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UPDATE: Fire response in South Delridge

(Added: WSB photos)

8:47 AM: Seattle Fire has a big response at a fire in the 9200 block of 18th SW [vicinity map]. Updates to come.

8:51 AM: SFD says the fire was largely confined to a garage, and that it’s been “knocked down”; no injuries.

8:59 AM: Firefighters have now declared the fire “tapped” (out). They’ve checked the house at the same address and say the fire did not spread.

9:18 AM: At the scene, the incident commander tells us the fire’s cause is under investigation. Meantime, SFD is calling for the Red Cross to come help two adults and a teenager affected by the fire.

UPDATE: Sylvan Way reopens after fire response

(Reader photo, originally uploaded in comments below)

10:24 PM: SFD is fighting what a dispatcher described as a “large encampment fire” off Sylvan Way behind Delridge Home Depot. The response has led SPD to block Sylvan Way in both directions.

(Reader photo sent by Sam)

10:44 PM: They’ve declared the fire “tapped” (out). SFD says no one was hurt.

11:20 PM: Nearby resident Sam says Sylvan has reopened to traffic. Emergency-radio exchanges indicate the remaining unit(s) are wrapping up and preparing to leave.

UPDATE: House fire on Halleck SW in upper Alki, overheated wiring suspected

4:54 PM: SFD is responding to a fire reported in the 2100 block of Halleck SW [vicinity map]. Updates to come.

4:57 PM: SFD says it’s a residential fire and their crews have water on it.

(Added: Reader photo)

5:04 PM: The fire is now reported “knocked down” and firefighters are searching the interior of the residence.

(Added: This photo and next by Christopher Boffoli)

5:15 PM: No one reported inside, and no injuries, per SFD.

5:57 PM: Many of the units have been dismissed; several are still on scene. The fire’s cause is under investigation.

ADDED FRIDAY: We asked SFD if the cause had been determined yet. Spokesperson David Cuerpo tells WSB, “Investigators ruled the fire was accidental, and likely caused by overheated electrical wiring. Estimated loss is $150,000.”

Two more porta-potty fires in north West Seattle

Two more porta-potty fires in West Seattle last night bring the total to at least four in just over three weeks, all in north West Seattle. Our photo above shows the aftermath of one at Admiral Way and SW Waite. We got a tip about it last night but SFD had closed out their response and left before we arrived, so we followed up on it today, and found out it was one of two in the span of an hour. SFD spokesperson Kaila Lafferty says the first fire last night was in the 3600 block of 44th SW around 6 pm, less than an hour before the one at Admiral and Waite, and that investigators ruled the cause of both as “undetermined.” That’s also what SFD concluded about these two we noted three weeks ago, at 51st/Dakota and along an alley in the 3400 block of California SW.


UPDATE: West Seattle Water Taxi service resumes after 3-hour suspension following ‘minor engine fire’ on Sally Fox

(Photo sent by Jonathan)

8:37 AM: Thanks for the tips about the SFD response to the West Seattle Water Taxi dock at Seacrest. SFD says there were “no signs of active fire” so it reduced what was initially a large response.

(Added: Photo sent by Carolyn)

8:49 AM: All SFD units have left the scene. Metro says West Seattle Water Taxi service is canceled for the rest of the morning. The Sally Fox is still at Seacrest, its doors open.

(WSB photo)

9:05 AM: The crew won’t comment on what happened; the original dispatch was for a possible engine-room fire. We’re checking with Metro management for comment, including how this will affect service later in the day.

10:35 AM: Here’s the official statement via Metro spokesperson Elaine Porterfield:

A minor engine fire was detected and quickly extinguished at about 8 a.m. on the King County Water Taxi MV Sally Fox while at the Seacrest dock in West Seattle. Crew members quickly evacuated the one passenger on board and activated the automated fire suppression system. The fire was immediately extinguished. No injuries occurred and the Seattle Fire Department inspected the vessel and confirmed the fire was out. Four crew members were aboard.

The Port Engineer and U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) will inspect the vessel. Once the vessel is cleared to depart Seacrest dock, it will be brought back to Pier 48. It is anticipated that the King County Water Taxi the MV Spirit of Kingston will be brought in to resume West Seattle midday service.

11:04 AM: Water Taxi Watch tracker shows Sally Fox has left Seacrest, headed downtown.

11:29 AM: Metro says service is resuming with the 11:30 am run from downtown to West Seattle.

