UPDATE: Man shot while driving in Alki alley, suspect arrested

(WSB photo)

12:44 PM: Police and SFD are responding to 60th/Stevens [map] for a reported shooting. They’re searching for a suspect who’s described as (updated) a white man, 30s, brown hair, beard, green jacket, black (possibly camo) pants. The victim is reported to be a 42-year-old man. Updates to come.

12:53 PM: Police are still searching and will be joined by a K9. Sounds like they may know who they are looking. No word on the victim’s condition yet.

(WSB photo)

1 PM: The suspect is reported (via police radio) to be in custody. (added) Our crew just arrived in the area and verifies an arrest.

1:07 PM: The victim is being taken to Harborview Medical Center by SFD medic unit. (added) At the scene, we’re told he was transported in critical condition. (added) The suspect is reported to live nearby and police were checking his residence.

5:32 PM: More info from SPD:

Police were dispatched to the 6000 block of Stevens Street SW after multiple callers reported shots had been fired in the alley.

Officers arrived and found a man seriously wounded with multiple gunshot wounds. Witnesses said the suspect had left the scene on foot walking towards the beach. Additional officers flooded the area and found the suspect a few blocks away where he was taken into custody. Police found a 40 caliber handgun partially submerged in water at Alki Beach.

(SPD photo)

Detectives believe the suspect shot at the victim as the victim drove down the alley. The suspect then fled between some nearby apartment buildings, entered an apartment, struck a resident with the pistol, then fled toward the beach. Detectives are now interviewing the suspect and attempting to determine what led up to the shooting.

Reader Diana sent a photo of the aforementioned beach gun discovery:

Police say the victim was still in critical condition at last report.

6:48 PM: And we have a few more details from the Southwest Precinct incident summary filed by acting Sgt. Tammy Frame, forwarded by precinct commander Capt. Kevin Grossman, lauding the second-watch team for Really good work in saving a life, arresting the shooter, and locating evidence”: The victim was shot seven times and the first officer on the scene “administered life-saving first aid which included applying two tourniquets, one one on each of the victim’s arms.” The suspect allegedly tried to bury the gun in the sand at the beach. He and the victim are described by police as neighbors.

52 Replies to "UPDATE: Man shot while driving in Alki alley, suspect arrested"

  • Greg Goldstein November 29, 2020 (12:53 pm)

    I think I may have heard shots. I’m certainly hearing sirens. Damn. After this summer, Alki isn’t what it used to be.

  • Resident November 29, 2020 (12:56 pm)

    11 gunshots heard near Alki Elementary (from the direction of 60th/Stevens)

    • Greg Goldstein November 29, 2020 (1:09 pm)

      I wasn’t counting but didn’t sound like 11 to me. 

      ( And I’m on 60th )

      • Resident November 29, 2020 (1:42 pm)

        I counted based on audio from my doorbell camera, it was 11 shots.

        • TR November 29, 2020 (3:45 pm)

          I reviewed my security camera footage about 15 feet from where this happened, I was incorrect saying 6-7, you’re right it was roughly 11 or So shots fired. The police scanner and from what I could see, he was shot in the neck and shoulder. 

  • AlkiResident November 29, 2020 (12:59 pm)

    Getting arrested now on 61st between Admiral and Stevens

  • AlkiMama November 29, 2020 (1:08 pm)

    We heard them too about a block away. What’s happening to Alki? I really hope it was not random and the victim is okay. 

    • WSB November 29, 2020 (1:12 pm)

      They knew who they were looking for before too long so I don’t believe it was random, but we might not know more about circumstances for a while.

      • AlkiMama November 29, 2020 (1:21 pm)

        Really glad to hear that! Please keep us posted, this is quite upsetting. 

        • WSB November 29, 2020 (1:28 pm)

          We’ll follow this through the system – usually people have a bail hearing the day after their arrest, so if we don’t get more information on circumstances before then, those documents will tell more of a story.

          • Annette November 29, 2020 (1:54 pm)

            Please update any available information on the victim if/when at all possible. My cousin found him and would really like to know if he survived. 

        • Joe November 29, 2020 (1:59 pm)

          I work in the area managing properties and I can tell you over this past year, people’s overall mental health has gone to you know what.  You combine that with alcohol and drug consumption….plus gun ownership….bad bad combination.  

          • MrsT November 29, 2020 (3:17 pm)

            I am really fearful about what the long winter is going to add to that danger-stew. 

      • Chi December 19, 2020 (3:33 am)

        What do you mean?

  • SB November 29, 2020 (1:10 pm)

    I am relived they found him but f*ckkk wth in this neighborhood, in the winter, on a Sunday early afternoon :(

    • Just wondering November 29, 2020 (1:32 pm)

      Bad things happen in every zip code.

      • Bill November 29, 2020 (3:23 pm)


    • aunty November 29, 2020 (1:42 pm)

      Sorry to say but crime and violence happens everywhere and anywhere 24/7 

    • Alki resident November 29, 2020 (2:08 pm)

      Is there a time frame and season we should stick with?

    • fuzzy bee November 30, 2020 (5:14 am)

      Hear you, SB.

      More often than not we hear of incidents happening late at night, Winter tends to be more sleepy for activity, and Sundays are generally a chill day of the week… A day for pajamas, walking in the park, coffee, and pancakes etc for many.

      A shooting in broad daylight like this on Sunday afternoon, in a residential area, does feel a bit shocking, though always shocking and concerning.

      WSB, any update on the victims condition?

