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(Snow skull – photo sent today by Bradi)

We’ve seen snow/rain showers so far this afternoon – but after this, the word “snow” does not appear in this week’s forecast – temperatures are expected to inch back toward normal (40s day, 30s night) and precipitation will fall as rain.

(WSB photo – seen Saturday in Gatewood planting strip)

In the official gauge at Sea-Tac Airport, yesterday’s snow total was 2.6 inches – a record for that date – and so far this season the total is 4.4 inches. (December 3 is also in the weather-record books for 3.77 inches of rain in 2007 – Longfellow Creek deluged Delridge that day, as our photos show.)

WEST SEATTLE SNOW: Early-morning weather notes – roads, trees, outages …

(‘Live’ SDOT camera)

It’s been snowing for a few hours now, and we have a few notes:

ROADS CLOSED: We’ve been hearing about some tree trouble – Sylvan Way in particular, apparently a downed tree. Another one is reported around 14th/Holden but not blocking the street. INFOLINKS: Here’s the SDOT map showing which streets are closed and which have been plowed. … Here’s the Metro Winter page (some parts of the region are on snow routing but NOT us so far).

SPEAKING OF TREE TROUBLE: Connie sent this photo and report:

This tree is blocking the entrance to the parking lot of the dog park off of Southwest Cloverdale at 5th.

POWER OUTAGES: A few pockets of southernmost West Seattle (Seola, Myers Way) are part of a 4,300-customer outage – see the map here. ADDED 3:11 AM: Now a West Seattle outage too – more than 500 customers:

(4:39 PM: SCL says it’s hoping to have the South Park/SE WS areas restored by 7.)

FORECAST: This is expected to eventually change over to rain. But right now we’re still under a Winter Weather Advisory. (4:25 AM NOTE: We can hear the steady melt from the roof, so we’ll see what’s left by daylight.)

See trouble? Text us at 206-293-6302 – thank you!

WEATHER, TRAFFIC, TRANSIT: Friday notes + weekend alert

6:00 AM: Good morning. It’s Friday, December 2nd.


Very cold overnight – temperatures dropped into the 20s. But only a slight chance of snow this morning, with today’s high near 40. (Check the latest alert status here.)


-The West Seattle Water Taxi is back to its regular schedule this morning.

-WSF’s Triangle Route is too – check here for alerts/updates.

Metro buses are on regular schedules; watch @kcmetroalerts for trip cancellations/reroute alerts. 7:15 AM UPDATE: Metro is suspending Routes 55, 56, 57 for the rest of the day.


Saturday’s big Hometown Holidays festival in The Junction means street closures on both California and Alaska most of the day and into the evening


High Bridge – here’s the camera at the top.

High Bridge – the view from its southwest end (if SDOT points the 35th/Avalon/Fauntleroy camera that way).

Low Bridge: Or nearby, depending on where SDOT points the camera.

1st Ave. S. Bridge: The south route.

Highway 99: Here’s the northbound side at Lander.

All functional city traffic cams can be seen here, most with video options; West Seattle and vicinity-relevant cameras are also on this WSB page … Are movable city bridges opening for vessels? Check the @SDOTBridges Twitter feed.

If you see a problem on the roads/paths/water, please text or call us (when you can do so safely) – 206-293-6302.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Next chance of snow

As David Hutchinson‘s photo from Alki shows, this morning’s snow was followed by north wind and a 12-foot high tide splashing the Sound over the seawall. If the newest forecast holds out, that’s as lively as things should get until at least tomorrow morning, which is when the National Weather Service sees a “chance” of more snow. Tonight is likely to get icy again, with the temperature expected to drop below freezing.

VIDEO: What it’s like operating West Seattle’s only emergency shelter, and how you can help

“I have people here … They need to be treated with dignity.”

And that’s why Keith Hughes keeps opening the doors of the West Seattle Veteran Center to people who need someplace to go during cold-weather emergencies.

Some have asked what kind of help he could use right now. Warm-clothing items like hats and gloves. Volunteer help, too. And also – understanding.