11:51 AM: As noted by a commenter, service has resumed with Doc Maynard, not Spirit of Kingston, though Metro’s Porterfield tells us the vessel assignment might change later.

UPDATE: SFD response south of The Junction

1:32 PM: SPD is assisting SFD with traffic control at a call in the 5200 block of California SW – a 911 caller reported a “burning smell and smoke seen in the building,” according to dispatch.

1:39 PM: Firefighters have determined it was just “smoke from a self-cleaning stove” and are ending the call.

READER REPORT: Two early morning Honey Bucket fires

(Reader photo)

SUNDAY REPORT: Early today, two portable restrooms were burned in fires less than a mile apart, both around 5 am. We found out about this from Greta, who lives near the one off the alley on the west side of the 3400 block of California (top photo shows the aftermath):

I’m wanting to report this to you primarily to focus on safety. There is construction happening at the home next door to us. The house is vacant and they have a Honey Bucket on site for workers. This is what was set alight. There was no lock on the door. The other fire on 51st and Dakota was also a sanican set alight. Someone is doing this in our neighborhood. Terrifying fact really.

I awoke to the noise of crackling. Then my sniffer caught the smell of the smoke. I immediately got out of bed to look out the adjoining bedroom window and there it was. A fire was burning with an unbelievable pace. The flames were at least 8ft tall. Part of the fence that was behind the Honey Bucket was already gone. Our neighbors truck with the gas tank facing the fire was parked only 2 feet from this! Incredibly it didn’t catch fire, just bubbled the paint and the plastic of the taillights. I woke my husband up immediately and called 911. The fire department was here in under 5 minutes! My husband in a flash was outside trying fast to hook back up the hose. Unfortunately from us leaving it outside there was a hole in it. We used it anyway on the fire. me holding the tightest grip over the hole, while my husband Jeff faced the flames. Very scary for what could have been an awful outcome. We are safe, the neighbors are safe, and my many thanks to our incredible Seattle firefighters. It made me quite emotional after they put the fire out and watching them drive away. Also very thankful that it started to rain. They were incredible and are incredible. I have a huge admiration for them!

So this may want to be posted for future safety in our community. There is a possible arson here. … I think it’s important to lock up these sanicans, so that this sort of thing doesn’t happen. Fires spread fast! I’m so thankful that it wasn’t next to the house!

We went out looking for the 51st/Dakota scene and found this on 51st just north of Dakota:

We have an inquiry out to SFD but haven’t heard back and at this point don’t expect to hear back until tomorrow, so we don’t have any information yet on the investigation. (There is a police report logged for the California alley fire – 24-039339.) We’ll also be asking if there’s any suspicion these are related to two fires one week ago, including one that damaged a vacant house near 36th/Oregon and was determined to have been deliberately set.

MONDAY UPDATE: SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo tells us, “Our investigators consulted with crews that responded to both incidents and ruled the cause of both fires as undetermined.”

UPDATE: Fire at vacant house on West Seattle Triangle redevelopment site, ‘deliberately set’

6:49 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a “full response” to what’s described as an abandoned house near 36th/Oregon. Updates to come.

6:55 PM: The exact location is difficult to discern from descriptions – the dispatched address is 4500 block of 35th SW, nearest hydrant was described as 36th/Oregon, and then crews said they were accessing from 34th SW. We’re on the way to find out more. … The fire’s been declared “under control.”

(Added: Photo sent by Kevin Freitas)

6:58 PM: SPD assisting with traffic control say they have “36th and Genesee closed in all directions.”

7:10 PM: Our crew is there, reporting the fire is out and that indeed, no one was in the house. As for location, SFD has not updated the logged address yet (even though SPD told them it was wrong) – our crew says 36th and Oregon is a better location – it’s on the dead end of Oregon a little ways east of Tom’s Automotive.

(Added: WSB photo)

7:14 PM: Checking our files, the address may technically be correct – we believe it’s the “shack” referred to in this report we published two months ago about a potential redevelopment project.

7:22 PM: SFD’s investigator is calling for SPD. We noted a “dumpster fire” call just after 6 pm outside nearby Habit Burger (35th/Avalon) and hope to ask if they think it’s related.

(WSB photo)

7:28 PM: The incident commander confirms they are indeed looking into whether the two fires are related.

MONDAY UPDATE: SFD says the fire was ruled “deliberately set,” so SPD is investigating.

