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FOLLOWUP: The re-return of Rolf

Two and a half weeks after the rogue statue of Rolf Neslund was found toppled and headless – again – it’s been restored – again. We received this emailed communiqué, photo included, from Lars Fujikawa, in whose name most previous communications have arrived since the original installation in 2020:

Rolf Neslund, Patron Saint of the Broken Bridge, has returned to his semi-rightful place on the West Seattle Bike Path, near the Delridge onramp, below the Pigeon Point Obelisk. ‘

Described as “West Seattle’s Quirkiest Memorial,” this lowest-common-denominator statuary depicts Captain Rolf Neslund, a well-known Duwamish River pilot, who rammed the old West Seattle bridge in June of 1978, retired and went on to an unfair grisly end. Rolf’s likeness was recently knocked down again, and his head stolen by unknown ruffians.

The Delridge Maritime Historical Society, in conjunction with the Center for General Annoyance is proud to once again prop the old fella up. Part Golem, part J.P. Patches, part weird historical footnote, this is Rolf’s third incarnation and sad to say it will likely be his last. The mold broke and there shall be no further grimacing visages of the old pirate. Please visit the Rolf Neslund Plaza and take in its graffitied vistas and stripped wire insulation ambience while you can! Now on a somewhat more secure plinth, he will boldly face his future, where he is likely to be mowed over by Sound Transit’s one-mile theme park mini-train to the Alaska Junction. It just doesn’t work out for Rolf.

We’re just two weeks away from what will be the 46th anniversary of the bridge collision for which Neslund gained infamy, two years before he was murdered by his wife.

From the dumped-possibly-stolen file: Missing a suitcase?

Sent by Casey at First Lutheran Church of West Seattle (north of The Junction):

This suitcase was by the front door of First Lutheran Church this morning, open and rifled through, containing personal items looking like possibly stolen out of someone’s car returning from the airport. Call us, or email if it looks like yours. 206-935-6530

UPDATE: Harrier military jets fly over North Admiral

10:37 AM: We saw/heard that very loud two-jet flyover while covering an unrelated outdoor event in North Admiral. Looking into it!

12:03 PM: Since the Museum of Flight is at Boeing Field and very plugged in to the happenings there, we asked MoF spokesperson Ted Huetter what he knows. While he said he doesn’t have specifics about these jets, “the planes are Harriers. There are seven at Boeing Field today. There were a number of them here last month before heading up to Alaska for training exercises.” (The U.S. Marine Corps flies them.)

12:19 PM: The training exercises Ted mentioned were part of Red Flag Alaska 24-1, which wrapped up a few days ago.

WEST SEATTLE BIRDS: Guinea Fowl wander further south

(Photo sent by Kellie, sighting near 41st/Alaska)

They’re not turkeys, though they’re often mistaken for them. The wandering Guinea Fowl of West Seattle have been seen for months north of The Junction – we’ve featured them in some of our galleries of bird photos sent by readers. But these past few days, readers have sent photos of them closer to the heart of The Junction, expressing concern for their safety – the next photo was from Kristin, who emailed this morning to say, “They’re on the corner of 41st and Oregon. Cars on Oregon are dodging them.”

Those two photos above are from today; the next one was sent by James last week, taken near 41st/Genesee, closer to the north-of-Junction location of most previous sightings people have mentioned to us:

If these are your birds, we’d be interested in the story behind them, after so many sighting reports –

READER REPORT: From the ‘dumped/likely stolen’ file, two protection devices

The photo and report are from William:

Someone’s steering-wheel lock, umbrella, and iPhone cable were found on the street this morning at 38th and Juneau; after checking in with the neighbors no one’s car had been stolen, so perhaps the stuff wad dumped here from another stolen car? The stuff is still outside if it’s yours…

READER REPORT: Missing a passport?

From the inbox – a possibly stolen/dumped passport was found by someone who’s hoping to get it back to its owner:

I found someone’s passport on the grass strip west of the car wash. Between 35th and 36th, SW Graham. It was by itself. I will send it to the U.S. Department of State Consular Lost and Stolen Passport Unit (CLASP) … if I don’t hear back.

If it might be yours, email us and we’ll connect you to the finder.

WEST SEATTLE SCENE: Admiral’s famous, mysterious green stripe

The photo is from Meagan Loftin, who noted, “Leprechauns have been out on 41st Ave again. The green stripe is refreshed.” This is a St. Patrick’s Day tradition on 41st SW north of Admiral Way. We went by this morning for a look, too, and photographed the shamrock at the stripe’s end near SW Hill:

Who are the paint-equipped leprechauns? That remains a mystery. When we showed it 15 years ago, a commenter said this tradition dates back to the 1970s!

