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UPDATE: Fauntleroy incident leads to Arbor Heights arrest

(Texted photo)

3:52 PM: Lots of questions about this. Police have converged on a car in Arbor Heights, near 35th/Ocean View, to investigate whether it’s linked to an incident in Fauntleroy involving someone in a car with a gun. They’re questioning two people. So far as we’ve heard in monitoring, they’re still trying to sort it all out; the resident who sent the photo says officers told him it started as a domestic-violence incident. The car that was stopped was reported to have two children in it.

(WSB photo)

4:19 PM: One man has been arrested, police tell us at the arrest scene. The original incident, in which a gun was brandished, happened near 45th/Wildwood in Fauntleroy. We don’t know whether a gun was found but officers were bagging various items as apparent evidence. The aforementioned children’s mom was brought to the scene earlier so they are OK.

ADDED THURSDAY 11:18 AM: Here’s the brief initial SPD summary of the incident:

Multiple bystanders in the 9200 block of 46 AV SW attempted to intervene in an in-progress assault. The suspect assaulted the bystanders, then produced a handgun, pointed it at multiple people, and fled in a vehicle with the original victim. Officers located the vehicle and detained all occupants. The suspect was arrested and booked …

The suspect is 21 years old and remains in jail this morning, under investigation for assault and unlawful gun possession, the latter because of an assault conviction – we’re still looking into court records but the docket says he was charged in 2021 and resolved the case with a guilty plea in 2022. As for Wednesday’s arrest, there will likely be a probable-cause hearing this afternoon that would determine whether he remains in custody (an initial decision on charges would be later this week); we’ll be checking with prosecutors on what happens next.

ADDED 11:38 AM: The suspect has an extensive record going back to juvenile cases when he was 15 years old. The 2022 conviction involved a gunfire case in Kent, but he has other gun-related convictions, leading to this passage in the charging documents from that case, in a passage arguing for bail (which at one point in that case was set at $1 million):

The Superior Courts of King and Pierce County have repeatedly ordered the Defendant not to possess firearms and he has violated that order with impunity. There is no expectation that he would follow such an order if released. He not only possesses firearms, he endangers the public by his wanton use of them.

He was sentenced in January 2023 to almost five years in state prison for the Kent case, but that included credit for time already served in county jail. We’ll be checking with the Department of Corrections to see when he was released.

ADDED 12:56 PM: DOC says he was released from prison six weeks ago (and is on “community custody” aka parole currently).

ADDED THURSDAY NIGHT: We haven’t received documents from today’s hearing yet, but the jail docket shows his bail was set at $100,000.

Brown water in Arbor Heights

Reported by AKM: “My neighbors and I are seeing brown water. We live in Arbor Heights on/near SW 106th and 40th Ave SW. My neighbor reported seeing the fire department at the fire hydrant on 106th, so this is likely fire hydrant testing. I saw no outages on the SPU map. I am running the tap, still seeing brown water. Hopefully, this will dissipate soon, but glad the fire hydrants are being tested.”

If you notice discolored water, it’s not always hydrant testing – it can also be the result of a pipe break or other system problem, reported or unreported, so it’s important to notify Seattle Public Utilities (the 24/7 number is 206-386-1800).

UPDATE: Power outage in The Arroyos/south Arbor Heights

4:35 PM: Thanks for the tip! Power’s out for 147 customers in south Arbor Heights and The Arroyos, per the Seattle City Light map, which attributes the outage to “bird/animal contact.”

6 PM: It’s resolved, per the map, which had described it as starting just before 4:30; our tipster, however, says the power went out around noon.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Gunfire in Arbor Heights

12:24 PM: Police are in Arbor Heights investigating a report of gunfire. Dispatch told officers that a 911 caller reported seeing three people “shooting into a pond” near 32nd Place/32nd Avenue SW. Police have taken two possible suspects into custody and reported finding a gun as well as casings. No injuries are reported.

12:35 PM: One suspect was found near 30th/Roxbury. We’ve gone to both scenes but police are still busy talking to people and no additional information is available yet; we’ll be following up later.

