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WEST SEATTLE NEW YEAR’S EVE: Puget Ridge Edible Park invitation

December 28, 2020 9:35 am
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(WSB file photo)

West Seattle’s only “edible park” invites you to stop by on Thursday night and bid 2020 farewell. Stu Hennessey sent the invitation on behalf of Puget Ridge Edible Park volunteers:

With our sights set on new hope in a new year, many of us feel the need to reflect on the struggles and losses of the past year and the 1.7 million souls we have lost. We also may want to say a swift goodbye to 2020 as well.

Therefore, the volunteers at Puget Ridge Edible Park thought it would be a good idea to invite our friends and neighbors to a Covid Candlelight Vigil and Say Goodbye to 2020 New Year’s Eve at the community garden. We have a luminaria-candlelit pathway to bring up to 5 people at a time to our New Year’s Eve fire to toss out the old year by throwing into the fire a written message or any symbol of bad memories over the last year.

The vigil will take place Thursday, New Year’s Eve, from 6 pm to 8 pm at 5265 18th Ave. SW. Be prepared to wait your turn to enter the park as we are limited to 5 people at a time. Wear warm clothes and bring some warm drinks. Parking will be available along 18th Ave. SW and SW Brandon St. Heavy rain will cancel. The volunteers at Puget Ridge Edible Park would like to offer you a healthy and happy New Year!

We’ve added this to the New Year’s section of the WSB West Seattle Holiday Guide.

UTILITIES: Why 200+ homes will be without water next Tuesday night

Thanks to Pete for the tip. Seattle Public Utilities has been notifying residents of Pigeon Point and Puget Ridge about a planned water outage for about 6 hours next Tuesday night, December 8th, 6 pm until midnight or so. The SPU outage map – which displays planned outages as well as emergencies – shows 200+ homes will be affected, but has no details of the reason for the outage. We asked SPU spokesperson Sabrina Register, who replied: “Seattle Public Utilities water crews will be installing a 12” isolation valve on a nearby water main. This work requires a temporary water outage for some customers in the area. Isolation valves allow smaller sections of a water main to be shut down (impacting fewer customers) when repairs and maintenance are needed in the future. They also provide an additional safety measure should an emergency water main shutdown need to occur.”

UPDATE: West Seattle Food Bank’s special pre-Thanksgiving food distribution at South Seattle College

(WSB photos)

11:10 AM: Second major pre-holiday food-distribution event of the day in West Seattle, and it’s going fast. The West Seattle Food Bank has staffers and volunteers in the north parking lot at South Seattle College (6000 16th SW; WSB sponsor) with turkeys and other food for those who need it. This too is a drive-up event – approach the entrance from northbound 16th.

Within the first 40 minutes, they told us, they had already given out half the 500 turkeys (and boxes of fresh produce and dairy) that they brought.

But if you missed it, you’re not out of luck – the Food Bank also has pre-holiday distributions at its High Point HQ (35th/Morgan): Monday 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, Tuesday 9:00 am – 2:00 pm, and Wednesday 10:00 am – 3:00 pm, with available food including turkeys and chickens.

11:32 AM UPDATE: The Food Bank was down to the last 25 turkeys but is getting a few more – Eastridge is bringing over its 40 remaining turkeys since its event in The Junction has ended.

P.S. If you are fortunate enough not to need help this holiday season, you might consider helping the WSFB continue to do this work – it’s handling more need than ever, especially after merging with the Helpline, helping people with emergency aid to prevent homelessness – here’s how to donate.

ELECTION 2020: Puget Ridge party and parade for future voters

(WSB photo)

Two days before election results start coming in, we have a winner – the Puget Ridge community, where neighbors offered future voters a fun lesson in democracy, organizing a parade to the South Seattle College ballot drop box today, after kids got a chance to vote at Puget Ridge Edible Park. The parade even featured a mini-marching band.

The kids’ vote wasn’t about the presidential race or anything else on the official ballot – it was about what they’d like to see at the community-created, community-managed park.

