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UPDATE: Vehicle and trailer in the water at Don Armeni Boat Ramp

1:56 PM: Thanks for the tips. Police are at Don Armeni Boat Ramp because of what you can barely see in this photo – a submerged vehicle. From talking to police, and from area resident Stewart L., we’re told this was a mishap with a vehicle and trailer rolling into the water in the process of launching a boat. The boat’s OK; the vehicle and trailer are submerged. A tow truck is there but the driver says he needs a different truck to make the retrieval, so that won’t be happening for a while. No injuries reported.

3:20 PM: Commenter Kalo reports the vehicle (a pickup) and trailer are now out.

4:06 PM: Thanks to K for posting that photo in a comment below.

UPDATE: Here’s why Junction TrueValue was unexpectedly closed this morning

11:41 AM: Thanks for the tip. We went to Junction TrueValue after a texter said it was unexpectedly closed for “a medical emergency.” When we got there, we found a responder from the King County Medical Examiner’s Office, which handles death investigations. TrueValue staff told us that a customer came in this morning and collapsed; medics were called and tried to revive him but could not. That’s all we know so far; the store is expected to reopen at some point this afternoon.

11:55 AM: Just got word that the store has reopened.

2:40 PM: TrueValue clarifies that the person did not come into the store – he was found just outside before they opened, and they called 911; the emergency response kept them from opening until the ME responder subsequently completed their work. SFD tells us the man who died was 29 years old.

UPDATE: Crash blocks southbound West Marginal Way

2 AM: Another crash of note – this time on West Marginal Way. Southbound lanes are blocked at Puget Way while police investigate. This originally was dispatched as another “rescue extrication” situation but that was quickly canceled. However, police described the scene to dispatch as “high-speed” because of the damage done to the vehicle. We haven’t heard yet about injuries but will follow up with SFD.

4 AM: Some traffic was being allowed through, last we heard.

UPDATE: Flipped-van crash on 16th SW

6:32 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a “rescue extrication” response to the 7900 block of 16th SW. Avoid the area. First engine on scene says it’s a “car on its top.” Updates to come.

6:36 PM: The callout is being downsized because nobody’s trapped after all – one person was in the vehicle and got out OK, firefighters told dispatch. Power lines might be involved, so they’re contacting City Light.

6:49 PM: Photos added. Responders are talking to the driver. No indication yet if they’ll have to go to the hospital, nor of how this happened. (Added) One more component of the scene – a leaning utility pole:

7:02 PM: Police just told dispatch they’re moving the closure boundary to 16th/Holden “because of a high-voltage line that came down.”

7:22 PM: Note that Metro Routes 125 and 128 are routed off 16th SW in the area. See here for alternate routing.

8:39 PM: SFD says the driver, in his mid-40s, was taken to a hospital in stable condition by AMR ambulance. … Also, both affected bus routes have resumed regular routing, indicating the street has reopened.

LAST CALL: Get on the map for first-ever West Seattle Art Hop & Shop!

August 31, 2022 11:22 am
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One more reminder for artists interested in being part of the first-ever West Seattle Art Hop & Shop – two days left to register and get your place on the map!

As we’ve previewed previously, this peninsula-wide event will see dozens of artists opening their studios to show and sell their work, 10 am-5 pm on Saturday, September 17th. As of earlier this week, organizers say, 42 artists had signed up to show and sell at 21 locations – and there’s room for more! But if you want to be part of it and aren’t already registered, don’t miss the Friday (September 2nd) deadline. Go here for the registration form/info!

UPDATE: Rescue response off Alki Beach

10:39 AM: Seattle Fire and other agencies are now heading to the water off 55th/Alki for a report of two people in the water “screaming for help.” Updates to come.

10:43 AM: The people who were calling for help, described as an adult and juvenile, are reported to be out of the water safely, so the response is being downsized.

