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UPDATE: Rescue response for flipped-car crash in Westwood

(WSB photo)

12:28 PM: Just dispatched: Seattle Fire rescue-extrication response for a crash at 32hd/Trenton [map]. Two vehicles are reported to be involved, one flipped with a person trapped inside. Police are already there and say the trapped passenger is conscious. Updates to come.

12:34 PM: SFD says the trapped passenger has been extricated.

12:43 PM: Photo added. No serious injuries reported so far. Police say they are investigating whether this might be the result of one of the drivers running through a stop sign.

Driver flips car at Admiral Way Viewpoint

(WSB photo)

That flipped-car crash is under investigation right now at Admiral Way Viewpoint. Police believe the driver was headed east/southbound on Admiral when he lost control, veered across the north/westbound lanes, and flipped the car, coming to an upside-down stop at the viewpoint. Nobody else was hurt; the driver is being taken to a hospital.

Short-lived water-rescue response for Alki

Just in case you heard the sirens: Seattle Fire had a short-lived water-rescue response headed to 55th/Alki. SFD says the initial report was “kiteboarder in distress,” but the person swam safely to shore and the response was cancelled.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response off Harbor Avenue – false alarm

11:03 AM: Seattle Fire has sent a “water rescue response” to the Seacrest/Don Armeni area after a report of a diver possibly in trouble 50 yards offshore. First land units haven’t been able to confirm it yet. Updates to come.

11:06 AM: “No emergency, no missing diver” – this involves a boater and a net somehow mistaken for someone in trouble, per emergency radio. The dispatch is being canceled.

UPDATE: Gas leak at road-work site in 4000 block Delridge Way

(Part of the response. Photo by Erica, in comments)

9:52 AM: Avoid the 4000 block of Delridge Way SW – a major Seattle Fire response is arriving to help deal wth a gas leak at the road-construction site. Puget Sound Energy is there too.

9:57 AM: According to radio communication, three households have been evacuated.

10 AM: Also per a radio report to dispatchers, this will take some time to fix as repair crews have to excavate around the line. .. Traffic will be blocked to the north at Delridge/Spokane.

10:36 AM: Rough estimate: At least another hour. Meantime, some of the SFD units are being dismissed.

10:46 AM: The 5-way intersection camera, which was down for days, is back up.. Here’s what it’s showing for Delridge/Spokane.

10:56 AM: The leaking line has been shut down, dispatch was just told.

11:12 AM: The 5-way camera shows SB traffic is being allowed onto Delridge again. Per radio, they’re “opening everything up.”

WEST SEATTLE FOURTH OF JULY: Late-night notes – Alki crash, ‘brush fires,’ & more

10:35 PM: Many Fourth of July late nights, we keep an incident log, so we’re starting one now. Above is the SPD Mobile Precinct, seen at Alki around 7 pm. Around 9 pm, police radioed that they would be assisting Seattle Parks in closing the beach. Then came a call for police to help SFD with numerous illegal beach fires. And right now, police are handling a crash in the (corrected) 1200 block of Alki SW – the whole block is closed, per the scanner. This was originally dispatched as a rollover but we’re not sure if that’s what it turned out to be; more than half the originally dispatched SFD units have been dismissed. … Update: Erin just sent this photo. Definitely a flipped car.

One person is reported to be getting evaluated for possible injuries.

11:02 PM: Another Alki crash dispatch, 56th about half a block south of Alki SW. Also, a car fire at 6th SW/SW Cloverdale, which is close to a “brush fire” call last hour. The previous call was answered by Squad 40, a unit we don’t usually hear mentioned routinely. SFD explains that it’s “our brush truck used for wildland firefighting deployments. We have it staffed and in-service today for responding to extinguish spot/brush fires.”

