WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Car thefts thwarted

Two incidents in West Seattle Crime Watch:

THWARTED THEFT #1: This happened after 10 pm last night at the Arco station at Delridge/Orchard. According to the preliminary SPD summary report, a man tried to steal a vehicle, but the victim was able to recover it “before the (thief) could drive it completely away from the scene.” The preliminary report adds, “During the incident, a handgun was discharged,” but doesn’t say whose gun or how (we have a followup question out on that). Police arrested a 42-year-old man and note that he “was found to have an outstanding $100,000 warrant for second-degree assault” (the jail roster shows the warrant is from Kitsap County).

ADDED 3:40 PM: We’ve obtained the detailed narrative. Police say the victim, who had a valid concealed-pistol license, fired a shot “into the ground” while trying to remove the suspect out of his car – but the bullet might have hit the suspect, who later complained of foot pain and was taken to the hospital to be treated for a suspected gunshot wound to the foot.

THWARTED THEFT #2: This happened around 7:30 pm Monday. According to the police-report narrative, a driver told police that a man she knew had tried to carjack her in the alley of an apartment complex in the 2500 block of SW Trenton. Though the would-be carjacker had a gun, according to the victim, she managed to hide the keys, and get out of the car; when someone shouted that police were coming, the suspect and a female companion ran to a vehicle described in the report as a “gold 4-door Volkswagen” and fled. No arrest reported.

4 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Car thefts thwarted"

  • just wondering March 17, 2021 (1:43 pm)

    Funny the things you remember.  A long ago Oprah show had a security expert on.  He said if someone tried to take your car keys, to throw them hard in one direction and run as fast as you could the opposite direction as the thief will go for the car keys!

  • natinstl March 18, 2021 (9:23 am)

    I was at the gas station at the corner of Alaska and Fauntleroy two years ago pumping gas when a man quietly came up to me and demanded my keys. At first I didn’t hear him so I asked what he said and at that point he said it again in a more direct manner and I screamed at the top of my lungs so people would look at me. It did get people’s attention and he took off immediately and I called the cops. 

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