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UPDATE: Water-rescue call off Lincoln Park

December 26, 2020 2:56 pm
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2:56 PM: Seattle Fire has a water-rescue response headed to Lincoln Park. According to the dispatch, there’s a report of a possible boarder in trouble off Colman Pool. Updates to come.

3:01 PM: Looks like this might be a false alarm; most units are being dismissed

Crash takes out hydrant along Fauntleroy Way

Thanks to Lola for the photo. That’s the second West Seattle crash in less than 12 hours to have taken out a hydrant. This one happened in the 5600 block of Fauntleroy Way SW, with a driver hitting a parked car, and the hydrant getting hit in the process. The driver was reported to have walked away from the scene, but a medical dispatch indicated he was found some blocks away shortly thereafter.

UPDATE: Driver hits pole, hydrant on West Marginal

2:38 PM: Thanks for the photo. City Light and Seattle Public Utilities are being summoned to join Seattle Fire and Police at that crash scene in the 6300 block of West Marginal Way. A driver hit a pole and hydrant. No major injuries reported.

3:19 PM: Officers have just told dispatch “Marginal is open again.”

Flipped-car crash at 35th and Kenyon

Thanks for the tip! Northbound 35th SW is blocked at Kenyon until a tow truck arrives for a flipped car. The original callout was “rescue extrication” but most of the units were canceled quickly. Police tell us the driver hit a parked car and his car flipped. No major injuries.

UPDATE: Hazmat response in Highland Park after man found dead

12:36 PM: Seattle Fire has a hazmat investigation under way at a residence in the 7900 block of 14th SW in Highland Park. It’s focused on a garage, and they were using robotic equipment to investigate. The on-scene crews declined comment so we don’t yet know what they’re investigating, but the residents of the adjacent house were allowed back in, and no one has been evacuated. We’ll update when we find out more.

1:59 PM: SFD told us it’s an SPD case. We subsequently inquired with SPD, which tweeted this:

Just after 10:30 am SPD & Seattle Fire responded to a possible overdose in the 7900 block of 14th Ave SW. A male in his early 40s was declared dead at the scene. An extraction lab was found at the site, but hazmat crews determined the scene is safe. Site cleanup is being arranged.

2:51 PM: Neighbors report other agencies have arrived at the scene – the King County Medical Examiner (which investigates deaths) and the state Ecology Department‘s spill responders.

UPDATE: Man shot while driving in Alki alley, suspect arrested

(WSB photo)

12:44 PM: Police and SFD are responding to 60th/Stevens [map] for a reported shooting. They’re searching for a suspect who’s described as (updated) a white man, 30s, brown hair, beard, green jacket, black (possibly camo) pants. The victim is reported to be a 42-year-old man. Updates to come.

12:53 PM: Police are still searching and will be joined by a K9. Sounds like they may know who they are looking. No word on the victim’s condition yet.

(WSB photo)

1 PM: The suspect is reported (via police radio) to be in custody. (added) Our crew just arrived in the area and verifies an arrest.

1:07 PM: The victim is being taken to Harborview Medical Center by SFD medic unit. (added) At the scene, we’re told he was transported in critical condition. (added) The suspect is reported to live nearby and police were checking his residence.

5:32 PM: More info from SPD:

Police were dispatched to the 6000 block of Stevens Street SW after multiple callers reported shots had been fired in the alley.

Officers arrived and found a man seriously wounded with multiple gunshot wounds. Witnesses said the suspect had left the scene on foot walking towards the beach. Additional officers flooded the area and found the suspect a few blocks away where he was taken into custody. Police found a 40 caliber handgun partially submerged in water at Alki Beach.

(SPD photo)

Detectives believe the suspect shot at the victim as the victim drove down the alley. The suspect then fled between some nearby apartment buildings, entered an apartment, struck a resident with the pistol, then fled toward the beach. Detectives are now interviewing the suspect and attempting to determine what led up to the shooting.

Reader Diana sent a photo of the aforementioned beach gun discovery:

Police say the victim was still in critical condition at last report.

