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Yes, that was a Blue Angels jet arriving in Seattle

Just got a reader text about what appeared to be a sighting of Blue Angels jet #7, seen from the West Seattle Bridge. Indeed, subsequent checking reveals that #7 was due in this afternoon at Boeing Field for the Seafair winter meetings. The Museum of Flight just tweeted arrival video. This year’s Seafair airshow will be August 4-6; for the first time, this year’s team of demonstration-jet pilots includes a woman, U.S. Navy Lt. Amanda Lee.

BLUE ANGELS: West Seattle photographers’ Saturday airshow views

One more day for the Blue Angels’ return to Seafair. Tonight we have a few photos from today’s airshow courtesy of West Seattle photographers – above and below, by Monica Zaborac, from Harbor Avenue:

That’s the Blue Angels’ support plane Fat Albert,” which David Hutchinson also photographed:

Again watching from Ruby Chow Park at the north end of Boeing Field, David also caught this formation:

And a closeup:

(added) Thanks to Vicky Piston for this view:

Jerry Simmons watched from Seward Park and sent this photo of one of the other, shall we say, loud planes in the airshow:

That’s an F-35A piloted by Maj. Kristin “Beo” Wolfe, Commander of the Lightning II Demonstration Team from the 388th Fighter Wing at Hill Air Force Base in Utah.

SUNDAY SCHEDULE: From the Seafair website:

10:35 – Aerobatic Performance
12:00 – Golden Knights Performance
12:35 – Aerobatic Performance
13:10 – F35 Lightning II Performance
13:40 – EA 18G Growler Performance
14:45 – Aerobatic Performance
14:45 – Boeing Seafair Flyover
15:05 – Blue Angels Performance

They’re all meant for optimal viewing by admission-paying Seafair attendees on Lake Washington, but some of the airshow performers – including the Blue Angels – take off from Boeing Field, and in addition to experiencing the roaring takeoff by the airport, you can also see some of the highest maneuvers from here (we watched from Westcrest Park, with binoculars, on Friday afternoon).

SEAFAIR: Blue Angels’ Friday show, and what’s next

Thanks to David Hutchinson for photos of the U.S. Navy Blue Angels in flight this afternoon. He photographed them from Ruby Chow Park at the north end of Boeing Field (across the Duwamish River from West Seattle).

Without time to leave West Seattle, we checked out the view from Westcrest Park. From the northeast side of the park’s plateau, along SW Cloverdale, you can glimpse Boeing Field, so, with binoculars, we had a decent, if partial view, including the smoke bursts before takeoff and during their landing pass.

The schedule had them up 3:05-4 pm today, tomorrow, and Friday; today was fairly close to that, with takeoff around 3:10 pm and landing around 3:55. If you are interested in seeing them this weekend without going to Lake Washington (where the full airshow, including other aerial acts, you can also check out the Museum of Flight‘s Jet Blast Bash; though the bigger new Blue Angels jets an’t park next to the MoF any more, museum visitors get a runwayside view of the takeoffs/landings and pilot meet-and-greets after they land.

SEAFAIR: Blue Angels arrive in Seattle

1:10 PM: Thanks to Kevin for the photo (and Gill for the tip by phone) – the Blue Angels are back in Seattle. A few reminders: They’re based at Boeing Field but near the terminal, NOT in the publicly viewable areas of years past, because of the bigger new jets and the equipment required for them … They’ll be practicing Thursday (added: times)

Thursday, August 4
11:00 AM – #1-4 Practice Flight
12:00 PM – #5-6 Practice Flight
2:20 PM – #1-6 Practice Flight
3:20 PM – Fat Albert Practice Flight

And they’ll be flying their performance routine Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (3:05 pm is the scheduled time those three days) … no freeway closures but you’ll likely notice different air-traffic patterns over West Seattle when they’re flying … the Museum of Flight has a special (admission required) Jet Blast Bash event (with pilot-autograph sessions promised) all weekend.

