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Gas leak on Belvidere

Thanks to the texter who sent the photo from the scene of a gas leak that has drawn multiple Seattle Fire units to the 3400 block of Belvidere [map]. Puget Sound Energy has responded too. No word of any injuries.

UPDATE: Woman stabbed in robbery at Juneau Street Market; suspect arrested

12:28 PM: Seattle Police and Fire have a “scenes of violence” response right now at California/Juneau. More shortly.

12:33 PM: Per scanner, a suspect is in custody.

12:38 PM: Police say this started as a robbery. We’re told at the scene that a woman has a head injury but is alert and conscious.

12:40 PM: Per radio communication, the victim was stabbed. This is reported to have happened at the Juneau Street Market, which as reported here was hit by a burglar less than a week ago. Avoid the area for a while, as California is blocked southbound by the emergency response (photo added above).

12:52 PM: The suspect was arrested about a block south, on the other side of California, after what police describe as a “brief foot pursuit.”

12:55 PM: Police on the scene confirm the robbery and attack did happen inside the market, with the aftermath visible from the front door:

Again, avoid California/Juneau for a while. Metro has sent an alert that buses are rerouted.

1:39 PM: The street is open again. Police are still at the market.

4:21 PM: SPD has released a little more info via SPD Blotter. The victim is 71. The suspect is 51. From their writeup:

At approximately 12:20 pm, officers responded to an assault call in progress in the 5900 block of California Avenue SW. The call indicated that a male was assaulting a female inside the store and that the woman was screaming for assistance. A delivery driver and another customer happened to walk into the store while the assault was occurring and pulled the victim to safety. The suspect then retreated to the back of the store and ran out the back door just as officers were arriving.

Officers gave chase and took the 51-year-old suspect into custody several blocks away after deploying a Taser.

The victim’s family has posted comments below and says she “is doing well.”

8:18 PM: We stopped by the market earlier this evening to ask if there’s any community help needed. Not at this point; the owner planned to close early to go visit the victim in the hospital.

UPDATE: Man shot in South Delridge

(WSB photos)

7:08 PM: First police received reports of possible gunfire heard in South Delridge – now there’s a “scenes of violence” call at Delridge/Barton. We’re on the way to find out more.

7:17 PM: SFD tells us they’re transporting a man in his 20s with a gunshot wound. Police have a K9 out searching in the area. That’s all we have so far. Northbound Delridge is blocked to traffic at Henderson.

7:23 PM: Police confirm they’re looking for a suspect. If you’re hearing sirens, that’s because of the K9 search. The victim has been taken to Harborview by Medic 32.

7:48 PM: Guardian One has joined the search.

8:15 PM: We’ve gone back to the scene to check on the situation. No word of anyone in custody yet. But Delridge has reopened both ways.

9:09 PM: No new info from SPD yet; the victim is now described by SFD as “approximately 30 years old” and in serious condition at the time of transport.

9:58 AM FRIDAY: Here’s the update from police via SPD Blotter:

… The victim, a 26-year-old man, was shot in the shoulder and is being treated at the hospital. The injury is not considered to be life-threatening.

Just before 7:00 pm Thursday, a resident in the 8800 block of Delridge Way SW reported a burglary in progress when he observed a man attempting to break into his home. Officers responded and located the possible burglar. The man had been shot in the shoulder. Officers immediately provided first aid and called for Seattle Fire to respond. The victim reported to police that someone had broken into his home nearby and fought with him. During the struggle the suspect shot him and then fled. The victim ran to the location on Delridge seeking assistance.

The victim was transported to Harborview Medical Center for further treatment. A K-9 team responded and attempted a track. The Sheriff’s Office helicopter, Guardian One, also provided assistance, but officers were unable to locate the suspect.

Officers learned later from the victim that he may know the suspect, and detectives will follow up on that information.

UPDATE: Vehicle-on-side crash on Puget Ridge

(WSB photo)

7:32 PM: Avoid 16th SW at Morgan (map), where that vehicle went sideways after its driver hit a parked car. He’s being evaluated for possible transport, our crew reports.

