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UPDATE: Water-rescue response at Seacrest

1:24 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a water-rescue response to Seacrest after a report of a person in the water “at the Water Taxi dock.” Updates to come.

(Photo tweeted by Kristin)

1:27 PM: Arriving units are telling dispatch this is a person they believe to be in crisis, an 18-year-old woman, in “waist-deep water” but not appearing to be “in distress.”

(Photo sent by Dwight)

1:38 PM: They’re still working to get her out of the water (the challenge, they’re telling dispatch, is that she’s “not quite interested in coming out of the water” so this might take a while). Note that Water Taxi traffic is “shut down” while this continues.

2:07 PM: The woman is now out of the water and on a stretcher, they’re telling dispatch. She’s being evaluated.

2:32 PM: She’s being taken to a hospital.

UPDATE: Bus/power lines incident closes 35th SW north of Roxbury for 7+ hours

12:14 PM: Thanks to Steve for the photo. Avoid 35th SW at and north of Roxbury. An incident involving two buses, a power pole, and power lines has blocked 35th both ways. No injuries reported, and everyone’s out of the buses, but SPD, SFD, and Metro are all arriving at the scene.

12:24 PM: SPD says this started when another vehicle hit a power pole, causing it to fall onto the two buses. Our crew in the area reports 35th is blocked at Cambridge (both ways).

(SDOT traffic-camera photo)

12:30 PM: We talked to a sergeant at the scene who says there was NOT a third vehicle – the RapidRide bus was letting someone off, the 120 bus was coming by and may have had some kind of mechanical problem, and wound up hitting the pole. City Light has arrived is awaited at the scene to deal with the downed wires as well as the pole.

(WSB photo)

This may remain blocked for a while, so if you need to go east/west in the south end, use Barton instead.

2:55 PM: Thanks to the texter who sent the photo above, showing the downed pole. At the site right now, the buses are gone, but City Light remains:

(SDOT camera photo)

4:16 PM: Still there working on it.

4:36 PM: Though there was no initial outage at this scene, the map shows 17 customers out in the immediate area of the downed pole for about an hour now (separate from the earlier weather-related outages elsewhere in West Seattle). A commenter says the crew at the scene is awaiting a new pole.

5:49 PM: Looks like the pole’s being placed:

7:44 PM: Thanks to Tiffany for the update in comments – the street has finally reopened.

UPDATE: Car-on-side crash at California/Hanford

3;26 PM: A Seattle Fire “rescue extrication” response is headed for California/Hanford [map], where a two-vehicle crash – one on its side – is reported. Updates to come.

(Photo tweeted by @wattorney)

3:31 PM: SFD is downsizing the response – everyone is reported safely out of the vehicles.

(Texted photo)

3:52 PM: No major injuries – medic units were all dismissed from the call. This was on the southbound side of California so continue avoiding the area for a while. (The nearby traffic camera’s “live” image is here.)

3:56 PM: All remaining SFD units are leaving the scene.

4:16 PM: SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo tells us that firefighters treated at the scene “a 25-year-old female and an infant who are both in stable condition and did not require transportation to a hospital.” Meantime, the road is back open.

UPDATE: Paddleboarder rescues woman at Alki

6:05 PM: SFD is sending a water-rescue response to Alki/Marine. Possibly 2 people in trouble in the water. Updates to come.

6:11 PM: Sounds like everyone is OK & response is being downsized. We just arrived at Alki to check.

(Added: Photo by David Hutchinson)

6:16 PM: SFD tells us at the scene that paddleboarders brought in a person who is being checked out by medics.

(WSB photo)

6:57 PM: SFD says the woman who was rescued is being taken to the hospital. (See comments below for added details on the rescue.)

UPDATE: ‘Scenes of violence’ response near Fairmount Ravine

9:24 PM: Police and Fire have responded to a house on Belvidere alongside Fairmount Ravine for a “scenes of violence” callout. Medics tell dispatch they’re treating a man, believed to be in his 40s, for a gunshot wound. No word on the circumstances so far.

