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WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police search for suspect after shoplift-turned-robbery

3:05 PM: If you’re noticing police activity in the Westwood Village/Roxhill Park area, it’s because of a shoplift-turned-robbery at the shopping center. According to the dispatch, Ross security tried to stop a shoplifter, who subsequently flashed a gun. They were last seen heading toward Roxhill Park. We haven’t heard a description so far. The Guardian One helicopter is arriving to help with the search.

3:08 PM: According to the description just given to the helicopter crew, they’re looking for a “light-skinned Black man, 25-30, 5’10”, medium build, black face cover, black hoodie with a tie-dye shirt.”

3:22 PM: No one matching that description was in view from the air, so the helicopter has moved on.

5:48 PM: Commenters say the robbery was at Marshalls, not Ross, though the latter is what was initially dispatched. A final written report won’t be available before Monday.

FYI: Law-enforcement air/sea training today

An alert from the King County Sheriff’s Office:

Heads up! Today until 3 PM we are conducting joint training with the King County Water Taxi in Elliott Bay. If you see Guardian One & an increased police presence, there is no cause for alarm.

Guardian One is the KCSO helicopter, which is also used by other law-enforcement agencies including Seattle Police.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police search in Admiral area

(Added: WSB photo, stolen car abandoned at 42nd/Andover)

5:20 PM: Thanks for the texts. Police are searching for a suspect wanted for among other things eluding and hit-run in Admiral. He was reported to be driving a white Crown Victoria, no plates, which police have reported finding at 42nd/Andover and have confirmed to have been stolen. Before being abandoned there, the vehicle is reported to have been involved in a hit-run near Hiawatha, at Walnut/Stevens. The suspect is reportedly on foot, and all we have is a partial description – white man, bald, glasses, dark hoodie or jacket. We’re trying to find out more.

5:26 PM: The Guardian One helicopter will be joining the search. The suspect was last seen southbound from where the stolen car was abandoned – a few more descriptive details: White or Hispanic, in his early 30s, 6′, 200-250 pounds, bald, glasses, dark top.

5:37 PM: After a possible sighting near 45th/Stevens, the search has moved there, including the helicopter. … Police tell us this all started in North Admiral, in an alley in the 2100 block of California.

6:05 PM: No updates since then. The search has apparently dead-ended for now and that’s why the helicopter moved on.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police pursue suspects after carjacking

8:29 PM: Police have been pursuing suspects through south West Seattle, White Center, and Burien after a carjacking. While the stolen vehicle is reported to be a white Audi, officers have been pursuing another vehicle believed to be related, a dark gray Hyundai Tucson reported stolen from Federal Way. We don’t yet know exactly where the carjacking happened. The Guardian One helicopter has been assisting; the suspects reportedly have just abandoned the Hyundai in north Burien, with a ground search ensuing too.

(WSB photo added: Police on 35th while investigating nearby carjacking)

8:38 PM: We found police who could confirm to us where the carjacking happened: Alley behind residences in the 9200 block of 35th SW. (The car stolen there was described as a white Audi SQ5; we believe that was traced to south White Center.) Meantime, the ground/air search in north Burien continues.

8:43 PM: Officers have just reported taking one person into custody. They’re searching for the other, in the Salmon Creek Ravine area. Both carjackers were reported to be armed at the time of the original incident.

10:30 PM: The search ended during a gap in our live monitoring due to (a) a change in radio channels and (b) us having to step away from the desk for a short time. So far in trying to catch up with radio recordings, we’ve heard officers report that a stolen gun was recovered, as was a backpack, as were two ski masks, and that the carjacked white Audi (found because of tracking) has already been impounded. What we’re not finding yet: The status of the second suspect.

10:59 PM: Listening to county emergency-radio archives, it sounds like the second suspect was bitten by a police dog and taken for treatment. We will of course follow up on all this with police and prosecutors Monday, but will update sooner if any additional information emerges over the weekend.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Home-invasion robbery investigation, with helicopter (updated)

9:27 PM: Police are searching by ground and air right now for three people suspected in what they’re describing as a “home-invasion robbery” in the 3600 block of California SW [vicinity map]. The descriptions broadcast so far are a white man, 18, 6′, 190 pounds, white Nike Tech sweatshirt (whose identity may be known), armed with a bb gun; a Black male (age not mentioned), 5’8″, slim, all-black clothing, red Jordan shoes, armed with a hammer; and a Hispanic male (age not mentioned), 6 feet tall, white shoes.

