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West Seattle New Year’s Eve 2018 scenes

First, the final sunset of the year:

Thanks to Chris Frankovich for that photo. Next one is from Susan Romanenghi:

As we observed while tweeting a different view earlier, looks like Mount Rainier is wearing a party hat. And speaking of party:

West Seattle Junction venues with New Year’s Eve specials have gold balloons outside to entice you in – see the list here, and have a great (safe) celebration! Thanks again to everyone who shared photos, tips, reader reports, and more this year … 206-293-6302 or any time!

Seen from West Seattle: New Space Needle lights for New Year’s Eve

We tweeted that after being somewhat startled to see the Space Needle come into view from Alki earlier tonight with those huge pink lights burning bright. Well … huge magenta lights. We figured it had something to do with T-Mobile‘s sponsorship of the upcoming New Year’s Eve fireworks, but that’s still two days away. Subsequent discussion on Twitter, and research, led to this announcement – with news that NYE will include a 10 pm light show from the Needle as well as the 10-minute fireworks display: “Cutting-edge lighting equipment installed throughout the structure will emit brilliant colors and beams of light across the tower and the Seattle night sky …” The Needle will be illuminated in magenta tomorrow night as well as Monday night pre-show, the announcement says. Will it be those big lights we saw tonight or a subtler glow? Guess we’ll see soon enough.

West Seattle Christmas Eve 2018 scenes

Three Christmas Eve views:

Barb spotted that at Alki this morning; below, a scene we happened onto in The Junction this afternoon:

And if you missed it … it was a glorious sunset. Several sent photos, including Marc:

He watched the sunset from the Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook area on Beach Drive. Thanks as always for sharing photos – or, if texting is easier, 206-293-6302!

FOLLOWUP: About the new signs along Delridge Way

(WSB photo)

Thanks to Scott for spotting the new signs that have just gone up along Delridge Way SW. These are the signs referred to in a survey the Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association circulated a month ago – one result of the North Delridge Action Plan process that’s been unfolding over the past few years. As DNDA executive director David Bestock explained when announcing the survey:

There are ~83 store-front small businesses along Delridge Way SW that are operated by a diverse group of owners who provide the neighborhood access to vital goods and services. Despite their numbers and longstanding presence in the area, thousands unknowingly pass by Delridge business destinations unaware of the wonderful goods and services they offer.

The signs mark the North Delridge business districts/nodes at/near Andover, Brandon, and Sylvan. They were funded as part of an “Only in Seattle” grant from the city Office of Economic Development and installed by SDOT.

Reader report: ‘Hidden history’ sighting in West Seattle

Thanks to Darryl for sending the photo! He explains:

A hidden history is revealed at 16th and Trenton. We’ve heard stories from long time residents that this house on the corner used to be a neighborhood grocery store, but have never seen pictures from that period. Today, as the house is undergoing another transformation, I caught this cool image that confirms the story. Kind of neat!

UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who’s added to this story via the comments – don’t skip them!

Seen from West Seattle: Paul Allen tribute

Thanks to Carolyn Newman for sending the photo of the downtown skyline as seen from West Seattle. The illuminated initials “PA” and the blue lights on multiple buildings are part of a tribute to Paul Allen, who died last month at age 65.

More West Seattle Halloween 2018 scenes

What we’ve seen … and received:

“Welcome to Nightfall Orphanage” is the scary display at 2130 Alki SW this year.

Tawd‘s show – a followup to last year’s “haunted pumpkin patch,” which he created after realizing Alki needed more Halloween spirit – will be open again this Friday and Saturday (November 2nd and 3rd), 7:30-10:30 pm.

Next, texted video of a decorated house in North Admiral, at 45th/Seattle:

So many elaborate displays tonight! One street in especially spooky spirit(s) was Walnut, south of West Seattle High School. Including Aaron‘s house:

Speaking of costumes – a couple reader-contributed photos from earlier – including these two seen during Admiral trick-or-treating:

Melodee at Daystar sent this photo of “Miss Butterfly”:

And earlier in the day, this texted photo wishing all “Feliz Día de los Muertos from West Seattle High School”:

Thanks as always for the photos, video, tips, calendar listings, etc. – now on to the winter holidays!

FOLLOWUP: West Seattle Junction Post Office’s drive-up/ride-up mailbox is back

(WSB photo)

Thanks for the tips! No months-long absence this time for the West Seattle Junction U.S. Post Office‘s drive-up/ride-up mailbox. Three weeks after it was taped up and marked “out of order” (reportedly damaged by a driver) and two weeks after it was taken away, the mailbox returned this morning. We just went to check after multiple tips and were told it’s been back in service for about 15 minutes.