9:47 PM: The wounded man is reported to have been taken to Harborview by SFD medic unit.

UPDATE: Car-on-side crash at Alki/55th SW

11:28 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a “rescue extrication” response to what’s described by the dispatcher as a “rollover” at 55th/Alki. Updates to come.

11:32 PM: Arriving units report a car on its side. The response is being downsized – apparently no major injuries.

11:52 PM: Added texted photos (thank you!). Texter reports road closed both ways.

ADDED SUNDAY MORNING: The call classification indicates a DUI investigation associated with the crash.

UPDATE: Water Taxi crew rescues boaters off West Seattle

12:38 PM: Thanks to the texter who tipped us about what’s logged as a “marine service response” off Harbor/Alki Avenues. They report the West Seattle Water Taxi “rescued (a person) who had turtled his craft and couldn’t get it upright.” SFD sent fireboats. We’re following up.

12:42 PM: We’ve also heard from Karen, who was on the Water Taxi when this happened, and reports the rescue involved an “overturned sailboat off Duwamish Head,” adding, “We were on the water taxi when it diverted from the route to rescue them. Kudos to the crew!”

1:08 PM: Thanks to Rodney for the through-a-telescope photo. Meantime, we’re hoping to get more rescue details from Metro (which manages the Water Taxi).

2 PM: Our original texter, Roxanne, says the Coast Guard has brought the sailboat in. (added) Doug and Shari sent this photo:

3:18 PM: Here’s what we just received from Water Taxi/Metro spokesperson Al Sanders in response to our inquiry (photos included):

The crew of the West Seattle Water Taxi Doc Maynard rescued two boaters whose sailboat capsized off Duwamish Head shortly after 12:00 p.m.

The Doc Maynard had just left West Seattle’s Seacrest Dock on its 12:00 p.m. sailing to downtown Seattle when the crew spotted two people in the water next to a capsized sailboat.

The water taxi pulled next to the sailboat and deployed their rescue platform and life sling, but the two people were unable to use the sling.

One of the crew of the Doc Maynard then got into the boat’s rescue suit, went into the water, and assisted the people into the sling and onto the water taxi.

The Doc Maynard returned to Seacrest Dock with rescued passengers of the boat and were met by Coast Guard. The boaters worked with the Coast Guard to retrieve their capsized vessel.

After bringing the boaters to the dock, the Doc Maynard resumed its regular schedule.

UPDATE: Collision at California/Edmunds/Erskine

(SDOT camera image from Twitter)

2:05 PM: A big emergency response for a collision is blocking the California/Edmunds/Erskine intersection. Updates to come.

2:22 PM: We just got there and the scene is now clear, street reopened, SPD tells us via email that a pedestrian was taken to Harborview after being hit by a driver. We’ll check with SFD on their condition.

3:22 PM: SFD says the person who was hit is a 66-year-old man, in stable condition when transported.

UPDATE: Police, fire response for shooting victim in Alki

11:55 PM: Police and fire are going to 61st/Admiral for a report of a 28-year-old man with a gunshot wound. No word yet on circumstances. The victim is being assessed at a home. Updates to come.

12:08 AM: They’re still trying to figure out exactly where this happened, officers are telling dispatch.

12:13 AM: The victim is being taken to Harborview. Initial assessment over emergency radio described him as “conscious and alert” with a bullet wound near an eye.

12:19 AM: Police say they were told “the shooter was on a motorcycle.”

12:25 AM: They’re blocking off Admiral between 61st and 62nd, as well as 62nd itself, while they investigate. They’ve reported finding two “victim vehicles” on 62nd, possibly indicating bullet damage. (Added: Or, per commenters, other damage.)

12:55 AM: No further updates so far. More info should be forthcoming from SPD once a report is filed later this morning.

