West Seattle traffic alerts 2730 results


6:03 AM: Good morning. Things are getting back to normal but not quite there yet. This morning’s info list and updates:

METRO: Some buses still rerouted
METRO ROUTE 37: 6:18 and 7:11 am trips not running
METRO ROUTE 55: 6:48 and 7:30 am trips not running
METRO ROUTE 56: 7:33 am trip not running
TRAFFIC CAMS PAGE: Our compilation of local cameras
SDOT WINTER RESPONSE MAP: See which streets city crews have treated
SDOT CITYWIDE CAMS ETC. PAGE: Year-round “travelers” map with cams/more.
SCHOOLS: Back to normal or out on break
TRASH/RECYCLING: Here’s the newest city plan

6:26 AM: Metro is continuing to announce cancellations, though fewer than yesterday. As local ones are texted/tweeted, we’re adding to the list above. … Weather-wise, it’s well above freezing, and today’s forecast is for clouds with a chance of RAIN showers.

7:55 AM: Still fairly quiet; no incidents reported in or near our area. … If you use Metro, its general manager is asking for your feedback on how things went during the snowy almost-two-weeks from which we’re emerging.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT/WEATHER/ETC.: Thursday AM/early PM updates

(SCHOOLS: Here’s the Thursday listTRASH/RECYCLING/ETC.: Pickup today for Wed. customers)

6:13 AM: Good morning. The good news is that the temperature’s now above freezing. But still … beware out there. Also note there’s at least one change on our schools list – South Seattle College is now opening all its campuses at 10 am.

METRO: Some buses still rerouted; more details here
METRO ROUTE 37 – No service today
METRO ROUTE 50: Rerouted off Delridge Way SW, SW Genesee, & Avalon Way
METRO ROUTE 55No 6:31 am, 6:48 am, 7:30 am, 8:34 am trips
METRO ROUTE 56No 6:43 am, 7:33 am, 8:41 am trips
METRO ROUTE 57No 7:20 am trip
METRO ROUTE 113No 7:34 am trip
METRO ROUTE 116 No 6:33 am, 7:13 am, 8:00 am trips
WATER TAXI: West Seattle route on 2-boat schedule
RIDE2: (update) Resumes normal WS service today
TRAFFIC CAMS PAGE: Our compilation of local cameras
SDOT WINTER RESPONSE MAP: See which streets city crews have treated
SDOT CITYWIDE CAMS ETC. PAGE: Year-round “travelers” map with cams/more.

6:42 AM: No incidents but you’ll need to take extra care to help keep it that way. In a comment, for example, Sarah reports, “It’s REALLY slippery still on a couple of segments of the SW Dakota St. hill from 42nd down to 35th. Even in the lowest gear for engine braking.”

7:28 AM: Via Twitter, Andy reports on bicycling conditions: “It is super icy out there. Bike paths aren’t fully cleared and side roads are spotty at best. That was the diciest ride I’ve ever had. Had to walk in a few spots.” … The high bridge looks almost back to the normal jam of this time of day. Note that the snow has set back the new NB Highway 99 exit ramp, as we reported Wednesday afternoon.

7:53 AM: While we have the full list of announced local Metro cancellations/changes above, in comments and tweets, some riders are noting unannounced changes, including some 50 and 125 runs.

8:33 AM: Still incident-free – side-street slush/ice reports and spot bus woes are the morning’s main problems so far. Remember that most schools are starting late this morning, so you wlll see students, staff, and families on the move later than usual.

10:37 AM: From Seattle Parks, “Community Centers and pools are open normal hours today, and will resume lessons and scheduled programs.”

10:54 AM: From the scanner, report of “wires down” at 21st SW/SW Dakota.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT/WEATHER/ETC.: Slushy Wednesday AM updates

(SCHOOLS: Here’s the Wednesday closures/changes listTRASH/RECYCLING: Pickup today for Mon./Tues. customersLIBRARIES: Expecting to resume normal hours today)

6:03 AM: Good morning! No incidents so far. Here are the toplines/infolinks:

METRO SERVICE: Back to almost-normal route list but with changes plus these alerts:
METRO ROUTE 37: No 5:48 am and 7:11 am trips
METRO ROUTE 55: No 6:31 AM, 6:48 AM, 7:30 AM and 8:34 AM trips
METRO ROUTE 56: No 6:43 am, 7:33 am, 8:41 am trips
METRO ROUTE 57: No 7:20 am trip
METRO ROUTE 113: No 7:34 am trip
METRO ROUTE 116: No 6:33 am, 7:13 am, 8:00 am trips and no 4:26 pm trip from downtown
WEST SEATTLE WATER TAXI: Back to 2-boat schedule
RIDE2: Not operating today
TRAFFIC CAMS PAGE: Our compilation of local cameras
SDOT CITYWIDE CAMS ETC. PAGE: Year-round “travelers” map with cams/more.

6:27 AM: Temperature’s above freezing, so slush continues to be this morning’s big challenge … Road closure: Lorilyn says city crews have 45th/100th blocked off in Arbor Heights for work.

6:57 AM: It’s not exactly backed up yet, but for the first time in some days, the cameras show the high bridge is busy. And yes, the snow has set back the opening of the NB Highway 99 ramp into downtown – we hope to get an update today at a WSDOT media briefing that’ll focus on the start of Alaskan Way Viaduct demolition.

7:13 AM: If you’re riding Metro, be sure to check the reroute list as well as alerts.

7:25 AM: Commenter Jenjm82 reports, “Train blocking Spokane at 2nd ave, BNSF. Not even moving at this point.” (Added: Camera confirms, still stopped.)

7:55 AM: Spokane Street’s moving again; Jenjm82 says the train got moving again after 25 minutes.

8:56 AM: As Metro gets back to more of its regular routes, still some challenges out there. Chris emailed about the 120: “Most of the 120s are passing my stop because they are completely full. Some folks have been there for over an hour. … I gave up and am working from Uptown. I have seen 6 (!) go by without stopping. One stopped to let a couple of people off, but they did not let anyone on.” He says if you need to catch it you might try being creative – take the SB 120, “then get off at an upstream bus stop, then get on the northbound 120.”