11:28 PM: Alki SW is still closed at the flipped-car crash scene, which, as shown in the photo below sent by Michael, is outside the Infinity project site – took out the fencing:

11:35 PM: Now a “brush fire” call at Gatewood Elementary – which is barely half a block west of this evening’s apartment fire. Dispatcher says a tree is on fire. … And a minute later, a “rubbish fire” dispatch at Lowman Beach.

12:33 AM: Things have quieted down somewhat since that burst.

1:12 AM: What’s it been like on Alki? Two photos from David Hutchinson:

Up here east of Lincoln Park, we’re still hearing scattered booms.

2:28 AM: Finally quiet, at least here.

3:15 AM: Well, it was, till now. P.S. If you are among the kind souls who go out on the morning of the 5th to clean up … consider sending us a photo of what you find.

UPDATE: Water-rescue callout in 1700 block of Alki Avenue

1:37 PM: A possible kite-surfer in distress is the reason for the big response by land an sea in the 1700 block of Alki SW.

1:40 PM: Most of the callout has been canceled. A fireboat reached the surfer, who, according to the dispatcher, “was just having an issue with his sail.”

UPDATE: Water-rescue callout at Duwamish Head – false alarm

5:33 PM: Seattle Fire has a water-rescue callout arriving in the 1100 block of Alki SW. We’re headed that way too. Updates to come…

(Added: Photo sent by Jan, as response wrapped up)

5:36 PM: Per radio communication, there was a report of a missing swimmer but that was a false alarm. Response is being downsized. SFD also just verified that via Twitter.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response off Duwamish Head

June 18, 2020 1:22 am
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1:22 AM: A Seattle Fire water-rescue response is headed, via land and sea, to the 1500 block of Alki Avenue SW [map], where someone is trying to keep a boat from going aground. The boat trouble’s been going on for a while, according to radio communication we’ve been monitoring.

1:27 AM: The Coast Guard is reported to be on scene already. Authorities who dealt with the situation earlier say the person holding onto the boat was uncooperative with would-be rescuers.

1;35 AM: Responders were having trouble (re)locating the boat and are now saying they’ve found a boat that is NOT in trouble.

1:39 AM: The boat and person have been found in the 1300 block of Alki and responders are trying to best figure out what kind of help is needed.

1:49 AM: They’ll be towing the boat to Don Armeni.

UPDATE: One man shot in West Seattle Junction, taken to hospital

(Added: Photo sent by Jason)

10:55 PM: SFD and SPD are responding to the 4800 block of Erskine Way for a report of a 20-year-old man with a gunshot wound. No other details yet.

11:03 PM: Police report being told this was the result of some kind of altercation/confrontation. The victim is being taken to the hospital.

11:12 PM: Police are looking for a suspect, described only, so far, as a “white male with a shaved head.”

11:27 PM: The Guardian One helicopter is assisting with the search.

11:42 PM: The search is ranging over a fairly wide area. Meantime, police are checking security video at the 7-11 to see if it has anything that’ll help.

11:54 PM: The victim was in serious condition when transported, SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo tells WSB. He also says the victim is 32, which is a change from the original radio exchange describing him as 20.

1:08 PM THURSDAY: Our inquiry to SPD has been answered by this SPD Blotter post, but the only new info is that the suspect is still out there somewhere:

At approximately 10:45 PM, officers responded to a report of shots fired in the 4800 block of Erskine Way SW. When they arrived they found the victim in a parking lot, with a gunshot wound to his chest. Officers immediately performed first aid until they were relieved by the Seattle Fire Department medics, who transported the victim to Harborview Medical Center.

Officers interviewed witnesses at the scene who stated that it appeared that the victim and another man were in an argument just prior to the shooting. The suspect fled. A K-9 team responded and attempted a track, but the suspect was not located.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response at Lincoln Park

9:50 PM: Seattle Fire has sent a land and sea response to look for a possible kayaker in distress somewhere off Lincoln Park. They’re still looking. Updates to come.

