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UPDATE: Fire callout in The Junction

9:50 PM: Big SFD callout to the 4730 California SW apartments in The Junction. They’re reporting “light smoke in the hallway” on the third floor. They’re downsizing the response – calling it a small kitchen fire.

(Added: Reader photo, texted)

10:01 PM: The incident log shows five units still on scene, a third of the number originally dispatched, so you’ll want to avoid that block of California (between Alaska and Edmunds) for a while. No report of injuries (we’ll verify that with SFD).

10:26 PM: The remaining units have been dismissed and the call is closed.

UPDATE: Pole fire, power outage in Lowman Beach area

11:12 PM: Thanks to Aaron for the tip. SFD is at a call on Lincoln Park Way described as a “transformer fire,” and they’ve asked SPD to close the street to traffic.

(Added: Reader photo)

11:38 PM: SFD has closed out the call. But a texter and commenters report power’s out in the Lowman Beach area – nothing on the Seattle City Light map, though.

11:43 PM: Mapped now – 249 customers out.

1:16 AM: Still out, going on two hours.

9:29 AM: As noted in commenters, the power was restored around 6:30 am, after about seven hours.

2:29 PM: We asked SCL spokesperson Jenn Strang for more specifics on what went wrong. She explained, “Crews determined that the equipment failure [which sparked the fire] originated in the primary insulators. This can sometimes occur during wet weather.”

UPDATE: Car fire at 38th/Juneau

4:59 PM: Thanks to Shaun for the tip and photo. That car fire happened at 38th SW and SW Juneau [map] – avoid the area for a while. Seattle Fire is still there, according to the log, 15 minutes after the dispatch. No word on cause or injuries – but no medic unit has been dispatched, suggesting no major injuries.

5:40 PM: The call is now closed, meaning firefighters have left the scene. We’re following up with SFD.

READER REPORTS: Early-morning trouble on the roads, roadside

Thanks for the updates from the early-morning hours:

That photo is from Kathleen, who says the midsize Seattle Fire callout at 16th/Cambridge just after 5 am was for an RV fire. No medic unit dispatched, which indicates no major injuries, but we are checking with SFD.

From Ann:

3 cars were involved in an accident on the 3000 block of SW Andover last night / early morning 4 AM -ish. The black Kia crashed through a residential fence.

Same Kia is completely blocking the sidewalk. SPD said tow trucks won’t / can’t come until conditions are better so sidewalk is completely blocked for now.

Another great grea example of why steep streets get closed under icy conditions and why it’s a good idea to heed the signs.

No SFD dispatch with this one, which indicates no injuries reported.

UPDATE: Seattle Fire ‘full response’ for Alki Elementary – but no fire

December 28, 2021 5:28 pm
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5:28 PM: Seattle Fire has a “full response” headed to a reported fire in the 3000 block of 59th SW. Details as we get them.

5:31 PM: The dispatched address is Alki Elementary. First arriving crews aren’t seeing anything.

5:35 PM: Firefighters have determined it was just “steam from the boiler” and all but two units will be dismissed.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Burglary, arson, vandalism at church

Someone burglarized and vandalized St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in Admiral Friday evening. We learned about it late Friday after the church’s priest-in-charge, Rev. Elise Johnstone, forwarded a message she had sent to her congregation. From that message:

… Not long before 5 PM, an individual broke into our library in the office/education wing of the building, and then proceeded to set 3 small fires in the library. Providentially, a pedestrian walking on California Avenue heard the glass break and called 911. The police and fire department came, but the individual had already run away from the property by the time the police and fire department arrived. While we have sustained some damage, the situation could have been much worse. One large window in the library will need to be replaced, but a damage assessment company is on their way to SJB this evening to board up the window securely. The fires have damaged 3 places in the carpet in the library and with one of the fires, sadly, the individual lit a wooden cross and a dictionary of the Bible.

