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UPDATE: Seattle Fire callout at Arrowhead Gardens, quickly downsized

Briefly sizable SFD callout at Arrowhead Gardens, the senior-living complex in southeast West Seattle [map]. The incident log shows all but two units were canceled within a few minutes of dispatch. (Added: This turned out to have been a small kitchen fire, aka “food on the stove.”)

UPDATE: Apartment fire in South Delridge

December 17, 2020 12:03 pm
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(Added: WSB photos)

12:03 PM: Seattle Fire has just arrived at a residential-building fire in the 9200 block of 16th SW [map]. It’s reported to be on the multi-unit building’s second floor.

12:07 PM: At least one person is reported to need medical treatment.

12:15 PM: Firefighters tell dispatch the fire is “tapped” (mostly out).

12:20 PM: Our crew on scene confirms even the smoke has dissipated. Avoid the 16th/Barton vicinity for a while, though, since as our newly added photos show, the response is blocking 16th.

12:30 PM: SFD tells us at the scene that the residents of the unit where the fire happened have all been checked out and no one will have to go to the hospital. An investigator is on the way to look into how the fire started.

UPDATE: House-fire callout on SW Roxbury

8 PM: There’s a big residential-fire callout on the county side of the 2400 block of SW Roxbury – that means the North Highline Fire District is the primary agency, but others are being dispatched to help, including some units from the city side of the line. We’re on our way to find out more.

8:15 PM: Roxbury is mostly blocked just east of 26th. The fire was small, we’re told, in a vacant house. No injuries reported.

UPDATE: Vehicle fire @ Delridge/Holden

4:37 PM: Avoid Delridge/Holden for a while – Seattle Fire has arrived to deal with a vehicle fire and has alerted dispatch that some help will be needed directing traffic for a while. The fire, however, is already out.

4:50 PM: Adding a photo sent by Kersti Muul, showing it’s a commercial van. No reports of injuries, but we’ll be doublechecking with SFD.

5:12 PM: SFD has closed out the call.

UPDATE: Fire response on Alki

8:20 AM: Big SFD response to the 2700 block of 60th SW [map] – but it’s already being downsized. We are headed there for specifics. Update to come.

8:34 AM: SFD says the fire was confined to one room of a duplex. @PuyallupCoug tweeted this photo of a burned mattress that was brought out.

(Photo by @PuyallupCoug)

8:52 AM: We’ve just talked to the incident commander. No one hurt, damage limited to the mattress.

(WSB photos, this one & next)

They’re talking to the unit’s resident to figure out what sparked the fire.

The last units are leaving.

(Photo by Willy O)

12:17 PM: SFD tells WSB that the cause was determined to be “improperly discarded smoking material.”

FOLLOWUP: City still deciding what’s next after West Seattle Junction portable-toilet fire

(WSB photo, Sunday)

Will the city replace the portable toilet destroyed by fire at 44th/Alaska early Sunday (WSB coverage here)? Seattle Public Utilities spokesperson Sabrina Register tells WSB, “There are discussions around next steps for hygiene resources at the location,” After removal of the controversial “hygiene station” in Junction Plaza Park three weeks ago, the city-funded toilet was the only remaining public restroom in the area; the fire also destroyed the portable sink that had been moved there from the park. SFD tells WSB there’s no information on the fire’s cause; one engine was on scene for about 15 minutes and its investigator was not dispatched. The charred remnants of the toilet have not yet been removed, but Register says SPU is working on that “and is reviewing any actions that can be taken to reduce fire risk.” We researched the portable toilet’s history while covering a Junction safety initiative in 2016; the city told us then that one had been there since the Junction Association requested it in the ’90s.

Early-morning fire destroys city-funded West Seattle Junction toilet

(WSB photos)

When a Honey Bucket driver showed up at noon to service the city-funded portable toilet on SW Alaska near 44th SW, he had a surprise – there was nothing to service, just foul-smelling molten plastic debris. We were there checking because of reader tips that the toilet had been destroyed by fire. The SFD logs show a “dumpster fire” response there at 4:37 am today, with one engine on scene, for a total of 17 minutes. A toilet, framed by a permanent shelter, has been there for years. Recently a portable sink was added, moved from Junction Plaza Park after two portable toilets were removed from that spot; the sink also was destroyed in this morning’s fire.

