WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police @ school; 2 car break-ins; 2 more found bicycles; more…

Today’s West Seattle Crime Watch notes:

POLICE @ SCHOOL: A few readers mentioned early-morning social-media chatter about a police response at Arbor Heights Elementary. The call was ultimately classified “trespassing.” We checked with SPD this morning; they confirmed there was no evidence of burglary or vandalism, adding, “Patrol officers hailed using their PA system but weren’t able to locate anyone.”

CAMPING GEAR STOLEN: Scott‘s car was broken into overnight in his driveway near 39th/Olga:

Thieves made away with my brown Alps tent (but left the poles), and a large tan tote with a bunch of camping gear including a mess kit. Also in the tote was a silver zippered case with a battery and charger for a Serfas headlight. Also look out for a WALL-E fleece blanket, which was covering up the stolen items.

Police report # is 2020-922548.

CAR-THEFT ATTEMPT: Jason‘s car was also broken into, early today:

My work van was the victim of an attempted theft this morning on 28th Ave SW in High Point. They did get away with some power tools and broke the ignition switch but did not get away with the van itself. This was at 4:15 am this morning and it looks like a minivan cased the block, dropped someone off then a sedan came back and picked up the guy and loot! Also, the neighbor at the end of the block had their Audi broken into and they also tried to steal the car unsuccessfully. All beware, thugs are running rampant!

BICYCLES FOUND: From the dumped-and-likely-stolen file, two more abandoned bicycles. First, from Tiffany:

This bike, which I assume stolen and ditched, has been leaning against my building for a couple weeks now. 4050 California Ave SW

This one was via text:

Nice commuter bike dumped in EC Hughes park [earlier this week]. Northwest corner of park.

CATALYTIC-CONVERTER REMINDER: Last but not least, we’ve had multiple reader reports in recent weeks about catalytic-converter thefts, and Southwest Precinct Crime Prevention Coordinator Jennifer Danner has sent this notice:

The SW Precinct has noticed a string of catalytic converter thefts over the past few weeks. In an effort to decrease future incidents, we would like to provide the following prevention suggestions:

-Speak with your vehicle manufacture to inquire about specific devices that can be added to shield or lock the catalytic converter

-If possible, ensure your vehicle is parked in a busy, locked, monitored and/or well-lit location

-Check on your vehicle regularly to ensure no damage has been done

-Work with neighbors to establish or maintain a Block Watch group to increase “eyes on”

-Report all suspicious and/or criminal activity to the SPD by 911 immediately

Please feel free to reach out to me directly [jennifer.danner@seattle.gov] if you are interested in discussing this further and/or if you would like to schedule a free safety/security assessment.

And a reminder that the precinct commander will be part of the public-safety discussion in the first hour of tonight’s Town Hall, starting at 5:30 pm; more info here. We’ll be covering it live.

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