ADDED 2:53 PM: Thanks to Monica Zaborac for sending these photos:

(That middle photo is “Fat Albert,” the Blue Angels’ support plane.)

Here’s when the Blue Angels arrive in Seattle for Seafair – and what’s different this year

(2019 photo by David Hutchinson)

ORIGINAL MONDAY REPORT: You probably know by now that the U.S.Navy’s Blue Angels are performing at Seafair this Friday-Sunday, and practicing Thursday. Since they’re based at nearby Boeing Field during their Seafair visits, their arrival is also a matter of West Seattle interest, and we’ve received a few questions about the arrival schedule.

During their last visit in 2019, they came here directly after the previous weekend’s air-show appearance in Colorado. This past weekend, they were at an airshow in Dayton, Ohio, but instead of heading here, they went back to their home base in Pensacola, Florida, last night. So when do the Blue Angels get here? According to Ted Huetter of the Museum of Flight, which hosts a big weekend Jet Blast Bash centered on their visit: The #7 advance plane arrives sometime 12:30 pm Tuesday (and will be providing “influencer rides” – like the ones that result in the TV “what it’s like to fly with a Blue Angel” stories every year – starting Wednesday morning). The other six are due in around 1:30 pm Wednesday. Times are always subject to change. One note: Instead of parking at the Museum of Flight, this year the Blue Angels’ jets will be by the Boeing Field terminal. As the MoF notes on this page, you can watch the takeoffs from their parking lot Thursday and Friday, but Saturday and Sunday the MoF lot will be an admission-only zone as part of Jet Blast Bash.

P.S. In case you’ve wondered about this, no, I-90 will NOT be closing for Blue Angels flights/practices. Starting in 2019, they made changes to avoid having to do that.

TUESDAY NIGHT UPDATE: Seafair says the other 6 Blue Angels are due in closer to 12:30 pm Wednesday.

UPDATE: One Blue Angels jet here today

1:57 PM: Thanks for the tips. Took us a while to confirm, but yes, a Blue Angels jet (#7) is due in at Boeing Field any time now for the Seafair winter logistics meetings. The Museum of Flight is hosting as always. The full team is scheduled to perform during Seafair’s biggest weekend, August 5-7.

2:49 PM: From the Museum of Flight via Twitter:

No fireworks, no Blue Angels, no hydros, no parade: Seafair cancels 2020 ‘signature events’

(August 2019 photo by Monica Zaborac)

Announced today by Seafair:

As part of the Seattle summer experience, the non-profit Seafair has been creating lasting memories for the Northwest community for generations. Given the uncertainty surrounding public health safety, and combined with guidance from local and state governments, Seafair is rescheduling its major events to next year. Already, the U.S. Navy Blue Angels are confirmed for August 6-8, 2021, and the Fourth of July fireworks show will be back, bigger than ever.

“We are deeply disappointed but together we will get through this emergency,” said Eric Corning, President and CEO of Seafair. “Events will be an important part of our recovery, and we look forward to working with our sponsorship partners, volunteers, and stakeholders to produce a festival with the Blue Angels, fireworks, pirates, clowns, parades, and all of the neighborhood community events. We will stay active in the community this summer to bring people together to celebrate online and in-person, within the COVID-19 guidelines.”

Seafair will be in contact via email with all current ticket holders in the coming days to discuss their options.

As organizers of the largest community summer events in Seattle, bringing millions of Northwesterners together, Seafair is committed to be a catalyst to reunite community and celebrate what it means to live in the Puget Sound region in 2021. The team at Seafair, including board, staff, and the over 3,000 volunteers, are looking forward to doing just that for the community that we love.