WEST SEATTLE SCENE: First weekend of Girl Scouts’ cookie sales

Ruby, Leona, and Tatum from Troop 43450 were enjoying a sunbreak when we stopped by for a photo this morning outside Easy Street Records in The Junction, one of multiple places you’ll find local Girl Scouts selling cookies this weekend. You can use the search box here to see where else cookie booths are set up, and you can go here to find online sellers who are delivering (or to donate cookies to people in the military). This year, local Scouts are selling nine varieties, $6/box; cookie-booth season continues through March 17th.

READER REPORT: Missing a gym bag?

February 25, 2024 12:55 pm
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The photo and report are from Laurie – we’re publishing it here rather than in the Lost/Found section because the circumstances suggest possibly stolen/dumped rather than simply misplaced:

Saw this gym bag on my walk this morning. I didn’t look inside but maybe you can post in lost and found. Found halfway down stairs at 60th & Spokane on the left side.

WEST SEATTLE SCENE: Another heart-light tribute

February 7, 2024 9:36 pm
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One week until Valentine’s Day. But we learned last week, not all heart-light displays are a salute to the lovers’ holiday. In Gatewood, neighbors decked their block with hearts as a tribute to a departed neighbor. And tonight’s photo, from Pauline, is a tribute to her mom – named Joy: “Mom really was about Peace, Love, and Joy.” (If you have heart lights up, photos welcome at – thank you!)

WEST SEATTLE SCENE: Heart-y lights

Valentine’s Day is exactly two weeks away. While out walking this evening in Gatewood, we noticed a mini-trend:

Within the span of just a few blocks, three homes had Valentine’s lights. We photographed the illuminated hearts at two of them:

So in the spirit of Halloween and Christmas lights, we’ll extend the invitation for this season too – if you have or see a particularly festive Valentine’s display, we’d love a photo – – thanks!

READER REPORTS: Two from the ‘dumped, possibly stolen’ file (updated)

From the inbox this morning:


This trailer made its way to our block this morning. We will submit to Find-It-Fix-It but wanted to give someone a chance to pick it up it it’s theirs. It’s located at 18th Ave SW and SW Trenton Street in Highland Park. Close to the north end of 18th and Trenton.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: Corey says in a comment below that the trailer is now gone.


This looks like it belongs to someone. Dumped near the Murray (Wet Weather Facility) at Lowman Beach. Hope it finds its way home.

West Seattleite goes to great lengths to rescue tossed-aside photos. Are they yours?

Were they stolen and dumped? Or just lost? A reader is hoping to get photos to their owner:

They were in a torn-apart photo album (no cover or binder). They were strewn all along Admiral Way, sort of near Schmitz Park. I even crawled under a couple vehicles to get some. They were very wet and covered in debris. My daughter and I just spent hours cleaning and drying them one by one.

If these might be yours, email us – – and we’ll connect you with the finder.j

READER REPORT: City’s trial-run electric mini-sweeper seen in West Seattle bike lanes

Thanks to Don Brubeck from West Seattle Bike Connections for the photo and report:

Here is a 11/20/23 photo of driver Paul with SDOT’s electric compact street sweeper working on the SW Avalon Way bike lanes. He had to get out to remove some branches by hand. This is a welcome sight for people riding bikes, with all the fall leaves in the lanes becoming a little slippery when wet and hiding who knows what.

As announced in September, SDOT is in the middle of a six-month test of this sweeper, part of a larger look at how much of its fleet could go electric.

Navy flyover for Seahawks game

We didn’t hear about today’s Seahawks flyover in advance, but a couple people mentioned it afterward. And James Tilley sent this photo:

He notes, “Just after the flyover at the game, they made another pass over Alki, presumably on their way to land at Boeing Field, as they were dropping gear as they flew over the beach.” According to the Seahawks website, these were “two EA-18 Growlers from Naval Air Station Whidbey Island.”

READER REPORT: Film crew at Lincoln Park

October 7, 2023 4:16 pm
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Thanks to everyone who messaged us about a film-crew sighting on the Lincoln Park waterfront today. According to the texter who sent the photo above: “Spoke to one of the organizers. It’s a short film. They are hoping to submit to Sundance. All local crew (Seattle-based).”

That flyover was for the Mariners’ game

Today’s been a very aerial day … first the Guardian One helicopter, then the C-17 over Elliott Bay, then two fighter jets loud and low just before dusk (we were under the awning at the high-school football game so could only hear, not see, them, and they weren’t on tracker). People at the Mariners’ game confirm it was a pregame flyover (here’s a pic).

