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WEST SEATTLE SCENE: #SayTheirNamesMemorial

New on the fence by Seacrest – #SayTheirNamesMemorial. Thanks to the texter who sent these photos:

Carolyn also sent photos including this interpretive sign:

Searching the hashtag on Instagram brings up similar displays in Portland and Dallas.

#SayTheirNames supporters on Delridge overpass, and what’s next

Until about 5:30 pm, that #SayTheirNames show of support – as previewed here – continues on the Delridge/Oregon pedestrian/bicycle overpass.

WHAT’S NEXT: We received this announcement today from Hate-Free Delridge:

Hate-Free Delridge is again partnering with Scott and Puget Ridge Cohousing for two demonstrations next week:

Tuesday and Thursday, June 30 and July 2.
Where – The corner of 16th Ave. SW and SW Holden St. again.
Time – 4 pm to 6 pm
Bring your signs.
And your mask.

SUNDAY: #SayTheirNames show of support on Delridge overpass

(Last Friday)

Another #SayTheirNames show of support on the Delridge/Oregon overpass this weekend – the announcement is from Nancy:

Please join us on the 51st anniversary of Stonewall to show support for our Black LGBTQ friends, family, and neighbors and to #SayTheirNames

What: #SayTheirNames

When: Sunday, June 28th, 4:30-5:30 pm

Where: Pedestrian overpass on Delridge at the Delridge Community Center/Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.

Please remember to wear your masks!

SHOW OF SUPPORT: 2 chances this week to join neighbors in showing that Black Lives Matter

(Photo sent by Susanna Niederberger)

The message can be large, like on the skyline (above) or the street (below) ,,,

(Photo sent by Scott, street mural on 18th north of Myrtle)

… or simple, like a sign you hold. You have two chances to do that this week – Scott (who also sent the street-mural photo above) sends this announcement – he and neighbors at Puget Ridge Cohousing are organizing Black Lives Matter sign-waving events at 16th/Holden this Tuesday and Thursday (June 23 and 25), 4-6 pm both days.

JUNETEENTH: Today’s West Seattle vigils

Two vigils for racial justice and equity in West Seattle today:

North Delridge neighbors lined the pedestrian overpass at Delridge/Oregon, and the sidewalk beneath it, for a #SayTheirNames vigil this evening.

Organizer Nancy planned it to be “a quiet and respectful demonstration of support for our African American neighbors, friends, and family.”

Earlier, a nine-minute vigil outside Providence Mount St. Vincent:

This was part of a national elder-care initiative calling for “a time of reflection and awareness building of racism as a public health crisis.”

Just this week, the King County Board of Health passed a resolution making that declaration.

JUNETEENTH: ILWU Local 19’s march, and what’s ahead in West Seattle

(WSB photos/video)

Juneteenth arrives this year after weeks of demonstrations against racism and for justice and equity, and the day began in the shadow of the West Seattle Bridge, with a march – hundreds strong – from the ILWU Local 19 hall, headed to Terminal 46 and then to the Corrections Department Day Center, planning rallies at both stops. Here’s our video of the march’s start:

Motorcycles led the way as the march headed north on East Marginal, first on the frontage road and then to the open road:

The longshore workers’ union also stopped work up and down the West Coast during the day shift today in observance of Juneteenth, as noted in our preview.

WHAT’S AHEAD IN WEST SEATTLE: Both of these are open to all:

Providence Mount St. Vincent (4831 35th SW), noon – Along 35th, kneeling for 9 minutes as “Providence Elder Place West, a PACE program (Program for All Inclusive Care for the Elderly), located on-site at The Mount, is joining the national PACE organization for a time of reflection and awareness building of racism as a public health crisis.” (Just this week, the King County Board of Health officially declared it to be one.)

Delridge/Oregon overpass, 5:30 pm – A #SayTheirNames vigil, as previewed here.

Hate-Free Delridge’s streetcorner demonstration, and what’s ahead

(WSB photos)

After almost three weeks, demonstrations against racism and for justice and equity continue in West Seattle. Until about 6 pm, Hate-Free Delridge is out on the corners at Delridge and Orchard.

As previewed earlier this week, the specific reason for this gathering is “to support Justice for Rayshard Brooks, George Floyd, and all Black Lives.”