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT/WEATHER/ETC.: Slushy Tuesday AM/early PM updates

(SCHOOLS: Closure listTRASH/RECYCLING: No pickup again today, but likely tomorrowWS BUSINESS/ETC. UPDATES here, as receivedPARKS FACILITIES: Today’s planLIBRARIES: Today’s SPL plan)

5:31 AM: Good morning. Morning watch begins as the melt continues.

SDOT WINTER-RESPONSE MAP: See where SDOT has treated/plowed
METRO SERVICE: Emergency Snow Network only – here are the West/South Seattle specifics – update: ESN to end by Wednesday
WEST SEATTLE WATER TAXI: One-boat service – schedule and other details here – some shuttle trouble
RIDE2: Not operating today
STATE FERRIES: Some early-early-am Triangle cancellations
TRAFFIC CAMS PAGE: Our compilation of local cameras
SDOT CITYWIDE CAMS ETC. PAGE: Year-round “travelers” map with cams/more.

5:36 AM: Scanner – truck in trouble at Delridge/Sylvan.

6:13 AM: Alert just sent, the Water Taxi shuttle Route 775 “is unable to provide service on California Way SW and also Admiral Way SW between 61st SW and California Way SW.” (Admiral doesn’t cross California *Way* so we’re seeking clarification. …update, that’s California AVE) … Also, no Ride2.

6:30 AM: Just in from Seattle Public Utilities:

No Pickup Tuesday, Feb. 12

Due to unsafe conditions and significant snow and ice remaining in residential streets, there will be no residential solid waste collections today, Tuesday Feb. 12. SPU contractors will attempt to collect Monday customers tomorrow, Wednesday Feb. 13, on a 2-day delay and continue service on a delayed schedule through the weekend (weather permitting).

6:52 AM: While it’s not snowing here, some other parts of the city/metro area ARE still getting more, so don’t let the weather here fool you if you are considering heading somewhere semi-distant. No alerts in effect for our area!

7:02 AM: With Metro continuing on its Emergency Snow Network level of service, here again is where to find the C Line in The Junction:

See a larger PDF version here. (And note that while it shows 50 and 55, those routes are NOT running.) But also be aware there’s still bus trouble out there – texter just mentioned one stuck on 35th south of Avalon.

7:17 AM: That stuck bus is part of a crash scene, SDOT says – blocking southbound lanes and part of SW Alaska.

(SDOT image)

We also have a reader report: “21X is stuck at 35th and Thistle. Pulled too close to the curb and got stuck on the slush.”

7:34 AM: Might take an hour to clear the 35th/Alaska scene, per scanner. Police are working to direct traffic.

8:01 AM: And … SDOT says that scene is clear. … From the inbox, John sent this note (SPD has tweeted the same thing): “I read your blog from the other Washington area, and looking at your photos, a reminder for your folks there not used to snow…. Please remember to clear the snow from all over the car, not just the windshield/sides.”

8:25 AM: Collision reported in 5600 block West Marginal Way SW.

(SDOT “live” camera of west end of bridge, near Walking on Logs)

8:58 AM: Light rain continues (at least through midday, says the NWS) and the temp’s just above freezing. But all this snow – more than a foot, unofficially, per some measurements we’ve been sent! – doesn’t melt fast, so roads remain dicey. If you’re canceling/postponing an event today/tonight/beyond as a result, please let us know so we can add it to the newest listwestseattleblog@gmail.com or text/voice 206-293-6302 – thank you!

9:16 AM: Thanks to Jennifer for the photo above – snow took that down at the Hiawatha baseball field. Here’s the Seattle Parks citywide plan for today.

9:49 AM: For those who’ve asked, our apologies, the WSB event calendar is currently out of service as a side effect of yesterday’s technical trouble. Hoping to have it back in action later today. In the short term, all bets were off in terms of scheduled events anyway – we are continuing to update the list linked above if and when we get word of cancellations/postponements. (We frequently feature Seattle Public Library events; here’s their systemwide plan for today.)

10:25 AM: We’re venturing out on a limited run, will report back on what we see. Or will call for help from a snowdrift if necessary. Among other things, hoping to make it to Junction or High Point ballot box – 8 pm tonight is the deadline and it cannot be postponed, says KC Elections.

11:57 AM: Made it to The Junction and back. Couple scenes we tweeted:

1:01 PM: Started a new gallery with the snow fun/beauty that people have been sharing along with the informational pics. Weather-wise – steady rain now.

2:53 PM: And now – sunshine! Meantime, Waste Management is saying it’s expecting to pick up Monday AND Tuesday residential customers in Seattle tomorrow. Plus, Metro is saying it expects to END Emergency Snow Network after today and restore most routes by tomorrow – details here.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT/WEATHER/ETC.: Snowy Monday AM/early PM updates

(SCHOOLS: Closure listTRASH/RECYCLING: No pickups todayPARKS: Today’s updates hereLIBRARIES: Today’s plan hereWS BUSINESS/ETC. UPDATES as received)

6:00 AM: Good morning. Morning watch begins – updates ahead.

SDOT WINTER-RESPONSE MAP: See where SDOT has treated/plowed
METRO SERVICE: Emergency Snow Network only – here are the West/South Seattle specifics.
WEST SEATTLE WATER TAXI: One-boat service – schedule and other details here
TRAFFIC CAMS PAGE: Our compilation of local cameras
SDOT CITYWIDE CAMS ETC. PAGE: Year-round “travelers” map with cams/more.

6:21 AM: No incidents in our area. Arterials have been cleared since Sunday’s new snowfall, but as has been the case in recent days, the main challenge will be getting to one. The temperature’s back below freezing. No significant new snowfall expected until later – the new Winter Weather Advisory alert takes effect at 11 am. (The early-morning “forecast discussion” continues to warn that forecasters are uncertain about when and where the next wave turns to rain.)

7:16 AM: Doc Maynard is the one boat on the West Seattle Water Taxi run today … Speaking of vessels, the “low bridge” restrictions are officially over. And it’s just opened for a vessel to pass.

7:31 AM: The low bridge has reopened to non-marine traffic.

7:41 AM: Important reminder from Metro – apps/trackers do NOT filter for the Emergency Snow Network (which is the reduced-service level in effect since early Saturday) though they “can still accurately show estimated arrival times for those routes actually in service.”

