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UPDATE: Fire on Harbor Avenue SW

(Added: Photo posted in comments, by Elizabeth)

1:40 AM: A Seattle Fire “full response” is headed to the 2400 block of Harbor Avenue SW for a possible fire in a business. Updates to come.

1:43 AM: First unit arriving reports “fully involved structure.” They’re closing Harbor.

1:46 AM: The address on the SFD log is not correct (yet) – the burning building is now described as appearing to be “derelict,” a small old house.

1:49 AM: One person is reported to have been inside when the fire started but is said to be unhurt.

2:12 AM: A witness who called it in says the building is on the water side.

2:37 AM: The fire is “knocked down,” says SFD. Some units are leaving.

ADDED 12:33 PM: We went by for that photo of the fire scene. SFD has since corrected the address to 2316 Harbor and tells us the cause was ruled accidental. County records show this is part of a site that sold to an investment entity for $3.5 million last November; a self-storage proposal has been working its way through the city permit system since last year.

No injuries in Puget Ridge RV fire

(WSB photo)

Thanks to Chris for mentioning that early-morning RV fire on 16th SW by the South Seattle College (WSB sponsor) campus. We didn’t hear about it in real time – the callout was just after 6:15 am – but followed up. SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo says the RV was “fully involved” when firefighters arrived; no injuries reported, and the cause remains under investigation.

UPDATE: Garage fire in North Delridge

(Added: Photo sent by Mark)

9:04 PM: Multiple SFD units are arriving at an incident reported as a garage fire in the 4100 block of Delridge Way SW [map]. It’s already reported to be under control.

10:26 PM: Call is closed. Incident log shows the last unit to leave was only there half an hour.

UPDATE: Fire callout on 9th SW

(Photo courtesy Tim Durkan)

10:02 PM: Big Seattle Fire response to the 8800 block of 9th SW [map]. Updates to come.

10:04 PM: SFD says it’s a small exterior fire at a vacant building. The response will be downsized.

(WSB photos from here down)

10:23 PM: We’re at the scene. 9th is blocked just north of Henderson.

10:37 PM: Fire’s out. Firefighters described the scene as a “derelict building.” Cause is under investigation; no one was hurt.

11:41 PM: The “derelict building,” according to city records, is slated for demolition, to be replaced by four townhouses. It’s also been reported multiple times in recent years, most recently in a February complaint that described it as a “trash-filled broken-down house.”

UPDATE: House fire on 11th SW

(Photo courtesy Tim Durkan)

9:55 PM: Another big Seattle Fire call – this time in the 9200 block of 11th SW (map). SFD says it’s a “confirmed working fire in a residential building.” Updates to come.

10:04 PM: Fire is reported to be under control.

(WSB photo)

10:16 PM: No injuries, per SFD.

(WSB photo)

10:23 PM: Our crew talked to SFD at the scene. Much of the damage is in the garage. The family who lives there got out OK.

11:20 PM: SF says the fire is out and under investigation and also – a cat is missing.

ADDED FRIDAY AFTERNOON: SFD says the fire was determined to have started accidentally.

Fire callout on 35th SW

(Part of the initial response, visible via new 35th/Holden SDOT camera)

Big SFD callout in the 7500 block of 35th SW but it’s being quickly downsized – first crews on scene say it appears to be just a dryer problem.

UPDATE: Fire call at Madison Middle School

(Added: Photo sent by Derek)

12:02 AM: What started as a fire-alarm call at Madison Middle School has been upgraded to a “full response.” Updates to come.

12:06 AM: Firefighters are describing this as a “dumpster fire” and dismissing some of the units.

12:11 AM: Fire is reported “tapped” (out); next job, to turn off the automatic sprinklers.

12:40 AM: The cause is under investigation. We’ll follow up with SFD and the district later today.

3:09 PM: From SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo: “Crews confirmed it was a dumpster fire next to the school building. The building’s sprinklers were able to contain the fire while our firefighters fully extinguished it. No injuries reported. Our fire investigators were not dispatched to this scene as they responded to another fire that occurred at the same time” (in North Seattle).

UPDATE: Construction-debris fire at South Seattle College campus

(Texted photo)

2:30 PM: A big Seattle Fire dispatch is arriving at the South Seattle College campus. It’s being described as “roofing materials on fire.” Updates to come.

2:37 PM: The fire is “knocked down,” crews on scene have radioed. The response is being downsized. We don’t yet know exactly what part of the campus this is happening at.

(WSB photo)

2:48 PM: The fire is mostly out but firefighters are dealing with some smoldering debris. This is in the automotive area of the college (which like other schools is currently closed to in-person instruction).

3:11 PM: Now the fire’s declared “tapped.” No word of injuries.

3:28 PM: Adding more photos. Meantime, we checked with SSC spokesperson Ty Swenson, who tells WSB, “From what we’ve gathered, the fire started with construction debris in the Automotive Technology construction zone. It sounds like that debris was at ground level, not on the roof.” More info later.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: SFD says the fire was “accidentally caused while construction crews were working at the site of a demolition and renovation project for the college. Estimated loss is $10,000.”