4:56 PM: The only additional thing police could tell us when we followed up is that one of the detained teenagers was booked into juvenile detention for investigation of unlawful gun possession.

UPDATE: Another West Seattle car-on-side crash

7:14 PM: Thanks to JC for the photo. For the second consecutive day, emergency responders have been called to a car-on-side crash in West Seattle. This one was at 41st/100th in Arbor Heights around 5 pm. It initially drew a “rescue extrication” callout, but that was downsized so quickly, we missed the dispatch. Archived audio indicates two vehicles were involved, a Toyota 4Runner and Nissan Maxima. No medic unit dispatched, which indicates no major injuries, but we’re checking with SFD to be sure.

8:16 PM: SFD tells us the vehicle that went onto its side had one person inside who got out by themselves and “declined medical attention.”

9:44 PM: A commenter has posted this link to home-security video showing the collision.

READER REPORT: Is this ‘super-cute cross-stitch kit’ yours?

Is this yours, or do you know whose it might be? Just sent by Lindsay:

I found this super-cute cross-stitch kit either lost or stolen/ditched in the greenbelt behind my house in Arbor Heights. It looks very special to someone, so hoping to find the owner!

Email us – – and we’ll connect you.

YOU CAN HELP: Superstar-signed item highlights Arbor Heights Elementary PTSA auction – everything open for your bids!

(Photo courtesy Arbor Heights Elementary PTSA)

Even if you don’t attend the gala dinner/auction events that benefit local nonprofits, you often can help their fundraising anyway by bidding in the online auctions that precede the galas. Right now, the Arbor Heights Elementary PTSA is welcoming your participation in theirs, for items from local-business gift cards to the superstar-autographed musical instrument shown above! Here’s the announcement:

It’s that time of year again – the Arbor Heights Elementary PTSA‘s online silent auction is officially underway! From now until April 19th, you have the chance to bid on an array of incredible experiences and items, all while supporting our beloved school community.

There are so many incredible items and we are so grateful for all of the donations. However, we are very honored to offer a ukulele signed by Eddie Vedder.

This auction is vital to our school. The funds raised provide critical support for music, art, classroom materials, transportation for field trips, 5th-grade camp, and other essential elements that make school fun and engaging for our students.

So, let’s come together as a community and make this year’s auction a resounding success! Bid early, bid often, and help us continue to provide enriching experiences for our Arbor Heights students.

Thank you for your support and happy bidding!

Cloudy water in Arbor Heights

January 20, 2024 6:01 pm
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The report is from Beth. The Seattle Public Utilities map doesn’t show any current problems, but there have been several repairs in Arbor Heights in recent days. This too is a problem to report, if it happens to you, to SPU’s 24-hour line at 206-386-1800.

WEST SEATTLE ART: Rain City Clay’s 5-day holiday show/sale begins

From whimsical – like Kayla Jackson‘s creations, above – to ethereal, like Doris Anderson‘s work below, a wide range of art comprises Rain City Clay‘s holiday show and sale, which opened tonight and continues through Tuesday.

Some of the artists are there too for tonight’s opening party – including Kate Hoffman:

Rain City Clay is in Arbor Heights, at 4208 SW 100th. You can check out the holiday show/sale until 8 pm tonight, 1-5 pm both days this weekend, and 2-7 pm Monday and Tuesday! Other art shows/makers markets are happening tonight and tomorrow too – see our West Seattle Holiday Guide for the full list.

UPDATE: Police investigating drive-by spraying near Arbor Heights Elementary

8:53 PM: Thanks to the Arbor Heights Elementary families who forwarded this note sent tonight by acting AHES principal Alana Haider regarding an incident that was reported around 2:40 pm :

Shortly after school was dismissed this afternoon, you or your student may have noticed the Seattle Police Department (SPD) and Seattle Fire Department on our campus while they responded to a threatening incident.

An unknown adult in a car sprayed a substance that SPD believes may have been pepper spray toward several students and their families while they were walking on the sidewalk. The unknown adult immediately drove west on 105th and was not seen again as we dealt with this situation.