Affected 2020 Seafair Festival Signature Events (produced by Seafair)

July 4 – Seafair Summer 4th – Gas Works Park and Lake Union Park

July 11 – Seafair Milk Carton Derby – Green Lake Aqua Theatre

July 19 – Seafair Triathlon – Seward Park

July 25 – Torchlight Run – Downtown Seattle

July 25 – Alaska Airlines Torchlight Parade – Downtown Seattle

July 31 – August 2 – Seafair Weekend Festival featuring the Boeing Seafair Air Show and HomeStreet Bank Cup – Genesee Park / Lake Washington

The annual Seafair Pirates Landing on Alki wasn’t mentioned, though it’s usually in June, and large events are unlikely to be allowed by then.

West Seattle weekend scene: Blue Angels, with bird

Monica Zaborac caught that view from West Seattle today, the Blue Angels plus a bird. We believe it’s a Caspian Tern – those seabirds whose eerily prehistoric cry is often heard as they fly over the peninsula, to and from the Duwamish.

P.S. Also by Monica, a birdless view:

9 for your West Seattle Sunday!

August 4, 2019 6:07 am
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(Saturday photo by David Hutchinson)

The Blue Angels‘ final Seattle show of 2019 is part of our list for August’s first Sunday:

WEST SEATTLE FARMERS’ MARKET: 10 am-2 pm, in the street, in the heart of The Junction. (California between SW Oregon and SW Alaska)

BAKE SALE TO BENEFIT REFUGEES/IMMIGRANTS: As previewed last night, a West Seattle family is organizing its second annual benefit bake sale for RAICES, 10 am-1 pm. (4146 44th SW)

WADING POOLS & SPRAYPARK: Open today are Lincoln Park wading pool (8011 Fauntleroy Way SW), 11 am-8 pm; Delridge wading pool (4501 Delridge Way SW), noon-6:30 pm; Highland Park spraypark (1100 SW Cloverdale), 11 am-8 pm.

LOW-LOW TIDE: It’s out to -1.1 feet at 2:01 pm, with Seattle Aquarium volunteer beach naturalists at Lincoln and Constellation Parks 1 pm-3 pm.

CAMP SECOND CHANCE COMMUNITY ADVISORY COMMITTEE: Want to find out what’s going on at the only city-sanctioned encampment in West Seattle? Or, have a question/concern? This meeting is where you want to be. 2 pm at Arrowhead Gardens, (9200 2nd SW)

SWING DANCING: 2:30 pm-9 pm at Alki Masonic Center, multiple sessions/events with the Seattle Swing Dance Club. (4736 40th SW)

(Saturday photo by Monica Zaborac)

BLUE ANGELS’ SEAFAIR FINALE: 3 pm performance over Lake Washington, after takeoff from the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field. Some flybys wlll be visible from northeast/east-facing West Seattle.

MUSICIANS FOR THE WEST SEATTLE FOOD BANK: At C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), 3-5 pm. (5612 California SW)

MIA DAY: 6 pm at The Skylark, $5 cover, all ages. (3803 Delridge Way SW)

SEE WHAT ELSE IS HAPPENING … via our full calendar.

SEAFAIR: Blue Angels changes; HomeStreet Bank’s big boost for hydros

Two more notes from today’s Seafair media briefing:

BLUE ANGELS CHANGES: We’ve already noted a few changes for this year – the Friday-Sunday airshows are starting later (3 pm), and happening just a bit further south, so the I-90 bridge will NOT have to close when they’re up. One change we did not know about until the event at the Museum of Flight today: The Blue Angels are no longer parking south of the museum, behind that razor-wire-topped fence where hundreds have gathered over the years to watch the jets be prepped for the shows and to see the pilots’ “walkdown.” Instead, they’re parking in the Museum of Flight’s main lot. Better viewing – but it means you will have to pay MoF admission to see the prep/walkdown. (You can see the jets up close for free during the museum’s free “First Thursday” [August 1st], 5-9 pm, points out MoF spokesperson Ted Huetter.)

HOMESTREET & HYDROS: HomeStreet Bank (WSB sponsor), which is headquartered in Seattle and has a branch in The Junction (4022 SW Alaska), had a big presence at today’s briefing:

HomeStreet Bank is the presenting sponsor of the weekend hydroplane races on Lake Washington, now the HomeStreet Bank Cup, in which Jimmy Shane (above left) will race the Miss HomeStreet unlimited hydroplane (also on display at the briefing).

