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UPDATE: Gunfire investigation at 35th/Morgan

4:24 PM: Seattle Fire and Police are converging for what SFD has classified as a “scenes of violence” response at 35th/Morgan. Updates to come.

4:28 PM: Police have just told dispatch they haven’t found a victim yet. So the SFD response has been closed. We have a crew en route to find out what the initial report was.

4:32 PM: The initial call appears to have involved gunfire, according to another radio exchange. A K9 team was on their way.

4:37 PM: Police confirmed to us on scene that they’re investigating gunfire but so far no one has been found hit/hurt. They’re investigating on the east side of the 35th/Morgan intersection, which is blocked, so avoid the area.

5:17 PM: Just went through 35th/Morgan on our way back from Summer Fest. The intersection is now fully open, no police in sight.

6:13 PM: Listening back to archived police radio from around time of this dispatch, we so far have not found descriptions of the circumstances or shooter/s, but a mention that officers found at least four casings, and that “suspects” were last seen southbound on 34th. The incident #, if you have any information, is 24-194122.

ADDED MONDAY: We followed up with SPD, and received this summary:

On July 14, Seattle police responded to the area of 35th Avenue Southwest and Southwest Morgan Street for shots fired at about 4:12 p.m. It was reported one man fired a shot toward another man and they both left the area. A wall of a nearby building had several holes from the gunshots and shell casings were recovered. A King County Sheriff’s Office K9 was called to the scene. No suspect or shooting victim was located.

UPDATE: Emergency response for possible boat in trouble off Beach Drive

8:23 AM: Seattle Fire is reporting a caller claims they see a partly sunken boat off Beach Drive in the Jacobsen Road vicinity. They’re sending land crews to the Don Armeni/Seacrest area in case anyone is rescued and brought there. Updates to come.

8:34 AM: So far nothing confirmed. We’ve made contact with the Beach Drive responders who note that a possible location is closer to Vashon, and vessels including Coast Guard and SFD are checking that out.

8:38 PM: They’ve found what looks to be a “derelict vessel,” no sign of anyone o board in trouble, so they’re downsizing the response, canceling everyone but an SFD fireboat. The battalion chief on scene along Beach Drive confirmed that to our crew.

UPDATE: Rescue response for vehicle-on-side crash on 18th SW

12:47 AM: Seattle Fire is sending a “rescue extrication” response to the 7900 block of 18th SW [vicinity map] for what’s described as a three-car crash, with one on its side, having hit “multiple parked cars.” Updates to come.

(Added: Texted photos)

12:55 AM: Firefighters on scene say they’re going to need to get one person out of the on-side car. They’re also blocking 18th in the area, between Kenyon and Elmgrove.

12:59 AM: Vehicle is described as a truck; driver is not believed to be seriously hurt. Responders now say seven vehicles are involved.

1:07 AM: Firefighters have extricated the driver.

1:22 AM: He’ll be taken to a hospital and investigated for possible DUI, according to radio exchanges. Meantime, much thanks to the texter who’s been sending photos from the scene – here are some of the other damaged vehicles:

UPDATE: Driver to hospital after crash on Harbor Avenue north of the bridge

11:06 PM: SFD is sending a rescue response to what SPD reports as a one-car crash at Harbor/Avalon, driver went “off the road” and is reported to be unconscious. Updates to come.

11:09 PM: Arriving police tell dispatch that Harbor will be blocked both ways.

11:21 PM: SDOT has swung the camera around to show the responders on Harbor just north of the bridge, but we’re not sure exactly where the car crashed – this area has the almost-complete apartment building on the west side of the street, businesses on the east side.

11:34 PM: The driver, a 48-year-old man, is reported to have regained consciousness. His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening so he will be taken to the hospital via AMR ambulance rather than SFD medic unit.

12:06 AM: Police are reopening northbound Harbor.

12:12 AM: Southbound has reopened too.

FOURTH OF JULY 2024: Chronicling a busy night for emergency responders

10:08 PM: It’s become an annual tradition – chronicling emergency responses on this very busy night. Right now police and fire are headed to 18th/Roxbury, reported as driver/motorcyclist collision, blocking westbound Roxbury. Dispatchers are also announcing fireworks reports over the air – in the past few minutes we’ve heard 9000 block of 16th, Roxhill Park, California/Hanford, 58th/Alki.There was also a “brush fire” response in the 7100 block of 28th SW just before 9:30 pm.

