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WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Power outage for 3,200+ customers blamed on tree

2:52 PM: After another burst of wind gusts, the power’s out for some in West Seattle. So far we’re hearing from the Admiral area. (Our lights flickered here in the south but the power’s still on.) Not yet mapped. Updates to come,

2:54 PM: Now it’s mapped. 3,292 customers in northeast West Seattle – part of Delridge, too. … Note that you’ll hear sirens because power outages tend to set off some automatic fire alarms and strand people in elevators, and SFD has to respond to those calls. (Added – Reader photo of Ladder 13 at Salty’s on Alki [WSB sponsor] for an elevator rescue:)

3:03 PM: Note that some businesses are affected as well as signalized intersections (that means the latter are all all-ways stops). … Another standard reminder: The “estimated restoration time” on the SCL map is absolutely meaningless – power could be back in five minutes or five hours. Commenters in North Delridge report hearing the type of noise pre-outage that suggests tree vs. wire but no specific reports yet – if you see City Light crews at work, let us know!

3:34 PM: Outage is down to 1,310 customers, per SCL map:

3:58 PM: The “elevator rescue” calls are all resolved now, but at one point both West Seattle ladder trucks were busy with them, so a third truck – Ladder 1, based at Station 10 in the International District – had to be called over. Here’s a texted reader photo of its response at 1661 Alki SW:

4:09 PM: From SCL: “The current West Seattle outage was caused by a tree coming down onto wires in the vicinity of 26th and Nevada.” … We don’t have specifics on this tree but if you know of a tree that appears to be a threat to power stability, SCL does have a form you can use to report it – find it here.

4:38 PM: Commenters report SCL is working at 28th/Nevada. Here’s a photo from Chris:

4:58 PM: The outage has disappeared from the map, which means everybody should be back on now.


As Marc Milrod‘s photo shows, we had clouds to the east this evening, while the sky was mostly clear to the west. Right now, though, icy showers are moving through (as in graupel/hail/sleet/”chunky rain”). The forecast didn’t call for a wintry mix, but it does suggest tonight’s low might dip below freezing.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: With cooldown on the way, the shelter’s open

With another round of extra-cold weather on the way, we’ve received this reminder from the emergency shelter at the West Seattle Veteran Center in The Triangle:

Just wanted to send out a reminder that the Shelter is open during these winter months. If you know someone/see someone that needs shelter, please send them our way: 3618 SW Alaska St.

-Cold Weather Shelter (overnight below 40F) open 5:00 PM, dinner at 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM

-Warm-Up Center open daily 7:30 am to 11:00 am. Hot breakfast from 8:30 am – 9:30 am
When the daytime temperature is forecast as below 40 F, the Shelter will be open all day.

The extended forecast says lows in the 20s are possible starting Sunday.

WEST SEATTLE SUNSET: Sunday colors, and a heartening stat if you like light

Thanks to Lynn Hall for the photo of tonight’s layered pink sunset. It gives us the chance to mention something heartening if you’re not a fan of the short, dark days of early winter … Thursday is the first day this year that the sun will set after 5 pm (5:01 to be exact). Only eight weeks until spring!

KING TIDES: Calm weather could be good news (updated)

2:42 PM: Sandbags and concrete blocks are in place in South Park in preparation for the return of “king tides” the next few mornings, but the good news is a calm forecast – no prediction for the kind of stormy weather that added to the predicted high tides last month, when low atmospheric pressure accompanied heavy rain. Tomorrow’s forecast is partly sunny; Tuesday brings a “slight chance of rain”; Thursday is expected to be mostly cloudy. Nonetheless, Seattle Public Utilities says it’s done what it can, just in case, as outlined here. City reps said at a briefing earlier this month that 49 homes and businesses suffered “substantial” damage from flooding in December.

9:49 PM: In an update for media tonight, SPU reiterates that the forecast doesn’t suggest flooding. But its preparations so far total “an estimated 90,000 sandbags and barriers totaling 1.4 miles.” Its update also notes that housing assistance for those affected by last month’s flooding has been extended through February 28th.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Sunset between the storms

Thanks to everyone who sent photos of tonight’s deep-pink sunset! The photo above is from Estelle Shives; below, from Brooke Gosztola:

(added) And from Mark Dale, looking toward Vashon and a Fauntleroy-bound ferry:

While today was sunny and dry, the rain is on its way back, according to the National Weather Service, which has issued a trong>Special Weather Statement warning that heavy rain later this week could increase the risk of slides.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: From rainbows to downed tree

(Photo tweeted by @i8iphone)

1:33 PM: Thanks to everyone sending rainbow photos! The wind alert from earlier today has expired but unsettled weather continues – rain squalls, sunbreaks, and still a chance of wind gusts. The rainbows showed up between the squalls.

