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UPDATE: Short-lived water-rescue response off 61st/Alki

2:30 PM: Seattle Fire is dispatching a “major water-rescue response” to 61st/Alki after the Coast Guard reported to them that “three or more paddleboarders are in distress.” This as the weather suddenly gets ugly again. Updates to come.

2:36 PM: They’re trying to get a better read on the location – the person(s) in trouble may be close to the state ferry Tacoma in Elliott Bay.

2:39 PM: An SFD boat has reached the three paddleboarders, and a boat from the ferry, and says they’re NOT in distress, so the response is being canceled.

UPDATE: 911 service restored after outage

3:39 PM: Just tweeted by Seattle Police, “911 seems to be down through the region. Please call the non-emergency line at 206-625-5011 for Seattle-based emergencies until it comes back online.”

4:11 PM: According to a text message from AlertSeattle, you also can call 206-583-2111. Texting 911 also seems to work. AlertSeattle says the problem is being worked on.

5:10 PM: Back up, say law-enforcement agencies, so you can use 911 again – but only if you really need to.

UPDATE: Water rescue callout off Beach Drive

4:29 PM: 7000 block. More shortly.

4:44 PM: We were in transit from the (unrelated) High Point incident so we missed most of the emergency-radio traffic on this but are en route to the scene in hopes of talking to someone there. In the meantime, though, some of the units on the call have been dismissed.

4:49 PM: The rest of the units are being dismissed, and SFD tells us at the scene that this was a “false alarm.”

UPDATE: Arbor Heights crash

1:15 PM: Thanks to Lisa for the tip. Police and fire are at 35th SW and SW 106th [map] for a multiple-vehicle crash. No major injuries reported so far, as no medic unit has been sent. Avoid the intersection for a while.

1:53 PM: SFD has closed the call (we’re following up with them regarding injuries) and an update from Lisa shows a tow truck clearing the intersection.

6:07 PM: SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo tells WSB that two women were treated at the scene and taken to a hospital via private ambulance, in stable condition: one 65 years old, one 27 years old.

UPDATE: Pedestrian hit at California/Findlay

5:32 PM: Avoid the area of California/Findlay – police and fire are there. We’re headed that way to see if we can find out more.

(WSB photo – medical units staged on 42nd, east of the collision scene)

5:50 PM: We are told at the scene that a driver hit a pedestrian. The victim’s injuries are not life-threatening, so she is being taken to a hospital by private ambulance. The street has reopened but there’s debris to clean up.

8:37 PM: SFD says the victim is a woman in her 30s and confirms that she did not suffer major injuries.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response off Beach Drive; kitesurfer found safe

11:06 AM: Seattle Fire is sending a water-rescue response by land and sea to the 5000 block of Beach Drive SW, for a report of a kitesurfer possibly in distress “about 50 feet offshore.” Updates to come.”

11:13 AM: Avoid the area since multiple emergency vehicles are blocking Beach Drive in that area [map]. They haven’t spotted the person yet but are told to look for someone with a “black wetsuit and lime-green kite.”

11:21 AM: SFD has made contact with the kitesurfer, who is safely out of the water at Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook (across from Me-Kwa-Mooks), and they’ll be dismissing most responding units.

UPDATE: ‘Scenes of violence’ response on 40th SW

11:52 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a “scenes of violence” response to a residence near 40th/Hanford. Police also are responding; the dispatcher told officers that it was called in as a person accidentally shooting themselves in the leg.

12:44 AM: No further information but we’re following up with SFD regarding the person’s condition.

11:39 AM: SFD says the wounded person is a 22-year-old man who was in stable condition when transported to a hospital.

ADDED MONDAY: A few more details from SPD’s summary: “The victim told officers he was attempting to clean the gun but forgot to clear the round from the chamber and subsequently shot himself when he pulled the trigger. … Gun (was) collected and placed into evidence.” The report says the man had wounds “to his left hand and left leg.”

