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UPDATE: 3-alarm fire in downtown White Center

(Added: Video by @houndoomer on Twitter. Language caution)

ORIGINAL REPORT, 5:44 AM: Another big fire callout in downtown White Center, and Seattle Fire units from West Seattle are being sent to help. 16th SW is being blocked south of Roxbury. We’re on our way to find out more.

(WSB/WCN photos/video)

5:58 AM: As our first photo shows, the logged address is correct – the old Locker Room Tavern at 9633 16th SW, damaged by fire back in April.

6:10 AM: No word yet if anyone was injured, or if the adjacent businesses are damaged.

(Video added)
This is the third major commercial-building fire in White Center in a little over two months, after the July 5th fire that gutted seven businesses a bit further north on 16th SW (ruled arson) and the fire at the old Atlas Electric building on September 1st (still under investigation).

6:18 AM: The fire’s not out yet – still visible flames and smoke inside the building.

6:34 AM: Public-information officers on scene say this is a 3-alarm fire – they’ve called in the extra help because of the proximity of other businesses. (video added, briefing by PIO Pat Pawlak:)

They’re working to try to keep it from spreading to the adjacent businesses (Bizzarro Italian Café to the south, Huong Xua Deli to the north). No injuries reported.

8:07 AM: After a break to return to HQ to upload video, our crew is back at the fire scene. Some of the responding units have been dismissed. We talked to a Bizzarro Italian Café rep, who says they’re closed Mondays anyway so they’ll be evaluating any effects. Same goes for Full Tilt Ice Cream two doors down – owner Justin Cline tells us there’s some water damage but they’re also usually closed Mondays, so they have time to deal with it. 16th, meantime, is likely to stay closed another two hours or so.

9:04 AM: Lot of cleanup to be done inside Huong Xua (above). Meantime, more than three hours after the fire started, firefighters are still on scene:

12:08 PM: 16th SW has reopened.

12:35 PM: We just checked back with Fire District spokesperson Shauna Sheppard: No cause determined yet.

1:31 PM: Another update from Sheppard: Early indications are that the fire was NOT deliberately set, but the investigation continues.

8:56 PM: We went by tonight; Bizzarro (whose website says they’ll be closed “a few weeks”) and Huong Xua are both boarded up, and the Locker Room is simply rubble. A commenter posted this link to a crowdfunding page for the Locker Room’s proprietors, saying they were about to start rebuilding from the April fire damage.

FOLLOWUP: Burn ban over, Alki Beach fire pits open again

The King County Fire Chiefs Association announced today that the Stage 2 burn ban has beeb lifted. The announcement explains, “Recent precipitation and cooler weather have allowed wildland fuels to recover moisture, and the local wildland fire danger has reduced to a level where it is safe to resume small recreational fires.” The biggest effect of this in our area means the Alki Beach fire pits are open again; Seattle Parks lists their hours as 4 pm-9:30 pm daily. The Stage 2 burn ban had been in effect since August 13th.

UPDATE: 2-alarm fire in White Center

(Added: Video by Rob Jacobs, just before firefighters arrived)

FIRST REPORT, 8:44 AM: Thanks for the tips. There’s a big fire in White Center – the fire-response log says it’s a 2-alarm commercial fire near 17th SW and SW 98th [map]. Homes are being evacuated west of there. We’re on our way to find out more; avoid that area.

8:55 AM: We’re on scene. This is the long-vacant commercial building between the Gerber auto shop and dental office.

9:10 AM: No reports of injuries so far.

9:21 AM: We talked to firefighters at the scene, Most of this is “knocked down” but there’s one hot spot in debris inside the building that’s still smoldering, so that’s where their attention is now. They confirm no one is hurt. Meantime, checking property records, the exact address for the building is 9811 17th SW.

9:39 AM: The building’s past incarnations include Atlas Electric and the White Center News newspaper; it was listed for sale last year and sold early this year.

10:05 AM: Thanks to the readers who note this building also caught fire two years ago; we covered that on our partner site White Center Now – the 2019 fire was ruled arson, We’ll be checking back at today’s scene in a bit.

