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READER REPORT: Found blue bicycle

The report and photo are from Amy:

One of my neighbors notified me today that this bike has been leaning on the retaining wall at the front of my yard for a week. Due to the steep grade, wall, and other visual obstructions, I don’t frequently notice that area of the property, even when stepping out to get the mail. I’m on 32nd between Myrtle & Othello, 1/2 block from Walt Hundley. It’s kind of rusty, but I thought it might be newsworthy.

READER REPORT: Missing a blue bicycle?

From Nancy:

Someone left a bike leaning against our fence on Tuesday ( 1/24) and we suspect it was stolen. We would love to reunite it with its owner. Reach out and describe the bike and we will let you know where to go to retrieve it!

We asked for a hint on location and type: “Found just west of California on Fauntleroy Way. Blue 10-speed.” If you’re missing that type of bike, contact us and we’ll connect you.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Coffee stand break-in; dumped-likely-stolen bicycle

Two West Seattle Crime Watch notes this morning:

COFFEE STAND BREAK-IN: The photos and report are from Erik:

Mighty Mugs Coffee – West Seattle on West Marginal was broken into last night, I just happened to be driving by as workers were cleaning up the wreckage so pitched in and will add some bags to yesterday’s pile for pickup. It looks like a vehicle was used to pull the door off its hinges and then they proceeded to trash the place, causing lots of damage.

If you have any information please contact the business and call the police, and then please patronize this business when they’re up and running again!

The police-report number is 23-014120.

DUMPED-LIKELY-STOLEN BICYCLE: Matt spotted this in Highland Park:

Seen on Henderson Place SW and 9th Ave SW.

READER REPORT: Missing a bike? Bags with helmet and lock?

Two “found” reports involving items that might well have been stolen and dumped, so we’re showing them here rather than pointing to the WSB Lost/Found (Non-Pets) board

FOUND BICYCLE: Lynn sent this photo of a bicycle abandoned behind her Alki-area condo building:

If it’s yours, contact us and we’ll connect you.

FOUND BAGS: The photo and report are from Janis:

After cleaning up around Lafayette Elementary this morning around 10:30 am (Jan 2), I found two discarded bike messenger bags, very waterlogged with a helmet and kryptonite lock inside. I couldn’t transport back home as I had items to carry and my kids in tow, but they’re still at the playground area.

READER REPORTS: Child’s balance bicycle stolen (update: found!); green Trek bike found

Two bicycle reports that we were about to publish last night when breaking news got in the way:


Our daughter’s balance bike was taken (Monday). It’s a pink and white Haro Prewheelz that was fairly new. My daughter has a rare form of dwarfism and uses the balance bike as her mobility device. She had set it by the sidewalk to get ready for trick-or-treating, so it was disappointing to find it was taken (near 40th/Manning). If anyone sees it lying in their yard, we would love it back!

If you think you’ve seen it, contact us and we’ll connect you.WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Someone found it in their yard and contacted us; we connected them with Yachi, whose daughter has her bike back!


I found this bicycle along 48th SW in the Seaview neighborhood. It has two flat tires but seems to be in good shape otherwise. It’s a Trek Singletrack 930 with a green frame. Not sure how to make certain that it finds its way back to the original owner (expensive bike). I’ve propped it up on the sidewalk between my property and my neighbor’s.

READER REPORTS: Early-morning intruder; black pickup stolen (update: found); abandoned bicycles

Three reader reports this morning:


In regards to the police call at 4:10 am on 4700 block of Findlay, that was our house; a woman had locked herself into our enclosed porch in a state of mental crisis; our video picked her up at 1:58 am. She banged on our door at 4 and woke us, claiming her name was Brenda and her dog was in the house. We called 911 and the police assessed her and had an ambulance take her to Harborview. She told them she was from Lynnwood and they have no idea how she got here. She systematically dismantled our porch but no harm otherwise.

BLACK PICKUP STOLEN: Texted report and photo:

Our black 1996 Dodge Ram Sport got stolen at 3:28 this morning. B48188V. This was on California Ave SW – between SW 100 and SW 98th! Saw truck drive down street, stop beside truck, then drive on; a few seconds later, someone walked up, got in passenger side, a few seconds later was driving down the street. Police were notified. Incident # 2022-290812.

(3:04 PM UPDATE: It’s been found, thanks to multiple tips.)


These bicycles were found in the ravine at the top of Sumner (Way) and Fairmount Canyon. Likely stolen, they are at the top of Sumner.

READER REPORT: Abandoned bicycle at former RV-encampment site

The report and photo are from Johnathan:

This bike was abandoned at a spot on Alaska between Delridge and 25th Ave SW, where an encampment was until last night. I figure it is probably stolen, so I thought I’d share with y’all in case someone is looking for it.

This is across from the ex-South West Plumbing site; we went by late today and the bike is still there, along with assorted junk, where a half-dozen RVs were parked as recently as Sunday afternoon.

READER REPORT: Found orange bicycle

October 12, 2022 7:06 pm
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Josh from PCC Community Markets-West Seattle (WSB sponsor) sent the photo and reports: “One of our staff found this bike in our parking lot. We would love to return the bike to the original owner!” If it’s yours, contact the store.

READER REPORTS: Two abandoned bicycles

October 3, 2022 12:42 pm
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Two reader reports today about abandoned bicycles:

The one above was reported by Kay, who found it “on the service road from south parking lot at Lincoln Park toward pool.” Below, a photo from an anonymous reader, who says, “During a walk on the weekend I found a dumped bike near Fauntleroy Church. Not sure if anyone is missing a Specialized Vita bicycle but thought I would post it here. ”

If either is yours email us and we’ll connect you to the finder.