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1 MONTH TO VIADUCT CLOSURE: West Seattle Water Taxi expanded schedule now out; new Ride2 service starting for part of WS

(WSB photos)

2:47 PM: Ever since King County announced that the West Seattle Water Taxi would add service when the Alaskan Way Viaduct shuts down for the tunnel transition, we’ve been asking about schedule specifics. Today – with exactly one month to go until the AWV is closed forever on January 11th – the schedule is out. It was released along with other transit-related announcements at a media briefing at Seacrest, led by County Executive Dow Constantine and Mayor Jenny Durkan. We were only able to drop in briefly after getting sidetracked by breaking news, but we did get the info you need to know:

Scroll through that document (or here in PDF) to see the new Water Taxi schedule, which will continue not only through the three-week Highway 99 closure, but all the way until the WT’s seven-days-a-week spring/summer schedule begins in late March. It also includes the expanded Route 773 and 775 shuttle schedules. Also, there’s word a new on-demand app-based ride service will start serving parts of West Seattle, Ride2:

(Ride2 van on display at today’s briefing

The new mobile app Ride2 Transit will make it possible for commuters to hail an on-demand van to and from two locations in West Seattle – the Water Taxi dock at Seacrest Park and the Alaska Junction – that will provide first- and last-mile transit.

Here’s the map of the area that Ride2 will serve:

The county says the Ride2 pilot program will start December 17th and last a year. Find out more here. Meantime, today’s new county info also includes this reminder about expanded parking for those who choose to get to the Water Taxi that way:

Harbor Ave SW will have overnight parking restrictions south of Seacrest Park on the southeast (water) side to allow open morning parking for approximately 120 cars.

SW Bronson Way is an unpaved parking area south of Salty’s restaurant which holds about 40 cars.

The Pier 2 parking lot is a secured parking facility holding more than 250 cars. It will be staffed Monday through Friday from 5:45 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Cars will not be accessible outside of these hours. We suggest you park here 20 minutes before sailing time. The shuttle will run the .6 mile route continuously between Pier 2 and Seacrest Park.

Again, the Alaskan Way Viaduct closes forever on January 11th, for about three weeks of work required to “Realign 99” with the new tunnel. Ramps to and from 99 in the stadium zone will close a week before that, on January 4th, and the new NB 99 ramp into downtown won’t open for two to three weeks after the tunnel (as first announced last June), so West Seattleites headed north are facing more like a six-week squeeze.

3:23 PM: Added photos. Also, if you’re interested in the official news release about today’s event, read it here.

West Seattle Water Taxi goes 5 days a week starting Monday

(WSB file photo)

In case you’ve missed our repeated mentions in morning traffic coverage, tonight’s the last night of this year’s 7-day-a-week West Seattle Water Taxi schedule. Starting tomorrow and continuing until late March, the foot ferry runs Mondays-Fridays, am and pm commute times only; you can see the schedule here. This offseason will have a twist – as we first reported last month, the West Seattle Water Taxi will add a second vessel, plus a park-and-sail lot, while Highway 99 is closed for the viaduct-to-tunnel transition starting January 11th. We’ll be following up soon to seek specifics.

NOISE ALERT: If you’re taking the Water Taxi this weekend, things might get loud

October 19, 2018 8:07 pm
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Just in from the West Seattle Water Taxi:

This coming Saturday, Oct. 20 and Sunday, Oct. 21, construction will take place on the south side of Pier 52 between the Water Taxi’s temporary facility and the Colman Dock Terminal. A large construction barge, a.k.a., the “Pacific Lifter,” will be driving new piles into the ground. Riders who are in this vicinity may experience high levels of noise as a result of the work. For Water Taxi riders who need hearing protection while waiting for the West Seattle boat during these periods, our terminal agents can provide ear plugs upon request.

Side note: This is the second-to-last weekend before the Water Taxi goes weekdays-only until spring; that schedule starts Monday, October 29th.

West Seattle Water Taxi crew honored for heroism

(King County photo: Marine Division director Paul Brodeur, Councilmember Joe McDermott, MV Doc Maynard deckhand Bob McDougall and captain Jeff Bearden)

The West Seattle Water Taxi crew’s rescue of a boater in August led to a special recognition event today. Here’s the official news release:

Pulling out of West Seattle’s Seacrest Dock on August 30, the crew of the King County Water Taxi MV Doc Maynard saw a man in the water and immediately went into action to get him out of the water and onto their vessel.