8 AM: Next wave moving this way a bit faster than expected, NWS now says, so we may only have a couple more hours’ break. Got business open/closed – or institution/organization – news? Text or voice 206-293-6302 is the best way to get it to us; building a new list right now.

8:32 AM: Thanks to the commenters who are sharing road-condition updates. Meantime, we’ve started that new businesses-etc. list here. … Still awaiting city status reports for libraries and Parks facilities.

8:41 AM: Alert from King County, “West Seattle Water Taxi shuttle Route 775 is currently unable to provide service on California Way SW and also Admiral Way SW between 61st Ave SW and California Way SW.”

8:48 AM: Seattle Parks update for the day is in – see it here.

9:28 AM: Also from the city, an SDOT overview:

SDOT crews continue to plow, working back to back 12-hour shifts. SDOT currently has 35 snow and ice fighting trucks roving Seattle’s major streets and roadways. Plow crews continue to prioritize keeping Gold and Emerald routes clear. A flusher truck is covering city-wide elevated structure and frost prone areas. Smaller, more mobile trucks are addressing trouble spots, and streets near schools. In addition, two SDOT tree crews are on duty and available within the City for calls related to downed or hazardous trees through the night shift. No outstanding tree calls currently. Street closure inspection and reporting teams are also on a 12-hour shift and continue checking the status of street closure signs.

The mayor, governor, and city department heads plan an 11 am briefing. … Also just in: Seattle Public Library status (in our area, all but West Seattle/Admiral will be open today) … We’ll continue to update this roundup until (serious) snow returns or afternoon arrives, whichever comes first, but we’re also working to catch up on other news notes, so watch for some non-snow stories shortly.

9:47 AM: A few flakes are falling already!

9:54 AM: Jackknifed semitruck on Edmunds just east of California – thanks to Doug B for the tip and photo:

On the scanner, we hear police just arriving at that scene. They say the truck driver is chaining up in hopes of getting out.

10:08 AM: And the truck is reported to have moved on. Still lightly snowing.

11:02 AM: Couple updates – Southwest Pool is actually opening noon-3, different from what the Parks link above shows, we’re told … Speaking of the city, the mayor/governor/etc. briefing just started and Seattle Channel is streaming it here … Speaking of city employees, check this out:

Texted with this caption: “Neighbors helping neighbors! Thanks to the mighty help of Fire Station 32 for helping Lien Animal Clinic shovel out their overflow parking lot.”

11:39 AM: We’ve been monitoring the briefing and tweeting some toplines; will publish the video and toplines separately once it’s over – there’s usually a near-instant turnaround of the Seattle Channel stream via YouTube.

12:35 PM: Extending this roundup into the early PM while we try to get a couple other items up before starting the official afternoon roundup. Snow’s falling more seriously now, by the way.

2:07 PM: There’s been a discussion in comments regarding USPS. Yes, they’re working – we just saw ours go by. Serious snow continues but the NWS is adamant it’ll turn to rain later – the roads, meantime, are getting snowed over again. Here’s a framegrab from the SDOT camera in The Triangle:

We’ve added more updates to the business list – including several restaurants.

3:19 PM: Afternoon/evening updates are here.

BEFORE MORE SNOW: Trouble spots

If you’re headed out before the next expected wave of snow – be very careful. Some trouble spots haven’t been fixed and may not be. Above is one example – Monica sent that photo from 38th/Hanford, first reported yesterday and not yet fixed. Meantime, no photo but Sayoko wanted to warn people about 48th at Graham:

I wanted to let drivers know that the corner of 48th and Graham is very icy and dangerous. Since 48th is an arterial, people are driving way too fast, and coming down from Graham is super icy . We saw many cars just sliding into 48th and almost have accidents.

We just heard that mentioned by SPD dispatch. Certainly there are other trouble spots. But particularly if you haven’t been out, proceed slowly and carefully.


(SCHOOLS: Friday changes are here)

(SDOT MAP with travel times / WS-relevant traffic cams / Water Taxi schedule HERE)

5:01 AM: Good morning. Updates:

FORECAST: Snow still expected to start around noon. Possibly 6″-8″ here. (added) Flurries/showers are starting earlier.

BUSES: As announced last night (updated 9:04 am):
Route 37 – Canceled today
Route 125 – Canceled today
Route 55 – 6:31 am, 6:48 am, 7:30 am, 8:34 am canceled
Route 56 – 6:43 am, 7:33 am, 8:41 am canceled
Route 57 – 7:20 am canceled
Route 116 – 6:33 am, 7:13 am, 8:00 am canceled
Snow routes – Starting 2 pm

We’ll update that list if anything more is added.

5:56 AM: First incident of the morning. Shortly after a text reporting “green flashes,” SFD has dispatched to a report of wires down in SB lanes of East Marginal/Spokane, possibly hit/snagged by passing semitruck.

6:04 AM: This is blocking East Marginal at Nevada, south of Spokane. [map]

6:22 AM: Northbound traffic is being stopped at E. Marginal/Hudson, per radio communication.

6:55 AM: First reports of flurries (thank you!). (Photo added – from Ben in Highland Park, new snow atop car:)

But the NWS says this is NOT the main event – that’s still not expected to start until noon.

7:19 AM: Some school changes still coming in – we’re continuing to update the Friday list here.

7:42 AM: East Marginal closure continues, just in case you’re wondering. Could continue another hour-plus.

8:10 AM: Lines at Junction True Value, as reported by a shopper. And empty shelves at more than one supermarket. Continued reports of flurries but barely visible through our window, so getting around is still OK.

8:38 AM: East Marginal remains closed (SDOT image above); also, Metro has rerouted Routes 113, 121, 122, 123, and 154 off East Marginal. That’s still the only area incident of note this morning. The snow flurries are still very light, and forecasters continue saying the start of the main snow event remains a few hours away.

8:56 AM: Metro just sent a retroactive alert that three Route 116 trips did not run this morning. Adding to the list above. … Our plan is to continue updating this report until the expected snow starts in earnest, plus we’ll be publishing some other (non-storm) stories we’re working on; when the “real” snow arrives, we’ll start a new storm report. Thanks yet again to everyone who’s helping keep West Seattle neighbors informed by sharing info/pics – 206-293-6302 text or voice is great and so is westseattleblog@gmail.com – thank you!