ADDED: In comments, Jason uploaded photos including this one, plus a link to video.

SEEN FROM WEST SEATTLE: Air Force cargo jet’s flyby

Thanks to the texter who just sent that photo (and to everybody else messaging us about the sighting). The jet is a U.S. Air Force Boeing C-17 Globemaster III cargo jet, dozens of which are based at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Pierce County.

ADDED: Another view, emailed by Jan Pendergrass:

PLUS: West Seattle skywatcher Kevin Freitas caught the flyby on one of his cameras:

No, that was NOT the West Seattle troll on a truck!

Thanks to Shannon for the photo – and to John for the first word via a comment with a screengrab of the ferry-dock camera! That was NOT “our” troll being trucked out of West Seattle this morning – it was the future Ballard troll, after arriving via ferry from Vashon Island. It will be placed at the National Nordic Museum for an unveiling on Monday – the last of the six trolls that artist Thomas Dambo is placing around the Northwest.

SIGHTING: Robotaxis in West Seattle’s future? Cruise sighting

(Cruise vehicle in San Francisco – photo courtesy Cruise)

ORIGINAL TUESDAY STORY: Probably not the first self-driving car tested in West Seattle, but it’s the first one we’ve heard about: Craig emailed to say, “Spotted a Cruise self-driving car on Harbor Ave today. It caught my attention for its ‘sudden stops’ warning.” He notes that GeekWire reported on Cruise beginning its Seattle testing on Monday; its story notes that Cruise is the third autonomous-vehicle company to get a testing permit from SDOT. The permit requires that a human ride along at all times just in case of trouble. So far, Cruise’s self-driving cars serve as “robotaxis” in San Francisco, Phoenix, and Austin. Autoweek says Cruise’s testing is a prelude to doing that here too.

THURSDAY UPDATE: We received this clarification today from SDOT spokesperson Mariam Ali:

Cruise did not submit a permit application and did not give prior notice to the City regarding their operations. The City became aware on the morning when Cruise’s operations commenced. Upon learning of Cruise’s activities, SDOT initiated communication with the company. During this communication, Cruise informed SDOT that they will be conducting manually driven mapping operations from August 28 to September 1. SDOT’s understanding is that following September 1, Cruise will withdraw vehicles from Seattle. SDOT intends to collaborate with Cruise to gain a better understanding of their forthcoming plans and the schedule for their testing activities in Seattle.

Cruise does not need a permit for manually driven mapping. Cruise will need to obtain a permit from SDOT prior to testing their autonomous driving system, and will also be required to obtain a permit if they choose to self-certify with the Washington State Department of Licensing’s autonomous vehicle registration process.

WEEKEND SCENE: Curls and caftans abound at West Seattle Roper Romp

Someone asked us early this evening on Twitter/X, “There are a bunch of women in the Junction dressed in Lucille Ball wigs and dresses. A few men too, what is up????” Well, no, not Lucille Ball. Actually – Helen Roper.

This is, as featured in our event calendar and daily preview list, the West Seattle Roper Romp, a pub crawl for which participants were encouraged to dress up like Helen Roper, a TV sitcom character from the shows “Three’s Company” and “The Ropers,” which aired 1977-1980 but live on in Gen X hearts.

As Hollye Bondurant, who sent the above photos, pointed out, Roper Romps were featured earlier this week in a New York Times story. We suspect there’s been a run on caftans and auburn wigs ever since. If you have some standing by, you still have an hour to get in on the West Seattle Roper Romp – the 10-11 pm stops are in our calendar listing.

About those historic-aircraft flyovers

We’ve also had questions this weekend about aircraft flyovers beyond usual patterns. Here in south West Seattle, we were just seeing general-aviation aircraft, but further north, a far more memorable sight. Commenter Jeff solved the mystery (and this morning, Kathleen sent a photo): Historic aircraft flying out of the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field, from the Commemorative Air Force. Scheduled rides (aboard a B-17 or B-25 bomber) ended at 1 pm but ground tours continue until 6 pm – info here.

READER REPORT: Wallet found, possibly stolen

The photo and report are from Jordan, who works at Sky Printing (35th/Fauntleroy), and thinks this is more likely to be a dumped/stolen item than merely lost, because of what’s not in it.

I found this Coach wallet outside of our shop, along with a bunch of business cards and receipts, but no cash or credit cards or IDs. The wallet is in good shape; we’re keeping it in our lost and found.

Contact the shop if it’s yours.