10:45 AM: We’re checking on the motorcycle rider; all SFD units are closed out of the call. Meantime police have just found someone that was reported as possibly in trouble in the water off the 2600 block of Alki – they’re reported to be OK. … “They do not need medical,” reported Engine 5 (a non-WS-based crew which we noted in a 6:30 pm spin around Alki was stationed by the Bathhouse). Alki had a major police presence, as we noted last year too, including officers posted at both ends of the Alki Point “Healthy Street” (thanks to the reader who tipped us on that so we could go confirm):

That’s the car that was stationed at the Beach Drive end, while another one was blocking the Alki Avenue end. SPD also had the Don Armeni entrance blocked when we went by minutes later. …

11:05 PM: “Crowds are clearing” on Alki, according to police radio … Reader report from Tyler on west side of The Junction: “My house (in the 4400 block of) 45th Ave SW tonight got a firework thrown at it by a white SUV with 3 people, 2 in balaclavas, they then drove away and this is another attack on our family as my car has been broken into 2 times in June within 3 weeks.” …

11:22 PM: Heard back from SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo on the motorcycle collision: “Crews treated a 30-year-old male who was in stable condition. AMR transported him to Harborview.” … Texter just sent pics from Alki as SPD continues telling people to leave:

11:28 PM: Police are responding to a report of a street robbery in The Junction, 4400 block of 44th SW, and the robbers got away in a red Mustang (possibly the one reported here as stolen earlier in the day).

12:27 AM: Nothing further on that; we’ll check with police later this morning. (SPD incident # 24-183510) … Responders have been called to the 1900 block of Harbor a couple times tonight – earlier, a report of an intoxicated driver hitting a car and then trying to flee, and more recently a 62-year-old woman injured in a fall …

1:06 AM: While firefighters were at that call, they also put out a trash-can fire, a texter reports:

“The firemen are now spraying down a trash receptacle across from our condos because a young man lit it on fire. Thank goodness for our first responders.”

1:57 AM: The big fire calls tonight have been elsewhere in the city. Meantime, police are responding now to someone in Delridge who wants to report that somewhere on Alki, a “white man in his 70s, thin build with a beard, blue tank top, shorts, possibly khaki, intoxicated” pulled a gun on her and her 8-year-old cousin, and fled in “a gray SUV.” No injury reported.

2:19 AM: Another trash-can fire reported, this time with SFD responding to Beach Drive/Oregon, possibly ‘discarded fireworks” sparked it. And police are “trying to catch up to” a van headed west on Admiral with someone inside it reported to be throwing fireworks out the window. … As Engine 32 arrives at the Beach Drive scene, they’re describing it as a “grass fire.”

2:39 AM: The helicopter that just flew westbound over Westwood, Fauntleroy, etc., is a Life Flight helicopter – they often fly over late at night.

3:19 AM: Things have quieted considerably, overall.

UPDATE: Rescue response for car-on-side crash at 30th/Trenton

June 17, 2024 5:16 pm
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5:16 PM: Seattle Fire and Police are on their way – including an SFD rescue response – to what’s reported as a two-vehicle crash at 30th/Trenton [map], with one vehicle “on its side.” Updates to come.

(Added: WSB photos)

5:21 PM: Trenton is reported to be blocked both ways. One person, “stable,” was inside the sideways car, and firefighters are helping them get out.

5:32 PM: That driver was helped out via the hatch, and most of the responding units were dismissed. No serious injuries, so no one is going to the hospital; tow trucks are on the way and the scene likely will clear fairly quickly.

5:36 PM: Remaining SFD scenes are leaving the scene. Police were talking to drivers regarding the cause of the crash; apparently one vehicle was traveling on 30th, the other on Trenton.

6:14 PM: Police just told dispatch that 30th/Trenton is now clear.

UPDATE: Rescue response after woman falls at Lincoln Park

11:29 AM: Seattle Fire has a big response arriving at Lincoln Park, where SFD says “are investigating reports of a person that has fallen down a cliff from a trail.”

11:33 AM: We don’t know the exact location but this is described as near a trail and stairs, apparently toward the north end of the park; firefighters have spotted the victim and are headed in toward her. … She’s reported to be 15 feet down a slope.