UPDATE: Car-on-side crash at 36th/Dakota

(Texted photo)

8:57 AM: Thanks for the texted tip/photo. Seattle Fire has just extricated two people at a vehicle-on-side crash scene at 36th/Dakota [map].

(Texted photo)

Updates to come.

(WSB photo)

9:18 AM: At the scene, our crew was told the driver of the crashed car, a Prius, swerved to avoid another vehicle coming downhill, No serious injuries. (In our photo above, note that firefighters had to cut off the car’s top to get the occupants out.)

UPDATE: PCC/Luna building declared safe after Seattle Fire hazmat response for CO2 problem

4:29 PM: A Seattle Fire “hazmat response” is arriving at the Admiral building shared by PCC Community Markets (WSB sponsor) and the Luna Apartments. Firefighters have told dispatch they’re evacuating the building. SFD says they’re investigating “reports of a hazardous-materials spill.” Updates to come.

(Added: This photo and next by Christopher Boffoli)

4:33 PM: They’re asking police to close California SW while they continue investigating. They’ve just told dispatch that one worker reported hearing “a loud boom in the room that supplies the refrigerant system.”

4:46 PM: Incident command has told dispatch that a team is getting “suited up” to go inside, which should take about 15 minutes. … In the meantime, in case you’re wondering, the zone of concern has NOT spread to Hiawatha/WSHS. SFD is staging Stevens, by the McDonald’s. Note that the California SW closure is rerouting buses for now.

(Added: Photo by Patrick Sand)

5:06 PM: A two-person “entry team” is going in. SFD confirms to our crew at the scene that the initial report was of a carbon-dioxide problem in the refrigeration area.

5:11 PM: They’ve just told dispatch they’ve confirmed it’s a CO2 problem and they’re working on a shutoff plan.

5:14 PM: And now they report verifying “very low levels” of CO2, and will start working on a “demobilization” plan.

5:25 PM: Our crew at the scene reports they’re also checking the garage to be sure the air is safe there. Meantime, the street likely will remain closed at least another hour, we’re told.

5:29 PM: Incident command has just reported SFD has “mitigated the source” and the apartment residents are being allowed back in. We don’t yet know the store’s status.

5:50 PM: SFD confirms the entire building has been deemed safe. No injuries. And SFD has just given the clear for California to be reopened.

6:05 PM: Metro says buses have resumed. PCC is open but not currently selling refrigerated items.

UPDATE: Seattle Fire rescue response for car in ravine

10:58 AM: Seattle Fire has a “rescue extrication” response headed to the 2100 block of Arch SW (map) for a report of a car into a ravine. This will affect traffic in the Fairmount Ravine area – access to the incident area is “tight,” as firefighters are pointing out to dispatch. Updates to come.

11:01 AM: Firefighters confirmed to dispatch “We have a car in the ravine.” Now they’re trying to determine the status of occupant(s). … Update: “One patient, appears to be fine.”

11:09 AM: They’re still working to get that person out of the car.

11:20 AM: The person is out and described in “stable condition.”

11:42 AM: SFD is wrapping up its response, so most emergency vehicles should be cleared out of the area soon.

UPDATE: Harbor Avenue collision

August 1, 2022 10:15 pm
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10:15 PM: Police and fire are at the scene of what’s reported as a car/motorcycle collision in the 1300 block of Harbor Avenue SW. Avoid the area.

10:23 PM: The rider is being taken to Harborview.

UPDATED: Seattle Fire ‘scenes of violence’ response on California SW, quickly closed

July 30, 2022 10:04 pm
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10:04 PM: Seattle Fire has sent a “scenes of violence” response to the 5600 block of California SW for what the dispatcher has described as someone reported to have been “stabbed in the back with scissors.” Updates to come.

10:14 PM: The SFD response was downsized and then completely closed, indicating no serious injuries.

10:25 PM: Police are still in the area, though (but inside a building and unavailable for questions), and there’s indication a suspect may still be at large.