Trailer burns in southeast West Seattle

Thanks for the tips. We’re just back from 1st/Kenyon, in the southeast West Seattle industrial area fronting on Highway 509, where there was a briefly sizable Seattle Fire response. As shown in our photo, a trailer burned on the east side of 1st. Firefighters told us no one was hurt; the cause is under investigation.

UPDATE: SFD response on Avalon Way

7:38 PM: SFD is checking out a possible fire in a 6-story building in the 3200 block of SW Avalon Way. Updates to come.

(Added: Photo by Jason Harbison)

7:40 PM: SFD says the fire, in one unit, is out, “extinguished by tge sprinkler system.” No injuries.

7:55 PM: Most units have been dismissed, but Avalon traffic is still a bit bollixed (photo added).

FOLLOWUP: Jim Clark Marina fire also remains a mystery

(March 27th photo by Asher Morgan)

When we asked SFD today about whether investigators had determined the cause of last Saturday’s 48th SW fire, we also asked again about the March 27th Jim Clark Marina fire. SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo says investigators also were unable to determine what started that fire. No one was hurt, but as we first reported the day after the fire, nine boats burned.

UPDATE: Seattle Fire response in The Junction, false alarm

4:16 PM: A Seattle Fire “full response” was sent to California/Alaska after a report of dark smoke from a commercial building’s roof, but so far, the first arriving units aren’t seeing anything.

4:21 PM: This was determined to be a “smoking pizza oven”; units are being dismissed.

FOLLOWUP: 2-alarm Admiral construction-site fire remains a mystery

(WSB photo, Saturday)

Ever since that 2-alarm fire in the 2300 block of 48th SW early Saturday, we’ve been checking back with SFD to see if they had determined the cause. Today, the official word is that “Our fire investigators were unable to determine a cause,” according to SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo. He says the estimated loss in the fire – which damaged neighboring residences as well as gutting five under-construction rowhouse units – was $910,000. No one was hurt but the fire spread burning debris over a distance – one Alki Avenue condo resident even reported finding some of it.

UPDATE: 2-alarm construction-site fire in North Admiral

(UPDATED 2:07 PM>)

(Video by Ryan O’Keven)

3:27 AM: Major Seattle Fire callout in the 2300 block of 48th SW [map] – a house site under construction is reported to be on fire, described as “fully involved.”

(Photo by Liz Murdock)

3:34 AM: They’ve just called for a second alarm.

(Video by William Skibitzke)

3:45 AM: This is reported to be a multi-unit building under construction.

(Added, photo by Laurie Cecil, from blocks away)

3:54 AM: The fire is under control.

(WSB photos by Patrick Sand from here down)

Our crew has just arrived and says it’s clearly “a total loss.”

4:04 AM: The address is 2329 48th SW, not 2325 as logged by SFD. We wrote about this project two years ago. It was planned as two rowhouse-style townhouse buildings, one five units, one two units – the larger one is what burned. Meantime, there’s concern about power lines in the area coming down, so City Light is being called in.

4:15 AM: SFD reports that “residents in nearby homes were safely evacuated with no injuries reported.”

4:45 AM: Some crews are being dismissed. We don’t have official word yet on how this affected the buildings on both sides (here’s the two-unit building next door:)

But firefighters have had to put out hot spots including a tree stump “across the gully” from the fire site. (And a few minutes later, “a pile of construction materials … is burning.”)

5:09 AM: Going on 2 hours now from the original dispatch. Thanks again to the person who called to tip us, and thanks to everyone who sent photos/video. About half the crews have been dismissed. No indication of the fire’s cause yet; we’ll have updates later today.

2:07 PM: Just went by for a daylight look. We also checked with SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo, who tells us 75 firefighters battled the fire. “The building is a total loss and the neighboring homes sustained minor damage. Several residents from the neighboring homes were evacuated as a safety precaution and no injuries were reported. Our crews are still on scene to monitor for hot spots. The incident is under investigation. “

UPDATE: Brush fire near Longfellow Creek

10:20 PM: Thanks to a texter for that photo. SFD is responding to what firefighters describe as a “pretty large brush fire” in the wooded area near Longfellow Creek east of Chief Sealth International High School.

10:31 PM: Firefighters are accessing the scene through the Longfellow Creek P-Patch off Thistle. No structures are reported to be threatened.

10:43 PM: The nearby resident who called it in (and sent the photo and video) says it looks like firefighters have it under control.

ADDED 11:32 AM MONDAY: Regarding the cause, SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo tells WSB, “Fire investigators were not dispatched for this incident. No injuries were reported and no other people were present when our crews arrived.”

FOLLOWUP: 9 boats burned in Jim Clark Marina’s third big fire in 10 years

March 28, 2020 7:47 pm
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(WSB photo)

That was the scene at Jim Clark Marina when we went by this afternoon, more than 12 hours after last night’s big fire (WSB coverage here). Environmental responders were on scene and a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter was hovering for a while.