If you’re a HomeStreet customer or employee, you get free admission to watch the weekend’s happenings on the water and in the air.

P.S. To see everyone who spoke today, here’s our unedited video of the briefing:

BLUE ANGELS: Seafair arrival at Boeing Field tonight

7:25 PM: Usually the Blue Angels fly in for Seafair around midday, but the Museum of Flight – their “home” while here, at the south end of Boeing Field – says they’re due in around 8 tonight (they performed in Grand Junction, Colorado, this weekend). As we’ve reported over the years, the MoF is where you get the “behind the scenes” view as the Blue Angels take off and land before and after their practices and shows.

8:20 PM: They’ve arrived:

ADDED: Reader video as they taxied at Boeing Field:

Though you’ll likely see/hear them on VIP flights the next few days, as usual Thursday-Sunday are the big days – Thursday with morning and afternoon practices, Friday-Sunday shows. The schedule indicates they’re flying a little later in the day than previous years. Also a reminder, Seafair says the I-90 floating bridge will NOT be closing for this year’s practices and shows.

BLUE ANGELS: No I-90 closures this year

(August 2018 photo by David Hutchinson)

Announced today by Seafair, no I-90 closures when the Blue Angels are practicing and performing August 1st-4th: “Their flight area over Lake Washington has shifted south, so access to the I-90 Bridge and Seward Park will remain open.” Looks like their performances are later in the afternoon, too, scheduled to start at 3 pm. We reported last weekend on other Seafair dates of West Seattle note, including the Seafair Pirates’ Landing on Alki July 6th.

AIRCRAFT ALERT: Blue Angels jet visiting Monday

While we grapple with Viadoom on the ground tomorrow, there will be a summer-style sighting in the sky … the Blue Angels #7 jet flying a crew in for the annual Seafair midwinter visit. It’s an annual visit to plan the summer festival – no performances but in case you see/hear the jet on its way in to nearby Boeing Field (tentatively expected around 2 pm Monday), now you know. This year’s big Seafair weekend will be August 2nd-4th.

West Seattle scenes: Pink and Blue

(Photo by Kanit Cottrell)

12:35 AM: As we say goodbye to the weekend – contributed photos captured the pink of Sunday’s sunset, and the Blue Angels flight earlier.

(Photo by David Hutchinson)

(Photo by Marc Milrod)

(Photo by Monica Zaborac)

Thanks as always for the photos!

ADDED 10:45 AM: In case you wondered … the Blue Angels are gone until next year:

SEAFAIR: Blue Angels arrived today; Parade of Ships goes past West Seattle tomorrow

12:58 PM: Thanks to @macjustice for that tweeted photo of the Blue Angels flying past West Seattle shortly before their arrival at Boeing Field this morning. We watched from the west-side viewing area along the runway just south of the tower; they touched down at 11:20 am, having stopped at Glacier Park Airport in Kalispell, Montana on the way here from last weekend’s airshow appearance in Fargo, North Dakota. As usual, they are based at the Museum of Flight (9404 E. Marginal Way S.) during their visit, and that’s where you can watch their pre-flight preps as well as the takeoffs. They have VIP flights and other duties until Thursday, when they go up for two practice sessions, and then full shows Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. As mentioned in our morning traffic report, the I-90 floating bridge will close while they’re up Thursday-Sunday – here are those details.

PARADE OF SHIPS: While Blue Angels-watching from West Seattle is unpredictable, another Seafair/military event is not – tomorrow’s Parade of Ships. While technically it’s billed as something to watch from the downtown waterfront, the ships participating in Seafair Fleet Week tours will sail past West Seattle’s north-facing shores around noon-ish Tuesday. Seafair has yet to answer our inquiry about which U.S. Navy ships are participating, but its website mentions one U.S. Coast Guard cutter and two Canadian Coast Guard vessels. (That same link also has tour times and locations for

1:34 PM: We just talked with US Navy regional public affairs in hopes they could tell us which of their ships will be sailing by tomorrow. They explained that this year for the first time, due to security concerns, they’re not announcing the ships until they’re “a little closer” – possibly not until tomorrow morning.