(Added: WSB photo)

11:41 AM: Rescuers have just radioed that they’re about to pull the victim up a slope. Her injuries are so far not believed to be major.

11:52 AM: Some SFD units are staged on 47th SW and they’re asking SPD for traffic-control help; avoid that area for a while.

11:57 AM: SFD says the victim has been brought up and will be taken to a hospital. At the scene, they also confirm to us that her injuries are not life-threatening and that this indeed happened toward the north end of the park.

12:08 PM: Our crew tells us the (updated) 64-year-old woman is being transported by AMR ambulance. SFD units are starting to leave.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response at Emma Schmitz Overlook, quickly canceled

10:05 AM: Seattle Fire has sent a “water rescue response” to the 4500 block of Beach Drive – Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook [map] – after a caller further south on Beach Drive reported seeing what appeared to be a windsurfer in trouble. Land and sea units are headed that way.

10:15 AM: Police have just told their dispatcher that “Fire says he’s fine.” And then SFD told dispatch that the windsurfer is safely back ashore.

UPDATE: Initial ‘rescue extrication’ response for bus crash on Roxbury

3:18 AM: SFD and SPD are arriving at the scene of a crash for which the dispatch was initially a “rescue extrication” callout. They’re describing the crash as involving a bus hitting a fence at 22nd/Roxbury. At least one person is reported injured.

3:21 AM: Apparently no extrication needed after all, so the response is being downsized.

3:25 AM: The bus involved is apparently a Metro coach, as officers have asked dispatch about whether a Metro supervisor is on their way and what kind of tow the transit agency will use.

9:29 AM: SFD tells us that indeed, only one person was hurt, a woman in her early 30s treated for minor injuries at the scene.

UPDATE: Gas shut off after leak draws big Seattle Fire response southwest of The Junction

12:57 PM: Seattle Fire says the gas has been shut off at the scene of a leak in the 5200 block of 45th SW [vicinity map]. SFD describes it as a residential line and says the home and others nearby have been evacuated as a precaution. Many of the responding units have been cleared to leave.

1:12 PM: More SFD units are leaving, but the scene won’t fully clear until Puget Sound Energy (the gas utility for our area) arrives.

1:26 PM: All SFD units have left.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response off Constellation Park

May 11, 2024 8:11 pm
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8:11 PM: SFD and SPD are headed for Constellation Park after reports of paddlers offshore yelling for help. Updates to come.

8:15 PM: Responders are arriving and say they see the paddlers but no one appears to be in trouble.

8:22 PM: Response canceled.

UPDATE: Car-on-side crash at 35th/Thistle

6:17 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a rescue response to 35th/Thistle after a report of a flipped-car crash. Updates to come.

(Added: WSB photo)

6:20 PM: Firefighters say it’s a “small SUV on its side” with one person inside.

6:23 PM: The person in the vehicle is unhurt, firefighters say, and she’s out safely. They’re reducing the response. Our crew says it’s on the northbound side just north of Thistle.

6:56 PM: We just checked back after leaving the other breaking-news scene – as of a few minutes ago, 35th was still blocked at this scene.

7:35 PM: After a texted tip (thank you!), we just went down the hill to verify – the scene has cleared.

UPDATE: Another gas-line break in Fauntleroy

9:18 AM: Another gas-line break in West Seattle – this time at 44th/Kilbourne [map], just south of Fauntleroy’s Endolyne business district. A resident says “workers nicked a line” at the site of an ongoing utility project.

(Added: WSB photo)

9:33 AM: For those in the area who heard what one person described as a “parade of sirens,” this was initially a “natural gas leak/major” callout but has since been downsized, with some responding units dismissed. This by the way is about three-quarters of a mile south of yesterday’s Fauntleroy gas break.

9:48 AM: We talked with SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo at the scene. He says workers reported this, saying they punctured a 2″ gas line. Some nearby houses were evacuated precautionarily. Puget Sound Energy has just arrived to shut down the line.

9:54 AM: And they’ve just done that, firefighters report.

10:15 AM: They’ve now officially demobilized and “turned the scene over to Puget Sound Energy.”

UPDATE: Seattle Fire response for natural-gas line break in Fauntleroy

2:49 PM: Just east of the south end of Lincoln Park, four Seattle Fire units are responding to a natural-gas leak in the 4300 block of SW Cloverdale. They’re saying a one-inch line was struck and ruptured and are evacuating adjacent houses. Updates to come.

