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FOLLOWUP: After more than 80 years, West Seattle Hi-Yu says goodbye

(July 2016 photo of what is now officially the last West Seattle Hi-Yu float – photo by Jim Edwards)

After months of working to figure out if West Seattle Hi-Yu – an 80+-year-old community organization – could be reorganized and saved, the decision is in. We asked Hi-Yu Secretary Gloria Teves about the results of this past Monday night’s meeting, and received this statement:

Dear West Seattle,

After much consideration and sadness, the West Seattle Hi-Yu announces it will be ceasing operation effective May 1. After 80+ years of service to the West Seattle community, this decision was not an easy one, but the right one to make at this time.

West Seattle Hi-Yu is an all-volunteer 501(c) 4 organization, originally established by the West Seattle Service Clubs to produce a community summer festival. Over the years, various aspects of the Hi-Yu Summer Festival have been transitioned to other groups. The largest of those activities, the West Seattle Parade, is now hosted by the West Seattle Rotary Club. Hi Yu has not hosted the parade for more than a decade.

Prior to the hiatus that Hi Yu began last fall to consider options regarding reorganization, Hi-Yu’s program consisted of the West Seattle Hi Yu Royalty Scholarship Programs and the West Seattle Parade float.

For several years the Hi-Yu organization has struggled to attract royalty candidates for both its junior and senior courts, dwindling numbers of volunteers and inconsistent financial support. On Monday, March 6, 2017, at its monthly general membership meeting, discussion was held on how the organization would move forward. After direct invitations and notice on the West Seattle Blog of the meeting date, time, and agenda, there were no attendees to the meeting. Compounding the lack of participation, West Seattle Hi-Yu organization is financially insolvent. Faced with these issues, the officers agreed to cease operations.

It is with great appreciation that we recognize the support and participation of the West Seattle community over the last 80+ years. While the Hi-Yu organization may have run its course, the nostalgia of the wonderful courts that were for years the mainstay of Hi-Yu, and represented West Seattle in wonderful summer festivals around the region, will live on.

From now until May 1, we will focus on the following activities:

*Confirm participation in the 2017 Seafair Women’s Scholarship Program.
*Pay existing scholarship commitments.
*Donation or disposal of the float.
*Miscellaneous business closing activities.

For additional information, please email info@westseattlehiyu.com

Our archive of Hi-Yu coverage over the past decade is here.

West Seattle Hi-Yu’s future: Join the discussion Monday

March 3, 2017 12:03 pm
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As we’ve reported in recent months, West Seattle Hi-Yu – with an 80+-year history – is working to decide if it has a future. Community participation is vital. Your next chance is Monday – here’s the announcement:

The next West Seattle Hi-Yu general meeting will be held on Monday, March 6th, from 6:00 pm to 7:45 pm at the Seattle Public Library, West Seattle branch, 2306 42nd Ave. SW. The topic of discussion will be the 2017 budget.

The West Seattle Hi-Yu Board is proposing two (2) versions of the budget: a barebones budget and a re-organization budget. The re-building version focuses on taking a year away from parades and a court(s) to re-build the organization and create a lasting program. The barebones version maintains some semblance of the legacy program with limited participation in events and parades assuming we have a court(s) to participate. Both proposals call for a significant increase in revenue. The proposed budgets can be viewed on Hi-Yu’s Facebook page.

The Hi-Yu Board would like to invite you to come and discuss these proposals. Although there has been some interest from the community to assist in our volunteer efforts, after the October 2016 meeting, interest and attendance at the general meetings has dropped significantly. While we very much appreciate those who have reached out and are willing to help us continue the organization, it is clear that in order for Hi-Yu to continue, we need to have more involvement from the community, both in terms of volunteer hours and financial support. Hi-Yu is an all-volunteer organization, so while financial support is greatly appreciated and needed, it’s the people that make it run.

The Board is working under the question “What will be missed if Hi Yu is gone?” For many, it’s the nostalgia of the wonderful courts that were for years, the mainstay of Hi-Yu. For some, it’s the scholarship opportunity. For others, it’s the opportunity to represent West Seattle in wonderful summer festivals around the region. If you have your own personal answer to the question, what will be missed, and you don’t want to see Hi-Yu go away, please join us in working toward re-building Hi-Yu.