ADDED 12:22 AM TUESDAY: Now that it’s Tuesday, Seafair is releasing the list of ships participating in today’s seagoing parade, followed by five days of tours:

-U.S. Navy: Guided-missile destroyer USS Momsen (DDG-92) and amphibious transport dock USS Somerset (LPD-25), which was in the parade in 2016

-U.S. Coast Guard: USCGC Mellon

-Royal Canadian Navy: HMCS Yellowknife & HMCS Whitehorse

SEAFAIR 2017: Blue Angels arrive at Boeing Field

That’s the second of two Blue Angels flybys over Boeing Field (KBFI) before they landed a few minutes ago – usually there’s only one. They’re here for Seafair, with practices Thursday and Friday, and the official shows Saturday and Sunday, flying here this morning from their last stop, in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

They’ve just taxied past the west-side public viewing area south of the KBFI terminal (the one that has been open on the north side of the terminal, also off East Marginal, in past years, is now blocked off) on their way to the Museum of Flight, their headquarters while here.

SEAFAIR: Blue Angels views from today; what you should know about watching this weekend; ship tours continue


Thanks for the photos! While we watched the Blue Angels from Boeing Field today, while others shared views from West Seattle. The top photo is by Robert Spears; below, by David Hutchinson:

20160805 141746 Blue Angels - Seafair 2016 - Duwamish Head - 1024x576

Before those flybys, came the takeoff from Boeing Field, where you can see the pre-flight maneuvers by the pilots and crew, if you grab a spot what becomes a very crowded fence south of the Museum of Flight:


It’s free to watch from there, as the crew and then the pilots arrive before and prepare for takeoff – it becomes a very loud spectacle as they fire up the engines and then taxi toward the runway:

But right after that, as soon as you walk north toward the museum’s parking lot, you’ll have to have a wristband to get any further, if you want to watch from the east-facing runwayside fence – a wristband that signifies you’ve paid museum admission (Blue Angels weekend brings special events). You can watch takeoff from parking/pullover areas around Boeing Field, but get there earlier.

Remember that two things are different this year – two things some of those on the fence with us this afternoon clearly hadn’t heard about – the Blue Angels are flying five jets, not six, because of the deadly crash earlier this year; and their popular support plane Fat Albert, which usually flies right before they do, did not accompany them to Seattle because of what was described as a “mechanical issue.”

Tomorrow’s show should be around the same time as today – roughly 1:30 to 2:20 – with the I-90 bridge closed 1:15-2:40 pm. Since the show is meant for the Seafair crowd on Lake Washington, you’ll only see the occasional flyby from West Seattle, as did the people shown in a photo texted to us from Hamilton Viewpoint today:


But that just might be enough, especially for the skyline pass toward the end of the show:

(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Cory Asato)

P.S. Ship tours continue this weekend on the downtown and Magnolia waterfronts, though Sunday is the only day remaining to see the biggest visiting member of the Seafair fleet, the Somerset. Today Bill Larson shared a photo of West Seattle Troop 284 on board the Somerset, which led the Parade of Ships on Tuesday:

Troop 284 Seafair

Troop 284 was accompanied by Scoutmaster Jim Pennie. While the Somerset’s closed to tours tomorrow, the ships at Piers 66 and 69 are open – schedule, location, and reminders are here.

