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UPDATE: Water-rescue callout at Alki Beach

7:56 PM: Seattle Fire has a water-rescue response headed by land and sea to Alki Beach at 60th SW for a possible missing kiteboarder. Police are on scene, says the dispatcher, and so far they are seeing the board but no one with it.

8:05 PM UPDATE: SFD says the kiteboarder returned safely to shore. They’re canceling the callout.

UPDATE: Man stabbed in Westwood

2:45 AM: A sizable Seattle Fire and Police response is headed to the 2200 block of SW Barton for what’s reported as a person “assaulted with a weapon.” Updates to come.

2:49 AM: Officers at the scene – a building lobby – have told dispatch that the victim says he was stabbed at a nearby bus stop. He is reported to be wounded in an arm and leg.

2:54 AM: The victim will be taken to the hospital by SFD medics. No word so far of any arrest(s).

UPDATE: Motorcycle crash on West Marginal Way

8 PM: Thanks for the tips. An emergency response is at the scene of what witnesses say is a motorcycle crash on West Marginal Way just north of Highland Park Way. Avoid the area.

8:21 PM: Our crew says the scene has cleared. We’re checking with SFD on injuries.

9 PM: SFD spokesperson Kristin Tinsley tells us a ~21-year-old man was taken to the hospital in stable condition.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response off Brace Point

9:41 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a water-rescue response, land and sea, to the 4800 block of SW Brace Point Drive [map]. Dispatchers say someone called in saying they saw someone “parachute into the water” south of the ferry dock. Updates to come.

9:47 PM: Responders have arrived in the area. No confirmation yet whether anyone is indeed in trouble. They’re also looking from the ferry dock.

10:03 PM: They’re still searching.

10:05 PM: Calling off the search after failing to find anyone plus “multiple reports this was a heat lantern.”

10:15 PM: Comments suggest the lanterns in question were “sky lanterns.”

UPDATE: Kayaker rescued off Constellation Park

8:32 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a water-rescue response to Constellation Park. Updates to come.

8:37 PM: Medics also have been sent to Don Armeni. We don’t know what the circumstances were but one patient is reported to be on board a Port of Seattle vessel; they’ll be transferred to an SFD boat and taken to Don Armeni.

8:42 PM: Patient is described as a “31-year-old man who was in the water an hour, hour and a half.” He is reported to have been kayaking.

UPDATE: Seattle Fire response for vessel in trouble

May 29, 2021 1:29 pm
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1:29 PM: Big land and sea response to the Seacrest vicinity for a vessel in trouble: “21-foot gillnetter drifting into a barge, engine’s dead, 1 person on board” is the dispatch.

(Added: Photo sent by Brooke)

1:32 PM: Arriving crews say this is about 600 feet offshore and they’re going to try to tow the fishing boat closer in. They say the boat is not taking on water so it’s not a life-safety issue, and they’re downsizing the response.

2:34 PM: Went to the area for a status report, but found no SFD units on shore. Did find – unrelated – a huge SPD presence at Don Armeni; separate story up next.

UPDATE: Crash at 30th/Thistle after King County Sheriff’s Office pursuit

9:03 AM: Big emergency response for a crash at 30th/Thistle.- details to come.

9:14 AM: Witnesses report this followed a pursuit involving King County Sheriff’s Deputies, which we had just started hearing about before this call. Photo added. We’re still working to find out what led to the pursuit. Two people were in the car and both are out.

9:20 AM: Thistle will be blocked in that area for a while because of the KCSO investigation. SPD is assisting with traffic control until KCSO can send more units.

9:39 AM: KCSO tells us at the scene that this started with deputies trying to pull the car over for potentially stolen license plates. At some point, they say, the driver rammed one or more KCSO vehicles. No serious injuries reported; the driver and a passenger were being questioned.

9:56 AM: Just talked to KCAO spokesperson Sgt. Tim Meyer. He confirms a PIT maneuver was done to stop the car and that its driver had “rammed two patrol cars.” One deputy has been taken to the hospital “as a precautionary measure.” The driver is in custody and has “multiple warrants.” This all started outside the Roxbury Safeway.

One more note – Thistle is blocked about a block west of the city’s vaccination hub, so to get there, you’ll have to approach from the east – get to westbound Thistle from Delridge, for example. We’ll check back on the street’s status later.

12:45 PM: Thistle is still closed.

3:03 PM: Finally got back over to check again; the street has reopened.

UPDATE: Flipped-car crash on 35th SW

10:23 AM: Big emergency response for a crash on 35th SE between Graham and Raymond. Avoid the area.

10:36 AM: Thanks to Matthew for the photo. At least one person is reported to be injured.

12:10 PM: Scene’s clear.

12:56 PM: SFD says the person who was injured is a 61-year-old woman assessed to be in stable condition when transported by AMR ambulance.