There is glass all over the library floor, so for the time being, until an industrial cleaner can come, we will keep the library closed.

The Seattle Police and Fire Department staff were all very helpful, kind, and thorough. This incident is now under investigation, and we will continue to be in communication with the appropriate people at SPD. …

We don’t have the police-report # yet but will add it when it’s available.

UPDATE: House fire on SW Yancy

5:51 PM: A Seattle Fire “full response” is in the 2600 block of SW Yancy [map], fighting what’s described as a working house fire. The resident(s) are reported to have gotten out safely.

5:58 PM: SFD reports the fire is out and was contained to the house’s basement.

FOLLOWUP: Firefighter training continues at 3417 Harbor SW

December 7, 2021 2:25 pm
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Thanks for sending the photos/video! (Above, from Jean; below, from Sean.) As we first reported Monday, firefighters are using the destined-for-demolition building at 3417 Harbor SW for training.

You’ll note in the clip that they’re using power tools – a common sound/sight at house fires, once the flames have reached the attic.

The site just north of the West Seattle Bridge is planned for a 115-unit apartment building.

Big Seattle Fire presence by the bridge, but it’s not an emergency

(WSB photos)

Thanks for the tips! Lots of SFD firefighters on Harbor Avenue SW just north of the West Seattle Bridge, but it’s not an emergency – it’s “live-fire training.”

The house-turned-office building on this site is set for demolition as part of the 115-apartment project planned for the site (3417 Harbor SW, which cleared Design Review a year ago, and got land-use approval last spring). Property owners sometimes provide access to awaiting-demolition buildings for SFD. training, especially to help new recruits get experience; the department put out a call for properties earlier this year.

The crews at today’s site were too busy to offer many details but we have an inquiry out to downtown and will add any other details we get.

ADDED: SFD responded shortly after we published this. It’s set to continue tomorrow (Tuesday, December 7th) as well. And spectators are welcome as long as you stay on the sidewalk.

UPDATE: SFD ‘full response’ south of Brace Point

November 22, 2021 12:09 pm
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12:09 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a “full response” to the 5100 block of SW 98th [map] for what’s described as a “fire in bathroom vent, flames showing.” Updates to come.

12:16 PM: SFD is downsizing the response.

12:21 PM: SFD says it was a “minor electrical fire” and it’s out.

UPDATE: Fire on Marginal Place

10:46 PM: Several Seattle Fire units are on the scene of what they’ve described to dispatchers as “a fully involved RV fire” on Marginal Place SW, which dead-ends near the west end of the low bridge, under the high bridge. We don’t know how close the fire is to that end, as it’s logged with 18th SW as the cross street, and the map doesn’t show the two meeting.

11:07 PM: The response is downsizing, and firefighters are calling for the department investigator. No indication anyone was injured.

ADDED SATURDAY: The burned RV was about midway up the stub of Marginal Place from West Marginal.

UPDATE: Man dies after medical emergency that led to small apartment fire in The Junction

3:25 PM: Seattle Fire crews are on scene at the Alaska House apartment building (4545 42nd SW) for what was reported as a small fire contained to one apartment, but also has firefighters treating a reportedly seriously injured person. Updates to come.

3:48 PM: Firefighters told us at the scene that this was a kitchen fire and a person having a medical emergency, though we haven’t yet clarified whether the emergency preceded, or was a result of, the fire. The man is being taken to a hospital. Units should clear the scene (and street) within an hour.

5:44 PM: SFD spokesperson Kristin Tinsley says the man, in his mid-60s, did not survive – he “experienced a medical emergency while cooking, and was found slumped over the stove, triggering a fire response.” Medics were not able to save him. The Medical Examiner’s Office will determine his cause of death.