(Photo by Althea Chow)

The voting was part of a mini-harvest festival at the park:

(This photo and next by Ada-Reva Spae)

This was a volunteer effort, as is everything at the park (see our report from August). Ada-Reva Spae was lead organizer, and she credits Karen Crisalli Winter as the “Magical Mystical Wizard Master of Activities,” Marty McLaren as “Chief Votemaster,” plus “party planners extraordinaire” Stu Hennessey, Lisa Kauffman, Cathy Wilmering, and Janice Singh. At SSC, a photo op with the kid-size ballot box next to the official drop box concluded the festivities:

VOTING: Kids’ ballot-box parade, park vote planned on Puget Ridge

)(WSB file photo)

Next weekend doesn’t just bring Halloween – it’ll also be the last weekend before Election Day. A unique celebration is planned on Puget Ridge. The announcement is from Stu Hennessey:

Following a harvest festival and crafts party where kids will vote on the future of their world within our neighborhood, we will be having a kids’ parade to our local ballot box at South Seattle College, at Puget Ridge Edible Park, 5265 18th Ave. SW, West Seattle, Sunday, November 1st. Kids’ parade to the ballot box starts at 1 pm.

This event is our effort to introduce children to the democratic process, giving them some voice in real decision-making that will affect a child’s view of their own neighborhood. In replacement of the traditional Halloween activities that will be curtailed due to Covid-19 we are offering a harvest festival and crafts party at Puget Ridge Edible Park. From 11 am to 1 pm, the children can do crafts and activities as well as vote for future activities and events at their local edible park. At 1 pm they will parade a short walk to the ballot box at South Seattle College to celebrate participation in democracy and take photos. A separate and smaller ballot box will be placed beside the official box.

The event is planned, Stu adds, “with wide separation and required mask wearing to comply with COVID-19 CDC and state guidelines. Any groups formed will be separated within their group and far away from any other group.”

RAIN DELAY: West Seattle Chamber of Commerce’s park-and-watch movie postponed until next Friday

October 9, 2020 2:58 pm
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If you bought a ticket, you’ve probably already received word, but just FYI, the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce has postponed tonight’s park-and-watch movie to next Friday (October 16th), since we could see rain before dark tonight. The CofC also has a few tickets left for the screening of “Secret Life of Pets” in the South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) north lot – go here.

PARK & WATCH: West Seattle Chamber of Commerce presenting ‘Secret Life of Pets’ October 9th

That’s the trailer for “Secret Life of Pets,” which the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce will show as a park-your-car-and-watch movie Friday, October 9th, in the north lot at South Seattle College (6000 16th SW; WSB sponsor). Tickets are limited – $50 per carload, which includes one bag of popcorn, two boxes of candy, and two sodas. The lot will open at 5:30 pm, with the movie at 6:45 pm. You don’t have to be a Chamber member to go – register here to get your ticket, while they last.

ELECTION 2020: West Seattle gets another ballot dropbox

With the general election a little more than two months away, West Seattle now has a third ballot dropbox, at South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) on Puget Ridge. We got a tip about it this afternoon (thank you!) and went over for a photo. King County Elections installed it on Friday, in front of the administration building. This is not a reaction to the current concern about the US Postal Service‘s ability to handle ballots, though – we’re told it’s been in the works a long time; our tipster texted that it’s the “culmination of years of work by student, staff, and faculty.” KC Elections spokesperson Halei Watkins tells WSB it’s the 70th dropbox in the county: “The campus was very welcoming and enthusiastic about finding the best spot for it, and we’re thrilled to now have a dropbox on all Seattle Community College campuses.” No other new ones are planned right now, Watkins adds, but, “We are looking at some other ballot drop=off options, particularly to serve more rural communities around the county.” Before there were fixed dropboxes, you might recall, there were temporary sites with vans.

The new box joins West Seattle’s pre-existing ones at High Point Library (3411 SW Raymond) and in The Junction (south side of SW Alaska between California and 44th). The dropboxes officially “open” after ballots are mailed out, which is scheduled to happen October 14th, and they close at 8 pm sharp Election Night (November 3rd).

P.S. SSC spokesperson Ty Swenson tells us the college’s gates will reopen in mid-September, so the box will be easily accessible to voters in time for the election.

NEIGHBORHOOD INSPIRATION: Sowing security and serenity at Puget Ridge Edible Park

(WSB photos by Patrick Sand)

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Among the pandemic’s side effects: A growing interest in food security, resulting in more vegetable gardens and fruit trees.

West Seattle’s Puget Ridge neighborhood is years ahead of the trend.

The 2/3-acre city-owned, community-tended mini-farm at 18th and Brandon known as Puget Ridge Edible Park (PREP) is in its fourth season, and feeding even neighbors who haven’t been participating in growing crops.