ADDED SUNDAY MORNING: Seattle Fire spokesperson Kristin Tinsley says their responders evaluated a ~20-year-old man who “did not want to go to the hospital.”

UPDATE: State ferry Cathlamet ‘significantly’ damaged in ‘hard landing’; Fauntleroy dock reopens after 7-hour closure

8:22 AM: We’re getting multiple reports that an incoming ferry has hit the Fauntleroy dock. … You can see the damage on the M/V Cathlamet in this photo by Bill Wellington:

No word yet on injuries – Seattle Fire and Police have been dispatched.

8:33 AM: Here’s another view, from Angela Summerfield, one of the people who told us the impact was very loud.

She says the Cathlamet went into reverse and pulled away after the initial impact. It then returned to offload and our crew says it’s now at the dock – just sent this photo:

No indication of any serious injuries – our crew says SFD is getting ready to depart – and we’re hearing via the scanner that only “minor injuries” are reported, but the dock is closed TFN. … WSF calls it a “hard landing … causing significant damage to the vessel and an offshore dolphin at the terminal. … Fauntleroy service suspended until further notice while assessment is done.”

8:56 AM: Above photo is a closer look at the damage. Some vehicles on board appear to have been damaged too. The State Patrol has sent multiple units (the ferry system is a state highway, so it’s their jurisdiction). A U.S. Coast Guard vessel is in view along the dock too. … Among those on the Cathlamet when it happened was Anne Higuera of Ventana Construction (WSB sponsor), who tells us that right after the impact, “The crew on the boat was really calm and professional.” … She tells us there was no warning that the impact was imminent. She also says the ferry was not fully loaded with cars – this time of the morning from Vashon usually isn’t full.

9:20 AM: We’re awaiting a public-information officer at the dock. Meantime, Mark Dale sent a view of the damaged boat from the hillside above, before it went back in to offload post-impact:

Right now, the dock remains closed and the damaged boat is still there. A State Patrol spokesperson tells us one person who was on board is coming back for a medical evaluation but they don’t believe the injury is serious. … Some backstory: WSF talked at its community meetings last month about its vessel shortage, with no new builds expected to come online before 2027. The boat damaged today, M/V Cathlamet, is 41 years old and has had trouble in recent years, including what we reported as a “smoky scare” one year ago. … WSP just told us the dock is expected to be closed for at least the rest of today.

9:52 AM: WSF tells us they’re expecting to have a media briefing in a few hours. Here’s the official WSF alert on how service is affected:

The Issaquah will be the only boat on the route for now and will continue service between Southworth and Vashon. The boat will not operate on its regular schedule and just load vehicles before departing to its next destination to move as much traffic as possible.

There will be no midday tie up of the Point Defiance/Tahlequah route to assist with service during this time. Therefore, there will be an additional 12:35 p.m. sailing from Point Defiance, and a 1 p.m. sailing from Tahlequah.

(That’s the route between the south end of Vashon and Tacoma.)

10:09 AM: Some asked in comments about the WSF explanation that an “offshore dolphin” was damaged. Just in via comments, this photo by Pam Kirkpatrick shows the damage:

WSF tweeted this photo of the damage from onboard:

10:38 AM: If you’re wondering about the helicopter over the deck, it’s the TV stations’ shared helicopter. … Meantime, among those commenting below is the superintendent of the Vashon Island School District, which has a notable amount of students who commute from West Seattle. They’re monitoring the situation. Again, the only ways to get to/from Vashon right now are via either Southworth or Tahlequah (clarification: with vehicles; the Water Taxi to downtown runs weekday during commute times) . … Update from the Coast Guard: Two cars “remain stuck” aboard the ferry. The USCG has tweeted a few photos including this:

11:36 AM: Updates from WSF – they plan a media briefing at 2:30 pm. In the meantime, they say that if the Cathlamet can be safely moved, they’ll bring in the Kitsap and resume two-boat service on the route. No timeline on that yet – both the boat and the damaged “offshore terminal structure” are still being evaluated.