(Photo by Doug Eglington)

Intermittent rain is forecast for the rest of the day but so far tomorrow’s weather is expected to be sunny!

2:32 PM: The current round of rain has been intense for more than a few minutes. Meantime, thanks to the texter who sent this photo of a tree down across 29th SW near Westwood Village Target:

A blocked public street or path can be reported to SDOT at 206-684-ROAD, or after-hours at 206-386-1218.

WEATHER ALERT: Wind Advisory until noon

The wind’s kicking up, and the National Weather Service has issued a Wind Advisory alert that’s in effect until noon: “Southeast winds 15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 50 mph.”

WEATHER ALERT: Coastal Flood Advisory for Friday morning

January 5, 2023 3:14 pm
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With a fairly high tide – 12.2 feet – arriving amid somewhat unsettled weather, the National Weather Service has issued a Coastal Flood Advisory alert for Friday morning. The alert will span 3 to 8 am; high tide is at 6:06 am. The NWS explains, “A Coastal Flood Advisory indicates that onshore winds and tides will combine to generate flooding of low areas along the shore.” The current forecast predicts a windy night but it’s expected to calm down by morning,

WEST SEATTLE SCENES: 3 sunrise views

Thank you to everyone who sent photos of today’s colorful sunrise! Above, Coleman Smith shows us the Mount Rainier view; below, Gene Pavola caught the westward view with the Olympics’ pastel-pink glow:

And one more angle, from Jerry Simmons:

While the sunset’s been getting later for almost two weeks, the sunrise doesn’t start getting earlier for a few more days.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Wind arrives; off-again-on-again power outage affects almost 5,000 customers

6:27 PM: The wind is getting stronger and the first West Seattle power-outage reports are in – Arbor Heights, Fauntleroy, Morgan Junction reports so far. Almost 5,000 customers (homes/businesses/facilities), according to the City Light map. Updates to come.

6:39 PM: The wind’s roaring up here. Possibly related to the outage, wires are down on 35th at 108th, and the road’s closed south of there, reports Colby, who sent the photo:

A few reminders: The High Wind Warning is in effect until 1 am, so we could be in for a few hours of this. If your power goes out, don’t open your refrigerator/freezer – what’s inside will keep for longer. And remember that the “estimated restoration time” on City Light’s map is absolutely meaningless – it’s automatically generated and even the utility admits the estimates are useless.

7:23 PM: In case you’re wondering – though the outage stretches from Lowman Beach to The Arroyos, the Fauntleroy ferry dock has power, Alice Enevoldsen texted us to report. (See terminal cameras here.)

7:32 PM: Some report their power’s back on (comments and phone calls). SCL’s map lags a bit in updates so we’ll see if that’s everyone. … And a moment later, the map’s updated – 276 still out.

7:56 PM: Now the map shows a multitude of smallish outages, still in the same general area affected before, totaling more than 1,100 customers. … No other major problems reported so far, but we’re monitoring.

8:37 PM: If you lost power, then got it back, and have lost it again … you’re not alone. … On police radio, an officer just told a dispatcher that 35th/Roxbury is in the outage zone, which reminds us to remind you that dark or otherwise malfunctioning signals mean it’s an all-ways stop.

9:26 PM: Unlike yesterday’s short burst of high wind, we haven’t had a lot of downed-tree reports … so far. SPD Twitter log shows a call for one in the 5000 block of Puget Boulevard.

9:45 PM: As noted by commenters, many got their power back … and the map again shows the number affected has dropped below 300. … The late-night National Weather Service “forecast discussion” says “System continues to wind down across the area tonight.” And after this, no extreme weather in the foreseeable forecast – New Year’s Eve/Day should be downright quiet. There’s an alert for possible coastal flooding again tomorrow, but without the main factor that added extra feet to this morning’s high tide – the low-pressure system – it’s not expected to be nearly as extreme.