UPDATE: Another encampment fire near Station 36

(Framegrab from nearby traffic camera, 11:06 pm Wednesday)

THURSDAY REPORT: Last Friday, we reported on vandalism attacks at Fire Station 36 at the north end of Delridge, along with the station’s concerns about a nearby encampment that had been the scene of multiple fires. Late last night, one Seattle Fire engine was dispatched to another fire in the area. The emergency-radio exchanges at the time mentioned possible propane-tank involvement. We followed up this morning with SFD, whose spokesperson Kristin Tinsley tells us:

We responded to a fire at an encampment, located under the off-ramp. There appear to be a few tents that burned, and bicycles. Around 4-5 propane tanks exploded as part of the fire. SDOT was contacted to conduct an assessment of the underside of the off ramp, as the fire impinged on the structure. No reported injuries, awaiting information about cause.

We also asked about the status of the requests Station 36 made following the incident last week, including removal of nearby encampments. Tinsley said that information probably won’t be available until tomorrow because of the holiday. Same for SDOT, but we’re checking.

FRIDAY UPDATE: No new info on the safety measures, but here’s how SDOT answered our question about the requested “assessment”:

We conducted an initial visual inspection on Thursday morning and did not see any indications of major damage from the fire that could compromise the structural integrity of the bridge. We are planning to conduct an in-depth structural evaluation over the coming days to determine if any repairs are necessary. To note, the fire occurred under a ramp that is currently closed to traffic as part of the overall West Seattle Bridge closure, not the actual bridge itself.

FOLLOWUP: Burned-out South Delridge property put up for sale

(WSB photo, last week)

Thanks to commenter Mem for pointing this out: 9059 16th SW, the abandoned commercial building gutted by fire nine days ago, went up for sale days later. It’s listed online at the asking price of almost $700,000. The listing says:

Builder’s Alert!! 4923 SF lot zoned LR3 in prime south Delridge located on main thoroughfare of 16th Ave SW. Value in the land. Possible 4 units. Corner Lot. New 24 townhouse project one block to the south. Walking distance new restaurants and amenties of White Center. Close to freeways to downtown/Seatac airport. Fire to duplex-tear down. Property sold in “as is” condition.

SFD said the fire’s cause could not be determined because the building was unsafe to enter; they referred it to SPD investigators, who, when last we checked, had nothing to report.

UPDATE: Abandoned building burns at 16th/Barton

9:56 PM: SFD is sendng a “full response” to 16th/Barton for a structure fire. It’s in what’s reported to be a vacant building. Updates to come.

(Added: Video by Nick Nielson)

10 PM: Firefighters report they’ve “knocked down” the fire. Avoid the area for a while.

(Added: Texted photo)

10:08 PM: SFD is using “derelict building” guidelines. Meantime, the overview photo added above shows this is the old building on the northwest corner – Google Street View shows it with addresses 9059 and 9061 16th SW.

(Added: Photo by Nick Nielson)

10:28 PM: City Light has arrived to shut down power to the building (which is a century old, according to property records). City records show a “notice of violation” was in progress after a recent complaint which said in part, “This vacant building is always full of garbage, rats, covered in graffiti, and poses a fire hazard.”

(Added: Photo by Michael Riedel)

10:50 PM: Sent to us by readers, this Ring security-camera clip shows the fire starting to show from the south side of the building just as someone walks out of one of the front (east-facing) doors.

11:44 PM: All but three SFD units have left the scene.

10:40 AM MONDAY: Still waiting for word of the cause, but we went over this morning for a look at the aftermath.

11:31 AM: From SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo: “Our fire investigators ruled it as undetermined because they were unable to enter the building due to safety concerns. Per procedure for undetermined fires, we have shared this information with SPD’s Arson and Bomb Squad for followup.”

UPDATE: 3-alarm fire in downtown White Center

(Added: Video by @houndoomer on Twitter. Language caution)

ORIGINAL REPORT, 5:44 AM: Another big fire callout in downtown White Center, and Seattle Fire units from West Seattle are being sent to help. 16th SW is being blocked south of Roxbury. We’re on our way to find out more.