West Seattle Junction mailbox watch: Not expected to be gone for months this time

(WSB photo)

Thanks to Todd for another tip about the West Seattle Junction U.S. Post Office drive-up/ride-up/walk-up mailbox – this time, that a sign’s been posted to say it’ll be gone a few weeks (past problems have taken it away for months). It’s been two weeks since the mailbox was damaged, one week since it was removed for repair. At least the sign suggests it won’t be a months-long absence this time, unlike last year.

About the film crew seen in The Junction and Admiral

(WSB photo)

Thanks for the tips about a “film crew” in The Junction early this morning and then Admiral later. We missed them the first time around and then Ann’s tip sent us to the laundromat on California SW north of Admiral, where they were just wrapping up. The crew told us they’re shooting a commercial for Premera Blue Cross. (Since open enrollment starts November 1st, it’s a big marketing season for health plans!)

Christmas in October? Why the West Seattle Junction tree was lit

This year’s official West Seattle Junction Christmas-tree-lighting event is December 1st – still seven weeks away, so some people did a double-take when they noticed the tree all lit up this past weekend, including Melissa, who sent the photo. We recalled early installation and testing last year, and verified today with Junction Association executive director Lora Radford that the same thing is happening this year – easier to get it done before the fall rains arrive. (Although the forecast suggests they’re not likely to get going any time soon!)

From the ‘in case you wondered too’ file: Camp Long, Beach Drive, Puget Sound sightings

Three sightings of note, in case you wondered too:

CAMP LONG: We received multiple questions late today about a big gathering at Camp Long that has police directing traffic. Hundreds of members of Ethiopian Orthodox churches from around the region are at the park for the annual observance of Meskel (Finding of the True Cross). The city’s Special Events Committee agenda from August notes that this is an annual event that has “grown to require (a) Special Event Permit.” Erika J. Schultz of The Seattle Times photographed the celebration at Camp Long two years ago (scroll down this page).

BEACH DRIVE: Beach Drive Blog noted a sizable turnout of motorcycle riders at Emma Schmitz Memorial Overlook this morning. The occasion: The local edition of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, raising money and awareness for men’s health issues.

PUGET SOUND: Thanks to JayDee for this Saturday photo:

That’s the SS Cape Intrepid, a ready-reserve ship long moored in Tacoma, headed out on sea trials, last seen on the tracker as it entered open ocean outside the Strait of Juan de Fuca last night. (JayDee also contributed a photo of this ship almost exactly nine years ago!)

West Seattle weekend scene: No, the people ‘marching’ with a flag are not protesters

(WSB photo)

Thanks for the calls/tips. Some wondered if that group of people seen walking with a flag in the Admiral/Alki area are protesting/demonstrating. No – we found out it’s the same thing that led to similar questions last December, as covered here – linked to As we wrote then, along with selling rucksacks and other gear, the company organizes/facilitates teambuilding-type long-distance walks; its founders include a former Green Beret, and some of its events raise money for the Green Beret Foundation.

West Seattle scene: Birthday visitors

Yes, flamingo flocking is still a thing! The photo arrived in the WSB inbox from Robin Bernard, who explains:

My wife had a major birthday today and 60 pink flamingos were ‘deposited’ in our front yard last night as a surprise to her this morning by Westside Flockers in the Fauntlee Hills neighborhood.

About the 21-gun salute: Memorial for Homeland Security Special Agent Timothy Ensley

(Officers involved in 21-gun salute, seen afterward at Seacrest)

Thanks for the tips. We headed to Harbor Avenue after word of a 21-gun salute and a police presence at Salty’s on Alki (WSB sponsor). We discovered it was all part of a memorial for Department of Homeland Security Special Agent Timothy A. Ensley, 47, who died from dengue fever contracted while on assignment overseas earlier this year. He had been with DHS for 9 years, based in Seattle, and left behind his wife and four children.

FLYOVER: Mariners expecting two military jets over Safeco Field tonight

Just got word from Seattle Mariners spokesperson Rebecca Hale that they’re expecting a flyover around anthem time before tonight’s game at Safeco Field, in the 7 pm vicinity. She says two Prowlers are expected. (Since we’re making note of this, we should also mention it’s Fireworks Night postgame.)

No, that’s not another Don Armeni movie shoot

August 16, 2018 9:06 pm
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(WSB photo)

Someone texted us at sunset wondering if that was another movie crew at Don Armeni Boat Ramp, with bright lights and a luxury motor home nearby. Nope – just the setup for an “installation” by three “influencers,” to be open for viewing 8 am-8 pm tomorrow in honor of National Thrift Shop Day. Backstory’s in the preview we published after a PR person pinged us Tuesday.