SFD tells. us the fire remains under investigation. We’ll be checking with the city tomorrow about plans for replacing the toilet.

UPDATE: Fire in 6000 block of 42nd SW

(SFD photo, via Twitter)

4:58 AM: Thanks for the tips. Big Seattle Fire response right now to a residence in the 6000 block of 42nd SW. SFD says it’s a porch fire that “extended to a residence” and it’s under control. Updates to come.

5:06 AM: SFD says no one’s hurt, and that its investigator is on the way to try to figure out how this started.

(WSB photo)

5:10 AM: Our crew at the scene says smoke is still visible from the roof.

5:17 AM: Firefighters tell us three people were home and all got out OK, though they’re now being checked for possible smoke inhalation.

5 PM: We followed up with SFD about the fire’s cause. Spokesperson Kristin Tinsley says, “Cause of fire ruled accidental. Total estimated loss $300,000. Started on the porch from an energized electrical cord.”

UPDATE: Seattle Fire ‘full response’ in 5000 block of Delridge Way SW

7:11 PM: A “full response” from Seattle Fire is headed to the 5000 block of Delridge Way SW for a reported building fire. Updates to come.

7:16 PM: Firefighters have radioed that it was a small kitchen fire, extinguished by the apartment’s occupant, so they’re downsizing the response.

7:23 PM: Though they’re wrapping up, firefighters radioed that Delridge will be blocked in the area (map) for another 15 minutes or so.

Seattle Fire response in The Junction

A midsize Seattle Fire response is at an apartment building in the 4500 block of 42nd SW right now. It’s reported to have been a kitchen fire, already extinguished, but one person suffered hand burns and will be treated.

UPDATE: Seattle Fire ‘full response’ on 29th SW, quickly downsized

September 29, 2020 1:55 pm
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1:55 PM: Seattle Fire has sent a “full response” to the 6400 block of 29th SW. The first units arriving are seeing “light smoke” but have assessed it so far as a kitchen fire.

1:58 PM: The fire is already out and the response is being downsized.

UPDATE: Seattle Fire ‘full response’ for 3400 block of California SW = kitchen fire

September 15, 2020 4:24 pm
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(Photo by Christopher Boffoli)

4:24 PM: Seattle Fire has a “full response” headed to the 3400 block of California SW. Updates to come.

4:27 PM: Though there are businesses in that block, this is described by arriving units as a small residential building. They say it was a kitchen fire, already extinguished. The response is being downsized.

UPDATE: Seattle Fire response in 2800 block of Alki SW

8:37 PM: Seattle Fire has a “full response” headed for the 2800 block of Alki SW. Updates to come.

8:41 PM: It’s a residential kitchen fire and it’s out, firefighters radioed to dispatch.

UPDATE: Seattle Fire ‘full response’ north of The Junction, quickly downsized

August 24, 2020 6:49 pm
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6:49 PM: A Seattle Fire “full response” is on the way to the 4100 block of 47th SW. First crews arriving aren’t seeing anything yet. Updates to come.

6:53 PM: Small kitchen fire, aka “food on the stove.” Response is being downsized.

UPDATE: SFD ‘full response’ at 30th/Charlestown, downsizing

12:54 AM: Seattle Fire has just dispatched a “full response” to 30th/Charlestown [map] for a report of smoke and flames. Updates to come.

1 AM: Firefighters have radioed that it’s an “exterior rubbish fire” and are downsizing the response.

Big call in North Admiral = dryer fire

Seattle Fire had a full-size response headed for the 1500 block of 44th SW – and it turned out to be a dryer fire in the basement, per radio exchange. Most of the dispatched units have been dismissed.

UPDATE: Condo fire in Westwood

(Photo by Guy, from comments)

7:35 PM: Big Seattle Fire response for what’s described as a condo fire at 24th/Barton. It’s in a third-floor unit. Updates to come.

(WSB photos from here, unless otherwise credited)

7:39 PM: Firefighters have radioed that the fire is under control.

7:45 PM: Though the fire in the unit itself is described as under control, firefighters also report it’s spread to the attic/eaves.