11 AM: Just back from there. Still smoldering; streets still blocked. The Gerber auto shop next door is closed while they assess potential damage, as the north end of their building is adjacent to the one that burned.

UPDATE: ‘Major brush fire’ response along Sylvan Way

8:41 PM: Seattle Fire has upgraded a response in the 2400 block of SW Myrtle to “brush fire/major.” This will also affect traffic on Sylvan Way. Updates to come.

8:48 PM: Thanks to the texter who sent the photo. Firefighters are using a hydrant at Home Depot, so the fire is west of there.

8:52 PM: Firefighters just told dispatch it’s under control after burning an estimated quarter-acre.

9 PM: Reader video from Austin Reimers added. Firefighters are now searching the woods to be sure no one was injured (added: after finding an encampment in the area). The address is also revised on the SFD log to 24th SW/Sylvan Way.

9:31 PM: Firefighters have reported to dispatch that the fire is “tapped” (out).

UPDATE: RV fire closes 2nd SW

6:41 PM: Thanks for the tips. 2nd SW is still closed south of Highland Park Way while that RV fire is investigated. We talked to SFD at the scene; they say no one was hurt.

7:48 PM: The call has closed, so the street should be open again.

ADDED THURSDAY: SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo tells WSB, “Fire investigators ruled the incident as undetermined with an estimated loss of $800. Crews report the fire started within an encampment and extended to an RV and two vehicles. No occupants were present at the time of the incident and no injuries were reported.”

UPDATE: Seattle Fire ‘full response’ at 24th/Webster for what turned out to be a dumpster fire

12:25 PM: Seattle Fire is arriving at a report of a garage fire at 24th/Webster [map]. Updates to come.

12:27 PM: They’re telling dispatch that the fire is confined to a garage, so they’re downsizing the response.

12:36 PM: The photo is from our crew at the scene – the dumpster is what caught fire inside a garage; out now, and ventilation is the primary job that remains. No one hurt.

BURN BAN: Beach fires, no. Barbecues, yes. Here’s what fire chiefs around the region have ordered

Smoke alert, heat alert – and now, a burn ban. Here’s the announcement from the Seattle Fire Department:

The City of Seattle has joined King County under a State 2 burn ban effective immediately. During a Stage 2 burn ban, any outdoor fire such as a backyard fire pit or campfire using chopped firewood or charcoal is prohibited.

Under the ban, any person with a recreational fire who fails to take immediate action to extinguish or discontinue when ordered or notified to do so can be charged with, up to and including, a misdemeanor. Seattle firefighters have also been directed to extinguish any illegal fires during this ban.

Manufactured portable outdoor devices are allowed, including barbecues and patio warmers that are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Approved fuel devices – including those that rely on charcoal, natural gas or propane gas – are also allowed.

Seattle has experienced two large brush fires along I-5 this week, and the long spell without significant rainfall, the risk of fire in vegetated areas remains high. Let’s do all we can to reduce the risk of an unintentional fire:

• Follow the Stage 2 burn ban
• Safely discard any smoking materials (e.g. don’t snuff out in potted plants)
• Check your vehicle to make sure nothing could drag and create sparks while driving
• Avoid parking on dry grassy areas as hot components could start a fire

Call 9-1-1 immediately if you see a brush fire so we can send crews right away.

UPDATE: Seattle Fire ‘full response’ in 3200 block SW Avalon Way – unfounded

August 11, 2021 2:46 pm
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2:46 PM: A big Seattle Fire Department response is headed for the 3200 block of SW Avalon Way. The dispatch is “a report of a fire on the fifth floor.” Updates to come.

2:52 PM: Arriving crews say nothing’s visible, so they’re “investigating.” Avoid Avalon in that area as it’s being blocked – between Genesee and 35th – by/for the response.

2:56 PM: They’re not finding anything – apparently a work crew’s “dust” was mistaken for smoke – so most responding units are being dismissed.

3:10 PM: Call closed, so Avalon should be getting back to normal.