During an afternoon sailing of the Doc Maynard to West Seattle today, Metropolitan King County Council Chair Joe McDermott recognized ship Captain Jeff Bearden and the crew of the Doc Maynard for their quick response to the water emergency.

“It’s an honor to know Captain Bearden, Ms. Cook and Mr. McDougall. These are true professional public servants,” said McDermott. “Their skillful response to a dangerous situation should give confidence to everyone in King County that we’re in excellent hands on this very important regional transit service.”

When the man, who had fallen out of his boat, was spotted in the water, Captain Bearden steered the water taxi near his location and notified authorities of a person in distress. Deckhand Amanda Cook quickly threw the man a life jacket and prepared the equipment used for a man overboard. Deckhand Bob McDougall went into the water after getting into a rescue suit and helped the man out of Elliott Bay and onto the vessel.

“What impressed me most was the efficiency with which our crew responded to the man in the water and worked in unison to do as we’d trained,” said Capt. Bearden. “From the instant we first spotted him in the distance to the moment the paramedics were giving him a clean bill of health at the dock, only 15 minutes had elapsed and we were back on our way.”

WEEKEND: Bonus West Seattle Water Taxi trip for Orca Half

September 20, 2018 2:34 pm
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Sunday, the West Seattle Water Taxi is adding a trip to accommodate runners who are in the Orca Half (which is sold out). The alert::

In support of the Orca Half(-marathon) this coming Sunday, Sept 23, the King County Water Taxi will offer an additional roundtrip to West Seattle departing Pier 52 in downtown Seattle at 7:30 AM. There will be an added return trip departing Seacrest Park at 8:00 AM.

The Orca Half – which will not involve road closures – starts at Lincoln Park, with shuttles from Don Armeni, where the run will finish.

VIDEO: West Seattle Water Taxi crew rescues boater

10:24 PM: Thanks to Skip Tognetti for the video via Twitter – it confirms what tipster Kevin told us about this evening, a Water Taxi crew rescue just off Seacrest:

It appeared at about 6:05 pm a person fell out of a small Lund motorboat. Water Taxi pulled person out of water.

For all the times we’ve seen false-alarm “water rescue” callouts, there was no callout for this one, so we were unable to confirm at the time, but the video tells the tale.

ADDED 5 PM FRIDAY: Read more about it on the official Water Taxi blog-format website.

FOLLOWUP: King County Water Taxi’s added runs for SPF30 helped set single-day record

(From our first as-it-happened SPF30 report on 8/11/18, Carolyn Newman’s photo of the Water Taxi shuttle line at Seacrest)

Another SPF30 followup – the office of King County Executive Dow Constantine has sent this announcement that adding extra runs that day/night led to a ridership record:

King County Water Taxi set a single-day ridership record during Sub Pop Records’ 30th anniversary celebration on Alki Beach, working with event organizers to provide additional service for the biggest one-day event in West Seattle’s history.

It is the latest milestone for King County’s water taxi service, which set a monthly ridership record on its West Seattle route in July.

“Thousands of people enjoyed a scenic trip to Alki Beach for a major celebration without having to fight traffic or search for parking,” said King County Executive Dow Constantine. “Our successful collaboration with Sub Pop Records reflects our commitment to being nimble and responsive so we can deliver outstanding customer service.”

The water taxi staff worked with event organizers to add a second vessel to the West Seattle route for the peak hours of the festival. Sub Pop encouraged attendees to take King County’s water taxi and free shuttle to Alki Beach, reducing traffic congestion in the surrounding neighborhoods.

“It would have been impossible to bring that many people to our festival without the help of the King County Water Taxi,” said Sub Pop CEO Megan Jasper. “They understood our needs and created a flexible and efficient plan for our region’s music fans. Many of these folks rode the Water Taxi for the first time, and we’ve heard from many of them how enjoyable their commute was.”

“Music is one of those treasured experiences that brings people together,” Jasper added. “The Water Taxi is a local treasure. We are so grateful for the partnership and the experience they provided.”

More than 7,600 passengers sailed on King County’s water taxis on Aug. 11. Between 9 and 11:30 p.m., the MV Doc Maynard and the MV Sally Fox – which can carry 278 passengers each – carried more than 2,000 passengers from West Seattle to Pier 52.

The previous single-day ridership record was set in 2014 when 4,592 passengers sailed to and from the the Seattle Seahawks’ Super Bowl victory parade.

What the announcement doesn’t mention is how much Sub Pop paid to have a vessel added; we have asked that followup question. The record label added other forms of transportation to handle the crowd, too, including tour-bus-type shuttles from various West Seattle stops.