11 PM: The NWS has reiterated the High Wind Warning in effect through 1 am, but downsized the wind outlook to “Southwest winds 20 to 30 mph with gusts up to 40 mph.”

11:52 PM: More power restored! The map shows no one currently still without electricity in West Seattle.

1:08 AM: The wind alert has expired but the wind itself has not.

PHOTOS: Weather-enhanced king tide swamps West Seattle shores

Though the tide tables showed the 8:40 am “king tide” this morning would be slightly lower than yesterday, with the atmospheric conditions, the tide instead rose higher. The first three photos are from Deb Holbrook – above, the Alki Bathhouse, below, Statue of Liberty Plaza and the completely swamped beach:

(added) Also from Alki, Zach Wolpa‘s photo shows the west end of the promenade:

(added) And one more Alki view, from David Hutchinson, also showing how the water reached to the edge of the trail:

At Fauntleroy, as Elizabeth pointed out in her note with the photo below, this tide is a reminder of why the ferry dock needs to be higher when rebuilt (as is part of Washington State Ferries‘ plan):

She also sent this photo from the mouth of Fauntleroy Creek:

(added) Paulette‘s photo shows a logjam against the south side of the ferry dock:

As shown here, high tide was at least two feet higher than expected.

ADDED 11 AM: Doug Eglington sent this view of Don Armeni Boat Ramp:

Thanks again to everyone who’s sent photos! (westseattleblog@gmail.com or text 206-293-6302)

One more wind casualty: Light show at ‘the 4040 house’

This morning’s wind burst brought an earlier-than-planned end to the season for the holiday light show at “the 4040 house,” Ryan‘s display on Genesee Hill, featured here December 4th. We got this update from Ryan:

Unfortunately, our hopes of running the show through the New Year will not be possible. This morning’s high winds damaged some of the support structure and with higher winds in the forecast there is not enough time to safely initiate repairs.

While this may be disappointing news, the good news is we have already started planning for next year! While we don’t want to spoil any surprises, you can expect to see even more lights and holiday cheer.

On a personal note: We would like to thank our neighbors for their patience and support this holiday season. Without your kindness this would not have been possible.

We would also like to thank everyone who visited us this year. Seeing so much joy and happiness made this entirely worthwhile.

Please have a safe and prosperous New Year. We will see you at 🎃 Halloween!

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Wind Advisory alert for Tuesday (evening update)

3:47 PM: Seems this morning’s brief burst of strong wind was just a preview. We mentioned wind in the forecast for tomorrow, and now that’s been upgraded to a Wind Advisory alert for our area, 7 am to 7 pm Tuesday. The National Weather Service alert says in part, “South winds 30 to 40 mph with gusts up to 50 mph expected over the Seattle vicinity.” So charge everything and scout around outside for anything in danger of getting picked up and tossed by the wind; if you have extra garbage/recycling out for pickup tomorrow, consider strategies for securing it. Metro has already warned the wind might affect Water Taxi service, with this advisory: “The Vashon Island and West Seattle Water Taxis may experience delays and/or cancellations tomorrow, Tuesday, Dec. 27, as a result of high winds and waves in the forecast for Puget Sound. We will begin service as regularly scheduled and will provide customer updates throughout the day.”

9:40 PM: The NWS has now extended the alert to last until 1 am Wednesday morning, and added this: “Strongest winds in the afternoon and evening. Isolated gusts to 60 mph possible in the afternoon and evening.”

REMINDER: Here’s how the city is handling garbage/recycling pickup this week

Last week’s snow and ice are long gone but one lasting memory is in view along curbs: Uncollected garbage, recycling, and yard waste. This morning Seattle Public Utilities reiterated how that’ll be handled this week:

-Monday, normal since you weren’t missed last week
-Tuesday-Friday, collection is on your regular day, and you can put out twice the regular weekly amount, since you were missed last week. SPU says again that if last week was your recycling week, “We will attempt to pick up recycling in the off week.”

