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READER REPORT: Found bicycle, ‘LJ’s Taxi’

Via text:

Found on 26th Ave SW just south of Roxbury. “LJ’s Taxi” is painted on the side. Do you think you can help LJ get their bike back?

Yours? Or, know the owner? Let us know.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen backpack; apparently abandoned bicycle

December 27, 2023 5:59 pm
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Two reader reports:

STOLEN BACKPACK: If you find one, it might be the one to which Brian referred in this note: “I want to report a stolen backpack with valuables taken from my friend’s car on Beach Drive north of Me Kwa Mooks as she was moving a recycle bin from the driveway.. If found, call 206 992-7219 … This happened yesterday, December 26, at about 3:45 pm and was reported to Seattle Police already.” (We’re awaiting descriptive information.)

APPARENTLY ABANDONED BICYCLE: John says this bike was left against a North Admiral utility pole:

Let us know if it’s yours.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Street robbery; apparently abandoned bicycle

Two reader reports:

STREET ROBBERY: Sent on behalf of a neighbor:

I wanted to let you know of a mugging/robbery at about 6:30-7pm Christmas Eve so others are aware. Began on 32nd Ave SW (backside of Roxhill Elementary schoolyard), when a female pedestrian walking to look at holiday lights noticed a white four-door sedan suspiciously following her. Several people in the car. After she turned east onto Holden, she noticed the car paused at stop sign. Feeling like they were watching her, she bolted into alley between 32nd and 31st to evade. Car did not follow into alley, but as she walked south toward Kenyon, the car appeared and turned into the alley, blocking her exit.

Male passenger jumped out of car, blocking her way, wearing a gorilla mask. He grabbed her scarf and arms/hands. Wired headphones were pulled from her head, phone grabbed, and other things in her hands. She started screaming, tore away, and ran down the street and hid in someone’s yard. When she ran away, the car was in the alley at Kenyon pointing north (the direction of Holden), but she does not know where the car went after that.

Male wearing gorilla mask seemed younger (adult or older teen), slim build, maybe 5’9” but no additional information. She said male driver had longer dark hair, pulled back in what appeared to be locks but could not recall specific race or ethnicity, or license plate details. She reported it to SPD last night.

As someone who lives in that neighborhood, we have heard of other experiences of cars following closely in the morning when walking dogs, and have seen ourselves cars of young men speeding up threateningly to scare us when we crossed the street.

If you have any information on this incident, the SPD case number to reference is 23-368963.


In front of this building on 44th SW [4500 block], possibly stolen and dumped.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen car-top tent and crossbars; abandoned-possibly-stolen bikes

Two reader reports in West Seattle Crime Watch tonight:

STOLEN CAR-TOP TENT AND CROSSBARS: The photo and report are from Karyn:

My Roofnest Sparrow tent and Thule Aero crossbars were stolen off of my car parked on 45th Ave SW at SW Alaska near the Junction, sometime between 10 pm on Tues. 11/28 and 12 pm Weds. 11/29. Please let me know if you see one near you or for sale somewhere – the tent had blue painters tape on some of the latches, a safety strap around the middle, and the rear grey buckle strap has been stitched together. Thank you for keeping an eye out! Please email with any information.

ABANDONED BIKES: Peter sent the photo:

He spotted these bicycles abandoned near the north side of Westwood Village. If you recognize either one, let us know.


Four reader reports via email and text:

EARLY MORNING CAR BREAK-IN: From an anonymous reader:

I would like to report a theft gang that worked our street early this morning
North Admiral, 1800 block of Sunset Ave SW
05:20 AM on 11/18/2023
2 pedestrians (one on sidewalk, one on the street) plus one white van driving slowly behind them

They broke into a car and stole items from the trunk.

HIT-RUN KIA: In case you saw the downed sign today and wondered what happened – here’s what a reader texted late last night:

We just saw and heard a white or silver Kia Soul swerving around; they hit and knocked down a pedestrian crossing sign at 37th SW and SW Brandon St. They were being closely followed by a dark-colored, older pickup truck and we could hear their tires squealing for quite a while down the road.

THREE STOLEN KIAS FOUND IN 1 PLACE: Stolen cars turn up in a wide variety of places. But here’s word of a hot spot: Two stolen Kias reported here this past week were found – with a third – near 17th and Barton. Both John (Kona) and Tina (Sedona) told us theirs were two of the three (and we’ve updated those stories).


Wondering if anyone is missing this bike or recognizes it? It was left behind the guardrail at the Dead End on SW Dawson and 36th Ave SW yesterday morning (11/17) around 11:25. A neighbor noticed a male kid/teenager leave it there, disappear from view briefly, then reappear and head away on a different bike (perhaps one that was stashed or stolen from nearby). I’ve shared the photo with our neighborhood and no one recognizes it.

READER REPORTS: Abandoned boat, bike

Just in case either of these items is yours …

ABANDONED BOAT: Sent by Susanna:

Guessing this paddle boat was stolen and dumped in the middle of the night when criminals got tired of carrying it. It is currently in front of 9028 14th Ave SW. Reported it to the city as illegal dumping.