Emergency response at Don Armeni Boat Ramp

Seattle Fire crews have responded by land and sea to a report of a 15- to 20-foot boat possibly sinking, tied up at Don Armeni Boat Ramp. The first crews arriving assessed it as a “derelict vessel,” and the plan now is for Harbor Patrol to tow it away.

UPDATE: Shooting victim found at Delridge/Andover, taken to hospital

(Added: WSB photo)

9:12 PM: Big emergency response to Delridge/Andover after a report of an injured person and possible ‘gunfire in the area,’ per emergency radio. Avoid the area. Updates to come.

9:17 PM: Emergency crews are asking to block traffic from getting onto the eastbound low bridge – which would be open to all at this time of night – so they have a clear path for transporting the victim.

9:23 PM: Per radio communication, one man, about 18 years old, is going to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the neck, after someone shot into the vehicle he was in.

9:32 PM: Northbound Delridge is reported to be blocked at Genesee.

9:40 PM: The gunfire may have happened at some point north of Delridge/Andover; police plan to search along SW Spokane. They say they have no suspect description yet. Our crew has arrived in the area and confirms NB traffic on Delridge is blocked north of Genesee.

10:08 PM: In both a tweet and SPD Blotter post, police have used the 2000 block of SW Charlestown – uphill/east of Delridge/Andover – as a location for the shooting. They also say the victim’s wound is not believed to be life-threatening, and they ask for anyone with information to “call the tip line at 206-233-5000.”

11:59 PM: One more note on location – the preliminary summary from the Southwest Precinct says, “SPD 911 began receiving reports of gunshots near Spokane St and Delridge Way SW. Shortly afterward a victim of gunfire was located in the 3800 block of Delridge Way SW.”

UPDATE: Woman in hospital, man in jail after collision that police say was domestic violence

2:49 PM: Seattle Fire has a big response headed for the 2400 block of SW Holden [map], on a “rescue extrication” call. Updates to come.

2:54 PM: SFD says this is reported as a driver-pedestrian collision with the pedestrian possibly “pinned under the vehicle.”

3:08 PM: The victim is being taken to the hospital. We have a crew on scene trying to get more information.

3:11 PM: SFD says “bystanders” helped get the victim, who is female, out from under the car that hit her.

3:17 PM: Added a photo of the car atop the story. Police have taken the driver into custody. Holden remains closed from 24th SW about 100 yards westward uphill.

3:31 PM: SFD says the victim, a 24-year-old woman, was in stable condition when transported.

7:26 PM: A commenter/witness said there was more to the story, and police have confirmed that to us, saying this was a case of domestic violence. SPD says the driver was arrested for felony domestic-violence assault and also investigated for DUI.

9 PM: We have since received a far more detailed police report. Here’s the narrative as written by police:

Several calls came in about a collision, a fight, and a possible domestic disturbance. Officers arrived and found all three reports were correct.

The suspect and his girlfriend (Victim) were in a verbal disturbance and then the suspect began to strangle the victim. A bystander (W) intervened and broke up the assault. The suspect then got into the victim’s vehicle and planned to drive away. The witness got into the car and told the suspect not to drive as he was drunk and high. An argument began between the S/ and the W/. The victim went to the passenger side and attempted to get her car back from him. The witnesses reported that the suspect then put the car in reverse and purposefully struck the victim and ran her over.

W/ and the S/ got into a physical fight directly after the S/ assaulted her. After the S/ was rendered unconscious the witness and another community member physically lifted the vehicle off of the victim. The suspect was taken into custody without incident. … The victim is in critical but stable condition at HMC with numerous broken bones and injuries.

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence, call/text 911 if it’s happening now – but also be aware of this 24-hour helpline: 800-799-7233 or 800-787-3224 (TTY)

UPDATE: ‘Major rescue’ response for 2-car crash at Sylvan/Delridge

9:48 PM: A two-vehicle crash at Delridge/Sylvan has drawn a “rescue extrication” response, with people reported trapped in the vehicles. At least two people are reported to be seriously injured. At least part of that intersection is blocked.

10 PM: Added photo sent by Lori. The response was upsized to a “major rescue” because people needed to be extricated from both vehicles. As you can see from Lori’s photo above, firefighters had to remove the roof from one vehicle.

10:14 PM: Another photo above from Lori. Meantime, the Traffic Collision Investigation Squad is arriving. Sylvan is blocked up the hill and this will be closed for several hours while they investigate. Two people have been taken to the hospital.

10:35 PM: Above is our photo of the wrecked cars. That’s the north side of Home Depot in the background. Waiting for SFD info on the conditions of the two people taken to the hospital.

