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READER REPORTS: 2 abandoned, suspicious vehicles

First one appears to be a definite candidate for the dumped-likely-stolen file:

Abandoned burgundy KIA found on 27th and Kenyon. Obvious signs of being stolen (broken windows, ignition, etc.) and signals of drug use. This has been reported to police and assume it will be towed soon. Also footage from camera shows multiple people and cars involved during the dump.

The second one is a little more of a mystery. The reader report came in Saturday; we looked about an hour ago, and the truck is still there, so we’re publishing this:

Appears to be abandoned at 41st and Ida. Half in parking strip. Side work door attempted to be pried open.

It’s also parked facing the wrong way. The person who emailed said they’ve reported to police. Also of note – that’s the same Gatewood intersection where a stolen Hyundai was dumped earlier this week.

WEST SEATTLE WEEKEND SCENE: ‘Long Live King Cee Day’ celebration at Southwest Teen Life Center

September 2, 2023 1:42 pm
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(WSB photos)

It’s all about love. For a second year, a family who lost a loved one too soon is celebrating his memory with a community event, and you’re invited.

Just getting going in the gym at Southwest Teen Life Center (2801 SW Thistle) is the second “Long Live King Cee Day.” The namesake is Antoine D. Matthews Jr.; tomorrow would be his 34th birthday, if he hadn’t lost his life to gun violence almost two years ago. His family is working to serve and inspire youth, with the affirmation “MOBB (My Obstacles Became Blessings).”

“King Cee” is remembered by family and friends for his big heart; he was also known nearby for his sports days at Chief Sealth, just across the street from where this event will continue until 7 pm, with youth activities, performances, food, and more. The gym is on the south side, lower level, of SWTLC.

READER REPORT: Indecent exposure at Roxhill Park playground

From a reader who wanted to be anonymous:

I think it’s important for the public to be aware of this (for lack of a better word)… insanity occurring in places that are generally considered safe.

Police Call Reference Number 23-246390.

There was a guy at the park who was either high out of his mind, or very mentally impaired. Around noon he emerged from the playground area bathroom completely naked, exposing himself to lots of kids that were present. An agitated woman who I do not know told me her son just went in the bathroom where this naked guy was just weirdly hanging out and he was pretty shaken up.

Several people called the police. We did not engage him as we weren’t sure if he was violent.

For the next hour, no police showed up. A couple of Park Services people showed up and tried to contain the guy to the bathroom area, but they were pretty helpless. Anyways, this guy continued to go in and out of the bathroom and walk by the play area, where people were trying to shield their kids.

After an hour of no police response, a few people eventually had enough of this guy, decided he wasn’t physically violent, and chased him away. He walked over to Westwood Village, still naked.

Two hours after the police were called and we left the scene, I got this text:

“The officers searched the area for your incident but were unable to locate the incident or person(s). We appreciate your help in keeping our community safe.”

It’s frustrating that a drugged-out naked guy can hang out at a playground for 2 hours before law enforcement shows up.

We were away from the scanner much of today while at the Admiral festival, so we didn’t hear the related radio traffic, and the Broadcastify audio archives are missing significant chunks of time prior to 4:15 pm today. The Twitter/X call logs did time-stamp this call – usually the time when it was received, not necessarily when it was dispatched – at 12:04 pm, and show a separate “lewd/flashing/exposing” call at Westwood Village, 23-246448, at 1:01 pm.

BIZNOTE FOLLOWUP: Spirit Halloween (re)opens at Westwood Village

As noted here a few weeks ago, the seasonal store Spirit Halloween has returned to the ex-Bed Bath and Beyond space at Westwood Village. Going through the center this morning, we noticed this morning that it appeared open, so we went in to verify. Here are the posted hours:

This is an earlier start than last year, when the store didn’t open until September.

UPDATE: Roadway water at Westwood

2:06 PM: We first noticed that visible water flow late in the day yesterday, bubbling from a drain at Westwood Village – more like what you’d see during a storm, but of course, the weather remains dry. It’s resulted in the taping off of part of the south-side east/west drive, just east of Target/Game Stop/Ross. We went back at midday today and it’s still taped off, with the water flow continuing, so we’ve contacted Seattle Public Utilities to find out if they’re aware of the problem and if repairs are planned. Meantime, you’ll have to detour around it if you’re driving to/at WWV.