One way is through a monthly free “farm stand” for neighbors. We visited PREP during this month’s farm stand, which drew visitors even though it was happening in the heart of last Sunday’s upper-90s heat. Whlle some volunteers helped neighbors fill bags and baskets with fresh vegetables including squash, beets, chard, carrots, and cherry tomatoes, as well as bundles of herbs, others worked the land.

Longtime sustainability advocate Stu Hennessey led a community contingent shepherding the site from dream to reality, promising the Parks Levy Oversight Committee in 2010, as they considered funding the site purchase, “We will be producing a lot of food on this land.” And so they are, six years after site development began with demolition of an old house.

(L-R, Stu, Helen, Rudy, Joy, Chris, Kerry)

Stu says they changed the operational plan this year – instead of a monthly work party, they amassed a core group of volunteers who work on the site more frequently. It’s not just one big garden like, for example, the High Point Market Garden, but it’s instead split into sections, including a “giving garden” and a “food forest,” with fruit trees including apples and plums.

For the future, there are hopes of an “edible playground” where kids can dig and learn as well as play. And Stu says PREP nourishes in another way: “This park has become a special place for many to escape the daily concerns brought on by current events.”

They’ve made the most of the land that’s being used on the site. Near the farm stand, one patch held sunflowers towering over beans and lettuce. And though the site is a city park, “We don’t go to Parks for anything,” Stu says proudly – the volunteers manage it all, with some donations and purchases (piles of wood chips, for example). They’ve also raised some funds through SeedMoney.org.

The community synergy goes beyond offering free produce to neighbors; they plan to support the Delridge Grocery Co-op when its store is up and running. More broadly, they hope to inspire other neighborhoods. Even if you don’t have an entire parcel to farm, there are other creative ways and places to grow food.

This year’s growing season at PREP, meantime, is expected to stretch at least into October, Stu says. Maybe beyond, if they get some winter crops going. There’s still space left, and there’s room for more neighbors to get involved – if you’re interested, you con contact Stu via email, alkistu@hotmail.com.

UPDATE: Seattle Fire ‘full response’ in 6500 block of 16th SW

July 12, 2020 12:16 am
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12:16 AM: A reported “fire between two houses” has Seattle Fire sending a “full response” to the 6500 block of 16th SW (map). First crews report a “working fire.” Updates to come.

12:20 AM: Firefighters confirm that the fire is between two houses but has not spread to either.

12:23 AM: SFD says the fire’s out.

SURVEY: South Seattle College has a few questions for you

West Seattle’s only major institution has a few questions for you, even if you’ve never studied there. From Puget Ridge-based South Seattle College (WSB sponsor):

South Seattle College is inviting community members from our service area to fill out a brief survey about your current and future educational needs and interests, and to hear your ideas on how higher education can best serve our community in this time.

The survey will be open through July 17. Thank you in advance for taking the time to share your perspective!

Survey Link: bit.ly/38jFKST

Just one page, and no personally identifying/demographic info is requested (just your zip code).

CONGRATULATIONS! South Seattle College celebrates 855-strong Class of 2020

June 27, 2020 11:22 am
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(Photo courtesy SSC)

The season of drive-up/walk-up graduation celebrations continues! From South Seattle College (WSB sponsor):

South Seattle College kicked off celebrating the Class of 2020 on June 25 with a drive-through “Can’t Stop Us!” event to honor our graduates’ monumental achievement and unstoppable spirit in overcoming historic challenges to earn their degrees and certificates. We are celebrating over 850 graduates this year, and over 100 attended the June 25 event.

A photo gallery from the celebration has been posted to SSC’s Facebook page.

Graduates will also be sent a “Commencement in a Box” later this summer that includes a graduation tassel, Class of 2020 commencement program, diploma cover, a card from SSC President Rosie Rimando-Chareunsap, and other fun gifts and memorabilia.

The celebration continues virtually with an online Kudoboard where anyone can share their congratulations, and a “Class of 2020: You are UNSTOPPABLE” video featuring graduates from across the Seattle Colleges (including North Seattle College and Seattle Central College).

Seattle Colleges originally planned to celebrate the Class of 2020 at T-Mobile Park. To protect everyone’s health during the pandemic, the decision was made to cancel an in-person commencement and create new ways to recognize our amazing graduates.

Additionally, all 2020 graduates are invited to attend the next in-person commencement.