A teacher on duty immediately alerted the school office and called 911. The SPD and paramedic teams appeared about five minutes later. They tended to the individuals who had been sprayed or who were nearby. I am thankful to say that the students and families who were involved in this incident received treatment and are recovering.

There is nothing I take more seriously than the safety of our students, staff, and school community. We will continue to be prepared to respond to urgent situations in our school.

All Arbor Heights staff on duty wear safety vests. Mr. Frink and I will specifically station ourselves on 105th near where the incident occurred tomorrow morning and again at dismissal. Other staff members (in addition to the usual duty assignments) will be vested up and join those on assigned duty.

Please remember that in addition to reporting concerns to Arbor Heights staff, our families may use the SPS Safe Schools Hotline 206-252-0510 to report any threats to SPS schools. This phone number is managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. …

We have a message out to SFD to find out how many people were treated, but might not hear back tonight because they’re dealing with a huge fire elsewhere in the city. According to recorded dispatch audio, the initial callout mentioned at least two victims, a 4-year-old and an adult woman. As for the person who sprayed the substance from their vehicle, there was a partial early description in therecorded audio – a Black man in a black hat in a gray 4-door car. An officer told dispatch that at least one nearby house appeared to have a security camera that might have recorded the incident, but no one was answering the door. If you have any information, contact SPD – their tip line is 206-233-5000, and this is considered an assault – and refer to incident # 23-342749.

ADDED: SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo tells WSB they treated one person, a 10-year-old girl.


(Photo by Kersti Muul)

Over the past decade. readers have sent occasional photos of a multicolored bird we quickly learned was a Golden Pheasant. (For example: 2013, 2019.) Most likely not all the same one, as their lifespan isn’t quite that long. Most recently, the one shown above was hanging around Arbor Heights. Kersti Muul sent a sad update about it today:

I leaned yesterday that the golden pheasant was found off 106th and (Marine View Drive) with head trauma and euthanized at Urban Animal. I matched it to one in Arbor Heights that (a) woman had contacted me about. We were monitoring it in her yard. Found very close to her house.

Kersti said several people had suggested she “rescue” it in the past year, but it was clearly not in distress and was “very active and alert,” so there was no reason to do so. “He had a good free life for a long while. Rest well, beautiful one.”

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Air and ground search for burglary suspects

7:06 PM: Thanks for the tips. Guardian One is over Arbor Heights right now and police are on the ground; we’re on our way to find out what’s going on and will update as soon as we have information.

7:16 PM: This is a King County Sheriff’s Office operation and deputies won’t comment, referring us to their media unit (which we’re trying to reach). Their search appears to be focused just outside the city limits, near Seola Pond.

7:38 PM: We reached KCSO spokesperson Sgt. Eric White, and here’s what he tells us: “Currently KCSO Units are at the location of 2600 block of SW 104th Street on a reported burglary in progress. Guardian 1 is assisting in a search for any suspects of the burglary. Currently one person has been detained. Two others are still being looked for in the area.” He does not have any descriptive information on the two others who are at large.

7:48 PM: An update from Sgt. White: “The detained subject was released and patrol was not able to find any more suspects.”

UPDATE: Gas-leak response after hit-run driver crashes into house

9:18 PM: Avoid the area of 37th/100th in Arbor Heights for a while – a driver hit a house and a natural-gas leak is reported to have resulted. Police have blocked off 37th. They are telling dispatch it’s a hit-and-run – the driver subsequently took off. So far the vehicle is described only as “a white minivan.”

9:21 PM: The gas leak is blamed on damage to the gas meter. Puget Sound Energy is reported to be on the way. No injuries reported so far.

9:27 PM: This wasn’t found to be a major leak, so the SFD response has downsized.

9:34 PM: Police have just told dispatch that the gas is shut off, so the streets are reopening. No further info on the hit-run driver.