12:20 PM: WSF says the dock will be evaluated once the vessel is moved – so no decisions on service restoration until then.

1:15 PM: Two video clips from readers, right after the ferry hit the dolphin:

That’s Anne Higuera‘s video showing how ferry crew calmly went to check on people in vehicles close to the front of the deck. Below is Diane Berge‘s video showing Cathlamet backing away after hitting the dolphin:

2:08 PM: The Vashon Island Water Taxi will add a round trip tonight – details here.

2:33 PM: We have a crew at the WSF media briefing.

Meantime, WSF has tweeted that “people with monthly or multi-ride vehicle/passenger passes for Vashon & #outhworth will be allowed to use their pass at Colman Dock in #Seattle for today only to help facilitate their travel.”

2:59 PM: The briefing is over. We’ll upload the entire video as soon as our crew’s back. A few quick highlights: Too soon to tell whether human error or mechanical problem. Crew is being interviewed and tested. They will try to move the Cathlamet within the next few hours and if that works, they’ll go ahead with plan to use M/V Kitsap on the run.

3:07 PM: Actually – Cathlamet just pulled out.

Kitsap is on its way – currently in Rich Passage east of Bremerton, per WSF VesselWatch.

3:20 PM: VesselWatch shows M/V Issaquah now arriving at Fauntleroy. … WSF says the dock is going back into service. Cathlamet is headed for WSF’s Eagle Harbor facility for repairs (after what WSF says will be “crew-move stops at Vashon and Southworth”).

4:08 PM: Here’s our video of the briefing. (Our apologies for the background-audio problem; Sterling’s audio is clearer in this KING upload.) Speaking along with WSF spokesperson Ian Sterling were WSDOT assistant secretary for ferries Patty Rubstello and former ferries boss, now deputy WSDOT secretary, Amy Scarton.

WSF says it has resumed service “sailing all stops with no set schedule” for now, but will switch at some point tonight to the “posted two-boat schedule.” To summarize the briefing – they didn’t have many answers. The captain is a “longtime” WSF employee, said Sterling, noting that becoming a captain requires about 20 years experience. He did not know how many vehicles were on board when this happened (it wasn’t a full load, as you can see in Anne Higuera’s video featured above). The vessel will likely take months to repair. The USCG will lead the investigation, with the National Transportation Safety Board “working alongside” them. One damaged vehicle remained on the boat, under a crumpled section of the ferry’s “pickle fork,” but several others were damaged, Sterling said. … One more note: If you still have questions, a WSF rep is scheduled to join tonight’s West Seattle Transportation Coalition meeting to talk about this, 6:30 pm online (link and call-in number are in our calendar listing).

5:08 PM: Photo added above is from Anne Higuera, showing the damaged Cathlamet now tied up at Vashon. (As noted above, she was on board when it hit the Fauntleroy dolphin this morning.)

6:30 PM: As noted in comments, Cathlamet is now at Eagle Harbor.

VIDEO: Small aircraft crash-lands in water off Alki promenade

4:43 PM: Thanks to Allison for the photo. That craft went into the water off the Alki Beach promenade a short time ago. No major response has ensued, just a two-unit SFD medical dispatch. We’re on our way to find out more.

5:08 PM: No injuries, we’re told at the scene. The pilot/operator is trying to figure out how to get it out of the water, as it’s submerged. Still trying to determine what size of aircraft this is.

5:11 PM: Cessna 150, we’re told. It’s 10 or so yards offshore.

5:18 PM: Allison, who sent the first photo, says she and her son were driving westbound around 62nd/Alki “when we saw the plane splash in nose first, then pop up and lie flat on the top of the water. We drove closer, pulled over, and saw 3 or 4 amazing folks swim out and assist the pilot out to safety. About a minute later police arrived in response to someone who had called the incident in.” Police-radio communication indicates the NTSB will investigate.