If you’re setting out extra, here’s what SPU requests that you put it in.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Gusty wind brings down trees

9:23 AM: Thanks to everyone who’s sent photos from the aftermath of this morning’s burst of wind. First, the strong wind was relatively brief but brought down trees and limbs. The photo above is from 41st/Thistle, sent by Guillaume Wiatr. And Bill Schrier in Admiral reports a downed tree limbs block SW Holgate street 4500 block and 46th SW at SW Holgate:

Next photo is from an anonymous reader, along 42nd between Juneau & Findlay.

No injuries or major power outages reported so far. There’s been no wind alert, either, but the forecast for Tuesday night warns of gusts above 40 mph.

ADDED 11:09 AM: This photo was just tweeted from the same stretch of 42nd SW shown above:

Also, as noted in this comment, there’s an unmapped power outage several blocks east of there along 37th SW. RB also tells us via email that the neighborhood is on an “old 4KV feeder” that SCL has confirmed won’t show up on the outage map – and they’ve been pushing for an upgrade “for years.” Meantime, Waikikigirl sent this photo from North Shorewood:

She reports, “Huge tree down on 26th Ave SW Southbound between 110th and 114th.”

ADDED 3:51 PM: From L’Nayim:

Dog owners should take note that a huge tree took out a portion of the fence at Westcrest dog park.

9:40 PM: Update from 41st and Thistle – the street’s been cleared by city crews working into the evening. Also of note, Susan Romanenghi sent this photo of a downed tree across the Lincoln Park north path:

That was at midday; we don’t know if it’s since been cleared.

WEST SEATTLE MONDAY: What you need to know about this semi-holiday

It’s the day after Christmas, but since the holiday happened on a Sunday this time, many are “observing” the holiday today. So we start the day with these notes:


*Low bridge still closed
*Metro on Sunday schedule
*No Water Taxi today
*Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth state ferry route on 2-boat schedule
*Free parking today in areas of the city with on-street paid parking
*See citywide traffic cams here, West Seattle-relevant cams here


*No USPS services except Priority Mail Express
*Banking holiday
*Libraries open today
*Most Seattle Parks facilities closed


*Special Weather Statement for increased slide risk with heavy rain through Tuesday
*’King tide’ high tide at 7:55 am today – 13.0 feet

Got news? Text us at 206-293-6402,or email westseattleblog@gmail.com if non-urgent – thank you!

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: What followed the ice

Thanks to the texter who sent that photo of a “waterfall” at Lincoln Park, as rain runoff and ice melt-off flowed down the steps to the beach. Tonight we’re likely to have more intermittent rain, though the National Weather Service doesn’t expect it to be heavy, and moderate southerly wind, with gusts up to 20 mph. The air is balmy in comparison to the below-freezing temps earlier this week – right now it’s 52 degrees, and daytime highs in the low 50s are forecast through Tuesday.


2:24 PM We’re launching our pm coverage with another photo of another West Seattle hill littered with vehicles whose drivers were thwarted by ice – the texter reports, “Lander St west of Admiral has several vehicles that have had to be abandoned, including an EMT vehicle. Please do not attempt to drive down closed roads!” We showed several other trouble spots in our first report on this icy day. The other big news right now – Metro just announced that service will resume at 4 pm, with Emergency Snow Network routing. Plus, the temperature’s finally risen to freezing. Carrying over our lists from earlier:

-Low bridge closed for ‘mechanical issues’ (see 9:03 pm update below)
-All Metro bus service has resumed with Emergency Snow Network routes only until 4 am Saturday
King County Water Taxi service CANCELED for reset of day
Update: Sea-Tac (SEA) operations now has 2 of 3 runways open
All Seattle Public Library locations closed
West Seattle Food Bank closed
West Seattle/Fauntleroy YMCA closed
ArtsWest closing performance of “Q Brothers Christmas Carol” canceled
-Business closures/changes – see the list here
*Garbage/recycling/etc. canceled again today – no pickups until next week

Winter Storm Warning until 7 pm
SDOT Winter Weather Response map (which roads it’s serviced and how recently)
Citywide traffic cams
West Seattle traffic cams
County traffic cams (choose “south” tab for White Center)
Washington State Ferries alerts

Updates to come. Info and photos appreciated – westseattleblog@gmail.com or (text) 206-293-6302 – thank you!