9:46 PM: The helicopter moved on as they’d exhausted the possibilities, plus there was a lag of up to half an hour between when the robbery happened and when it was reported. But officers are still searching on the ground, including checking for video cameras in the area.

FRIDAY MORNING UPDATE: We asked SPD for whatever summary/narrative they have. So far: “At (9:08 pm), the victims were inside their apartment located at the 3600 block of California Ave SW. Three (people) entered through the front door and began grabbing items inside the apartment. (They) grabbed the victims’ cell phones, long BB gun, and marijuana products. The victims were able to recover their cell phones, and the (robbers) exited the apartment. Patrol, K9 and Guardian 1 responded to the scene. The suspects weren’t located. The SPD Robbery Unit was notified about the incident. This is an open and ongoing investigation.”

UPDATE: Two incidents happening now, one with helicopter

3:51 PM – First: The Guardian One helicopter is just east of Highland Park because of a reported vehicle theft “in progress” in the 8400 block of 1st Avenue South, at or near the tow yard there, across from the 1st/Cloverdale encampment. The vehicle is described as a green 1997 Nissan pickup. The helicopter was not specifically dispatched for this call – it happened to be up and heard the radio traffic and offered assistance.

Second, for those who have asked: There was a sizable emergency response on the Alki Point end of Admiral Way for a medical call described as a suspected overdose. We don’t have an update on the patient.

4:48 PM: Update on the first incident – the helicopter wasn’t in the area for long, and couldn’t locate the stolen pickup. According to police radio, the owner has spotted his truck in the area again, and requested police assistance.

UPDATE: Burien carjacking suspects tracked to West Seattle; stolen vehicle then involved in fiery crash

6:22 PM: According to radio exchanges between dispatch and police, Guardian One is over the Don Armeni Boat Ramp area because it’s assisting King County Sheriff’s Office deputies with tracking suspects in a Burien-area carjacking. Avoid the area.

6:29 PM: King County and SPD units are now pursuing the vehicle, described as the gold Suburban that was stolen in the carjacking, southbound on Harbor.

6:31 PM: According to radio exchanges, the vehicle is still on the move but one suspect is in custody at or near Harbor/Spokane.

6:39 PM: The stolen vehicle is now reported to be stolen in a fiery crash at West Marginal Way/2nd SW. Law-enforcement officers and the helicopter were reported to have lost track of the vehicle before this happened. At least one person may still have been in the vehicle, which is now reported to be engulfed in flames.

(Image from nearest SDOT camera)

6:44 PM: SPD says SFD is telling them no one is in the vehicle. … The Suburban reportedly collided with a semitruck, though we don’t know if it was moving or parked. … And now police are saying the other suspect IS in the vehicle.

7:07 PM: One person is going to be taken to Harborview, per SFD. Note that streets are closed and buses (routes 131 and 132) rerouted in this area because of the crash investigation.

(WSB photo)

7:35 PM: Above, that’s the Suburban, in a photo sent by our crew just after they arrived. And this is the semi:

(WSB photo)

7:51 PM: We and a few other media crews are awaiting an SPD public-information officer. Meantime the officers and firefighters at the scene are awaiting an SDOT incident-response team to clean up an extensive fluid slick and other debris.

7:56 PM: The official briefing hasn’t happened yet but SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo is there too and has told us that the 53-year-old truck driver was checked out and OK, while the driver of the stolen car was in critical condition when transported.

8:44 PM: Both SFD’s Cuerpo and SPD spokesperson Officer Brian Pritchard have briefed us. The only major details beyond what we’ve reported above are that the first suspect, (updated) 21 years old, was arrested when he jumped out of the stolen vehicle at Harbor/Spokane; the person left behind in the vehicle, a juvenile, decided to drive off, and that’s the person who crashed the Suburban and was pulled from the wreckage.

10:31 PM: Police at the scene just told dispatch that the streets are cleared and reopened.

