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FOLLOWUP: Tax-underpayment charges against Tacos Guaymas owner dismissed

Eight months ago, the state Attorney General’s Office announced theft charges against the owner of six Tacos Guaymas restaurants, including West Seattle, accusing him of using “sales suppression software” to avoid paying millions in sales tax. We’ve been tracking the case as it proceeded slowly through the system. Then last week, in King County Superior Court, the criminal charges against Salvador Sahagun were dismissed, as part of an agreement in which his Green Lake restaurant, as a “corporate defendant,” entered an “Alford plea” (pleading guilty but asserting innocence) to second-degree theft. The subsequent announcement sent by Sahagun’s lawyers notes they are hoping next that the civil actions will be dropped too. They wrote:

The cases filed March 10th in King County Superior Court, along with a parallel action in Snohomish County, accused Salvador Sahagun of pocketing more than $5.6 million in state sales taxes through the use of sales suppression software in what the state described as a wide-ranging scheme to defraud the state.

Attorneys Robert Chicoine and Richard Ainsworth announced that the King and Snohomish charges were dismissed after demonstrating to state prosecutors that the Department of Revenue (DOR) had made erroneous assumptions, used unreliable evidence, and drew unsupportable conclusions about Sahagun’s sales reports and payments of sales tax due, as well as business and occupation taxes.

The Attorney General prosecutors and the defense agreed that one of Sahagun’s corporations did, in fact, owe $800 on a reporting error unrelated to the use of sales suppression software, not $5.6 million as charged, court documents show.

“My client, a good man who is well known for being a leader in the community, decided that it was in his company’s best interest to agree to an additional tax of $800 rather than become entangled in expensive and time-consuming litigation. The important thing is that the prosecutors saw the light and agreed to dismiss all charges against Sahagun,” Chicoine said.

The Attorney General’s Office filed charges against Sahagun personally, relying on the DOR’s claims that six Tacos Guaymas restaurants had used prohibited sales suppression software to hide receipts when, in fact, none of the restaurants had used suppression software.

Ferguson’s office filed the case, prompting significant media coverage not only due to the size of the alleged fraud, but also for the sophistication of the technology allegedly employed by Sahagun.

According to the Attorney General Robert Ferguson’s press release, Sahagun was accused of “pocketing more than $5.6 million in sales taxes.” DOR representatives said the case marked only the second time state prosecutors had brought tax theft charges on behalf of the Washington DOR for alleged use of sales suppression software.

At the time the charges were filed, the state claimed that it was the largest sales suppression software case in Washington state history, and potentially the largest in the country. Although claims of tax fraud by sales suppression technology were ultimately shown to be untrue, the extensive media coverage cost Tacos Guaymas sales and unfairly damaged Sahagun’s reputation, Chicoine noted.

“When I came into work, one of my employees showed me the story in the paper. I was shocked the state filed criminal charges against me based on unrealistic assumptions and unsupportable estimates,” said Sahagun. “The Department of Revenue assumed that I was using advanced technology designed to cheat the government in ways that I never could, and never would. Fortunately, Chicoine and his team understood the technology and relied on the facts and computer analysis to convince the prosecutors that the DOR could not support its charges and they should be dismissed.”

According to Chicoine, a Seattle tax lawyer who represents a number of restaurateurs accused of electronic sales suppression tax fraud, the defense team was able to show the trial prosecutors that many of the DOR audit conclusions were flawed and that the DOR agents did not fully understand the technology involved.

“We got down in the technological weeds with this case, and helped the state see that Sahagun’s stores were following the rules in terms of reporting sales,” he said. “It’s unfortunate that the charges were brought in the first place, but we are thankful the prosecutors reviewed all of our evidence, and with the Attorney General’s approval, did the right thing in dismissing the charges.”

Chicoine anticipates that the Attorney General’s Office will revamp criminal tax referral procedures in the future as a result of the Sahagun case. This is a positive outcome not only for Mr. Sahagun, but also for many other Washington business owners who may be suspected of tax fraud by the DOR. He hopes that the DOR will follow suit and dismiss the civil tax loss claims against Sahagun’s businesses based on unsubstantiated and disproven electronic sales suppression assumptions.