(WSB photo, above right: Hi-Yu Youth Ambassadors and court members at Hi-Yu Concert in the Park last summer)

West Seattle Hi-Yu: Future still in flux

November 8, 2016 11:43 am
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From last night’s West Seattle Hi-Yu meeting at the library in Admiral:

The Hi-Yu board continues to view what they’ve been doing for the past few months as reorganizing, not shutting down. New president Chris Henggeler says he believes that with improved outreach and more volunteers, Hi-Yu could create “a better and more inclusive product” that the community and its other organizations can rally around. Youth participation is at the heart of it, and he’s hopeful that some form of Hi-Yu will be around for years so those opportunities will continue to be available.

But in the meantime, Hi-Yu, with its 80+-year history, remains in a state of flux. The board has suspended its bylaws about member participation so that feedback can be more open to the wider community. And the need for more community participation remains. Right now, what form Hi-Yu will take in 2017 has yet to be decided. Whether they’ll even have a float for local and regional parades is not yet settled. But by year’s end, the board will finalize a message for community groups and organizations, and will be reaching out to them as well – service clubs, PTSAs, neighborhood councils, the West Seattle Chamber of Commerce, the Junction Association, etc. They’re also working on updating their online presence, which has mostly languished in recent months.

Hi-Yu also hopes to achieve more flexibility in fundraising by changing from a 501(c)(4) nonprofit to a 501(c)(3), but that could take at least six months.

Board members are meeting in executive session between the monthly public meetings, so the discussions and plans are evolving almost continuously. The time for the December 5th meeting is not yet set.

West Seattle Hi-Yu ready for reinvention


By Patrick Sand and Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog co-publishers

Reorganize, regroup, reinvent.

That’s what’s next for West Seattle Hi-Yu, after a meeting last night at which it was made clear that the people involved with the community organization are not ready to just let it die after more than 80 years. Read More

West Seattle Hi-Yu says this might be the end after 80+ years, unless you care enough to help

(July 2016 photo of what might be the last West Seattle Hi-Yu float – photo by Jim Edwards)

ORIGINAL REPORT, 10:27 AM: After more than 80 years, West Seattle Hi-Yu – the last Seattle neighborhood organization with a traveling parade float – might be history.

Hi-Yu’s been pleading for community support and warning that it can’t continue without some emerging.

It apparently hasn’t, according to this announcement that just arrived, which concludes with one last opportunity to get involved:

The newly elected West Seattle Hi-Yu, Inc. officers on the board have decided to not have the Hi-Yu float go to the Issaquah Salmon Days parade on Oct. 1st and discontinue attending the Fauntleroy Fall Festival and Alaska Junction Fall festival and not have any of the Jr. Court, Teen Ambassador or Sr. court scholarship programs this upcoming year.

Due to the lack of volunteers and West Seattle community and business financial support, the West Seattle Hi-Yu, Inc. will be taking a break from all activities for a year or more to reorganize.

Unless there is a lot of community support the West Seattle Hi-Yu Summer Festival will have had its final year ending on Sept. 30, 2016, after 82 years of existence,

The archives of West Seattle Hi-Yu, Inc. history will be turned over to the Southwest Seattle Historical Society.

Thanks to all of the past Hi-Yu volunteers and court members for their involvement over the years. The scholarship programs will be discontinued. We know the experiences have been beneficial to those who have participated in the various community events and parades over the years.

We wish the best to the reorganizing team.

Jay Murray, West Seattle Hi-Yu president 2014-2016
Joanne Murray, West Seattle Hi-Yu historian, 2014-2016

The next meeting will be on Monday Oct. 3, 2016 at the West Seattle Library in the Admiral district at 7 pm in the community room on the lower level. If you are interested in the future of West Seattle Hi-Yu, come to the meeting and voice your opinion.

