West Seattle Lost/Found Pets

Lost or found a pet? E-MAIL INFO/PHOTO TO: westseattleblog@gmail.com – plain text with contact #, one JPG photo, no Word/PDF/etc. docs. PLEASE let us know when the situation is resolved, so we can remove the listing. Thanks!

RULES: Please only report “found” pets that are in your custody – if you see a “possible lost pet running around,” check to see if it is reported as lost. If it is, PLEASE contact the owner directly with your sighting – they might not see a comment soon enough. If the pet needs medical attention, please get that attention before asking us to post. Please do NOT submit a comment with an opinion of the pet, its owner, its circumstances, its breed, OR promoting someone who charges $ to search for pets.

ARCHIVES: Everything up to 4/1/2012 ***is here***.

CAT SIGHTING: North Delridge

Multiple people report seeing this cat wandering and looking lost around Bee’s Plumbing in North Delridge.

LOST DOG: Wandering in Fauntleroy – BACK HOME

(resolved! see comments)

LOST CAT: Seen Coco?

Our cat Coco has been missing for a few days now from the Seola Beach/Arbor Heights area. She is a 12 year old brown and white tabby. Please contact us at 206-715-3448 if found.

LOST CAT: Seen Miao-Miao?

Hi, our cat escaped last night as we were closing the door, on Holden St near Delridge and Holden. He is a beige/dark grey lynx point Siamese, and we call him Miao Miao/ Meow meow. He is an indoor cat so he is likely scared/hiding. If anyone has seen him or has him, please let us know! Thank you so much in advance! 206-430-2396

LOST CAT: Seen Dagny?

Our beloved indoor tortoiseshell cat is missing. Her name is Dagny, she is very friendly but has claws. She has lost weight since this photo and is pretty frail. She lives near Andover and 41st. Please call or text if you see her. 206-486-2718


Hi there, we found a puppy running in the street next to our house near Lincoln Park. We have the dog in our yard for safety.


LOST CAT: Seen Kingston?

SIGHTING: Fauntleroy cat

This cat – with no collar, very friendly, is hanging around just near Marine View Drive and Endolyne Joes. Very chatty and friendly. Knew to come to people and was thin, hungry and thirsty. Very sweet.


(info removed)

LOST CAT: Looking for Bruno

Our 1 year old male gray tabby, Bruno, has been gone for a few days. He is fixed, chipped and very much missed.

He’s a local ratter around 19th SW and Holden. Have you seen him? Any information would be greatly appreciated.



(info removed)


(info removed)

LOST DOG: Alki area

I am missing my dog Betsy. She got out near Alki.
Please call or text me 206-669-1219.

FOUND DOG: Near Lincoln Park – REUNITED

(info removed)

LOST CAT: Fairmount Park – BACK HOME

(info removed)


My dog Yogi is missing. He was last seen in the White Center area in the morning time. Contact number is 206-376-1793.

LOST DOG: 16th/Thistle – REUNITED

(info removed)

FOUND BIRD: Westwood

Found this bird just now in the 34th & Trenton area. Very friendly.
Contact number is 206.419.1918


(info removed)

LOST DOG: Husky puppy

Lost Husky Puppy. No dog collar, very distinct marks, two different color eyes. Please contact 206-453-8446 if you have seen. Dog’s name is Whodie. The first pictures are him a couple months ago. He’s about 35 pounds maybe 40 now . Went missing a couple hours ago. Alki area.

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