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GIVING TUESDAY: Two requests from Puget Ridge, both to invest in the future

Today is the holiday-season occasion known as Giving Tuesday – with the spotlight on donations. We feature giving opportunities year-round on WSB, including the list of donation drives in our West Seattle Holiday Guide. But we received two requests for Giving Tuesday mentions, both coincidentally on West Seattle’s Puget Ridge, so we’re sharing them with you:

SANISLO ELEMENTARY: The Sanislo PTA wants you to know that even a little gift will make a big difference for their small-but-mighty school:

Sanislo Elementary School is one of the smallest schools in Seattle Public Schools, and it is right here in the heart of West Seattle. We know our tiny school escaped the chopping block for this next year’s school consolidation push, but we are trying to prove that our tiny school (fewer than 200 students) is an important part of our community.

The Sanislo PTA is doing a GIVING TUESDAY fundraiser, and we are hoping for just $2,000 in donations from at least 30 donors. It’s a modest goal, but these funds go a long way with our small school. Our PTA funds everything from afterschool activities (improv classes, Ultimate Frisbee team, movie nights, and cultural celebrations) to basic classroom necessities (snacks, reading materials, classroom supplies).

We are a Title 1 school, which means a considerable majority of our students are from low-income families. Sanislo is certainly one of the under-resourced schools described by the district, but that doesn’t mean we can’t offer our students the support, community, and education they deserve. We believe that all students should have the opportunity to create, learn, and grow within the community that supports them.

So, help us support them. Anyone can contribute to our fundraiser at our Member Planet Donation site. or through our Venmo Platform — @Sanislo-Pta .

Small schools are on borrowed time in Seattle, and we want to prove that because we have strong roots in our community and are willing to water our potential with our own generosity, our students will grow and thrive without uprooting them and transplanting them somewhere new.

The Sanislo PTA’s gardening analogy fits with the fact that the other fundraiser we were asked to share is for a garden so big it’s a public park – Puget Ridge Edible Park has a donation drive going today:

(WSB file photo)

Our story started with a Seattle City Parks acquisition levy that passed with big voter support. Our Puget Ridge neighborhood organized to apply for a grant to acquire a 3/4 acre parcel that is one of the last standing undeveloped agriculture-based land. For the past 8 years this land has been regenerated through permaculture techniques to provide free, self-harvest food to the public.

We also distribute food through our farmstand and to food banks. It is our goal to share the methods we had set forth to make this project a reality. Organizing the community to have open communications on a variety of topics through an email group was the first step to our success. Finding a few motivated gardeners with some knowledge and background was not hard. Starting awareness events and work parties began to gel a core group capable of making great progress over the years of development. The park has been a learning center for local backyard gardeners as well as schools. We have also seen similar projects started from this project. Our only real financial support has been the Seed Money Campaign.

Donate to PREP here.

Puget Ridge Edible Park is at 18th/Brandon.

SUNDAY & BEYOND: West Seattle Bee Garden needs you

(WSB photo, West Seattle Bee Garden, last May)

Have some time to spare tomorrow and/or beyond? The West Seattle Bee Garden in High Point would love your help:

Work Party dates
Sunday, November 19th, 10 am-12 pm (this is a make-up for the one cancelled recently due to stormy weather)
Saturday, December 2nd, 10 am-12 pm

For these events, our focus is on weeding and other garden clean-up. We may begin some relocating of some plants to make room for new plantings in the late winter/early spring. Dress for the weather and bring a water bottle. A small snack will be available.

Plant committee
We expect to meet for the first time in early January to discuss what and where to install some new plants. So exciting! We’ll discuss keystone native plants, berries for more picking and eating engagement, other pollinator friendly plants as well as conduct research to identify plants suitable in the face of climate change. Please email if you’d like to be added to the Plant Committee communications.

Lastly, we are trying to grow our volunteer support for the garden – email

For Sunday morning’s work party, just show up! The Bee Garden is on the north side of High Point Commons Park, Lanham/Graham.

FYI: ‘Extra yard waste, no extra charge’ month is here!

Extra incentive to get those leaves off the sidewalk and away from storm drains – November is the month when Seattle Public Utilities allows you to set out up to 10 extra bags of yard waste each collection date, no extra charge. From the full announcement:

Extra yard waste must be contained either in kraft paper bags or placed in an extra container that is clearly marked to indicate it contains extra yard waste. Please make sure your extra yard waste collection bags or container only contain yard waste, not food waste. Fallen branches and twigs can be set out for extra collection as well. These can be tied into bundles up to 4 feet long by 2 feet in diameter and tied with fiber twine. Do not use wire, nylon cording, or plastic banding.