“You are officially a member of the Class of 2020, and on behalf of every faculty and staff member at South Seattle College I want to say we are so proud of your accomplishment, and truly honored to call you an alumni for life,” President Rimando-Chareunsap said. “This is your story, and its one you will share with family and friends for decades to come. It is a story of pushing through in life, work, and education during a deeply tumultuous time. The burden has been massive, and yet here you stand strong: A College Graduate more than ready to write your next chapter and make your mark.”

South Seattle College conferred a total of 855 awards this year, including:

*407 associate transfer degrees that enable graduates to transfer to four-year colleges and universities in Washington and beyond to complete their bachelor’s degrees.

*239 associate of science degrees and certificates that prepare graduates to enter the workforce immediately.

*178 high school diplomas or equivalents, allowing graduates to take a significant step toward future education and employment opportunities.

*31 bachelor of applied science degrees, taking graduates’ careers to the next level and increasing their earning potential.

CLASS OF 2020: South Seattle College drive-up/walk-up celebration Thursday

June 22, 2020 10:15 am
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One more graduation celebration is yet to come – South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) this Thursday:

CAN’T STOP US Celebration

Location: South Seattle College at 6000 16th Ave SW (graduates will enter at Entry 3/South Entrance – see campus map with route)

Date: June 25, 2020

Time: Graduates can drive through anytime between 4 PM – 7 PM

Attendees at the CAN’T STOP US event must:

Wear masks
Follow 6 feet apart social distancing guidelines during photos
Refrain from congregating with others attending
Remain in vehicles except for photo exiting area
Refrain from attending if ill
For additional information contact SouthStudentLife@seattlecolleges.edu

What to do now:

To participate, please send an RSVP to SouthStudentLife@seattlecolleges.edu to let us know if you plan to drive through this event. A walk-up option is available for students who are mobility impaired or do not have automobiles.

Find more info here.

No injuries in Puget Ridge RV fire

(WSB photo)

Thanks to Chris for mentioning that early-morning RV fire on 16th SW by the South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) campus. We didn’t hear about it in real time – the callout was just after 6:15 am – but followed up. SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo says the RV was “fully involved” when firefighters arrived; no injuries reported, and the cause remains under investigation.

WEST SEATTLE ART: On ‘Stay Healthy Street’ in Puget Ridge

Three weeks ago, our nightly roundup featured photos from Lisa spotlighting street art – on a “Stay Healthy Street” in Puget Ridge. Now there’s more – in non-permanent paint that tomorrow’s forecast rain might wash away, so here it is, photo-preserved for posterity.

That photo shows the finished version of one that was under way when Lisa sent photos previously. These are on SW Myrtle between 17th and 18th (map).

FOLLOWUP: Parking-lot COVID-19 testing starts Friday at South Seattle College

As we first reported last week, a new weekly COVID-19 testing site is about to start up at South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) on Puget Ridge. We’ve been working all week to get additional details, and info just came in, as follows:

UW Medicine and the Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods are opening a mobile COVID-19 testing site at South Seattle College’s main campus in West Seattle starting May 29. The testing site is open Fridays only, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. SSC agreed to be the host location to help improve testing access for the communities of south and southwest Seattle, and south King County.

Location & Time

When: Fridays only from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., beginning May 29

Where: South Seattle College’s North Parking Lot, accessed by Entry 1, located at 6000 16th Ave SW. (campus map here). Please Note: Visitors should only use Entry 1/North Parking Lot entrance. South Seattle College’s physical campus is otherwise closed to the public in response to COVID-19 with very limited exceptions for essential staff and programs approved by the state. The college is operating remotely until further notice and will run summer and fall quarter classes in accordance with public health guidelines.

Testing Site Details

Anyone experiencing the following symptoms can come to the testing site, speak with medical staff from UW Medicine and, if qualified for testing, get tested on-site:

Shortness or breath or difficulty breathing
Gastrointestinal symptoms including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea
Muscle Aches
Sore throat
Runny nose
New loss of taste or smell

There is no cost to be tested. If you have health insurance UW Medicine will bill your insurance.

Walk-up and drive-up visitors are welcome. Please note due to King County Metro bus service reductions in response to the pandemic, the college does not currently have Route 125 or 128 service to campus. Visitors should only use Entry 1/ North Parking Lot Entrance, where UW Medicine staff will direct you.

Neighborcare Health also has been doing COVID-19 testing in West Seattle, outside its High Point clinic.