19:49 PM: SFD spokesperson Kristin Tinsley says a man in his mid-20s was transported in serious condition, and a man in his early 20s was transported in stable condition.

11:00 PM: Police now say the two were the vehicles’ drivers and no one else was in either car and that one driver is being investigated for DUI. Sylvaan Way remains closed between High Point Drive and Delridge.

12:24 AM: Still closed.

9:13 AM: Additional information from police this morning – they now say the male driver of the red Chevrolet was westbound and “crossed the center line in the 7200 block of Sylvan Way and struck a blue Hyundai, driven by an adult female, which was coming down the hill.” The male driver is under investigation for suspected DUI.

ADDED MONDAY: In this comment, a family member says the blue Hyundai’s driver is actually a man in his mid-30s and is in stable condition.

UPDATE: 1 person shot at 29th/Cambridge

1:09 AM: Seattle Fire has a “scenes of violence” response going to 29th SW/SW Cambridge (by Roxhill Park). Police are there too. Updates to come.

1:13 AM: They’re reporting that a male victim has “what looks like a minor gunshot wound to the arm.’ A suspect is being sought.

1:18 AM: The alert just broadcast over police radio says this was a drive-by shooting, describing the vehicle as possibly a black 2000 Ford Taurus, last seen eastbound on SW Barton.

10:03 AM: We’ve obtained more details from police. They say it was more a drive-up shooting than a drive-by shooting. The victim was “in front of his truck next to (Roxhill P)ark” when a vehicle pulled up and two people got out, demanding the victim hand over his key fob so they could take his vehicle. He said no and ran; one of them shot at him, hitting him in the upper right arm. They drove away; 911 was called and the victim was taken to Harborview.

UPDATE: Dead-end hillside crash in Upper Fauntleroy

12:44 AM: Big response in the 8400 block of California SW for a report of a car going down the dead end (which leads to a hillside over Fauntlee Hills). Updates to come.

12:49 AM: SFD says the driver, a man, got out OK and is now “being evaluated by medics.” However, towing the crashed car up a 25-foot slope will apparently be a challenge, responders warned dispatch.

1:03 AM: An AMR ambulance has arrived, which indicates the driver’s injuries are not major.

1:20 AM: Most of the responders have departed; a tow truck has arrived.

7:32 AM: Police are investigating the driver for DUI.

UPDATE: Here’s why SFD is at PCC

February 15, 2021 4:45 pm
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(Photo texted by Jennifer Moore)

4:45 PM: Thanks for the texts. Seattle Fire crews are at the PCC/Luna Apartments building at California/Stevens, checking out what was reported as “automatic fire alarm, water flow indicated.” Multiple texters say the buildings have been evacuated as a precaution. No word of any fire so far; firefighters are investigating.

4:54 PM: They’re downsizing the response.

UPDATE: 1 to hospital after motorhome driver goes backward downhill at Delridge/Andover

2:51 PM: Few details yet but avoid Delridge/Andover – multiple injuries are reported after a collision, at Delridge/Andover and also on Andover west and uphill. We’re on our way to find out more.

3:18 PM: We’re having difficulty getting close enough to talk with police, between the slush and the emergency vehicles. Nearby resident Mark sent photos of the two scenes – at Delridge/Andover:

And uphill to the west, at 23rd/Andover:

3:28 PM: Just in from our crew, a wider view – note that Andover is taped off, west of Delridge:

Here’s what police at the scene told us happened: The motorhome’s driver was heading eastbound up Andover and got stuck. A police officer was trying to help him get unstuck when the driver put the motorhome into reverse and hit both a pedestrian and two vehicles, including the one in the photo above, and this tanker (photo from Evan):

The only person who needed to be taken to the hospital was the pedestrian. No other serious injuries. We will be checking on the pedestrian’s condition.

3:42 PM: SPD adds via Twitter that the motorhome driver is in custody and the Traffic Collision Investigation Squad is responding, so the area will likely be blocked off for a while.

3:58 PM: Commenters who were in the area have a different account, saying police were following/pursuing the motorhome before the crash. Meantime, SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo tells us the pedestrian is a 79-year-old man taken to the hospital in serious condition, and the driver of the car hit uphill on Andover was a 44-year-old woman treated at the scene.

ADDED 7:12 PM: Just received, the initial police summary:

A patrol unit initiated a traffic stop on an older, 20-foot RV near Delridge Way SW and SW Andover St. The adult male driver appeared to disregard the signals to stop and turned up the steep grade, which hindered the suspect’s escape near 23 Av SW. The suspect reversed down the hill, colliding with an occupied passenger vehicle and deploying its airbags before crossing the arterial and striking a petroleum tanker and then a pedestrian. The suspect driver fled on foot, but was arrested a short time later. The adult male pedestrian sustained injuries thought to be substantial. Other injuries were minor. TCIS responded. A DRE evaluated the suspect and detected signs of impairment. The suspect was arrested for Vehicular Assault, Hit and Run, Eluding, VUCSA, and warrants.