UPDATE: Helicopter helps search for missing man in West Seattle (Thursday update: found)

10:30 PM: The Guardian One helicopter is over West Seattle to help look for a missing man. He is described as white, 76, 5’9″ to 5’10”, white hair that’s balding on top, beard, last seen in a black coat and green or gray pants. He was last seen about 4:30 pm, in the 4800 block of 35th SW (at or near The Mount). If you see him, call 911. (We don’t have a photo or name – no official alert so far, but police asked for helicopter help since G1 is up tonight.)

10:50 PM: Helicopter crew discussion over radio with police indicates the man is missing from The Mount. The helicopter looked over areas such as the nearby golf course and greenbelt areas but absent any further leads, has told police that there’s not much they can do with surface streets, so they’re moving on. Police said the man is known to walk around the facility grounds or in nearby neighborhoods.

1 AM: No further updates heard, and still no official alert; we’ll follow up first thing in the morning.

9:28 AM: Both police and The Mount confirm that he is still missing; we will have a separate story with photo shortly. (Update: Here it is.)

1:50 PM: Just updated that story too – The Mount says John is back, safe, and well.

UPDATE: Here’s why Guardian One helicopter was over Highland Park/South Delridge

October 25, 2023 3:34 pm
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3:34 PM: The Guardian One helicopter is assisting Seattle Police in looking for an assault suspect who is reported to have brandished a gun at the victim, to whom he apparently was known. He’s described as Hispanic, 19 years old, 6’2″, (updated) brown-ish/yellow-ish hoodie, black pants. The assault is reported to have happened near 20th/Elmgrove.

3:51 PM: The helicopter has left, after looking in a variety of possible directions. In case you’re wondering, this wasn’t a case of the helicopter specifically being called in for this – it happened to be up and not far away, so they asked if it could come over and help. So far it does not appear that the victim suffered major injuries – no medical dispatch.

UPDATE: Guardian One up for possible Jim Price sighting that didn’t pan out

9:31 AM: The Guardian One helicopter circled Gatewood and Upper Fauntleroy – including our HQ – for a bit (they’ve just cleared). One reader reports there was a PA announcement about looking for a missing person. We’re trying to confirm whether it was a possible Jim Price sighting, since “silver alert” was mentioned.

9:34 AM: Recorded dispatch audio confirms it was a possible sighting of Jim Price.

9:47 AM: The original report was a possible sighting near Delridge/Holden.

9:52 AM: SPD just confirmed to us that officers made contact with the person who was the subject of the report but it was NOT Jim, so that’s why the helicopter moved on.

P.S. In comments, Bill includes this link to a website set up about the search for Jim.

HELICOPTERS: Practicing now, flying over Seahawks game later (update: flyover aborted)

(Added: Photo sent by Erin)

9:52 AM: In case you missed the advance notice – the military helicopters in the area now are practicing for this afternoon’s Seahawks flyover, so they’ll be back later too. They’re from Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Pierce County.

2:07 PM: As discussed in comments, the actual game flyover was aborted. Via Twitter/X, the 16th Combat Aviation Brigade says that was because of “communication issues within Lumen Field.”

ADDED 9:18 PM: Though there was no stadium flyover, we have two photos to add. From one of the West Seattle flyovers – Jamie Kinney caught this very close-up view:

Jerry Simmons saw them on the ground:

FYI: Helicopter sightings expected Sunday before Seahawks flyover

Early heads-up, you may notice military helicopters over West Seattle this Sunday (September 10th) because of a flyover planned for the Seahawks‘ season-opener. We’re told helicopters from Joint Base Lewis-McChord will be in the area mid-morning and early afternoon; the game starts after 1 pm.

UPDATE: Deputies, police, helicopter search for White Center robbery suspects in south Highland Park

2:13 PM: Thanks for all the tips about Guardian One circling over south Highland Park and a police response on the ground. We’re working to find out what led to this and will update shortly.

2:18 PM: KCSO seems to be the lead agency and a deputy tells us on the ground that they’re looking for robbery suspects. Four, according to dispatch. We don’t yet know where the robbery was.

2:34 PM: A commenter says the robbery was at 16th/107th in White Center; we’re going that way to check. Meantime, the ground search is focused near 12th/Barton (added photo above).

