WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Early-morning arson; more catalytic-converter theft

Three brief reports in West Seattle Crime Watch:

ARSON: A car fire early this morning in Admiral was arson, according to a preliminary police report, SPD says it was just before 5:30 am when “officers observed a car fire in the 2600 block of 42nd Ave SW. SFD responded. The victim was on scene. It appeared someone broke out a passenger window and set the vehicle on fire.”

CATALYTIC-CONVERTER THEFT: In Gatewood, a Honda Element was left parked outside a home whose residents were away for a week. They just came back and discovered someone stole its catalytic converter while they were gone.

ATTEMPTED CC THEFT: Meantime, an attempted catalytic-converter theft was thwarted last night in Highland Park, This happened around 8 pm at 12th/Trenton: “Someone tried to cut off my catalytic converter; my wife yelled and they left quickly, in a white Dodge Durango with a black box with tools on the back.” The victim says the plate started with BKU (the full number/incident has been reported to police).

4 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Early-morning arson; more catalytic-converter theft"

  • Chivahn July 24, 2021 (2:39 pm)

    They got the catalytic converter off my Element at home in Interbay last week while I was sleeping :/ it’s rampant right now. 

  • HTB July 26, 2021 (8:22 am)

    Absolutely do no get the catalytic converter thing

    • Auntie July 26, 2021 (9:44 am)

      What’s not to get? The thieves can get the converter and be gone in minutes, they can sell them quickly for a good buck and there is nobody stopping the buyers. Sounds like the perfect racket to me.  Until there is legislation that clamps down on unscrupulous scrappers, this will continue.

  • Roxhill neighbor July 26, 2021 (3:16 pm)

    This same white Dodge Durango stole my neighbor’s catalytic converter Friday night at 9pm.  We came home and saw them…I knew what they were doing and immediately called 911.  Unfortunately, they took off so quickly.  This was at the SW Cambridge and 30th Ave SW.

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