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Crash closes Pigeon Point stairway

Thanks to Jack for tweeting the photo. The 19th SW/SW Charlestown stairway (map) is taped off after an overnight crash. We heard a collision call there in the very early morning hours but no details; Pigeon Point resident Pete tells us the driver “missed the dead-end sgns and headed down the stairs toward Marginal Way; police had to have a tow truck pull it back up the stairs.” It’s been reported to SDOT for repairs.

SCHOOLS: You can bid in Pathfinder K-8’s auction, too!

May 4, 2020 6:07 pm
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(WSB photo)

Another school that had to cancel its annual auction has taken it online, so everybody can bid – here’s the announcement from the Pathfinder K-8 PTSA:

The Pathfinder K-8 PTSA is pleased to announce its first-ever online auction!

We are offering some great items and packages, many generously donated by local West Seattle businesses, along with art pieces made by individual classrooms. We are excited to try out this new format and pleased that it will allow the entire community to participate – no tickets required.

Due to schools being closed and ongoing restrictions on large gatherings, our auction gala was rescheduled and then cancelled entirely. The funds we planned to raise with this year’s auction are needed more than ever for next year’s PTSA budget to support our school and community. The money helps support everything from teacher classroom funds and academic support to the garden program and community events. We hope you’ll join us in generously supporting our school from the comfort of home.

Here’s the link to get started.

WEST SEATTLE BRIDGE CLOSURE: Next council briefing moved up a week, Herbold tells Pigeon Point Neighborhood Council

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Hours before she gets a firsthand look at the West Seattle Bridge danger zone with SDOT, City Councilmember Lisa Herbold provided an update tonight to the Pigeon Point Neighborhood Council. The neighborhood closest to the bridge’s crest held its every-other-month meeting by videoconference/phone, and we dialed in.

One major headline: After SDOT briefed the council on the bridge situation one week ago, it was expected they’d be back on April 27th. Herbold told PPNC that SDOT had asked to move the briefing up a week, to next Monday (April 20th), “I’m hoping there’ll be some news for us” about a time frame and plan for “shoring” the bridge, a necessary step before any permanent repairs can be made.

She said the biggest question she’s getting asked is why the bridge cracked so badly that it had to be closed.

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Light rail Q’s, but few A’s, @ Pigeon Point Neighborhood Council

For the first time since Sound Transit dropped the potential Pigeon Point tunnel from consideration, ST had reps at the Pigeon Point Neighborhood Council meeting on Monday night.

As with every appearance, they recapped how the project got to this particular point – that’s part of the slide deck above (also here in PDF). Many questions followed.

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UPDATE: Emergency response after driver hits person, house on Pigeon Point

(Photo tweeted by @PDXMark)

9:02 PM: A “rescue extrication” response is headed to the 3800 block of 22nd SW (north of Andover) on Pigeon Point. More to come.

9:04 PM: Per scanner, a driver coming down a steep driveway hit a woman, and then the car hit a house. The response is being downsized – no extrication needed. No major injury reported so far.

9:11 PM: SFD says no one in the house was hurt; initial assessment radioed by crews is that damage appears minor.

9:28 PM: Our crew says the vehicle hit the house’s front door and verifies no major injuries.

Seattle City Light project ahead for parts of Pigeon Point, Puget Ridge

Two east West Seattle neighborhoods have a big Seattle City Light project ahead in the New Year:

Here’s the anoouncement that SCL says “affected residents” should already have received directly:

Starting in January 2020, Seattle City Light crews will upgrade the electrical reliability of the Delridge neighborhood by replacing aging utility poles, overhead wire and equipment along SW Brandon St., 21st Ave. SW, SW Andover St., and 23rd Ave. SW. These improvements will support growth for future electrical infrastructure in the area while reducing unplanned power outages.


Crews will begin replacing utility poles, overhead wire and equipment along SW Brandon Street, 21st Avenue SW, SW Andover Street and 23rd Avenue SW.

Maintenance power outages are required to do the work safely. Notification will be provided in advance of outages. The notification will specify the date, time and duration of the outage.

Crews will reduce traffic and parking impacts by working one area at a time. Traffic will be restricted and “No Park” signs will be enforced in work zones. “No Park” signs will be removed once work has been completed.

Some noise is expected from heavy machinery.

The new poles will be placed alongside pre-existing poles, with the exemption of specific pole locations where adjustments are made to improve pedestrian mobility.

Pre-existing poles will be removed once the transfer of all wires and equipment are done by other utilities. City Light will monitor these efforts to facilitate the removal of old poles.

Construction is scheduled to start in January 2020. Daily work hours are from Mondays – Fridays, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Nights and weekend work may be needed. The project is anticipated to last approximately five months.


Received via text last night just before all the weather havoc:

Hi from Pigeon Point… just had a Buck sighting in our backyard that borders the Duwamish Greenbelt near Pathfinder K-8…. wanted to share; he’s heading East back into the greenbelt at this time.

Last deer sighting we heard about was more than two years ago; that in turn was almost a year after a few weeks of sightings of a deer eventually dubbed Westley – last seen heading into South King County.

YOU CAN HELP: Donation drive for makeup bags/samples

Got makeup bags or samples you don’t need? Stephanie Endres would be happy to get them:

My nonprofit Stephanie’s Lifeline HOPE is currently collecting makeup samples and makeup bags for an event we will be holding in which we are filling the makeup bags with makeup to distribute to women’s homeless and domestic-violece shelters.

We are in search of more makeup bags and more samples at this this time … We will be collecting items until October 27.

In order to donate, drop off donations at 3830 22nd Ave SW in West Seattle (Pigeon Point), or we can arrange a pick up time. Our phone number is 253-237-3056 and our email Stephanieslifeline@gmail.com.

We first mentioned Stephanie’s work four years ago.

West Seattle scene: Neighborhood party, the aerial view

(First two photos by Noah Shampain)

The aerial views are a highlight from a neighborhood party last weekend. Pete Spalding tells us Pigeon Point neighbors gathered on the field by Pathfinder K-8 in spots representing where they live on the neighborhood street grid.

At ground level, some more conventional views of the party:

The “Start of Summer” get-together included music.

Pete says, “There were well over 100 neighbors that came out to celebrate our little slice of paradise in the city.”.

From T-5 to traffic @ Pigeon Point Neighborhood Council

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

When the Terminal 5 modernization project starts construction next month, Pigeon Point is one of the neighborhoods that will have a front-row view.

So it was one of three major topics when the Pigeon Point Neighborhood Council met this week at Pathfinder K-8.

TERMINAL 5 BERTH MODERNIZATION PROJECT: Before a project recap from the Port of Seattle/Northwest Seaport Alliance, they reminded the PPNC of the pre-construction open house June 22nd at Jack Block Park, 9:30-11:30 am (first noted here a week ago).

Q&A was interspersed with briefing points.

First question was about shore power. No, ships will not be required to plug in. They hope they’ll choose to, “when they have the capability.” They now expect more than 50 percent of the arriving cargo vessels will be shore-power-capable, up from the original 30 percent projection. They are also looking at policies for making it available at other terminals.

What about light pollution? One row of T-5 lights has to be “adjusted significantly,” was the reply. They added that work already has been done to keep the lights aimed down.

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VIDEO: Lou Cutler’s 16th annual Make-A-Wish laps at Pathfinder K-8

11:11 AM: After those words of gratitude and encouragement, Lou Cutler got going this morning on his 16th annual run/walk for Make-A-Wish. The students at Pathfinder K-8 – where he was the longtime PE teacher until retiring a few years ago – led the way:

Every lap gets marked off on the field-side easel:

Yes, that’s 68 laps – one for each year of the birthday Lou will celebrate in June. We’re headed back up to Pigeon Point shortly to see how he’s doing on the planned 11-plus miles. You’re welcome to join in at any point – the school’s at 1901 SW Genesee – and of course donations to make ailing kids’ wishes come true are welcome here. Lou doesn’t just raise money for the organization – he’s also been a volunteer, directly involved in wish-granting, for more than 20 years!

12:30 PM: Just went back to Pathfinder to check in:

This is the lonely stretch – but Lou’s expecting company shortly when it’s school-lunch time:

And the sun’s just emerged!

2:11 PM: Just before 2 pm, surrounded by exuberant younger helpers, Lou finished that last lap:

“Good job, Lou,” we heard a tiny voice say, after the crowd broke off and Lou headed for the tote board. A few more pics to add later!

7:51 PM: Thanks to Pathfinder parent and photographer Holli Margell for these next two:

Those are former students who returned to cheer Lou on. And here he is with his longtime #1 sidekick/cheerleader, teacher Andy Darring:

More cheering – this video clip is by Lisa Li:

And our final two photos:

What’s that donation link? you asked. Here!

1 DAY AWAY! Laps with Lou for Make-A-Wish on Friday

May 30, 2019 9:58 am
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(WSB file photo)

Tomorrow’s the day, so we’re reminding you one more time! Lou Cutler will return to the West Seattle school where he long served as PE teacher, Pathfinder K-8 on Pigeon Point, to run/walk laps to benefit Make-A-Wish. Every year in advance of his birthday, Lou celebrates with one lap per year – this year, 68 (more than 11 miles)! Everybody’s welcome to join him for one or more laps at the Pathfinder field (1901 SW Genesee) starting just after 9 am Friday (May 31st). Sideline support welcome too, as are online donations: Here’s his page on the Make-A-Wish website.

1 WEEK AWAY: Lou Cutler’s annual Pathfinder K-8 laps for Make-A-Wish

(WSB photo from 2018)

Next Friday’s the big day! For the 16th year, Lou Cutler will spend a day running laps around the field at Pathfinder K-8 on Pigeon Point to raise money for, and awareness of, Make-A-Wish. Even though he retired as Pathfinder’s PE teacher four years ago, Lou continues returning to the school in advance of his birthday and running one lap for each year he’s been on the planet; this year, that means 68! Students, staff, parents, and community members are welcome to join him – even just for one lap. Or, just show up on the sidelines (1901 SW Genesee) to cheer; he’ll get going just after 9 am next Friday (May 31st). And if you can, donate/pledge on behalf of Lou, who has been a longtime Make-A-Wish volunteer, actually helping “wishes” come true for ailing kids as well as raising money for the organization. Here’s his page on the Make-A-Wish website.

West Seattle weekend scene: Pigeon Point Spring Clean

The photos and report are from Toni Wells:

16 neighbors of all ages came out this morning to participate in our Pigeon Point neighborhood spring clean. We picked up a mountain of garbage and cleared a lot of invasive plants. Please visit the bicycle park at the north end of 22nd to enjoy our labors.

P.S. If you’re thinking about a neighborhood spring clean – here’s how to get some city support.

West Seattle light rail: From pricing to the ‘purple line,’ what surfaced in Q&A when Sound Transit returned to Pigeon Point

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

When West Seattle light-rail construction begins, “we’re going to be the first area in West Seattle impacted,” explained Pete Spalding as he opened last night’s Pigeon Point Neighborhood Council meeting, with Sound Transit guests in the spotlight, nine months after ST’s last PPNC appearance.

The Q&A that followed shone some light on topics of major interest, including cost, and why a much-cited number is nonetheless “not a number to get stuck on.” But first:

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New eastbound left-turn signal installed at Delridge/Andover

Thanks to Pigeon Point’s Pete Spalding for the photo and word of SDOT work at Delridge/Andover today. We confirmed with SDOT’s Dawn Schellenberg that they were installing a turn signal for people turning east onto Andover from Delridge: “The Delridge/Andover intersection was identified through our Bike and Ped Safety Assessment as a priority location. We evaluated the location in 2016 and determined a protected left-turn phase was warranted to reduce potential vehicle and bicycle; and vehicle and vehicle collisions. This Vision Zero project was completed today.”

West Seattle schools: Surprise grants for Pathfinder K-8 teachers

Big smiles for this group we photographed at Pathfinder K-8 on Pigeon Point: Four teachers got surprises from visitors representing Inspirus Credit Union, fully funding projects they were planning for their students:

Ms. Dimsey – $729 for “a wooden block center, a play kitchen, new stuffed animals, Legos, puppets, a puppet theater, a light table, and an easel to have a wonderful kindergarten experience”

Ms. Mo, two projects – $287 for “engaging literacy tools that will help grow (first-graders’) reading and writing skills” and $671 for “thematic books to support literacy and our grade-level expeditions”

Ms. DeBurle – $233 for “graphic novels for our classroom library”

Ms. Alexakos – $355 for “books on the topic of the Civil Rights Movement”

A contingent from Inspirus visited the teachers and principal David Dockendorf last Friday morning to announce the surprise gifts fully funding the projects.

UPDATE: Power’s back on at Pathfinder K-8; what City Light says about outage (and flicker elsewhere)

9:21 AM: Thanks for the tips about a power outage at Pathfinder K-8 on Pigeon Point. It never did show up on the City Light map so we tried calling the school – just got through and they tell us it WAS out but just came back on.

10:12 AM: We asked City Light about the outage. Here’s what Tony White can tell us about it so far:

There was a short outage this morning for some customers in the West Seattle/Delridge area due to a momentary outage on a feeder line coming from the Delridge Substation. It’s possible the outage at Pathfinder K-8 was related to this feeder outage, but not yet confirmed.

Crews have yet to determine the cause of the feeder outage, and are currently investigating to ascertain what happened. When they conclude their investigation of the feeder outage, they will be more informed about the possible cause of the Pathfinder outage. … They are currently walking the lines investigating the feeder outage, which has the potential to affect numerous customers if it were to happen again. When outages occur, City Light’s response prioritizes life safety first, followed by emergency services and then by repairs which will bring the largest number of customers back into service.

West Seattle light rail: What Sound Transit said, and was asked, at Pigeon Point Neighborhood Council

(Sound Transit slide deck from Pigeon Point meeting)

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Sound Transit‘s West Seattle light-rail line is either going to skirt Pigeon Point or tunnel through it, so the PP Neighborhood Council invited ST in for a briefing.

The briefing and ensuing Q&A took up most of last night’s semimonthly PPNC meeting, with about 50 people in the Pathfinder K-8 cafeteria to get an abridged version of what’s been unfolding over the past 5+ months.

ST’s Andrea Burnett and Stephen Mak, both working on the West Seattle line plan, were invited. He presented the backstory first on the Sound Transit 3 vote setting up a draft plan for a 4.7-mile extension to West Seattle, to open in 2030, with a new rail-only bridge over the Duwamish River, and three stations in WS.

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MONDAY: Sound Transit talks light rail @ Pigeon Point Neighborhood Council

One of the concepts still under consideration for Sound Transit light rail in West Seattle has the working title “Pigeon Ridge/West Seattle Tunnel.” The first part of that is actually a reference to the Pigeon Point neighborhood in northeastern West Seattle, and tomorrow night (Monday, June 11th), the Pigeon Point Neighborhood Council hosts ST reps during its meeting, for a briefing and Q&A. All are welcome; it’s at 7 pm at Pathfinder K-8 (1901 SW Genesee).

HE DID IT AGAIN! 15th anniversary of Laps With Lou at Pathfinder K-8 for Make-A-Wish

11:25 AM: Under a sunnier-than-forecast sky, atop Pigeon Point, Lou Cutler embarked on his 15th annual round of benefit birthday laps two hours ago:

He’s volunteered for Make-A-Wish since 1996, and Laps With Lou raises money for the organization. This year, those cheering Lou – and the students/staff who run with him at one point or another during the day – include his brother, visiting from Portland. And his chief cheerleader/kid wrangler/sidekick is again teacher Andy Darring:

We’re heading back up to check on how things are going on what Lou again declared to be “the best day of the year.” All are welcome to stop by, observe, run, walk, or you can help by donating online.

12:05 PM: As of our stop, a bit past halfway there!

2:03 PM: Success! But first, the last lap, with everybody at Pathfinder invited out to join Lou on the track:

67 laps, 11+ miles, in 4 1/2 hours.

Asked if he’ll be back for 68 next year, Lou replied with a resounding “yes!”

We’ve been covering Lou’s laps for a decade now, including video in 2010, the first one after Pathfinder moved from Genesee Hill to Pigeon Point.

FRIDAY: Lou Cutler’s birthday run at Pathfinder for Make-A-Wish

(WSB photo, June 2017)

Since this will likely get started before our usual morning highlights list goes live, we wanted to remind you about an annual event tomorrow that you are invited to join or support – retired Pathfinder K-8 PE teacher Lou Cutler‘s annual birthday run for Make-A-Wish. In June, Lou turns 67, so he’ll be circling the Pathfinder field on Pigeon Point 67 times. It’s just one way he supports Make-A-Wish>, whose official news release for this year’s run calls him a “wish-granting superstar.” He’s volunteered for the group for more than 20 years; this is his 15th year of Laps with Lou. If you can stop by the Pathfinder field at 1901 SW Genesee tomorrow, you’re welcome to join the run – as most of the school’s students and staff do at some point during the day – or just cheer him on! You can also donate online in honor of his dedication and the kids who have unforgettable experiences as a result. He expects to get going around 9 am, and last year the run went past 1 pm.

COUNTDOWN: 15th anniversary of Laps With Lou at Pathfinder to help Make-A-Wish

May 24, 2018 2:05 pm
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(WSB photo, June 2017)

Looking beyond Memorial Day – one of our favorite annual West Seattle events is happening a week from tomorrow. Retired Pathfinder K-8 P-E teacher Lou Cutler returns to the school on Pigeon Point on Friday, June 1st, to run laps raising money for Make-A-Wish – one lap around the field for each year he’ll be celebrating on his upcoming birthday. This year – the 15th anniversary of “Laps With Lou” – that’s 67 laps! He’ll start around 9 am, with most of the school joining him, and continue through most of the day (last year he wrapped up around 1:45). You’re invited to be there to cheer him on and/or join in the run and/or pledge online! Pathfinder is at 1901 SW Genesee.