(WSB/WCN photos/video)

5:58 AM: As our first photo shows, the logged address is correct – the old Locker Room Tavern at 9633 16th SW, damaged by fire back in April.

6:10 AM: No word yet if anyone was injured, or if the adjacent businesses are damaged.

(Video added)
This is the third major commercial-building fire in White Center in a little over two months, after the July 5th fire that gutted seven businesses a bit further north on 16th SW (ruled arson) and the fire at the old Atlas Electric building on September 1st (still under investigation).

6:18 AM: The fire’s not out yet – still visible flames and smoke inside the building.

6:34 AM: Public-information officers on scene say this is a 3-alarm fire – they’ve called in the extra help because of the proximity of other businesses. (video added, briefing by PIO Pat Pawlak:)

They’re working to try to keep it from spreading to the adjacent businesses (Bizzarro Italian Café to the south, Huong Xua Deli to the north). No injuries reported.

8:07 AM: After a break to return to HQ to upload video, our crew is back at the fire scene. Some of the responding units have been dismissed. We talked to a Bizzarro Italian Café rep, who says they’re closed Mondays anyway so they’ll be evaluating any effects. Same goes for Full Tilt Ice Cream two doors down – owner Justin Cline tells us there’s some water damage but they’re also usually closed Mondays, so they have time to deal with it. 16th, meantime, is likely to stay closed another two hours or so.

9:04 AM: Lot of cleanup to be done inside Huong Xua (above). Meantime, more than three hours after the fire started, firefighters are still on scene:

12:08 PM: 16th SW has reopened.

12:35 PM: We just checked back with Fire District spokesperson Shauna Sheppard: No cause determined yet.

1:31 PM: Another update from Sheppard: Early indications are that the fire was NOT deliberately set, but the investigation continues.

8:56 PM: We went by tonight; Bizzarro (whose website says they’ll be closed “a few weeks”) and Huong Xua are both boarded up, and the Locker Room is simply rubble. A commenter posted this link to a crowdfunding page for the Locker Room’s proprietors, saying they were about to start rebuilding from the April fire damage.

FOLLOWUP: Burn ban over, Alki Beach fire pits open again

The King County Fire Chiefs Association announced today that the Stage 2 burn ban has beeb lifted. The announcement explains, “Recent precipitation and cooler weather have allowed wildland fuels to recover moisture, and the local wildland fire danger has reduced to a level where it is safe to resume small recreational fires.” The biggest effect of this in our area means the Alki Beach fire pits are open again; Seattle Parks lists their hours as 4 pm-9:30 pm daily. The Stage 2 burn ban had been in effect since August 13th.

UPDATE: 2-alarm fire in White Center

(Added: Video by Rob Jacobs, just before firefighters arrived)

FIRST REPORT, 8:44 AM: Thanks for the tips. There’s a big fire in White Center – the fire-response log says it’s a 2-alarm commercial fire near 17th SW and SW 98th [map]. Homes are being evacuated west of there. We’re on our way to find out more; avoid that area.

8:55 AM: We’re on scene. This is the long-vacant commercial building between the Gerber auto shop and dental office.

9:10 AM: No reports of injuries so far.

9:21 AM: We talked to firefighters at the scene, Most of this is “knocked down” but there’s one hot spot in debris inside the building that’s still smoldering, so that’s where their attention is now. They confirm no one is hurt. Meantime, checking property records, the exact address for the building is 9811 17th SW.

9:39 AM: The building’s past incarnations include Atlas Electric and the White Center News newspaper; it was listed for sale last year and sold early this year.

10:05 AM: Thanks to the readers who note this building also caught fire two years ago; we covered that on our partner site White Center Now – the 2019 fire was ruled arson, We’ll be checking back at today’s scene in a bit.

11 AM: Just back from there. Still smoldering; streets still blocked. The Gerber auto shop next door is closed while they assess potential damage, as the north end of their building is adjacent to the one that burned.

