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WEST SEATTLE COYOTES: Daytime chicken-chasing and other sightings

More coyote sightings, first one sent by Amy on Thursday:

Just saw a coyote chasing my chickens. Keep your pets indoors! We live between the Pathfinder trails and the Duwamish Longhouse. Still waiting to see if my scattered flock returns….

Since we weren’t able to publish that immediately, we checked back later, and Amy updated us:

The chickens are mostly okay. They came out of hiding about an hour later. One of them had bite marks and needed stitches, but will recover. The attack happened around 10:00 AM. I’m not letting the chickens or my cat out unsupervised any time soon.

Rose De Dan thinks her cat might have encountered a coyote, perhaps the one captured on her Wild Reiki Spa video from the Belvidere area last Saturday:

I love and respect coyotes but do not want to see one hunting at the Wild Reiki Spa near dawn. The coyote doubles back; he’s hunting something, maybe a rabbit. The two sets of glowing eyes on the mid-left are my two foster cats watching the action from the window. I am worried; former outdoor-only stray cat Tamerlan came home dirty and injured around 10 p.m. last night (no bites, but a possible muscle strain and fall, perhaps from fleeing a coyote). I am glad I can warn the neighbors to keep their cats in at night and not leave their dogs unattended in the backyard. This is a very healthy coyote and pets don’t stand a chance.

And Sally reported this Wednesday sighting:

I’d never seen a coyote in person, so I guess today was my turn.

I saw it come from SW Holly, at the south edge of South Seattle College. It started to run out onto 16th Ave SW, but ran back to the curb to avoid getting hit by cars. It had a small animal in its mouth, but I couldn’t tell what it was – could have been a cat. All I saw was that the prey had dark gray, brown, white stripe-y soft texture. To me, it really looked like the back of a barred owl, though I couldn’t imagine that a coyote would manage to catch an owl? This was around 6:45 am.

As we’ve noted many times before in our 15-plus years of coyote-sighting reports, coyotes have a varied diet – nuts and berries as well as wildlife (squirrels, rats, etc.) and yes, some unattended pets. We publish sightings periodically for awareness, not alarm; even if you don’t live near a greenbelt, they’re likely in your neighborhood. Learn about them here.

WILDLIFE: West Seattle coyotes – recent reader reports

Stefanie sent that photo after seeing that coyote – squirrel in mouth – running across 35th and down Juneau in mid-June. We’ve been publishing coyote sightings for a decade and a half, often one-offs, but this time we have several in queue, to perhaps provide better context of how they’re living around and among us. This is important for pet owners to realize, since in addition to eating small wildlife like the squirrel in the photo, rats, and more, unattended domestic animals can be part of their diet too. Other sightings, minus prey, included this one texted a few days ago:

Not a great shot but we saw a lone coyote scampering around 37th and Henderson … Public service announcement.

Also via text, sent Monday:

There was one in Sunrise Park in the High Point neighborhood around 6:30 am … We have many outdoor cats in the area that I worry about. Looks to have headed into the ravine toward Delridge.

Early morning is a common sighting time. Aaron saw one this morning:

I was not able to snag a picture, but we just saw a coyote trotting up Frontenac and then head south on 39th in Gatewood. Have appreciated the community sharing updates on locations but this was the first time we’d seen one out and about.

Also in Gatewood, Pam reported a sighting last Friday:

For the second time in the last two weeks (?) I saw a leggy coyote heading down the alley between California and 41st, this morning, it was moving fast and carrying a critter. I sure hope it was a rabbit … might be worth letting everyone know that there’s a hunter around and to keep an eye on their pets. Here’s a good source on keeping our four-legged smalls safe.

They can travel a lot of ground, too – Terris observed this one a little over a week ago:

Coyote spotted coming across the Oregon hill (23rd/22nd, whatever we call that road) from Delridge up to Puget Ridge. It crossed the intersection where 23rd branches off and ran up by the houses on the east side of the hill along on the retaining wall. Please keep your pets safe.

As noted in the FAQ Pam shared, as well as many infosheets (like this one) that we’ve shared over the years, avoiding feeding coyotes – intentionally or unintentionally – is the best way to avoid you and/or your pet coming into close contact with them.

WEST SEATTLE WILDLIFE: Three Four coyote sightings

6:20 PM: Thanks for the coyote-sighting reports! We’ve received three recently –

Kathleen emailed today to report, “We saw a small coyote in our yard on 39th between Andover and Dakota at 6:30 a.m. this morning.”