UPDATE: Vehicle fire in South Admiral

6:08 PM: Thanks to Christopher Boffoli for the photo and info from a fire that drew a mid-size SFD response in the 3200 block of 44th SW. It’s out now but Christopher says a vehicle caught fire in a driveway and that it spread to trees over the driveway. (Added: Here’s video of the flames in the trees.) We’re headed that way to find out more.

6:30 PM: All SFD units had departed by the time we arrived, so we’re following up via email.

8 PM: SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo replied, “Crews extinguished a car fire near a detached garage. No injuries were reported, and the incident is under investigation.”

UPDATE: House fire on 46th SW, out quickly

(Added: WSB photo)

3:04 PM: A sizable Seattle Fire response is arriving in the 3200 block of 46th SW [vicinity map] for what was initially reported as a kitchen fire spreading beyond the kitchen. Updates to come.

3:08 PM: The fire is under control, firefighters told dispatch.

(Added: Reader photo, sent by Dale)

3:11 PM: And now they’ve declared it out (“tapped”) and are downsizing the response.

3:30 PM: Our crew has arrived at the scene and talked with incident command. They confirm the fire started in the kitchen and tell us everyone got out OK – no injuries.

UPDATE: House fire in 1700 block Alki Avenue SW; SFD says ‘likely caused by baseboard heater’

(Added: Photo by Susie Saalwaechter)

3:45 PM: A Seattle Fire engine crew sent to investigate a report of smoke from a house in the 1700 block of Alki SW [vicinity map] has called for a “full response.” Updates to come.

(Added: Photo sent by Gene Pavola)

3:51 PM: Firefighters report flames showing from the house. Alki Avenue will be closed to traffic at the scene.

3:59 PM: They’ve searched the house and so far found no one inside, so there’s no report of injuries so far.

(WSB photo)

4:17 PM: Our crew is there now; we’re adding photos. The fire has just been declared out (“tapped”). The incident commander tells us no one was home and they’re trying to reach the owner.

(WSB photo)

4:33 PM: SFD’s investigator is there to try to figure out the fire’s cause. Some units are being dismissed as the operation winds down.

5:17 PM: Just in from SFD: “Investigators ruled the fire was accidental. Likely caused by a baseboard heater igniting nearby combustible materials. Safety tip: please make sure you leave 3 feet of space between heating units and any furniture, curtains and clothing.”

UPDATE: 2 hurt in Myers Way encampment fire

5:09 PM: Seattle Fire crews have been on scene this past hour at what was described as an encampment fire between their Joint Training Facility and tiny-house village Camp Second Chance, on the west side of Myers Way. They’ve found one person with burns and are sending them to Harborview Medical Center by private ambulance. The rest of the response is winding down. It’s on fenced property so we couldn’t get a closer view than the apparatus lights through the trees.

ADDED 6:39 AM TUESDAY: SFD spokesperson Kaila Lafferty tells WSB the burn victim was a man around 60 years old who was in stable condition when transported. She says a firefighter also suffered minor injuries but did not need hospital treatment.

UPDATE: House fire in Gatewood, cat missing

5:40 AM: Thanks for the tip. Seattle Fire is at a house in the 3700 block of SW Austin. The fire is described as under control. Updates to come.

(Reader photo via text)

5:52 AM: Firefighters have just declared the fire “tapped” (out). The call log indicates they’ve been on scene since about 5:25 am. We’re on our way over to check on injuries and extent of damage.

(WSB photo)

6:01 AM: Just as we arrived, firefighters told dispatch that reptile pets mentioned earlier as being in the house have been “extricated.” Meantime, SFD’s investigator has arrived to start looking into the fire’s cause. We’re waiting to speak with an incident commander.

6:16 AM: Firefighters tell us at the scene that no one was hurt, and the rescued pets – snakes – are OK. Since the fire is out, some of the responding units are starting to leave.

11:47 AM: Still missing from the house, Auzzie the cat:

The photo was forwarded by a neighbor who asks that if you find Auzzie, call Jeff (206) 612-9558. (We’re also adding to our Lost/Found Pets page.)

ADDED FRIDAY AFTERNOON: According to SFD spokesperson Kaila Lafferty, “Investigators ruled the fire was accidental, likely caused by an overheated power strip. It’s important to remember to plug high powered appliances such as space heaters and toaster ovens directly into the wall outlet, never into an extension cord or power strip.”