Tomorrow is Juneteenth, and we’ve received word of at least three events – two already previewed, and this one outside Providence Mount St. Vincent (4831 35th SW):

Providence Elder Place West, a PACE program (Program for All Inclusive Care for the Elderly), located on-site at The Mount, is joining the national PACE organization for a time of reflection and awareness building of racism as a public health crisis. The gathering will be Friday, June 19th at 12:00 along 35th in front of The Mount.

All from the community are invited to join and kneel for 9 minutes, then continue to take a stand against racial injustice.

WEST SEATTLE PROTESTS: Juneteenth vigil in North Delridge

Sent by Nancy:

Neighbors will be gathering this Friday evening at 5:30 for a #SayTheirNames vigil at the pedestrian overpass across Delridge at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center.

People are invited to come with a sign with one name of an African American who has been a victim of either direct or indirect police violence. I will also have names printed out that people can use.

I would like this to be a quiet and respectful demonstration of support for our African American neighbors, friends, and family.

Also coming up this week:
*Hate-Free Delridge demonstration, 4-6 pm Thursday at Delridge/Orchard
*ILWU Local 19 march, 9 am Friday from Spokane/E. Marginal to downtown

‘ALL WAYS WEST SEATTLE’: Local podcast spotlights students who organized huge Junction protest, and much more

Have you listened yet to “All Ways West Seattle”? It’s a semi-new podcast by longtime West Seattle resident Keith Bacon, and he’s just published a new episode that he tells WSB is:

… focused on the March for Black Lives and BLM protest in the Junction. Highlights are interviews with two of the youth speakers at the Junction event: 12-year-old Ericka, who read her poem “Monsters, Criminals, and Liars,” and 15-year-old Coco, who was also one of the event organizers. Plus an extended talk with regular contributor Kisha Vaughan, reflecting on the event (which she also spoke at) and the days surrounding it.

This is the seventh episode of “All Ways West Seattle” – the others have included a wide range of topics, from the West Seattle Bridge to how COVID-19 has changed lives and businesses in West Seattle. Keith (photo left) launched the podcast back in March, just before the pandemic changed everyone’s world. He describes himself as “a writer and producer who lives in (and loves) the Alaska Junction” and is producing new episodes every two weeks or so. The podcast was something he had been thinking about for a while before launching it, and with the challenges posed to our peninsula from both the pandemic and the bridge closure, he says, “I feel like the opportunity to do something good for my neighborhood has become more important and valuable.” So give it a listen and let Keith know what you think – you can offer feedback via social media.

PROTESTS: ILWU march during work stoppage Friday for Juneteenth

The next major rally/march near our area will be on Friday, for Juneteenth, commemorating the abolition of slavery in the U.S. – Seattle’s ILWU Local 19 has announced a march during a West Coast-wide work stoppage:

This Friday, June 19th, members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) will cease operations for the day shift along the entire US west coast, including Seattle, comprising 29 ports from Bellingham to San Diego, in observance of Juneteenth.

At the vacant Terminal 46 downtown, ILWU longshore workers will host a Rally and March to Stop Police Brutality and end Systematic Racism. The event will begin 9:00 a.m. at the ILWU Local 19 Union Hall – 3440 E Marginal Way S (corner of Spokane and East Marginal). Longshore workers will march as part of the coast-wide work stoppage and with other local labor, community, and faith leaders, including leaders from MLK Labor.

Participants will march (or car-caravan) to Terminal 46 for a rally and show of solidarity before continuing on to the WA Department of Corrections (DOC) Day Reporting Center, 1550 4th Ave S. This rally will call attention to victims of the criminal justice system while incarcerated. Recent concerns have been raised about incidents of retaliation by the DOC against incarcerated laborers, who requested PPE and appropriate safety measures to protect against COVID-19 infection.

WEST SEATTLE PROTESTS: Hate-Free Delridge’s next streetcorner demonstration

(WSB photo, June 3rd)

Two weeks after leading two streetcorner demonstrations, Hate-Free Delridge plans another one – here’s the announcement:

Please join us for another peaceful protest in the neighborhood. Since the recent protests that our group organized on June 3rd and 5th, we have received a lot of positive feedback, and requests for more events like this, so we want to keep the momentum of our message going strong! See our message and the details below and bring your friends and family!