If you know of someone who needs shelter – or have hats/gloves to donate – the center is at 3618 SW Alaska.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Wondering what’s next?

Right now some wet snow is falling, but not sticking, and the temperature’s a few degrees above freezing. There’s a chance of more-serious snow overnight, the National Weather Service warns, so it has a Winter Weather Advisory in effect again, currently set to expire at 4 pm tomorrow.. The NWS’s analysis (aka “forecast discussion“) says colder air is on the way and that could mean, if not snow, icy streets, so if you have to head out in the morning, leave yourself extra time. The NWS says things will be “unsettled” into next week, but there should be breaks in the moisture, including parts of Friday and Saturday.


6:07 AM: Good morning. It’s Wednesday, November 30th.


The Winter Storm Warning alert issued late last night during another blast of snow is still in effect through 11 am, but the forecast is back to rain, and the temperature – currently in the high 30s – is currently more conducive to that. The forecast suggests the next chance of snow here is late tonight.


Metro buses are on regular routes and schedules; watch @kcmetroalerts for trip cancellations/reroute alerts.

-The West Seattle Water Taxi is back to its full schedule.

-WSF’s Triangle Route is back to 2 boats – check here for alerts/updates.


High Bridge – here’s the camera at the top.

High Bridge – the view from its southwest end (if SDOT points the 35th/Avalon/Fauntleroy camera that way).

Low Bridge: Or nearby, depending on where SDOT points the camera.

1st Ave. S. Bridge: The south route.

Highway 99: Here’s the northbound side at Lander.

All functional city traffic cams can be seen here, most with video options; West Seattle and vicinity-relevant cameras are also on this WSB page … Are movable city bridges opening for vessels? Check the @SDOTBridges Twitter feed.

If you see a problem on the roads/paths/water, please text or call us (when you can do so safely) – 206-293-6302.

WEST SEATTLE SNOW: Late-night comeback

12:08 AM: Remember when the forecasters warned they wouldn’t really know what was coming with this system until it got here? We’re seeing another blast of unpredictability – a heavy snow shower just coated the cars again up here. And although the National Weather Service dropped the Winter Weather Advisory alert, now it’s issued a Winter Storm Warning, through 11 am Wednesday, saying we could see up to three inches of snow after all.

2:18 AM: The snow’s been coming and going; checking the traffic cams, things look slushy more than snowy. One more note: The National Weather Service has canceled the Wind Advisory – strong wind never did show up in this area.

2:40 AM: Metro has put its Central Seattle buses on snow routes. Our area – considered part of the South Seattle sector- remains on regular routes. (Check here for the latest.)

WEST SEATTLE SNOW: Tuesday pm updates, and a forecast change

(Newest image from SDOT’s California/Alaska traffic cam)

12 PM: More than four hours after whqt’s been mostly light snow started falling, no notable problems reported so far. But more snow is expected – here’s the Winter Weather Advisory – and so is wind – here’s the Wind Advisory – so we’re keeping close watch on it all. Text or call 206-293-6302 if you have any info to share with the community. Here’s what we’ve received so far:

CHANGES/CANCELLATIONS: (updated 3:21 pm)
-No OST programs or related transportation or athletics for Denny International Middle School this afternoon
West Seattle HS says, “Tonight’s Boys Basketball game vs South Kitsap has been canceled due to weather on the peninsula. Girls Basketball game @ Silas HS will continue as planned.”
West Seattle YMCA (WSB sponsor) is open but has canceled programs and services for the rest of the day


SDOT winter-weather-response map (plowed/treated streets)
Metro service advisories
-City map of traffic cams, here
-Our page with West Seattle-relevant cams, here
-County map of traffic cams (choose “south” tab for White Center), here

1:32 PM: Just back from a trip to the north end of the peninsula and back. Currently, even up here in the hills, the snow is melting fast.

2:20 PM: The snow’s picking up speed again, Meantime, though it’s not weather-related, the King County Water Taxi is returning to full service this afternoon, with one boat’s propeller repairs complete.