12:23 AM: Jeremy, whose home and yard were damaged, sent photos: “What a mess. The driver went through a tree, a fence, two planters, lawn furniture and breaking the gas meter off the main before actually hitting the wall of the house.”

UPDATE: Police standoff in Arbor Heights

11:27 PM: After a vehicle went into a yard in the 10200 block of 31st SW in Arbor Heights, police tried to get the driver to come out. He was reported to have a gun and a dog, and was not responding to commands to come out. So after trying for a while, including loudspeaker calls, police have called in negotiators and SWAT. Thanks to all the neighbors who’ve texted tips and photos (206-293-6302 any time); one neighbor describes the vehicle as a “white Chrysler 300”). We’re not clear on the driver’s status; we heard “passed out” at one point. We’re continuing to monitor.

11:44 PM: It does sound as if he’s passed out but showing signs of life. Meantime, they report “the dog is aggressive” but they’ve managed to seize the gun.

12:06 AM: The man is now reported to be out of the car and in custody. SFD medics will be checking him out. (And police have been figuring out how to have the dog cared for.)

ADDED SUNDAY NIGHT: This incident is featured on SPD Blotter tonight, with some additional information:

Police arrived around 10:00 p.m. in the 10200 block of 31st Avenue Southwest. They found a white Chrysler 300 sedan had backed into a tree. Inside the vehicle was the driver and a large dog.

When officers initially contacted the driver, he had difficulty staying awake. During this contact, police noticed he had a handgun in his coat pocket. In addition, the Pit bull started becoming aggressive within the vehicle.

Officers attempted to call out the driver from the vehicle, but he did not comply. More resources arrived on the scene to assist with taking the suspect driver into custody.

After SWAT and HNT responded to the location, the firearm and dog were secured first, then the suspect was taken into custody.

The firearm recovered was a loaded handgun with an extended magazine.

(SPD photo)

Prior to being booked into King County Jail, police obtained a blood warrant for the DUI investigation. The 41-year-old male suspect was arrested for unlawful possession of firearm, possession of a stolen vehicle, and driving under the influence.

WEST SEATTLE HALLOWEEN: Arbor Heights spookiness

Just over three weeks until Halloween, and we’re spotlighting decorated West Seattle homes again this year! Thanks to Meaghan for the first one – her family’s spooky setup is in Arbor Heights, at the corner of 100th and 35th.

If you have – or have seen – a great display, let us know where; photos are welcome but not mandatory, we’ll be out taking pics too. We’ll also list displays, whether ongoing or just for the big day/night, on the WSB Halloween Guide page, which will be published soon, with seasonal events listed too. is the best way to send us something – thank you!

UPDATE: Fire response in Arbor Heights

10:24 PM: Seattle Fire has a “full response” in the 10400 block of 41st SW in Arbor Heights. We’re on our way to find out more.

(Added: WSB photo)

10:40 PM: Our photographer just talked to SFD at the scene. This was a fire in a shed behind a house. It’s out now. No one hurt. Cause not yet known – the investigator’s on the way.

STAY ‘N’ PLAY: Free weekly indoor gym for little ones and caregivers starts Friday

Starting Friday, there’s a new place for little ones and caregivers to play indoors – Arbor Heights Community Church is reopening its “Stay ‘n’ Play” indoor gym for ages 5 and under. It’ll be open for drop-ins (but not dropoffs) 10 am to 11:30 am on Fridays. The area is set up with toys and indoor play equipment, and there’s no charge. The church is at 4113 SW 102nd.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Another stolen and crashed car. You can guess the make.

Two people contacted us about what happened in Arbor Heights tonight, including photos of the heavily tagged, crashed car (we’ve blocked out the tags):

My brother and sister-in-law live in Arbor Heights near Westside School. They witnessed a car, presumably stolen, drive wildly around the neighborhood, crash into the Westside School sign and then crash into the hill. The driver abandoned it there. They said there was a car following them and filming it all. They called 911 … The car was left running.