West Seattle Friday: Blue Angels, Mount music, HPIC Corner Bar, more

Thanks to Raul Baron for last night’s sunset/moonset view – call it the early start to an honorary three-day Seafair-and-more weekend. Speaking of which, ship tours continue today, just across the bay:

(USS Gridley @ Pier 66 – U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Cory Asato)

Here’s the list of ships, locations, and times for tours (which continue through Sunday, with some daily changes). And the Blue Angels are up for another practice airshow just after 1 pm. Other planes, too:

Blue Angels I-90 2016-6
(Photo above by Monica Zaborac; photo below by Jim Clark)

They take off from Boeing Field, just east of West Seattle, which has multiple places to watch, including the Museum of Flight:

(Photo by Doug Branch)

The pre-Angels airshow starts at 11:45; lineup information is here. And we’ve been mentioning in traffic coverage, the Blue Angels’ performance – technically a “practice” today – closes the I-90 bridge 1:15-2:40 pm, and there’s invariably residual backup onto northbound I-5, among other routes, so if you have to get around during that window, be forewarned.

Here’s what’s happening on the ground, on-peninsula, for the rest of today/tonight:

ANANSI THE SPIDER: 11 am at West Seattle (Admiral) Library, the classic tale of the trickster spider, told by Oregon Shadow Theatre. (2306 42nd SW)

WHITE CENTER PROMISE CELEBRATION: Free backpacks and school supplies for hundreds of local kids, along with performances, free food, raffles, and educational activities. Sign up here; more info in our calendar listing. 4-7 pm at Greenbridge Plaza. (9800 8th SW)

WORDS, WRITERS, WEST SEATTLE: Nonagenarian Georgie Kunkel tells her tale in the Southwest Seattle Historical Society-presented series, 5-7 pm. Here’s her video invitation:

See, hear, and meet her at Barnes & Noble in Westwood Village. (2800 SW Barton)

DAVE HOLO TRIO: 5-8 pm, live jazz with the spectacular view at Salty’s on Alki (WSB sponsor), no cover. (1936 Harbor SW)

SUMMER CONCERTS AT THE MOUNT: Tonight brings the first of four Friday night concerts on the south side of the Providence Mount St. Vincent campus. The music’s free, with Neil Diamond tribute band Cherry Cherry, starting at 6 pm; you have the option of buying dinner/drinks starting at 5:30 pm. Tonight’s menu and other info can be found in our calendar listing. Bring your own chair/blanket. (4831 35th SW)


CORNER BAR: The monthly pop-up bar at Highland Park Improvement Club features The Cold 102s tonight. Doors open at 6 pm. (12th SW/SW Holden)

SKYLAR GRACE: Acoustic singer-songwriter, performing at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor), 7-9 pm. (5612 California SW)

BUCHAREST DRINKING TEAM: 7:30 pm at Kenyon Hall, this “Seattle-based, sport-and-alcohol-themed Balkan-music juggernaut” performs. (7904 35th SW)

MOVIE IN THE PARK: “Zootopia” is tonight’s free outdoor movie in the “park” next to West Seattle Church of the Nazarene, at dusk (9-ish). Free popcorn, pop, and hot dogs. (42nd SW/SW Juneau)

FOR MORE … check the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar.

SEAFAIR UPDATES: Blue Angels today, Parade of Ships tomorrow

August 1, 2016 1:30 pm
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Seafair‘s biggest week is here and some of its biggest sights are close to West Seattle, so we’re continuing to track the Blue Angels and the Seafair fleet.

BLUE ANGELS TODAY: As first reported here last week, Seafair was expecting the Navy’s famous flight-demo team between noon and 2 pm today. It’s 1:30 pm as we publish this from runwayside at Boeing Field, and they’re due soon. One bit of news earlier – Seafair says its fan-fave support plane “Fat Albert” has a “mechanical issue” that will keep it from flying during the local shows. Meantime, we’ll update once the Angels have arrived.

1:59 PM: Just added video (atop this story) of the Boeing Field flyby during their arrival a few minutes ago.

Blue Angels 2016-2

3:33 PM: Thanks to Monica Zaborac for the photo above, taken as they flew past Jack Block Park. Also remember, Thursday-Sunday, I-90 bridge closures will accompany their practices and shows – details here.

