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COMMENT TIME: Madison Middle School athletic-field project

(WSB photo, last December – Madison field seen thrugh south-side fence)

Last December, we reported on the levy-funded plan for upgrading the Madison Middle School athletic field with artificial turf and lighting. A comment period related to the project has just opened; nearby residents were sent a notice (thanks for the tips on this), which is replicated on the Seattle Public Schools website:

Draft SEPA Checklist for the Madison Middle School Athletic Field Lighting Project
Public Comment Period: May 11-June 10, 2020

Seattle Public Schools has prepared a draft checklist in compliance with the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) regulations for the Madison Middle School Athletic Field Lighting Project. This document provides a site-specific environmental review of the project. The district seeks written comments on the draft SEPA checklist.

The “checklist” – a 113-page document – is here.. It includes project information, dated last month, including that the work is expected to be done this summer, lasting one to two months. (It also notes that an unrelated project is in the planning stage for Madison, a two-story, eight-classroom addition.) Here’s the key summary it contains:

SPS proposes to light the athletic field at Madison Middle School to allow for both SPS use and community use. The athletic field at Madison Middle School accommodates soccer and football activities, with a surrounding track. Light fixtures would be installed on six galvanized steel poles around the perimeter of the field. The poles would be 70 feet tall.

SPS and Parks propose to schedule events at the lighted field from dusk until 10 p.m. The proposal would not change the school enrollment or any other facilities on the site, but would allow increased use of the athletic fields for scholastic and non-scholastic recreational activities schedules to end by 9:45 p.m., with lights automatically turned off at 10:00 p.m.

Later in the document, this is noted: “No public address system would be used at the athletic fields, and SPS will prohibit the use of portable speakers on the athletic fields.” The document also includes detailed analysis of factors from traffic to noise to soil, and graphics/maps. If you’re interested in commenting, here’s how:


Fred Podesta, Chief Operations Officer
Seattle Public Schools
PO Box 34165, MS 22-183
Seattle, WA 98124

Again, the deadline is June 10th. SEPA, by the way, is the State Environmental Policy Act, explained here.

GOLF: Mayor says West Seattle and other municipal courses can reopen tomorrow

(WSB photo)

The latest order by Mayor Durkan will allow West Seattle and the city’s 3 other municipal golf courses to reopen tomorrow, the date Gov. Inslee chose for allowing the sport to resume. As we reported at the time, his order didn’t automatically give local courses the green light – city and county authorities are allowed to keep tighter restrictions – but one WSB commenter said last week they had already booked a tee time. Noted in the city’s announcement:

Courses will follow new operational guidelines and strict physical distancing practices which include: signage to indicate social distancing guidelines, minimized face-to-face interactions, removing high touch surfaces, increasing sanitization practices, converting sit-down food and beverage service to take-out only, eliminating equipment rentals, closing mini golf and using golf ambassadors to enforce social distancing. Seattle Parks and Recreation is also developing a pilot to provide hours when the public can run, bike, or walk within the golf courses.

The rest of the order extends other existing Seattle Parks closures through May 31st, the new expiration date for the governor’s stay-home order.

FOLLOWUP: Don’t dust off your golf clubs just yet

Though Governor Inslee announced Monday that golfing would be allowed again – along with some other outdoor recreation – starting May 5, that doesn’t automatically mean West Seattle and other city golf courses will reopen. We followed up with the city – where golf courses are closed by order of the mayor – and got a response this morning: “At this time, City golf courses are still closed. The City will utilize the Governor’s order to consider changes to current restrictions, but we have nothing to announce at this time.” Meantime, the detailed rules for golfing are spelled out in this state document (starting at page 5) and include, notably, beyond what was mentioned Monday, “At the golf course’s discretion, foursomes are allowed if they are from the same household. Otherwise, no more than two players from separate households per tee time.”

Here’s who to thank for those markers on the Alki Trail

The photo and report are from Dave with the West Seattle Running Club:

Hey runners, joggers, walkers, cyclists, roller bladers, skateboarders, and the rest of you:

It’s Dave from the West Seattle Running Club. As we do every couple of years when they start to fade, we have just repainted the mileage markers along the Alki Trail.