UPDATE: ‘Major brush fire’ response along Sylvan Way

8:41 PM: Seattle Fire has upgraded a response in the 2400 block of SW Myrtle to “brush fire/major.” This will also affect traffic on Sylvan Way. Updates to come.

8:48 PM: Thanks to the texter who sent the photo. Firefighters are using a hydrant at Home Depot, so the fire is west of there.

8:52 PM: Firefighters just told dispatch it’s under control after burning an estimated quarter-acre.

9 PM: Reader video from Austin Reimers added. Firefighters are now searching the woods to be sure no one was injured (added: after finding an encampment in the area). The address is also revised on the SFD log to 24th SW/Sylvan Way.

9:31 PM: Firefighters have reported to dispatch that the fire is “tapped” (out).

UPDATE: RV fire closes 2nd SW

6:41 PM: Thanks for the tips. 2nd SW is still closed south of Highland Park Way while that RV fire is investigated. We talked to SFD at the scene; they say no one was hurt.

7:48 PM: The call has closed, so the street should be open again.

ADDED THURSDAY: SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo tells WSB, “Fire investigators ruled the incident as undetermined with an estimated loss of $800. Crews report the fire started within an encampment and extended to an RV and two vehicles. No occupants were present at the time of the incident and no injuries were reported.”

UPDATE: Seattle Fire ‘full response’ at 24th/Webster for what turned out to be a dumpster fire

12:25 PM: Seattle Fire is arriving at a report of a garage fire at 24th/Webster [map]. Updates to come.

12:27 PM: They’re telling dispatch that the fire is confined to a garage, so they’re downsizing the response.

12:36 PM: The photo is from our crew at the scene – the dumpster is what caught fire inside a garage; out now, and ventilation is the primary job that remains. No one hurt.

BURN BAN: Beach fires, no. Barbecues, yes. Here’s what fire chiefs around the region have ordered

Smoke alert, heat alert – and now, a burn ban. Here’s the announcement from the Seattle Fire Department:

The City of Seattle has joined King County under a State 2 burn ban effective immediately. During a Stage 2 burn ban, any outdoor fire such as a backyard fire pit or campfire using chopped firewood or charcoal is prohibited.

Under the ban, any person with a recreational fire who fails to take immediate action to extinguish or discontinue when ordered or notified to do so can be charged with, up to and including, a misdemeanor. Seattle firefighters have also been directed to extinguish any illegal fires during this ban.

Manufactured portable outdoor devices are allowed, including barbecues and patio warmers that are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Approved fuel devices – including those that rely on charcoal, natural gas or propane gas – are also allowed.

Seattle has experienced two large brush fires along I-5 this week, and the long spell without significant rainfall, the risk of fire in vegetated areas remains high. Let’s do all we can to reduce the risk of an unintentional fire:

• Follow the Stage 2 burn ban
• Safely discard any smoking materials (e.g. don’t snuff out in potted plants)
• Check your vehicle to make sure nothing could drag and create sparks while driving
• Avoid parking on dry grassy areas as hot components could start a fire

Call 9-1-1 immediately if you see a brush fire so we can send crews right away.

UPDATE: Seattle Fire ‘full response’ in 3200 block SW Avalon Way – unfounded

August 11, 2021 2:46 pm
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2:46 PM: A big Seattle Fire Department response is headed for the 3200 block of SW Avalon Way. The dispatch is “a report of a fire on the fifth floor.” Updates to come.

2:52 PM: Arriving crews say nothing’s visible, so they’re “investigating.” Avoid Avalon in that area as it’s being blocked – between Genesee and 35th – by/for the response.

2:56 PM: They’re not finding anything – apparently a work crew’s “dust” was mistaken for smoke – so most responding units are being dismissed.

3:10 PM: Call closed, so Avalon should be getting back to normal.