As commenters have pointed out in past years, if the leaves have fallen on greenspace – your lawn, garden, planting strip – you can just leave them there to decompose as mulch. Otherwise, bag ’em up and get ’em out!

YOU CAN HELP: West Seattle Bee Garden’s next volunteer work party

(WSB file photo)

Again this Sunday, the West Seattle Bee Garden is inviting volunteer helpers to buzz on over!

Come join the Fall gardening fun at the West Seattle Bee Garden, Sunday, October 8th from 11 am-1 pm.

Maintenance work will continue to remove the horsetail, other weeds, and general garden cleanup. Dress for the weather, bring garden/work gloves and a water bottle. Light snacks will be available. This is a great opportunity to meet fellow community members interested and passionate about bees, plants and caring for a shared outdoor community space.

Sign up here

Can’t make this one? To sign up to learn about future volunteer opportunities, write to:

The West Seattle Bee Garden is located at the north side of High Point Commons Park, at Graham/Lanham.

YOU CAN HELP: Get West Seattle Bee Garden ready for fall

(WSB file photo)

One of West Seattle’s unique treasures needs some autumn TLC this weekend, and you are invited to volunteer. Here’s the announcement we were asked to share:

Maintenance Day at the West Seattle Bee Garden:

This volunteer day will be this Sunday, September 24th from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Tasks will include building raised garden beds, transferring soil into these built garden beds, cleaning the apiary, and pulling weeds. Please make sure to dress appropriately (gloves, rain gear, covered shoes) for the weather and bring any tools you think would be necessary for these tasks. The garden has a limited supply of tools.

Volunteers will get a chance to meet with WSBG founder Lauren to get to know the history of the garden. Light snacks and refreshments will be provided. Volunteers are encouraged to sign up using the following form to get a good head count to make sure there are enough refreshments.

Sign up here!

The Bee Garden is on the north side of High Point Commons Park, at Graham/Lanham.

Scenes from West Seattle Garden Tour 2023

(Photo sent by Bill Schrier)

That house in North Admiral is the northernmost of 10 stops on this year’s West Seattle Garden Tour, happening until 5 pm today. It’s an annual celebration of not just what’s in bloom, but the creativity with which some gardeners have used the available space on their property. We visited a stop in the south, a home in Arbor Heights:

(WSB photos from here down)

Homeowner Greg Olsen told us his daughter designed the garden around the house, which was built 12 years ago, and required some excavation so “not a plant was left on the site.” Now, beautiful collections of plants are everywhere, front, back, side:

Olsen said most of the open space originally was covered with sod – no budget left for landscaping – but over the past decade, with his daughter’s help, it’s been transformed.

He thinks they’re largely done – “until she has a new idea!” (Gardeners will identify with that sentiment – you’re never really “done.”)

Other stops on the tour this year are in the Alaska and Morgan Junction areas, Gatewood, Genesee Hill, the Arroyos, and Puget Ridge, where the Seattle Chinese Garden is featured. You can visit there today – or any other day – without a Garden Tour ticket book; it’s at the north end of the South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) campus at 6000 16th. WSGT organizers tell us they’re offering tour attendees tastings at the nearby Northwest Wine Academy, too.

One important aspect of the Garden Tour: Both through ticket-book sales and a silent auction of this year’s competition-winning artwork, it raises money to support other nonprofits. They’re still seeking applicants for next year’s grants – here’s how to apply.

BIZNOTE: HomeStreet Bank spotlights West Seattle Garden Tour, gives away tickets

June 7, 2023 4:25 pm
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Every month, HomeStreet Bank in The Junction (41st/Alaska, WSB sponsor) spotlights a different local business or nonprofit. The most-recent spotlight has been on, it’s the West Seattle Garden Tour, which is happening June 25th. Branch visitors are invited each month to enter a drawing for a giveaway from the spotlighted business/organization. On Tuesday afternoon, tour chair Jeff Daley (above center, with HomeStreet’s Joyce Leslie and Jessica Santana) visited the branch to draw the winner of two Tour tickets. You didn’t have to be present to win. HomeStreet also is selling tour tickets, or you can buy yours online here.