West Seattle Water Taxi alert: Smaller backup vessel now in use

August 13, 2018 12:26 pm
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An alert just in for West Seattle Water Taxi riders:

The Water Taxi will be using the Spirit of Kingston, its smaller back-up vessel, on the West Seattle route through Wednesday. The Doc Maynard has been removed from service for vessel repairs. Riders are strongly encouraged to arrive early for their evening commute.

CHANGE OF HEART: West Seattle Water Taxi WILL extend service for Pearl Jam August 8th concert after all

(WSB file photo of M/V Doc Maynard on an evening stop at Seacrest)

Some commenters expressed disappointment after we reported that the West Seattle Water Taxi wouldn’t offer extended service next Wednesday, August 8th, the first of two sold-out Pearl Jam concerts at Safeco Field. This afternoon, we’ve just received word from Water Taxi spokesperson Brent Champaco that there’s been a change of heart:

King County Water Taxi will offer extended evening sailings on the West Seattle route during the Pearl Jam concerts on Wednesday, Aug. 8 and Friday, Aug. 10 in Seattle.

We typically offer extended evening service for evening Mariners, Seahawks and Sounders FC home games during our summer schedule. However, given the number of West Seattle riders who are expected to attend the Pearl Jam concert, our standing principles to alleviate traffic congestion to support mobility for our residents warrants providing this additional service offering. King County Water Taxi will depart downtown Seattle at 8:30 p.m., 9:30 p.m. and 10:45 p.m.

And as we reported yesterday, he adds:

We would like to remind music fans that we are also working with Sub Pop Records to help fans get to and from their 30th anniversary celebration Saturday, Aug. 11 on Alki. In addition to the MV Doc Maynard running its regular Saturday service, we plan on running an extra boat (the MV Sally Fox) on the West Seattle route from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. and again from 7:30 p.m.-11:30 p.m. These times are when we expect most people to be traveling to, and returning from, the event.

TRANSIT ALERT: Smaller vessel on West Seattle Water Taxi run Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Just in case you hadn’t heard – this starts tomorrow, as announced by the King County Water Taxi:

The King County Water Taxi will operate the West Seattle route next Monday through Wednesday, July 23 – 25, using its smaller backup vessel, the Spirit of Kingston. The Doc Maynard will undergo preventative maintenance during this time. Riders are advised to arrive early for their evening commute as some sailings may sell out.

UPDATE: West Seattle, Vashon Water Taxi service resumes after Colman Dock evacuation ends

(Added: Photo by Carolyn Newman showing vessels awaiting the all-clear, including both King County Water Taxis)

5:03 PM: The West Seattle and Vashon Water Taxi routes are both suspended right now because Colman Dock downtown has been evacuated. Via Twitter, Washington State Ferries explains why:

Updates to come.

5:20 PM: And from SPD:

If you need to head westward across the Sound, we do NOT advise trying Fauntleroy-Southworth as an alternate – it had a major Friday afternoon backup going even before this.

5:52 PM: Colman Dock is reopening, SPD just announced:

Now we’re just waiting for word on Water Taxi management about how/when service will resume.

6:27 PM: From KCDOT:

The Vashon and West Seattle Water Taxi routes are resuming service. The West Seattle route will resume service with the 6:25 sailing from Seacrest Dock and the Vashon route resumes service from Pier 52 at 6:30pm.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT ALERTS: Downtown shutdowns for Saudi Crown Prince’s visit; Water Taxi runs canceled

5:45 PM: No specifics have been announced for security concerns, but the Saudi Crown Prince is in the area this afternoon and Seattle Police say downtown traffic is about to be affected – temporary shutdowns for a motorcade route. So if you are, or have to go through, downtown, you might want to wait a bit. He arrived in Everett this afternoon after flying from New York.

(WSB photo: Water Taxi on Friday night after service resumed)

6:35 PM: We don’t know if this is related, but we just got an alert that West Seattle Water Taxi runs are canceled between now and 7:30 pm, when service will resume with the run from Pier 52 downtown.

WATER TAXI REMINDER: 7-day-a-week schedule starts March 29th

We just happened to be close enough to Seacrest to get that photo of the West Seattle Water Taxi arriving, shortly after King County sent out this reminder about the seasonal schedule change kicking in a week from Thursday (March 29th), as we first mentioned last month:

The new schedule includes sailings seven days a week between West Seattle and Pier 52 in downtown Seattle. The Water Taxi will also offer evening sailings on Fridays, Saturdays, and during Seattle Mariners, Sounders, and Seahawks night home games.