3 PM: That’s the SDOT camera at California/Alaska, which a few people pointed out was aimed in an almost unrecognizable direction earlier. SDOT has aimed it back at the heart of Walk-All-Ways. Speaking of The Junction, a mail truck got into trouble on the north edge, SW Genesee east of 42nd:

On the other side of the mail truck is a multiple-vehicle icy-hill pileup. (Thanks to Viacheslav for the photo, and thanks to everyone who’s been sending photos – got some non-crash ones to add a bit later too.)

4:09 PM: The thaw is on! We can hear ice sliding off some of the shrubs and trees outside. So let’s look at a beauty shot – this is from Michelle R-R:

Also of note – Sea-Tac/SEA has announced that two of its three runways are now open. … Added to the list above, ArtsWest has canceled tonight’s closing performance of “Q Brothers Christmas Carol” (thanks for the tip).

5:27 PM: The temperature hasn’t warmed as much as forecast, but it is above freezing. Some went out and ice-skated today, like Claire, who recorded this video at Luna/Anchor Park:

Somebody else tweeted video of skating on a West Seattle street.

6:17 PM: The low bridge is closed for the second time today. … The melting has accelerated; we can hear it in the roof gutters/downspout.

6:29 PM: Trouble on the low bridge too. SDOT reports a westbound lane closed at 1st Ave.; tipster Todd says it’s a semitruck in trouble. … Still adding to our business closures/changes list; a texter pointed out that Metropolitan Market is closing at 8 pm.

8:30 PM: Melting has begun but that doesn’t mean the road ice is gone, as commenter Amy warns below … Metro says it will return to regular routing at 4 am Saturday, with a few suspended routes including West Seattle’s 125 … Sea-Tac/SEA says it’s expecting “near-normal operations” tomorrow … Though most of us are likely glad to see the ice go, it brought some beauty in its own way, this photo by Rosalie Miller shows us:

That’s thyme – “frozen in thyme,” as Rosalie quipped.

8:55 PM: As mentioned in comments, the westbound high bridge is blocked at the moment just east of the 99 overpass. It appears to be a towing operation, possibly related to the problem mentioned earlier. The low bridge appears to still be closed too, both ways.

9:03 PM: Just got an SDOT update about the low bridge:

The Spokane Street Bridge (Low Bridge) remains closed to all travelers as Seattle Department of Transportation crews continue to work to diagnose and repair mechanical issues which have caused the Spokane Street Bridge to stay in the open position. The bridge failed to close properly after a power outage was resolved and is stuck in an “open” position late this afternoon. Currently, there is no time estimate of when the bridge will re-open. SDOT advises people who drive, walk, bike, and roll on the low bridge to find alternate routes.

Also, WSF says the Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth route will be on one-boat service Saturday morning due to a staffing shortage.

10:45 PM: The westbound high bridge is open again.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER/TRAFFIC: Icy Friday updates – no buses/Water Taxi, power outage, closures/changes, more

(Latest images from SDOT high-bridge camera and California/Admiral camera)

5:45 AM: The ice arrived overnight and right now, much has come to a standstill as a result:

-All Metro/ST bus service suspended
King County Water Taxi service CANCELED for reset of day
Update: Sea-Tac (SEA) operations limited
All Seattle Public Library locations closed
West Seattle Food Bank closed
West Seattle/Fauntleroy YMCA closed
-Business closures/changes – we’re making a list here
*Garbage/recycling/etc. canceled again today – no pickups until next week

The Winter Storm Warning remains in effect, with “heavy mixed precipitation including freezing rain” expected to linger for a while.

SDOT Winter Weather Response map (which roads it’s serviced and how recently)
Citywide traffic cams
West Seattle traffic cams
County traffic cams (choose “south” tab for White Center)
Washington State Ferries alerts

7 AM: Metro has published an update and promises its next one at 10 am, so its services, including the Water Taxi, will remain suspended for at least several more hours. … The low bridge remains closed, and the SDOT map shows official closures on several notorious West Seattle hills including SW Genesee east of Avalon and SW Morgan west of 35th.

7:30 AM: We’ve had multiple reports of “flashes” and while the ones a few hours ago didn’t result in outages, we have one reported now – 218 customers in what looks to be mostly Puget Ridge:

As you can see on the City Light map, this is the biggest one in the city currently, but there’s a risk of more as the ice weighs down wires and branches.