3:13 PM: Firefighters just told dispatch the gas has been shut off.

UPDATE: ‘Law-enforcement activity’ delaying Fauntleroy ferries

9:06 PM: Thanks for the tips. Police are at the Fauntleroy ferry dock, and Washington State Ferries says M/V Cathlamet‘s 8:50 pm departure is delayed because of “law-enforcement activity.” We’re heading to the dock to find out more.

(WSB photos)

9:20 PM: Police at the dock tell us it’s a “person in crisis” situation; they are dealing with an agitated person who was threatening to jump off the dock. SFD and other emergency personnel were called to get him help; he’s going to be transported to Harborview Medical Center via ambulance.

9:24 PM: Our crew at the dock says they’ve just announced over the PA system that service will be resuming (the other boat on the run, M/V Kittitas, has been waiting just off Fauntleroy).

9:31 PM: To catch up, WSF has said via text alert, Cathlamet will take Southworth-destined vehicles and people only, while Kittitas will load only for Vashon.

UPDATE: Gas-line break in Brace Point

9:41 AM: Seattle Fire has several units near 50th and 97th in Brace Point [map] after an excavator ruptured a gas line. They’re awaiting Puget Sound Energy to help handle it.

9:48 AM: Responders told dispatch they’ve cleared the affected buildings, but PSE isn’t expected for another 15+ minutes.

10:17 AM: Firefighters just told dispatch that PSE has arrived but is still figuring out the best way to shut off the gas to the broken 1 3/4″-inch line.

10:33 AM: They’ve revised that to a 5/8″-inch line, but they’re “still working on the solution,” firefighters told dispatch.

10:44 AM: SFD says PSE has clamped off the line and stopped the leak.

UPDATE: SFD response at Jefferson Square Safeway

April 10, 2024 12:14 pm
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12:14 PM: Seattle Fire has units arriving at Jefferson Square for a hazmat call at Safeway – reported as a refrigerant leak. Updates to come.

(Added: WSB photo)

12:17 PM: First units to arrive say they’re not certain yet that it’s a hazmat situation – they’re being told there was a “small fire behind a wall” extinguished by employees, but they’re investigating. They’re also planning to block 42nd SW in the area.

12:22 PM: SFD says they’ve confirmed, no hazmat after all, just that small fire. The incident commander on scene tells us it’s related to an “electrical problem in the meat department.” They’re downsizing the response.

12:55 PM: SFD has closed the call. The store was cleared for people to go back in.

UPDATE: Flipped-car crash at Avalon/Andover

8:57 PM: Seattle Fire and Police are arriving at a two-car crash at Avalon/Andover [map], with one vehicle reported to have flipped. Updates to come. Avalon is blocked at Yancy.

(Added: WSB photo)

9:02 PM: SFD is downsizing its response – they say three people are all out safely, and no one needs to be extricated.

9:15 PM: The initially dispatched medic and aid units were cleared, which suggests no life-threatening injuries. SDOT has a crew on the way to clean up fluid and debris.

(Added: Photo sent by Mark)

9:35 PM: Photos added. We were told at the scene that one person was taken to a hospital; we’re following up further on that.

9:53 PM: Police say they’re reopening “all lanes of travel.”

10:09 PM: SFD spokesperson Kaila Lafferty tells us a woman in her early 30s was taken to a hospital by private ambulance.

UPDATE: Rescue response for 30th/Barton crash

7:26 PM: Seattle Fire has a “rescue extrication” response at 30th and Barton, reporting it’s a three-vehicle crash, one flipped and one person trapped.

7:31 PM: SFD says firefighters got the person out safely and that three people are hurt, no major injuries.

8:14 PM: Added photo, originally posted by Heather in a comment.

ADDED THURSDAY MORNING: Here’s what SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo tells us about the people who were hurt:

Crews treated the following patients:

-35-year-old female who was in stable condition. She was transported to Harborview via AMR.

-57-year-old male who was safely extricated from their vehicle and was in stable condition. He declined transportation to a hospital and was left with Seattle Police.

-A third person reported no injuries and declined medical evaluation.

