commenters from other areas, too.

2:36 AM: Map shows the outage is down to just under 1,000 customers. Mostly Sunrise Heights, and a bit of Gatewood, plus a stretch along SW Holden reaching into Highland Park. Updated map:

3:43 AM: And after a little more than two hours, everybody else is back on. We’ll follow up later this morning with SCL regarding the cause.

11:37 AM: Just got that info from SCL’s Julie Moore: “The cause was a large tree that came down on our lines just south of SW Juneau and 26th Ave SW. Initially the outage at 1:22 a.m. impacted 4,879 customers, but within about an hour we were able to determine it was safe to re-energize a large section of our system as the crews continued to patrol and locate the issue. Once they did, the remaining 982 customers were restored by 3:30 a.m.”


Sunrise Heights is rocking the holiday-display world this year! Tonight we have another display from that area – created by Jenny, whose spouse sent the photos:

I wanted to share with you some photos of my wife’s light display this year. We are at 7341 34th Ave SW [map]. There are retro cutouts of Peanuts, Rudolph, and a yeti.

The flag pole is wrapped like a candy cane. And there is Grinch staring ominously out the window by our Christmas tree.

(The yeti, we believe, is Rudolph’s pal Bumble.) Got a display to suggest – yours or someone else’s? We’re showing them nightly through New Year’s Eve., with or without photos – thank you!


(Photo by Laura M)

Tonight’s West Seattle Christmas lights photo is from Sara, who wanted to be sure the man behind the famous Sunrise Heights treetop lights got a shoutout this season:

I wanted to see if you may be able to give some recognition in the Blog to my neighbor, Jeff Knudson. Jeff has been climbing up (updated) 3 trees (2 firs, 1 hemlock) every year for the past THIRTY years, putting up/maintaining holiday lights at the very top of the trees at the corner of 32nd and Othello [map]. It’s such an amazing, unique, and beautiful tradition for all in the neighborhood to witness!

Sara says one of the trees is on Jeff’s property, and the other two belong to neighbors. We’ve featured the light-topped trees before but did not previously know who was responsible. If you go see them – note that 32nd has some great ground-level displays nearby too (including this one we featured last week).

P.S. If you have, or see, lights that you want to share with the community, email us at, with or without photos – thank you! Every display we feature is listed in our West Seattle Holiday Guide. You can browse the archives (past years, too) here.

HAPPENING NOW: Thunder Road Guitars @ Best of Hands Barrelhouse for benefit beer launch

You’ve got two hours until sunset … and almost two hours left with Thunder Road Guitars (WSB sponsor) in the house at Best of Hands Barrelhouse (35th/Webster), for the launch of No Surrender, a new brew with proceeds benefiting organizations working to save live-music venues. Outside, adjacent to the Best of Hands patio, visit the TRG table for $5 raffle tickets to turn up the volume on the cause – you could win a swag bag with a pint glass, gift card, and more. And if you haven’t had dinner yet, the Taqueria La Original truck is there too:

What about the beer, you ask? BoH describes it: “NO SURRENDER HAZY IPA features a boatload of STRATA & SABRO hops on a generous, pillowy body. Combining our mutual love for The Boss & for live music, this beer’s name is a nod to the Bruce Springsteen song of the same name. Our mission is to help the struggling independent music venues of WA state, devastated like so many industries by the pandemic.We need the arts and music more than ever. We will see them resurrected. As the song says, ‘no retreat, baby, no surrender’.” The festivities are on until 9 pm.

