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UPDATE: Wires down, roadside fire along Dumar Way = power outage

2:30 PM: Thanks for the tip. Seattle Fire is just arriving at a scene where downed wires have caused a small brush fire along the 7300 block of Dumar Way [map]. We’re told a falling tree branch is to blame. Avoid the area for a while.

2:35 PM: We’ve heard from a few people reporting power outages but there’s nothing on the City Light map yet.

2:48 PM: Now the map has updated to show a 26-customer outage.

47th/Andover SFD response: Kitchen fire

Thanks to Emilie for the photo and tip. Firefighters made quick work of a kitchen fire in an apartment over a garage near 47th/Andover about an hour ago. No injuries reported. One side note: Firefighters were delayed a few minutes because the response first was sent to 47th Avenue *South*; the dispatcher said that’s how it was called in. Many of West Seattle’s SW streets have S. mirrors, as close as South Park, as far as the other side of I-5, so when calling something in, be sure to stipulate it’s SW.

UPDATE: Seattle Fire ‘full response’ in 5000 block of 25th SW – downsized

10:32 AM: A sizable Seattle Fire response is headed for a house in the 5000 block of 25th SW [vicinity map]. Updates to come.

10:35 AM: This has been quickly downsized – turned out to be a fire in the backyard.

Fire at South Park transfer station

You might have noticed this response on your way to or from the 1st Avenue South Bridge: Seattle Fire was called to the transfer station on South Kenyon for what turned out to be a “smoldering garbage” fire. They put it out quickly, and no one is hurt.

UPDATE: SFD vault-fire response at Delridge/Holden

5:34 PM: Big Seattle Fire “vault-fire response” is headed for the 7700 block of Delridge Way SW. Sparks and smoke are reported to be coming from beneath a concrete slab at a “new construction” site. Police are being dispatched to help direct traffic in the area. Updates to come.

5:42 PM: Per dispatch, northbound Delridge traffic will be diverted at SW Kenyon.

5:49 PM: Update from our crew – Delridge is completely blocked from Holden to Kenyon. SFD is still investigating the electrical problem that is causing this. Our crew reports “popping” is audible and there’s a strong unpleasant smell. No report of injuries; nearby residences have been evacuated while they sort this out. … The 120 bus is being rerouted, too.

6:42 PM: Seattle City Light has shut off electricity and is now in charge of investigating the problem. Seattle Fire units have departed.

Big response for High Point house fire

In the past hour and a half, firefighters have been working to extinguish a fire at a house near 32nd SW and SW Juneau in High Point. SFD says one person was home at the time and got out OK, but one firefighter suffered what are described as “minor injuries.” Some of the initial large response has been dismissed, but the incident log shows 10 units still on scene, including fire investigators working to find out how this started.

UPDATE: 30th/Trenton house fire

May 25, 2022 2:00 pm
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2 PM: Seattle Fire is arriving at a house-fire call in the 8800 block of 30th SW. One person is getting medical attention. Updates to come.

2:03 PM: Firefighters report it’s under control and assess it as a “small” fire.

2:14 PM: The fire’s just been declared “tapped” (out) and the response is being downsized. The person who was medically assessed does not need to go to the hospital, we’ve been told at the scene.

ADDED FRIDAY: SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo tells WSB, “Our investigators determined the fire was accidental, and likely caused by improperly discarded smoking materials. The estimated loss was $100,000.”

FOLLOWUP: Arbor Heights house-fire victim dies; neighbors organizing help

(WSB photo, Sunday evening)

2:55 PM: When an Arbor Heights house caught fire Sunday evening, neighbors rushed over with fire extinguishers to try to help while firefighters were on the way. Now, neighbors are assisting in another way – they’ve organized crowdfunding for the family coping with the aftermath of what SFD ruled was an accidental fire. The most seriously injured victim is still in the hospital in critical condition with burns, neighbor Steve tells WSB. So neighbors are doing what they can to help, and for all the times readers ask if they can help in the wake of emergencies, they wanted to let you know too. They explain on the crowdfunding page that the victim and his wife “are wonderful neighbors who have lived on our block for many years.”

4 PM: Since we published this, as noted in comments, the crowdfunding page has been updated with the news that the critically injured man, Angelo, has died.