FYI: Here’s why Seattle Fire Department added ‘encampment’ label to call log

August 10, 2021 3:58 pm
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Tracking emergency dispatches, we usually check the Seattle Fire Department‘s Real-Time 911 page multiple times a day. It’s an automated log of where, when, and why SFD units are dispatched. From time to time, the call types on the log change – for example, what used to be “assault with weapons” if a weapon was believed to be involved changed in 2018 to “scenes of violence.” On Monday, we noticed a new designation – the word “encampment” was appearing before some fire and medical calls, such as this one from Monday’s log:

Many readers use the 911 page too, so we asked SFD spokesperson Kristin Tinsley about it when we saw her at the Joint Training Facility Monday afternoon. She checked into it and provided this explanation today:

In order for us to better track our responses to homeless encampments, we have added in new dispatch type codes that list “encampment” if this information is known when someone calls 911 to report an incident. Crews can also change the type code from a regular type code by contacting dispatch once they arrive on scene if it’s at an encampment. In addition to tracking, it also gives responding crews improved situational awareness that the response is at an encampment location.

So far today, the new labels have applied to six of the 200 (as of this writing, 16 hours into the day) lines on the call log.

UPDATE: Fire callout on 24th SW

6:57 AM: Seattle Fire has sent a full response to the 6900 block of 24th SW.

6:59 AM: SFD says the fire was “quickly put under control by responding crews.”

7:17 AM: No injuries reported. The cause is under investigation; the Red Cross is being called to assist the family who lives there.

7:22 AM: Our crew has spoken with firefighters at the scene. They say it was a small fire in the basement, out now. Photos added.

UPDATE: State ferry Cathlamet, headed for Fauntleroy, diverts after engine room fills with smoke

2:36 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a big “offshore marine fire” response to the Fauntleroy ferry terminal. Dispatch says an engine-room fire is reported on board the state ferry M/V Cathlamet, about a mile out. Part of the response is being sent to the Don Armeni vicinity (often in case of sea-to-land patient transfers). Updates to come.

2:45 PM: We’re headed down to the ferry dock first to see what can be seen from there. WSF VesselWatch shows the Cathlamet’s most recent departure as Vashon to Fauntleroy, but also shows this ferry currently headed westbound. (A different ferry, M/V Kittitas, is currently at the dock.

(Added: WSB photo of Cathlamet, seen from Fauntleroy dock)

2:47 PM: Update from dispatch: This may just be a “smoking clutch” that filled the engine room with smoke. They’re trying to get the Cathlamet to Vashon.

(Added: WSB photo)

The SFD response is continuing to stand by just in case.

2:51 PM: Vishal tweeted that photo, reporting, “My girlfriend is on the boat. Looks like they’re getting escorted back to Vashon.” We also just got a call from someone on the ferry, who says they were almost to Fauntleroy when this all happened, but will be taken off the boat at Vashon and put on another ferry to head here. SFD, meantime, is sending a fireboat that way in case help is needed. The Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth run usually has three ferries on Saturdays so obviously it’s down to two for now.

3:03 PM: Thanks to Russ for that pic of a USCG vessel also escorting Cathlamet. Our archives, meantime, remind us that Cathlamet, 40 years old, was out of service for part of a day two weeks ago because of what was described as a propulsion issue.

3:10 PM: SFD Rescue Boat 5 just radioed in, from Vashon, that WSF told them no fire or medical help is needed. So they’re heading back downtown and the rest of the responders who were standing by will be dismissed (including fireboat Leschi, below, which was also headed that way with firefighters on board).

(At Seacrest – photo by Carolyn Newman)

3:43 PM: Our caller from aboard Cathlamet reports they docked at Vashon and have transferred to another ferry which is now Fauntleroy-bound (looks like M/V Sealth, per tracker).

(Photo from Emily via comments – fire crew on Cathlamet car deck)

WSF says Cathlamet is “out of service until further notice” and describes the problem as “a malfunction in the reduction gear,” adding: “For the remainder of the service day, all #2 sailings are cancelled.”