1:01 AM: Streets are reopening. Meantime, for context, it’s been a little over a month since four people were shot at the beach, on fatally; a suspect was arrested and charged, and remains in jail, bail set at $2 million.

ADDED 1:44 PM: We just talked to SPD spokesperson Det. Valerie Carsen. She says there’s not much more information about this: After being shot, the victim crashed his car into a parked car near 62nd/Admiral and went to a nearby house to get help. He couldn’t/wouldn’t tell officers where or when it happened – aside from, as mentioned above, that the shooter might have been someone on a motorcycle. Officers did not locate shell casings or other evidence anywhere in the area so they couldn’t independently verify a crime scene. SFD spokesperson Kristin Tinsley tells us the victim was “in stable condition” when transported.

UPDATE: Gas-line break closes southbound 26th SW in Westwood

10:17 AM: Northbound 26th SW is already closed south of Westwood Village because of road work; you’ll want to avoid the southbound side for a while too, as Seattle Fire is there for a gas-leak response.

10:33 AM: Southbound 26th is also closed at Barton. We can’t get close enough to ask questions but a crew is working on it.

2:45 PM: Since this is the construction zone for King County-led road work related to bus routing, we tracked down information from Metro spokesperson Jeff Switzer, who tells WSB:

At about 9:45 a.m. Seattle Fire crews arrived in response to a natural gas leak in the construction zone in the northbound lanes of 26th Avenue SW, halfway between SW Barton and SW Cambridge streets. The southbound lanes were closed while Puget Sound Energy and fire crews worked to identify and contain the leak. According to preliminary information, a crew for the contractor was sawcutting concrete panels near the middle of the roadway and cut into a 1-inch-diameter natural gas service line that was just below the depth of the roadway. No injuries were reported. The southbound roadway is estimated to remain closed until 8 p.m. while crews replace the gas line at a proper depth. The southbound roadway will reopen to traffic once work is complete; the northbound roadway remains closed and under construction for the coming months.

7:30 PM: SB 26th is open again.

UPDATE: Diver’s body found off Seacrest

11:33 AM: Seattle Fire has just dispatched another water-rescue response to Seacrest. This time the dispatch was “possible diver having a problem, could be related to (the situation) from last night.” We are headed there to find out more.

(Added: WSB photo)

11:39 AM: The dispatcher has told rescuers that divers reported seeing a person in 35′ of water, 100′ offshore. (We hadn’t received word of recovery of last night’s victim since SPD took over late last night.)

11:53 AM: So far it does appear to be a recovery – the person found by divers is described as showing “no signs of life” and they’re calling for the Medical Examiner.

Also a traffic note: If you’re driving down California Way, you can’t turn right onto Harbor because of the response vehicles on Harbor on the east side of Seacrest. (Our crew has just confirmed this.)

12:08 PM: After bringing the person’s body out of the water, SFD is downsizing the response. They’ve dispatched a public-information officer so we hope to have official word before too long on whether this is indeed believed to be the person who went missing last night – there’ve been no additional reports today of anyone missing or in trouble.

12:29 PM: We’ve talked with SFD spokesperson Kristin Tinsley at Seacrest. She says it’s up to the Medical Examiner to say for sure whether it’s the same person who went missing last night, the description is the same – a woman in her 30s. And we’ve confirmed with an SPD sergeant at the scene that SPD did not recover a body last night after taking over last night’s recovery operation. (Added: Here’s video of Tinsley explaining the responses last night and today:)

NOTE: Our archives show this was the first diver death in the area since August 2016, when another student diver died.

ADDED: The diver who died has been identified by the Medical Examiner’s Office as 33-year-old Yuyu Xu.

UPDATE: Diver missing off Seacrest

(Photo sent by Carolyn Newman)

10:05 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a water-rescue response by land and sea to the Seacrest vicinity. The dispatcher has told responders it’s a report of two diving students missing, reported by their instructor. Updates to come.

10:09 PM: This has been updated to one diver missing, in the Honey Bear (Cove 2) vicinity.