9:55 PM: SFD reports via radio that they’re in contact – via yelling – with “multiple individuals” who are on boards or in kayaks, headed for shore, and they’re still trying to sort out what’s happening and whether someone is truly in trouble.

10:06 PM: Everyone is reported to be out of the water and getting evaluated – but they’re working to verify.

10:17 PM: Fire and police say they’ve confirmed, one person was in distress, two others rescued that person, and all three are safely on shore. An SFD unit will catch up with the victim somewhere around the park’s north shore or nearby Lowman Beach.

UPDATE: Slide reported behind Alki building

(Added: Photo sent by Laura)

9:18 PM: Another emergency callout right now, this time in the 1200 block of Alki. The SFD engine on scene reported that it’s a slide behind a building. Police are there too (added: note in the photo, that includes backup from outside Seattle); they’re calling in Seattle Public Utilities. This follows a record-rainfall day – 1.14 inches of rain at Sea-Tac, wettest May 30th on record.

ADDED 4:09 PM MONDAY: We went to the scene late this morning and also followed up with SPU. Above and below are our photos from behind 1210 Alki SW, but SPU’s Sabrina Register tells us the problem was actually uphill:

Seattle Public Utilities responded after midnight to reports of a water leak on California Lane SW. Water was temporarily shut off to about a dozen customers while crews investigated the source of the leak. After it was determined that the leak was on private property, water was restored to 11 customers. Crews continue to investigate to verify there’s no damage to SPU infrastructure.

Rescue call on Harbor Island

In case you saw/heard the big Seattle Fire response on Harbor Island this past half-hour: SFD sent a “rope rescue” callout to help get a man in his 60s with “a medical issue” off a vessel. No other details.

UPDATE: Rescue response off 4500 block of Beach Drive = false alarm

(Added: Photo by Tiff Rivera)

8:40 PM: Big SFD response is headed for Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook (map), where two people are reported to be in the water. Updates to come.

8:43 PM: SFD says the two people are “swimmers in distress.”

8:48 PM: Now they’re saying that it looks like the “swimmers” are actually “two divers on the surface” who do NOT appear to be in trouble. But a boat crew will continue that way to check with/on them.

(Added: Video by Nicole Neufeld)

9:06 PM: A rescue-boat crew has just made contact and confirmed the divers “are not in trouble at all.”

UPDATE: Pedestrian hit, injured by driver in South Park

4:51 PM: Avoid (corrected) 10th S./S. Cloverdale for a while. A driver has hit and injured a pedestrian. Police are there investigating, and SFD is there to treat the victim.

5:04 PM: Correction – the SFD log shows this is at 10th S/S Cloverdale. The latter is the main east-west through South Park. It’s just reopened, per police radio communication. We’ll be checking with SFD on the victim’s condition.

UPDATE: Construction-debris fire at South Seattle College campus

(Texted photo)

2:30 PM: A big Seattle Fire dispatch is arriving at the South Seattle College campus. It’s being described as “roofing materials on fire.” Updates to come.

2:37 PM: The fire is “knocked down,” crews on scene have radioed. The response is being downsized. We don’t yet know exactly what part of the campus this is happening at.

(WSB photo)

2:48 PM: The fire is mostly out but firefighters are dealing with some smoldering debris. This is in the automotive area of the college (which like other schools is currently closed to in-person instruction).

3:11 PM: Now the fire’s declared “tapped.” No word of injuries.

3:28 PM: Adding more photos. Meantime, we checked with SSC spokesperson Ty Swenson, who tells WSB, “From what we’ve gathered, the fire started with construction debris in the Automotive Technology construction zone. It sounds like that debris was at ground level, not on the roof.” More info later.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: SFD says the fire was “accidentally caused while construction crews were working at the site of a demolition and renovation project for the college. Estimated loss is $10,000.”

UPDATE: Flipped-car crash in High Point

9:38 PM: A flipped-car crash is reported near Sylvan Way/Sylvan Heights Drive. Everyone’s reported to have gotten out of the car OK.