EARTH DAY: Church’s RainWise installation showcased during educational event

April 22, 2023 11:11 am
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It’s a familiar sight if you walk, run, ride, or drive along SW Thistle in Gatewood – the garden outside Peace Lutheran Church (39th/Thistle). It’s not just for show – it’s part of the church’s RainWise installation, as are cisterns:

The church’s grounds are the setting for today’s RainWise info event – more West Seattle residents are eligible for rebates to lessen the load on our area’s stormwater system by capturing rainwater, so they’re getting the word out this spring. Even if you’re not, you’re welcome to stop by and talk about topics including wildlife habitat:

This is on until 1 pm – more info here. (And if you miss it, another round of RainWise events, in-person and online, is coming up soon – watch this page, and our calendar, for details..)

WEST SEATTLE WEEKEND SCENE: Plant giveaway, art market, stewardship @ The Heron’s Nest

April 15, 2023 12:39 pm
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One of the 28 highlights on today’s West Seattle event list is continuing until 4 pm – the Giving Gardens plant giveaway at The Heron’s Nest. As explained in this preview, these are edible-plant starts, grown by volunteers; your part of the deal is to take them home, plant them, and donate produce to people in need.

Heron’s Nest Sprouts is not the only volunteer-powered project at The Heron’s Nest today – youth volunteers are focused on a drainage-related project today, as site restoration continues:

(You’re invited to Volunteer Land Stewardship events like this most Saturdays and Mondays – check this calendar.) One more reason to visit – one of The Heron’s Nest’s periodic outdoor markets is happening until 5 pm:

If you’ve never been to The Heron’s Nest (featured in this 2021 WSB report), it’s just uphill from West Marginal Way, south of the Duwamish Tribe Longhousehere’s a map.

Ready for a giving garden? Free plants await via Heron’s Nest Sprouts

If you enjoy growing vegetables – and helping others – here’s a way to do both this spring. It’s a new effort called Heron’s Nest Sprouts, and it’s offering free plant starts later this month for would-be giving gardeners. Here’s how organizers explain what’s planned – and what’s been happening to prepare for it:

Feeding hungry people in Seattle involves a complex patchwork of programs and funding, but part of the work is simply growing vegetables! Seattle is dotted with “Giving Gardens,” many situated at our community P-Patch Gardens–including Delridge, High Point, Solstice, and others in West Seattle–and they are an important piece of this puzzle, growing fresh produce for those in need. Gardens in the Seattle Giving Gardens Network pledge their harvest for donation to community food programs. Last year, the growers generated 44,400 pounds of produce.

For 15 years, Ballard Sprouts volunteers have supported these gardeners, growing over 20,000 vegetable starts each spring and donating them to the Giving Gardeners. This year, a new sister project has emerged to supplement their efforts: Heron’s Nest Sprouts.

On Saturday, April 15 from 10 am to 4 pm, about a thousand plants will be available to pick up for the first time at Heron’s Nest, where 12 enthusiastic volunteers have been quietly growing seeds in the greenhouse since February. Pots of lettuce, chard, pac choy, mustard greens and kale will be available. Any gardeners interested in growing to donate to their community can come to get as many free starts as you need. Seattle Giving Garden Network will happily get you started in growing to give.

An added bonus to this happy occasion is the first Art Market of the year at Heron’s Nest that same day, giving space to Indigenous and other artists to display and sell their work. The public is invited to come visit Heron’s Nest, browse the art, and learn more about the Giving Garden program.

Heron’s Nest Sprouts hopes to continue next year and expand its production, because after next season, the Sprouts program will lose their Ballard location. The goal is to develop several new sites similar to Heron’s Nest Sprouts to continue the work going forward. Anyone with an interest in starting a Giving Garden, volunteering with Heron’s Nest, or who knows of an available greenhouse location elsewhere in the city should email the Seattle Giving Garden Network at

Heron’s Nest is located at 4818 15th SW [map]. Turn west onto Puget Way from West Marginal Way, south of the Duwamish Longhouse, and follow a short winding road to the entrance. The property is being restored by a passionate group of volunteers with the mission of community outdoor education. Besides the greenhouse, there are raised beds, a chicken run, the forested Duwamish Greenbelt, and space for community events such as the art market, outdoor movies, skill workshops, a tool library, and sustainable and traditional indigenous farming practices. The Heron’s Nest site is available by reservation for workshop space, classes, all-ages activities, cultural education, gatherings, meetings, music, art, and more. Check the Heron’s Nest events page for their updated calendar.