10:19 PM: Search continues. As shown in the photo above, crews on land are using a fire-truck ladder to help search.

10:29 PM: Rescue divers are searching, as well as crews in boats and on land; SPD is part of the response as well as SFD. The missing diver was described in an early dispatch as a woman in her 30s.

10:55 PM: The search continues.

11:04 PM: The medic units have been dismissed from the response (thanks to Aaron for that tip from the scene), which indicates this has switched into more of a recovery mode.

11:18 PM: SFD says this is now an SPD-led search.

1:30 AM: No further updates. We’ll check with SPD later this morning.

UPDATE: Gas-leak response in High Point

July 29, 2021 4:00 pm
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4 PM: A Seattle Fire callout has arrived in the 2900 block of SW Myrtle in High Point to check out a reported gas leak. No other details so far.

4:03 PM: Firefighters have told dispatch the problem was apparently in the kitchen and they’re looking to cut off gas “to the entire building.” (The address is for the True-living Church, mentioned here recently because of a redevelopment plan.)

4:11 PM: The response is winding down.

UPDATE: Crash at 35th/Avalon

9:12 PM: Thanks to the texters who have reported that crash at 35th/Avalon, including one who sent a photo. (206-293-6302 is our hotline, any time.) Police and SFD medics have responded, One texter says buses are rerouting. No indication of major injuries so far – just one engine sent.

9:40 PM: The crash is still blocking the southbound side of the intersection, as shown on the SDOT traffic cam, which also shows police directing traffic there.

9:58 PM: Tow truck(s) now in view.

10:11 PM: Our original texter reports, and the camera confirms, the scene is clear, We’re checking with SFD re: injuries.

12:10 AM: SFD says they treated two women, 31 and 51, but neither was hurt badly enough to need hospitalization.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response at Alki

8:41 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a water-rescue response – by land and sea – to 62nd/Alki, where “someone appears to be drowning,” according to the dispatcher’s description of what was called in. Updates to come.

8:46 PM: This involves a vessel of some type. The Coast Guard also is responding.

8:50 PM: An SFD fireboat is reported to have arrived an is “making contact” with the person in the water. The person is reported to NOT be in distress, so most of the responding units are being dismissed.

(Added: Photo by David Hutchinson)

8:55 PM: The person who was in the water has been brought on board an SFD boat.

8:59 PM: Thanks to those who’ve emailed (the photo above is from Kevin) noting that, as is usual in incidents like this, some SFD units went to Don Armeni Boat Ramp (usually as standby for possible transfer of a patient brought in by boat).

UPDATE: Man injured in West Seattle Junction hit-run collision

10:02 PM: Firefighters and police are at 45th and Glenn right now on the west side of The Junction, tending to an injured motorcyclist. Witnesses say he was the victim of a hit-run driver. Medics have told dispatch that the victim is a. 46-year-old man, conscious and alert, possibly with a fracture.

(Texted photo)

10:19 PM: The victim is being taken to the hospital.

10:27 PM: One neighbor who was at the scene says, “From talking to neighbors no one got a good look at the car but heard it dragging its bumper. Big props to a nurse practitioner neighbor who evaluated the hit motorcyclist before aid arrived.”

10:43 PM: Added a photo of the bike – technically a scooter rather than motorcycle.

UPDATE: 5 hours of street closures, evacuations after gas-line break in Admiral District

10:29 AM: Seattle Fire is just arriving in the 2700 block of California SW for a potential natural-gas problem. The logged address is the construction site toward the north end of the block. They’re blocking California SW so avoid the area for a while.

10:34 AM: Puget Sound Energy is on the way; firefighters told dispatch that the break appears to be “by an excavator.” They’re monitoring air status in nearby buildings including Safeway.

10:50 AM: Our crew is there and sending photos. The California closure starts further north, as shown in our top photo – in the 2600 block. If you leave the Safeway parking lot, for example, you’ll only be allowed to turn north. The closure extends to Stevens (the PCC corner).