ADDED 1:32 PM: As discussed in comments, Hi-Yu does NOT produce the summer parade. But the reorganization could have effects on it. Here’s a statement we just received from Michelle Edwards on behalf of the parade committee:

Despite the possible reorganization of West Seattle Hi-Yu, the West Seattle Grand Parade will continue to be produced by the West Seattle Rotary Club Foundation and will be held on July 22nd, 2017 at 11am. The only impact to the West Seattle Grand Parade will be the possibility of losing visiting festival parade floats and entries, as there will no longer be a West Seattle float attending festivals around the region. This impact will be addressed by the West Seattle Parade Committee in 2017. We wish the best to the West Seattle Hi-Yu team. – West Seattle Parade Committee

YOU ARE NEEDED TONIGHT! Here’s who needs you, where, and when

September 12, 2016 1:49 pm
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The morning got away without our daily calendar preview, but we do want you to know about two meetings tonight involving groups that need more helping hands:

NORTH DELRIDGE NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCIL: Live and/or work and/or study and/or play in North Delridge? 6:30 pm, be at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center for tonight’s NDNC meeting. Agenda highlights announced today:

*SDOT’s plan to lower the speed limit on Delridge to 30

*Discuss the Top 5 in the next round of Neighborhoods projects which the District Council should be discussing and voting on this Wednesday, September 21st, at the monthly Delridge District Council meeting. Scroll down in this link to see the details.

*Talk about possible solutions for addressing problems with the convenience stores in our neighborhood.

Upcoming elections

(Regarding the first item – here’s our most-recent coverage.) Youngstown is at 4408 Delridge Way SW.

WEST SEATTLE HI-YU: 7 pm, Admiral Congregational Church. From outgoing president Jay Murray:

This will be the last West Seattle Hi-Yu meeting for the 2015-2016 fiscal year.Please come and bring a friend to celebrate the end of the West Seattle Hi-Yu summer festival year.

There will be a lot of decisions to be made about the continuation and re-organization of the West Seattle Hi-Yu, Inc.

Volunteers are needed to serve as officers and board members during the interim period. Volunteers are also needed to serve on the committee to re-organize as a 501 c 3 non-profit organization.

Membership applications will be available for the fiscal year of 2016-2017.

Thank you to all of the volunteer members of the board, parents and members of the Sr. Court, Jr. Court and Teen Ambassadors and all of the other individual, Service Club, and business members that have been a part of the West Seattle Hi-Yu organization to make it a success.

Admiral Church is at California SW/SW Hill.

YOU CAN HELP! Shape West Seattle Hi-Yu’s future

DSC04179 (1)
(Hi-Yu float and Junior Court Princess Sara in last Saturday’s West Seattle Grand Parade. Photo by Don Brubeck)

7:23 PM: Minutes from now, around 7:30 pm, the Seafair Torchlight Parade begins downtown, and the West Seattle Hi-Yu float will be rolling southbound on 4th with 100+ other floats, marching bands, drill teams, dignitaries, and other parade entries. Because of volunteer-powered Hi-Yu, West Seattle is the only neighborhood in the city that still has a traveling parade float. Even as our community changes, it’s a bridge between the past and the future – with the latter represented by the ambassador and royalty programs for kids of all ages, girls and boys, to build confidence through public appearances. Can you help this tradition continue? From Gloria Teves of Hi-Yu:

West Seattle Hi-Yu Invites You to Its August Meeting

If you enjoyed seeing the Teen Ambassadors at the start of the Float Dodger 5K, and Hi-Yu Royalty on the “Around West Seattle”-themed float last Saturday during the West Seattle Rotary-presented Grand Parade and thought “That’s so cool – how do I get involved?” – come join us at our general meeting on Monday, August 1 at 7:00 pm at Admiral Congregational Church, 4320 SW Hill Street (in the North Admiral neighborhood). Meetings generally last about an hour and half.

This is our 2nd to last meeting of the fiscal year (our last meeting will be September 12). The agenda includes planning for the last 2 parades we will be participating in (Lake City and Issaquah Salmon Days), then we’ll begin a discussion about the future of Hi-Yu. If you are interested in helping Hi-Yu continue on into the future, come and let us know your thoughts. Hi-Yu doesn’t exist without its volunteers and generous donors and we need both to keep it going. If you’re retired and have lots of time available to share or if you’re a busy family with few hours to spare, we welcome everyone!

If you can’t make it to the meeting, but would like more information or provide comments about the future of Hi-Yu, find us on Facebook at facebook.com/wshiyu or the website at westseattlehiyu.com.

Hi-Yu is in its ninth decade, founded in 1934.

ADDED 8:35 PM: Thanks to Mike Jensen for this photo of the Hi-Yu float in tonight’s parade – where he reports it’s won the Seafair Royalty Award!