Heron’s Nest is accepting online donations to further their efforts, and volunteer help is appreciated as work continues at the site. Email if you would like to volunteer or rent the space.

If your nonprofit needs grant $, West Seattle Garden Tour might be able to help

April 4, 2023 9:00 am
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This year’s West Seattle Garden Tour is still more than two months away – June 25th – but in one important way, the WSGT is looking ahead to next year already. This announcement explains:

Each year the West Seattle Garden Tour, a 501(c)(3) organization, seeks out other non-profits whose goals fit our mission — to promote horticultural-based interests, educational projects, and arts programs — within West Seattle and neighboring communities, to provide them the funds they need to continue and complete their efforts. The purchase of garden tour and raffle tickets, along with the generous support of our sponsors, makes that goal possible.

For non-profit organizations interested in requesting a 2024 grant from the West Seattle Garden Tour, applications are now available. Application forms can be found on our website at along with submission requirements and instructions. Completed applications are due to the West Seattle Garden Tour Grants Chair, Karen Fields, by July 15, 2023. Our Grants Committee will select 8-10 applicants out of all applications for furtheronsideration by our entire West Seattle Garden Tour Committee. Those selected 8-10 applicants will be notified by August 1 and will be scheduled to present their organization’s project at a committee meeting beginning in the fall. Non-profits who receive a grant from the garden tour will not be eligible to apply the following year, to allow more organizations to compete for funds.

P.S. If you want to see gorgeous gardens while contributing to the WSGT’s community giving, tickets for this year’s tour are on sale now via the WSGT website.

FLOWER POWER: Friends of Roxhill Elementary’s spring fundraiser

Friends of Roxhill Elementary can help you grow flowers and other plants this spring/summer, while you help them. Here’s the announcement. of this year’s Flower Power fundraiser:

We are partnering with Flower Power Fundraising to sell flower bulbs, kitchen garden herbs, sprouts, seeds and more to bring some joy to your home garden or window sill this spring.

Check out our fundraising website:

They have a variety of plants for every climate. If you know a Roxhill student, enter their name in the field “Give Credit For This Sale To” when you check out. The student with the most sales will get to pick any item from the Roxhill School Spirit Store.

How does it work?
Use the link above to choose from 50+ types of flower bulbs, seeds and accessories for your garden. Friends of Roxhill receives 50% of the profits from every order. Orders are shipped directly to the person placing the order starting April 1 (there is a $6.99 shipping fee).

100% Grow Guarantee
● You can shop with confidence when selecting bulbs with a 100% grow guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, Flower Power Fundraising will send a replacement.
● All of the flower bulbs offered are for planting in the spring season for summer blooms.
● Zones 7-10 are encouraged to place orders Mid-March to Early April for delivery and planting early-Mid April as soon as orders arrive.
● Seattle is in Zone 8. See website zone map for other locations.
● No shipping to Hawaii or Alaska.

Order deadline is May 15, 2023. Thank you again for your continued support of Roxhill Elementary.

BIZNOTE: Awards bloom for West Seattle Nursery at Northwest Flower and Garden Festival

Congratulations to West Seattle Nursery for an award-winning run at the Northwest Flower and Garden Festival. The report is from WSN’s Marie McKinsey:

The crew at West Seattle Nursery is tired but happy today. Their display garden, “Shaded from Reality,” just won the Founder’s Cup – Best in Show Award at the Northwest Flower and Garden Festival. They also won the Beyond Beautiful Award from Fine Gardening Magazine, and a Gold Medal.

The garden featured a rustic greenhouse in the woods, built using reclaimed windows and other recycled materials. The structure was surrounded by shade-loving plants, including a stunning collection of hellebores, with a stream tumbling over rock near the entrance.

The Show opened on February 15th and closed last night.

It was held at the Convention Center downtown.

CONGRATULATIONS! 2023 West Seattle Garden Tour’s winning artwork revealed

February showers bring thoughts of June flowers! Advance tickets are now available for this year’s West Seattle Garden Tour, and the WSGT has announced Brooke Borcherding‘s painting Magenta and Lemon as this year’s art contest winner:

Each year, West Seattle Garden Tour provides an opportunity for one talented artist to showcase her or his original artwork on tour marketing materials and to take home a $500 cash prize. We are pleased to announce Seattle artist Brooke Borcherding as the winner for our 2023 tour.