4 PM: SPU spokesperson Ingrid Goodwin tells WSB, “SPU crews were dispatched this afternoon to check out the running water. They determined that the leak is not coming from the City’s pipe, but rather is the result of a leak on private property.” So that means it’s up to the center to fix.

‘Scenes of violence’ response = false alarm

August 5, 2023 2:01 am
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In case you heard the sirens and/or saw the notation on the SFD Real-Time 911 log – the “scenes of violence” response in the 9400 block of 27th SW was a false alarm – a person in crisis claimed someone had been shot, but no one had been. The call is now closing.

BIZNOTE FOLLOWUP: Here’s when Five Guys plans to open in Westwood

(WSB photo, last month)

Last month – one year after we first told you that the burger chain Five Guys was taking over the ex-Payless spot on the south side of Westwood Village – the company told us it hoped to open “end of July.” With just days left in the month, we checked back today – and a company spokesperson tells us they do have a “projected opening date” for the Westwood location: This Saturday, July 29th. Hours will be 11 am-10 pm, seven days a week.

FOLLOWUP: Gate status at Nino Cantu Southwest Athletic Complex

As reported here, that reader-provided photo shows the scene Monday morning at Nino Cantu Southwest Athletic Complex as what was left of a burned, presumably stolen Kia Soul was towed away. The fire was reported around 4 am; nearby residents say the lot has been a chronic trouble spot for stunt driving and worse. It’s a Seattle Public Schools facility, so we asked the district whether the gate to that part of the lot was supposed to be locked. Short answer, yes, per a district spokesperson, whose full reply to our inquiry was:

Locking the Nino Cantu Southwest Athletic Complex gates is part of the nightly routine of the nighttime attendant at the complex. Seattle Public Schools facilities and grounds team reviews the safety and security procedures with the staff on a regular basis. The grounds team responds in a timely manner when gate locks are not functional to repair or replace the hardware.

The community can use our Safe Schools Hotline 206-252-0510 to report threats or dangerous activity on any SPS property. This phone number is managed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After getting that response Tuesday afternoon, we went by NCSWAC at 1:30 am today to see if the gate was secured; it was.

AT THE LIBRARY: Southwest Branch hosts three COVID vaccination clinics in the next week

If you’re looking for a COVID vaccination/booster, the Southwest Library (9010 35th SW) is partnering with Othello Station for three free clinics in the next week. All are 2 pm-5:30 pm; the dates are Tuesday, July 18th; Saturday, July 22nd; and Tuesday, July 25th. No health insurance or appointment required. If you have questions, you can call the branch at 206-684-7455 or go to the Public Health – Seattle & King County website.

West Seattle’s next new speed humps

While traveling on SW Thistle between 35th and Delridge this week, we noticed three sets of markings that appeared to outline future speed humps. So we asked SDOT whether this was a continuation of the Westwood-area work that so far has included a new four-way stop at 25th/Trenton. Spokesperson Ethan Bergerson says this is specifically tied to safety for Chief Sealth International High School and Denny International Middle School, and that the markings we saw on SW Thistle won’t be the only ones added – they’re planning four on Thistle as well as others on 26th, 27th, and Kenyon, as shown on this map:

That’s from Denny_ChiefSealth_TrafficCalming_Postcard (002) (2) that Bergerson says SDOT sent to residents nearby. As it notes, the ones for SW Thistle are actually speed cushions – the difference is explained as “Speed cushions are like speed humps but have breaks that allow emergency vehicles to pass through them without slowing down.” No installation timeline yet.

LIBRARIES: Three branches in West Seattle closed through weekend after bedbug sightings

3:58 PM: Thanks to Christy for the tip and photo. The High Point and Southwest libraries closed at 2 pm and will be closed all weekend because of what the door sign describes as “a pest issue requiring chemical treatment.” Book drops are closed too. We have an inquiry out to Seattle Public Library headquarters in hopes of finding out more. Back in May, another reader tip led to this report about a similar situation stemming from a bedbug problem at the HP branch.

5:04 PM: As a reader comments below, Delridge is now closed too, and that’s reflected in the reply we just received from SPL spokesperson Laura Gentry:

We have temporarily closed the Delridge, High Point and Southwest branches due to bedbug sightings by staff at these three locations in the last 24 hours.

We are taking aggressive steps to remediate the issue; and unfortunately, that means keeping the branches closed throughout the weekend. These branches are scheduled to receive treatment early Monday morning, so we are keeping them and their book drops closed until that has occurred and they are cleared for re-entry (about two hours following application).