UPDATE: ‘Rescue extrication’ response in Highland Park

5:14 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a “rescue extrication” response to the 7700 block of 11th SW [map]. The report is of an overturned car with one person inside. Updates to come.

5:16 PM: First unit arriving reports a driver hit a tree.

5:40 PM: Added a photo. (update) We’re told the driver is being taken to the hospital via private ambulance, indicating his injuries are not life-threatening. There was a second person in the car, our crew was told, who declined medical treatment.

UPDATE: Collision at 42nd/Alaska

11:39 AM: SPD and SFD are responding to a reported collision at 42nd/Alaska. The report is that a driver hit a pedestrian. We’re on our way to find out more.

12:17 PM: This was on the northeast (QFC) corner. The person did not have major injuries, SFD tells us, and was going to be transported by private ambulance. Their response has now cleared.

UPDATE: Seattle Fire rescues man after steep fall at Schmitz Park

(Added: WSB photo)

11:25 AM: A Seattle Fire “rope rescue” response is arriving at the Admiral/Stevens entrance to Schmitz Park [map]. The call is described as a man in his 30s falling down an embankment and unable to get out on his own.

11:31 AM: SFD is calling for SPD help blocking Admiral Way while the rescue continues.

11:35 AM: Firefighters told dispatchers the man is not believed to have major injuries – his main complaint so far is leg pain.

11:41 AM: SFD says the man is “directly under the bridge” – if you’ve been to Schmitz Park, you know how steep that embankment is.

11:54 AM: Added a photo as they work to lift the man out. SFD confirms to us at the scene that he has only minor injuries and will be taken to a hospital by private ambulance.

(Added: WSB photo)

11:56 AM: He’s out, firefighters just told dispatch. … (Added above a minute later, photo from our crew.)

UPDATE: 2 water-rescue responses off Beach Drive

1:36 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a water-rescue response to Beach Drive/Genesee. Dispatch says the report is of a paddleboarder 20 yards off shore, bleeding, yelling for help. Updates to come.

1:39 PM: They’ve revised the location to SW Carroll, which is Weather Watch Park (across from La Rustica).

1:40 PM: The person is now reported to be out of the water, and the response is being downsized to a low-level medical response.

2:38 PM: And now another water-rescue response dispatched, this time to the 5200 block of Beach Drive for a possible kite-surfer in distress.

2:45 PM: So far nobody in trouble – responders report seeing a kite-surfer “stand back up” on their board.

ADDED MONDAY NIGHT: Even after SFD closed their response, the Coast Guard stayed in the area a while. Danny McMillin sent the photo above showing what kind of seas they faced.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response at Lincoln Park

6:01 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a water-rescue response to Lincoln Park, land and sea. SFD reports it’s for a “male swimming in possible distress.” Updates to come.

6:05 PM: One of the crews on scene reports they’ve located the person “15 yards out, standing in the water.” … And a moment later, they report he’s “walking out of the water,” so they’re downsizing the response.

6:21 PM: We talked to the incident commander on the scene, who confirmed that the person is fine and was just out swimming.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response near Jack Block Park, but ‘no victim found’

7:12 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a water-rescue response to the 2100 block of Harbor SW because of a report of “someone in the water” – in the Jack Block Park area.

7:20 PM: Responders are clarifying that the original report was that someone was heard yelling from the water “south of Salty’s.” Crews are trying to figure out whether the best access is from Jack Block Park or the shore by Salty’s.

7:29 PM: They’re searching the area from land and sea.

7:36 PM: Our crew at the scene confirms that this started with someone who heard someone yelling. Searchers haven’t found anyone or anything, and no one who saw anything, nor has anything more been heard, so they’ve declared “no victim found” and are winding down the response.

8:42 PM: Thanks to 22blades in comments for pointing out that the Coast Guard has had a helicopter searching just to be certain no one’s out there (SFD has closed out of the call).

UPDATE: ‘Rescue extrication’ response for crash on Delridge

10:37 PM: Avoid the 4700 block of Delridge Way SW [map] for a while – SFD is sending a “rescue extrication” response for a crash with one person reported trapped in a car.