9:36 AM: Still adding to the school-changes list. … Alice Enevoldsen (trivia point: 10 years ago, before there was an SDOT winter-weather-response map, there was Alice!) reports that TrueValue is now out of de-icer and shovels, and that she saw a bus go by with “Snowmageddon” written in the dirt on its window … Yes, the East Marginal closure continues.

11:20 AM: We just went out for a bit, quick look around before the storm. City/county/state authorities are having a briefing right now – watch it live here. New SDOT director Sam Zimbabwe just warned that they “plow to the right” so if you are parked along a “green or gold route” – your vehicle might get a little swamped.

11:47 AM: We’ve been watching that briefing and will add the embedded video when it’s over and available. (Added: Here it is)

Meantime, one thing of note – SPU general manager Mami Hara said they’re still on the one-day-delayed solid-waste pickup plan BUT if things worsen as forecast, all bets are off. … Metro said it hasn’t finalized the “emergency snow network” plan yet but they ARE still going ahead with chaining coaches: “We have outstanding mechanics who can put chains on pretty damn quick!”

12:17 PM: The snow has begun – we’ve started the afternoon update here.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT/WEATHER: Thursday AM watch, including shortlived Westwood fire call, plus newest snowstorm alert

(SDOT MAP with travel times / WS-relevant traffic cams / Water Taxi schedule HERE)

6:27 AM: Good morning. This is the one semi-normal day before the next threat of snow tomorrow; the weather alert was upgraded overnight to a Winter Storm Watch in effect starting Friday afternoon.

METRO ALERTS: Route 37 did not run at 6:16 am
Route 55 is not running at 6:31 AM, 6:48 AM & 7:30 AM .. also 8:34 am
Route 116 is not running at 6:33 AM, 7:13 AM & 8:00 AM …
Route 56 is not running at 6:43 AM & 7:33 AM … also 8:41 am
Route 57 won’t run at 7:20 am …
Route 113 is not running at 7:34 am …

6:33 AM: Seattle Fire “full response” headed to Daystar Retirement Village (WSB sponsor) across from the south side of Westwood Village. It’s a reported electrical fire. First crews on scene aren’t finding anything.

6:40 AM: The response is being downsized, “no sign of smoke or fire.”

6:55 AM: All SFD units dismissed. Back to the rest of weather/traffic watch.

7:07 AM: Updating the list of announced Metro cancellations above. In all, more than 30 routes around the greater Metro service area have had cancellation announcements so far this morning.

7:25 AM: One SFD unit is being dispatched to Roxbury/Olson for a reported crash. (added) It was called in as driver hitting a tree.

7:33 AM: Location has been updated (by first-arriving SFD crew) to 3rd/Olson [map].

8:10 AM: Two more north West Seattle bus runs have added cancellations – 8:34 am Route 55, 8:41 am Route 56. Adding to the list above. In comments, Metro’s Jeff Switzer says a factor in cancellations here and elsewhere is buses in the shop for repairs.

8:28 AM: Tunnel’s backed up on its second non-snow day- here’s a screengrab from a few minutes ago, looking at the south entrance to the NB deck:

Still awaiting that south-side exit ramp to handle some of the traffic – here’s our report from Wednesday. P.S. We’ll be adding tunnel cameras today to our traffic-cams page. (Here’s the “live” link to the one screengrabbed above.)



5:31 AM: Good morning. A little warmer – 21 degrees. Today’s still forecast as dry, with the next snow still projected for Friday/Saturday.

The reroute page shows West Seattle buses back on normal routes
Early alerts were sent for:
Route 37 cancellations (all morning trips)
Route 55 cancellations (6:31 am, 6:48 am & 7:30 am)
Route 113 cancellation (7:34 am)
Route 116 cancellations (6:33 am, 7:13 am & 8:00 am)

CITY WINTER-WEATHER-RESPONSE MAP: See where SDOT’s been in recent hours.

6:07 AM: Closed for hazardous conditions, according to the city traffic map (let us know if you find otherwise – these are all time-stamped early this morning) – Genesee at Avalon, Ferry SW and California Way in North Admiral, Lander at Admiral, Charlestown at 55th and at 46th … Overall, as Alex warns in a note, beware of icy side streets too.

6:49 AM: Not far away, a crash has closed all NB lanes of Airport Way at Corson.

6:52 AM: SPU has confirmed, SOLID WASTE PICKUP RESUMES today, one-day delay except for Monday customers, who can put out double next Monday.

7:25 AM: Airport Way is clear. … Looking at the bridge, traffic still appears lighter than usual.

7:52 AM: Low bridge just reopened to drivers/riders/pedestrians after first marine-traffic closure of the morning.

8:50 AM: Checking the video cameras, the eastbound high bridge and northbound 99 both are stop-and-go. Looks like the backup extends into the tunnel (see the south view of the NB tunnel here).

9:43 AM: Note that a few other road closures due to icy conditions are noted on the city map – 20th/Trenton and California/Othello. We don’t have firsthand verification, so if you happen to find any of these open, please advise – thanks!



5:31 AM: Good morning. 18 degrees! Again today, schools are changing their mind and closing rather than delaying – that info is all here.

Transit/other transportation (updated 12:40 pm)
METRO: Some buses – including C Line – now OFF snow routes – check the newest info here (update)
METRO BUS CANCELLATIONS: Some already tweeted
RIDE2: Canceled today
ST ROUTE 560 BUS: Back to regular routing (updated)
WEST SEATTLE WATER TAXI: Both vessels running
SDOT WINTER WEATHER MAP: See treated/plowed streets here
SDOT TRAVELERS’ MAP: The map we regularly feature
OUR TRAFFIC CAMS PAGE: Cameras particularly relevant to WS and vicinity

Services etc. (updated 8:53 am)
RESIDENTIAL TRASH/RECYCLING/ETC: SPU says NO pickup again today – everyone slides a day but Monday is off until next week
WEST SEATTLE GOLF COURSE: Closed for golf, open for sledding/snow play

Businesses/institutions (updated 11:31 am; want to report yours open or closed? 206-293-6302)
West Seattle/Fauntleroy YMCAopening at 10 am
Little Gym of West Seattle – closed
West Seattle Tool Library – closed

6:15 AM: No new weather advisories for that next POSSIBLE snow blast, but the Weather Service says its timing is more like Friday/Saturday. Meanwhile, this morning remains icy, very cold, and Metro overall warns “All routes are experiencing significant delays this morning.” Side streets are downright crunchy, per what we’ve heard so far. If you have to head out, please take everything slowly and cautiously.