A photo posted by Mike Jensen (@mjtwit) on

VIDEO: West Seattle Big Band @ Hi-Yu Concert in the Park


7:21 PM: Clear sky over Hiawatha Community Center‘s east lawn right now as the West Seattle Big Band headlines the annual Hi-Yu Concert in the Park.


The WSBB, directed by Jim Edwards (above, during trombone solo), is featuring vocalists Sarah Ackers and Jeff Carter as well as talented soloists.

It’s a free concert, for all ages – kids are running around at the back of the crowd, while devoted band fans are listening intently up front.


Sometimes these concerts have even been known to inspire people to dance. It’s on until at least 8 – come on over if you can. We’ll have video later. (Added – Here’s the WSBB with Glenn Miller’s “St. Louis Blues”:)

8:01 PM: During a quick break for the band, Hi-Yu royalty and Youth Ambassadors spoke to the crowd, and current Hi-Yu leaders Joanne and Jim Murray did too.


As they point out, Hi-Yu runs on volunteers … and needs more help if it’s to continue. While Hi-Yu no longer runs the West Seattle Grand Parade (it’s now presented by the West Seattle Rotary Club Foundation), it creates and operates the traveling parade float, and without the Hi-Yu float’s participation in other parades around the region, other areas’ floats wouldn’t come here for our parade – the reciprocal arrangement is how it works. Find out how to get involved via westseattlehiyu.com.

And now, another tradition during the Concert in the Park intermission – awarding of the Orville Rummel Trophy for Service to the Community. This year’s recipient, as announced in June, is Clay Eals of the Southwest Seattle Historical Society. He’s here to accept it.


“This is a big honor … a time for gratitude,” Eals said, describing himself as the “Pied Piper” who’s been able to attract more people to get involved with SWSHS in recent years. “And whether you’ve lived here for 30 days or 30 years … you have reason for connection to West Seattle … why do you choose to be here, why do you continue to choose to be here? … Something ties it all together: The reasons we all have to be connected to this area do not have to do with us – they have to do with the people who came before us and built the community that we choose to be in. Literally we stand on the shoulders of giants,” including many whose names are on the trophy he’s holding. He invited everyone to come to the SWSHS’s Log House Museum (61st/Stevens, open Thursdays-Sundays, noon-4 pm).

More music coming up soon, too, so you still have time to get here.

West Seattle Hi-Yu’s plan for Summer Fest and beyond

July 7, 2016 9:04 am
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DSCF1404-811 (1)
(West Seattle Hi-Yu in Monday’s Burien 4th of July Parade – photo by Murray’s Photography)

Summer is the busiest time for West Seattle Hi-Yu – an all-volunteer organization – and that includes participation in West Seattle Summer Fest, where you can see this year’s traveling parade float (“Around West Seattle”) and more. From Hi-Yu’s Gloria Teves:

July is a busy month for West Seattle Hi-Yu with parades (Admiral 4th of July Kids’ Parade and Burien on the 4th, the West Seattle Grand Parade, Des Moines, Chinatown, Greenwood, and of course the Seafair Torchlight Parade!), participating in West Seattle Summer Fest and attending the West Seattle Big Band Concert in the Park at Hiawatha on July 19th. Hi-Yu is the last volunteer organization in Seattle that builds a traditional parade float that includes royalty and participates in a number of area parades.

These activities, and others, wouldn’t be possible without dedicated volunteers. Through the years, Hi-Yu has benefitted from the guidance of two of its most dedicated volunteers, Jay and Joanne Murray. At the end of September, the Murrays will be retiring from their many years of service to Hi Yu. Stop by the Hi-Yu booth during Summer Fest to say hello and wish Jay and Joanne well as they begin their travels this fall.

On Friday, July 8, Hi-Yu’s 2015 Senior Court Queen and current Seafair Princess Kelly Jean Crum will be at the booth to answer questions about Hi Yu and how it’s associated with the Seafair Foundation for Women scholarship program. Other past Senior Court Queens may be available throughout the weekend to answer similar questions.