We mourn the murder of George Floyd and of so many other Black Americans at the hands of police in America. We sadly add to the list Rayshard Brooks, murdered in Atlanta this week. We want change in the systems of policy that are racist and oppressive. We want justice for Black Lives. Our goal is to keep our message alive and in the streets. Please join Hate-Free Delridge for another peaceful gathering in West Seattle and bring signs with your messages for justice! For everyone’s safety, masks are required and please maintain 6 feet of distance between each family group. Thank you for staying engaged and we will see you there!

WHO: Hate Free Delridge
WHAT: A gathering to support Justice for Rayshard Brooks, George Floyd, and all Black Lives
WHEN: Thursday, June 18th, 4-6 pm
WHERE: The intersection of Delridge Way SW and SW Orchard St.

The group was formed almost four years ago.

WEST SEATTLE PROTESTS: Hundreds march from High Point to Delridge

2:06 PM: We are at Walt Hundley Playfield, where West Seattle’s next protest march is about to start. Organizers just told us they plan to go west on Myrtle, north on 35th, east on Morgan/Sylvan, then on Delridge to Boren STEM K-8. Updates to come.

3:05 PM: After several speeches (added: some video above, including Karen Taylor singing the Black National Anthem), the march is about to leave the playfield.

3:17 PM: Headed out, NB on 35th.

3:47 PM: Approaching Delridge.

3:54 PM: Now on Delridge, stopping just north of the precinct, chanting “no justice, no peace, no racist police” and “Black rights are equal rights.” Also, “Say his name/George Floyd.”

(added) And an invitation for the police whose building was yards away:

4:07 PM: The hundreds of marchers have now headed northbound for the endpoint, Louisa Boren STEM K-8. The organizers were a group of 5friends who say they just came up with the idea less than a week ago because they thought there should be more marches “in more urban communities.’

4:37 PM: The march is over; some participants are still rallying in the Boren parking lot.

(Photo courtesy Alex)

More photos later.

6:01 PM: We’ve added some photos above. Still to come: Video from just before the march. The speakers had many messages, including this one that was repeated by multiple speakers: Marching is not enough. “You have to put in the work,” said Amanda Scott. “There’s so much work to be done.”

WEST SEATTLE PROTESTS: Pigeon Point’s neighborhood march

(WSB photos)

Just south of the now-empty West Seattle high bridge sits Pigeon Point. That’s where, this morning, dozens of Pigeon Pointers of all ages showed up for a neighborhood march to affirm that Black Lives Matter.

As reported here on Friday, this is also a response to the defacing and removal of a support banner that had been hung in the neighborhood.

P.S. This was the first of two West Seattle events announced for today – the next is at 2 pm at High Point Community Center, with an announced plan to march to Delridge Community Center.

WEST SEATTLE PROTESTS: What’s planned on Sunday, Monday

Lots of questions about protests coming up in West Seattle. Here’s what’s been mentioned to us so far. :

SUNDAY: As mentioned last night, Pigeon Point neighbors plan a demonstration at 20th/Charlestown, 11 am.

SUNDAY: Also as previously mentioned, a march is planned from High Point Community Center (6920 34th SW) to Delridge Community Center (4501 Delridge Way SW), starting at 2 pm. We’ve heard twice from organizer Brandon, who says this is the motivation:

MONDAT: Admiral Church is continuing with “Take a Knee for Justice”:

Admiral Church will be sponsoring weekly “Take a Knee for Justice” events on the church lawn at 8 pm on Monday evenings through the end of June (June 15, 22 and 29). We will kneel in silence for 8 minutes to grieve together the deaths of all those persons of color who have been murdered by white supremacy and to protest racial injustice. Then we will sing a song together; no speech-ing, no preaching, just coming together as a community. Bring masks and protest signs if you have them; we will also have some available. Join us!

Anything else? westseattleblog@gmail.com or 206-293-6302 – thank you!

PHOTOS/VIDEO: West Seattle’s silent marches converge in The Junction

2:46 PM: A silent vigil right now on California south of Alaska. Updates to come.

