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UPDATE: Police response in South Delridge

(WSB photos)

8:59 PM: SPD and SFD have a “scenes of violence” callout in the 8800 block of Delridge. Updates to come.

9:05 PM: This was initially described as a possible stabbing and police have since reported finding ‘the mother of the victim’ but no word on the victim’s status. The SFD response has closed.

9:16 PM: Per scanner, another call a couple blocks on Delridge is being linked to this one.

9:25 PM: We have finally made it to the scene. Some police at Delridge/Trenton, more – plus an ambulance – at the business corner of Delridge/Henderson. One person found there will be taken to the hospital, police tell us, but they’re not certain yet if it’s the person injured a couple blocks north (where radio exchanges earlier mentioned blood found in an apartment). No one in custody and we’re now seeing a K-9 team arriving.

10:23 PM: Per radio exchange, police have yet to finish sorting this out. They’re talking to others who had some role in whatever happened, and an SFD unit is headed back to the original Delridge/Trenton scene.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response for kayaker who was briefly in trouble

3:47 PM: Seattle Fire and Police were responding to east Alki for a report of a possible kayaker in trouble – but radio exchanges indicate a boater has helped the kayaker get safely ashore near Jack Block Park.

3:50 PM: Radio communication affirms that everyone’s OK, no medical attention needed.

UPDATE: Rescue response for crash at 35th SW/SW Roxbury

12:45 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a “rescue extrication” response to a one-car crash reported at 35th and Roxbury. The driver is reported to be trapped in the vehicle.

12:52 PM: Avoid the area – the emergency response is blocking at least part of the intersection.

12:59 PM: The driver has been cut out of the car. A passenger is injured too. The crash is on the southwest corner by Summit Atlas. Photo added.

1:12 PM: The wooden pole hit by the driver is still standing, not in our photo – slightly to the south.

The driver and passenger, meantime, are both being taken to the hospital.

2:09 PM: Just passed through 35th/Roxbury on the way to another (non-breaking) story. The intersection is open; the car was about to be towed.

UPDATE: ‘Derelict vessel’ off The Arroyos; big initial response downsized

7:39 AM: A sailboat off The Arroyos is taking on water, and that drew a big initial response, but it’s being downsized because they don’t believe anyone’s on board. It’s described as a small old wooden sailboat “in disrepair” that’s apparently been off the 11400 block of Arroyo Beach Place for a few days.

7:45 AM: This has now been declared a “derelict vessel” that SPD will “impound.”

8:05 AM: Added a photo of the boat, tweeted by SFD. (Added later below, photo by Chris Frankovich, with Coast Guard checking out the boat.)

UPDATE: Driver crashes through fence at 47th/Charlestown

2:08 PM: A “rescue extrication” response (formerly “heavy rescue”) is on the way to 47th/Charlestown, where a vehicle is reported to have gone through a fence and overturned. Updates to come.

2:14 PM: Charlestown is closed in both directions at the scene.

2:19 PM: WSB’s Christopher Boffoli is on scene. Vehicle right-side up; photo added. Everyone is out of the vehicle, per SFD. No word on injuries.

2:25 PM: Update from Christopher: “Looks like everyone is out ok with no serious injuries. An eyewitness tells me the car was headed eastbound up the hill and for whatever reason could not make it up and came down backward.” (If you’re indoors – it’s been raining for a while.)

UPDATE: House fire in 9000 block 17th SW

(Texted photo – thank you!)

7:26 PM: A “full response” is arriving at a house in the 9000 block of 17th SW [map]. First crews on scene are seeing “heavy smoke” from a basement window.

7:31 PM: Crews confirm a fire in the basement and have water on it.

7:35 PM: Texted photo added. SFD is searching the house – no word of injuries so far.

7:40 PM: The fire is declared “tapped.”

7:50 PM: Some units have been dismissed. But note that there’s SFD apparatus on both Barton and Henderson in the vicinity, so avoid the area.