6:30 PM: WSF now says, “The Fauntleroy/Vashon/Southworth route is operating on a 2-boat schedule due to clutch repairs needed on M/V Cathlamet. M/V Kittitas will run in the #1 position and M/V Sealth will run as the #2.”

UPDATE: Fire in South Delridge

2:15 PM: Big SFD response for what’s described as a fire in a vacant building in the 9400 block of 18th SW. Many of the responding units have been dismissed but five are still on the call; we’re on our way there to find out more.

2:23 PM: “Small exterior fire,” says SFD.

2:38 PM: They believe the fire started with someone cooking at this abandoned house (photo added above), but nobody was there when firefighters arrived; no injuries reported.

FOLLOWUP: The beat goes on at Highland Park Improvement Club, with first post-fire event Saturday

(WSB photos, June 26th)

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Highland Park Improvement Club is more than a building … it’s people.

And that’s why the early-morning fire that heavily damaged the century-old HPIC headquarters two weeks ago (WSB coverage here) hasn’t stopped HPIC from continuing to be the heart of its community.

Tomorrow (Saturday, July 10th), for example, the first of three “Giant Garage Sales” – already planned before the fire – will be held in the HPIC parking lot and courtyard on the two sides of the 1116 SW Holden building least affected by the flames.

But while that should make for a fun day, what’s been happening since the June 25th fire has been hard, heartbreaking work for HPIC’s all-volunteer board. We talked Thursday by phone with Nicole Mazza to see what they have learned, what’s next, and how people can help.

Read More

FOLLOWUP: White Center fire was arson, King County Sheriff’s Office now says

(WSB/WCN photo, Monday)

1:37 PM: Thanks for the tips. We’ve confirmed with the King County Sheriff’s Office that the fire which gutted the LumberYard Bar and seven other businesses in downtown White Center early Monday is now being investigated as arson. Though the original tentative determination was that it was likely accidental, KCSO spokesperson Sgt. Tim Meyer tells WSB that they received “new evidence” that led investigators to “reclassify it as arson.” Though the LumberYard has posted on social media that “This most likely is also a hate crime,” Sgt. Meyer would not speculate on a potential motive. Anyone with any information should contact KCSO.

1:50 PM: We went over to the fire scene to see if we could find out more; no one’s around, but we did photograph the signs asking for tips – 800-55-ARSON. That’s reiterated in this statement we’ve just received from the White Center Pride Committee:

The White Center Pride Committee is deeply disturbed and saddened to learn that the fire at The Lumberyard Bar on July 5th has reportedly been reclassified from an electrical fire to arson. The possibility of this being a hate crime targeted at an LGBTQI+ gathering space is also being investigated. Not only was The Lumberyard Bar destroyed, but also 7 other businesses, many of which were minority owned.

We will continue to stand with all of the businesses and individuals that were impacted by this horrible act. Our community is strong and will never back down in the face of adversity. We implore anyone with information to reach out to the King County Sheriff’s Office with any information at 206-263-2070 or 1-800-55-ARSON.

The fire broke out after 1 am on Monday. No injuries were reported. But along with the LumberYard, it devastated neighboring businesses The Boxing Gym, La Tipica Oaxaqueña, John’s Hair and Nails, Rat City Tattoo, Nuggi, and Dottie’s Doublewide.

UPDATE: RV fire on Harbor Avenue SW

(Texted image)

8:58 PM: Avoid the south end of Harbor Avenue SW for a while – SFD and SPD are in the 3000 block because of what’s reported as an RV fire on the northbound/westbound side of the street. Police are calling for an ambulance at the scene.

(Added: Texted video)
9:04 PM: The fire is declared “tapped” (out).

9:25 PM: SFD’s investigator is being sent to look into the cause. We’ll be checking on that and whether anyone indeed was injured.

9:42 PM: Texter says Harbor Avenue has reopened.

UPDATE: Fire along southbound 509

7:11 PM: Thanks to Al for the tip. What SFD has logged as a “rubbish fire” response is affecting traffic on the southbound Highway 509 exit to West Marginal Way. So if you have to head this way from points north of West Seattle, you might consider waiting a while.

7:55 PM: The live camera shows the smoke has dissipated, but multiple SFD units are still on scene.