“I am so relieved to put this criminal charge behind me and focus all my attentions on running my business, and taking care of those around me,” said Sahagun.

Court documents in the criminal-case agreement say the Green Lake “corporate defendant” was sentenced to pay a $750 fine. In that agreement, Sahagun wrote that while he didn’t believe the “corporate defendant” was guilty of theft, “I discovered evidence that a former management employee embezzled collected receipts, including sales taxes, from the corporation and therefore from the DOR, which likely resulted in an underreporting of the corporation’s receipts in the amount stipulated in the plea agreement. The embezzlement was unknown to me when returns were filed and sales taxes were remitted.”

FOLLOWUP: Prep Table open in North Admiral

A week and a half after a reader tip pointed us to a new business in North Admiral, the proprietor of Prep Table has announced it’s officially open. Jillian Shane is offering cooking classes, describing them as “A new way to approach food and cooking. Learn the techniques chefs know that will teach you how to cook more delicious food!” Her background: “I have 8 years’ experience and in that time I have worked for three James Beard-winning Chefs. My focus at Prep Table is to share cooking techniques…not just make recipes. And almost as importantly, to grow a community with people. Food = Community.” The teaching kitchen is at 4304 SW Walker and the classes are listed online.

PHOTOS: Canna Culture celebrates grand opening

Canna Culture is now open at 5435 California SW, across the street from Canna West Seattle (WSB sponsor), and the “founding celebration” continues until 5. Above, the shops’ proprietor Maryam Mirnateghi, staff, and friends posed next to the new mural by Desmond Graves, while Chris Kelleher painted an indoor creation:

As previewed here earlier this week, Canna Culture “is designed to provide supplemental cannabis-related products to cannabis users.” Mirnateghi describes it as a “lifestyle boutique.”

Branded merchandise is available too:

This is the storefront where Canna West Seattle originally opened, before moving across the street to 5440 California SW this past spring.

FOLLOWUP: What Lika Love is planning for ex-Terjung’s space in the West Seattle Junction

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

In the post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy known as Black Friday, you have a special reason to keep it local this year.

It’ll be Grand Opening day for Lika Love Boutique‘s new flagship store in the West Seattle Junction.

We reported last week that Lika Love would be taking over the space where Terjung’s Studio of Gifts just ended a 50-year run. This week, we spoke with proprietor Malika Siddiq in her future space, where remodeling is already well under way.

As is … uncovering. Like the door on the north wall that had been hidden for a long time.

But remodeling doesn’t mean a complete overhaul. More like a “facelift.” Some things are staying. The door is among them. So is the candy counter. “We’ll have the exact same candy!” Malika promised. They’ll sell by the pound.

Also staying … some of the unique shelving, including a display area with illumination on the south wall, and the area in a back corner that has its own mini-roof.

Rather than convert that space into something like a fitting room, Malika explained, she’ll turn it into a “cool jewelry area you can come into … maybe fun curtains, where you are walking into an experience.”

In the bigger picture – the Morgan Junction shop will stay open: “We’ve built a good following there,” and its inventory has its own unique character. Outside West Seattle, her Queen Anne shop – which just celebrated its one-year anniversary – is staying; her Madison Valley shop just closed. Her original “location,” the Lika Love fashion truck, will keep rolling.

If you haven’t shopped Lika Love before, Malika wants you to know it’s not an intimidating experience, even if you don’t consider yourself particularly fashionable.”Our vibe is ‘on the go’ – how many ways you can wear our pieces.” (See for yourself on Lika Love’s Instagram feed.) It’s apparel you can “live in,” geared for “different body types,” she adds. And you get help in decisionmaking; “we employ stylists (to) create a full look for you, personalized.” Not pricey – she says most of the inventory is “under $100.”

The vision for the Junction shop goes beyond clothing – a “fun and comfortable place” with special events and a lot of community involvement, someplace people can feel they’re a part of.

The familiar faces of the space’s past are welcome to be part of it too, Malika added. She says she’s gotten to know the Terjung family: “I offered them a key and told them, come by any time!”

P.S. She’s hiring another stylist “and would love to hire someone in the community” – email likalovefashion@gmail.com to find out more.