UPDATE: Guardian One helicopter assists in search that started in Kent, ended in West Seattle

10:23 PM: Though this ss NOT related to a helicopter some reported hearing over the Admiral area a bit earlier, the Guardian 1 helicopter is currently over Highland Park/Puget Ridge, helping police track a suspect who is reported to be wanted for eluding. (The helicopter’s track before this was in south King County, so the Admiral reports remain a mystery.)

10:30 PM: According to radio exchanges, this all started in Kent. The search has now moved on to Westwood, where police have converged on a reportedly related vehicle.

10:42 PM: Kent Police are reported to be on the way too, and a possible hit-run crash along the way on Puget Ridge is factoring into all this too.

11:02 PM: One clarification in the Guardian One crew’s post-departure tweet – they report the suspect “abandoned [the first] car in West Seattle and got into another car.”

ADDED THURSDAY AFTERNOON: We asked Kent PD for more details, and Cmdr. Robert Hollis replied:

Around 2200 hours on 05/20/2020, a on-duty Kent Officer noticed a red vehicle driving at a high rate of speed eastbound in the 10200 block of SE 240th St. The officer was able to catch up with the vehicle and when he activated his lights and siren, the suspect vehicle started driving away at a high rate of speed. Officers pursued the vehicle until speeds became too great and stopped pursuing the vehicle. Because King County Guardian One was up and following the vehicle, officers determined they could stop and locate the suspect at a later time. … Our officer did take the suspect into custody for Eluding.

VIDEO: Sanislo Elementary’s parade

(WSB video and photos unless otherwise credited)

Sanislo Elementary is the latest school in West Seattle to “reunite” students and staff, at a distance, via a parade! Our video above shows participants just after they left the school on Puget Ridge early this afternoon. Some of the sights:

Even a classic fire truck!

And along the route, Chris got this video of some of the students on the roadside:

It was two months ago today that Seattle Public Schools announced its campuses would close for at least two weeks, which as everyone knows then became the rest of the school year.

MONDAY: Sanislo Elementary ‘parade’!

Sanislo Elementary on Puget Ridge is the next school having a parade so students and staff can see each other – at a distance – two months after schools closed. Above is a screenshot of the route – see it here full=sized – and here’s the announcement:

All of the teachers and staff at Sanislo miss you! We miss you so much that we have organized a Sanislo Staff Car Parade for this Monday, May 11th.

Sanislo Staff is going to leave the school in a train of cars at 1 PM. Please check out the map of our route so that you can plan accordingly. The orange numbers on the map show the order that we will be traveling through the neighborhood. Come out to your yard! We would love to see you!

If you live farther away from the school, or your house is not directly on our route, please know that we still really want to see you! Feel free to go to the closest spot on the route. We do ask that you continue to practice social distancing so if you see other Sanislo families around, please give a friendly wave and continue to keep a healthy distance.

If you are able, it would be amazing if you could wear your Sanislo t-shirts and make a sign for the teachers and staff. Most of all, we just want to see your smiling faces! Also, be on the lookout for a special surprise from us! We hope to see you on Monday!

UPDATE: Construction-debris fire at South Seattle College campus

(Texted photo)

2:30 PM: A big Seattle Fire dispatch is arriving at the South Seattle College campus. It’s being described as “roofing materials on fire.” Updates to come.

2:37 PM: The fire is “knocked down,” crews on scene have radioed. The response is being downsized. We don’t yet know exactly what part of the campus this is happening at.

(WSB photo)

2:48 PM: The fire is mostly out but firefighters are dealing with some smoldering debris. This is in the automotive area of the college (which like other schools is currently closed to in-person instruction).

3:11 PM: Now the fire’s declared “tapped.” No word of injuries.

3:28 PM: Adding more photos. Meantime, we checked with SSC spokesperson Ty Swenson, who tells WSB, “From what we’ve gathered, the fire started with construction debris in the Automotive Technology construction zone. It sounds like that debris was at ground level, not on the roof.” More info later.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: SFD says the fire was “accidentally caused while construction crews were working at the site of a demolition and renovation project for the college. Estimated loss is $10,000.”