8:10 AM: Ferry service is back to two boats on the Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth run, so we’re moving the WSF alerts link to the “infolinks” list above. … Speaking of info, we’re also interested in business changes/closures, so please text/email if you have anything to announce (westseattleblog@gmail.com or 206-293-6302). … We’re making that list here.

8:42 AM: More streets reported closed/blocks because of driver mishaps on the ice – SW Oregon east of California, SW Holden east of 35th. (Added – texted photo of SW Oregon)

Low bridge has now REOPENED.

9:09 AM: More crash reports from SDOT – Fauntleroy/Edmunds, Marine View Drive/SW 102nd. … Alki resident who just went up California from Harbor to The Admiral District reports “ice rink.” … That was from Debra, who also reports cars stuck in icy Admiral Safeway lot. … Speaking of Admiral, here’s a texted photo of Admiral Way at 47th AFTER a plow went through:

9:36 AM: SPU just made the call, no collection today either, no makeups tomorrow; if you were skipped this week, you can put out double next week.

10 AM: Metro says its service suspension will continue until at least 2 pm. Our business closures/changes list continues to lengthen. Lots of people reporting icy roads, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks.

10:41 AM: The SDOT truck above was seen on Beach Drive near Jacobsen, where Creighton reports: “Beach Drive at Jacobson zero traction, all ice. City deicing truck passed by at 9, but not able to scrape off any ice with its blade.” … Also this road report from Catherine: “48th Ave. SW at Genesee, a car tried to go southbound on 48th and is now sitting sideways across the street. The fire department is out of cones and neighbors are trying to find caution tape to block off the road at Genesee and 48th.”

11:30 AM: Above is a photo of Lincoln Park’s south parking lot, sent by Kelsey, who says it was left open last night and shouldn’t have been, so now drivers are going in and getting stuck. Avoid.

11:56 AM: Above is a photo from Paul showing the chain-reaction crash on the east side of Fauntleroy/Edmunds. Might be the same crash we mentioned earlier – most crashes are not getting cleared quickly for obvious reasons (including how backed up tow-truck drivers are). … New SDOT director Greg Spotts tweeted that he’s been out touring the city to check on crews and says the department’s West Seattle crews are doing excellent work. … We’re continuing to update the business closure/change list – including when we get word that businesses have indeed opened (Thunder Road Guitars [WSB sponsor] just did). Also, we’ll keep this report going for the next hour or so and then switch over to pm coverage.

12:21 PM: Water Taxi now canceled for the rest of the day.

12:34 PM: Thanks to the texter who reported power restored on Puget Ridge. SCL map shows all but 25 customers from that outage are back on. Meantime, an encouraging sign … the temperature has made it to 30 degrees.

1:14 PM: We’re going to end this roundup with a warm image .. Brian sent a photo of just-baked cookies, declaring this a “great day for baking”:

If you can do some baking too, this is the third day the south location of West Seattle Coworking (9030 35th SW) is collecting homemade cookies for The Christmas People – WSC’s Ross says, “We will continue collecting cookies all day and will add an extra hour to drop off ending at 4:00 p.m. instead of 3:00 p.m. that will give more time to people. Many are stuck home in a cold day so I could be a perfect day for baking cookies and do something good. Yesterday was kind of slow so we hope to make it up today.” They’ll also accept cookies 9 am-3 pm tomorrow.

(For PM coverage, go here)

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Thursday pm updates – roads, water breaks, more

5:09 PM: That’s a texted photo of Fairmount Avenue – through the trees – where several drivers got into trouble this afternoon. It’s one of the icy, hilly streets you’ll want to stay off again tonight, even before the forecast snow/freezing rain moves in. Speaking of which, we’re now officially under an upgraded alert, a Winter Storm Warning, which took effect at 4 pm. The National Weather Service still warns that what’s on the way is a “complex mix” and says that it’ll be snow until about 2 am, then freezing rain, with temperatures starting to rise. In the meantime, if the freezing rain really does arrive, risks include power outages from ice-laden branches and wires, so keep everything charged. The well-below-freezing weather also has affected water service for some – we just got a text about a water outage at 32nd/Cloverdale, which is now on the Seattle Public Utilities map; an earlier outage at 36th/106th has been resolved.