5:42 PM: Paddleboarder Tim Kelleher recorded this video of the plane crash-landing in the water:

Since the tide is still coming in, you can’t see the plane from shore right now – this person went out for a look:

An SPD boat is in the area now.

6:48 PM: History note, the most recent in-the-water crash in our area was 2017 – off Beach Drive, almost exactly five years ago.

8:52 PM: We went back to the scene before sunset – no one around but park visitors; the police-line tape above is wrapped around the closest beach stairway, and a float offshore presumably marks where the plane sunk.

9:37 PM: Police-radio exchange indicates they hope to get it out at low tide – 11 am tomorrow, it’s out to -1.2 feet. Meantime, the Coast Guard just tweeted some aerial images including this one:

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Police search after Fauntleroy/Alaska gunfire

6:04 PM: Police are converging on the Fauntleroy/Alaska vicinity, after reports of gunfire outside a business at The Whittaker. No reports of injuries so far and no other info yet on the circumstances. They’re looking for two people described as a Black man and woman in their 20s; he is about 5’6″, with an Afro hairstyle, in baggy black and yellow clothing; she is about 5’5″, straight black/reddish-purple hair, black clothing. She is reported to have fired a shot; he is reported to have a hatchet. More when we get it.

6:10 PM: We talked to a sergeant in the area; they told us they’re still trying to sort out the circumstances of the gunfire, whether someone was specifically targeted or it was random. They confirmed that no injuries are reported.

6:19 PM: Police report finding “one fired cartridge” on the east side of the Fauntleroy/Alaska intersection.

ADDED FRIDAY: Only one added detail from a police summary today (also noted by a commenter) – the incident started at the gas station in the California/Alaska intersection.

Roof rescue at Hiawatha

(Texted photo)

Unusual call for firefighters tonight – a roof rescue at Hiawatha Community Center. A 14-year-old boy got stuck on the roof and firefighters from Engine 29 and Ladder 11 were called to get him down, which they succeeded in doing a short time ago. No other details on why he was up there or how he got up there – the center, as we’ve reported, has long been closed.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response off Alki, quickly canceled

9:35 PM: Seattle Fire is dispatching a water-rescue response by land and sea for what’s described as two paddleboarders struggling 500 to 600 yards off Alki Beach. Updates to come.

9:41 PM: Rescuers have made contact with the paddleboarders, they’ve told dispatch, and they’re “not in distress” – they’re on their way to shore. So most of the response is being canceled.

UPDATE: 5 hurt in 16th/Myrtle crash

5:15 PM: Thanks for the tip. On our way to 16th/Myrtle to find out more.

5:25 PM: Just arrived north of the crash scene. 16th is blocked both ways.

5:35 PM: 2 vehicles, 5 people hurt but no major injuries. Police believe the SUV driver was speeding, northbound, and trying to ‘get around’ the other vehicle when the collision happened. (Residents on this stretch of 16th have long been fighting for something to be done about speeding.)

6:28 PM: The scene is clear.

UPDATE: Emergency response for people in trouble in the water off West Seattle

5:35 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a water-rescue response toward Seacrest by land and sea after a report of a possible overturned kayak with two people aboard. Updates to come.

5:38 PM: Firefighters arriving at the scene say two people have been rescued by other kayakers, one already towed in and one more on the way. The big response is affecting street traffic, so avoid the area for a while.

5:41 PM: Both rescued kayakers are reported safely ashore and SFD is canceling all but two of its responding units.

ADDED: Jen from Alki Kayak Tours says in a comment below that the people in trouble were in a skiff, not a kayak, and that AKT employees rescued them.

UPDATE: Flipped-car crash on West Marginal railroad tracks

10:16 PM: Seattle Fire and Police are on the way to what’s described by dispatchers as a “rollover” crash on the railroad tracks in the 3800 block of West Marginal Way [map] Updates to come.

10:20 PM: Firefighters arriving at the scene report everyone’s out of the vehicle, no major injuries, so the response is being downsized. Now the challenge is to notify BNSF that there’s a vehicle on the tracks.