8:15 PM: Firefighters at the scene tell us no one is hurt – no one was home when the fire started. Damage is mostly to “contents” in the basement. Cause is under investigation.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Crash at 19th and Dawson

Another serious crash – this time in the 1900 block of SW Dawson [map]. Someone has been extricated from a vehicle and Dawson is blocked off, per police radio, between 18th and 21st.

UPDATE: 4 hurt in low-bridge crash

(Added: WSB photo)

11:19 PM: SFD and SPD are responding to what’s described as a two-vehicle collision with four people hurt, at least two seriously. The location is the 1100 block of SW Spokane St. [map]

11:22 PM: This is now described via radio as being on the low bridge.

11:32 PM: The low bridge is blocked to traffic and we expect that’ll last at least a few hours for the investigation.

12:29 AM: The pedestrian/bicycle path across the low bridge remains open; our photographer walked it to get to the scene (photo added above). No new information; the bridge remains closed, and the Traffic Collision Investigation detectives have been called to investigate.

6:21 AM: Just in case you’re wondering – the bridge did reopen. No additional information so far about the victims or the investigation.

MONDAY UPDATE: We checked with SFD today. Two victims – both teenage boys – were taken to the hospital by SFD medic unit; the other two (no age/gender info) were taken by private ambulance; all four were described as being in stable condition.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response for kayaker off Alki Avenue

l(Photo sent by Wendy)

10:53 AM: Thanks for the tips about the SFD water-rescue response at Don Armeni. SFD says, “Fireboat responding to water near Alki Ave. SW for report of person who was on kayak that is now in distress. Patient is reported to have life jacket on, however, waters are cold. Crews working to bring the patient to shore.”

(Photo sent by Steven)

11:13 AM: Update from SFD: “Firefighters helped bring the kayaker to shore near Alki Ave. SW. Medics assessing patient condition. Thank you to observant bystanders who recognized the kayaker was in distress.”

UPDATE: Big response, small fire at apartment in 7500 block 35th SW

August 29, 2018 3:00 pm
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(Photo tweeted by @westseawx)

3 PM: Seattle Fire has sent a “full response” to the Hill Crest Apartments in the 7500 block of 35th SW.

3:02 PM: First firefighters on scene aren’t seeing anything but are checking out an odor of smoke inside the building, possibly from a 4th-floor unit.

3:04 PM: This is now reported to be a kitchen fire. The response is being downsized.

3:19 PM: Ventilating now, reports @westseawx, whose photo we’ve added above (note that you’ll want to avoid northbound 35th in that area for a while, until the response clears).

UPDATE: Water-rescue callout for boat taking on water north of Alki Point

9:05 PM: Two multi-unit water-rescue responses are heading out – one for Alki Point, one for the Seacrest/Don Armeni area (if anyone needs to be brought ashore). According to radio dispatch, a 48-foot boat with two people aboard is reported to be taking on water “half a mile north” of Alki Point. More as we get it.

9:13 PM: Per radio communication, responders are still working to find the vessel reporting it’s in trouble.

9:17 PM: Now rescuers are reported to have reached the vessel and rescued the two people from it. The land response has been dismissed; two SFD fireboats remain assigned to the call.

UPDATE: ‘Scenes of violence’ response in South Admiral turns out to be hoax call

(Added: WSB photo by Christopher Boffoli)

7:05 PM: Police and fire are arriving at a “scenes of violence” call in the 3200 block of 41st SW, near SW Hinds [map]. Nearby streets are being blocked off, More to come.

7:15 PM: Still not sure of the circumstances that led to this response – our crew is on the way – but radio communication indicates police are talking with people who were in the house to which they were called.

7:21 PM: Police tell our first person on the scene, Christopher Boffoli, they believe this was a hoax/false report, but they are still checking and re-checking to be sure. SFD is being cleared.

7:30 PM: Police are reopening the streets.

7:37 PM: Police have verified that this was a hoax.

P.S. Making a call like that is a crime.