We are very sorry for the inconvenience this causes our patrons in the Southwest Region of the city, but it is important we act quickly to limit the impacts of this issue by immediately closing these locations, applying treatment, and discarding impacted materials.

We thank our eagle-eyed staff who quickly alert us to anything that might negatively impact patrons, staff, or Library spaces!

They’re not sure yet what time the branches will reopen Monday – likely by early afternoon – we’ll update when we have word.

ADDED SUNDAY: SPL says all three will reopen Monday at noon.

CONGRATULATIONS! 30-year anniversary for Eva Thomas at Village Green West Seattle

The executive director of Village Green Senior Living (WSB sponsor) in West Seattle is celebrating a milestone. Here’s the announcement we received:

Cheers to 30 years! Eva Thomas has been working for Village Green West Seattle, formerly known as Daystar, for 30 years officially as of June 10th; she is pictured here with director of operations Kim Salas and owner Diane Powell. Eva shared her story with her team and mentioned she wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. Eva started as a housekeeper and eventually became the Maintenance Director. She has worked almost each position in the community. In 2021 she became the Executive Director, and our team wouldn’t want any other fearless leader. So again, cheers to 30 years!

BIZNOTE: Five Guys finally talks Westwood Village opening date

(WSB photo, earlier this month)

A full year has now passed since we first told you that the burger chain Five Guys was taking over the ex-Payless spot on the south side of Westwood Village. Today, we have official info for the first time. We pinged the company again (past inquiries had gone unanswered) after WSB reader Rick noticed the website had finally been updated with a page for this location and the declaration that it would open in July. A company spokesperson confirms that, telling WSB, “We are hoping for an end-of-July opening. Hiring is underway. This store will have dine-in, delivery, and large-order program options.” Hours will be 11 am-10 pm, seven days a week.

TRAFFIC ALERT: New all-way stop near Westwood Village

Thanks for all the tips! Multiple emails alerted us to the new all-way stop configuration for 25th/Trenton, with marked crosswalks, on the northeast edge of Westwood Village. We asked SDOT about it; their reply: “This is a new all-way stop. The goal is to improve safety for everyone but especially pedestrians. There are a relatively large number of pedestrians crossing, including high school and middle school students. The new stop signs will also help transit make the left turn from Trenton to 25th.” It’s been five years since pathway improvements were built just north of the intersection.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police search in Westwood

For those wondering about the police presence in Westwood – they were looking for a suspect described as wanted in connection with cases including a stolen car and stolen gun. He has been described by dispatch and officers as a Black man in his mid-30s, medium build, no shirt, black shorts, a black hat, white and blue shoes. Officers blocked off the trails north of the shopping center for a while but they’re reopening them now. If you’ve seen anyone matching that description, call 911.

GRATITUDE: Here’s the tally from John L. Scott Westwood’s shredding event and food drive

May 5, 2023 7:35 pm
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That video is from John L. Scott Real Estate – Westwood (WSB sponsor), recapping their successful shredding event and food drive last Saturday at Westwood Village. They also sent the numbers and words of gratitude:

We would like to thank the West Seattle community for their support of the 5th annual Shred Event. On behalf of John L. Scott Westwood, Evergreen Home Loans (Luke Zender), and White Center Food Bank, we thank you for the generous donations! We shredded over 5,000 pounds of paper and our community donated $2,000 and 1,250 pounds of food to the White Center Food Bank. We look forward to serving our community next year.

If you didn’t get to the Westwood event, you can still support WCFB – which also serves southernmost West Seattle – by going here.

WEST SEATTLE WEEKEND SCENE: Free shredding and food drive at Westwood Village

Just drive, ride, or walk up to get free shredding, courtesy of John L. Scott Real Estate Westwood (WSB sponsor), right now in the northwest parking lot at Westwood Village (west of the former Bed Bath and Beyond space). Until 5 pm, they’re offering shredding while collecting nonperishable food (and money) for the White Center Food Bank, so bring a donation if you can!