6:48 PM: And we have a few more details from the Southwest Precinct incident summary filed by acting Sgt. Tammy Frame, forwarded by precinct commander Capt. Kevin Grossman, lauding the second-watch team for Really good work in saving a life, arresting the shooter, and locating evidence”: The victim was shot seven times and the first officer on the scene “administered life-saving first aid which included applying two tourniquets, one one on each of the victim’s arms.” The suspect allegedly tried to bury the gun in the sand at the beach. He and the victim are described by police as neighbors.

UPDATE: ‘Scenes of violence’ call in The Junction

11:19 AM: Thanks for the tip about an emergency response in The Junction. SFD and SPD are at the Mural Apartments across from Jefferson Square for a “scenes of violence” response. We’re on the way to find out more.

11:28 AM: Medics are transporting one person. This happened inside the apartment building so we haven’t yet been able to talk to officers, who are inside investigating.

11:39 AM: SFD’s incident commander tells us the person going to the hospital is a man in his 20s with a gunshot wound. The circumstances remain under investigation. A chaplain has been dispatched.

12:38 PM: We went back to the scene and caught up with police getting ready to leave. They would only say “there’s no public safety concern.”

12:55 PM: SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo tells WSB that the victim is 25 and was transported in critical condition, and that this was reported as self-inflicted.

As always when we mention suicide or attempted suicide, we want to remind you that there is 24/7 help – the Crisis Connections hotline is 206-461-3222.

UPDATE: Natural-gas leak east of Fairmount Park

10:28 AM: In case you heard the sirens: Seattle Fire has responded to a natural-gas leak in the 5400 block of 36th SW [map], east of Fairmount Park. Firefighters told dispatch it’s a 1-inch line, and they’re closing 36th until the leak is dealt with.

10:47 AM: The incident commander reports they’ve evacuated homes “to the north and south” as a precaution and are still waiting for Puget Sound Energy to come shut off the gas.

11:19 AM: PSE has arrived and stopped the leak.

UPDATE: 3 taken to hospital after RV fire at 23rd/Myrtle

(WSB photos)

7:33 AM: Thanks for the tips – there’s a major emergency response at 23rd/Myrtle. So far we’re hearing it’s a fire with at least three people hurt. We’re on our way to find out more.

7:37 AM: SFD says it’s an RV fire. Nearby residents saw and heard what they describe as “explosions” for a while but that’s stopped now. Address has been updated to 24th/Myrtle [map].

7:50 AM: Our crew has arrived; photo above. This is directly west of the vacant site where the Lam-Bow Apartments were demolished after one building was destroyed by fire, with a rebuild in the works.

8 AM: The original 23rd/Myrtle address was correct, though SFD still has this logged as 24th/Myrtle. Their investigator has been dispatched, as has a public-information officer, so more information should be available at the scene soon.

8:05 AM: Just talked to the incident commander. The explosions some nearby residents heard/felt during the fire were propane tanks. The incident commander also tells us 4 people were in the RV when this happened; 3 are being taken to Harborview.

8:56 AM: Police have reopened Myrtle west of Delridge. SFD still has an engine and investigator at the scene.

9:03 AM: SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo tells WSB two people were in critical condition when taken to the hospital, a 38-year-old woman and 26-year-old man, while a 41-year-old man was in serious condition, The fourth person was unhurt.

5:04 PM: Just went back to the scene. Seattle Public Utilities and USecology are there for storm-drain cleanup, The gutted RV is still there too.

5:54 PM: SPU spokesperson Sabrina Register adds a few details: “After learning of the fire this morning, Seattle Public Utilities dispatched a team to survey areas including Longfellow Creek. SPU Spill Response staff did not observe any pollutants in the creek but out of an abundance of caution, contacted US Ecology (contractor) to clean the road surface and one impacted catch basin (storm drain). That clean-up work is taking place this evening.”

11 PM: Investigators say the fire was accidental, started by a heater.

UPDATE: Man rescued from Beach Drive embankment

6:13 PM: Big SFD rescue response right now for the 6700 block of Beach Drive SW – they’re helping someone described as an “elderly man” who is stuck down a steep slope between Beach Drive and Holly Court [map].