10:56 AM: PSE has arrived.

11:05 AM: The incident commander just told dispatch that PSE says this is a four-inch east-west line and “this will be a prolonged incident,” so they’re going to have City Light shut down power nearby.

11:17 AM: Firefighters just told dispatch they’re evacuating Safeway. (We just called PCC and so far they’re stlll open, as is West Seattle Runner [WSB sponsor] just up the block.)

11:42 AM: Not resolved yet. And for those who’ve asked, yes, that’s a TV helicopter.

12:04 PM: SFD says “all affected businesses and residences have been evacuated.”

12:43 PM: Our crew went back to the scene for updates. The leak can still be heard, so it’s not shut off yet. Meantime, as a commenter mentioned, some power’s been cut in the area. Some businesses including Safeway (whose staff was lunching in the parking lot) remain closed.

1:02 PM: We talked with SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo at the scene. He says the air quality in the area is generally OK and evacuations were done as a precaution more than anything. PSE is still working on getting the broken line shut down safely. No estimate yet on how much longer this is likely to last.

1:23 PM: A commenter asked about West Seattle High School. We went over to the office; they told us the students were sent home.

(Photo by Vy Duong)

1:55 PM: SFD is swapping out crews. We’re headed back for another update.

2:48 PM: The hissing from the break is quieter than it originally was, and SFD confirms that PSE has “reduced” the leak but not yet stopped it.

3:38 PM: SFD says PSE has stopped the leak and everything is reopening. Our crew should be back in the area in a few minutes to verify.

3:50 PM: Safeway, for one, has reopened. But the streets are not yet open again, our crew reports.

4:10 PM: Metro has resumed regular routing, which means the streets are back open.

FOURTH OF JULY 2021: Night notes

The sun has set. As in past years, we’ll keep a running narrative of what happens in the hours ahead.

ROXBURY/OLSON: just got a text that westbound is blocked. This might be related to a gunfire investigation in the area. No injuries but there was a report of someone firing from a car at/near 5th SW and SW Cambridge.

FIRE CALLS SO FAR: 10:50 pm, and we’re hearing the first one in West Seattle since a “brush fire” call before 8 pm in the Highland Park Way/2nd SW vicinity – 2600 block of 37th SW, a “bark fire” call.

11:05 PM. – ‘LARGE HEDGE ON FIRE’: That’s the call in the 8800 block of 22nd SW [map], with four SFD units headed that way. … On arrival, they confirm a “brush fire” and they’re evacuating the house. … Scratch that, firefighters say neighbors tell them the residents aren’t home.

11:30 PM – 5-WAY CRASH: Crash affecting traffic at the Chelan/Spokane/W. Marginal/Delridge five-way. Possible DUI, police told dispatch.

11:54 PM – BRUSH FIRE: Now it’s on to a reported brush fire near Bar-S Playfields, 64th/Admiral.

11:57 PM – CRASH: A “rollover” crash is reported in the 4800 block of California SW. … The road isn’t entirely blocked; they’re talking about letting southbound buses “squeeze through.”

12:37 AM – FIREWORKS-THROWING: On the police channel, a report of someone in a car throwing fireworks at homes in the vicinity of 12th SW/SW Webster.

12:55 AM: If you find fireworks debris/trash in a park or other public space Monday morning, consider sending us a photo – ee document this every year with the help of reader photos.

1:01 AN: Police are being dispatched to a fireworks call in the 4700 block of Delridge Way SW, where multiple callers have complained that the fireworks users are “damaging cars” among other things.

UPDATE: Water rescue callout near Seacrest

2:12 PM: SFD has sent a water-rescue response to the Seacrest area: “Crews are investigating reports of 3 kayakers in distress with reportedly 2 kayaks taking on water.”

2:19 PM: Update from SFD: “Bainbridge PD and our rescue boat made contact with the kayakers. We are assisting them aboard our rescue boat to return them to shore. No injuries.”