UPDATE: Arbor Heights house fire sends 3 people to hospital

7:13 PM: Seattle Fire crews are just arriving at a house fire in the 9800 block of 45th SW [map] – smoke was visible from miles north.

(Photo sent by Erin, seen from Lincoln Park)

They report it’s a “working fire.” Updates to come.

7:15 PM: At least one person is reported in need of medical treatment.

(Added: WSB photo)

7:20 PM: Firefighters told dispatch the fire is under control. … Other people who were in the house are reported to need medical evaluation.

7:56 PM: Update from SFD – “Firefighters rescued an approximately 74-year-old man from the house fire; he is being transported in critical condition via medics to HMC. 2 other occupants are also being transported via AMR in stable condition.” The fire is out.

(Added: SFD photo)

8:29 PM: Just talked to SFD spokesperson Kristin Tinsley. She had one detail to add – that neighbors jumped into action with fire extinguishers after seeing smoke and hearing someone yelling for help, but it was too late – the fire “took off.” Of the three people home at the time, the one who was transported in critical condition was in the room where the fire is believed to have started; another man got out OK, and a woman was out in the yard at the time. SFD’s investigator is working to determine the cause.

MONDAY MORNING: SFD says the fire was ruled accidental, blamed on an “overheated electrical power strip.”

UPDATE: Police investigating West Seattle house fire as arson

1:44 AM: Seattle Fire has sent a “full response” to a possible house fire near 46th and Andover.

(Added: Photo sent by Emilie)

1:47 AM: First crews on scene say it’s a basement fire.

1:56 AM: Firefighters are checking the other floors to be sure it hasn’t spread. So far no word of injuries.

1:58 AM: They’ve now reported some flames in a corner of the roof/attic, while the fire in the basement is described as “under control.”

2:03 AM: And now the attic fire is also declared “under control.”

(Added: Photo posted in comments by Nick)

2:13 AM: They’ve just told dispatch that the fire is “tapped” (out).

2:28 AM: Some of the units are being dismissed. SFD’s investigator will work to figure out how this started; we’ll follow up later this morning.

8:57 AM: SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo tells us the SPD Arson and Bomb Squad is now investigating this fire because it “was ruled as incendiary (intentionally set).” He added, “The estimated loss is $100,000.”

UPDATE: Fire response at Broadstone Sky in The Junction

3:50 PM: Big SFD response at Broadstone Sky Apartments, at 40th/Edmunds, but it’s already being downsized. Updates to come.

3:53 PM: SFD says there was a fire in a second-floor unit but the sprinkler system put it out. Firefighters are now checking inside the building, for water damage and carbon-monoxide readings.

4:07 PM: Firefighters confirm to our crew at the scene that no one was hurt and more units should be leaving the scene soon.

UPDATE: Seattle Fire ‘full response’ for house fire on Walnut SW

April 26, 2022 6:33 pm
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6:33 PM: Seattle Fire sent a few units to a report of something burning on the roof of a house in the 3200 block of Walnut SW [vicinity map], and the first crews on scene assessed it as a fire on an upper floor, so they’re upgrading it to a “full response.”

(Added: Photo sent by Christine)

6:38 PM: The firefighters report finding fire in the attic of the 3-story house.

6:46 PM: Firefighters have told dispatch the fire is under control and they’re just looking for hot spots. No injuries reported so far.

(Added: WSB photo)

7:01 PM: They’ve called the fire “tapped” (out). Our crew at the scene confirms everyone got out OK. … SFD’s investigator is there to try to figure out what sparked the fire.

ADDED: We followed up on the fire’s cause. SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo says it “was determined to be accidental. Likely caused by improperly discarded smoking materials. The estimated loss is $70,000.”

VIDEO: Fire near 1st Avenue South Bridge

Thanks to Nick for that video of a fire that briefly sent smoke and flames high into the sky near 2nd SW and Highland Park SW [map], just southwest of the 1st Avenue South Bridge. It was at first logged as a “rubbish fire” but the first engine on scene saw that it was more than that, including trees, so they sent more units. Firefighters are still on scene and have most recently told dispatch to reclassify it as an “encampment fire.” No one is reported to be hurt.

UPDATE: Seattle Fire ‘full response’ in 7900 block 14th SW

April 8, 2022 1:03 am
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1:03 AM: Big SFD response to the 7900 block of 14th SW [map]. The fire’s already under control. Updates to come.