BIZNOTE: Experimac closes West Seattle store

The Experimac store in north Morgan Junction, local franchise of a national chain, has closed after a year and a half. The note on the door announcing the shutdown says customers with warranties should contact the warranty company directly. (Thanks to the folks next door at West Seattle Coworking [WSB sponsor] for the tip.)

BIZNOTE: Grand-opening celebration Saturday for Canna Culture

Thanks to Eddie for the photo – local artist Desmond Hansen is creating a mural at Canna Culture, which is about to celebrate its grand opening at 5435 California SW. Canna Culture is sibling to Canna West Seattle (WSB sponsor), originally located in that storefront; when we reported on Canna WS’s move across the street to 5440 California SW, we noted that proprietor Maryam Mirnateghi planned to reopen the original storefront with cannabis-related merchandise, and now it’s ready to go. Here’s the announcement of Saturday’s grand opening:

Canna West Seattle – a retail cannabis store that serves cannabis enthusiasts, newcomers, tourists, and those seeking the benefits of CBD – is celebrating the grand opening of its Canna Culture shop, located across the street from its retail cannabis store, at 5435 California Avenue SW.

The ‘Founding Celebration’ takes place on Saturday, November 10, from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. The event is open to the public and features food from local vendors, a live painting session, complimentary tarot card readings, high-end cannabis culture prizes, product demonstrations, CBD education, and the opportunity to be part of the Canna community.

“I’m a longtime West Seattle resident and this community means so much to me,” says Canna West Seattle owner Maryam Mirnateghi. “My vision here was simple. I wanted to create a brand synonymous with trust, which is why we are extending it to include our lifestyle boutique, Canna Culture. It is also why we are always hyper-focused on hiring, nurturing and educating a powerful team that can properly advise all of our customers.”

Canna West Seattle was recently recognized by Dope Magazine for owning the state of Washington’s ‘Best Cannabis Store Staff’, ‘Best Male Budtender,’ Amir Nazem, and ‘Best Female Budtender,’ Ariana Ramirez. The Canna Culture shop is designed to provide supplemental cannabis-related products to cannabis users. Items like topical creams, natural cosmetics, wellness supplements, hemp clothing, candles, date night accoutrements are destined to pique the interest of seasoned cannabis users and newcomers alike. Canna Culture will also feature high-quality glass and artwork crafted by local makers and artisans.

Who is invited to the celebration? Anyone (21+) in Seattle looking for an eventful and educational afternoon hosted by the award-winning staff from Canna West Seattle, and sponsored by Zeeks Pizza.

The “live painting” mentioned in the announcement will include Hansen completing the mural, weather permitting, as well as, we’re told, “Chris Kelleher (one of our staff members– that also happens to be a well-known live artist) doing a live painting … this will be a more detailed canvas painting that will be featured in the shop.”

BIZNOTE: Prep Table being cooked up for North Admiral

Thanks to Michelle for the tip and photo – a new business is on the way to the easternmost live-work space at 4304 SW Walker, around the corner from West Seattle Grounds and Mioposto. The signage is for Prep Table, “cooking classes for the curious.” It points to a website that’s currently down (the Google-cached version has the same slogan). Nobody there when we went over for a look, but we did notice that the Samila & Co. dress outlet that had opened earlier this year in the space next door has closed, with a sign directing people back to its Redmond store.

Delridge business-district sign design: Looking for your vote

Got a moment? Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association would appreciate your response in a one-question survey. From DNDA executive director David Bestock:

Help highlight Delridge businesses! There are ~83 storefront small businesses along Delridge Way SW that are operated by a diverse group of owners who provide the neighborhood access to vital goods and services. Despite their numbers and longstanding presence in the area, thousands unknowingly pass by Delridge business destinations unaware of the wonderful goods and services they offer.

Today — with your vote — you can change that! By completing a simple survey, you can select which of two discretionary signs will represent Delridge’s businesses centers and help bring awareness to businesses located within each business “node” – at Andover, Brandon, and Sylvan. Things are moving quickly, and your response is requested this weekend!

A link to the survey is here.

DNDA’s goal to install community-reflective street infrastructure follows directly from the recently published North Delridge Action Plan, and this work is supported by the Seattle Office of Economic Development Only in Seattle 2018 grant. The signs are being designed by Gina Coffman, an independent consultant with over 10 years of experience as a Transportation Planner with the City of Seattle and Toole Design Group. Your vote will help decide which 18” by 24” discretionary sign is used at all 3 business nodes.