10:50 PM: Firefighters have freed the driver, a man, from the car. He’ll be taken to the hospital by SFC medics.

11:01 PM: Firefighters have also reported a second injured person who will be transported by private ambulance.

11:19 PM: Police just told dispatch that southbound Delridge is reopening.

ADDED SATURDAY: This is being investigated as suspected DUI.

UPDATE: Car-on-side crash north of West Seattle Junction

1:22 AM: SPD and SFD are responding to what was dispatched as a car-on-side crash at California/Dakota. No word yet if anyone’s hurt.

1:26 AM: This is being upgraded to a “rescue extrication” response. Three people are reported to be inside the vehicle. California is blocked at Andover.

1:30 AM: The three people reported as trapped in the vehicle are all described as “alert and conscious.”

1:41 AM: Adding photos from WSB’s Katie Meyer at the scene. Firefighters are working to extricate the trapped people:

1:43 AM: “Patients extricated,” firefighters have just told dispatch.

10:30 AM: This is being investigated as DUI. Meantime, we’re still waiting to hear back from SFD on injuries.

1 PM: SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo tells WSB, “All three occupants were in stable condition and declined transportation to a hospital.”

UPDATE: ‘Scenes of violence’ response on 14th SW, unfounded

September 24, 2021 6:54 pm
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6:54 PM: SPD and SFD have a ‘scenes of violence’ response near 14th/Barton. We are en route.

(WSB photo)

7:09 PM: Police and fire are on 14th south of Barton. They tell us this actually turned out not to be an assault, but rather a person with a pre-existing medical condition who’s been taken to a hospital.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response at Seacrest

1:24 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a water-rescue response to Seacrest after a report of a person in the water “at the Water Taxi dock.” Updates to come.

(Photo tweeted by Kristin)

1:27 PM: Arriving units are telling dispatch this is a person they believe to be in crisis, an 18-year-old woman, in “waist-deep water” but not appearing to be “in distress.”

(Photo sent by Dwight)

1:38 PM: They’re still working to get her out of the water (the challenge, they’re telling dispatch, is that she’s “not quite interested in coming out of the water” so this might take a while). Note that Water Taxi traffic is “shut down” while this continues.

2:07 PM: The woman is now out of the water and on a stretcher, they’re telling dispatch. She’s being evaluated.

2:32 PM: She’s being taken to a hospital.

UPDATE: Bus/power lines incident closes 35th SW north of Roxbury for 7+ hours

12:14 PM: Thanks to Steve for the photo. Avoid 35th SW at and north of Roxbury. An incident involving two buses, a power pole, and power lines has blocked 35th both ways. No injuries reported, and everyone’s out of the buses, but SPD, SFD, and Metro are all arriving at the scene.

12:24 PM: SPD says this started when another vehicle hit a power pole, causing it to fall onto the two buses. Our crew in the area reports 35th is blocked at Cambridge (both ways).

(SDOT traffic-camera photo)

12:30 PM: We talked to a sergeant at the scene who says there was NOT a third vehicle – the RapidRide bus was letting someone off, the 120 bus was coming by and may have had some kind of mechanical problem, and wound up hitting the pole. City Light has arrived is awaited at the scene to deal with the downed wires as well as the pole.

(WSB photo)

This may remain blocked for a while, so if you need to go east/west in the south end, use Barton instead.

2:55 PM: Thanks to the texter who sent the photo above, showing the downed pole. At the site right now, the buses are gone, but City Light remains:

(SDOT camera photo)

4:16 PM: Still there working on it.

4:36 PM: Though there was no initial outage at this scene, the map shows 17 customers out in the immediate area of the downed pole for about an hour now (separate from the earlier weather-related outages elsewhere in West Seattle). A commenter says the crew at the scene is awaiting a new pole.

5:49 PM: Looks like the pole’s being placed:

7:44 PM: Thanks to Tiffany for the update in comments – the street has finally reopened.