7:36 AM: As the cameras show, traffic is very light. No incidents; we continue monitoring in a variety of ways. Much discussion about side streets – city policy has long been to treat/plow arterials, and this brochure shows which streets are priorities.

11:13 AM: We are headed off-peninsula for the first time in a few days and so far, it’s smooth going – California and Fauntleroy to the bridge, and then the bridge, ice and snow free. Shoulders and side streets, of course, a different story.

WEST SEATTLE SNOW: Monday PM updates, including announcements for tomorrow

TUESDAY SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENTS SO FAR: Seattle Public Schools 2 hours late CLOSED … Holy Rosary 2 hours late … Seattle Lutheran HS, 10:30 am start … Hope Lutheran, 2 hours late … Westside School, 10:15 am start … Explorer West Middle School 2 hours late … Highline Public Schools, 2 hours late … South Seattle College, 11 am start … Our Lady of Guadalupe, 2 hours late … Holy Family, 2 hours late … A Child Becomes Preschool, 10:15 am start

(2:45 pm photo, SDOT plow heading NB on California from Thistle)

2:04 PM: We’re starting our PM traffic/weather/etc. updates, as this was just announced:

(Added: Seacrest photo by Matthew Olson)

WEST SEATTLE WATER TAXI CANCELED: North winds are still a problem at Seacrest, so no PM service.

Other transportation notes:
SEE WHERE SDOT’S PLOWED/DEICED: Here’s the “winter response” map.

3:57 PM: Though the snow stopped falling earlier this afternoon, the weather has new hazards ahead – the temperature remains below freezing and is expected to drop into the low 20s overnight. The city has issued this alert about preventing your pipes from freezing.

Road-wise, the city alert map mentions a few closures in West Seattle – including Ferry between California and Harbor, and Lander from Admiral to 56th.

4:14 PM: FIRST SCHOOL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR TUESDAY – Seattle Public Schools is tentatively planning to open 2 hours late tomorrow, with buses on snow routes.

4:20 PM: Metro alert – the 57 that should have just left downtown is not running.

4:29 PM: New Metro alert – the 5:30 pm Route 56 to WS won’t run.

4:33 PM: Reminder that residential trash/recycling/composting pickup is delayed a day for everyone, all week – here’s the newest info from SPU.

4:46 PM: Holy Rosary School is tentatively planning to start 2 hours late Tuesday, no AM BASE, no AM preschool.

5 PM: Seattle Lutheran High School plans a 10:30 am start Tuesday. … Highline Public Schools will start 2 hours late. … Hope Lutheran will be 2 hours late … Explorer West Middle School will start at 10. (Again, check back early tomorrow morning in case there are changes.)

5:55 PM: Westside School will start at (corrected) 10:15 am Tuesday.

6:03 AM: Not related to the weather but many are asking, so – the TV helicopters over White Center are there because King County Sheriff’s Office deputies are trying to talk a domestic-violence suspect out of the Subway shop near 16th SW and SW 104th – we have updates on White Center Now.

6:46 PM: Here’s the West Seattle/Fauntleroy YMCA (WSB sponsor) current plan for Tuesday, from executive director Shalimar Gonzales:

Due to the freezing temperatures and driving conditions, we will delay our opening to 10am on Tuesday, February 5th at both West Seattle and Fauntleroy location. Below are some additional updates that may impact people’s visit to the Y:

All morning swim lessons are cancelled
Group Exercise classes will start at 11 am
WS Kids Corner will operate with limited staffing, Fauntleroy Kids Corner will be closed

7:29 PM: Be careful outside tonight, whether walking, driving, riding – multiple reports of VERY icy streets and walkways. … Also just hearing scanner traffic about police blocking all lanes at Delridge and Spokane, though we didn’t hear why.

ADDED 9:47 PM: More Tuesday school announcements:

South Seattle College (WSB sponsor), “opening delayed until 11 am on 2/5/19. Classes starting before 11 am are canceled/offices are closed.”
Our Lady of Guadalupe, “tentative 2-hour late start … no morning EDC or Spanish class.”
Holy Family Bilingual School, tentatively planning 2-hour-late start, no AM preschool.
A Child Becomes Preschool (WSB sponsor), delayed start, 10:15 am.

10:35 PM NOTE: With postseason high-school-basketball games canceled tonight, three local teams’ games have been rescheduled:

-Chief Sealth girls @ Cleveland, 7 pm Tuesday
-Chief Sealth boys @ Bainbridge, 5:45 pm Tuesday
-Winner of that game plays @ West Seattle 7 pm Wednesday

The WSHS girls are still scheduled to host Franklin at 7 pm Tuesday.

ADDED TUESDAY MORNING: Our new updated school list is in progress here.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT/WEATHER/MORE: Snowy West Seattle Monday AM updates, info

(MONDAY SCHOOL INFO: Local closures/changes are ALL LISTED HERE)

5:53 AM: Snow continued overnight. We’re under a Winter Weather Advisory until 10 am. Here are key links/updates for starters:

Transit/other transportation (updated 8:25 am)
METRO: All buses on snow routes – info here
RIDE2: Canceled today
WATER TAXIS: Some West Seattle runs canceled (Doc Maynard is sailing, per Water Taxi Watch); all Vashon runs canceled
SDOT WINTER WEATHER MAP: See it here (shows treated/plowed routes)
SDOT TRAVELERS’ MAP: The map we regularly feature
OUR TRAFFIC CAMS PAGE: Cameras particularly relevant to WS and vicinity

Other changes (updated 9:36 am)
No residential solid-waste pickup today, per Seattle Public Utilities – full details here
West Seattle/Fauntleroy YMCA: BOTH LOCATIONS CLOSED TODAY (2nd update)
Seattle Parks – some closures; here’s the roundup
Seattle Public Library facilities that usually open at 10 will open at noon (Southwest, Admiral); added – Delridge closed
Neighborcare High Point closed
City of Seattle: Here’s the latest
King County offices/services – some closed, some late (update)

We’ll keep adding to those lists and add incident etc. info below as the morning continues.