UPDATE: Hazmat response at Arrowhead Gardens

2:58 PM: For the second time in less than four months, SFD hazardous-materials responders are at Arrowhead Gardens in southeast West Seattle because of a report of sprinkled “powder,” this time on “front steps” somewhere in the senior-living complex. Last time in December, powder was reported in a hallway, and it was found to be a non-hazardous substance. Updates to come.

3:22 PM: Firefighters on scene just told dispatch they’re now ready to go into a third-floor area where this “orange powder” was reported.

4:10 PM: The incident commander has just told dispatch that what they found was a “non-threatening product.”

9:07 PM: So what WAS it? SFD tells us they couldn’t figure that out: “Our Hazmat crews performed a series of tests and determined the substance was not hazardous, but were unable to identify what it was. The scene transferred back to building management for them to clean up. No injuries were reported.”

UPDATE: Emergency response at Lincoln Park after SUV abandoned in water

7:10 AM: SPD and SFD are on the north shore of Lincoln Park for what’s described as a vehicle in the water – but they have deduced that no one is in the vehicle, nor in the water nearby. One texter describes the vehicle as a “white SUV” (added: and says it’s actually on the beach, not submerged). We’re on our way to find out more.

7:32 AM: Thanks to the texter who sent that photo. Our photographer, walking into the park from the Lowman Beach end, has talked with one officer at the park who says a tow crew is on the way. The tide is receding; next low tide is at 11:31 am. (added) The next photo, sent by Greg Dirks, shows where on the north shore this happened:

7:48 AM: Unlike last weekend’s car-in-water off Alki, this one is getting towed out quickly – our photographer has arrived and says they’re there now.

Police tell us they don’t know yet whether the vehicle (described as a GMC Acadia) is stolen and they also haven’t figured out which way it was driven there, from the south entrance or north entrance – we’re looking and don’t see any obvious tracks or damage hinting at that.

ADDED SATURDAY NIGHT: Stephen Nielsen sent this photo of the SUV after it was pulled off the beach.

We hope to be able to find out Monday if police ever confirmed whether the SUV was stolen.

ADDED MONDAY: Police told us today they were unable to confirm whether it was stolen – at least, it hadn’t been reported stolen before turning up in the park. The incident summary says it was registered to someone in Kent: “Kent Police attempted to speak with the registered owner but were unable to reach him by phone.”

UPDATE: Rescue response for vehicle ‘over wall’ at The Mount

10:59 PM: Seattle Fire has a “rescue extrication” response arriving at The Mount (4831 35th SW) after a report of a vehicle over an embankment. First arriving unit reports “vehicle over a small wall.” Updates to come.

(Added: Photo by Kevin Freitas)

11:04 PM: Firefighters told dispatch they got the driver out safely. The response is being downsized.

ADDED SUNDAY: SFD confirms the driver, who they say was an “adult female,” was not hurt.

UPDATE: Driver rescued after vehicle goes into water off Alki Avenue (remaining ‘beached’ Saturday evening)

12:16 AM: 911 is reporting multiple calls about a car into the water off the 1200 block of Alki Avenue SW [map]. Police are just arriving and SFD is on the way. A person is reported to be “standing atop the sinking vehicle.” Updates to come.

(Photo sent by Lynn Hall)

12:25 AM: So far responders on scene say it appears the driver was alone in the car and is indeed out. This is now said to be in the 1100 block of Alki. Police are blocking off the street both ways in that area.

12:31 AM: Firefighters have reported one person “extricated” and we’re not sure if that’s a reference to the driver or another person.

12:47 AM: Both SFD and SPD say just one person was rescued, the driver, who is reported to have only minor injuries. (Added: SFD says the driver is a man in his early 20s.)

12:52 AM: Police told dispatch they’re reopening Alki Avenue both ways.

ADDED 10:40 AM: Thanks to Janna for sending this video – the car is still submerged:

She says it’s a Nissan Versa. High tide was just over an hour ago; the next low tide is -0.2 at 4:41 pm.

12:06 PM: Charlotte Starck of the Alki Community Council reports city Park Rangers are at the scene.

(added) Another photo from Charlotte shows an apparent tire track, and a perspective of the scene, west of Luna/Anchor Park:

2:34 PM: Just heard over police radio … “The car … is now beached.” A texter sent this photo:

9:29 PM: Still there at sunset – Bob Spears sent this photo:

10:30 AM SUNDAY: Just pulled out – followup here.