On Saturday (July 9th) at 11:30, Haley Beebe will be crowned the 2016 Senior Court Queen on the California Stage at the north end of the festival). After the coronation, come meet the new queen, as well as the 2016 Junior Court, at the Hi-Yu booth. While at the booth, you can take pictures on the float (we’ll have a sash and crown available for you to wear during your pictures (using your own device), and learn more about Hi-Yu and how you can get involved. Hi Yu’s booth will be on Alaska Street between California and 42nd SW. There is no cost for taking pictures on the float but donations are greatly appreciated.

2016-2017 will bring big changes to Hi-Yu as it moves forward as an organization. There is a chance that this could be the final year of Hi-Yu if we don’t see an increase in involvement. We need (and welcome!) your input. If you can’t make it to Summer Fest, please feel free to send Jay and Joanne a note to thank them for their service, or inquire about how you can help Hi-Yu. You can reach Hi Yu by email at: info@westseattlehiyu.com or via the Hi-Yu Facebook page.

You are also welcome to join us at our regular meetings. In July, we meet each Monday at 7:00 pm at Admiral Congregational Church, 4320 SW Hill.

4th of July scene: West Seattle Hi-Yu’s 2016 float in Burien parade

July 4, 2016 6:40 pm
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Just under three weeks before you see the West Seattle Hi-Yu float in the WS Grand Parade on July 23rd, here’s a sneak peek, as Seattle’s last traveling neighborhood float carried Hi-Yu royalty in this afternoon’s Burien 4th of July Parade. Thanks to Jim Edwards (longtime co-coordinator of the West Seattle parade and director of the WS Big Band) for the photo!

Minus the float, Hi-Yu also participated in this morning’s Admiral 4th of July Kids’ Parade (here’s our brief first report published during the parade; we’re putting together video and many more photos right now for report #2 later this evening), and you’ll see them at West Seattle Summer Fest next weekend, including the crowning of new Senior Court Queen Haley Beebe on the main stage at 11:30 am Saturday (July 9th).

West Seattle Hi-Yu royalty past and present gather on White Rose night

June 24, 2016 8:25 pm
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(WSB photos)

Tomorrow at the Seafair Pirates’ Landing on Alki Beach, you’ll see West Seattle Hi-Yu royalty, likely including some who were at last night’s Hi-Yu White Rose Ceremony at St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in Admiral. In our photo above are, from left, Junior Court past and present, 2016 Princess Sara Henggeler, 2016 Queen Amelia Kline, 2016 Princess Stephanie Moore, 2015 Queen Emily Cain, 2015 Princess Audrey Kline. Also on the 2016 Junior Court but not at last night’s event, Princess Cailyn White.

The event also celebrated Teen Ambassadors Callie McFadden, Louis Quantreille, Lily Trinneer, and Alyssa White. 2015 Senior Court Queen Kelly Crum is completing her reign:


Here’s this year’s Senior Court candidate Haley Beebe:


Hi-Yu Teen Ambassadors earn service hours; the Senior Court is eligible for scholarships.

Along with seeing Hi-Yu representatives at the Seafair Pirates event tomorrow, you’ll see them often around West Seattle in July, including the Concert in the Park featuring the West Seattle Big Band at 7 pm Tuesday, July 19th, on the east lawn at Hiawatha, and four days later, in the West Seattle Grand Parade, with their award-winning float – Seattle’s last traveling community float. Hi-Yu also can always use more members and volunteers – get in touch to find out how to help.

West Seattle Hi-Yu: Parade season’s about to start; Tea coming up too

April 5, 2016 9:31 pm
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Catching up on West Seattle Hi-Yu as summer approaches, we visited the organization’s monthly meeting last night at Admiral Congregational Church. Above, the plan for this year’s float – the last neighborhood float in Seattle – is based on last year’s popular Around the Sound – this time, it will be Around West Seattle, as envisioned by Junior Court Queen Amelia Kline. Holdover features will include the orca, fish, and ferryboat that were hits last year, and some new features TBA. A donation is needed for starters: A small children’s bicycle with a basket and training wheels. If you have one you can donate to Hi-Yu, contact them through their website.

Hi-Yu is still looking for Senior Court candidates (the deadline has been extended again), so this year’s parade season, starting with next weekend’s multi-location Daffodil Parade in Pierce County, will start with just the Junior Court on the float and the Teen Ambassadors marching alongside.