9:48 PM: SFD reports that no one was seriously hurt. By the way, if you noticed the Guardian One helicopter in the area for a bit, they just happened to be nearby and offered to help check whether anyone was trapped in the vehicle, but ground crews quickly determined everyone was out.

ADDED FRIDAY MORNING: The driver is being investigated for DUI.

UPDATE: SFD rescue response @ Lincoln Park

11:56 AM: Seattle Fire responders are headed by land and sea to the north shore of Lincoln Park, where multiple 911 callers have reported that a kayaker has fallen in the water.

11:59 AM: Per radio exchange, the kayaker has made it to shore, and some units are being dismissed from the call.

12:03 PM: The call is closed. One illuminating aspect: This is the type of emergency call that brings units from across the bay. General traffic on the low bridge (where the live camera shows a steady stream of cars continuing) could have impeded the response.

UPDATE: DUI suspected in vehicle-on-side crash on Alki Avenue, with 4 children in the car

12:18 PM: Emergency responders are at the scene of what’s reported as a car-on-side crash in the 1500 block of Alki SW (map).

12:21 PM: Adding a texted photo (thank you!). Per crews’ reports from the scene, everyone in the vehicle got out OK but a medic unit is being sent for a woman who may need treatment.

12:33 PM: At least three people will be taken to the hospital, via SFD medic unit and AMR ambulances.

12:44 PM: Added two more texted photos above (thanks to that texter too!). Some of the SFD units are being dismissed.

UPDATE 12:20 PM MONDAY: This is being investigated as DUI, SPD confirms. As for the victims, here’s what SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo tells us:

5 of the occupants were able to self-extricate from the vehicle. Our crews were able to safely extricate the 1 year old female from their car seat.

29 year old female in stable condition.

26 year old male in stable condition.

5 year old male with no reported injuries.

9 year old male with no reported injuries.

7 year old male with minor injuries.

1 year old female with no reported injuries.

All were transported to HMC.

2:16 PM MONDAY: SPD’s update includes this:

At the hospital, the 26-year-old male driver was evaluated and showed signs of impairment. There was evidence of drug use by both the adult occupants. Officers obtained a search warrant for a blood sample from the driver. Following his release from the hospital, the driver was booked into the King County Jail for DUI.

Man suffers knife wound in South Delridge

No word yet on the circumstances, but the big “scenes of violence” response in the 9200 block of 17th SW is for a man described by the dispatcher as having a knife wound. Police are also there investigating.

UPDATE: Vehicle-on-side crash at 35th/Trenton

2:38 PM: Police and fire are arriving at what was dispatched as a flipped-vehicle crash at 35th/Trenton. Avoid the area.

2:49 PM: Actually a vehicle-on-side crash, and it’s closer to Henderson. 35th is closed between Tremton and Henderson until this is cleared. Police tell us the driver got out of the vehicle and is not seriously hurt. At least one parked vehicle was damaged.

TRAFFIC ALERT: 16th/Roxbury crash

(WSB photo)

12:41 PM: A big response for a crash at 16th/Roxbury – reported as a vehicle into a building – roads are being blocked; avoid the area.

12:57 PM: This is on 16th a short distance north of Roxbury – we’ve added a photo. Firefighters tell us at the scene that one female victim has been taken to the hospital.

1:08 PM: Another angle above, this time a photo from SFD. They say the victim is in serious condition.

UPDATE: Flipped-car crash at 8th/Roxbury

1:39 PM: Avoid 8th/Roxbury – a big “rescue extrication” response is headed that way for a crash. One person is reported trapped. More info to come …

1:43 PM: First crew on scene says everyone is out of the vehicle. They’re downsizing the response.

1:52 PM: Photo added – it’s a flipped car. We’re checking with fire/police about injuries.

1:56 PM: A second vehicle was involved; its driver came to a stop about 30 yards away. Our crew has been told, no serious injuries.