From the top of the trail just south of the Statue of Liberty, every quarter mile is marked in black and white, along the curb. I know a lot of us use GPS these days, but the markers are there, and they are accurate. So when you are out there getting that exercise, use them when you need them. And stay safe. One of these days we will all be out there together again. If you want to learn about our running club, now in its 27th year, check us out at


CONGRATULATIONS! College signing for West Seattle High School senior Evan Smith

No gatherings has meant no ceremonies, in many cases, but we just got this texted photo/report of one that happened at home:

Even though we all have to stay home, it made it easier for family from TX, AZ, MA, CO, and all over Washington state to celebrate our daughter, Evan Smith, signing with Texas Southern University in Houston! GO TIGERS!

Evan is a senior at WSHS. She is a bowler. Parents are Andy and Bri’Anna Smith

Since we are out of school, we still tried to make this day special.

ALSO ONLINE TONIGHT: Words, Writers, Southwest Stories talks Seattle sports history

April 9, 2020 1:23 pm
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 |   West Seattle history | West Seattle news | WS & Sports

Another second-Thursday event that’s happening online tonight since in-person is not possible – the Southwest Seattle Historical Societypresented author/speaker series Words, Writers, & Southwest Stories. The SWSHS is re-releasing a video presentation by award-winning sports journalist Dan Raley – its announcement continues:

Raley’s presentation, titled “How Seattle Became a Big-League Sports Town,” was originally delivered as part of the Words, Writers, & West Seattle series on March 4, 2016. The presentation will be made available at and on Facebook at 6:00 PM (tonight). We hope you’ll join us from the comfort of your home! The Historical Society will also be sharing an interesting sports-related item from our collection to celebrate the re-release of this presentation.

Raley is an award-winning sports journalist, author, and former aerospace writer. He worked as a journalist at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer for 29 years. His previously published books include The Brandon Roy Story, published by Old Seattle Press, 2013; Pitchers of Beer: The Story of the Seattle Rainiers, published by the University of Nebraska Press, 2011; and Tideflats to Tomorrow: The History of Seattle’s Sodo, published by Fairgreens Publishing, 2010.

‘Words, Writers, & SouthWest Stories’ presentations are scheduled regularly for the Second Thursday of each month at 6:00 PM at the Southwest Branch of the Seattle Public Library. The presentation for next month (scheduled for May 14th) will be announced at a later date, depending on our community’s ongoing efforts to curtail the spread of COVID-19.

P.S. The SWSHS has an extensive video gallery here.

West Seattle Little League’s simple request for you

March 25, 2020 9:58 am
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Someday, it’ll be time to yell “play ball”! West Seattle Little League asks for your help in one simple way:

Request: Please do not play on the of Bar-S fields – both the infield and the outfield. The outfield has new seed planted and needs time to grow and the infield has been prepped for the season targeted to start May 11. There has been a lot of work by volunteers to keep these fields in great playing condition and need your help to keep them in great shape! Staying off the fields now allows for a great season of play in the future.
Bar-S s is at 64th and Admiral, just east of Alki Point.

FEEL LIKE RUNNING? West Seattle Runner’s advice on how to start safely

With gyms and other fitness facilities closed, many are staying fit by going out for a run – even if they weren’t regular runners before. You want to be safe so you don’t get hurt – especially considering non-emergency medical care is not a option. So West Seattle Runner (WSB sponsor) offered to write up some advice on safe running:

We see lots of runners out on the streets, tracks, and trails of West Seattle these days. We have heard many say that they are taking up running since they don’t have access to their typical workout routine at this time. We hope that you will enjoy running as much as we do! We also thought it might be helpful to share a few tips on how to get started running in a way that will reduce injury, increase enjoyment and keep you running for years to come. Our best tip is to start conservatively and gradually build. Here’s how:

1) Begin by setting out for a walk/run workout. If you have never run before (or it has been a long time) but you are consistently doing walks of 30 minutes now, you can start to add in two-minute intervals of running followed by walking for an interval of time that allows your heart rate to restore to normal. Then you can add in another two minutes of running. Continue to do this until you are soon running your entire 30 minutes. *If you have been walking for 20 minutes, you can use the same protocol, just start with a 20 minute segment. If you have not been doing any aerobic activity, start with building your endurance with 20-30-minute walks and then work into the protocol described earlier.

2) If you are already able to run for 30 minutes, you can gradually add to your time every other day. You can choose to run by time or miles. But the general rule of thumb is that you don’t increase your overall volume by more than 10 percent each week.

