WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police search after store robbery

11:24 PM: A police search is under way in Admiral after a reported robbery at the 7-11 a short time ago. No details yet but a K-9 unit is being called in to join the search.

11:30 PM: Here’s the description officers have just given to dispatch: 4 Black men, 25-30, all about 6′, all dressed in black, with white-lettered hoodies (except for one wearing a yellow hoodie), one armed with what looked like a 9mm gun with a white stripe, all last seen on foot heading west on Admiral Way.

FRIDAY 10:37 AM: No arrests. We obtained the police report this morning, and it has a few additional details: The store employee who was robbed at gunpoint told police that the first robber – the one in the yellow hoodie – came into the store and appeared to be shopping. He walked to the back of the store and then the other three came in; one of them pulled out a gun and aimed it at the employee, while the man in the yellow hoodie walked behind the counter and began yelling. They ordered the employee to take money out of the register and put it in one of the store’s gray money pouches. In the meantime, the clerk was able to activate a silent alarm; the report continues, “The store is equipped with a live 24-hour video surveillance system with a PA (public address) speaker system installed. It appeared that the suspects were able to hear the PA and within seconds, they left with what they were able to take from the register and a box of Swisher Sweet cigars.”

14 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police search after store robbery"

  • John Forbes January 21, 2021 (11:53 pm)

    Any updates on if they found one or all suspects?

    • WSB January 22, 2021 (12:04 am)

      No arrests mentioned so far over the air. Often in cases like this, the robbers get away on foot but have a vehicle waiting nearby…

  • West Seattle Lurker January 22, 2021 (12:39 am)

    Heading West is a bit odd. I’ve noticed a Seattle Police Department squad SUV patrolling Admiral at night the past couple weeks. 

  • Jon January 22, 2021 (1:05 am)

    The police rolled by my nabor hood Ally way with a k9

  • Ron Salsbury January 22, 2021 (8:13 am)

    Which 7=11? The one at Charlestown?

    • WSB January 22, 2021 (9:28 am)

      The Admiral (Way) 7-11.

  • Diane January 22, 2021 (11:01 am)

    Is the store employee ok?  I go there often and he is always so nice.  I know his name but I don’t want to write it – to keep it private.

  • M January 22, 2021 (2:52 pm)

    Nothing to see here… just your now daily West Seattle armed store robbery

    • WSB January 22, 2021 (7:03 pm)

      No, actually, we don’t have armed robberies anywhere near daily. Not even weekly. The two Walgreens robberies about which we wrote recently were non-armed. Still bad. But not armed.

      • WSB January 23, 2021 (10:33 am)

        … but this week seems to be different. Story to come.

  • bolo January 22, 2021 (3:40 pm)

    Weren’t there some previous convenience store robberies that involved Swisher Sweets?

    Swisher Sweets may be symbolic for something.

  • DownhillFast January 22, 2021 (3:55 pm)

    4 people are going to split less than $200 and a box of cheap cigars? Is prison time really worth $55 bucks or so each? I guess that’s why they’re thieves and not productive citizens, lack of cognitive reasoning.

    • WSB January 22, 2021 (7:04 pm)

      $500, according to the Significant Incident Report summary (the amount was redacted from the narrative I got this morning, but the SIR came out later).

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