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Next Sunday: Be part of history – 1st Junction Harvest Festival!

The Junction is decorated for autumn – with wreaths and orange ribbons on lightpoles – and that’s a reminder that we’re just one week away from the first-ever Harvest Festival. 10 am-2 pm next Sunday, October 28, the streets will be closed, not just for trick-or-treating (noon-2 pm), but also for a special out-on-the-street edition of the West Seattle Farmers’ Market (same time as always, 10-2), plus a costume parade (11:30 am, led by the West Seattle High School Marching Band) and FREE craft/game activities sponsored and presented by local businesses and organizations (10-2). See you there!

That WS fashion feature thing: The legs have it

legs.jpgTo recap, a couple WSB readers suggested a West Seattle fashion feature a la Pike/Pine; we asked the folks at Clementine — with whom we have corresponded on matters from Junction beautification to the Art Walk, to help us kick it off. It’s wide open to any and all contributors, from West Seattle’s other fine fashion retailers, to any other reader out there who snaps a cool look (either gender) somewhere in WS; our inbox is a-waiting. We all gotta get some relief from death, destruction, business battles, etc., now ‘n’ then. Meantime, at right we have a second contribution, this one sent along by Clementine’s Kelly Rae Cunningham, a dryly humorous artist who titled her note “if WS wasn’t ready for [the first fashion photo] they won’t be ready for this look.”