3:21 PM: Bigger snowflakes now.

5:21 PM: Forecast update – the Winter Weather Advisory has been canceled – though the Wind Advisory remains in effect – and we’re not expected to see snow again any sooner than Wednesday night,

WEST SEATTLE SNOW? Winter Weather Advisory alert for Tuesday pm-Wednesday am

(Snow on the Olympics, photographed from West Seattle on Sunday by Chris Frankovich)

We’ve been talking about a looming chance of snow for days – and now the National Weather Service has issued an alert saying it’s likely: The NWS has our area under a Winter Weather Advisory starting at 1 pm Tuesday and continuing through 10 am Wednesday. From the alert: “Snow expected. Total snow accumulations of up to 3 inches. … Snow accumulation likely over the higher hills of the area during heavy showers Tuesday afternoon. Greater chance of snow accumulations during the overnight hours into Wednesday morning.” However, the NWS forecast discussion notes, “There is a lot of variability with this system and precipitation amount is going to be very dependent on location, elevation, and timing. … With this type of set up, the forecast is still very variable and is going to change all the way up to the event.”

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Snow sightings still possible this week

The Olympics are finally getting the kind of snowcap you expect to see by now – Ann Anderson took the photo (and calls your attention to the Surf Scoters on the water – a rarer sight than they used to be). The newest forecast still suggests we might see a bit of snow at times this week, but no one’s predicting anything major, so far, and we’re not yet under any weather alerts. The first possibility of a little snow could be early tomorrow morning, with a possible snow-rain mix. Snow or no snow, temperatures will be below normal, too, so be ready for a wintry week.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Surprise sunset, and wintry week ahead

(Photo by Gene Pavola)

You’d have to call tonight’s colorful sunset something of a surprise. Less than an hour earlier, the all-day rain was still falling (two-thirds of an inch in the official Sea-Tac Airport gauge, according to the National Weather Service. Then suddenly – it stopped, and a gap appared between the clouds and the Olympics, soon allowing the sunset color through. Even if you had just a peek view, it was a sight to see:

(Photo by Laurel Taylor @ High Point Library)

(Photo by Eddie @ The Junction)

The forecast, meantime, suggests we might see some snow at some point next week. Almost every day starting Monday has a “chance” of snow, or rain/snow, in the prediction, and nighttime temperatures could get into the 20s (or colder), so any winterizing you’ve been delaying, now’s the time to get it done.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Forecast to be thankful for

Though clouds swept back in this afternoon – including the lenticular cloud over Mount Rainier shown in Greg Snyder‘s photo, above – the National Weather Service says we can expect a sunny Thanksgiving Day. That’s especially good news if you’re going to join in any of the outdoor opportunities for the holiday morning that are featured atop our West Seattle Holiday Guide – and/or for safer traveling if you’re headed out to see family/friends. The rain could be back as soon as Friday.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Change on the way, after spectacular sunrise

(Photo by Stewart L., from Harbor Avenue)

Another sunny day, after a spectacular sunrise – thanks for the photos! But change is on the way. The newest forecast suggests a chance of rain overnight, and is virtually certain of rain by Tuesday morning,

(Photo by Mark Rhea, from Marine View Drive)

The National Weather Service notes that Saturday was the 12th consecutive dry day – and that date, November 19, is historically the wettest day of the year.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Other scenes from a windy day, before frosty night

November 8, 2022 7:02 pm
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In addition to the big power outage, here’s what else the north wind did today:

Wind-fueled waves battered the Alki seawall this afternoon – an example of the choppy seas that led King County Metro to cancel the West Seattle Water Taxi‘s runs for this afternoon/evening. Thanks to Jeremy Barton for the video. And via text, here’s a tree that fell on Ferry Avenue SW, no traffic or power effects:

It could be breezy again tomorrow – here’s the National Weather Service forecast – with wind from the northeast. First, we have a clear, cold night ahead, maybe even into the upper 20s; Suzanne emailed us to suggest a reminder that you need to protect your pipes from freezing, earlier than most years. Here’s some advice.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: 3 near-freezing nights ahead

Today’s high was 45, nine degrees below the normal high for this date, and the temperature’s heading lower. The newest forecast update says lows could be near freezing the next few nights, with daytime highs in the low 40s. In addition to the emergency shelter that’s now open at the West Seattle Veteran Center (3618 SW Alaska), there’s also a daytime warming center at the Salvation Army campus in South Delridge, 8 am-7 pm weekdays (9050 16th SW).