UPDATE: ‘Rescue extrication’ response in 2100 block Harbor Avenue

August 17, 2018 2:56 pm
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2:56 PM: Seattle Fire has sent a “rescue extrication” response (formerly “heavy rescue”) to the 2100 block of Harbor Avenue SW (map). More to come.

3:05 PM: People in the area say the responders headed into Jack Block Park. We’re headed that way in hopes of finding out more.

3:14 PM: The call has closed – all units dismissed. We have a message out to SFD in hopes of finding out what it was about.

3:29 PM: No word from SFD but we finally got to Jack Block in time to see a damaged pickup truck about to be towed. We talked briefly with a Port of Seattle Police officer, who said the pickup’s driver hit the fence between T-5 and Jack Block and was taken to the hospital. Photo added.

UPDATE: Water rescue off Harbor Island

(Added: Seattle Fire Department photo)

8:52 AM: You might have noticed the big Seattle Fire response headed for Harbor Island. Two people were reported to have fallen off a boat, per SFD radio, and were picked up by a Global Diving and Salvage boat. One person is reported to be conscious, one unconscious. No other word on the circumstances nor on what boat they fell from. Rescue crews are staging at Terminal 18 on the east side of Harbor Island.

9:15 AM: SFD says one of the two rescued people has gone to Harborview “in critical condition.”

9:50 AM: A commenter says one of the people had actually gone into the water to rescue the other one.

4:16 PM: SFD has more details – including confirmation of the heroic rescue by a T-18 worker – here.

UPDATE: Short-lived water-rescue response on Alki

August 4, 2018 3:13 pm
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3:13 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a water-rescue response to Alki/Harbor. We haven’t yet heard the reason for the dispatch but have a crew on the way.

3:18 PM: The call has closed.

3:26 PM: WSB’s Christopher Boffoli arrived in the area and verified there’s no trace left of an emergency response.

VIDEO: Tanker truck goes sideways, leaks fuel; West Seattle low bridge access blocked for hours

(WSB photo added 11:22 pm)

10:48 PM: Big Seattle Fire hazmat response at Chelan/Spokane, just west of the low bridge, for what SFD says is an overturned tanker truck leaking gasoline. Traffic is being diverted at the north end of Delridge. The Delridge exit from the bridge is being blocked off, per scanner. More to come.

10:54 PM: Per scanner, SFD believes the tanker is leaking from multiple spots. They’re trying to get into position to get foam on the leaking fuel. Stay well clear of the area.

Traffic cameras show the west end of the bridge is blocked. Per SFD, the tanker driver got out OK.

11:22 PM: They’re evacuating the Chelan Café/bar (Ebb Tide Room). Also, per scanner (we’ve just arrived at the scene so will have some firsthand info soon), they’re setting up a “unified command” including SDOT as well as SFD and SPD. SFD adds via Twitter that Seattle Public Utilities and the Coast Guard have been notified, and that it will take several hours to offload the tanker.

(Photo by Brandon Smith)

11:54 PM: More SFD resources have arrived, and there are also radio communications about SFD and USCG boats checking the Duwamish for any sign of fuel from this. We’re now on the west side of the crash area; SFD was sending a public-information officer to gather info for us (and any other media on scene).

12:05 AM: Another tanker has arrived so this one’s fuel can be offloaded.

12:31 AM: Here’s SFD foaming the scene early on – thanks to Doug for tweeting the video:

12:53 AM: SFD spokesperson Hilton Almond has briefed us at nearby Fire Station 36. He says the tanker is still leaking – they believe the double-trailer truck was carrying about 5,000 gallons.

A fireboat is on the Duwamish looking for signs of spillage. SPU has public-information officer Eric Autry at the scene too and says they’ll have a boat out in the morning. We recorded the briefing on video and will add that when it’s uploaded. (Update: Added)

The timeline for offloading the fuel is still described as “several hours” so hard to say how this will affect the morning commute but we would speculate it’s likely to – the low bridge is currently blocked off both ways as is much of Spokane under the bridge and the north end of Delridge Way.

