WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Business robbery; burglary arrest; bicycle theft

Three reports in West Seattle Crime Watch this morning:

BUSINESS ROBBERY: Police are investigating an armed robbery last night at Canna (WSB sponsor), the cannabis shop at 5440 California SW. Police say it happened just before 11:30 pm as the shop was preparing to close. Four masked people entered the store, two with guns drawn, according to a witness, who says they ordered three staff members and one customer to get on the floor. They took phones from the security guard and a customer, threw the phones over the counter, then stuffed cash and marijuana products into plastic trash bags and took off. Some of the products were found in a nearby alley. The robbers have not yet been found.

BURGLARY ARREST: A reader reported hearing police making amplified warnings early this morning in Highland Park. Here’s what that was about. The early police summary says officers responded to a domestic-violence disturbance around 2:30 am near 9th/Trenton but the person reported to have caused it was gone. Two hours later, they were called back to the same residence after the same person forced their way in, then ran off, jumping fences to get away. A K-9 search ensued – that’s what the amplified warnings were about (police policy is to warn suspects that a dog is being deployed to look for them) – and a suspect was found and arrested.

BICYCLE THEFT: The photo and report are from an Arbor Heights resident:

This guy came into our yard with bolt cutters in hand and rode off with one of our bikes (he left his own bike behind). If he’s riding around with bolt cutters then I assume he’s looking for other bikes as well. (Stolen) bike is a black Novaro Buzz.

The victim says this has been reported to police.

8 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Business robbery; burglary arrest; bicycle theft"

  • flimflam July 20, 2021 (11:30 am)

    I know why the pot shops can only take cash but it’s such a silly and dangerous regulation to impose on a business. It needlessly puts the workers in a bad spot and I would hope the rules can be loosened at some point soon.

  • 98126 Neighbor July 20, 2021 (6:50 pm)

    I saw the person with the bike heading northbound on 35th at 9:10am this morning, by cross st 98th. The target bag stood out and caught my eye. 

    • 98146 Neighbor July 20, 2021 (7:35 pm)

      I saw him heading up 44th in the Arroyos sometime before that… first riding, and then walking a bike.  As you said, the Target bag stood out.  

  • 98126 Neighbor July 21, 2021 (1:51 pm)

    Just saw your alleged bicycle thief at Target and your Novato Buzz bike is outside!

    • Auntie July 21, 2021 (2:18 pm)

      Maybe you could just hop on it and ride off a ways and hide it, thieving from the thief!

  • Fauntleroy July 24, 2021 (4:26 pm)

    Looks like the guy is actually sitting here and Lincoln Park now close to shelter number 2 …don’t see the bike 

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