6:47 AM: Metro has sent two alerts about Route 37, saying the 5:48 and 6:44 trips didn’t run this morning. As noted above, all buses are on snow routes. And it’s still snowing.

6:53 AM: Just in via text – WEST SEATTLE WATER TAXI CANCELLATIONS: Because of high winds at Seacrest, the 6:50, 7:25, 8, 8:35, 9:10 runs have been canceled.

7:11 AM: We’re continuing to add to the lists above as info comes in – cancellation of residential trash (etc.) pickup for today is the latest change. Overall, in terms of getting around, remember that side streets generally are NOT plowed/treated – Michael reports the ones he’s been on are VERY icy – this is NOT the typical Seattle snow situation where the snow is followed almost immediately by warmer weather.

7:26 AM: Streets where the “closed” signs go up on days like these generally won’t show up on any official maps, so in general, beware West Seattle’s many hilly streets – for reasons like what Brian describes in this comment.

7:48 AM: Lots of reports of bus trouble this morning – see comments. And this photo’s just in from under the bridge:

7:58 AM: And a belated alert from Metro saying Route 55’s 6:31, 6:48, 7:30 trips didn’t operate.

8:41 AM: Now a Metro alert saying the 775 Water Taxi shuttle isn’t operating this morning. Update – 14 minutes later, Metro sent updates saying 773 and 775 WILL operate … If you’re even thinking about going out, please note that the wind’s blowing snow around and the temperature’s in the 20s, unlike the “typical” Seattle snow day on both fronts. Here’s a photo showing wind-fueled waves on the Alki promenade earlier (high tide was three hours ago), from Mike Livdahl:

(James Tilley sent one too – we tweeted it.) Thanks to everyone who’s sent other photos – we’ll be putting together a gallery a bit later, when we get past the commute (for those who absolutely have to) etc. period. … Just in, another update from the West Seattle/Fauntleroy YMCA (WSB sponsor) – now both locations are closed for the day.

8:58 AM: The Winter Weather Advisory has just been extended through 1 pm. Still snowing.

9:22 AM: Seattle Parks has posted its closures/changes list. See it here (also added to our list above).

11:11 AM: About 40 homes are without power since just before 11 am toward the end of Roxbury. A separate, larger outage in North Highline and North Burien south of there is going on six hours now. Updates on the SCL map … Still lightly snowing. We’re going to get a gallery going shortly but first, there are a few non-snow news stories we need to publish next. Thanks again for all the tips, reports, comments, and other info!

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: 3rd Friday AM watch post-Viaduct

(SDOT MAP with travel times / WS-relevant traffic cams / Water Taxi schedule, other helpful info HERE)

5:57 AM: Good morning! Rainy, as forecast.

6:07 AM: Checking around, the weather is this morning’s only complication so far. No incidents or alerts.

6:33 AM: Still incident-free.

6:49 AM: If you noticed an SFD response at Admiral/Olga, that’s just cleared; it was described via radio communication as a trash fire in a bus shelter.

6:59 AM: That talk of possible snow showers Sunday into Monday is now the subject of an official weather advisory. … Monday morning, of course, as announced yesterday, will be the first commute with the new Highway 99 tunnel. But remember that for an additional week or so, taking NB 99 from here will require you to use the tunnel because the new exit ramp before it won’t be ready yet.

7:06 AM: Surface Spokane train alert – blocking at Colorado.

7:35 AM: If you head east of I-5, heads up about a big power outage, more than 12,000 homes/businesses in what City Light describes as “the Rainier Valley, Beacon Hill, and Bryn Mawr-Skyway areas.” Lots of signal lights out so traffic is affected.

7:48 AM: Low bridge has opened for maritime traffic … Speaking of maritime, King County Executive Dow Constantine is visiting the West Seattle Water Taxi dock to thank the commuters who’ve triple its usage during the viaduct-to-tunnel transition weeks.

8 AM: The low bridge is back open to riders, pedestrians, and drivers.

8:13 AM: From the scanner, there’s a report of a school bus hitting a parked car at 35th/Raymond. No injuries reported, so far.

8:49 AM: Went looking for that scene, couldn’t find it. So no problems on 35th. If you’re headed for SB I-5, SFD is responding to a reported collision at Michigan, not far south of here.

9:50 AM: If you have to head east on the bridge but could wait a while … be forewarned, it’s at a crawl. And that description is being generous. Entering from Fauntleroy, the backup – more like standstill – starts at Nucor. We’re in the midst of it all hoping to make it to the 10:30 am media briefing on the north end of the tunnel but probably should have given ourselves an hour and a half to get there rather than just an hour.

10:08 AM: Took 20 minutes to get from Nucor to the 4th Avenue exit. Now we attempt to get across downtown!

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: AM watch for 3rd Thursday post-Viaduct

(SDOT MAP with travel times / WS-relevant traffic cams / Water Taxi schedule, other helpful info HERE)

5:55 AM: Good morning! No incidents/alerts in our area so far.

6:06 AM: As the Water Taxi gets going for the day, a reminder that Spirit of Kingston is filling in for Doc Maynard until early afternoon. (Water Taxi Watch shows San Juan Clipper arriving at the dock right now, with SoK to follow.)

6:16 AM: Reader reports that the high bridge is slower than usual for this point in the morning.

6:45 AM: Continuing incident-free.

7:30 AM: Nothing to report, but we’ll note that WSDOT has yet to formally confirm that the tunnel will open Monday. Our next chance to talk with the project leader will be a conference call at 12:30 pm, so if there’s any news, it likely won’t be before then.

7:49 AM: Bridge and I-5 both solid red on the traffic-speeds map right now

8:30 AM: If you’re going to the Saturday viaduct/tunnel celebration, WSDOT has this roundup of helpful info.