The other person we heard from said this car and the other one, described only as black, were earlier “racing on the streets near Arbor Heights Pool, around a corner (tires squealing) where children were playing … an adult walking a dog was able to move further onto the shoulder of the road and avoid being hit.” Police arrived just after we received the first note and identified the car to dispatch as a stolen Kia Forte, as they called for a tow truck.

P.S. We’ll mention it for the second time today – the Southwest Precinct (2300 SW Webster) has another steering-wheel-lock giveaway, meant for people with Kias and Hyundais, Saturday (September 2nd), 9:30 am-11:30 am.

BACK TO SCHOOL: One West Seattle school starts this week

Around this time every summer, we start checking online calendars to compile a list of school-year start dates, since it’s a matter of interest beyond school communities – neighbors, businesses, drivers, etc. So far we’ve found that for at least one school, this is the last weekend of summer – the first day at school for Summit Atlas, the charter middle/high school at 35th/Roxbury in Arbor Heights, is this Wednesday, August 16th. (Yes, they do get out earlier – June 7th is the last scheduled day of the 2023-2024 school year.)

Side note: According to the Washington Charter School Commission website, Summit Atlas is up for authorization renewal this year; public comment will be accepted through early October. The school opened in 2017. Renewal materials say the school has almost 500 students enrolled.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen silver Sonata

Reported by Shelley:

My husband’s silver 2015 Hyundai Sonata, license # AUX7982, was stolen outside of Arbor Heights tennis courts between 4 and 5:45 today. Someone had tried to steal it a few months ago, and Hyundai supposedly fixed the easy-to-steal problem, but obviously that didn’t work.

UPDATE: Hit-and-run outside Summit Atlas

9:49 PM: Thanks for the tip. A somewhat startling sight outside Summit Atlas at 35th/Roxbury this past hour – the driver of that car went up over the sidewalk and stopped just short of the building. Police were still sorting out what happened when we went over to look but told us that whoever was in the car ran from the scene – two people, according to nearby residents who say they saw it happen.

10:32 PM: Listening to archived dispatch audio – police believe the same vehicle was involved in an earlier hit-run at Delridge/Holden. Initial check of the car’s status did NOT show it to be stolen, according to dispatch.

WEST SEATTLE SCHOOLS: Summit Atlas closing Wednesday because of ‘possible school safety threat’

Summit Atlas, the charter middle/high school in Arbor Heights, will be closed today (Wednesday, June 7) because of what a message to families called a “possible school safety threat.” Parents forwarded us the message late Tuesday night:

We are reaching out to you to communicate about a safety concern that was brought to the attention of our Atlas leadership team. At Summit Atlas, we take every reported matter very seriously and act immediately. Your student’s safety and the safety of the entire Atlas community is our number one priority.

This evening, June 6, we learned of an anonymous threat of a possible school safety threat for the Atlas campus for June 7. Upon learning about this possible safety threat, we immediately called local law enforcement. We are now in ongoing conversation with the Seattle Police Department regarding the credibility of the threat we received, and the police are investigating this matter. While we continue to work with law enforcement, our school will be closed for the day tomorrow, Wednesday, June 7, 2023.

Due to this closure, we will be rescheduling our 8th grade promotion ceremony and will share details as soon as possible. While we are looking forward to celebrating the successes and achievements of our students, we hold their safety and that of our staff, as our top priority.

Tomorrow you can expect more communication with updates and our plan to support students when we return to campus. Please reach out with any information you or your student may know to

In community,
The Summit Atlas Leadership Team

The Summit Atlas campus is at 35th/Roxbury. As we’ve been noting in our morning transportation-info roundups, Friday (June 9th) is the last scheduled day of school.

Brown water in Arbor Heights

If your tap water looks like this right now …

… it’s hydrant testing again, according to what Garrett – who sent the photo – was told when he called Seattle Public Utilities. As we’ve been reporting recently, a procedural change in hydrant testing has led to more sediment disturbance in the lines than used to be the case. The sediment is mostly rust, and SPU says it’s not toxic, but certainly unpleasant to see – and definitely hold off on laundry until the water runs clear. Always report it to SPU – 206-386-1800.