Possibly stolen bike at 26th and Nevada. Bike’s been here for a few days.

READER REPORTS: Found bicycle, bag. Are either yours?

Two from the “possibly dumped/stolen” files:

FOUND BICYCLE: Reported by Bill:

The bicycle in the attached photo has been parked near the corner of 48th Ave SW and Hanford St SW for several days.

FOUND BAG: Reported by multiple readers including Terry, who sent the photo and report:

Found this AM in North Admiral: ladies’ green bag on parking strip (SE corner of SW Massachusetts Street & 46th Ave SW) with some of its contents a short distance away along 46th Ave SW.

Terry reports the items have since been consolidated into the bag so it’s all in one spot.

LOST OR STOLEN? Bike, barbecue

August 11, 2023 9:45 am
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Two items too big for the WSB Lost/Found (non-pets) page:

BIKE: From Louie: “Bike found on SW Dakota near 46th Ave SW. Looking for the owner of a one-speed child’s bike. Huffy brand. Call me and identify it. Louie 206-962-1140” (Yes, Louie has checked Bike Index, and is canvassing the neighborhood too.)

BARBECUE GRILL: Tona found this on Thursday:

This barbecue grill (was) in the middle of the street on 46th and Alaska. Wondering if it fell off somebody’s moving truck or if it was stolen and dumped? There is even a roll of paper towels!

It’s since been moved out of the street and its next stop will be “the dump” if not claimed.

READER REPORT: Abandoned kid-size bicycle

Sent by Ray:

This kids’ bike has been outside my house all day, and we don’t have any kids in our building … near Fairmount Park.

Know whose bike this is? Email us – – and we’ll connect you.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Storage-facility burglaries; dumped-likely-stolen bicycle

Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes:

STORAGE FACILITY BURGLARIES: A victim told us about break-ins reported at Life Storage in the Luna Park area last week and an apparent arrest. For details, we’ve obtained the police-report narrative. The call started as an employee reporting last Thursday that someone – not a customer – had been sleeping overnight at the facility for two nights, during which four separate units had been broken into and “rummaged through,” though it wasn’t clear what if anything had been taken. Video showed that the suspect had been coming and going via a valid code, though whose code or how the suspect got it wasn’t clear. Evidence was found of cut locks, including one in the suspect’s backpack. The 52-year-old suspect was arrested and booked into the King County Jail, and released one day later. He is not yet charged, but still could be at a later date.

ABANDONED-LIKELY-STOLEN BICYCLE: A texter found this abandoned bicycle in Highland Park:

If it might be yours, let us know and we’ll connect you with the finder.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen white Ford van; found bicycle

In West Seattle Crime Watch this afternoon:

STOLEN VAN: Jake emailed to report, “My van just got stolen from near Lowman Beach Park between 12:00-12:30 today. It’s a white Ford E-250, license #C28338Y.”

ABANDONED-LIKELY-STOLEN BICYCLE: The photo and report are from Larry:

Found this bicycle left in our driveway. Assume it was stolen, then dumped. Call Larry at 206.200.4677 to claim. Lincoln Park area.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen black Soul; abandoned blue bicycle

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports:


Vehicle stolen from Delridge Way SW & SW Brandon St between 5/30 and 5/31 7 pm-11 am. Black 2015 Kia Soul, license plate CES6260. If spotted, please report to police. Incident #23-150397

ABANDONED-LIKELY-STOLEN BICYCLE: An anonymous reader sent this photo of a bicycle seen for at least a few days apparently abandoned in the Harbor Avenue area:

Yours? Email us ( and we can connect you with more-specific location info.

From the dumped-likely-stolen file: Husqvarna motorcycle, Roadmaster bicycle found

April 17, 2023 8:01 pm
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Two readers reported finding these abandoned in parks:

MOTORCYCLE: This report is from Matthew:

Found: 2010 or 2011 red and white Husqvarna motorcycle in Pigeon Point Park on Friday morning about 8:30 am.

If it’s yours, or you think you know the owner, contact us – – and we’ll connect you. Same goes for this:

BICYCLE: Sarah found this bike in Lincoln Park:

Thanks to everyone who has helped reunite people with stolen/lost items, big and small!

READER REPORT: Found blue bicycle

The report and photo are from Amy:

One of my neighbors notified me today that this bike has been leaning on the retaining wall at the front of my yard for a week. Due to the steep grade, wall, and other visual obstructions, I don’t frequently notice that area of the property, even when stepping out to get the mail. I’m on 32nd between Myrtle & Othello, 1/2 block from Walt Hundley. It’s kind of rusty, but I thought it might be newsworthy.

READER REPORT: Missing a blue bicycle?

January 27, 2023 11:58 am
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From Nancy:

Someone left a bike leaning against our fence on Tuesday ( 1/24) and we suspect it was stolen. We would love to reunite it with its owner. Reach out and describe the bike and we will let you know where to go to retrieve it!