Next big event – the annual Hi-Yu tea, 2 pm Sunday, May 22nd, at The Hall @ Fauntleroy. Local businesses can expect to hear from Hi-Yu reps seeking donations for the fundraising auction. Tea tickets, available through Hi-Yu, are $25.

P.S. You’ll get to see the Hi-Yu float and entourage here in West Seattle during the WS Grand Parade on Saturday, July 23rd.

CONGRATULATIONS! West Seattle Hi-Yu’s new Junior Court

(WSB photos. From left, above, 2015 Princess Audrey, 2016 Princesses Stephanie and Ava, 2015 Queen Emily, 2016 Queen Amelia, 2016 Princesses Sara and Cailyn, 2015 Princess Emma)
Tonight’s crowning of the new West Seattle Hi-Yu Community Festival Junior Court and farewell for their predecessors had an extra technological touch:

That’s Senior Court Queen Kelly Crum attending via Skype, on her mom Gloria‘s smartphone. Connected from Spokane, where she’s attending Gonzaga University, Kelly wished the candidates good luck and congratulated the three members of the outgoing court:

The ceremony was the main event for the monthly Hi-Yu meeting at Admiral Congregational Church. It began with goodbyes from Queen Emily Cain, an 11-year-old Shorewood Elementary student, Princess Audrey Kline, a 12-year-old Holy Rosary student, and Princess Emma Maffeo, an 11-year-old Westside School (WSB sponsor) student, who shared their favorite memories. (Emma drew laughter by saying she enjoyed the Seafair Torchlight Parade because “it was really fun riding with the Pirates even if they stole your ice cream.”)

Hi-Yu leaders Jay and Joanne Murray spoke of watching the trio grow from being shy about speaking in front of a room of 15, to talking confidently in front of hundreds, since “it’s a wonderful learning experience.”

Former Junior Court member Isabella Carufel (above) – whose sisters and mom Danette are past Hi-Yu royalty too – emceed. And then it was announced that all five of this year’s candidates were so impressive, the organization decided to expand the Junior Court and have them all reign. Crowned queen was Amelia Kline, a 10-year-old Holy Rosary student. The princesses – 9-year-old Stephanie Moore from Schmitz Park Elementary; 10-year-old Sara Henggeler from Holy Rosary; Gatewood Elementary 4th grader Cailyn White; and Holy Rosary third grader Ava Karman.

You’ll see them at community events throughout the year, particularly in spring and summer, when the Hi-Yu float travels to parades around the region.

West Seattle Hi-Yu has a few quick questions to ask you

(WSB photo from 2014: Hi-Yu made history twice last year – 80th anniversary, first male royalty)
Whether you’ve been a West Seattleite for 90 years or 90 minutes, West Seattle Hi-Yu is asking you to answer a few questions:

The West Seattle Hi-Yu Summer Festival is hosting an online survey to hear from the West Seattle community. Feedback from the community is essential to ensure that the festival is relevant and reflects the interests and demographics of the community. With the amount of new residents and change happening in West Seattle, it’s more important than ever for the Hi-Yu Festival to identify with the community and maintain its 80 year heritage.

We checked it out and it really is quick. The survey starts here.

West Seattle Hi-Yu introduces first-ever Teen Ambassadors

Thanks to Joanne Murray from West Seattle Hi-Yu for sharing the photo of the organization’s first-ever Teen Ambassadors, a new way for prospective young leaders ages 13-16 – between Junior Court and Senior Court age – to represent Hi-Yu in the community. From left, Louis Quantrille, Alyssa White, Callie McFadden, and Lily Trinneer were installed at this past Monday’s Hi-Yu meeting. As Joanne explains, “Their duties will be to accompany the West Seattle Hi-Yu float and carry the banners or flags in all of the parades that the West Seattle Hi-Yu float will appear in throughout the year in Western Washington.” West Seattle is the city’s last neighborhood with a community float. If you’re new around here and not sure what Hi-Yu is or does, Joanne explains that too:

West Seattle Hi-Yu is an all-volunteer nonprofit organization celebrating its 82nd year, with community festival activities throughout the year. Volunteers are welcome to join in the fun, help design and build the traveling float, and assist in fundraising activities. More information is available on the website: westseattlehiyu.com or contact Hi-Yu at info@westseattlehiyu.com.