-A texter reported two coyotes at Walt Hundley Playfield in High Point on Monday.

Charrie saw that one via a security camera on their front porch at 60th/Charlestown on May 24.

This is not cause for alarm but rather awareness, which is why we have published reader coyote sightings from time to time over the past 15+ years – not everyone realizes they’re here living among us (or is it, we among them?). Authorities say the best way to ensure we and they can maintain a healthy distance apart is to not provide food sources – which can include anything from pet food to unattended small pets. Here’s more information on coexisting with coyotes.

ADDED 10:15 PM: Aaron has since sent this video recorded by his parents in Gatewood on Wednesday, a coyote running as a crow chased it:


Sent by Andras:

Not sure if this is well known or not but it’s my first time seeing them in Lincoln Park and I’m here every morning. Was stalked by a couple very resilient coyotes (Wednesday) morning while walking my dog; they were skittish as usual but kept coming back after running off. I managed to get a picture of one.

We have long published coyote sightings (click “coyotes” under the headline and scroll through our archive) – for awareness, not alarm. Here’s information on coexisting with coyotes.

SIDE NOTE: You can learn about urban wildlife from a naturalist while volunteering with Friends of Lincoln Park 10 am-noon Sunday, June 2 – sign-ups are open, here.


Two reader reports of coyote sightings in West Seattle:

GATEWOOD: The photo is from Joe, who reports:

Thought I would share a recent coyote sighting in the Gatewood neighborhood (40th SW & Morgan St.) This was from Wed. night 5/1 @ 11:28 PM. This is actually the second sighting at the same location in less than a week, FWIW.

THE JUNCTION: This report is from Shaunte G:

Saw coyote run down 42nd from Edmunds headed south at 10:15 pm. I was walking my two chihuahuas and had to tell him off us, as he tried hiding behind a car waiting for us to walk by and then tried to position himself behind us. Informed others walking their dogs as well, since he seemed fairly bold.

We share coyote sightings for awareness, not alarm. And for education – find out what to do if you encounter one by reading the state’s fact sheet.

WEST SEATTLE WILDLIFE: New camera catches coyote

The photo was shared by Karla, who’s in the 5400 block of 34th SW, just south of Camp Long. She explains, “I put out a game camera last week and caught this coyote posing in our yard.” What should you do if you see one? Scare it away, as advised in this state-produced Living With Wildlife guide, which has other helpful information about coexistence. We report coyote sightings for awareness and education, not alarm; you can browse our archives here.


Andrea reports a sighting shared by a neighbor while out dog-walking: “2 coyotes were spotted crossing Alaska Street at 48th Ave SW going into Ercolini Park at 10 PM last night.” Remember that coexistence with coyotes depends on keeping them at a distance, with tactics like what Jen B described in yesterday’s report.

WEST SEATTLE COYOTES: ‘Note of reassurance’

Jen B and Freyja the dog saw a coyote in their West Seattle neighborhood today – and Jen reports doing what you’re supposed to do:

Just a note of reassurance to folks in the 52nd and Stevens area. If they saw a middle aged red haired lady in pajamas waving her arms yelling “Coyote Go Away” about 9:15 am, that was just me. The coyote was running through our backyards by Schmitz Park. She is a lovely young healthy coyote. She did what she was supposed to do and ran away. I was with my dog who is also now very confused. So no harm done, but I am guessing some neighbors think I’m demented.

How to coexist with coyotes, including behaving like that if you see one, is part of what you’ll learn here (click “Preventing Conflict“).

VIDEO: Coyotes in Seaview

The video is from Natalie, sent late last night:

Caught this video tonight of two coyotes, one in our yard and one on the sidewalk. You can see a rabbit run away on the sidewalk right as a coyote chases an animal (likely rabbit) in our yard, which also gets away. We are on 46th between Graham and Raymond. Thought this might be interesting to know and see.

We publish coyote-sighting reports – with or without video/photos – for awareness, not alarm, and recommend that everyone read up on coyotes, including urban coexistence, via infopages like this.

WEST SEATTLE COYOTES: Seaview sighting

Jessica sent the photo and report tonight:

Upon coming out the front door on 46th Ave SW between Findlay and Juneau around 9:30 pm, I heard a noise and stopped. It went silent. I made my way to the car and once inside saw a coyote on the west side of the sidewalk. It followed my car up the street and then crossed the road, pausing for a photo. Then it ran across Juneau toward 47th.