(DRE means Drug Recognition Expert; VUCSA is a drug-related allegation, Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act.) The summary does not mentions the grounds for the initial stop attempt.

9:18 PM: More information about the suspect, from this SPD Blotter item posted tonight: He’s 47 and “police discovered he had a felony warrant for theft of a motor vehicle, reckless endangerment and domestic violence-related assault. Officers also found what appeared to be narcotics on his person …”

UPDATE: Water-rescue response off Beach Drive

1:14 PM: A Seattle Fire water-rescue response is headed for the 5600 block of Beach Drive [map] after a report of someone possibly in trouble offshore. Updates to come.

1:17 PM: SFD says the report was that a kite-surfer appeared to be in trouble. They’re sending land and water crews to look.

1:27 PM: The search has relocated to the 5000 block of Beach Drive. They’re still not seeing anyone or anything.

1:42 PM: Boats are helping search (including SPD and Coast Guard – texted photo added above) but there is still no sign of anyone in trouble.

1:28 PM: The search is being scaled down, after a report that someone saw a surfer matching the description – with brightly colored gear – getting safely out of the water, but they’re still not certain that was the same surfer.

1:54 PM: Now they’ve talked to someone they do believe was the surfer in question, and they’re safe.

UPDATE: 1 dead in Harbor Island crash

6:18 PM: If you’re in east-facing West Seattle, you might be wondering about this emergency response on Harbor Island:

It’s described as a driver hitting a utility pole near 16th SW/SW Lander – the sizable response was required because the driver was reported to be trapped. No other details yet.

6:26 PM: SFD says the person was “safely extricated” and is being taken to a hospital.

12:26 AM: A commenter said that was inaccurate, that the driver was declared dead at the scene, and we have confirmation now from police. Their report:

A Ford Mustang was southbound on 16th Av SW on Harbor Island. The adult male driver lost control of the vehicle near SW Lander St and collided with a power pole. The driver was the only occupant and he did not survive. TCIS responded. The cause is under investigation.

TCIS is the Traffic Collision Investigation Squad.

1:56 PM: SFD acknowledged the error today and says the victim was a man in his mid-50s.

MONDAY UPDATE: The victim was identified by the King County Medical Examiner as 56-year-old Scott Fern.

UPDATE: Water-rescue call off Lincoln Park

December 26, 2020 2:56 pm
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2:56 PM: Seattle Fire has a water-rescue response headed to Lincoln Park. According to the dispatch, there’s a report of a possible boarder in trouble off Colman Pool. Updates to come.

3:01 PM: Looks like this might be a false alarm; most units are being dismissed

Crash takes out hydrant along Fauntleroy Way

Thanks to Lola for the photo. That’s the second West Seattle crash in less than 12 hours to have taken out a hydrant. This one happened in the 5600 block of Fauntleroy Way SW, with a driver hitting a parked car, and the hydrant getting hit in the process. The driver was reported to have walked away from the scene, but a medical dispatch indicated he was found some blocks away shortly thereafter.

UPDATE: Driver hits pole, hydrant on West Marginal

2:38 PM: Thanks for the photo. City Light and Seattle Public Utilities are being summoned to join Seattle Fire and Police at that crash scene in the 6300 block of West Marginal Way. A driver hit a pole and hydrant. No major injuries reported.

3:19 PM: Officers have just told dispatch “Marginal is open again.”

Flipped-car crash at 35th and Kenyon

Thanks for the tip! Northbound 35th SW is blocked at Kenyon until a tow truck arrives for a flipped car. The original callout was “rescue extrication” but most of the units were canceled quickly. Police tell us the driver hit a parked car and his car flipped. No major injuries.

UPDATE: Hazmat response in Highland Park after man found dead

12:36 PM: Seattle Fire has a hazmat investigation under way at a residence in the 7900 block of 14th SW in Highland Park. It’s focused on a garage, and they were using robotic equipment to investigate. The on-scene crews declined comment so we don’t yet know what they’re investigating, but the residents of the adjacent house were allowed back in, and no one has been evacuated. We’ll update when we find out more.

1:59 PM: SFD told us it’s an SPD case. We subsequently inquired with SPD, which tweeted this:

Just after 10:30 am SPD & Seattle Fire responded to a possible overdose in the 7900 block of 14th Ave SW. A male in his early 40s was declared dead at the scene. An extraction lab was found at the site, but hazmat crews determined the scene is safe. Site cleanup is being arranged.

2:51 PM: Neighbors report other agencies have arrived at the scene – the King County Medical Examiner (which investigates deaths) and the state Ecology Department‘s spill responders.