READER REPORTS: Latest from the ‘likely stolen and dumped’ file – tool & bicycles

August 8, 2018 11:55 am
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From the “likely stolen and dumped” reader-report files:

That Sawzall turned up in the bushes just east of the Fauntleroy/California intersection, and the staff at Dr. Christine Kirchner‘s dental office suspects it was stolen and dumped. They took it in for safekeeping in hopes of finding the owner. Yours? Contact the dental office.

Meantime, Jeff spotted these two bikes:

He adds, “They are on the lower loop trail about 100 yards north of the 29th and Brandon entrance to Camp Long.”

Seen under the bridge: Harbor/Spokane work begins (with new detours ahead); new signal-box art appears

Seen on our way back from low-low tide photos:

HARBOR/SPOKANE WORK BEGINS: As previewed earlier this week, work is now under way on the Harbor/Spokane project. That lane – westbound Spokane to north/westbound Harbor – will be kept open during peak pm commute hours, 3 to 7 pm weekdays, per SDOT, but remember that continuous work is planned this weekend.

ADDED THURSDAY EVENING: More info on upcoming Alki Trail closure/detours:

Starting Monday, June 18, crews will close part of the Alki Trail in order to remove sections of the sidewalk and road in preparation for the safety improvement work at the intersection. This phase of work is expected to take 3 weeks (construction dates and duration are subject to change). We wanted to share with you the Alki Trail detour information for people walking and biking.

People walking and biking will be detoured around the work zone as appropriate. The detour routes are:

Eastbound bikes on the Alki Trail

Continue south, past SW Spokane St, to SW Avalon Way
Left onto SW Yancy St
Left onto 28th Ave SW
Right onto SW Andover St
Continue east, across Delridge Way SW, and onto the trail
Detour signs will be posted along this route. A temporary crossing will be added for people biking to cross from the Alki Trail to the west side of Harbor Ave SW. Once on Harbor Ave SW, people biking will merge with traffic and continue following the detour to SW Avalon Way.

Westbound bikes on the Alki Trail

Detoured south toward 22nd Ave SW
Right onto SW Andover St
Left onto 28th Ave SW
Right onto SW Yancy St
Right onto SW Avalon Way
Continue north onto Harbor Ave SW to reconnect with the Alki Trail
Detour signs will be posted at the east end of the trail, directing people biking toward 22nd Ave SW.

People walking eastbound and westbound on the Alki Trail

A uniformed police officer will direct people walking at the intersection of Harbor Ave SW and SW Spokane St

Please note: Bikes will not be able to access the walking detour route and must follow the signed bike detour route.

(back to original story) Nearby, under the bridge, along SW Manning, we noticed this:

NEW SIGNAL-BOX ART: The rose-covered signal box is signed by Desmond (aka Graves) Hansen. It’s not mentioned on his Instagram page or elsewhere that we’ve found, so we don’t know yet if this is the finished work or, like the box at California/Graham, another tribute portrait might eventually be painted onto it. As mentioned here earlier this week, he’ll be painting a mural of and at the Morgan Junction Community Festival this Saturday, starting at 1 pm, at Morgan Junction Park [map].

West Seattle weekend scene: First-ever ZwingRally cruises Alki

When you launch a new event, you never know who will turn out. The first-ever ZwingRally for “supercars” promoted room for up to 120; we counted 15 as participating drivers swung through Alki this morning.

We first heard about this from Southwest Precinct police at the West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network meeting last Tuesday. They had a few officers out this morning just in case.

After a stop on Duwamish Head, the drivers headed up to the Alki business district, then turned around and headed back toward the bridge.

Drivers in the rally, organized by local filmmaker Zach Wingfield (who is of course chronicling the whole thing), were scheduled to head to another beach – Seaside in northwestern Oregon – after their West Seattle stop.

West Seattle scene: Finally, a sign

Thanks to Brian Presser of TouchTech Systems in The Junction for the photo – the 7-11 at California/Erskine is finally getting its sign replaced. Particularly if you drive by at night, it has been an odd sight, rows of LEDs atop a pole. We’re not sure how the 7-11 lost its sign this time, but it wasn’t the first time.

WEST SEATTLE SCENE: Choir from Iceland pauses to pose – and perform

MONDAY EVENING: Thanks to John LaSpina for this photo of a West Seattle photo-op by singers who are more than 3,600 miles from home. The Fóstbræður all-male choir, from Iceland, performed at the grand opening of the new Nordic Heritage Museum on Saturday and has a show tonight at Plymouth Congregational Church. John caught them in the Duwamish Head sunshine around 3 this afternoon.

ADDED TUESDAY: Thanks to Erla for sharing, in a comment, video of the choir singing on our shore:

READER REPORT: Something good caught by a porch camera

Megan sent the photo, explaining:

I walked my dog this afternoon and came home to see someone had left a single tulip at my front door. Checked my camera and saw 2 little kids run up, drop it and then run off!

Maybe they are spreading the joys of Spring? Too cute.