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Lost or found a pet? E-MAIL INFO/PHOTO TO: westseattleblog@gmail.com – plain text with contact #, one JPG photo, no Word/PDF/etc. docs. PLEASE let us know when the situation is resolved, so we can remove the listing. Thanks!

RULES: Please only report “found” pets that are in your custody – if you see a “possible lost pet running around,” check to see if it is reported as lost. If it is, PLEASE contact the owner directly with your sighting – they might not see a comment soon enough. If the pet you found needs medical attention, please get that attention before asking us to post – the pet’s health/welfare matters most. Please do NOT submit a comment with an opinion of the pet, its owner, its circumstances, its breed OR a comment promoting someone who charges $ to search for pets – those will NOT be approved for publication.

NEED URGENT HELP: Thanks to Doug Adams for the list of EMERGENCY PET CARE RESOURCES (Seattle-wide)

ARCHIVES: Everything up to 4/1/2012 ***is here***.

DOG STUCK IN PARK: Anyone looking for Luna?

From Tyler: “My friend was walking by Camp Long at 4:00 pm tonight (12/16), and saw a white dog behind the closed gates off of 35th Ave SW. The dog is a fluffy white medium size dog. My friend was able to call the dog to her through the fence, and could see she has a collar and tag that clearly says Luna. The dog was was friendly and excited, and ran around too fast for her to catch the phone number on her tag. We looked for a place to get to Luna through the fence, but couldn’t get to her. We called the police who didn’t offer assistance, but mentioned that there are places that the dog can escape from the park through the fence. They mentioned that they would call animal control, but that they do not dispatch on Sundays. Unfortunately my friend did not catch a picture of Luna before she disappeared into the park.”

FOUND DOG: Or abandoned?

Someone had placed this dog in the secured mail room of my building with water. I found her at 6:45 am this morning when walking my dog. She was still there after our walk. She’s a female. The property manager is attempting to find out who left her in there, but I have no other information. She’s a little chubby, and walks well on a leash, sits, etc; so she must belong to someone. Jessie (802) 289-7090

(Editor’s note – we also heard about this dog from someone late last night so it’s been in the mail room at least overnight)

FOUND DOG: In Highland Park

Found at 10th & Elmgrove. Safe and with us. Steven (206)240-2481

FOUND DOG: On 44th

No tags but has collar. Wandering on 44th Ave SW 10:30 am on Saturday. Ashley (406) 581-4217

LOST DOG: Chihuahua

Missing on 16th near South Seattle College. 206-498-5043


(reunited! info removed)

LOST DOG: Fairmount Park – REUNITED

(back home; info removed)

LOST DOG: Older Bichon

Her name is Zephie and would have been on Beach Drive. She is 15 years old and has very little teeth left. She has a very strict diet, we are worried about her. Please call 206.501.9900 Adrian

FOUND DOG: Highland Park

Found in highland park running around the intersection of highland park wy and holden st. Female, well trained and very sweet. White with some dark spots, Would love to get her home if she has one. moose.enthusiast (at) gmail (dot) com


(info removed)

DECEASED CAT: Hit at 12th/Thistle

Jill sent this note: “A kitty was critically injured at 12th Ave SW and Thistle this morning at 8:45. I thought it may have survived being hit by a white van (I witnessed the hit), and took it to South Seattle Veterinary Hospital, it appears to have not survived the ride. Tabby with white neck, sorry, don’t have a better description. SSVH checked for a chip and there was one but no I.D.” So if you’re missing a cat that might fit that description, please contact that clinic.


(Found trapped in a neighbor’s home, as is often the case with lost cats! Info removed)


(Felipe the seal point returned home; info removed)

FOUND DOG: Basset hound at Westcrest

We found a lost basset hound wanting to get into the Westcrest dog park. We think he ran away from home to come to the park. He is very well socialized. He doesn’t have a collar. We contained him in the Small/Shy Dog Area

LOST CAT: Seen Thomas?

Thomas the cat has been missing from the 9200 block of 12th Avenue Southwest since before Thanksgiving. He is black and white, mature, and walks with a limp. He is very friendly and might follow someone home.

Between the holidays, traveling, and multiple people watching him We cannot be sure when he disappeared. he has a pet door so has much freedom.We posted signs checked all the shelters and vets we’re just hoping someone has him.

Please call or text with any information. 206-779-3457

LOST CAT: Seven toes

We are missing “Kitty” for a few days now. She is a gray, silver, and black tabby with swirl markings on her side. She has 7 toes on each paw. We live off of Thistle and 39th, but she’s been known to travel far. Please contact 206-817-0015. Thank you!

LOST DOG: West Seattle-residing but vanished in Seatac

Black and white long haired English Shepherd (looks like a border collie) who lives in West Seattle escaped between 12 am-4 am Monday 11/26/18 from a friend’s backyard in Seatac (31st ave S and S Military road near the Riverton Crest Cemetery) while I was out of state. He is very unfamiliar with Seatac and it’s unlikely he will return to friend’s backyard. DO NOT CHASE! This dog is extremely smart, loves dogs but is fearful of humans and loud noises. Please call if you see him or have seen him. 406-581-4217. His location may still be Seatac or he may have traveled elsewhere. Plan to use dog trackers if we have an accurate sighting report.

FOUND DOG: Black/white – BACK HOME

(black and white dog reunited with people, info removed)


Off West Marginal Way. Can call 314-620-4444 if it is yours.

LOST CAT: Pigeon Point – BACK HOME

(reunited, info removed)

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