Business and corporate as well as service-club memberships help to fund the scholarships and operating costs to keep West Seattle Hi-Yu going. Individual memberships are just $20 per year. Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 7:00 pm at Admiral Congregational Church, 4320 SW Hill St.

Callie, by the way, has held a high-profile Hi-Yu role before – she was a member of the 2014 Junior Court. Speaking of which – girls and boys 8-12 interested in applying to be on the 2016 Hi-Yu Junior Court should do it now; the application deadline is just a few weeks away – go here to find out more.

FOLLOWUP: West Seattle Hi-Yu Junior Court Queen Emily Cain’s winning art now arriving in mailboxes

Back in May, we told you about West Seattle Hi-Yu Junior Court Queen Emily Cain winning a statewide art contest. The State of Washington General Election Voters’ Pamphlet with her work is now arriving in mailboxes – we got ours today, and Emily’s art is on the back cover (her photo, below right, is courtesy WS Hi-Yu):

Emily’s Hi-Yu reign continues until the next Junior Court Queen is crowned in early December – applications are being accepted now.

P.S. Inside this edition of the state pamphlet, you’ll find information on Initiatives 1366 and 1401 and four Advisory Votes.

West Seattle Hi-Yu updates: Application time for Junior Court and Teen Ambassadors – and awards!

October 11, 2015 11:07 am
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(Photo courtesy West Seattle Hi-Yu)

Three updates from West Seattle Hi-Yu – which, among other things, is the last Seattle neighborhood group with a traveling parade float:

First, this year’s float, themed “Around the Sound,” has just wrapped up an award-winning season, with honors in the final parade of the year, last weekend at Issaquah Salmon Days, receiving the Issaquah Kiwanis Club’s award for “the float entry that best shows community spirit or citizen contribution.” Hi-Yu leaders report that the float also won awards in Marysville, Greenwood, and Des Moines this summer.

Second, eight days remain until the extended deadline for applications in the new Hi-Yu Teen Ambassador Program. Teens 13-16 can apply until October 19th – with benefits including service hours! Get the details and the application here.

Third, it’s also time for Hi-Yu Junior Court applications (get one here). Girls and boys 8-12 are invited to apply by the November 27th deadline.

P.S. If you’re going to the Fauntleroy Fall Festival this afternoon, look for members of the current Hi-Yu Junior Court, and pick up a Teen Ambassador or Junior Court application – ask about membership, too, to support this nonprofit, all-volunteer organization that’s in its 82nd year.

West Seattle Hi-Yu invites tweens/teens into its new ‘Ambassadors’ program

September 8, 2015 9:48 am
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West Seattle Hi-Yu has just announced a new way for local youth to be part of the long-running community festival:

It’s application time for the new West Seattle Teen Ambassador Program for teens 13-16 that live in West Seattle in zip codes 98106-98146, as approved at the West Seattle Hi-Yu meeting Sept. 7th.

This new opportunity for teens expands the West Seattle Hi-Yu offering opportunities for community service to teens and fills the gap between the Junior Court and Senior Court.

We are looking forward to having teens and their parents participate in the West Seattle Hi-Yu community festival, parades and other events in the coming year.

Please pass the information on to teens and encourage them to apply. They will gain confidence, have fun and be able to have recognition as a leader in the community as an Ambassador.

This is a wonderful opportunity for students and their parents to join the West Seattle Hi-Yu and join in the fun, have opportunities for community service and gain poise & confidence.

An orientation session is planned for teens and their parents at 7 pm Monday, Sept. 28th, to explain the program and answer questions.

West Seattle Hi-Yu meetings are on the first Monday of each month, and all Mondays in July. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Please pass the information on to other parents with teens age 13-16.

Deadline is Oct. 1st. with interviews scheduled Oct. 1st and Oct. 2nd from 6:00 to 8:00 pm.

Final selection at the Oct. 5th West Seattle Hi-Yu meeting 7:00 pm at the Admiral Congregational Church, 4320 SW Hill St. (3 blocks North of Admiral Way on California Ave SW)

Here is the link for the West Seattle Hi-Yu Teen Ambassador Program application, duties, benefits and community service opportunities for students age 13-16.