(Added – photo sent by Eileen & Michael)

2:51 PM: Still silent, fists raised, some have moved northward into Walk All Ways.

3:05 PM: Applause broke the silence at 3, and everyone dispersed. More photos/video later.

ADDED 8:01 PM: There aren’t many words to be said about this; that was the point. The original Black Lives Matter-Seattle/King County call was for a day of action and silent marches “o honor lives lost and send a powerful message that Washingtonians no longer tolerate the racism that is built into so many of our institutions.” In West Seattle, organizer Sara had wondered earlier in the week if anyone else had planned one here; no one had, so she did. Two groups marched to The Junction, this one from Morgan Junction:

Like other recent West Seattle protests, participants spanned a wide age range:

Another group marched south to The Junction from Admiral, and everyone converged on California just south of Alaska, still silent.

For a while, everyone stayed there, and east-west traffic continued along Alaska. Then some moved north and filled the intersection for 10-plus minutes.

The demonstration was contemplative and peaceful. As they had done during last Saturday’s huge gathering, police were only seen on traffic control down the block.

P.S. Next West Seattle protests (that we’ve heard of) are on Sunday, 11 am at 20th/Charlestown (explained here) and 2 pm from High Point Community Center.

PROTESTS: Gatewood Elementary community’s show of support

Educators, parents, and students lined fauntleroy Way by Gatewood Elementary earlier this hour, in the first of two planned West Seattle protests this afternoon on the day of action called for by regional Black Lives Matter leadership.

The school community also wanted to show it’s undaunted despite the theft of a BLM support banner the PTA had placed along the fence.

Coming up at 2 pm, groups are planning to march silently, also in support of the BLM call, to The Junction from Morgan Junction and Alaska Junction. Meantime, more than 50 local businesses have closed to support the general strike that’s also happening today – our list is here.

Can’t march? Here’s a short walk

If you can’t, or choose not to, march, but want to contemplate action against racism, injustice, and inequity – take a short walk around Peace Lutheran Church. We happened onto this while out walking earlier this week. The signs are small – requiring a close look:

Along with explanatory signs, there are simple hand-lettered signs including these:

The church is at 39th/Thistle.

PROTESTS: 2 today in West Seattle during general strike; business-closures reminder

After regional Black Lives Matter leadership called for a general strike and silent marches today, some asked if any marches/protests were planned in West Seattle. We just got word of two this morning:

Sara sent word of that one – yoo can gather either at the Admiral Junction (California/Admiral) or Morgan Junction (California/Fauntleroy) at 2 pm to march silently to The Junction (California/Alaska).

Also: A group of parents/teachers will gather at 1 pm outside Gatewood Elementary (4320 SW Myrtle).

P.S. Reminder that many businesses have chosen to close to support the general strike – we’re continuing to update this listwestseattleblog@gmail.com if you have an addition – thank you!

PROTESTS: ‘Community March for Black Lives’ fills White Center streets, with Chief Sealth IHS youth joining in

A community-organized March for Black Lives took to the streets in White Center late today, starting with a rally at Greenbridge Plaza, then marching to the business district for a second rally, and then back to Greenbridge via Roxbury. For more photos, see our report on partner site White Center Now. Among the participants, a group that marched from Chief Sealth International High School – we stopped by while they were gathering:

WHAT’S NEXT: Still awaiting word on whether any West Seattle events are planned in conjunction with Friday’s general strike. We have heard from an organizer calling for a 2 pm Sunday (June 14th) march from High Point Community Center.

PROTESTS: Delridge demonstration, with 2 more events ahead today

(WSB photos)

Protests for justice and equity, against racism and oppression, continue around our city, region, and nation. Parents organized this rally lining Delridge at noon outside Louisa Boren STEM K-8, first of three events today.

Coming up: 3 pm student-organized event outside Chief Sealth International High School (2600 SW Thistle), marching to White Center, where the Community March for Black Lives will begin with speakers at Greenbridge Plaza (8th SW south of Roxbury) at 4 pm, heading toward downtown White Center at 5 pm.