2:58 PM: The mini-mart on that corner told us it wasn’t them. (And the commenter now says that was a mistaken reference to a robbery earlier this year.) We have an inquiry out to KCSO’s media team.

3:19 PM: Finally found the incident in archived KCSO dispatch audio. The robbery was at the Top to Bottom clothing store in White Center, 9651 15th SW. The robber(s) were armed and got away with ~$500 worth of clothing. Still listening for more details.

3:43 PM: A tip led officers to detain at least one suspect at/near 15th/Roxbury. Seattle Police are involved again because in this case it started with a reported sighting on SW Cambridge.

3:55 PM: KCSO has provided a bit more information – the armed robbery was reported around 1:30 pm, with four people “reported to have entered the business at that location, displayed guns and stole about $500.00 worth of merchandise … 2 persons were detained close to the area in connection with the robbery, but it is not 100% sure if they were involved at this time. No injuries were reported and no firearms recovered as of yet. Some clothing items that have belonged to the suspects were recovered in the surrounding neighborhood. These were confiscated as evidence.”

4 PM: KCSO update on the previous two detainees: “The two detained were released as there was no evidence, or witnesses that could say they were 100% involved.”

UPDATE: About the federal helicopter circling West Seattle and White Center

11:16 AM: We’ve gotten a few questions about a helicopter heard over White Center and West Seattle this past hour or so. The screengrab above is from Flightradar24, which identifies it as a US Customs and Border Patrol helicopter and shows the many loops it’s taken. High up – 6,000 feet – so you might not have seen it. The tracker shows its flight starting in Tacoma. As for why it’s circling, we’re looking into it.

11:58 AM: So far, we’ve talked to a variety of people (haven’t heard back from CBP yet, though) and no additional information. The Tacoma Narrows Airport, from which the tracker showed the flight originating, told us the helicopter likely just stopped there to refuel, as there’s nothing of this type based there. A check of our archives, reminds us of a similar situation in January 2019 – a Customs helicopter circling south West Seattle – here’s what we wrote then.

12:37 PM: Still no further info (we’ll update here if and when any details turn up), but the helicopter’s left this area and is back over Pierce County.

1:36 PM: As noted in comments, federal Homeland Security officers are at Westwood Village. They wouldn’t comment to us on what they’re there for, but they said the helicopter wasn’t related.

About the military helicopters over West Seattle this morning

Thanks for the video (above, from Dustin) and photo (below, from McKenzie) – they and others wondered about military helicopters flying over West Seattle around 10:15 this morning.

Absent something like a sports-game flyby, it’s not easy to find out why a military helicopter’s passing by, but we’ve finally heard back from a source at Joint Base Lewis-McChord who says those were Apaches and a Chinook, “visiting the (Museum of Flight, at Boeing Field) for their organizational-day activity.”

About the Coast Guard helicopter

Thanks to John Skerratt for the photo. From the “in case you wondered too” file, that’s the U.S. Coast Guard helicopter that was looping the west-facing West Seattle shore for a while this past hour or so. It’s currently on its way back to Port Angeles. Earlier, police/fire were checking out a report of possible windsurfers in trouble, but that was debunked last we heard, though the USCG helicopter, and vessel, had already been dispatched.

FYI: Helicopter flyover for Mariners’ opening day (updated with practice-run video)

9:49 AM: As mentioned in our morning traffic watch, it’s opening day for the Seattle Mariners, with their first game of the season starting just after 7 pm at T-Mobile Park. We’ve also just learned that you might notice U.S. Army helicopters in the area this afternoon and evening because of a planned flyover. The 16th Combat Aviation Brigade from Joint Base Lewis-McChord (south of Tacoma) says that four of its AH-64E Apache helicopters (from Alpha Troop, 4-6 Air Cavalry Squadron), are set for the flyover around 7, preceded by up to three practice runs around 3:20 pm. The 16th CAB says their path will be north-south, so they might not be as noticeable over West Seattle this time.