(back to original report) PARADE OF SHIPS TOMORROW: We published info two weeks ago for the Navy ships due for tomorrow afternoon’s parade past West Seattle and downtown shores, and set for Wednesday-Sunday tours. Today, Seafair’s website has the full lineup, including the U.S. Coast Guard and Canadian Navy participants, and who you can tour where – see it here. The official time for the “parade” is 1 pm Tuesday but start watching from West Seattle around noon.

Wondering when the Blue Angels arrive in Seattle for Seafair 2016?

(August 2015 photo by Steve Jensen)

The first questions have landed in the WSB inbox and we have the answer, from Seafair spokesperson Emily Cantrell: The Blue Angels are expected to arrive in Seattle on Monday (August 1st) afternoon, around 1 pm, but she warns that could change – a bit earlier, a bit later. It’s been an unusual season for the Blue Angels overall, with the team’s first fatal crash in nine years killing U.S. Marine Corps Capt. Jeff Kuss during a practice flight for a Tennessee airshow almost two months ago. The demonstration team resumed its 2016 schedule a month later, flying with a modified five-jet routine.

This week, they’re in Anchorage for Arctic Thunder 2016, the Blue Angels’ first appearance at that airshow in six years. Next week, after their expected Monday arrival, you’ll see them in the sky around town for scouting and media flights, and then Thursday (August 4th) through Sunday (August 7th) are the big days. While they’re here, they’re based by the Museum of Flight toward the south side of Boeing Field, and that’s where you can watch them take off and land (in our opinion, a don’t-miss, unless you’re in the Blue Angels-disliking camp); the MoF is planning a bigger-than-ever festival in conjunction with the visit. More as this all gets closer.

If you think you hear/see a Blue Angels jet tomorrow – you’ll be right

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Just announced by Seafair: U.S. Navy Blue Angels jet #7 will visit Seattle tomorrow for a planning meeting looking ahead to next summer’s air show. It’s expected at nearby Boeing Field around 11:30 am, with two pilots, #7 Lt. Tyler Davies and #8 Capt. Corrie Mays. Dates for this year’s airshow, by the way, are August 5-7.

One last look at Seafair weekend sights in the sky

That’s the truest West Seattle Blue Angels view we’ve seen this time around – Steve Jensen shared it with us on Sunday but took it from Columbia Center downtown on Friday. The blue sky was obscured for much of Sunday – bringing JayDee‘s silhouette view of the F-22 Raptor and Air Force Heritage P-51 Mustang:

David Hutchinson got another view of the same two, from the northwest corner of Boeing Field:

He also shared this view of the Blues:

If you’re hoping to watch them fly out – we don’t yet have official information on when they’re leaving; will report it if and when we get it. Meantime … the weekend closed with an intense sunset through smoke from the forest fires around the region:

Thanks to Lynn Hall for the image.

West Seattle weekend scenes: Pink sunset; Blue Angels

August 1, 2015 10:00 pm
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Views from a midsummer Saturday …

FIRST SUNSET OF AUGUST: Thanks to Greg for the photo from the Weather Watch Park vicinity. Lots of smoke in the air from another round of regional forest/brush fires.

Different kind of smoke in the eastern sky earlier:

BLUE ANGELS’ SATURDAY SHOW: Thanks to Liz Virnig for the photo above, a northeast view of the Blue Angels from West Seattle. On the other side of that view, looking back this way, Alki photographer David Hutchinson watched them from Queen Anne’s Kerry Park:

And for a closer look, Doug Branch shares the next photo:

Tomorrow is the final show of Seafair – the timing should be close to today, 1:35 pm takeoff (we watched from outside the Museum of Flight) and 2:25 pm landing. (Official schedule here.) Here’s our short Instagram video clip (mouse over to show the “play” button) from just after they fired up the engines before taxiing to the runway:

(If you thought you heard them sooner – they were preceded by other military jets participating in the airshow, including the Air Force‘s F-22 Raptor.)