The work to install discretionary signs is not just about adding destination markers at local streets; it’s about cementing a tangible “Delridge” identity and shaping physical infrastructure that actively represents and supports our community. The survey only takes a minute to complete, and your participation will go a long way in guiding these needed improvements. Thank you for your time!

John L. Scott Real Estate Westwood: Welcome, new West Seattle Blog sponsor!

Today we’re welcoming one of our newest WSB sponsors: John L. Scott Real Estate Westwood. Here’s their message for you:

This John L. Scott office is owned by Scott Henry and Chantille Henry, who grew up and have worked in West Seattle nearly their entire adult lives, mostly in the real-estate industry. They believe strongly in giving back to the community, by volunteering time and donating to different organizations. Now as sole owners of John L. Scott Westwood, they are bringing that focus of community outreach to the company as well. Earlier this year, the John L. Scott Westwood real-estate agents and their clients donated to Chief Sealth International High School‘s Closet, which assists students in need with clothing, food, and school supplies.

John L Scott Westwood‘s owners together have 26 years of experience in West Seattle. While covering Burien as well with a staff of 50 agents, they remain a West Seattle-owned and -operated business. Scott and Chantille say they are always customer-focused and have worked for the past 26 years
to make sure their agents are customer-focused too.

Scott says the market is rapidly changing since the start of this past summer. There’s been a definite change. The five-year trend of Seattle being a seller’s market has come to a close and now West Seattle is becoming a buyer’s market. Right now more homes are for sale and it’s taking longer to sell. As such he and Chantille believe that their John L. Scott office’s strength is in the fact that they and their team understand the market and the neighborhood because they’ve been serving West Seattle for so long.

You can find John L. Scott Westwood online here; their office is on the breezeway on the north side of Westwood Village (2600 SW Barton); they’re reachable by phone at 206-938-5572.

We thank John L. Scott Real Estate Westwood for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

HAPPENING NOW: Holiday season’s on! West Seattle Thriftway ‘Taste’ time

Outside and inside, things are seriously tasty right now during the annual West Seattle Thriftway (WSB sponsor) Holiday Taste event.

What, you ask, holidays already? Keep in mind that Thanksgiving is only three weeks away.

So the store is full of possibilities – meats, cheeses, breads, dips, more – for you to sample until 7 pm, to get ideas for your holiday parties and meals. (And if you’d rather get expert help with an entire pre-made meal – here’s how Thriftway can help you with that!)

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate in West Seattle: Returning WSB sponsor with a community-giving campaign!

Today we welcome back a returning sponsor, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate, with West Seattle offices in Jefferson Square. Here’s their message for you:

With 90 Realtors serving West Seattle, no other brand offers more local experts to help our community with all of their real estate needs. If you need a Trusted Adviser to help you through buying or selling your property, you can visit their website to see how much your property is worth or to contact one of their local experts today.

BHHS is also involved in the West Seattle community. BHHS has been working with WestSide Baby‘s ongoing diaper drive. From now through December 3rd, BHHS will be gathering up diapers once again to help families during the holidays. Managing Broker Tay Krull said of this new drive, “There are so many amazing charities doing incredibly selfless work in our West Seattle community, and we were privileged to have the opportunity to work with WestSide Baby today, an organization that is truly making a difference for children in our community. There is a huge need, a need far greater than is being met today and we as a company and as individual Realtors are getting involved and we invite everyone in our community to join us in supporting WestSide Baby.”

Diapers can be dropped off at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate‘s Jefferson Square office at 4700 42nd Ave SW, Suite 600, between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm weekdays. You can also donate quickly and easily online, by going to Amazon and requesting the diapers be sent to that same address for BHHSNW in Jefferson Square. (And here’s how to support WestSide Baby directly.)