SDOT Winter Weather Response map (which roads it’s serviced and how recently)
Metro alerts and reroutes
Washington State Ferries alerts
Citywide traffic cams
West Seattle traffic cams
County traffic cams (choose “south” tab for White Center)

Updates as we get them. (westseattleblog@gmail.com or text/call 206-293-6302 – thanks!)

7:01 PM: The West Seattle YMCA (WSB sponsor) says it’s opening late Friday, 9 am.

8:23 PM: No precipitation yet here on the Gatewood/Upper Fauntleroy line (nor on any of the WS traffic cams we’ve checked), but the radar shows it headed this way. Let us know when you see it where you are!

9:55 PM: The NWS’s latest forecast discussion explains the radar: “Widespread light radar echos are spreading across the region this evening. The vast majority of this precipitation is evaporating before reaching the surface due to the cold, dry airmass in place.” But the NWS still expects that to change at some point during the night.

11:29 PM: Some icy precipitation in this video Brendan tweeted:

We’re seeing some on the traffic cameras, too. Meantime, SFD confirmed to us late tonight that two fire-alarm calls in West Seattle earlier today – including one at the QFC/Capco Plaza building in The Junction – were water-related. Overall, SFD spokesperson David Cuerpo tells WSB, “Dating back to Monday, Dec. 19, Seattle Fire has responded to approximately 13 medical emergencies related to the snow and cold weather.”

BIZNOTE: Alki Bike and Board’s ski and snowboard service

A timely message from Alki Bike and Board (2606 California SW; WSB sponsor):

(Stevens Pass photo courtesy Alki Bike and Board)

You know what all this snow in the city means? It’s time to get up into the mountains. Our books are cleared up and we can guarantee to have the quickest turnaround in town. Call or stop in today and we can get you on the schedule.

We will be closing:

Christmas Eve at 4 PM
Closed Christmas Day
New Year’s Eve 4 PM
Closed New Year’s Day

AB&B is open until 6 today, 10 am-6 pm tomorrow, and if you do want to call and check on scheduling for ski/snowboard service, they’re at 206-938-3322.

WEATHER: More changes for bus riders Friday, when Metro plans to switch to Emergency Snow Network

December 22, 2022 1:46 pm
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 |   Transportation | West Seattle news | West Seattle weather

Metro says it’s going to change its service plan to the Emergency Snow Network on Friday. From the announcement just sent::

With ongoing freezing temperatures and a widespread freezing rainstorm forecast for the region, King County Executive Dow Constantine directed Metro to shift bus service to the Emergency Snow Network starting Friday, Dec. 23. The move focuses service on 65 core bus routes operating on snow routes that the City of Seattle and other jurisdictions prioritize for snow and ice removal. The Emergency Snow Network (ESN) will be effective at 4 a.m. Friday, Dec. 23, until 4 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 24.

This approach delivers transit service for the most riders and on streets and highways that are more reliably treated during adverse weather. Customers will be able to board service on 65 core bus routes and shuttles prioritizing higher ridership routes, avoiding steep hills and primarily serving key arterials and transit centers. The routes were developed in coordination and collaboration with jurisdictions, including the City of Seattle.

Metro will continue to operate all service on snow routes Thursday, Dec. 22, until switching to the ESN early Friday morning.

Routes operating as part of the ESN will serve core centers around King County, via RapidRide A, B, C, D, E and F lines, routes 3, 4 (between Seattle Center and Downtown Seattle only), 5, 7, 10, 21 (local service only), 24, 27 (snow shuttle only), 31, 32, 36, 40, 44, 45, 48, 60, 62, 65, 67, 70, 75, 90 (downtown Seattle/First Hill snow shuttle) 101, 105, 106 (between Renton Transit Center and Mount Baker Transit Center only), 120, 124, 128, 131, 132, 148, 150, 160, 161, 165, 168, 181, 184, 230, 231, 239, 245, 250, 255, 271 (between University of Washington and Eastgate only), 331, 345, 348, 372, 522, 545, 550, 554, 631 (if road conditions allow) 773/775 (if Water Taxi is running), 903, 906, 907 and 930.

Metro staff will be monitoring the performance of this network and making adjustments as needed to improve operations. Customers in outlying areas and neighborhoods should prepare for reduced or temporarily unavailable bus service due to inclement weather, difficult travel conditions and topography.

For the rest of today, Metro continues on snow routing, with cancellations/suspensions as announced.