PROTESTS: Rally, marches, bike ride coming up

Thanks to Nancy for the photo of the “small but mighty” gathering at Delridge Playfield during “Take a Knee for Justice” around this time last night. For those looking to show their opposition to racism and support for justice and equity, here are three upcoming events:

WEDNESDAY: At noon tomorrow, a family rally is planned outside Louisa Boren STEM K-8 (5950 Delridge Way SW), “to proclaim that Black Lives Matter.” You’re asked to wear masks and spread out along the sidewalk.

Also tomorrow, White Center’s Community March for Black Lives is planned, starting at Greenbridge Plaza:

People of White Center, we stand together in solidarity to fight for justice for our black brothers and sisters.

-We will gather at Greenbridge Plaza at 4 pm
-Hear from community members and leaders
-Begin Peaceful March toward 16th Avenue at 5 pm .

Please bring your face mask.

The plaza is on 8th SW just south of SW Roxbury.

(ADDED WED.) Per image in comments, there’s also a 3 pm march from Chief Sealth International High School (2600 SW Thistle) to White Center.

SATURDAY: The organizers of last weekend’s Peace Peloton ride from Alki have organized another ride – not in West Seattle but not far:

2nd PEACE PELOTON demonstration and bike ride to support black-owned businesses
Saturday, June 13, 2020

Starting point is Tougo Coffee at Yesler Terrace. Riders gather from 10:00 am onward. Ride starts at 12 Noon and ends at Ezell’s Chicken/Garfield Playfield. Additional details and route map are in this link.

Anything else ahead? westseattleblog@gmail.com or text 206-293-6302 – thank you!

PROTEST: Student-organized rally at West Seattle High School

Protests and rallies continue, keeping the spotlight – and pressure – on, in hopes of inspiring true change. Today, West Seattle High School student Deija Lewis (above) rallied some of her schoolmates to call for “a better future,” including “restorative justice at every school.”

The students listened to speakers. And they drew support from educators:

In opening remarks, Deija embraced the goal of working toward a future “without discrimination and hatred.”

LOCAL PROTESTS, UPDATED: ‘Take a Knee’ at multiple locations tonight; family rally on Delridge & White Center march Wednesday

(WSB photo from Saturday)

12:07 PM: Two days after Saturday’s huge demonstration in the West Seattle Junction, protests against racism, for justice and equity, continue around the city, region, and nation. For everyone asking what else s ahead, we have word of two more this week.

TONIGHT: ‘Take a Knee for Justice’ is something you are invited to do at 8 pm outside yuur own home – or, outside Alki UCC, which just sent this announcement:

Alki United Church of Christ invites you to a vigil tonight, June 8, to “Take a Knee for Justice,” part of the worldwide peaceful demonstration of support for people of color who have sustained systemic injustice for far too long.

At 7:50 pm, we gather at outside at 6115 SW Hinds in West Seattle; the church bells will be rung promptly at 8:00 and 8:08 pm.

For those who choose not to kneel, bring a lawn chair to sit on, or stand by/sit in your vehicle. Please maintain social distancing and wear face masks. Questions/information: office@alkiucc.org

ADDED 3:45 PM: Two more churches have let us know they are participating: Tibbetts UMC (3940 41st SW; WSB sponsor) is gathering outside at 7:45, kneeling at 8. Also Fauntleroy UCC Church (9140 California SW): “Park in the church lot and be sure to wear a mask. We’ll social distance along the sidewalk. Bring a folding chair if you cannot kneel or simply stand in support of a bias-free society.” (One more addition: Per comments, Admiral Church, 4320 SW Hill.)

UPDATED 4:04 PM – 2 ON WEDNESDAY: At noon, a family rally outside Louisa Boren STEM K-8 (5950 Delridge Way SW), “to proclaim that Black Lives Matter.” You’re asked to wear masks and spread out along the sidewalk.

Also Wednesday, the Community March for Black Lives is planned, starting at Greenbridge Plaza:

People of White Center, we stand together in solidarity to fight for justice for our black brothers and sisters.

-We will gather at Greenbridge Plaza at 4 pm
-Hear from community members and leaders
-Begin Peaceful March towards 16th AVE at 5 pm .

Please bring your face mask.

The plaza is on 8th SW just south of SW Roxbury.

Anything else coming up in West Seattle, White Center, South Park this week? Please let us know so we can add it to the list – westseattleblog@gmail.com or text 206-293-6302 – thank you!