TRAFFIC ALERT UPDATE: West Seattle low bridge reopens after getting ‘stuck’

(Added: 5:47 pm framegrab from SDOT low-bridge cam)

5:42 PM: Thanks for all the tips. The low bridge is reported to be stuck in open mode. Avoid it TFN. Buses are “backing up,” as one reader puts it; Metro says “Your operator will work with the operations center on the best way to get you and fellow riders moving again safely.”

5:52 PM: The photo is from David Christensen, who says pedestrians are crossing, but not vehicles. He says an electrician is reported to be on the way.

6:08 PM: SDOT’s live camera now shows police blocking the entrance to the low bridge.

6:12 PM: SDOT describes the problem as “a technical issue with the bridge’s arms” and says that, “By 7 pm, we’ll have a better idea of when the bridge is expecting to re-open.”

6:19 PM: SDOT reports the gates are up and the low bridge has reopened.

7 for your West Seattle Wednesday

(Mount Rainier in this morning’s sunrise, photographed by Chris Frankovich)

Midweek highlights, from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

FAMILY STORY TIME: No school for Seattle Public Schools today – so bring everybody to Southwest Library for this story time, 10:30 am. (9010 35th SW)

PRESCHOOLER STORY TIME: 10:30 am at West Seattle (Admiral) Library. (2306 42nd SW)

BABY STORY TIME: And this morning’s trifecta of story times ends with 11:30 am Baby Story Time at High Point Library. (3411 SW Raymond)

LIGHT RAIL: The Stakeholder Advisory Group working on Sound Transit‘s West Seattle/Ballard light-rail extension meets at 5 pm in ST’s board room downtown. No public-comment period, but the meeting is open for all to observe. (401 S. Jackson)

FREE GROUP RUN: Get out and run with West Seattle Runner (WSB sponsor) – meet at the shop at 6:15 pm. (2743 California SW)

OPEN MIC: The Skylark takes signups at 7:30 pm, with performances starting at 8:30 pm – details in our calendar listing. (3803 Delridge Way SW)

THE WHOPPERJOHNS: Live at Parliament Tavern, starting at 9 pm. 21+. (4210 SW Admiral Way)

GOT SOMETHING FOR THE CALENDAR: Email is the way to send it – westseattleblog@gmail.com – thanks!

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: AM watch for 3rd Wednesday post-Viaduct

(SDOT MAP with travel times / WS-relevant traffic cams / Water Taxi schedule, other helpful info HERE)

5:56 AM: Good morning! No school for Seattle Public Schools today, so traffic should be a bit lighter as a result.

6:10 AM: No major incidents or alerts, around the region as well as in our area, so far this morning.

6:36 AM: Still incident-free.

6;54 AM: Busy but still nothing out of the (current) ordinary.

7:13 AM: Slow on the bridge.

7:30 AM: Scanner – police are being dispatched to a reported driver/pedestrian collision at California/Findlay.

7:35 AM: The woman who was hit is not seriously injured, per first police on the scene. (And thanks to the person who just called to be sure we knew about this.)

7:40 AM: The incident was on the southbound side. We say “was” because the scene has now cleared. … Chilly morning and if you have a car parked on the street, you might have some scraping to do, we’re noting from our view of the street.

8:07 AM: Sorry we missed noting a low-bridge opening (remember that the temporary 7-10 am restrictions only apply to vessels below 5,000 gross tons), which is logged as having swung open for maritime traffic 7:32-7:50 am.

8:24 AM: Just in from Joseph, a photo of the bicyclist lineup on the low bridge just before that maritime opening ended:

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: 3rd Tuesday AM watch, post-Viaduct

(SDOT MAP with travel times / WS-relevant traffic cams / Water Taxi schedule, other helpful info HERE)

5:30 AM: Good morning! No alerts or incidents so far this Tuesday morning.

5:57 AM: Still quiet.

6:28 AM Still incident-free.

6:57 AM: All remains well.

7:26 AM: Reminder that tomorrow is likely to be lighter because Seattle Public Schools have no classes – it’s the “day between semesters.” Today has followed recent patterns; the bridge is now in full slowdown mode.

7:55 AM: From Marc via Twitter, “Too many bikes for the bike racks on the 7:25 water taxi this morning! Nice full boat! Hurrah for alternative commute options!” Bike parking has been added at Seacrest, as we’ve noted along the way, including a permanent “corral” between the lot entrance and exit.

8:05 AM: Sun’s out. Later this morning we’ll be at the next media briefing on how the #Realign99 work is going, with a look at the progress on the new NB 99 exit ramp that will take you downtown if you’re not using the tunnel.

8:29 AM: Brush-fire call under the NB I-5/Columbian Way/West Seattle Bridge interchange.

8:38 AM: Firefighters arriving in the area have clarified that it’s more like a fire near a retaining wall at I-5/Forest. … Looking ahead to Saturday, we just added more information to last night’s report about the special Saturday Water Taxi for viaduct/tunnel celebration day – no 773/775 shuttles that day.

8:57 AM: Also from the scanner, broken-down, “blocking” vehicle reported on the westbound bridge near 99.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: 3rd Monday AM watch, post-Viaduct

(SDOT MAP with travel times / WS-relevant traffic cams / Water Taxi schedule, other helpful info HERE)

5:30 AM: Good morning! No incidents or alerts so far this last Monday of January.

5:35 AM: If you’re waiting for the C Line, you might have a bit of a delay. Per radio communication, a bus is stopped at California/Fauntleroy awaiting police to assist with an “intoxicated male” who is refusing to disembark.

5:41 AM: Situation resolved before police arrived.

6 AM: Bridge getting busy but flowing relatively well.

6:13 AM: Still incident-free. Even regionally, fairly quiet. Check these three West Seattle road-work notes if you haven’t already.

6:20 AM: East Marginal Way and Alaska (map), 2-car crash, with SFD medics en route.

6:30 AM: That’s cleared. Meantime, it’s bridge-slowdown time.

6:55 AM: Still nothing unusual; the high bridge is the only West Seattle arterial mapping in yellow or red right now.

7:10 AM: If you’re heading for I-5 NB into downtown, note there’s a lane blocked by a stalled van in the Seneca/Yesler vicinity.

7:15 AM: That’s cleared. New problem – south of the bridge, crash reported at 4th Ave. S./Dawson (map).