We thank Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Northwest Real Estate for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

West Seattle scene: Thank-you barbecue at the Southwest Precinct

TUESDAY NIGHT: During the summertime Delridge Day festival, Southwest Precinct police are at the grill cooking for community members. Today, somebody came to the precinct to grill up lunch for the officers – and he didn’t have to go far. Brendan Moran is in the loss-prevention division at The Home Depot and explained that the company periodically shows up at police stations near their stores to provide lunch in appreciation of their help. Brendan noted that you can’t get much nearer to a Home Depot store than this precinct happens to be! He was there for a few hours starting at 11 am to catch officers coming and going at first-to-second-watch shift change.

ADDED WEDNESDAY MORNING: Lt. Steve Strand sent the following photo along with “huge thanks” to the Home Depot crew:

Terjung’s Studio of Gifts closing day, and who’s moving into the space

(WSB photos)

This is it – closing day for Terjung’s Studio of Gifts in The Junction, after 50 years. We reported back in July on the family’s decision to close the shop at 4547 California SW. Two weeks ago, they set today as their final day of business. So we stopped in this afternoon and found Gregor and Gloria Terjung both there, with their daughters Gina and Gail:

Asked if he was having any second thoughts about finally retiring (at age 89), Gregor said no. Of course, we could have just taken the answer from his button:

Much of the merchandise is gone – they’ve been having sales since July – but we did spot something in the store we hadn’t seen before: A card announcing who’s moving in! Fashion entrepreneur Malika Siddiq plans to make it the “flagship store” of her West Seattle-founded business Lika Love Boutique, which currently has storefronts in Morgan Junction, Madison Valley, and Queen Anne.

First beer, now boxes: See what’s just been added to help save West Seattle Junction ‘free’ parking

If you go out for dinner and/or drinks in The Junction tonight – or head to the West Seattle Farmers’ Market tomorrow – you might notice boxes like that one in the Junction Association-operated “free parking lots.” The five boxes, installed this afternoon, are the newest fundraising tool in the effort to keep those lots available and free.

While WSJA says its agreement with the lots’ owners, Trusteed Properties, doesn’t allow charging for parking, this is strictly a request for donations. Can’t or don’t want to donate? No problem. You can still park for free for up to three hours as always. But if you can donate – bring a few bucks next time you’re headed that way, and look for the boxes.

BACKSTORY: The fundraising push is an attempt to help cover a dramatically higher property-tax bill for the lots that’s passed through to the Junction Association and the community businesses that comprise it. They’ve secured a temporary reprieve from the county, which collects property taxes, but that runs out soon. Other fundraisers so far have included Save Our Lots beer and online donations. If your business wants to show its support – here’s a kit!

BIZNOTE + DEVELOPMENT: Salon West moves as 7001-7009 California SW plan proceeds

A local business has moved, and that’s a springboard to a development update. Salon West has cleared out of 7009 California SW, and according to what’s posted on the window, is moving to the former Tiffany’s salon at 2738 Alki SW (the space actually fronts 61st SW, behind B’s Po Boy and north of the Homestead). This is happening as development plans for the south Morgan Junction site proceed; we first reported back in May that a four-townhouse development was proposed for part of the block starting at the dog-care corner (formerly Stella Ruffington, now Good Dog). The newest site plan in the city’s online files shows five townhouses proposed for 7001-7009 California SW (the latter was Salon West’s address). If you’re wondering about the southernmost business on the block, Caffe Ladro‘s Bob Ohly told us last time we checked in, “We are staying in our current building with a bit of a size adjustment, removing the old Bakery space. There will be a building facelift inside and out. We will at that time take ownership of the building.” This site-plan document covers that part of the project. All this is continuing to move through the permit system. It’s not the first redevelopment proposal for the site, but the first we’ve seen get anywhere near this far.

BIZNOTE: Skin Care by Casey expands hours

October 12, 2018 3:43 pm
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 |   Health | West Seattle businesses | West Seattle news

Skin Care by Casey (4509 44th SW; WSB sponsor) is welcoming new team member Emma, and her arrival means expanded hours, including weekends and evenings! You can read about her here. New hours for Skin Care by Casey:

Monday 10-7
Tuesday 9-9
Wednesday 9-9
Thursday 9-9
Friday 11-4
Saturday 10-4
Sunday 10-4

Proprietor Casey Rasmussen adds, “Any clients scheduling their first treatment with Emma through 11/30 will receive 25% off by mentioning WSB.” (Cancellation policy applies.) You can book online by going here.