VIDEO: 2015 Concert in the Park swings with West Seattle Big Band tunes, honors Donn Weaver with Orville Rummel Trophy

On the east lawn at Hiawatha Community Center last night, they sat on the lawn and soaked up the sound of the West Seattle Big Band during this year’s Hi-Yu Concert in the Park – here’s a two-song section of the show:

Midway through, it was time for a special presentation – the band’s former longtime director Donn Weaver was honored with the Orville Rummel Trophy for Outstanding Community Service in advance of this Saturday’s West Seattle Grand Parade:

Find out more about Weaver and the Orville Rummel Trophy in our Tuesday story.

He was presented with the trophy in view of neighboring West Seattle High School, where he taught music for decades, with students including his successor as WS Big Band director, Jim Edwards:

Edwards is also a co-coordinator of the parade, in which Weaver will ride toward the start with the trophy; the parade is this Saturday (July 18th), leaving California/Lander in The Admiral District around 11 am, headed southbound to California/Edmunds in The Junction. Meantime, after the presentation, the band played on:

And on the sidelines, a couple danced:

The Big Band’s main mission is to raise money for school music programs. You can track the band’s public gigs via its online calendar – next up, the Ballard Locks this Sunday (July 19th) at 2 pm.

Concert in the Park next Tuesday, featuring West Seattle Big Band plus honors for its longtime leader Donn Weaver

(2014 WSB photo, with Donn Weaver at left, directing the West Seattle Big Band @ Hiawatha)

If this isn’t already on your calendar, save the date! Next Tuesday night (July 14th) is your chance to come hear the fab West Seattle Big Band‘s annual Hi-Yu Concert in the Park performance at Hiawatha Community Center, and to applaud the WSBB’s former leader Donn Weaver – he will be presented at Tuesday night’s concert with the Orville Rummel Trophy for Outstanding Community Service, an award given every year in connection with the upcoming West Seattle Grand Parade (which is coming up Saturday, July 18th). Weaver is also a longtime music teacher at West Seattle High School and former students/colleagues are especially welcome to come cheer for him. The concert’s free, at 7 pm Tuesday on the east lawn at Hiawatha (along Walnut) – BYO chair/blanket/picnic dinner and get ready for a good time with great music.

2 weeks before West Seattle Grand Parade, Hi-Yu float shown off in Burien

July 4, 2015 7:00 pm
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This morning, West Seattle Hi-Yu royalty led the 4th of July Kids’ Parade in North Admiral; hours later, they rode on this year’s Hi-Yu float in Burien’s Independence Day parade. The photo is from Jim Edwards, who co-coordinates the West Seattle Grand Parade, in which you’ll see the float (and others!) two weeks from today. As we reported back in January, this year’s float/theme “Around the Sound” incorporates elements of designs proposed by then-Senior Court Queen Lorelei McFadden (who competes for the Miss Seafair title later this month) and Junior Court Queen Emily Cain.

West Seattle Hi-Yu crowns Kelly Crum as new Senior Court Queen

(WSB photos by Patrick Sand)
Congratulations to Kelly Crum, West Seattle Hi-Yu‘s new Senior Court Queen. Kelly is at right in our top photo, crowned by her predecessor Lorelei McFadden, during this afternoon’s Hi-Yu Tea and Silent Auction at The Hall at Fauntleroy.

Queen Kelly has just graduated from Holy Names Academy and is going to Gonzaga University this fall. She is the lone member of the new Senior Court after a last-minute withdrawal by the other candidate, Aislyn Crane, citing family reasons. Watch for Queen Kelly and the Hi-Yu Junior Court at upcoming events and on this year’s traveling Hi-Yu float, themed “Sound Respect,” at this summer’s parades, including the West Seattle Grand Parade along California Avenue from The Admiral District to The Junction on July 18th.

West Seattle scene: This year’s Hi-Yu Senior Court candidates

May 4, 2015 9:00 pm
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In four weeks, one of these young women will be crowned as this year’s West Seattle Hi-Yu Senior Court queen. Tonight, Holy Names Academy senior Kelly Crum (left) and Chief Sealth International High School senior Aislyn Crane (right) read their essays to a panel of judges during the monthly Hi-Yu meeting. The topic: “What are my dreams for my future?” The series of judged events will culminate in the coronation during this year’s Hi-Yu Tea and Silent Auction, 2 pm Sunday, May 31st, at The Hall at Fauntleroy – details (including ticket info) here.