3) We don’t recommend that you run every day. Your body does need time to recover. At first, it might be best to go every other day and allow yourself to determine how you are adjusting to the new activity.

4) Be able to hold a conversation while running. While this is going to be more of a solo sport for right now due to COVID-19, a “conversational pace” is still a great way to gauge if your pacing is right. If you are gasping for air and unable to talk, you are simply running too fast and you need to slow down. That will sometimes mean slowing to a walk. That is okay, you won’t have to do that for long. Going at a conversational pace allows you to build your aerobic base, makes for a more enjoyable experience and reduces the risk of injury.

5) Join a community where you feel supported, connected, and get your questions answered. Join our West Seattle Runner Group Page on Facebook where we’ll do FB live kickoffs to virtual group runs each Wednesday night. Our runners are also posting pictures and reports on how their runs are going. They are an encouraging group and love to answer questions and share tips.

6) Enlisting the help of a running coach can be helpful to get a program that is tailored to your specific needs. P3|Running offers coaching that can all be done virtually via online calendars, phone calls, video chatting etc.

7) Have fun! We are in love with this sport for a reason and we hope it gives to you the way it gives to us at this time. It is our bias that running is good for physical and mental health.

The West Seattle Runner Team

WSR is West Seattle’s only running store. They’re also still open, with “safe shopping” measures in place, as shown here – 2749 California SW.

YOUTH SPORTS: How to get ready today for West Seattle Baseball Cleat Exchange tomorrow

March 7, 2020 9:40 am
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This is still set for tomorrow … and today’s the day to drop off your swappable cleats, if you haven’t already. The 4th annual West Seattle Baseball Cleat Exchange – hosted by and at Second Gear Sports in partnership with West Seattle Baseball, West Seattle Little League, and West Seattle Girls Softball – is set for 10 am-noon Sunday.

-Bring in your clean used cleats (and any other related gear you’d like to consign) BEFORE March 8th. Then come in on during the cleat exchange and pick up a new pair.
-There will be snacks, drinks, and tons of new and used gear.
-Also don’t forget to bring in a food donation for West Seattle Food Bank!!!

SGS is at 6529 California SW in Morgan Junction – if you need to drop off cleats/gear, it’s open 10 am-6 pm today

YOUTH SPORTS: New volleyball club in West Seattle

Just launched, the West Seattle Reign indoor-volleyball club for teens and tweens. Organizer Jennifer emailed to say:

We will host a Spring Break Clinic as well as summer clinics and practices. Information will be posted to our website as soon as details are set.

We have a 2020-2021 club season that starts in late fall.

The best way to stay connected is via our email list. Subscription options can be found at

Any coaches out there? We’d love to hear from them too!!!!!

PHOTOS: Chief Sealth IHS celebrates winter athletic achievements, including new state champion

A highlight from last night’s winter-sports banquet at Chief Sealth International High School – a banner presentation for new state champion wrestler Jahvius Leui, above with his family. The banner will be hung in the Chief Sealth gym. The banquet also featured presentations of the winter Seahawk Awards, celebrating attitude, effort, work ethic, and being a “total team player.” The students who were there to accept their plaques from their respective coaches included Owen Murray for boys’ wrestling:

Hazel Dahlquist for girls’ wrestling:

Benson Chau, boys’ swimming:

Aili Conley, gymnastics:

Toan Huynh, boys’ basketball:

Hailey Merryweather, girls’ basketball:

Thanks to Chief Sealth IHS for inviting us to cover the event – got something cool coming up at YOUR school? or 206-293-6302 – thank you!

YOUTH SPORTS: Signup time at West Seattle YMCA

February 26, 2020 6:18 pm
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Spring sports are almost here, so it’s time to sign up with the West Seattle YMCA (WSB sponsor), which has registration open for multiple sports right now:

Let’s get in the game! Find the spring sport for your child, ages 3 through 15. At the Y, youth sports are all about helping kids learn the rules and skills of the game, while emphasizing the importance of self-development, team building, sportsmanship, positive self-image and, of course, having loads of fun. Plus, we make sure our programs are affordable for all, so explore financial assistance if that is appealing to your family’s budget. Registration is open now for baseball & t-ball, volleyball and futsal. Learn more and sign up here!