ADDED 5:08 PM: Thanks to Carolyn Newman for practice-run video of the four helicopters:

About this morning’s Alki military-helicopter sighting

Several people asked about those six military helicopters that flew over Alki/north West Seattle this morning. We made some inquiries and finally got some info tonight: The helicopters were from Charlie Company, 2-158 Assault Helicopter Battalion, 16th Combat Aviation Brigade, Joint Base Lewis-McChord. They flew from JBLM (south of Tacoma) to Boeing Field “for a unit event at the Boeing Museum … ‘readiness day,’ which is a day of the month where units do something outside of normal training to build cohesion or learn about something outside of their normal day to day duties.” They’re interested in photos – you can email 16CABPAO@gmail.com.

SEEN FROM WEST SEATTLE: Flyover helicopters

3:27 PM: With the murky, drippy weather this morning/midday, some wondered if the pre-game Army helicopter flyover previewed here Thursday had actually happened. Jerry Simmons caught two of the helicopters on camera, so there’s your proof.

7:45 PM: Here’s video of what it looked like from one of the helicopters.

FYI: Flyover planned for Sunday’s Seahawks game

(November photo from Gene Pavola)

Since military flyovers for stadium events so often bring questions when the aircraft pass over here, this time we have a heads-up: Four helicopters from Joint Base Lewis-McChord are scheduled to fly over Lumen Field before this Sunday’s Seahawks/Rams game, which ends the regular season. We’re told the flyover around 1:20 pm will be preceded by up to three practice passes, which will likely include some time in holding patterns, The helicopters expected to participate are two UH-60 Black Hawks and two AH-64 Apaches, as seen in November.

UPDATE: Military helicopters over West Seattle – and they’ll be back

(Reader photo via email from MD)

9:34 AM: Thanks for all the tips/questions/photos of military helicopters that have made a few passes. These kind of helicopters don’t usually show on trackers but we’re checking around. So far we’ve reached somebody at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, who says it’s not theirs. … As for a Seahawks flyover, that game isn’t until 1 pm.

(Added: Reader photo from Gene Pavola)

Image search says the helicopters are Boeing AH-64 Apaches.

(Added: Reader video from Brandy DeWeese)
10:14 AM: Thanks to the commenter with the tip. The Boeing Field operations hotline confirmed to us it’s practice for a Seahawks flyover later and that they are Army helicopters but not from JBLM.

11:11 AM: None other than the 16th Combat Aviation Brigade just replied to us and tweeted directly that the helicopters ARE from JBLM – two BlackHawks and two Apaches – and were indeed practicing for the game flyover. “They flew up from (JBLM) this morning to work on their timing.” (If you follow the link to the tweet, you’ll see video of what it looked like from the field.) So again, that means you’ll likely see/hear them again before the 1 pm kickoff.

ADDED 2:35 PM: And indeed, they returned. Jessica got a closeup look south of Fairmount Park:

Lumen Field tweeted a photo of the view from there.

UPDATE: Shooting investigation in White Center

2:32 PM: Big response under way for a shooting in White Center. It’s reported to have been a drive-by shooting near the Hung Long Market shopping center at 9988 15th SW, with one person who has at least two gunshot wounds. The Guardian One helicopter is joining the search for what’s described so far as a “light brown Chevrolet” seen headed north on 15th. Updates to come.

3:02 PM: Our crew at the scene says the shooting appears to have happened right outside the aforementioned market. The victim, who was described as conscious, is being taken to a hospital.

3:15 PM: Southbound 15th has reopened. Investigators at the scene aren’t commenting.

5:52 PM: KCSO will tell us only that the victim’s injuries are not life-threatening, and that no one is in custody.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Search for armed robbers

8:01 PM: Police are searching in Highland Park for three people who are suspects in an armed robbery. K-9 is already involved in the search, and the Guardian One helicopter is expected to join the search, so you might hear it soon over eastern West Seattle. The suspects were last seen in an alley north of Fire Station 11 at 16th SW and SW Holden. Per an exchange between officers and the helicopter deputies, the suspects might be linked to other robberies outside Seattle. The one who is reported to have had a gun is described as Hispanic, male, black clothing, red gaiter-style face mask. No other details yet.

(Added: Texted photo of one of the SPD cars involved in search)

8:22 PM: Archived dispatch audio indicates the holdup was at Seamart at 16th/Holden. Meantime, the helicopter and K-9 ended their search because the trail grew cold, possibly with the robbers having left via a getaway vehicle nearby. If you’re in the area and see anything suspicious on your security video, the SPD incident number is 2022-301827.