8:30 PM: The camera has moved off the fire zone, so we’re substituting a screenshot from earlier. The incident log still shows three SFD crews on the call.

9:14 PM: The call has closed.

WHITE CENTER FIRE: Cleaning up and carrying on. Plus – ways you can help

(Also published on partner site White Center Now)

(West Seattle Blog/White Center Now photos by Patrick Sand)

36+ hours after the devastating fire in the heart of White Center’s business district, we found determined business owners at work this afternoon, cleaning up and carrying on. Above, La Tipica Oaxaqueña was doing business outside their fire-damaged space.

Out front of the LumberYard Bar, where investigators say the fire started in the basement (though as of this afternoon they still hadn’t announced exactly how), we found proprietors Nathan and Michale:

They told us they’re grateful for the overwhelming support they’ve received, including crowdfunding that’s already maxed out at $100,000+. They told us they’re determined to stay in White Center, though they’re looking around for a new space.

Also seen on 16th: A county inspector:

The county was working to determine which spaces were safe to reoccupy and which were not. Those that aren’t will have to get an independent engineer to assess safety once repairs have been made.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: As mentioned above, the LumberYard has maxed out on GoFundMe – but other campaigns have not. Here are links:

*Here’s one for the Boxing Gym
*Here’s one for staff of the affected businesses
*Here’s one for Nuggi, a boba-tea shop that was opening soon
*Here’s one for La Tipica Oaxaqueña
*Here’s one for Dottie’s Doublewide (that page notes it had new owners who were preparing to reopen)
*Here’s one for John’s Hair and Nails
*Here’s one for Rat City Tattoo

Also benefiting the new owners of Dottie’s, Endolyne Joe’s in West Seattle (9261 45th SW) plans to donate 50 percent of its 4-9 pm proceeds this Thursday (July 8th).

Other fundraisers? Please let us know – westseattleblog@gmail.com – thank you!

FOLLOWUP: Fireworks aftermath, more brush-fire calls, and neighborly cleanups

Again this year, we asked for photos of fireworks debris/trash encountered by readers this morning. What you see above is from Kay, who reported fireworks aftermath at Lincoln Park, “from the south parking lot to the pool.” And while we can’t say for sure whether fireworks are to blame, just before 5 am, this fire broke out in trees on the park’s west-facing slope:

Andrew saw it from a ferry; the SFD log shows two engines and a ladder truck were sent. The aftermath of another brush fire is part of Kim‘s report from High Point:

I just went up to Walt Hundley Park with a bucket and garbage picker. There is so much small fireworks debris in the park and street at 34th and Myrtle, I could not pick it all up. I concentrated on picking up the bigger stuff.

It appears there was a brush fire last night across from the park on the weedy slope next to Guadalupe. There is a burned area and the resulting messy mud in the road must be from the water used to extinguish the fire. (I reported this to the city’s Find It Fix It app, along with some big garbage dumped there that was too much for me to manage this morning.)

It’s too bad that the people who create the mess don’t clean up after themselves. But I encourage neighbors to get out and help clean up their neighborhoods today. If this street is any indication, it’s a mess out there.

The SFD log does show a brush-fire call at 1:22 am in that area. Also from High Point, Codrin sent this photo from Viewpoint Park:

Here’s a texted photo from EC Hughes Playground:

Heading north, from Leigh at 36th/Lander:

On my morning walk saw this. Helped a neighbor clean up.

Just one of several photos sent by Pat, at Don Armeni Boat Ramp:

And from Kristina, at Whale Tail Park:

At least they cleaned up the trash? Sounded like a war zone for hours last night.

Thanks again to those who sent photos and/or were out cleaning up this morning – we will add any other photos we receive – westseattleblog@gmail.com.

ADDED 2:28 PM: From Brooke, at Highland Park Spraypark:

It’s not so bad as others but the kids are playing barefoot in/around it. Also the Roxhill park and parking lot were covered with fireworks debris, so much that my kids decided not to play there this morning.