      • WSB November 30, 2020 (9:27 am)

        Without knowing his name, hospital checks are close to impossible. Police usually only get and provide an update publicly if a victim dies. So here’s hoping that so far no news is good news … Whatever new info is available after the expected bail hearing this afternoon, we’ll publish separately – TR

  • Tami November 29, 2020 (1:43 pm)

    I heard shots in the same spot last night late! Many of my neighbors heard it too this is very strange!!!

  • flimflam November 29, 2020 (2:18 pm)

    Wow, middle of the day on a beautiful sunny  Sunday…not good.

  • Mari November 29, 2020 (2:20 pm)

    So sad.Annette, please take care of your cousin, and Thank Him from all of us for what he did to try and help save a life.THANK YOU police men and firemen, jobs well done and much needed, and so under appreciated.

  • TR November 29, 2020 (2:22 pm)

    I called 911 seconds after this happened it was in front of our complex, on 60th Ave SW, there were 7 shots, I only heard 6 and a man screaming. When I walked outside he still seemed coherent. Listening to police scanner they say it was a 40 caliber. Keeping this neighbor in my thoughts. 

  • Ben Rio November 29, 2020 (4:34 pm)

    Any word on the victim’s status? We need prayers for all involved along with their families and loved ones.

    • WSB November 29, 2020 (5:39 pm)

      Just updated with new info from police. They say he was still in critical condition at last report.

  • L November 29, 2020 (6:02 pm)

    Thank you Seattle police for your rapid response and for protecting the citizens of this city!    Maybe people should think twice before demonizing the police!

    • Michelle Laughlin November 29, 2020 (6:51 pm)

      I was driving home to the beach and the officer ran right in front of me gun drawn,  towards the danger. Man, I couldn’t do that. Thank you officers.

    • LR November 30, 2020 (3:05 am)

      Exactly!  Thank you police. Thank you. Some of us actually do support what you do. 

      • Derek November 30, 2020 (12:57 pm)

        This is all the police should do. It’s the tear gassing and military tactics and six figure salaries that need to go away. 

    • Lyn November 30, 2020 (4:19 am)

      People correctly demonize the bad apples, not the righteous officers. The police in the US have a systemic racism issue, which when acknowledged does not take away from the other, it’s not an ‘either or”. I’m tired of the cops are all good vs cops are all bad mentality 

      • Mel November 30, 2020 (1:05 pm)

        No one is necessarily saying all cops are good (as not all people are good in any profession). However you should be able to recognize that they’re all under a lot of pressure and scrutiny these days. As someone who has an officer (locally) as a sibling, it has been extremely challenging this year. They’re constantly being yelled at while on patrol, flipped off, etc. That does take a toll on a person, especially the “good” ones. 

  • Rocky Bullwinkle November 29, 2020 (8:13 pm)

    Yes…thank you SPD!

  • Findlay November 29, 2020 (8:47 pm)

    Glad there were police there to work this scene.  Thankful for them!

  • Mary November 29, 2020 (9:48 pm)

    Thank you SPD and Alki residents for coming to the victim’s aid. 

  • Thanks SPD November 29, 2020 (10:36 pm)

    GREAT job to SPD in saving this man’s life.  

  • Elle Nell November 29, 2020 (10:39 pm)

    It IS the job of a police officer to go towards danger. It is NOT however, their job to harass, abuse, or kill black citizens. lest we forget.
    I hope the victim will heal and recover from this horrific act of violence.. 

  • Friend O'Dinghus November 29, 2020 (11:46 pm)

    Hear Hear for the amazing second-watch team! Kick ass! Thank you for saving lives every day.

  • ScubaFrog November 30, 2020 (12:12 am)

    Fantastic job SPD and SFD for saving the man’s life, and apprehending the suspect.  WSB thanks for reporting it.  I wonder if the first officer was in combat re the tourniquets, or if that’s common knowledge for officers in the SPD (I’m impressed).  Just incredible work all-around, and really reinforces what a great group of officers the SW Precinct has.  I hope the victim recovers fully, needless to say.  

    • Mel November 30, 2020 (2:43 am)

      Most officers carry and know how to administer tourniquets around here (both SPD and King County Sheriffs).

    • Donna November 30, 2020 (10:31 am)

      There’s a great training offered fairly often called Stop The Bleed that teaches ordinary people how to respond to major bleeding, including proper use of a tourniquet. I took the training 2 years ago at Harborview and now carry a kit that includes a tourniquet. I’d rank it as like CPR training, good for everybody to know.

  • Canton November 30, 2020 (6:50 am)

    Refund the police!

  • cjboffoli November 30, 2020 (7:31 am)

    Some excellent police work on display here. Not to mention some fantastic breaking news journalism.

  • wetone November 30, 2020 (10:22 am)

    Very sad deal once again in Seattle. Hope victim recovers. Praise to SPD for great job. By the way what is Second-Watch ? another Seattle name change for something or someone ? can’t keep up with all these…….

    • WSB November 30, 2020 (11:02 am)

      No, just some police jargon. Watch = shift. Sorry, I should know better!

      • Just wondering November 30, 2020 (1:23 pm)

        I seem to remember a tv show with the word “watch” in the title.  Third Watch?

  • WSMom November 30, 2020 (4:03 pm)

    Thank you SPD!Hope the victim recovers quickly.

  • Ws November 30, 2020 (4:32 pm)

    Any word on victim?

    • WSB November 30, 2020 (5:10 pm)

      Still awaiting info from hearing today (assuming one was held, things change sometimes), which may or may not including info on victim. If anyone reading this knows him and knows how he’s doing, you can contact us, even anonymously …

  • WSB November 30, 2020 (7:11 pm)

    Only info made available so far is that the suspect’s bail is set at $500,000. We may not get the probable-cause docs until tomorrow.

    • Guy December 2, 2020 (9:27 am)

      Thank you!

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