Almond explained that firefighters have to keep re-applying the foam to suppress vapor from the leaking fuel.

1:23 AM: We’re back at HQ for a while and have heard via scanner that the Coast Guard has vessels out at the mouth of the Duwamish restricting maritime traffic while this remains unsettled.

2:32 AM: SDOT camera shows the offloading hasn’t started yet. Radio communication indicates they’re starting soon and expect it to take at least a few hours.

4:58 AM: Still emptying the truck.

5:20 AM: Since the main bike accesses to the low bridge are blocked, a shuttle is planned, though no details yet. (update) Metro says the bike shuttle is running from the northbound SW Avalon Way stop just north of SW Charlestown – Luna Park area.

6 AM: The Delridge ramp to the eastbound high bridge IS open – we just went over to verify. (Added below: 6:09 am screengrab of SDOT cam at scene)

6:37 AM: But bike riders attempting to get to the low bridge from the north end of Delridge will be turned away – we are in the area and just saw it happen to 2 more. At the crash scene, the tanker that was offloading fuel has just left (it passed us southbound on Delridge). Next: Uprighting and towing the crashed truck, and cleanup. … Also note that West Marginal is blocked north of SW Marginal Place until this is cleared.

7:30 AM: The tipped section of the tanker is still being uprighted. (Added above, a few minutes later – SDOT cam now shows two tow rigs involved)

8:05 AM: The tanker is now upright, after 9+ hours.

Next – towing and cleanup.

8:23 AM: Police have reopened the Delridge offramp from the high bridge.

9:36 AM: Not fully reopened yet otherwise but Metro says “most” buses have returned to their regular routes. The bike shuttle is still running.

10:21 AM: After almost 12 hours, police have just announced via radio communication that everything is reopening.

2:25 PM: We’re working on a separate followup about environmental ramifications and cleanup – will link here when that’s up. Meantime we asked police about the investigation. Too soon to say if any citations will ensue as this is being handled by the Traffic Collision Investigation Squad; SPD says the early indication is that the trailer may have gone sideways because of a “sharp right turn.”

UPDATE: RV crashes by Longfellow Creek

12:41 AM: The big Seattle Fire response is headed for a report that a truck has crashed into Longfellow Creek near 28th/Yancy. It’s a “rescue extrication” response in case someone has to be freed from the truck. More to come.

12:43 AM: The first units to arrive are saying it appears to be an RV that has crashed.

12:46 AM: SFD says two people have minor injuries but should be able to get themselves out of the vehicle.

12:52 AM: The two are reported to be out of the vehicle, which is reported to be leaking fuel.

1:09 AM: Both are being taken to the hospital. The wrecked RV is partly visible, in the wooded area on the east side of the health club parking lot.

1:33 AM: Just talked to an officer at the scene. He said a tow truck’s been ordered. The man and woman who were in the RV were headed eastbound on Yancy when their brakes went out. They had a dog in the RV too; it’s been taken to a vet to be checked out.

8:57 AM: Just went back to check. The RV was indeed removed.

Debris remain and a couple parking spots are blocked off.

2 West Seattle callouts: Water-rescue response, quickly canceled; stuck boat on the Duwamish River

ORIGINAL REPORT, 9:36 PM: Just in case you’re here wondering about the big SFD water-rescue response sent to Seacrest – there was a report of a paddleboarder possibly in trouble near Lowman Beach, but it’s been determined they’re OK, and everyone’s being dismissed. (Seacrest would have been the point at which a patient, if necessary, would have been delivered to a medic unit.)

ADDED 10:38 PM: Thanks to Paul Weatherman for that photo of a fireboat doing some testing, after the aforementioned incident, and before this new one: SFD marine crews are headed to the Duwamish River where a boat has gotten “stuck in the mud” near Kellogg Island. No injuries reported.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response brings SFD crews to Seacrest

8:03 PM: A water-rescue response is headed to Seacrest/Don Armeni, though apparently it’s related to a call involving a kiteboarder seen from a spot across the bay in Discovery Park – the dock here is being used as a rendezvous point. Updates as we hear them.