Our standard reminder – we publish coyote sightings for awareness, not alarm. Here’s how to peacefully coexist!

WEST SEATTLE COYOTES: ‘Epic sighting’ west of The Junction

Alissa sent this late last night, describing it as an “epic sighting” near 46th/Oregon:

Coyote alert:

I was sitting in my living room and heard what sounded like a cat fight outside. I heard cats growling and then a yip, and I flew out the door (knowing coyotes have been seen in my general area this summer). Sure enough, two small-looking coyotes ran from my next-door neighbor’s yard!! I couldn’t believe my eyes! My cats were there trying to take them on!! Thankfully, the cats are ok, and last I saw, the coyotes were headed southbound.

Our perennial reminder – we publish coyote sightings for awareness, not alarm. Coexistence advice from wildlife authorities includes not providing food sources (from birdseed to pet food to unaccompanied pets).

WEST SEATTLE COYOTES: Three sightings, caught on camera

Three more West Seattle coyote-sighting reports, all with visuals:

42ND/FINDLAY: That’s where Nicholas‘s video of two coyotes begins:

Just thought I’d send over a video I took of some coyotes running around my neighborhood right behind C&P.

ABOVE ALKI: Sent Tuesday by Amy:

SW Orleans St and Hillcrest Ave SW – he was big and trotting around like he owned the place!

NORTH ADMIRAL: Received today from Deanna:

Last night around 11:30 pm, our daughters saw a coyote going back and forth across the street. Location was at the South end of Sunset Ave SW near 50th.

REMINDER: We publish coyote sightings for awareness, not alarm – until their recent resurgence, many people might have either forgotten or not been aware at all that they have lived around here for a long time. Do’s and don’ts for coexistence are here.

WEST SEATTLE COYOTES: Brace Point sighting

From Amy in Brace Point:

Saw this on my Ring cam footage (Tuesday) morning. Looks like a coyote trotting through our back yard around 1 am.

The video gets grainy after that clear opening frame but you can see the short clip here. We’ll note again that we publish sighting reports for education and awareness, not alarm; if you’re new to living with coyotes, state wildlife authorities offer info and advice here.

WEST SEATTLE COYOTES: 2 more sightings

Two more West Seattle coyote sightings to share. First, one texted to us tonight: “Wanted to report a coyote sighting in North Admiral going east at SW Walker St toward 41st Ave SW.” Second, one that was sent by Martine on Halloween night:

I live on 34th Ave SW, between Andover and Charlestown, and this morning I had an encounter with what I think was a coyote. It was 7am and I was walking my dog. The coyote was only 6 feet away, not scared at all, and looked incredibly healthy. He did not run when I tried to scare it away and stayed within my eye-sight until I decided to just go back home and walk my dog later. It was a little unnerving.

As always, we want to note that we publish these sightings for awareness, not alarm, and for education: Here’s the state’s advice on do’s and don’t’s for coexisting with coyotes. (For previous sightings, click on the coverage-category link – “coyotes” – under the headline above and scroll through our archive.)

WEST SEATTLE WILDLIFE: Two early-morning coyote sightings

Both of these sightings were reported Friday:

GATEWOOD: From Cathy:

As usual, it happened while walking the dogs early this morning. About 5:15, my dogs were suddenly very alert to another canine crossing 37th Ave SW ahead of us at Willow St. The coyote was also very alert to us, but even more so to the rabbit flushed between us. This coyote looked to be the same size as in the photo you posted previously from “Rob.” I thought it looked pretty skinny and it didn’t run very far away nor very fast. We entered our yard and it lingered in our neighbor’s bushes across the street. Our neighborhood is rife with wild rabbits and plenty of outdoor cats and fruit trees; it’s a wonder we don’t spot more of the pack.

BEACH DRIVE: From a texter:

Coyote spotted with middle-sized animal hanging out of its mouth, this AM at 6:30 on my way to work. It ran across the street from a house on the water on Beach Drive, toward Jacobson!

As always, we include a note that we publish these sightings for awareness, not alarm, and for education: Here’s the state’s advice on do’s and don’t’s for coexisting with coyotes. (If you’re interested in previous sightings, click on the coverage-category link – “coyotes” – under the headline above.)

