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PHOTOS: Stormy start to West Seattle’s Saturday

Even if you didn’t see this morning’s thunderstorm, you probably heard it! Thanks to everyone who sent photos of the storm, and what preceded it. Above, Kersti Muul caught lightning on camera. Below, the clouds themselves put on a show – first, from Lance Merkin @ Alki:

Next, James Tilley‘s photo shows the rain advancing toward that formation:

And from Shorewood, Jim Edwards sent this view:

Deb Barker scanned the sky for this video view:

A few hours before the storm, @WestSeaWX tweeted this gorgeous sunrise view:

As for the forecast, the thunderstorms have passed, but more rain is on the way, and breezy conditions too.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Get ready for rain, wind

(Friday night sunset, sent by Paige, “above Alki”)

Might be blustery tonight, so this is a reminder to be sure you haven’t left anything outside these past few warm days that you wouldn’t want to see caught in a storm. The forecast says it’ll be very rainy – potentially more than an inch! – tonight, and breezy too, out of the south/southwest.

ADDED 8:17 AM: Yes, that’s thunder!

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Cool clouds, with warmup on the way

Thanks to James Tilley for the photo, taken from Alki, looking south – he identifies those as Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds, explained here. Otherwise, the big news about the weather is that the next three days are expected to bring highs at least in the 70s – possibly 80s on Thursday.


Friday ended on the gray side. So we’ll start the holiday weekend with some views shared by your West Seattle neighbors earlier in the week:

Some beautiful sunsets – above is Theresa Arbow O’Connor‘s photo from Thursday night; below, Lynn Hall‘s photo from Monday night:

Tuesday night, Nicole Neufeld recorded this timelapse:

And three views with vessels:

Above, John Hinkey photographed a barge in a sunbreak Tuesday night; below, David Hutchinson noted an outbound cargo ship with the Olympic Mountains as a post-sunset backdrop Friday night:

And Dan Keller caught the fireboat’s show off Alki on Wednesday:

Thanks again to everyone!

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Summer-like temperatures on the way

May 7, 2020 9:48 am
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(Wednesday’s sunset at Alki, photographed by Eugene Lee)

For the first time this spring, truly summer-like weather is on the way. The forecast is for sunshine through Sunday; while today’s high is expected to be seasonal – in the 60s – the next three days could get near or past 80. Sunday in particular – possibly the mid-80s. Then on Monday, clouds are expected to return.

WEST SEATTLE SUNSET: Weekend ends beautifully

Thanks for the views of tonight’s sunset!

Above, from Kersti Muul at Me-Kwa-Mooks; below, from Stephanie:

And from Lynn Hall:

(added) And Andy Rottler caught this view while out paddleboarding:

It’s a little far off for forecast accuracy … but next Saturday might hit the 80s.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Scenes from a squall

Great views of the squall that swept through with rain and hail – in the sunshine! – earlier this evening. Above, tweeted by Kevin Freitas; below, tweeted by @WestSeaWx:

Sue Bell shared this view of the blue/gray line over Madison Middle School:

Next one is a view we caught from Alki avenue SW:

The National Weather Service says thunderstorms are possible tonight.


12:39 PM: We’ve seen sun, rain, and now hail today – the photo above is how the street looked outside WSB HQ a short time ago. Could be wild weather off and on all afternoon – the forecast calls for possible thunderstorms.

P.S. For contrast – a reader near Lincoln Park shared this photo from just a few hours ago:

12:51 PM: The NWS shares a high-level view:

ADDED 2 PM: More photos and video – thank you! First, from Stephen @ Lowman Beach:

Video from Troy in Gatewood:

SPRING: Alice Enevoldsen’s season-change sunset watch goes online

March 15, 2020 7:12 pm
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(Photo by Scott Scowcroft – Alice’s spring-equinox sunset watch in March 2019)

Virus or no virus, the earth keeps turning, and spring will arrive this Thursday (March 19th). Like many other events, West Seattle astronomy educator Alice Enevoldsen‘s change-of-seasons sunset watch will go online this time around. Alice says you’re invited to join it via Zoom – 6:30-7:30 pm on Thursday. She will post the link here (and of course we’ll remind you too) that day.

SEEN FROM WEST SEATTLE: 3 supermoon views

The first of three consecutive “supermoons” brought breathtaking sights, and we have three to share. Above, Greg Snyder photographed the Monday morning moonset over the Olympic Mountains’ iconic Brothers. Below, Dan Ciske‘s view of the Monday evening moonrise over the Cascades, from Duwamish Head:

Just a bit further southeast, David Hutchinson was along Harbor Avenue:

Just a week and a half until spring arrives – 8:49 pm Thursday, March 19!


If the sky stays relatively clear – as forecast – you might see the full moon setting this morning; official moonset time will be 8:01 am. Above, Theresa Arbow-O’Connor photographed the rising moon through blossoms; below, Danny McMillin caught it setting Sunday:

This is the first of three consecutive “supermoons.”