8:18 PM: SFD has closed out the call. We will be going by soon to check if the road has reopened yet.

8:51 PM: 16th is open and wrecked SUV is being towed right now.

ADDED THURSDAY MORNING: The driver is under investigation for DUI.

UPDATE: Suspect arrested after air, ground search follows crash on Sylvan Way; 3 to hospital

(WSB photos)

6:08 PM: Sylvan Way is blocked both ways by a crash in the 6900 block [map] that briefly drew a sizable SFD “extrication” response. Everybody’s out, per radio communication. More info to come.

6:17 PM: Police are searching for someone in connection with this and the Guardian One helicopter has joined the search. Our crew says apparently one of the drivers fled – two vehicles were involved. Two children are hurt and will be taken to a hospital.

6:29 PM: We’re told the children’s mom also will be taken to a hospital. But none of the injuries are believed to be life-threatening.

6:52 PM: Police have detained a man near 25th/Myrtle.

7:03 PM: We’ve confirmed with police that the man is being questioned in connection with the crash; G-1 has tweeted that, too.

7:26 PM: Our crew tells us Sylvan has reopened.

11:56 PM: SPD says the man was arrested for suspected DUI as well as hit-run.

1:18 AM: Husband/dad of pregnant woman and kids hit by the suspected drunk driver says in a comment that they’ll be OK.

School bus/car collision in Highland Park, no serious injuries reported

A collision at 16th and Trenton involved a school bus and a car – but no one was seriously hurt, police told us at the scene, and the students have already been transferred to another bus. This photo sent by a tipster shows the bus that was involved and the bus sent for the students.

The scene is not yet fully clear – a tow truck and cleanup crew are still awaited, according to radio communication.

UPDATE: Pedestrian hit by driver at north end of Farmers Market

11:11 AM: A pedestrian was hit by a driver just outside the north end of the Farmers Market. The east side of California/Oregon is taped off. Avoid the intersection for a while. The victim, a man, was conscious; we are trying to find out more about his condition.

11:22 AM: The victim will be taken to Harborview by Medic 32. The rest of the SFD response is clearing but police still have the east side of the intersection taped off.

12:02 PM: Just went back to check – police have cleared the scene and the street has reopened.

Car-on-side crash at 35th and Trenton

Northbound 35th SW is blocked near SW Trenton because of that crash. The driver of the car that’s on its side hit the parked car on the right, police told us at the scene. No injuries, and a tow truck has already arrived, so this should be cleared before too long.

UPDATE: Driver hits pole on Harbor Avenue SW

2:12 AM: Seattle Fire is sending a “rescue extrication” response to Harbor Avenue SW, in the 7-11 vicinity. It’s described as a one-car crash. Per scanner, the driver hit a utility pole at high speed and is still in the car; SFD expects to have to cut the vehicle’s roof off to get the person out.

2:17 AM: Still monitoring via radio communication: The driver is described as a 23-year-old woman.

2:22 AM: Harbor is closed both ways at the crash scene.

2:38 AM: The driver’s been extricated and will be taken by SFD Medic 32 to the hospital with a reported head injury; her car is described as wrapped around the pole and SFD quoted police as estimating she was going 80+ mph.

West Seattle wind watch: Overnight notes

We’re on wind watch with the advisory continuing until 4 am; the forecast currently says the gustiest wind is expected after midnight. We’ll be updating with anything of note we hear about, starting with:

11:43 PM, UTILITY POLE DOWN: Don’t know whether it’s weather-related, but a texter reports that a pole and wire are down on 34th SW between Myrtle and Othello and that police are on scene.

1 AM UPDATE: Breezy but nothing dramatic. The Alki Point reading (K91S on this list) is 21 mph at the top of the hour. A little dicey on the roads, though, with crashes this past hour on the westbound West Seattle Bridge and at Admiral Way/39th SW.

1 AM, THE SECOND TIME AROUND: Welcome to Standard Time! Alki Point’s at 22 mph now.

3 AM: Same velocity. Overall, things have been relatively quiet. From indoors, we’ve been hearing the rain more than the wind.