UPDATE: Car-on-side crash at California/Hanford

3;26 PM: A Seattle Fire “rescue extrication” response is headed for California/Hanford [map], where a two-vehicle crash – one on its side – is reported. Updates to come.

(Photo tweeted by @wattorney)

3:31 PM: SFD is downsizing the response – everyone is reported safely out of the vehicles.

(Texted photo)

3:52 PM: No major injuries – medic units were all dismissed from the call. This was on the southbound side of California so continue avoiding the area for a while. (The nearby traffic camera’s “live” image is here.)

3:56 PM: All remaining SFD units are leaving the scene.

4:16 PM: SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo tells us that firefighters treated at the scene “a 25-year-old female and an infant who are both in stable condition and did not require transportation to a hospital.” Meantime, the road is back open.

UPDATE: Paddleboarder rescues woman at Alki

6:05 PM: SFD is sending a water-rescue response to Alki/Marine. Possibly 2 people in trouble in the water. Updates to come.

6:11 PM: Sounds like everyone is OK & response is being downsized. We just arrived at Alki to check.

(Added: Photo by David Hutchinson)

6:16 PM: SFD tells us at the scene that paddleboarders brought in a person who is being checked out by medics.

(WSB photo)

6:57 PM: SFD says the woman who was rescued is being taken to the hospital. (See comments below for added details on the rescue.)

UPDATE: ‘Scenes of violence’ response near Fairmount Ravine

9:24 PM: Police and Fire have responded to a house on Belvidere alongside Fairmount Ravine for a “scenes of violence” callout. Medics tell dispatch they’re treating a man, believed to be in his 40s, for a gunshot wound. No word on the circumstances so far.

9:47 PM: The wounded man is reported to have been taken to Harborview by SFD medic unit.

UPDATE: Car-on-side crash at Alki/55th SW

11:28 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a “rescue extrication” response to what’s described by the dispatcher as a “rollover” at 55th/Alki. Updates to come.

11:32 PM: Arriving units report a car on its side. The response is being downsized – apparently no major injuries.

11:52 PM: Added texted photos (thank you!). Texter reports road closed both ways.

ADDED SUNDAY MORNING: The call classification indicates a DUI investigation associated with the crash.

UPDATE: Water Taxi crew rescues boaters off West Seattle

12:38 PM: Thanks to the texter who tipped us about what’s logged as a “marine service response” off Harbor/Alki Avenues. They report the West Seattle Water Taxi “rescued (a person) who had turtled his craft and couldn’t get it upright.” SFD sent fireboats. We’re following up.

12:42 PM: We’ve also heard from Karen, who was on the Water Taxi when this happened, and reports the rescue involved an “overturned sailboat off Duwamish Head,” adding, “We were on the water taxi when it diverted from the route to rescue them. Kudos to the crew!”

1:08 PM: Thanks to Rodney for the through-a-telescope photo. Meantime, we’re hoping to get more rescue details from Metro (which manages the Water Taxi).

2 PM: Our original texter, Roxanne, says the Coast Guard has brought the sailboat in. (added) Doug and Shari sent this photo:

3:18 PM: Here’s what we just received from Water Taxi/Metro spokesperson Al Sanders in response to our inquiry (photos included):

The crew of the West Seattle Water Taxi Doc Maynard rescued two boaters whose sailboat capsized off Duwamish Head shortly after 12:00 p.m.

The Doc Maynard had just left West Seattle’s Seacrest Dock on its 12:00 p.m. sailing to downtown Seattle when the crew spotted two people in the water next to a capsized sailboat.

The water taxi pulled next to the sailboat and deployed their rescue platform and life sling, but the two people were unable to use the sling.

One of the crew of the Doc Maynard then got into the boat’s rescue suit, went into the water, and assisted the people into the sling and onto the water taxi.

The Doc Maynard returned to Seacrest Dock with rescued passengers of the boat and were met by Coast Guard. The boaters worked with the Coast Guard to retrieve their capsized vessel.

After bringing the boaters to the dock, the Doc Maynard resumed its regular schedule.