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Might get loud later

March 7, 2020 4:24 pm
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(Photo by Victoria Gnatoka)

Sunbreaks and even a rainbow this afternoon – but, heads up, the updated forecast says “scattered thunderstorms” are a possibility this evening. But – partly sunny tomorrow, sunny Monday! (Helpful if you are working from home and need a break – maybe a walk along Alki or Lincoln Park shores …)

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Hit by hail – and now, thunder

5:49 PM: Thanks for all the reports! Hail just hit many areas of West Seattle (though it seems to have bypassed us in Upper Fauntleroy – maybe not for long, since we just heard thunder). The photo above is from Rosalie in Admiral Below, some of the reports tweeted at us:

Thunderstorms were in the forecast we published last night – though NOT in the latest update.

6:03 PM: Must be north-to-south-moving hail – NOW it’s here (got a text from Gatewood, too).

ADDED: Two photos from David Hutchinson showing the skies right after the first wave of hail:

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Sunset sunbreak, and what’s ahead

February 28, 2020 7:53 pm
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James Bratsanos caught tonight’s sunset sunbreak in the view above; below, @WestSeaWx explained it via Twitter:

As for the weekend ahead, the forecast suggests a varied menu – breezy overnight, more rain off and on, maybe even some thunderstorms tomorrow.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: More wind on the way; tree trouble

10:30 AM: No notable damage or outages reported here from the wind that moved through this morning, but in case you have some cleanup to do, here’s a warning that more wind is expected as the day goes on. No official alert, but “south wind … 15 to 25 mph … becoming southwest with gusts to 35 mph in the afternoon. TONIGHT… Southwest wind 15 to 25 mph with gusts to 35 mph.” Possible afternoon/evening thunderstorms too.

11:55 AM: Thanks to Ann Marie for the photo above – she says downed trees are blocking that stairway at Lincoln Park.

West Seattle weekend scene: ‘Snow Moon,’ setting

February 9, 2020 5:33 pm
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We showed you the rise of last night’s “Snow Moon” in the daily highlights – now, this morning’s moonset, photographed by Kersti Muul. With a mostly sunny Monday in the forecast, it might be in view again tomorrow morning; moonset is expected at 8:35 am.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Wind Advisory alert

New alert from the National Weather Service – a Wind Advisory for our area for 4 pm today through 7 am tomorrow. The advisory says forecasters expect “southwest winds 20 to 35 mph with gusts up to 45 mph.”


10:13 AM: That light snow that’s been a possibility for the past day-plus has finally shown up. The National Weather Service says it’s in the forecast until late afternoon, but isn’t expecting much if any accumulation.

12:46 PM: The light snow continues, but it’s not even sticking to parked cars.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Don’t freak if you see flakes

The only snow we’ve seen since that dusting a few weeks ago is courtesy of peek mountain-peak views, like the one in David Hutchinson’s photo of The Brothers. But the temp’s back into the 30s and precipitation is returning, so the National Weather Service says a rain/snow mix is possible, while insisting accumulation is unlikely. (But do let us know if you see any!)


Thanks to Kersti Muul for the photo of tonight’s sunset, which started yellow-gold and ended with a pink flourish. The forecast has calmed down, but it’s on the way to a cooldown – tonight’s low is expected to drop into the 30s, and we’re entering a few days with a chance of a little snow here and there. But no big rain again before mid-week. P.S. Only five weeks until we spring forward and sunsets are suddenly after 7 pm!

UPDATE: Tree trouble in Fairmount Ravine and near Lincoln Park

January 31, 2020 10:38 pm
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10:38 PM: We don’t know whether it’s been cleaned up yet, but thanks to Maia for the alert that a tree had fallen onto Fairmount Avenue near the top of the ravine, just north of Forest. (If you encounter road-blocking trees or other debris, it is a 911 call – they can dispatch police and contact SDOT.)

11:47 PM: Bill sent that photo from east of Lincoln Park, near 46th and Monroe, another place where a tree has fallen onto the road.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Wind Advisory continues, with sideways rain

The afternoon forecast update is in and the National Weather Service’s Wind Advisory alert remains in effect until 7 am Saturday: “South winds 30 to 40 mph with gusts up to 50 mph.” The rain continues too – throughout the afternoon, it’s come and gone in waves of windblown “sideways rain.” It’s also been relatively warm – into the mid-50s – but that’ll end by tomorrow, the forecast says, with that possible mix of rain/snow maybe on the higher hills early Sunday.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Lots more rain, possibly a little snow

(Today’s sunrise, tweeted by @WestSeaWx)

Now that Thursday is here, the weekend forecast has a higher degree of reliability, so we’re mentioning two points:

-Very heavy rain expected Saturday (up to three inches)
-A bit of snow possible Sunday night

The first point is what really calls for action – especially since we’re in a break between storms right now – when you can, check the nearest drains!