CONGRATULATIONS! Film festival award for teenage ultra-runner Riley Nachtrieb

Last August, we reported on teenage ultra-runner Riley Nachtrieb making it 82 miles of the way on the 138-mile Olympic Discovery Trail. Then in September, as also reported here, she completed a mini-documentary about the odyssey, “Broken.” Now, her filmmaker dad Erik Nachtrieb, who worked on it with her, sends word that “Broken” has won a film-festival award!

West Seattle High School Senior Riley Nachtrieb’s short film, “Broken,” documenting her 140-mile run across the Olympic Peninsula, is awarded “The Spirit of Adventure” amongst all the films submitted in the 2020 Auburn Adventure Film Festival.

Last weekend was the three-day Auburn Adventure Film Festival, with the award ceremonies Sunday night. 160 International films were submitted with only 32 selected for screening during the festival. Riley’s self-funded project was amongst films that were sponsored by REI, Filson, Danner, and Eddie Bauer. Riley Nachtrieb is the Director of Video at WSHS, co-captain of the cross-country team, an ultra runner (someone who runs 30-100-mile races), and an aspiring filmmaker. She was the subject of the film, as well as, worked closely with her father and 1iOpen Productions to create this film, which was never meant to be a film.

This is 10 minutes of her 24-hour emotional rollercoaster finding the strength to ask herself questions few 17-year-olds have to face. This is more than a run, it’s watching the evolution of emotion, maturity, and the human potential of a young woman in real time.

Riley continues to run, is involved in the Seattle film community, and will be heading to college while writing screenplays and filming. Her award-winning film can be seen here:

SAVE THE DATE! West Seattle 5K 2020

(WSB photo from 2019 West Seattle 5K)

As noted in today’s edition of the West Seattle High School newsletter Westside Weekly, the date is set for this year’s West Seattle 5K – Sunday, May 17th. It’s the 12th annual run/walk to raise money for the WSHS PTA to help students; WSB has been a sponsor every year since the start, and we’ve signed on again. THey’re still seeking more sponsors, so if your business/organization is interested, email Meantime, if you just want to run/walk – the route’s along Alki – stay tuned, as registration opens soon.

CONGRATULATIONS! Jahvius Leui of Chief Sealth IHS wins state wrestling championship

Big news, sent (along with the photo) by Nicole Sipila of the Chief Sealth International High School PTSA: “Congratulations to Jahvius Leui – he just won the 3A State Championship in Wrestling at 285!!! JJ becomes the first State Champion in wrestling in Chief Sealth history!!” We checked the results from the tournament, held at the Tacoma Dome, and noted that Jahvius is the only Seattle Public Schools athlete to win a championship at the tournament.

BASKETBALL: West Seattle High School boys’ season ends with district-tournament loss

(WSB photos by Patrick Sand)

An exciting season for the West Seattle High School boys’ basketball team ended tonight with a district-tournament loss to Bellevue HS at Bellevue College, 54-34. The low point total was the result of cold shooting as much as anything; though they played largely tight defense, Bellevue kept managing to find a hole in it, often with someone then sinking a 3-pointer from a corner unchallenged. The cheering section that had traveled across the lake didn’t have much to cheer after the first quarter.

The Wildcats led the Wolverines 11-9 going into the second quarter. First to score in the game was freshman #24 Chase Clifton, who led all WSHS scoring with 12 points.

Next was senior #13 Vlad Salaridze … and those were the only two Wildcats in double digits. Third in WSHS scoring was sophomore #1 Isaiah Watts, with four points.

One other complication – the refs were not shy about calling fouls, and Bellevue wound up with many foul shots. One West Seattle player, senior #15 Xavier Giomi, eveb fouled out, with three minutes left in the third quarter. Overall, it just wasn’t West Seattle’s night – with a 23-14 deficit at the half, and 39-27 after the third.

(Seniors #3 Sage Nelson and #2 Abdi Jama)

The Wildcats never gave up, but by the fourth quarter, Bellevue could afford to just keep running down the shot clock, and time finally ran out. The team finished with a 13-12 record in head coach Dan Kriiey‘s first season:

That included a 6-game win streak in December.

BASEBALL: The West Seattle High School team has two reasons for you to go to T-Mobile Park

February 20, 2020 10:14 am
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Here are two reasons the West Seattle High School baseball team would love to see you at the big stadium. Just out of the WSB inbox:

West Seattle HS vs Ballard HS in the High School Baseball Classic at T-Mobile Field
4 pm, Saturday, April 4th, 2020

The WSHS Baseball team is also selling tickets to the Mariner’s game on May 29th at 7:10pm vs the Atlanta Braves at T-Mobile Park.