WEST SEATTLE SUNDAY: Notes for what might be a historically hot day

(Saturday’s sunrise, photographed by Theresa Arbow-O’Connor)

Saturday’s high temperature was 102, one degree below Seattle’s all-time high. Today and tomorrow could set new records. So we’re starting with links you might find helpful, both with information that’s been updated since they were originally published:

Places to cool off, including air-conditioned libraries and restaurants/bars, plus “cooling centers” and wading pools

Restaurants changing their hours or closing because of heat danger

(And remember to: Water the birds; protect your pets)

Now on to what else is going on:

RIDE FOR MAJOR TAYLOR: As previewed here (with maps), 500 bicycle riders will be traveling through West Seattle (and beyond!) during this big ride today. They’re starting from White Center between 6:30 and 8 am.

TODAY’S ONLINE CHURCH SERVICES: Most local churches still offer online Sunday services (some offer in-person options too), so each week we compile the newest links for 20+ churches’ services, both streamed and recorded (and in one case, written).

WS FARMERS’ MARKET, CLOSING EARLY: Vegetables, fruit, flowers, cheese, meat, beverages, bread, more – something new each week at the Farmers’ Market, which is closing an hour early today because of the weather – it’s open 10 am-1 pm in The Junction. Scroll down the page at this link to find the vendor list and map for this week. (Enter at California/Alaska; pickups for online orders are at California/Oregon)

DELRIDGE GROCERY COOPERATIVE: Today’s the fourth Sunday you can shop for staples at the DGC store (5444 Delridge Way SW), 11 am-3 pm, as previewed here.

WEST SEATTLE TOOL LIBRARY: Open 11 am-4 pm – need a tool to fix or improve something? (4408 Delridge Way SW)

PRIDE ART EXHIBIT: Last day to see it! As previewed here, “The Divine: Beyond the Bounds of Queerness”= is at Nepantla Cultural Arts Gallery (9414 Delridge Way SW), open noon-6 pm.

(Saturday low-low tide montage from Constellation Park, sent by SF)

LOW-LOW TIDE: One final extra-low low tide, -3.0 feet at 1:28 pm, with Seattle Aquarium volunteer beach naturalists at Constellation and Lincoln Parks, 11:30 am-3 pm.

LIVE MUSIC: Sid Law and Alan Sobel, outdoors at C & P Coffee Company (5612 California SW; WSB sponsor), (change) 11 am-1 pm.

PRIDE KARAOKE PARTY: Admiral Pub (2306 California SW) presents karaoke host Christopher Mychal, 7 pm to close. (Air conditioning!)

Got something for our event calendar? – thank you!

UPDATE: Water-rescue callout at Alki Beach

7:56 PM: Seattle Fire has a water-rescue response headed by land and sea to Alki Beach at 60th SW for a possible missing kiteboarder. Police are on scene, says the dispatcher, and so far they are seeing the board but no one with it.

8:05 PM UPDATE: SFD says the kiteboarder returned safely to shore. They’re canceling the callout.

UPDATE: Man stabbed in Westwood

June 5, 2021 2:45 am
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2:45 AM: A sizable Seattle Fire and Police response is headed to the 2200 block of SW Barton for what’s reported as a person “assaulted with a weapon.” Updates to come.

2:49 AM: Officers at the scene – a building lobby – have told dispatch that the victim says he was stabbed at a nearby bus stop. He is reported to be wounded in an arm and leg.

2:54 AM: The victim will be taken to the hospital by SFD medics. No word so far of any arrest(s).

UPDATE: Motorcycle crash on West Marginal Way

8 PM: Thanks for the tips. An emergency response is at the scene of what witnesses say is a motorcycle crash on West Marginal Way just north of Highland Park Way. Avoid the area.

8:21 PM: Our crew says the scene has cleared. We’re checking with SFD on injuries.

9 PM: SFD spokesperson Kristin Tinsley tells us a ~21-year-old man was taken to the hospital in stable condition.