TIPS/INFO? Text/voice 206-293-6302 any time.

Car-on-side crash in south Morgan Junction

Thanks to Amber for the photo. This car-on-side crash happened in the 6900 block of California SW in south Morgan Junction (map) a little over half an hour ago. No serious injuries reported – one SFD engine was sent and it closed out of the call relatively quickly; Amber reports that the driver appears OK and is talking to police. Avoid the area for a while.

UPDATE: Arbor Heights rollover crash

3:41 AM: At least one person is being taken to the hospital after a rollover crash in the 10600 block of Marine View Drive (map). According to radio communication, a pickup truck went down an embankment, rolled, and hit another vehicle; the 27-year-old driver had to be cut out of the truck’s wreckage.

9:08 AM: This is being investigated as suspected DUI.

UPDATE: Police response in South Delridge

(WSB photos)

8:59 PM: SPD and SFD have a “scenes of violence” callout in the 8800 block of Delridge. Updates to come.

9:05 PM: This was initially described as a possible stabbing and police have since reported finding ‘the mother of the victim’ but no word on the victim’s status. The SFD response has closed.

9:16 PM: Per scanner, another call a couple blocks on Delridge is being linked to this one.

9:25 PM: We have finally made it to the scene. Some police at Delridge/Trenton, more – plus an ambulance – at the business corner of Delridge/Henderson. One person found there will be taken to the hospital, police tell us, but they’re not certain yet if it’s the person injured a couple blocks north (where radio exchanges earlier mentioned blood found in an apartment). No one in custody and we’re now seeing a K-9 team arriving.

10:23 PM: Per radio exchange, police have yet to finish sorting this out. They’re talking to others who had some role in whatever happened, and an SFD unit is headed back to the original Delridge/Trenton scene.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response for kayaker who was briefly in trouble

October 13, 2018 3:47 pm
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3:47 PM: Seattle Fire and Police were responding to east Alki for a report of a possible kayaker in trouble – but radio exchanges indicate a boater has helped the kayaker get safely ashore near Jack Block Park.

3:50 PM: Radio communication affirms that everyone’s OK, no medical attention needed.

UPDATE: Rescue response for crash at 35th SW/SW Roxbury

12:45 PM: Seattle Fire is sending a “rescue extrication” response to a one-car crash reported at 35th and Roxbury. The driver is reported to be trapped in the vehicle.

12:52 PM: Avoid the area – the emergency response is blocking at least part of the intersection.

12:59 PM: The driver has been cut out of the car. A passenger is injured too. The crash is on the southwest corner by Summit Atlas. Photo added.

1:12 PM: The wooden pole hit by the driver is still standing, not in our photo – slightly to the south.

The driver and passenger, meantime, are both being taken to the hospital.

2:09 PM: Just passed through 35th/Roxbury on the way to another (non-breaking) story. The intersection is open; the car was about to be towed.

UPDATE: ‘Derelict vessel’ off The Arroyos; big initial response downsized

7:39 AM: A sailboat off The Arroyos is taking on water, and that drew a big initial response, but it’s being downsized because they don’t believe anyone’s on board. It’s described as a small old wooden sailboat “in disrepair” that’s apparently been off the 11400 block of Arroyo Beach Place for a few days.

7:45 AM: This has now been declared a “derelict vessel” that SPD will “impound.”

8:05 AM: Added a photo of the boat, tweeted by SFD. (Added later below, photo by Chris Frankovich, with Coast Guard checking out the boat.)

UPDATE: Driver crashes through fence at 47th/Charlestown

2:08 PM: A “rescue extrication” response (formerly “heavy rescue”) is on the way to 47th/Charlestown, where a vehicle is reported to have gone through a fence and overturned. Updates to come.

2:14 PM: Charlestown is closed in both directions at the scene.

2:19 PM: WSB’s Christopher Boffoli is on scene. Vehicle right-side up; photo added. Everyone is out of the vehicle, per SFD. No word on injuries.