7:28 AM: For those reporting trouble with Ride2, Metro just tweeted this:

7:51 AM: Bridge full. Sun’s out.

8:10 AM: Low bridge might not be the best way to go right now – SDOT has turned the camera eastward from the east end of the bridge and it’s looking sluggish.

8:30 AM: Still looking reasonable out there.

8:46 AM: Thanks to the reader who reported this on the east side of the challenging-even-without-road-work Holden/Highland Park Way intersection, photo included:

8:58 AM: Headed out to start covering the day’s news. If you see/hear something big, our 24/7 hotline is 206-293-6302 (when you can call/text safely/legally – after you get where you’re going, if you’re not a passenger – thanks!).

WEEK 3, POST-VIADUCT: Looking ahead

This is it. Barring some surprise, this will be the third and final week of Highway 99-less-ness, post-Alaskan Way Viaduct closure. A few things to know going in:

REMEMBER THE RAMP: The new Dearborn St. offramp that will take you into downtown from NB 99 before the tunnel entrance is still expected to take a week or so extra to open. So unless there’s a dramatic shortening of that estimate soon, non-tunnel users are really more like halfway through this phase of the squeeze. The tunnel is still expected to open in time for the Monday, February 4, morning commute.

ONE LIGHT(ER) DAY THIS WEEK: Wednesday (January 30th), no classes for Seattle Public Schools (“day between semesters”). Also of note, the Vashon Island School District marks that day Monday; Highline Public Schools, immediately south of here, has no classes Monday for grades 7-12.

CELEBRATION THIS WEEKEND: If you missed our progress-report roundup on Friday and are planning to go to this weekend’s goodbye-viaduct-hello-tunnel celebration, check it out here. The celebration website shows free tickets sold out for all Saturday times, but WSDOT said on Friday’s conference call that there would be some room for walk-ups. The West Seattle Water Taxi will run Saturday (not Sunday – special schedule expected soon) and you’re advised to take sea or land transit to get to the viaduct/tunnel event – “there’s no parking” in the area, you’re warned.

SPEAKING OF THE WATER TAXI: If you’re thinking long term, remember that its two-vessel schedule is scheduled to continue until the 7-days-a-week season starts at the end of March. Not the extra parking, though.

TRAFFIC COVERAGE: We’re back at it at 5:30 am.

3 West Seattle road-work notes for Monday and beyond

With sunny weather forecast for Monday, here are three projects – not related to #Realign99 (we’ll have a preview later for Week 3 of that!) – that you should know about:

8TH SW: Thanks to the reader who forwarded this notice for 8th SW between Roxbury and Cambridge [map]:

SW JUNEAU: As announced by SDOT at week’s end, curb-ramp work at 35th and Juneau will start “as soon as” tomorrow, with Juneau to be closed between 35th and 36th [map].

SW GENESEE: Also from the “as soon as (tomorrow)” file, as reported here last week, the eastbound lane of SW Genesee between 26th and 30th [map] will be closed for Sound Transit light-rail-research soil sampling.

FRIDAY PM TRAFFIC: Bus fire on I-5, and other notes

WSB reader photo

2:28 PM: You’re going to want to avoid I-5 in the West Seattle Bridge vicinity for a while. There’s a big vehicle fire. The bridge exit to NB I-5 is closed. One texter says it’s a “tour bus.” More to come.

2:37 PM: Added a reader photo. SB I-5 is getting by but avoiding the area in its entirety remains your best bet.

2:55 PM: Per scanner, fire is “tapped” (out) and SFD is working to make it possible for a NB I-5 lane to be opened “as soon as possible.” No reports of injuries.

3:10 PM: One lane of NB I-5 is now open.

3:33 PM: Readers report SODO surface streets are jammed as a result.

3:50 PM: 2 lanes are open now but the backup remains major.

4:14 PM: We’ll keep this going as a PM traffic update given the residual problems from the bus fire. Note for Water Taxi riders: Question on Twitter leads us to note that the Spirit of Kingston seems to be running in place of Doc Maynard right now. We’re checking to see if that’s a TFN thing.

5:28 PM: I-5 update:

5:55 PM: All lanes now open again.

6:06 PM: If you’re headed up via the south, note there’s a crash at Highland Park Way/Holden (thanks, MrsL).

6:12 PM: Metro says the Route 57 scheduled to head back this way about 15 minutes ago didn’t run.

35TH SW, PHASE 2: Updates on 3 intersections

(WSB file photo of 35th/Dawson, where the long-awaited signal isn’t expected until fall)

Just received from SDOT, updates on three intersections that are getting safety improvements as part of 35th Avenue SW Phase 2 (first reported here last spring) :

35th Ave SW/SW Juneau St

As soon as Monday, January 28, we will sawcut all 4 corners of the intersection, then begin drainage work on the west side of 35th Ave SW/SW Juneau St intersection, followed by installation of curb ramps. To complete work on the west side of the intersection safely and efficiently, SW Juneau St will be closed to through traffic from 35th Ave SW to 36th Ave SW. Once the west side is complete, crews will move to the east side of the intersection and follow a similar procedure.

We anticipate delivering the construction notification later today to residents near the 35th Ave SW/SW Juneau St intersection.

35th Ave SW/SW Dawson St

Last week, we completed utility potholing in the sidewalk and planter strip area to help determine the location of future signal poles at this intersection. To reach underground utilities, crews removed some concrete/asphalt in planting strips near the 35th Ave SW/SW Dawson St intersection. They then backfilled holes with pea gravel and replaced loose concrete/asphalt over the top and sectioned off the area with cones. This site will remain as-is until work to add new curb ramps, repair pavement begins as soon as February. Actual signal installation will occur this fall once we receive the necessary equipment.

This schedule is subject to change depending on weather conditions and contractor availability.

35th Ave SW/SW Kenyon St

We expect to begin similar work to install accessible curb ramps and make drainage and pavement repairs at 35th Ave SW/SW Kenyon St as early as February 2019.

If you have questions, the project inbox is NeighborhoodImprovements2018@seattle.gov.

P.S. SDOT also notes, “Folks may also notice our Pothole Rangers next week working the length of 35th Ave SW from White Center to Spokane St.” (You can report potholes online here.)