UPDATE: City, county team up to fight 2-alarm White Center fire; LumberYard Bar gutted, other businesses damaged

1:54 AM: Big Seattle Fire response for what’s described as a structure fire at 16th and Roxbury. We’re on our way to find out more.

(West Seattle Blog/White Center Now photos by Patrick Sand)

2:07 AM: The fire is being fought by King County units as well as SFD, per radio communication – we’re still waiting for word from our crew regarding the fire’s specific location, as the real-time log has not been updated beyond “16th/Roxbury.”

2:29 AM: The public-information officer on scene tells us it’s in the commercial building on the west side of 16th just south of Roxbury. Still trying to determine which business(es).

2:37 AM: Our photographer has confirmed the building that holds LumberYard Bar and Rat City Tattoo is involved. We’re told a city crew was first on scene of this – Engine 11 (based in Highland Park) was on a medical call a short distance north on 16th when someone ran up and told them a building was on fire.

3:10 AM: The fire’s not entirely out yet – firefighters are still dealing with hotspots and trying to ensure the fire hasn’t spread. No reports of injuries, and it’s too soon for the investigation to begin into the cause.

3:48 AM: Not out yet. Firefighters from multiple departments are still working on it from both sides of the building (16th and 17th). Of note: This is a 2-alarm fire, according to the public-information-officer team.

4:32 AM: The LumberYard’s Instagram feed notes it was closed Sunday night because of a power outage. We don’t know details of that outage, but the City Light map shows 32 customers now out in that area because of the fire, so this may affect businesses beyond the ones damaged by the fire itself. We’ll of course be following up.

ADDED 10:37 AM: We went back this morning – in the view above, you are looking into the building from the alley side. Fire crews are still there:

We talked to Chief Mike Marrs of Fire District 2, which includes North Highline and Burien. The investigator finally got into the building a few hours ago to try to determine the cause.

Other businesses to the north were damaged – including broken glass. Firefighters were expected to be on scene, with 16th remaining closed in that block, until noonish. We will check back again.

11:58 AM: As linked in comments, a crowdfunding campaign has been set up for the LumberYard.

1:45 PM: Fire District 2 public-information Shauna Sheppard says they do NOT believe this was caused by fireworks. So far they’ve traced the origin to the LumberYard’s basement, and they believe it was accidental, though the specific cause remains under investigation.

7:54 PM: Along with the crowdfunding link for the LumberYard, here are three others for those affected: For the Boxing Gym; for staff of the affected businesses; and for Nuggi, a boba-tea shop that was opening soon.

ADDED TUESDAY: More crowdfunding – this time for La Tipica Oaxaqueña, and for Dottie’s Doublewide (that page notes it had new owners who were preparing to reopen).

FOURTH OF JULY 2021: Night notes

The sun has set. As in past years, we’ll keep a running narrative of what happens in the hours ahead.

ROXBURY/OLSON: just got a text that westbound is blocked. This might be related to a gunfire investigation in the area. No injuries but there was a report of someone firing from a car at/near 5th SW and SW Cambridge.

FIRE CALLS SO FAR: 10:50 pm, and we’re hearing the first one in West Seattle since a “brush fire” call before 8 pm in the Highland Park Way/2nd SW vicinity – 2600 block of 37th SW, a “bark fire” call.

11:05 PM. – ‘LARGE HEDGE ON FIRE’: That’s the call in the 8800 block of 22nd SW [map], with four SFD units headed that way. … On arrival, they confirm a “brush fire” and they’re evacuating the house. … Scratch that, firefighters say neighbors tell them the residents aren’t home.

11:30 PM – 5-WAY CRASH: Crash affecting traffic at the Chelan/Spokane/W. Marginal/Delridge five-way. Possible DUI, police told dispatch.

11:54 PM – BRUSH FIRE: Now it’s on to a reported brush fire near Bar-S Playfields, 64th/Admiral.

11:57 PM – CRASH: A “rollover” crash is reported in the 4800 block of California SW. … The road isn’t entirely blocked; they’re talking about letting southbound buses “squeeze through.”