ALSO: Here’s a crowdfunding page set up to help the victims.

UPDATE: Short-lived Seattle Fire response in 4700 block of California SW

10:11 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a “full response” to the 4700 block of California SW – a water heater reported to be on fire in a back storage room at Talarico’s. Updates to come.

10:14 PM: The incident commander just told dispatch the water-heater fire is “mostly out.” They’re reducing the response.

(Added: Photo posted in comments by Matt B)

10:21 PM: Firefighters say everything’s handled, “all utilities secured” too, and they’re closing their response.

UPDATE: Small fire at Westside Neighbors Shelter/West Seattle Veteran Center building

6:57 PM: Seattle Fire has a full response out at 3618 SW Alaska, which is the address for the Westside Neighbors Shelter and West Seattle Veteran Center as well as American Legion Post 16 and Move2Center. Not a big fire – they’ve just reported it’s “knocked down” – but we’re on our way to find out more.

7:01 PM: Response is being downsized to a few units. But westbound SW Alaska is still blocked in the area.

7:15 PM: Our crew at the scene reports it was an exterior fire on the east side of the building and that everyone should be able to get back into the building shortly. Here’s the damage:

We hope to talk to building manager Keith Hughes shortly to verify that this won’t affect operations.

7:25 PM: SFD is turning the building back over to Keith. The fire is under investigation but believed to have been accidental. We asked Keith if he needs anything as a result of this – not so far, he said, but he had to go get busy putting up plywood.

7:42 PM: SW Alaska is fully open again.

UPDATE: SFD ‘full response’ in Highland Park

2:58 AM: Seattle Fire is arriving at a house in Highland Park (added: 8800 block 9th SW) where a 911 caller reported seeing flames from the basement. Possibly a vacant building, as the incident command has called for “derelict building” protocol.

3:02 AM: The incident commander says it’s a “small fire.” It’s confirmed to be a vacant building.

3:07 AM: The response is being downsized. The fire has just been declared “tapped” (out) and firefighters told dispatch it was actually an exterior fire.

3:11 AM: One more note – our archives indicate it’s the third fire in two months in one block.

Fire callout on 31st SW, downsizing

December 1, 2023 6:51 pm
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A Seattle Fire callout is arriving in the 6000 block of 31st SW. It’s reportedly just a kitchen fire, so it’s downsizing.

UPDATE: House fire on 55th SW

7:39 AM: Firefighters are at a house fire in the 3800 block of 55th SW [vicinity map]. Avoid the area. Updates to come.

7:44 AM: SFD says no injuries are reported so far.

7:48 AM: The fire is under control, firefighters report.

7:59 AM: We’ve just arrived in the area. SFD is starting to dismiss some of the units now that the situation is winding down. 55th SW remains blocked.

8:05 AM: We’ve just talked to incident command at the scene. They describe the fire as relatively small, but it did spread to the attic so that took a while to subdue. Their investigator has just arrived to start looking into how this started.

5:34 PM: SFD tells us the cause is still under investigation.

UPDATE: Business fire in heart of downtown South Park

9:10 PM: If you’re heading to or from the South Park Bridge, be aware that the main intersection in downtown South Park – 14th Avenue South and South Cloverdale – is closed off right now, as is the bridge’s northbound side, by a big fire response. The fire is reported to be in the business building on the northeast corner of the intersection. The smoke is visible on the nearest traffic camera (which points toward the bridge’s south end), as shown in the screengrab above.

9:22 PM: SFD is still fighting the fire. Southbound traffic off the South Park Bridge is being detoured onto westbound Dallas.

9:25 PM: SFD says the fire’s under control.

9:40 PM: No injuries, per SFD. Meantime, southbound traffic on the bridge is now being held behind a bus, and the traffic camera shows cars turning around and heading back northbound.

9:45 PM: SFD has declared the fire “tapped” (out). Some of the units are being dismissed.

10:37 PM: 14th/Cloverdale is still blocked but south/westbound bridge traffic is flowing again and the camera shows some vehicles getting onto the north/eastbound side from Dallas.

10:53 PM: Officers just told dispatch they’re reopening SB 14th and one lane of NB 14th. The fire, meantime, is under investigation.

(Added: SFD photo)

2:37 AM: As commenter David points out, SFD has summarized the fire response here, including the determination that the fire was accidental, “likely caused by faulty electrical.” The photo confirms it’s the building that’s home to the café Good Voyage.