6:19 PM: SFD says the man they’re rescuing is not hurt. They’re correcting the address on the call to Holly Court.

6:25 PM: The incident commander has radioed in that the man did not fall – he was doing garden work and became unable to get back up the slope.

6:44 PM: Via radio, the incident commander reports the man is “extricated.” Though they don’t believe he’s hurt, we were told at the scene, they’ll of course check him out to be sure.

11:24 PM: SFD spokesperson Kristin Tinsley tells WSB that the man, 77, was believed to have been stuck down the embankment for ab9out 7 hours. He was taken to the hospital by private ambulance for evaluation.

UPDATE: Crash at West Marginal/Highland Park Way

1:46 AM: Seattle Fire has a rescue-extrication response headed to a crash at West Marginal/Highland Park Way. SFD says it’s a three-car collision. Avoid the area.

1:54 AM: SFD says two people are trapped in a vehicle.

2:10 AM: Reported over emergency radio, everyone’s been extricated; SFD says they will be taken to the hospital.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON UPDATE: We asked SFD about the patients’ conditions. Spokesperson David Cuerpo replied, “First patient sustained no injuries and did not require medical treatment. Second patient was a 19 year old female in stable condition and was transported to HMC by our crews.”

UPDATE: Alki Avenue crash atop the seawall, and aftermath

12:47 AM: The reader who texted these photos says this crash happened in the vicinity of 1238 Alki Avenue SW, and that the driver took out a “garden, bench, fire hydrant, light pole … hitting the light pole probably saved the car from going into the water.”

No SFD medical dispatch, so apparently no injuries.

10:26 AM: Tweets by Beat confirms this is being investigated as DUI. Meantime, Stewart L. sends photos of the aftermath:

The texter last night mentioned that the driver also took out “Siriya’s garden.” Siriya is a neighborhood resident who tends a path of planting strip there. Stewart sent before/after photos:

Stewart says, “I say hi to Siriya all the time as I stroll past her garden that she lovingly tends to, and to see all of her work plowed over in a second was really upsetting. She works so hard on this to beautify the neighborhood.”

UPDATE: Seattle Fire response in The Junction – false alarm

(Added: WSB photo)

3:02 PM: A big Seattle Fire response is arriving for a reported natural-gas leak at Oregon 42 (42nd SW/SW Oregon). They’re blocking some of the streets – including Oregon between 41st and California, and 42nd between Genesee and Alaska – until the situation is handled. Updates to come.

3:06 PM: They haven’t yet found the source of the possible leak, and air readings are NOT showing natural gas – they’ve just noted a “sewer” type of odor in the building – so they’re likely about to downsize the response. PSE is there helping to investigate.

3:15 PM: The incident log shows all but four responding units have been dismissed.

3:18 PM: And just announced over the emergency-radio channel, “Confirmed false.” Wrapping up, roads reopening. Our crew at the scene has confirmed that neither SFD nor PSE could find any evidence of a problem.

UPDATE: Driver damages bus stop in Upper Alki

12:09 AM: A driver crashed at 59th/Admiral less than an hour ago, damaging the bus stop. Thanks to Paul for the photo; he reports that after hearing the crash, he found a woman who said her boyfriend had been driving and fled the scene; then, he says, she left the scene. Police at last report were still trying to sort it all out.

10:01 AM: Checked with SPD media relations. The full report isn’t in but ‘notes on the call” indicate that police did eventually find and talk with the people who were in the car. Information on whether the driver was cited is not yet available.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response in Fauntleroy, quickly canceled

5:52 PM: Seattle Fire has a water-rescue response headed by land and sea to a report of a sailboat in trouble north of the Fauntleroy ferry dock. Updates to come.

5:56 PM: The callout is being canceled – per scanner, a resident says the sailor is a neighbor and is already safely out of the water.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response off Beach Drive

(Added: Photos by David Hutchinson. Above, SFD’s Fireboat 2)

5:10 PM: A Seattle Fire water-rescue response is headed to the 5600 block of Beach Drive SW (map), after a report of a kiteboarder in trouble. Updates to come.