100 level tickets – $40 each (down the first=base line)
300 level tickets – $20 each (behind home plate)

To buy tickets, contact Sheree at

The season starts in mid-March.

BASKETBALL: West Seattle HS boys’ heartbreaker loss

(WSB photos by Patrick Sand)

10:11 PM: We’re at Ingraham High School, where the West Seattle HS boys’ district-playoff game against top-seeded Garfield just ended with a 71-58 loss that doesn’t reflect how most of the game went – the Wildcats were ahead at the end of the 1st and 3rd quarters. They have at least one more game – Friday night vs. Bellevue at Bellevue College, 6:30 pm. Photos, video, and details when we get back to HQ.

12:37 AM: That exhilarating 3-pointer by WSHS #13 Vlad Salaridze is what ended the third quarter on a high note, putting the Wildcats ahead 43-40 after they clawed back from a nine-point halftime deficit, 32-23.

Though they fell behind in the second quarter, the first was a thriller, with #24, freshman Chase Clifton, nabbing six of the first nine WSHS points, punctuated by Salaridze’s first 3-pointer. Adding in strong rebounding and defense, the Wildcats led 17-10 when the first quarter ended.

Cold shooting hurt them in the second quarter. What hurt more in the fourth was that the Bulldogs simply seemed to decide to intensify, mowing through and leaping over their opponents in ways they didn’t deploy much in the first three quarters. While the end result was a disappointment, that couldn’t erase West Seattle’s overall strong performances. After Salaridze’s 19 points, #12, sophomore Isaiah Watts, had 16:

And #3, senior Sage Nelson, totaled 12:

Head coach Dan Kriley and the Wildcats must win Friday’s game to stay alive in the postseason.

Bellevue is 11-13 for the season while WSHS is 13-11.

BASKETBALL: West Seattle HS boys’ third postseason game ends in victory

8:24 PM: The West Seattle High School boys weren’t going to let the season end with a string of defeats – so an intense home game tonight just ended with a big win over Interlake, 58-37. Next up: The Wildcats play Garfield, 8:30 pm Tuesday @ Ingraham. Full details and photos to come.

ADDED 10:55 PM: WSHS #3, senior Sage Nelson, led scoring with 18 points – one of four Wildcats with double-digit totals.

Read More

BASKETBALL: West Seattle High School boys’ second postseason game

Another postseason loss for the West Seattle High School boys’ basketball team, but they have another chance to keep going. At Franklin HS, the Wildcats lost to Rainier Beach HS, 62-43. Saturday night, in a must-win district-tournament opener, WSHS plays Interlake at home (3000 California SW), 7 pm.

BASKETBALL: West Seattle High School boys’ next playoff game tonight

February 13, 2020 1:57 pm
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Big game tonight for the West Seattle High School boys’ basketball team – it’s not in WS but if you can go, they can use all the support they can get! 5:45 pm, they’re playing at Rainier Beach. The venue is Franklin High School, 3013 S. Mt. Baker Boulevard – here’s a map.

BASKETBALL: Postseason, night 2

February 11, 2020 11:56 pm
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One postseason high-school basketball game involving a local team tonight: The West Seattle High School girls’ season is over after a loss at Bainbridge HS. Final score: 59-52.

SPORTS: Postseason basketball, night 1

Three postseason high-school basketball games tonight:

(WSB photo: Chief Sealth #1, Cortez Graham)

Chief Sealth International High School – boys lost to Franklin, 57-50; girls lost to Nathan Hale, 45-22

West Seattle High School, boys lost to O’Dea 77-50

Only one game was at home, the CSIHS boys’ game, so we were there, and will add photos from that a bit later.

ADDED EARLY TUESDAY: The Seahawks kept it close until literally the last minute – just one point behind – but a technical foul cost them dearly. Top scorer for Sealth was (top photo) Cortez Graham with 19 points. Next was Taien Jackson with 14, including four 3-pointers:

That’s the season wrap for Head Coach Colin Slingsby and team.

The Sealth girls’ season is over too. … Meantime, the West Seattle girls play at Bainbridge 7 pm tonight (Tuesday), while the WSHS boys play Rainier Beach at Franklin on Thursday at 5:45 pm.