WEST SEATTLE WILDLIFE: One deer, two coyotes

No photos so far of either of these, but the reports came in via email:

LINCOLN PARK DEER: Lauren reports, “Spotted a young buck on the beach trail this morning in Lincoln Park. Also spotted a seal, bald eagle, and the barkiest dog in the whole wide world.” Lauren says she was not able to catch the deer on camera before he “hopped away.” The deer was first noted in this comment thread following yesterday’s humpback-whale sighting. (As one commenter notes, we’ve had scattered sightings in the past, including “Westley,” who spent a few weeks wandering the peninsula in 2016.)

TWO COYOTES: Sent by Nicole:

Our neighbor alerted us that she saw two coyotes at the end of her driveway at 11:00 pm when she let her small dog out. We live at the end of 32nd Ave SW, adjacent to Camp Long (32nd and Juneau).

The state’s advice on coexisting with coyotes includes NOT providing them with convenient food sources, from unaccompanied pets to unsecured garbage.

WEST SEATTLE WILDLIFE: Morning coyote sighting

Thanks to George for emailing this report of a coyote sighting around 7 am today: “I just saw one heading north on 55th Ave SW / SW Charlestown St. Well fed, alone, 35-40 lbs. Not surprising considering all the rabbits around here!” We publish coyote sightings for awareness, not alarm; here’s a one-sheet on coexistence do’s and don’ts.

WEST SEATTLE COYOTES: Another Upper Fauntleroy sighting; two on Beach Drive

10:50 PM FRIDAY: Shankar reported this sighting around 9 pm: “While walking my dog, just saw one of the resident coyotes trotting down 36th quite purposefully, before turning west on Trenton.” Not a cause for alarm, but for awareness – especially so you can be sure you’re not providing a food source, from unsecured trash to unaccompanied small pets. Here’s a simple one-sheet on coexistence do’s and don’ts.

10:21 AM SATURDAY: Sent by Cathy this morning: “Two large coyotes spotted at 6:30 this morning in Cormorant Park on Beach Drive. They followed friend and dog up to Alki Point. They hunt in early morning. Please be aware if you have pets outside at this time.”

WEST SEATTLE WILDLIFE: Gatewood coyote sighting

Just received from Vanessa: “I just spotted a coyote crossing SW Southern St. right off of California Ave. (a few blocks east of Lincoln Park). It went up into the backyard area of the house on the northwest corner of that intersection.” We publish sighting reports for awareness, not alarm; read this to learn about co-existence advice. (See past sighting reports by scrolling through this WSB archive.)


Reported by Sara: “I chased off a couple coyotes from 41st and Portland around 9:00 this evening. Both were skittish, thankfully! Another good reason to keep kitties inside.” Not sure what to do if you see one? Wondering what you can do to keep them at a distance? Read this. (See past sighting reports by scrolling through this WSB archive.)

COYOTES: Another West Seattle sighting

The latest in the resurgence of West Seattle coyote sightings is from Alexis: “My brother saw a coyote last night at 48th and Hinds heading south.” We publish these for awareness, not alarm; you can help ensure uneventful coexistence by not providing potential food sources, from outdoor pet food to unsecured trash to unaccompanied pets. You can read more about them in this state Fish and Wildlife fact sheet. (See past sighting reports by scrolling through this WSB archive.)

WEST SEATTLE COYOTES: Two pair sightings

Two of the latest reader-reported coyote sightings were pairs:

FAUNTLEROY: A texter reported tonight, “Coyote spotting…10:30 p.m. Two full-sized on Tillicum Rd across the street from Lincoln Park near Cloverdale.”

GENESEE HILL: Tim reported that on Tuesday night, “I believe I saw two coyotes crossing 55th Ave SW near Andover St about 9:30 PM … It appeared the coyotes were coming up the power line right of way that goes down the bank. That same night, in that same area, Rob saw this one, and sent us the photo via Twitter/X:

If you haven’t read up on coexisting with coyotes yet – especially how to avoid unintentionally feeding them – here’s the state Fish and Wildlife Department‘s advice.

WEST SEATTLE COYOTES: Two sighting reports

First, one that came in late tonight, with photo, via text (206-293-6302 is our hotline):

Just wanted to share that a rather large coyote was spotted on 47th and Dakota around 9:30 pm.

This morning, Tom emailed about his sighting late Friday night: “I just wanted to report that last night I saw a coyote trotting down Jacobsen Road about 11:30. I’m not surprised given all the rabbits that have taken up residence around here.”

They do eat wildlife, but they also eat food that humans have provided, however inadvertently, as this study noted. So you can do your part to keep them at a distance by reducing those potential food sources.