7:47 PM: Our crew reports the building is 9016 25th SW, across 25th from Westwood Village’s southeast parking lot.

7:52 PM: Photos added. The fire is now described as “tapped” in both the unit and the attic.

(Photo by Jim Clarke)

8:02 PM: Still some concern focused on the top of the building, our crew reports. So far, no report of injuries.

8:14 PM: SFD confirms to our crew that no one was hurt. The cause is under investigation.

11:30 AM MONDAY: We just checked with SFD; the cause has not yet been determined.

FOLLOWUP: Six days after ring removal, illegal beach fires persist at Alki

(Photo by David Hutchinson)

That beach-cleaning machine had to be dispatched to Alki this morning, with people continuing to ignore the beach-fire ban, less than a week after Seattle Parks removed the long-locked fire rings people had been damaging. Seattle Fire has been dispatched to Alki five of the six nights since then – three times on Thursday, once on Friday, once on Saturday, three times on Sunday, once last night. We asked Parks spokesperson Rachel Schulkin if anything else is planned. She replied, “I think the next move would be to close the beaches. We are grateful to SFD for their support and grateful that you are covering this and reminding folks that beach fires are not permitted this summer. In case folks wonder why, it’s because beach fires are more often than not used as a place for larger groups to gather. As we are still in Phase 2 and gatherings must be 5 people or less, beach fires are not permitted.”

ALKI BEACH: Fire rings removed after months of misuse

(WSB photos)

Thanks for the tips. A Seattle Parks crew has been out on Alki Beach this morning, removing the fire rings and cleaning up the debris/trash left behind. The fire rings have technically been “closed” for months but Seattle Fire crews have been called out many nights because people have set fires on or near them anyway.

And indeed, Parks spokesperson Rachel Schulkin confirmed to WSB after we photographed the ring removal this morning: “Fire rings have been locked all summer to prevent the crowding and congregating that happens with beach fires. Folks were lighting fires on top of the pits, so we are removing them for now.”

UPDATE: Seattle Fire ‘full response’ in 6500 block of 16th SW

July 12, 2020 12:16 am
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12:16 AM: A reported “fire between two houses” has Seattle Fire sending a “full response” to the 6500 block of 16th SW (map). First crews report a “working fire.” Updates to come.

12:20 AM: Firefighters confirm that the fire is between two houses but has not spread to either.

12:23 AM: SFD says the fire’s out.

From White Center Now: 2-alarm fire

For the second time in three months, a fire callout at the former Yarington’s Funeral Home at 16th/107th in White Center – this time, much bigger, 2 alarms. We’re covering it on partner site White Center Now.

UPDATE: Lamp blamed for 38th/Graham house fire

11:08 PM: A Seattle Fire “full response” is headed for the 6300 block of 38th SW [map]. First engine on scene says it’s a house fire.

11:13 PM: The fire is reported to be on the house’s 2nd floor. Firefighters have water on it.

11:19 PM: The fire is reported to be under control. Both occupants are reported to have gotten out OK.

11:22 PM: Fire now declared “tapped” (out).

ADDED 2 PM MONDAY: SFD says, “The fire started from a lamp in a closet that ignited nearby combustible material. Total estimated loss is $125,000.”

UPDATE: Fireworks blamed for apartment-building fire at California/Myrtle

(WSB photos unless otherwise credited)

6:04 PM: We just happened onto this and SFD has just arrived.

The fire was burning in shrubbery in front of the building and spread to balconies.

(Photo by Julianne Davidson)

(Texted photo)

Passersby were hollering for people to get out. More…

More firefighters have arrived. The flames were roaring up the side of the building before their arrival. No word of injuries so far.

6:19 PM: Under control, damage mostly exterior, says SFD. Cause under investigation.

6:34 PM: They’re evaluating the interior to see if it’s safe for residents to go back inside.

7:15 PM: California’s still blocked at the scene by SFD units.

7:30 PM: SFD says it was started by fireworks. $100,000 damage estimate.

8:49 PM: Added two short video clips we recorded just before and just after the first engine arrived. Meantime, the incident log shows only 3 units still on scene, so California is likely passable again.