UPDATE: Car-on-side crash in Admiral

8:48 AM: Thanks to Bill Schrier for the photo, and to others for the tips. That car-on-side crash happened on California at Stevens, by West Seattle High School. We’re told no one is seriously hurt. SFD initially dispatched a large response; all but one unit was canceled literally one minute later, according to the incident log, and that one left the scene after 14 minutes.

9:30 AM: Scene is clear.

10:44 AM: SFD tells us the driver was a 36-year-old woman who was treated at the scene and declined to be transported to a hospital.

UPDATE: Motorcycle rider crashes on Harbor Avenue

6:06 PM: Police and fire are at the scene of a motorcycle crash on Harbor Avenue. They are blocking Harbor at Don Armeni. We just arrived to find out more.

6:16 PM: The motorcycle rider has been taken to Harborview. We are told he hit a pole outside a condo building on the south/eastbound side of the street. Traffic is being detoured through Don Armeni.

7:08 PM: Commenter reports the road has reopened. We have a message out following up on the rider’s condition.

ADDED THURSDAY MORNING: The police summary released today says that “an individual was test driving a motorcycle, without a helmet, at speeds of 70 + MPH, on Harbor Av SW. He was also weaving in and out of traffic. Eventually the motorcyclist struck a vehicle and flew 80-feet onto the roadway. He suffered injuries to his head and to his body. Seattle Fire reported he was, “somewhat stable” and had him rushed to HMC via a medic unit.”

UPDATE: ‘Rescue extrication’ response for car-on-side crash on Avalon Way

8:36 PM: Police and fire are responding to what’s reported to be a flipped-car crash in the 3000 block of SW Avalon Way. It was reported as an SUV car that flipped after hitting a parked car. Updates to come.

8:41 PM: SFD describes it as a vehicle on its side with one person trapped. Avalon is closed at the scene.

9:08 PM: Thanks to Sarah for the photo above. The person in the vehicle is out and being taken to hospital via AMR ambulance.

9:33 PM: We noted on arrival that the vehicle that went on its side is a commercial vehicle, marked for Signal Security. We’re following up with SFD regarding the victim’s condition.

9:56 PM: SFD says the 19-year-old driver was in stable condition when transported. Metro has sent an advisory saying bus service on Avalon is back to normal, which indicates the street has reopened.

UPDATE: Carjacking, gunfire, crash investigation on West Marginal at Highland Park Way

3:11 PM: This is all unfolding right now – early info from scanner: Police were tracking a car on West Marginal Way when its driver got into a crash by Highland Park Way and carjacked another driver, with shots fired in the process. No injuries reported so far but the driver (and possibly an accomplice) may have bolted from the second vehicle nearby – it’s described as a black 2012 Ford Raptor. Updates as we get them.

(SDOT camera image)

3:17 PM: Northbound West Marginal is blocked at Highland Park Way because of all this.

3:25 PM: Our crew is arriving in the area and first report is that, needless to say, there’s a huge traffic backup.

3:34 PM: If you’re in the area and seeing a helicopter, that’s the shared TV-news chopper, not law enforcement. Meantime, the suspects who fled are still at large. We only caught part of the descriptions – white male and female; he was wearing glasses.

3:46 PM: Here’s what the suspects were in before the crash and carjacking:

(WSB photo)

3:55 PM: The carjacked vehicle has been found on Puget Ridge, empty. Police told dispatch that witnesses saw 4 suspects get out of it.

4:02 PM: Meantime, the northbound lanes of West Marginal are still closed for cleanup – this is what happened after the Expedition driver hit another vehicle pre-carjacking:

4:23 PM: SDOT and SPD report NB West Marginal has just reopened.

7:59 PM: SPD Blotter has the police account of what happened, including why the original vehicle containing the suspects – the trailer-towing SUV – came to their attention in the first place. They also confirm that the carjacked Ford Raptor was indeed recovered. No arrests reported so far.