Sports fans can enjoy traffic-free travel to both the March 29 Mariners home opener at Safeco Field and the Sounders March 31 match at CenturyLink Field.

For an adult one-way fare of $5.75 ($5 with an ORCA card), passengers can enjoy a 15-minute ride across Elliott Bay with views (weather permitting) of the Seattle skyline, Mount Rainier, and Olympic Mountains—and avoid paying for parking in Seattle.

Added sailings on weekdays will mean boats leave every 30 minutes during peak commute hours and every hour in off-peak times.

The Water Taxi is accessible by transit. In West Seattle, riders can take free Metro shuttles to and from the Water Taxi landing at Seacrest Park. Route 773 serves the West Seattle Junction. Route 775 serves the Admiral District and Alki. Both also serve destinations offering dining, shopping, and other entertainment.

The Vashon Island Water Taxi schedule stays the same throughout the year (visit to learn more).

If you haven’t been on the WT in a while – remember that the downtown dock continues to be in its temporary location north of Colman Dock. (We’re checking on progress of the new dock.)

WATER TAXI: Spirit of Kingston on West Seattle run TFN because of Sally Fox damage

February 20, 2018 12:43 pm
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As noted this morning in our traffic/transit coverage, the smaller Spirit of Kingston is on the West Seattle Water Taxi run because the regular WS vessel Doc Maynard is filling in for Sally Fox on the Vashon run. We’ve confirmed with the King County Department of Transportation that Sally Fox is out TFN for repairs. From Marine Division director Paul Brodeur:

The AM maintenance crew reporting to work yesterday morning discovered a line had parted overnight on the Sally Fox. This caused the Sally Fox to slip back against a hard edge of the moorage and maintenance barge. As a result of this, the rub rail and deck edge near the passenger loading station was damaged. The vessel has been moved to a local shipyard for repairs. There is no estimate at this time as to how long repairs will take.

This follows Sunday’s windstorm; we have a followup question out about whether that’s what KCDOT thinks is to blame. Both Water Taxi runs are on five-day-a-week operation right now; the West Seattle run moves to its 7-day-a-week schedule on March 29th.

Water Taxi fares rise on March 1st: Here’s what you’ll pay starting then

(WSB photo, July 2017)

A reminder from the King County Department of Transportation today – Water Taxi fares are going up March 1st. From the announcement:

For adults paying with ORCA, the one-way fare will be $5 per rider on the West Seattle route and $5.75 per rider on the Vashon Island route.

Adults paying with cash will pay $5.75 for West Seattle and $6.75 for Vashon Island.

Seniors and riders with disabilities will pay $2.50 for West Seattle and $3 for Vashon Island, a 25-cent increase over current fares.

Youth ORCA users and ORCA LIFT riders will now pay $3.75 a ride for West Seattle (25 cents more per ride) and $4.50 (50 cents more per ride) for Vashon Island. Children 5 years old and under can still ride the Water Taxi for free. To view all fare changes scheduled for March 1, visit our website and choose a route.

The fare policy was established when the Water Taxi operated under the King County Ferry District and was then adopted by King County. Fare increases have taken place every two years since 2012. Fare revenue helps King County meet fare box recovery targets and keep pace with rising costs to deliver safe, reliable and efficient Water Taxi service.

The King County Water Taxi continues to grow in popularity, providing riders with a congestion-free commute into downtown Seattle. In 2017, the Water Taxi carried nearly 600,000 riders combined on the West Seattle and Vashon Island routes. These two routes combined for more than 13,300 annual trip segments with over a 99-percent reliability rating.

Two more Water Taxi notes: The 5-day-a-week winter schedule runs through the end of March; and as noted in our morning commute coverage, remember that the Water Taxi will not be in service next Monday (Presidents Day).

ADDED 2:54 PM: We confirmed with KCDOT’s Brent Champaco that the spring/summer Water Taxi schedule really is starting on a Thursday (March 29th), different from years past. He explains that the date was chosen because it’s the Mariners’ home opener.

WATER TAXI ALERT: Delays tonight, with regular boat out of service

November 30, 2017 5:32 pm
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(Added: Texted photo – Spirit of Kingston at Seacrest tonight)

Thanks to the person who texted about a delay in the West Seattle Water Taxi’s departure from downtown around 5 pm. We hadn’t found the reason until this alert just came in:

The West Seattle and Vashon routes of the Water Taxi could be delayed at least 10-15 minutes tonight as all route departures will use the north side of the Pier 52 dock. The Doc Maynard has been taken out of service due to mechanical issues. West Seattle will resume service with the 5:25 pm departure from Pier 52 on the Spirit of Kingston.