No, parking is not restricted on Stay Healthy Streets

(34th SW, looking south from SW Webster)

Though their long-term future isn’t finalized yet, West Seattle still has three stretches of what the city calls “Stay Healthy Streets” – High Point/Sunrise Heights (map), Puget Ridge/Highland Park (map), and Alki Point (map; also known as a “Keep Moving Street” due to its park proximity). When these and others were launched citywide 11 months ago, SDOT explained them as streets closed to through traffic, to increase the chances people could walk, roll, or ride while safely distancing. The chosen routes were also chosen as convenient to neighborhood businesses. What the city did not do was restrict parking. But somebody along one of the original SHS stretches seems to think otherwise, leaving notes such as this one on parked cars:

The photo was sent by Nicholas Marianetti of nearby Best of Hands Barrelhouse, who posted in the WSB Community Forums about the “annoying note-leaver” almost six months ago, then emailed us this week to say it’s still happening. He and patrons of his business at 35th and Webster, one block west of the SHS, have received them. The note-leaver contends that Stay Healthy Streets is off-limits to “apartments, businesses, bus-takers.” That would be contrary to city policy that street parking is open to everyone, not just nearby residents. And SDOT spokesperson Ethan Bergerson verified to WSB today that the note-taker’s contention is wrong;

Stay Healthy Streets are not restricted to residential parking only. Like any residential street, cut-thru traffic is discouraged but local access is allowed. Local access includes people who live or work on the street, are visiting people or local businesses, deliveries, waste pickup and emergency vehicles.

Marianetti says, “I don’t mind if someone wants to waste their time & resources doing this, but I am concerned that it can be harmful to my business as well as other local businesses by scaring potential customers away from being able to park, especially with all the construction currently going on. And as I mentioned before, I find these notes strewn about the street, sometimes in plastic baggies, causing more litter.” 35th/Webster has more than half a dozen businesses, occupying all four corners.

WEST SEATTLE ART: Local rock superstar on signal box

Thanks to the texter who sent the photo! That’s the latest signal-box portrait by West Seattle artist Desmond Hansen, this time celebrating local rock superstar Eddie Vedder. It’s at 35th/Webster, on the corner by Best of Hands Barrelhouse (WSB sponsor). You can scroll through our 2 1/2 years of coverage of his other local work here.

P.S. Vedder and his bandmates are featured by The New York Times today for their get-out-the-vote work.

FOLLOWUP: Added Seattle Fire apparatus, crews now on duty in West Seattle, South Park

Thanks to the tipster who texted that photo – West Seattle’s Fire Station 37 (35th/Holden) is now home to Ladder 13 as well as Engine 37. Four weeks ago, the city announced that extra SFD apparatus and crews would be stationed on this side of the Duwamish River because of the West Seattle Bridge closure – L13 in West Seattle, and Medic 26 at Station 26 in South Park. SFD spokesperson Kristin Tinsley confirms to WSB that both additions have arrived at their new locations, but their crews will be training for a few days before they’re fully ready to respond. (Our tipster says that for L13, for example, that’s 20 more people, to cover all shifts.)

WEST SEATTLE BRIDGE CLOSURE: Extra SFD truck, medic unit on the way

(Seattle Fire Department photo of Ladder 13 in 2010)

Not long after the West Seattle Bridge‘s sudden shutdown, we and others started asking whether West Seattle would get additional SFD resources, as happened during the Spokane Street Viaduct Widening Project (east half of the bridge) in 2011-2012. The early answer was: It’s being discussed. New answer today: Yes. In addition to West Seattle-based Medic 32, SFD will station Medic 26, staffed with two paramedics, at Station 26 in South Park. And joining WS-based Ladder 11 will be an extra truck, Ladder 13, to be based at Station 37 in Sunrise Heights. The announcement says, “Beginning in June, these units will be in-service for responding to emergencies 24-hours per day, seven days a week.” (Ladder 13 was based at Station 11 in Highland Park during the SSV project.) The SFD announcement adds, “The new medic unit and ladder truck are coming from SFD’s reserve apparatus located at the City’s Fire Garage. The department will continue to have other apparatus on reserve to support scheduled maintenance and for any unforeseen mechanical issues. The funding required for staffing the two new units, apparatus maintenance and fuel, and room accommodations at the fire stations is approximately $2.5 million for the remainder of 2020 and will be covered from existing resources.”