We asked for a hint on location and type: “Found just west of California on Fauntleroy Way. Blue 10-speed.” If you’re missing that type of bike, contact us and we’ll connect you.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Coffee stand break-in; dumped-likely-stolen bicycle

Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes this morning:

COFFEE STAND BREAK-IN: The photos and report are from Erik:

Mighty Mugs Coffee – West Seattle on West Marginal was broken into last night, I just happened to be driving by as workers were cleaning up the wreckage so pitched in and will add some bags to yesterday’s pile for pickup. It looks like a vehicle was used to pull the door off its hinges and then they proceeded to trash the place, causing lots of damage.

If you have any information please contact the business and call the police, and then please patronize this business when they’re up and running again!

The police-report number is 23-014120.

DUMPED-LIKELY-STOLEN BICYCLE: Matt spotted this in Highland Park:

Seen on Henderson Place SW and 9th Ave SW.

READER REPORT: Missing a bike? Bags with helmet and lock?

Two “found” reports involving items that might well have been stolen and dumped, so we’re showing them here rather than pointing to the WSB Lost/Found (Non-Pets) board

FOUND BICYCLE: Lynn sent this photo of a bicycle abandoned behind her Alki-area condo building:

If it’s yours, contact us and we’ll connect you.

FOUND BAGS: The photo and report are from Janis:

After cleaning up around Lafayette Elementary this morning around 10:30 am (Jan 2), I found two discarded bike messenger bags, very waterlogged with a helmet and kryptonite lock inside. I couldn’t transport back home as I had items to carry and my kids in tow, but they’re still at the playground area.

READER REPORTS: Child’s balance bicycle stolen (update: found!); green Trek bike found

Two bicycle reports that we were about to publish last night when breaking news got in the way:


Our daughter’s balance bike was taken (Monday). It’s a pink and white Haro Prewheelz that was fairly new. My daughter has a rare form of dwarfism and uses the balance bike as her mobility device. She had set it by the sidewalk to get ready for trick-or-treating, so it was disappointing to find it was taken (near 40th/Manning). If anyone sees it lying in their yard, we would love it back!

If you think you’ve seen it, contact us and we’ll connect you.WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Someone found it in their yard and contacted us; we connected them with Yachi, whose daughter has her bike back!


I found this bicycle along 48th SW in the Seaview neighborhood. It has two flat tires but seems to be in good shape otherwise. It’s a Trek Singletrack 930 with a green frame. Not sure how to make certain that it finds its way back to the original owner (expensive bike). I’ve propped it up on the sidewalk between my property and my neighbor’s.

READER REPORTS: Early-morning intruder; black pickup stolen (update: found); abandoned bicycles

Three reader reports this morning:


In regards to the police call at 4:10 am on 4700 block of Findlay, that was our house; a woman had locked herself into our enclosed porch in a state of mental crisis; our video picked her up at 1:58 am. She banged on our door at 4 and woke us, claiming her name was Brenda and her dog was in the house. We called 911 and the police assessed her and had an ambulance take her to Harborview. She told them she was from Lynnwood and they have no idea how she got here. She systematically dismantled our porch but no harm otherwise.

BLACK PICKUP STOLEN: Texted report and photo:

Our black 1996 Dodge Ram Sport got stolen at 3:28 this morning. B48188V. This was on California Ave SW – between SW 100 and SW 98th! Saw truck drive down street, stop beside truck, then drive on; a few seconds later, someone walked up, got in passenger side, a few seconds later was driving down the street. Police were notified. Incident # 2022-290812.

(3:04 PM UPDATE: It’s been found, thanks to multiple tips.)


These bicycles were found in the ravine at the top of Sumner (Way) and Fairmount Canyon. Likely stolen, they are at the top of Sumner.

READER REPORT: Abandoned bicycle at former RV-encampment site

The report and photo are from Johnathan:

This bike was abandoned at a spot on Alaska between Delridge and 25th Ave SW, where an encampment was until last night. I figure it is probably stolen, so I thought I’d share with y’all in case someone is looking for it.

This is across from the ex-South West Plumbing site; we went by late today and the bike is still there, along with assorted junk, where a half-dozen RVs were parked as recently as Sunday afternoon.

READER REPORT: Found orange bicycle

October 12, 2022 7:06 pm
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Josh from PCC Community Markets-West Seattle (WSB sponsor) sent the photo and reports: “One of our staff found this bike in our parking lot. We would love to return the bike to the original owner!” If it’s yours, contact the store.

READER REPORTS: Two abandoned bicycles

October 3, 2022 12:42 pm
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Two reader reports today about abandoned bicycles:

The one above was reported by Kay, who found it “on the service road from south parking lot at Lincoln Park toward pool.” Below, a photo from an anonymous reader, who says, “During a walk on the weekend I found a dumped bike near Fauntleroy Church. Not sure if anyone is missing a Specialized Vita bicycle but thought I would post it here. ”

If either is yours email us and we’ll connect you to the finder.