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Wind and waves today, maybe a bit of snow next week

That’s what we saw at the north end of Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook on Beach Drive a short time ago. The National Weather Service has a Wind Advisory in effect until 11 pm tonight, with wind out of the south, 25 to 35 mph and gusting to 45 mph, expected. This is all supposed to calm down somewhat by tomorrow. Today’s temperatures are in the upper 50s, but you’ll want to start thinking cold-weather preparation for next week – the extended forecast suggests a chance of rain/snow mix Monday night through Thursday, with sub-freezing nighttime lows.

ADDED FRIDAY NIGHT: More wave vs. seawall video – this time via Twitter:

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Snowplow testing Thursday

(WSB file photo)

No, there’s no snow in the forecast, but SDOT crews need to do some test driving before it arrives, so they’re planning to do that tomorrow (Thursday, November 3rd). You might see snowplows on the streets as drivers test the equipment and familiarize themselves with plow routes, which you can see on this map. SDOT asks that while it gets ready for winter weather, you do the same, and has some suggestions here.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: As the fog recedes, new air-quality alert

TUESDAY AFTERNOON: Thanks to David Hutchinson for the photo of a barely visible ferry passing Duwamish Head this morning. The fog has mostly made way for sunshine but it’s also lifted the veil on more wildfire smoke. The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency has issued another air-quality alert, in effect until 5 pm Thursday; the National Weather Service is still predicting rain to clear things up starting Friday afternoon. Meantime, be careful if you have to go outside; here are the latest air-quality readings, and here’s advice from AlertSeattle.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: As Vid notes in comments, the alert has been extended until midnight Thursday night.

Smoke’s back, and not expected to leave again soon

That’s the murky view of south Bainbridge Island from Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook a short time ago. The wildfire smoke is back and expected to hang around a while. The Puget Sound Clean Air Agency has announced an air-quality alert, but it doesn’t officially kick in for King County until 5 pm Friday, despite all the smoke out there right now and the readings shown on this map. The alert is expected to stay in place all weekend. (Here’s the latest on the big wildfire that’s causing this.)

WILDFIRE SMOKE: Some relief forecast by Monday night

(Tonight’s smoky sunset, photographed by James Bratsanos)

The current air-quality alert is still set to expire at midnight, though smoke from the Bolt Creek Fire continues to degrade our air quality. Puget Sound Clean Air Agency‘s Sunday update says “strong onshore winds” are expected to clear some of it out on Monday, and the forecast indeed says wind could be gusting up to 25 mph by Monday night.

WEST SEATTLE SKY: Another smoky sunset

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Once again tonight, we have lower air quality because of smoke from the three-week-old Bolt Creek Fire, which continues to color the sky at sunset. The photo above is from Gene Pavola, with a state ferry; the one below is from David Hutchinson, with a Water Taxi:

Most stations on both the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency and PurpleAir maps are showing “moderate” air quality right now.

SO LONG, SMOKE: West Seattle weekend wraps up with super sunset

8:02 PM: Thanks to everyone who has sent photos of tonight’s “so long, smoke” sunset:

David Hutchinson‘s photo features sunset-watchers looking toward the Olympics, which were invisible behind the wildfire smoke at the same time a night earlier. Here’s a wider angle from Jan Pendergrass:

8:33 PM: Thanks to Mike Burns for the time lapse:

ADDED: From Greg Moore at Luna/Anchor Park:

And from Vicki Takahashi: