WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Tires taken; business burglary

10:19 PM: Patrick reports someone stole his set of 4 winter tires from his apartment parking garage near 35th and Avalon. Though even locked garage doors are not burglar-proof, in this case, he says, the garage door has been unlocked and in need of repair, “so someone just walked (or drove) right in and snatched them. I’m sure I’ll never see those tires again, which is frustrating, but if any WSB readers need a reminder to hide your possessions from the public and/or lock them up, there it is.”

ADDED 11:10 PM: Caroline just emailed to report this business burglary weekend before last at The Whittaker:

We started construction on the new City Sweats location last month in suite 170 under Whole Foods. Over the weekend our lockbox that we had for our contractors to access the key was taken. We later noticed that our contractors’ equipment was stolen.

I saw on the blog that there was a lockbox burglary at a residential property just a few blocks from us. It’s scary and everyone is really bummed about it.

I’ve asked our neighboring businesses BECU, T-Mobile, and Mod Pizza for their surveillance coverage but they can only release it to the police. The police said it’ll take a few weeks for the detective to even contact me for followup.

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  • Sharon Hu January 21, 2020 (11:43 pm)

    sorry it happened to you! My son just took his 4 tires from garbage to the basement! appreciate your reminder!

  • Seriously? January 22, 2020 (6:44 am)

    Dear thieves, you all suck! 

    • loady January 22, 2020 (7:43 am)


      • Leigh Kenner January 22, 2020 (1:07 pm)

        Yes they do. I had several items stolen from my car parked at my house on sat night/Sunday morning. 

  • Sillygosse January 22, 2020 (11:00 am)

    ARRG this is getting so frustrating to read this daily.  I park in that garage when I work out at Orangetheory, see if the building owner or whom ever has cameras for that garage level P1 and check footage for January 10th around 5:30pm until 6:00 pm.  Parked in the very last row white car all by itself on the far West Wall.  A late 20’s something male was acting so strange that it caught my attention and I watched him pull on layers of shirts, put on a BB Cap he noticed I was watching him so he got in his car.  It became a game of waiting each other out.  He won I left after about 15 minutes I thought he was going to break into cars.  Check local pawn shops.  Sorry for you loss

  • AlsoonAvalon January 22, 2020 (7:58 pm)

    I live in a small condo building on Avalon way.  We had two guys in a Jeep Cherokee pull in and wander thru our building last week.  Someone also busted the lock on the side gate and wandered around the property last week.  Just before Christmas we had 3 cars vandalized.  In October we also had a garage break in with multiple cars involved.  This has amounted to thousands in damage and thousands spent in attempt to better secure the property.  In response we have installed new barb wire and 3 new video cameras but I have little confidence that this will get better.  I wish SPD had the resources to patrol this section better.

  • bolo January 22, 2020 (9:16 pm)

    Patrick, if the security doors were broken and left open maybe the bldg. LLC can reimburse you?

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