BIZNOTE: Terjung’s Studio of Gifts announces closing date, final sale

(WSB photo from July 2018 story: Gregor Terjung with daughter Gail Spores)

Back in July, we brought you the story of the family that runs Terjung’s Studio of Gifts in The Junction deciding to close after half a century. They hadn’t set a final closing date at the time, but now they have. Here’s the announcement:

After 50 years in West Seattle, Monday, October 29th will be the last day of business for Terjung’s Studio of Gifts. Open hours are from 9:00a – 6:00p.

Starting October 15th through close of the store, remaining merchandise will be marked 50% off with an extra 10% for all holiday items. Come by to take advantage of the further discounts and say farewell to Gregor and Gail.

The store is at 4547 California SW.

Why Roxbury Auto Parts is closed, and what has to happen before it can reopen

By Tracy Record
West Seattle Blog editor

Bill Crawford admits he’s “bored to death.”

The store he and wife Kathy Crawford have run for almost three decades, Roxbury Auto Parts, is closed, and the Crawfords don’t know yet when they’ll be able to reopen.

The closure wasn’t voluntary; several readers tipped us to the situation. It’s been more than a week since the King County Department of Permitting and Environmental Review “red-tagged” the building at 2839 SW Roxbury (which is just outside the city limits):

The notation in the county’s online files says:

Hazard: Dangerous building (entire back wall of the building has failed and is in danger of collapse; the CMU block appears to be unreinforce, non-grouted, and is actively failing and breaking apart – the flat roof joists bear on this wall.)

Crawford tells WSB that they were aware of damage to a “corner” of the building but “nobody goes back there” and so they weren’t aware of other damage. According to Chris Ricketts, building official and fire marshal with DPER, “We were alerted of the damaged building by Ray Pettigrew of King County Fire District #2 on Friday 9/28. Our Department dispatched Joan Hermle, King County building inspector, to the site to investigate.” What she found led her to “red-tag” the building as unsafe to occupy, and that’s what has Roxbury Auto Parts shut down for now.

So what happens next? Ricketts replied in our e-mail exchange:

We notified the building owners/manager that they needed to obtain the services of a Wa. State Licensed engineer for an assessment of the structure, to determine appropriate repairs and advise on future use of building. We have since been contacted by an engineer who has visited the site and asked for additional direction to complete their report and repair design. The County is prepared to promptly respond to any repair proposals. While we want to minimize impacts to the business and community, it is also our goal to ensure that life safety issues are addressed for the owners, customers, and first responders.

And in fact, when we spoke with Crawford by phone earlier in the day, he said structural engineers called in by their insurance company are evaluating the building.

The twist: Not only did King County shut down the store, King County is responsible for the damage, he says, done during last year’s sidewalk project, when work crews were “storing stuff on the back lot.” Asked about that, DPER’s Ricketts replied, “As to the cause of damage, that is not an evaluation we would conduct as part of an immediate building safety assessment. The private engineer may be able to provide some insight in their report.”

Meantime, Crawford is concerned about his customers, saying that if anyone has warranty issues or needs other help while Roxbury Auto Parts is closed, they’re an independent member of the nationwide Auto Value group, which has other stores in Washington that could help. They were also so concerned about Mocha Mojo, the drive-up coffee hut that shared their lot – and utilities – that Kathy Crawford suggested approaching the 76 station next door, where it relocated over the weekend.

The auto-parts store can’t just pick up and move like that, though. So its third-generation owners wait. They promise to update us – and you.

BIZNOTE: Mocha Mojo moves in Roxbury Auto Parts red-tag domino effect

South-end coffee fans might have noticed drive-up espresso outlet Mocha Mojo in a new spot today. It was moved by crane Saturday afternoon from its longtime spot on the east side of the Roxbury Auto Parts lot, and now it’s a short distance west, at the 30th/Roxbury 76 station. We’re working on a separate story about the shutdown of the auto-parts store – red-tagged by King County for structural trouble involving its back wall, according to the county website – but in the short run, we’re mentioning the MM move, which in turn has put the Thai-U-Up food truck on the other side of the 76 lot:

(Thai-U-Up, by the way, now has a second West Seattle dinner spot some nights – its other truck has been parking on the west side of 35th SW just north of Morgan – its Twitter feed shows where it’s ope and when.)