2:25 PM: Update from Christopher: “Looks like everyone is out ok with no serious injuries. An eyewitness tells me the car was headed eastbound up the hill and for whatever reason could not make it up and came down backward.” (If you’re indoors – it’s been raining for a while.)

UPDATE: House fire in 9000 block 17th SW

(Texted photo – thank you!)

7:26 PM: A “full response” is arriving at a house in the 9000 block of 17th SW [map]. First crews on scene are seeing “heavy smoke” from a basement window.

7:31 PM: Crews confirm a fire in the basement and have water on it.

7:35 PM: Texted photo added. SFD is searching the house – no word of injuries so far.

7:40 PM: The fire is declared “tapped.”

7:50 PM: Some units have been dismissed. But note that there’s SFD apparatus on both Barton and Henderson in the vicinity, so avoid the area.

8:15 PM: Firefighters at the scene tell us no one is hurt – no one was home when the fire started. Damage is mostly to “contents” in the basement. Cause is under investigation.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Crash at 19th and Dawson

Another serious crash – this time in the 1900 block of SW Dawson [map]. Someone has been extricated from a vehicle and Dawson is blocked off, per police radio, between 18th and 21st.

UPDATE: 4 hurt in low-bridge crash

(Added: WSB photo)

11:19 PM: SFD and SPD are responding to what’s described as a two-vehicle collision with four people hurt, at least two seriously. The location is the 1100 block of SW Spokane St. [map]

11:22 PM: This is now described via radio as being on the low bridge.

11:32 PM: The low bridge is blocked to traffic and we expect that’ll last at least a few hours for the investigation.

12:29 AM: The pedestrian/bicycle path across the low bridge remains open; our photographer walked it to get to the scene (photo added above). No new information; the bridge remains closed, and the Traffic Collision Investigation detectives have been called to investigate.

6:21 AM: Just in case you’re wondering – the bridge did reopen. No additional information so far about the victims or the investigation.

MONDAY UPDATE: We checked with SFD today. Two victims – both teenage boys – were taken to the hospital by SFD medic unit; the other two (no age/gender info) were taken by private ambulance; all four were described as being in stable condition.

UPDATE: Water-rescue response for kayaker off Alki Avenue

l(Photo sent by Wendy)

10:53 AM: Thanks for the tips about the SFD water-rescue response at Don Armeni. SFD says, “Fireboat responding to water near Alki Ave. SW for report of person who was on kayak that is now in distress. Patient is reported to have life jacket on, however, waters are cold. Crews working to bring the patient to shore.”

(Photo sent by Steven)

11:13 AM: Update from SFD: “Firefighters helped bring the kayaker to shore near Alki Ave. SW. Medics assessing patient condition. Thank you to observant bystanders who recognized the kayaker was in distress.”

UPDATE: Big response, small fire at apartment in 7500 block 35th SW

August 29, 2018 3:00 pm
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(Photo tweeted by @westseawx)

3 PM: Seattle Fire has sent a “full response” to the Hill Crest Apartments in the 7500 block of 35th SW.

3:02 PM: First firefighters on scene aren’t seeing anything but are checking out an odor of smoke inside the building, possibly from a 4th-floor unit.

3:04 PM: This is now reported to be a kitchen fire. The response is being downsized.

3:19 PM: Ventilating now, reports @westseawx, whose photo we’ve added above (note that you’ll want to avoid northbound 35th in that area for a while, until the response clears).

UPDATE: Water-rescue callout for boat taking on water north of Alki Point

9:05 PM: Two multi-unit water-rescue responses are heading out – one for Alki Point, one for the Seacrest/Don Armeni area (if anyone needs to be brought ashore). According to radio dispatch, a 48-foot boat with two people aboard is reported to be taking on water “half a mile north” of Alki Point. More as we get it.

9:13 PM: Per radio communication, responders are still working to find the vessel reporting it’s in trouble.

9:17 PM: Now rescuers are reported to have reached the vessel and rescued the two people from it. The land response has been dismissed; two SFD fireboats remain assigned to the call.