BIZNOTE: West Seattle senior-living complex changes name but not ownership

What was Daystar Retirement Village at 2615 SW Barton is now Village Green Senior Living (WSB sponsor). We photographed executive director Eva Thomas and CEO Monte Powell at a reception this week celebrating the change:

The company’s Federal Way complex also is named Village Green: “We feel that branding both campuses under one name promotes continuity within our organization and our philosophy, which is simple – we believe that all people deserve to be treated with kindness and respect, especially when needs change and a helping hand is needed.” The company notes that the Powell family, rooted in regional home construction, founded the company after they “began to take notice of the lack of services, community, and opportunity available for seniors.” Village Green in West Seattle offers independent living, assisted living, and short-term care. Signage changes are planned soon – permits are pending.

REMINDER: West Seattle shredding this Saturday

April 27, 2023 2:25 pm
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Got documents to dispose of? Saturday’s your chance to get them shredded – it’s the day that John L. Scott Real Estate – Westwood (WSB sponsor) is offering free shredding in the northwest parking lot at Westwood Village. The event is set for 2 pm-5 pm Saturday (April 29th). If you can, bring nonperishable food (or a $ donation) for the White Center Food Bank.

BIZNOTE: Anniversary sale at Lauren’s Jewelry

April 20, 2023 10:04 pm
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Thinking about a jewelry gift for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or some other upcoming occasion? Or – shopping for something for yourself? Lauren’s Jewelry (WSB sponsor) in Westwood Village has deals for you as part of the shop’s Anniversary Sale. It’s been a year since Lauren Wiggins renamed the shop, two and a half years after she took over what is one of the few independent locally owned businesses at WWV. Through April 30th, everything at Lauren’s Jewelry is 10 percent to 50 percent off. The shop is open 10 am-6 pm, Tuesdays through Saturdays (and having an online sale too).

BIZNOTE: Soft-opening day at Tony’s Market

Thanks to Arlene for the tip! Tony’s Market at 35th/Barton has soft-opened. Official opening day isn’t until Saturday, proprietor Joey Genzale told us when we went over to investigate, but you’re welcome to stop by now. Some produce is in stock already, but he says local growers are having some challenges because of the still-cold weather.

This year Tony’s aims to help you grow your own produce, too, with plans to offer herb and vegetable plant starts, as well as bagged mulch/soil for your garden.

Official hours again this year starting Saturday (April 22nd) will be 9 am to 7 pm daily. (If you’re new – Joey has operated the market since its founder and namesake, his dad Tony Genzale, died 12 years ago. Along with produce and more in the spring/summer, Tony’s Market sells pumpkins during Halloween season and Christmas trees during the holiday season.)

FOLLOWUP: Pickleball lines to be added to NCSWAC tennis courts

(WSB photo, February)

Back in February, we reported on the rapid growth of the relatively new Westside Pickleball League, an all-ages group playing the official Washington state sport. The story noted that the group was seeking Seattle Public Schools permission to add pickleball lines to the district-owned Nino Cantu Southwest Athletic Complex courts west of Southwest Pool. One of the league administrators, Amy Greger, tells us that they have now received that permission, and the league will cover the cost of painting lines for 12 pickleball courts on the six tennis courts. As explained here, the weather has to warm up a bit before the courts can be cleaned and painting can be done. They’re hoping to have the initial league tournament at the NCSWAC courts in June.

ADDED TUESDAY: The league clarifies, SPS has given permission to paint lines for six pickleball courts, while six more will be “marked for taping.”

COUNTDOWN: 1 week to Fauntleroy Recycle Roundup, 2 weeks to Westwood shredding

April 15, 2023 11:02 pm
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We wanted to remind you that the net two Saturdays bring opportunities to clear out more clutter:

(WSB photo, September 2022)

RECYCLE ROUNDUP ON APRIL 22: Fauntleroy Church‘s twice-yearly dropoff event is next Saturday, 9 am-3 pm in the church parking lot at 9140 California SW [map]. Drive up, ride up, walk up and drop off anything you have that’s on the list of what they’re accepting; see it here. The church is partnering with 1 Green Planet again this year, as a free service (though donations to help them cover the cost are always welcome), and their main request is that you NOT wait until the last minute, so they don’t have to deal with a line at shutdown time. The previous Recycle Roundup in September brought out almost 500 people to recycle more than 16 tons!

SHREDDING AND FOOD DRIVE ON APRIL 29: Tax season is coming to a close, and you might have realized you have some documents you don’t need to keep any more. So two weeks from today, John L. Scott Real Estate – Westwood (WSB sponsor) is offering free shredding in the northwest parking lot at Westwood Village 2 pm-5 pm. If you can, bring nonperishable food (or a monetary donation) for the White Center Food Bank.