12:37 AM – FIREWORKS-THROWING: On the police channel, a report of someone in a car throwing fireworks at homes in the vicinity of 12th SW/SW Webster.

12:55 AM: If you find fireworks debris/trash in a park or other public space Monday morning, consider sending us a photo – ee document this every year with the help of reader photos.

1:01 AN: Police are being dispatched to a fireworks call in the 4700 block of Delridge Way SW, where multiple callers have complained that the fireworks users are “damaging cars” among other things.

FIREWORKS: Home-protection advice from SFD, one year after a big West Seattle fire

While we’re talking about fireworks … even if you don’t use them, someone else might set them off near your house or apartment. On the Fourth of July last year, fireworks sparked a large fire at the foot of Gatewood Hill:

(WSB photo from 7/4/2020)

That was a photo we took from our car as we happened onto the scene shortly after the fire at California/Myrtle had started, even before SFD arrived. The memory is fresh for local firefighters, too. We asked the Seattle Fire Department about prevention advice – in addition to “Don’t use fireworks” – and here’s what SFD public educator William Mace offered:

Every year, the personal use of fireworks cause fires and injures people in the Seattle area. Last year, the Seattle Fire Department responded to 16 fireworks-related fires including two structure fires. One significant fire happened on July 4, 2020 in West Seattle where fireworks ignited dry brush in front of a four-story apartment building which then quickly extended to the top floor balcony.

(7/4/2020 photo by Rick Cook)

Fortunately, no one was injured, but several residents were displaced and the total estimated loss was $100,000.

The recent hot, dry weather significantly increases the risk for dry grass, bark, and brush fires. A firework can easily start a fire in these conditions.

Here are ways to reduce fires caused by fireworks near your home:

Remove branches, dry grass and anything that can burn from around your home.
Make sure tree branches are not touching your home.
Clear roof and gutters of evergreen needles and leaves.
Don’t leave cardboard or loose paper recyclables outside – make sure they are in a closed bin.
Keep a garden hose with nozzle hooked up and ready to use.
Also, make sure smoke alarms are working by pushing the test button.

If you experience a fire, please call 9-1-1 immediately after you are in a safe location away from the fire.

Two years ago, in unincorporated King County, a fireworks user started a two-house fire that killed a man.

Big callout, small fire in Admiral

July 1, 2021 7:45 am
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 |   West Seattle fires | West Seattle news

SFD is about to dismiss most of the units that responded to a fire reported in the 2200 block of 37th SW. The fire, in the basement, is already extinguished, “(put) out by occupant.” 37th/Admiral is blocked by the response until all are cleared.

UPDATE: Fire damages century-old Highland Park Improvement Club

(Photo from commenter Bayuh)

1:37 AM: Big Seattle Fire callout to the 1100 block of SW Holden. Avoid the area. Updates to come.

1:41 AM: The fire is reported (corrected) under control, but not out.

1:52 AM: Firefighters say there’s still fire in the attic. The address SFD has logged for the incident is Highland Park Improvement Club. Our photographer is on the way there to verify.

(Added: WSB photos from here down)

2:13 AM: A commenter confirms that the fire is at HPIC, a century-old community-owned-and-operated facility. … They’re down to a few hot spots.

2:26 AM: Our crew is back (after communications challenges at the scene) and also confirms it’s HPIC. SFD’s investigator was on the way to try to figure out how this started. The building had been undergoing renovations – just last month, we reported both on that donation/grant-funded work and the community services that HPIC has provided during the pandemic.

2:46 AM: More units are being dismissed from the scene, but about half a dozen remain. We’ll be seeking out HPIC leadership later this morning to follow up on the extent of the damage.

10:56 AM: The cleanup has begun. Here are photos from Highland Park photographer/artist Dina Johnson – first, the stage area, that’s seen many performances and presentations:

More of the interior:

And the exterior:

Badly needed roofing work had just been completed, HPIC board members told us this morning. They’re still dealing with the shock of the fire so no details yet on the best way you can help; SFD was still investigating the cause at last report. We’ll continue following up.

2:29 PM: SFD says its investigator has ruled the fire’s cause “undetermined.”