UPDATE: House fire in 8800 block of 9th SW

3:22 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a “full response” to a reported house fire in the 8800 block of 9th SW. Updates to come.

3:25 PM: This is the same block where a vacant house had a fire a month ago. This house reportedly was occupied and those inside are reported to be out safely.

(Added: Photo by Tim Durkan)

3:31 PM: Firefighters just reported it’s under control.

3:36 PM: 9th SW is blocked at Henderson both ways, and Henderson eastbound is being blocked at 10th SW.

3:40 PM: They’re calling for the Red Cross to assist the people affected by the fire.

3:58 PM: More than half of the responding units have been cleared from the scene.

4:08 PM: East/westbound Henderson is reopening, police just told dispatch.

UPDATE: Fire on Myers Way

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11:57 AM: Thanks for the photos and tips. If you saw that column of black smoke in southeast West Seattle, here’s what was burning:

The reader who sent the photos says this is on Myers Way north of Camp Second Chance. We haven’t been to the scene yet to see how close, but CSC has long been trying to get city help addressing unsanctioned camping outside its site. Four SFD units remain logged to the call; we haven’t heard any word of injuries so far; no medic unit has been sent.

4:39 PM: SFD confirms no one was hurt and says the fire’s cause is “undetermined.”

CONTINUING THURSDAY: Seattle Fire Department training at Upper Fauntleroy house

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As previewed earlier this week, Seattle Fire Department crews are at 8822 38th Avenue SW in Upper Fauntleroy [map] for “live fire” training at a house awaiting demolition and redevelopment. They hadn’t started actually burning anything when we stopped by – they’re still finalizing the plan.

As noted when this was announced, spectators are welcome, but don’t go past that line of cones in the (closed) street. This will not be one big fire gutting the house, but rather a series of “fire evolutions” that will enable both veteran and new firefighters to train in specific situations. Also, for those concerned about the big tree on the site, it will not be involved in the training, which is scheduled to continue tomorrow and Friday, 9 am-3 pm each day.

Training fires planned this week at Upper Fauntleroy home awaiting demolition

(King County Assessor photo)

An Upper Fauntleroy house slated for demolition will be the site of “live fire training” first. Here’s the Seattle Fire Department announcement:

The Seattle Fire Department is conducting live-fire training exercises at a vacant home in the Fauntleroy neighborhood Wednesday, Nov. 1 through Friday, Nov. 3 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 8822 38th Ave. SW. Live-fire training is an opportunity for new and veteran firefighters to work with our officers and face real fire scenarios in a controlled setting. In the past week, firefighters went door-to-door to notify neighboring homes and businesses of potential impact.

Seattle Fire conducts this training exercise in the city and makes every effort to minimize the impact on the neighborhood. Portions of the roads within one block of 8822 38th Ave. SW. will be closed to ensure the safety of the community as well as the firefighters in training. Water in the immediate area may turn brown due to sediment in the pipes. The water is likely to clear on its own within 2-8 hours.

SFD recognizes that this training exercise may present inconveniences to your daily schedules and thanks those in the immediate vicinity for their patience and understanding. Seattle firefighters are among the best in the nation because of the training provided and support received from the community.

The department will have 4-6 fire evolutions spread throughout the day, each lasting 15-20 minutes. Residents will see smoke as controlled burns are set inside the vacant structure. All carpet, plastics and toxic synthetic materials have been removed along with required asbestos abatement. The training officers will set wood fires in a controlled method with safety officers on-hand during the exercises. This training is conducted under the strict regulations and rules of the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency. The smoke coming from the buildings during the live-fire is equivalent to smoke from a fireplace. After the fires are out, most of what you see coming from the structure is steam.

Neighbors are welcome to come and watch the live-fire training. Typical training days begin around 7 a.m. with the live-fire evolutions starting at 9 a.m. and lasting until around 3 p.m. with a break from 12-12:30 p.m. Any questions can be directed to SFD’s public information officer at sfdpio@seattle.gov.

As for the future of this house post-training: Online records show the house, which is on a one-third-acre double lot, was sold to a developer earlier this year, and the site has a plan for six residences – two single-family homes, each with two accessory dwelling units, one attached, one detached, with offstreet parking for 10 vehicles. Local tree advocates, meantime, have been monitoring the plan because of at least one tall evergreen on the site.