(WSB photo)

This did far more damage than the 2010 and 2015 fires, which each destroyed two boats. This time, Seattle Fire says tonight, “at least nine boats and a boat house were on fire.” The flames were controlled with the help of this fireboat:

(SFD photo)

SFD says the cause remains under investigation. No one was hurt. Meantime, the state Ecology Department says one boat sank and another that broke loose during the fire generated an “oil sheen” today, but the boat’s been secured and the sheen dissipated. Booms were placed by West Seattle’s Global Diving & Salvage last night and Ecology says it’s “been effective.”

UPDATE: Fire at marina under West Seattle Bridge

(Photo by Scott Morgan)

9:35 PM: Big response on the way by land and sea to Jim Clark Marina under the West Seattle Bridge for a boat fire. Updates to come.

(Photo by Asher Morgan)

9:38 PM: Per emergency radio, this is described as two boathouses, “well-involved.” Crews on scene have reported “explosions,” and are going to pull back to fight this “defensively.”

(Photo by Aaron Freeman via Twitter)

9:46 PM: At least one fireboat is about to arrive; shore crews report having access challenges. The fire is reported to be spreading.

(Video by Bryan Vlok)
9:57 PM: Thanks to everyone who’s sending photos and video. SFD is calling for more engines.

10:08 PM: SPD says the West Seattle low bridge is closed because of the smoke. Meantime, firefighters have been searching the marina to look for anyone who might have been trapped aboard boats.

(Photo by Brandon Smith)

10:30 PM: So far, nobody found. The fire has just been declared “under control.”

10:49 PM: They’re still working on “hot spots.” As noted in comments, the marina has had two other big fires in the past decade – two boats burned in 2015, and two were lost in a 2010 fire.

11:01 PM: The low bridge has reopened, SDOT says.

11:13 PM: So far, no injuries reported.

ADDED 1:30 PM SATURDAY: We checked with SFD – no cause or damage estimate yet. We’ll publish a separate followup when that info is available. Meantime, thanks to Jim Edwards for getting this screengrab from the bridge traffic camera pointed down at the marina:

UPDATE: SFD response at Highland Park Way/West Marginal Way

4:19 PM: Thanks to William for the photo. A big fire call is blocking traffic in the Highland Park Way/West Marginal Way SW vicinity – that burning motor home is apparently what’s at the heart of it. Avoid the area.

5:10 PM: SFD is clearing the scene.

ADDED: We went by after the fire was out. The burned motor home was in the former encampment parking lot at the intersection.

About the emergency response in 3000 block California

(Photo by Christopher Boffoli)

For everyone texting to ask: Big response but small incident at the apartment complex at 3033 California SW – believed to be a kitchen situation (aka “food on the stove”). Most of the units should be clearing before too long.

UPDATE: House fire in Seaview, 1 to hospital

(WSB photo)

12:21 AM: A Seattle Fire response is on the way to a house near 47th and Graham in Seaview. Updates to come.

12:24 AM: Units arriving confirm it’s a “working fire.”

12:28 AM: One person brought out of the house is being evaluated.

12:30 AM: The fire is reported to be under control.

12:42 AM: One person is being taken to the hospital by private ambulance (which indicates non-life-threatening injuries).

12:54 AM: The scene commander tells us that what caught fire in the house was “rubbish” and damage wasn’t major – lots of smoke, and smoke inhalation is why a man who was inside is being taken to Harborview to be checked out.

UPDATE: Briefly big response for what turned out to be a Dumpster fire in apartment building at 5200 California SW

(WSB photo)

12:21 PM: Seattle Fire sent a big response to an apartment building at California/Dawson after reports of smoke. First units on scene say it is a Dumpster fire inside the building. Avoid the area. Updates to come.

12:24 PM: The response is being downsized, as crews quickly got the fire “knocked down.”

12:30 PM: It’s out. They’re requesting the SFD investigator to come figure out what started the fire.

(Photo sent by Bill)

12:37 PM: Adding photos. Firefighters pulled the Dumpster out into the alley. No injuries; the building is a bit scorched.

UPDATE: House fire in 8600 block 17th SW

February 23, 2020 12:55 am
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(Photo texted by neighbor)

12:55 AM: Seattle Fire has a “full response” headed to a house in the 8600 block of 17th SW. According to dispatch, a resident is reporting a fire in the living room. Updates to come.

12:59 AM: Arriving crews have confirmed to dispatch that it’s a small fire in the living room, near the front door, and say the occupant got out safely.

1:04 AM: The fire is under control and some of the responding units are being dismissed.

1:14 AM: Fire now declared “tapped.” Investigator’s been requested, to figure out how it started.

UPDATE: Seattle Fire ‘full response’ in Alki – another false alarm

9:56 PM: Seattle Fire has a “full response” headed to a report of smoke from an apartment building at 53rd/Bonair (map). Updates to come.

9:59 PM: Another false alarm – first-arriving crew reports it was “steam from a dryer vent.”