BIZNOTE: Click! Design That Fits celebrating 14 years in business

October 6, 2018 6:59 pm
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You still have an hour left to go spend a bit of your Saturday night shopping – and celebrating – at Click! Design That Fits (4540 California SW; WSB sponsor). It’s the 14th anniversary for the shop owned by John Smersh and Frances Smersh, 8 years in The Junction after 6 in North Admiral.

Along with a storewide sale, the celebration includes a tradition in its third year – a loft pop-up shop with Click! employees selling “small collections of their own creative endeavors: photography, illustration, jewelry, clothing, and more.” The party continues until 8 pm.

P.S. If you miss the chance to wish the Smershes a happy 14th Click!-iversary, consider stopping in during the West Seattle Art Walk on Thursday night (October 11th) – Frances will be the spotlight artist!

West Seattle Coworking: Welcome, new WSB sponsor!

Today we’re welcoming a new WSB sponsor: West Seattle Coworking! Here’s what proprietors Crystal and Rosario would like you to know about what they offer:

We love our coworking place! We are a West Seattle family who believes in the power of community and the benefits of sharing. Our office is great for those who are not as productive working from home or from a coffee shop. Many times people working at home feel isolated or are easily distracted by household tasks like laundry, dishes, pets, cleaning, etc. Some also find it hard to separate personal life from work hours, while others don’t like the isolation that can occur when working from home. Coffee shops present other challenges. They can become loud and distracting, or it can be hard to find an appropriate location to have a professional meeting, either in person or over the phone.

When West Seattleites come to our shared office at West Seattle Coworking, they will find a community-oriented group. A group of friends and neighbors who are there to be productive but not alone. We have a meeting room for in-person meetings as well as phone booths for private calls. We have printers, a fax machine, fast internet, and anything else one might need to have a productive day of work. And we are open around the clock. Many of our members will tell you that they are much more productive since they joined our community!

We invite anyone to come take a tour in our Morgan Junction location (6040 California Avenue SW), call us to ask questions (206.531.0557) and see what we have to offer. You can find more info at
westseattlecoworking.com or by following our Facebook page.

We thank West Seattle Coworking for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

BIZNOTE: Shug’s Soda Fountain opening ‘mini’ outpost in West Seattle

Thanks for the tips! First we heard a rumor – now a sign is up, and we have confirmation: The West Seattleites who run Shug’s Soda Fountain at Pike Place Market are opening a “mini” version here. We talked today with co-proprietor Colleen Wilkie, who says they’re “excited to be in the neighborhood” since it’s where they live – “we feel we could fit right in.” The space is at 3800 California SW, the north corner at Rally, in one of the live-works that have drawn an eclectic collection of businesses (including WSB sponsor Welcome Road Winery, as well as Olympia Coffee and several retailers) to the outer ring of townhouses on the ex-Charlestown Café site. Colleen says they’ve already become friends with some of the other entrepreneurs in the complex. But now the big question: What will they serve? Ice cream (Lopez Island Creamery is their supplier), with some sundaes (Shug’s makes its own toppings), maybe sodas, hopefully (license pending) champagne floats as they do downtown – they’re hoping to be an all-ages establishment, not just families for ice cream, but grownups out for a treat too – “date night,” ladies’ night out, etc. And coffee (no decision yet on whose coffee they’ll serve on this side of the bay), which means they can offer affogatos too.

Shug’s won’t open in West Seattle until spring/summer next year – Colleen has another project in the works, a baby due in March! – but when they do, they’re planning to be open until 9 nightly.

BIZNOTE: West Seattle Grounds now open

(WSB photos)

Three months ago, we mentioned that a coffee shop to be called West Seattle Grounds was on the way to the former mortgage-broker space at 2141 California SW, next to Mioposto. Now it’s open (thanks to Adam for the tip).

West Seattle Grounds is serving Caffe Umbria coffee, along with baked goods, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, and salads. Hours are 5:30 am-8 pm Mondays-Saturdays, 6:30 am-8 pm Sundays.

P.S. As posted in our West Seattle Jobs Offered section, they’re hiring!