“Magenta and Lemon is inspired by everyday scenes. My work often illustrates a small slice of life in a unique way. This piece shows a variety of floral foliage against a wall depicted in my distinct style of energetic markmaking and bold color,” says Ms. Borcherding about this winning piece.

Magenta and Lemon (36”w x 36”h; acrylic) will be featured on the 2023 garden tour’s official poster and ticket book. Ms. Borcherding will also receive a $500 cash prize. West Seattle Garden Tour will conduct a silent auction of the artwork beginning at the May 2023 West Seattle Art Walk (at Capers Home store) and concluding on the day of the tour, Sunday, June 25, 2023. Bids will also be taken on tour day in one of the gardens from 9 am to 5 pm. Proceeds will benefit the year’s eight designated grant recipient non-profit organizations.

Magenta and Lemon, along with works by four West Seattle Garden Tour Art Competition finalists will be on view at Capers Home during the West Seattle Art Walk, 5-8 pm, May 11, 2023.

WSGT tickets are only on sale online for starters; in-person sales will be announced later.

JUNCTION FLOWERS: New baskets, new grower, ‘adopters’ sought

January 22, 2023 12:01 pm
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That’s one of the 93 new flower baskets you’ll see hanging in The Junction starting in late May. It’s bigger and heavier than baskets used in past years; West Seattle Junction Association executive director Chris Mackay tells WSB the company that previously grew and maintained the baskets couldn’t do that this year, so they found a new grower – Van Wingerden Greenhouses in Blaine – and a local firm to keep them watered and maintained., Though the new baskets are bigger, they’ll require less water and less fertilizer. The Junction is again covering part of the costs by offering the baskets for “adoption,” $189 per basket – if you’re interested, go here. (The Junction is a nonprofit, so it’s a tax-deductible donation.)

VIDEO: See West Seattle’s Puget Ridge Edible Park through a newcomer’s eyes

It’s the only “edible park” in West Seattle – Puget Ridge Edible Park – and it’s right here on the peninsula. A recent arrival to Puget Ridge who has been chronicling her family’s journeys on YouTube, Melissa Smith, discovered PREP (18th SW and SW Brandon) and wanted to tell its story. After she sent us the link to the resulting video (embedded above), we asked her for the backstory about her storytelling:

Since summer 2022, we have been traveling by van across the West Coast from Santa Cruz, California, where I first converted a 1/10 acre property into a micro food forest. As former middle-school science teachers, my husband and I decided to pursue our dream to start a regenerative farm and are now on the road searching for where to buy land and immerse ourselves in a community with our farm and education center.

In late October, we decided to settle for the winter and looked around the Seattle area. We fell in love with West Seattle after experiencing the Halloween bash downtown. We found a furnished space to rent and have started to explore areas locally. I just so happened to walk by PREP and immediately fell in love. I met Stu [Hennessey] and asked if it would be possible to share all he and this community have done to create such a powerful place.

It is a dream to help others create similar spaces like PREP in their communities.

PREP itself is the fruition of a dream dating back into the ’00s, finally funded in the ’10s by the city Parks Levy Opportunity Fund, transformed and maintained by community volunteers,

READER REPORT: West Seattle’s own Great Pumpkin grower does it again

Once again this year, it took a village – actually, a block of Upper Morgan neighbors – to help Trevor load up a giant pumpkin so it could be taken to a weigh-off. He sent photos, first as they were headed out this morning, including one showing just how big the pumpkin is:

He says the seed for this mega-pumpkin was planted indoors in mid-April. Last year, Trevor grew a quarter-ton pumpkin. This year’s came in at 403 pounds:

That won tenth place at the regional event in Kent, where Trevor’s was the only Seattle-grown pumpkin!

ARTISTS! West Seattle Garden Tour ‘s annual competition is on

September 12, 2022 8:34 pm
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Summer’s not officially over yet … but the √West Seattle Garden Tour is looking ahead to next summer already, starting with its annual art competition. Here’s the invitation:

The West Seattle Garden Tour is one of the premier garden tours in the Northwest, as well as a fundraiser for local non-profits promoting horticulture, education or the arts. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organized by a group of dedicated volunteers. Since its inception in 1995, WSGT donates about $25,000 annually to local beneficiaries.

In addition to supporting non-profit organizations, the West Seattle Garden Tour provides an opportunity for local artists to showcase their original artwork on tour marketing materials, including the cover of the WSGT ticket book and promotional poster. The winning artist also receives a $500 cash award. Winning and honorable mention artworks will be featured during the May and June 2020 West Seattle Art Walks.

Please accept this invitation to submit your original artwork to the annual WSGT Art Competition. We look forward to receiving and reviewing your submission! Submissions accepted (now through) November 13, 2022.

Submission rules and entry form are available on our website

VIDEO: West Seattle Nursery open house starts with pandemic-postponed party for owner Marcia Bruno

As featured in our daily preview list, West Seattle Nursery (5275 California SW) welcomes you to an open house this afternoon, with food, classes, and discounts, It began with a special celebration for owner Marcia Bruno (introduced in the clip by Bill Hibler), who took over the nursery almost three years ago but really hasn’t had a chance to properly celebrate. She shared some memories from starting there 21 years ago just to “get out of the house” while raising two small children, and working her way up to taking over after Mark Smith retired in fall 2019. (Along the way, she managed the expansion project that featured construction of a greenhouse/retail annex, designed and built by two WSB sponsors, LD Arch Design and Ventana Construction.) She expressed appreciation for her staff – who surprised her with a plaque – and customers, and enthused, “We have such a good time here.” The open house continues until 3 pm.

SUNDAY PREVIEW: West Seattle Nursery open house and owner celebration

August 27, 2022 9:42 pm
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One of our area’s most beloved business open houses is back – tomorrow (Sunday, August 28th) West Seattle Nursery throws the gates open for the return of its annual open house. And this one has a pre-funk of sorts – just before the open house begins, Marcia Bruno – the longtime manager who bought WSN almost three years ago but really hasn’t had a chance to celebrate – will be officially introduced as the nursery’s owner, and will offer some words on plans for its future. That’s at 11:30 am, followed by a lunch buffet with food from local businesses, including Tuxedos and Tennis Shoes Catering, Husky Deli, Flying Apron, and Baked. Then noon-3 pm, it’s open house time. That includes two free classes – at 12:30 pm, “How to Plant a Sedum Bowl,” and at 2 pm, “Building a Bouquet from Your Late Summer Garden.” The nursery’s summer clearance sale continues too. Haven’t been to WSN? It’s at 5275 California SW.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Planted, then stolen

Thanks for the tips. Some of the hard work done by Seattle Parks gardeners and community volunteers at Alki last Friday was undone by thieves/vandals.

After James Tilley sent us photos including that one, we checked with Parks’ southwest-region crew chief Kristy Darcy, who confirms that about 110 plants were stolen. That’s about a tenth of the plants Darcy had told the Alki Community Council she had ordered for the annual planting, and some were left over after Friday, so one of her new gardeners is busy now replacing the ones that were taken.

SIDE NOTE: A commenter had asked about the watering plan for the plants, following our work-party preview last week. Darcy explains, “We are going to have to water them manually to start, as the irrigation is still not quite ready. We are waiting on the plumbers to come and fix a main line break on that system. Once that is complete we can then repair the heads on that one zone that are broken. … We are prepared with all of the heads and nozzles we need though, and should be able to get it up and running pretty fast once the water is on.”

YOU CAN HELP: Alki planting party Friday

In case you missed the mention in our coverage of last week’s Alki Community Council meeting, we’re only two days away from a volunteer-assisted planting party on Alki. Jessica, who’s been leading monthly community cleanups at the beach, sent a reminder to be sure you know, if you have time to spare on Friday afternoon. The newly hired Seattle Parks gardeners have been working to prepare the beds where hundreds of annual flower plants are waiting to go in, and would love lots of help noon-4 pm Friday (June 24th). No RSVP needed – just show up on the east side of Alki Bathhouse (60th/Alki), and give whatever time you can spare.

GARDENING? Friends of Roxhill Elementary fundraiser extended

May 19, 2022 8:59 am
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If the weather’s kept you out of the garden, no worries, it’s not too late to get set up for a productive summer! Friends of Roxhill Elementary has extended its fundraiser until May 24th – five more days to order. In case you missed the original announcement in March:

We are partnering again with Flower Power Fundraising to sell flower bulbs, kitchen garden herbs, sprouts, seeds and more to bring some joy to your home garden or window sill this spring.” Go here to shop. You can support a specific Roxhill student by writing their name in “Give Credit for This Sale to” at checkout. Friends of Roxhill Elementary gets 50% of the profits from every order. Questions?