WEST SEATTLE WATER TAXI: Record ridership reported for September

(WSB photo from last Friday)(WSB photo from July)

Ridership last month on both King County Water Taxi routes set September records, the county DOT says. The new numbers were published today, including:

The West Seattle route (had) 42,444 riders in September, up from 41,057 during the same month last year, representing a 3.4-percent increase.

Total year-to-date ridership is slightly down from last year’s record pace, the report adds, while noting various potential factors likely playing into that, including the five-day service interruption in August when the downtown dock was moved to its temporary location while its new permanent terminal is built. You can see a full month-by-month breakdown via the Data tab on this page of the Water Taxi website. October 29th, by the way, is the last day of this year’s seven-day-a-week schedule; you can preview the weekday-only winter schedule here.

VIDEO: West Seattle Water Taxi crew’s orca encounter

What a way to start the day! Thanks to the King County Water Taxi‘s West Seattle crew for sharing that video – from the Doc Maynard, they saw orcas on this morning’s 6:15 and 6:35 am sailings, Frank Massaro tells WSB, adding that crew member Jade Farrar recorded the video during the latter.

WATER TAXI: Extended schedule Sunday night

August 18, 2017 9:37 pm
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With a Sunday night Sounders FC match, the West Seattle Water Taxi will be on its extended schedule all weekend, as announced tonight. And in case this weekend will be the first time you’ve taken the WSWT since its dock and schedule change – see the new schedule here; last trip from the new dock north of the state-ferry terminal tonight, Saturday, and this Sunday will be 10:45 pm.

RETURN OF THE WATER TAXI: West Seattle on Saturday, Vashon on Monday

August 11, 2017 2:09 pm
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The Water Taxi website says it’s official: “King County Water Taxi will resume service out of its temporary location at Pier 52 beginning Saturday, Aug. 12 for the West Seattle route, which will operate on a new sailing schedule. The Vashon Island route will resume service on its normal sailing schedule beginning Monday, Aug. 14.” Both routes have been out of service since Monday so that the dock could move from the south side of the main downtown ferry terminal to the north side (see map above). It’ll be there for about a year and a half while the new passenger-ferry terminal is built on the site of the old one.

WATER TAXI UPDATE: West Seattle service could resume as early as Saturday

August 10, 2017 7:21 pm
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As noted here, we asked the county for a Water Taxi update earlier today – how the move to the new temporary dock is going, and whether service might resume short of the “up to one week” that they said they’d need. Tonight, Water Taxi spokesperson Brent Champaco tells us that West Seattle service could resume as soon as Saturday – and that’s also just been published on the Water Taxi website. So – definitely no service tomorrow (Friday, August 11th), but the county will determine whether they’ll be ready to go on Saturday, which would be good because the Mariners and Sounders both play at home. (The Vashon Water Taxi would resume Monday, since it doesn’t run weekends anyway.) So watch for an update tomorrow.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Monday watch; first day without Water Taxi service

(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

6:39 AM: Welcome to a new week! No incidents in/from West Seattle so far.

NO WATER TAXI SERVICE: Today’s biggest alert – this is the first day of up to a week without King County Water Taxi service. Both the West Seattle and Vashon runs are on hiatus until the new temporary dock on the north side of the downtown ferry terminal is ready to go – as recapped in our reminder published last night.

PAVING REMINDER: Both Beach Drive near Andover and 63rd SW north of Admiral have paving projects in progress. At week’s end, SDOT said that the 63rd project would continue through tomorrow.

STATE FERRIES: The M/V Issaquah, which had mechanical trouble yesterday and left the Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth route for a while, is repaired and back in service, WSF says.

8 AM: WSF now reports fog delays of up to 20 minutes on the route.

REMINDER: No West Seattle or Vashon Water Taxi service starting Monday, for up to a week

One more reminder: The King County Water Taxi is out of service as of tomorrow (Monday, August 7th), for up to a week. That’s a shorter maximum duration than what was originally announced in June, when KCDOT first said a service interruption would be needed for the move to a temporary downtown dock to be used during the overhaul of the permanent site on the south side of Colman Dock. Then in June, a followup announcement included the start date for the interruption, plus the plan for it to last no more than a week. When service resumes, the Water Taxi and Kitsap Transit‘s foot ferries will be using the new temporary dock, which is under construction as of last Monday (WSB coverage here) on the north side of Colman Dock. The temp dock will be in use for about a year and a half, with a revised schedule (find it here), too.