FOLLOWUP: Signs up for added ‘Stay Healthy Streets’ in east West Seattle; new suggestion for where to add others

(WSB photo, looking east on Trenton from 17th)

MONDAY REPORT: As announced last week, more east West Seattle streets are now closed to through traffic as part of the city’s “Stay Healthy Streets” program. The first round two weeks ago included streets in High Point and a bit south; the new stretch is primarily in Puget Ridge and Highland Park. (Update – text list was inaccurate so we’ve removed it; please see the SDOT map.)

The SHS-designated streets are closed to all but local motor-vehicle traffic – defined as residents and deliveries – and open to bicycling, walking, running, etc., 24/7, TFN.

The city has said it’s continuing to evaluate potential expansions. This afternoon, the advocacy group Seattle Neighborhood Greenways proposed what it called a “crowdsourced, 130-mile, network of Stay Healthy Streets,” including some potential West Seattle additions such as the entirety of Beach Drive SW. See the SNG proposal mapped here. The group also has an FAQ document here.

TUESDAY NOTE: If you didn’t catch the difference between the green and blue lines on the map, as Don Brubeck of West Seattle Bike Connections (part of the SNG coalition) points out, much of Beach Drive is proposed for parking-lane conversion, not the full width.

SCHOOLS: South Seattle College’s spring-quarter updates

Just because campuses are closed doesn’t mean learning has stopped. That goes for South Seattle College (longtime WSB sponsor), where spring quarter is about to start, and there’s still time to enroll. Updates from SSC (which has its main campus in West Seattle’s Puget Ridge neighborhood):

Spring Quarter 2020 Starts Next Monday, April 13

So that everyone can stay healthy and stay on track with their education, spring quarter at South Seattle College will look quite different this year. All classes offered from our West Seattle campus will be happening either online or through other remote means to comply with State of Washington executive orders to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Student Services staff are helping students remotely to prepare for the upcoming quarter, and eLearning staff are providing resources to help everyone prepare for online learning.

Students who are enduring financial hardships as a result of COVID-19’s far-reaching impacts are encouraged to apply for emergency funds and financial aid support. Additionally, the college is working with students on an individual basis to support their at-home technology needs for successful online learning.

The college is still enrolling new students for spring. Classes start April 13, and the last day to add/register is April 17. Visit southseattle.edu/steps-enroll/admissions-application to get started.

Remote Operations & Restricted Campus Access Through at Least May 4

South Seattle College is operating fully remotely through at least May 4 in compliance with Gov. Inslee’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order. During this time campuses are effectively closed (including Georgetown campus), although services are still available remotely and classes will be offered online and through other remote means.

On-campus food services and event space rentals will not be available to the community during remote operations.

Seattle Colleges Foundation Mobilizes to Help Students

The Seattle Colleges Foundation has launched a COVID-19 Emergency Fund to help students of the Seattle Colleges by providing grants to cover essential needs including groceries, rent, childcare and educational technology. To learn more and consider supporting the cause, please visit foundation.seattlecolleges.edu/covid-19-emergency-fund.

SCHOOLS: South Seattle College ‘moving to alternative modes of instruction’ for rest of winter quarter

Just announced by Seattle Colleges, the system that includes South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) – the system is “moving to alternative modes of instruction” immediately. From the announcement posted online:

To date, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at any Seattle Colleges locations.

Beginning Monday, March 9, Seattle Colleges is moving from in-person classroom instruction to the appropriate alternative modality for each class, when and where possible. This includes satellite locations and will continue through the end of the Winter Quarter (March 25). The move is in accordance with the COVID-19 recommendations from Public Health ­­— Seattle and King County to reduce large numbers of people coming together at the same time.

Classroom and instructional staff will make local decisions about which modes to employ for each particular course. Colleges and instructors will send more detailed information soon.

No Classes Monday, March 9, for Faculty Prep; Instructional Resources, Business and Student Services Remain Open

There will be no classes on Monday, March 9. Instead, faculty and staff will use the day to adapt their coursework to the alternative formats and communicate with students. Classes will resume Tuesday, March 10, reflecting the instructional changes.

All student and business services will remain open and maintain regular business hours and students are welcome on campus to use the services as necessary.

Students should contact their instructors with any course-related questions or concerns about having access to appropriate technology.

Moving instruction to alternative modes will help minimize the number of people physically on campus and help maintain the “social distancing” prescribed by health officials.

If a member of the Seattle Colleges community tests positive for COVID-19, district operations will be reassessed.

We’ll update this story if/when we see/receive SSC-specific information. The move away from in-person classes already has been announced by many other area colleges/universities.