8:10 PM: The kiteboarder who was the subject of the original call is apparently OK and getting assistance to get to shore on the other side of the bay. Fireboat Leschi is still at Seacrest loading up assistance just in case.

8:15 PM: And now they’re keeping the rescue operation going as they’ve determined other kiteboarders in the water may still need help.

8:21 PM: Our crew talked to SFD personnel at Seacrest who explained that they brought divers to the dock to get on board Leschi, which is now headed across the bay. Added a photo of the SFD land unit that’ll be leaving Seacrest soon. Meantime, the actual rescue, south of West Point, sounds to be going OK, with one person still in the water but rescuers nearby.

Driver damages doors at Harbor Avenue 7-11

Not a good week for the Harbor Avenue 7-11. First the dumpster fire on Wednesday – now a crash. After a reader tip that someone had driven into the store’s doors, we went to the 7-11 and found this damage. Store workers didn’t want to comment and there were no police or fire personnel on scene (nor is there a SFD call logged to the scene any time since midnight), so apparently no injuries) so we’re not clear on exactly what happened or when, but they have some cleanup to do – from outside you can see some items tossed about inside too.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response on Harbor Avenue

11:26 AM: Big Seattle Fire “water rescue” dispatch to the 1000 block of Harbor Avenue SW. Details as we get them.

11:28 AM: Most of the units are already being dismissed.

11:34 AM: Per scanner, the person who was in trouble – we haven’t heard the circumstances – is on shore and being tended to by SFD.

West Seattle 4th of July 2018 late-night notes

10:32 PM: So far, nothing major *in* West Seattle. An SFD call to California/Findlay was a fire in a tree, per a texter, extinguished even before SFD’s arrival. The Lake Union fireworks are happening right now so the Alki-and-vicinity outbound wave is less than half an hour away – remember the police plan to redirect traffic until that’s clear. They had a big presence at Alki even before dusk – we were out checking on that when the East Marginal fire broke out; we counted at least a dozen SPD cars, marked and unmarked, with the Mobile Precinct at Don Armeni Boat Ramp, which was blocked off to vehicle entries.

10:57 PM: Another police sighting – Delridge Community Center Park, according to a neighbor who says it’s been “the worst year yet” for illegal fireworks there.

11:14 PM: The photo above is courtesy of Carolyn Newman, who reports, “Traffic seems to be moving a bit quicker than normal on Harbor Ave, however, still a slow go.”

MIDNIGHT: SFD has dispatched six units to the 4500 block of 42nd SW for a call described as “dumpster fire with exposure.”

12:03 AM: That’s in a parking garage, according to radio communication.

12:11 AM: The call’s been downsized. Meantime, somewhere on SW Kenyon – we didn’t catch the cross-street/block – police are checking on multiple 911 reports of five people who had been shooting guns and who then got into a white BMW. No word of any injuries.

12:14 AM: Now police are going after a black Infiniti for some reason, Fauntleroy/Avalon at last report. (Update: It was a suspect with a $100,000 warrant in a West Seattle gun/drug case.)

1:21 AM: Things have quieted down since then, at least in terms of local police/fire dispatches. We remain on call, 24/7, at 206-293-6302.

UPDATE: Water rescue response at Lowman Beach Park

(Added: WSB photo)

4:05 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a water-rescue response to the 7000 block of Beach Drive SW (Lowman Beach vicinity), including some units to the Don Armeni/Seacrest area, where anyone rescued would be taken. We haven’t yet heard the circumstances of who might need rescuing. More to come.

4:10 PM: Per scanner, the report was that two kayakers are possibly in trouble.

4:12 PM: And now – SFD says it’s found the kayakers, and they’re already out of the water.

4:19 PM: Added a photo – looks like a different type of watercraft; SFD assisted in bringing it up from Lowman Beach. Our crew confirms everyone’s OK.