1:06 AM: Firefighters have told dispatch the fire appears “confined to the exterior” of the building.

1:12 AM: Crews have declared the fire “tapped” (out). The SFD investigator is being summoned to figure out what sparked it.

UPDATE: Fire at Westwood house awaiting demolition

6:13 PM: Seattle Fire is arriving at what’s described as a residential fire in the basement of a house in the 9200 block of 25th SW [vicinity map]. Updates to come.

(Added: WSB photo)

6:18 PM: Firefighters are searching the other areas of the building after knocking down the basement fire.

6:20 PM: They’ve now told dispatch the fire is “tapped” (out). No injuries reported.

6:21 PM: City records show this house is slated for demolition – the permit was issued last November – with townhouses to replace it.

UPDATE: Candle blamed for igniting South Delridge fire

10:30 AM: An early-morning fire damaged that house in the 9000 block of 17th SW. The initial callout was just after 6 am; firefighters were still on scene a few hours later. They tell us no one was hurt – everyone got OK – but there’s too much damage for them to be able to go back inside. SFD investigators are looking into the cause. SFD is keeping an engine there for a while on “fire watch,” in case of flare-ups.

11:50 AM: As posted in comments, Chris recorded this (update: click here for video) while the fire was burning:

We’re still waiting to hear back from SFD on what investigators found.

1:17 PM: SFD spokesperson Kristin Tinsley tells WSB that investigators ruled the fire “accidental,” ignited by a candle. Damage is estimated at $230,000. (SFD recently published this advice about candle/incense safety.)

About the SFD response in The Junction

March 30, 2022 2:52 pm
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Just in case you’re in The Junction and wondering – four SFD units were sent to Pizzeria Credo (4520 California SW) but are reporting the problem was just “smoke from a pizza oven,” so they’re downsizing the response.

UPDATE: Seattle Fire ‘full response’ for 3000 block of 47th SW

11:43 PM: Seattle Fire has dispatched a “full response” to the 3000 block of 47th SW for [map] what’s reported as a possible fire in a basement garage. Updates to come.

11:49 PM: Firefighters are confirming smoke from one level of a “split-level” home.

11:52 PM: The fire is reported to be under control.All occupants are safely out.

11:56 PM: And now the fire’s “tapped” (out).

12:13 AM: Some units continue to be dismissed from the scene. SFD says no one was hurt.

3:48 PM WEDNESDAY: SFD says the cause is still under investigation.

FOLLOWUP: Longfellow Creek P-Patch gardeners’ gratitude

(WSB photo, Thursday afternoon)

Two days after another fire ravaged the shed at Longfellow Creek P-Patch, the gardeners are grateful – to the community, for donations that will enable them to keep growing in a garden that also gives back, with food-bank donations. Here’s the update from Christina:

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of the West Seattle community, we now have all the tools and equipment we need for the upcoming season. West Seattle Blog readers are truly amazing! We are still accepting monetary donations to help us rebuild our shed. If readers want to help us rebuild, they can donate online at grownorthwest.org and designate that the donation is for “Longfellow Creek” P-Patch. We are also working with Seattle Police to help prevent future incidents of arson.

They’re storing tools and equipment offsite in the meantime.

UPDATE: Fire at Beach Drive house ruled ‘accidental’

1:41 AM: Another big Seattle Fire dispatch – this time headed for a report of a possible fire at Beach Drive and Jacobsen Road. Updates to come.

(Added: Video sent by Ann)
1:44 AM: First crews on scene say smoke is visible from a house.

1:51 AM: The address is now the 4700 block of Beach Drive. “Water on the fire,” a firefighter just told his colleagues and dispatch. … And a minute later, they’ve reported the fire is under control.

1:54 AM: They’ve just checked the house’s basement and report smoke and flames there.

1:59 AM: They’ve also found fire “in the walls.” No word of injuries so far.

2:12 AM: The fire’s out; no one was inside, firefighters report. If the revised address on the SFD log is correct, this is the house just south of Emma Schmitz Overlook that was the former Quesnel’s Restaurant decades ago. It’s now on the books as a duplex.

2:28 AM: Some units are being dismissed. The cause is under investigation.

2:39 AM: Beach Drive Blog‘s photo confirms it is the former Quesnel’s.