5:19 PM: Via radio communication, responders say they’re seeing a board but so far, nobody with it. Also note, the response is on a narrower section of Beach Drive, which means traffic effects – avoid the area.

5:24 PM: They’ve found a blue-and-white board offshore, attached to a buoy, but have not confirmed whether anyone is actually missing.

5:28 PM: They’ve determined this board isn’t linked to anyone in trouble; there’s another boarder about a mile south they’re going to go check with to be sure they’re OK and weren’t with anyone.

5:37 PM: They’re not finding evidence of that person so far, but now they’re looking at relocating crews further south – to Lowman Beach and/or the ferry dock – until they can check more closely. The dispatcher says the original caller reported a kiteboarder last seen “two hours ago.”

5:43 PM: “It does not appear we have a victim at this time,” is the conclusion, and this is being wrapped up/canceled.

UPDATE: Flipped-car crash at 12th/Roxbury

2:30 PM: Seattle Fire and Seattle Police are arriving at a 2-car crash at 12th/Roxbury, with one car reported “on its roof.” Avoid the area. Updates to come.

2:54 PM UPDATE: Photo added. 2 people are being taken to Harborview. The crash is on the eastbound side but traffic is now getting through both ways.

UPDATE: ‘Scenes of violence’ response in West Seattle

1:17 AM: Seattle Fire has a ‘scenes of violence” response headed to a report of possible shooting victims at a home in the 7200 block of Dumar. Updates to come.

1:27 AM: Per radio communication, no one has been found at the house but one victim turned up at Harborview Medical Center. The SFD response has been dismissed. No info yet on that person’s condition, nor on the circumstances.

2:28 AM: As police continue to investigate, there’s word they’ve found at least one shell casing in the street.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response off Alki

12:53 AM: Seattle Fire has a water-rescue response happening near Alki Point and says, “Crews are investigating reports of an overturned vessel approximately 100 yards offshore.” Radio communication indicates they haven’t found it yet.

(Added: Photo by David Hutchinson)

12:58 AM: Now they’re moving the search toward an area northeast of Alki Bathhouse.

1:05 AM: Searching from land and at sea, they haven’t found anything yet. Per radio communication, the report was apparently called in as a light that was seen and then vanished.

1:15 AM: They’re ending the search – no one in distress was found, and the original caller acknowledges the sighting was tenuous.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response off Harbor Avenue, canceled

September 28, 2020 9:10 pm
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9:10 PM: Seattle Fire has a water-rescue response headed to the 1700 block of Harbor Avenue SW, by land and sea. They’re responding to.a report of a flashing light, “possible distress signal,” offshore.

9:16 PM: Initial assessment – it’s a blinking light attached to a buoy marking a net, and no one in the area has heard any calls for help. SFD is canceling the call.

UPDATE: Short-lived water-rescue response in West Seattle

5:16 PM: Seattle Fire has a “water rescue response” headed for the 6700 block of Beach Drive [map] after a report of a possible overturned sailboat. Updates to come.

5:23 PM: The sailboat is reported to be unoccupied. The response has been canceled.

UPDATE: Crash at West Marginal/Highland Park Way

7:49 AM: Seattle Fire has sent a “rescue extrication” response to West Marginal Way SW/Highland Park Way for a crash that is involve two vehicles. one on its side. Updates to come.

7:58 AM: SDOT says one southbound lane is blocked. No camera at that intersection yet so we are on the way to look.

8:25 AM: Not there yet – our efforts to approach via Roxbury were slowed because Myers/Olson light is out.

8:41 AM: Finally got there. Intersection is now clear, as is West Marginal’s entire length – aside from a long SB backup.

UPDATE: Rescue response for flipped-car crash in Westwood

(WSB photo)

12:28 PM: Just dispatched: Seattle Fire rescue-extrication response for a crash at 32hd/Trenton [map]. Two vehicles are reported to be involved, one flipped with a person trapped inside. Police are already there and say the trapped passenger is conscious. Updates to come.

12:34 PM: SFD says the trapped passenger has been extricated.

12:43 PM: Photo added. No serious injuries reported so far. Police say they are investigating whether this might be the result of one of the drivers running through a stop sign.