3 AM: BDB now says it’s 4701 Beach Drive, not 4703 as logged by SFD. Meanwhile, we’ve added video above, sent by Ann.

10:08 AM: SFD spokesperson Kristin Tinsley tells WSB, “Fire investigators ruled the fire as ‘accidental,’ caused by electrical failure/overheating involving the refrigerator power supply or refrigerator itself; ignited nearby combustibles.”

UPDATE: Another fire at Longfellow Creek P-Patch shed, and how to help the gardeners

11:28 AM: SPD and SFD are investigating after another fire at the Longfellow Creek P-Patch shed at SW Thistle/25th SW. We were passing by when we saw Engine 11’s crew, and the smoke, around 10:20 am, and pulled over to see what was happening. Firefighters were extinguishing what had been major flames. This is the third fire at the shed in the past week; here’s our report from last Friday.

Even before this morning’s fire, we were planning to publish a followup today, after hearing from Christina, one of the P-Patch gardeners, who told us via email, “We lost a lot of tools and equipment in the fire and through repeated acts of vandalism and theft. We are hoping to replace that lost equipment and are looking for donations of shovels, rakes, pruners, a gas-powered lawn mower, hoses, or wheelbarrows.” She adds, “We are community gardeners and donate fresh produce regularly to the West Seattle Food Bank as well.” If you can help, donations are being coordinated by Kristin, at kadams2517@gmail.com. Meantime, we’ll be following up the the fire investigation.

ADDED WEDNESDAY NIGHT: We still haven’t heard back from SFD regarding the fire’s cause. Since the P-Patch, while managed and gardened by community volunteers, is on city land, we asked the city Department of Neighborhoods, which manages the P-Patch program, about the situation. Here’s the response from spokesperson Sam Read:

We are devastated to hear of another fire at the Longfellow Creek P-Patch. We share in the community’s grief and frustration and our P-Patch staff are working closely with the garden community and City partners.

The shed is not considered city owned, but rather managed and funded by community with occasional support and guidance from P-Patch staff. As such, the gardeners will need to come together to fund any rebuild or repairs.

P-Patch staff are coordinating with Seattle Parks and Recreation on developing a plan to remove garbage and cut trees from the area. In addition, P-Patch staff are coordinating with Seattle Police Department around these incidents. The Southwest Precinct’s Crime Prevention Coordinator has offered to work directly with our staff to organize a personal safety training for Long Fellow Creek Gardeners if there’s a collective interest.

ADDED THURSDAY MORNING: SFD tells WSB the fire”was ruled as ‘incendiary’ (intentionally set). Information was provided to the Seattle Police Department for follow-up. The shed was heavily damaged by fire, and partially collapsed.”

UPDATE: House fire on 25th SW

(Added: WSB photos)

5:33 AM: Seattle Fire has a “full response” fighting what they describe as a “working fire” in a house in the 9200 block of 25th SW, just south of Westwood Village [map]. Updates to come.

5:49 AM: Firefighters have told dispatch that one person was in the house, and they’re calling the Red Cross to provide assistance to that displaced person.

5:53 AM: Our crew just spoke with the incident commander at the scene. The fire’s out; the house was considered a “derelict building.” SW Barton is blocked nearby because of the big response; they’re expecting to remain on scene another hour or so. No injuries.

6:03 AM: City files show 14 complaints filed regarding this house in the past four years, most recently last fall, complaining about “junk” on the property.

ADDED SATURDAY EVENING: SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo tells WSB the fire’s cause remains under investigation.

READER REPORT: Fire at Longfellow P-Patch shed


Thanks to Liz for the photos and report on a fire at the Longfellow Creek P-Patch, just east of Chief Sealth International High School. She emailed to say, “I first noticed something going on when driving east on Thistle St. around 2:30 pm. There were fire trucks and an ambulance parked on the north side of the road with lights flashing but couldn’t stop to investigate further. Then around 4pm I walked my dog through the P-Patch and took the attached photos of the damage.”

We checked with Seattle Fire, which could only tell us that a shed was damaged, and that no injuries were reported. Our later check of this week’s SFD dispatch logs shows this was the fourth day in a row that they were dispatched to that area – Thursday’s call around 4 pm was classified as an “encampment fire,” while the Wednesday response around 11:30 am was labeled a “shed fire,” and Tuesday’s response just before noon was not logged with a specific type of fire. Like other P-Patches, this one is tended by volunteers.