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WEST SEATTLE SCENE: Street stripe refreshed for another St. Patrick’s Day

It wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day without a look at the mysterious green stripe that leprechaun(s) refresh every year along 41st SW north of SW Admiral Way. This year, the photos are courtesy of a reader who got an aerial view via drone.

Who does this? That remains a mystery – and some have suggested over the years that it’s not a bad thing to have a few mysteries remain.

WEST SEATTLE SCENE: Film crew at Don Armeni Boat Ramp

From the “in case you wondered too” file – several people have mentioned a film crew at Don Armeni Boat Ramp today. We haven’t been able to get there to check but the reader who sent that photo reports that they’re working on a “Taco Time commercial.” Taco Time has shot in West Seattle before – here’s our mention of a shoot 14 years ago.


Even if you don’t work for Boeing, you’ve probably heard a lot about the last 747 to be built. Today, Steve Rice photographed the above view of the jet after it left Everett for Cincinnati and delivery to Atlas Air and shared the photo with WSB. Here’s the Boeing take on its takeoff:

WEST SEATTLE WEEKEND SCENE: Firefighters go for a swim

January 15, 2023 6:26 pm
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Molly sent the photos from a sunny Saturday sighting at Jack Block Park, noting: “Looks like E32 firefighters were doing diving training at Jack Block Park. They kept having one of the firefighters throw the cone into the water and the diver would run into the water and find it as quickly as possible, and then swim back to shore as well. It was awesome to watch (my 3-year-old wanted to watch them all day).”

We don’t have official information on exactly what kind of training/practicing was happening there – but we do know some SFD firefighters are trained as Rescue Swimmers (this Seattle Channel video shows what that program’s all about).

UPDATE: About the circling military jets

(Photo sent by John Skerratt)

12:47 PM: We’re exploring the theory that the two military jets that have been circling the area for about half an hour arrived early for a flyover at the Mariners playoff game, which doesn’t start until 1:07 pm. More info as we find it.

1 PM: Via Twitter, a military-aviation watcher says these are “2 EA-18G Growlers from VAQ-137 ‘Rooks’ out of NAS Whidbey Island.”

1:12 PM: Also via Twitter, here’s a visual representation of all that circling, and then the downtown flyby.

About the light beaming up from Lumen Field

Thanks to Troy Adams for the photo. The light beaming up from Lumen Field has drawn a lot of questions this past half-hour, and the answer seems to be that it’s in advance of The Weeknd‘s concert there tomorrow night (Thursday, August 25). Haven’t verified that, but it does bear a resemblance to the art on his webpage for the tour, which is titled After Hours Til Dawn.

P.S. Past sky-high beams of note include a Microsoft promotion in 2009.

WEST SEATTLE WEEKEND SCENE: Eazy Duz It’s custom cars on display along Alki

A block of gleaming custom cars drew attention along Alki Avenue this afternoon/evening. Thanks to Rachel for the tip; we checked out the cars while covering the Alki Beach Sunset Run. This was part of Eazy Duz It Car Club‘s summer barbecue; while club members and their families gathered in the picnic area along the promenade, their cars attracted appreciative attention:

Eazy Duz It also organizes community events including a holiday-season toy drive in South Delridge.

Speaking of which – we don’t know which if any of these cars and their owners will be there, but we’re now one week away from the second annual Lowrider Block Party, noon-6 pm next Saturday (August 27th) on 17th SW between Delridge and Roxbury.

VIDEO: Boeing ecoDemonstrator’s West Seattle flyby

Thanks for the tips, and to Nate Miller for the video! That jet’s low flyby over northwest West Seattle this past hour was courtesy of BoeingFlightradar24 identifies it as the “ecoDemonstrator” jet, a 777-200ER with its underside painted with POWERED BY SAF – short for Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Here’s a closer look in a photo tweeted by Bill Schrier:

(The smaller plane accompanying it is not identified on the tracker – possibly for photography.) You can read about the ecoDemonstrator program on Boeing’s website.

UPDATE: About those military flyovers

2:34 PM: We’ve received a few questions about what seems to be an increase in military flyovers in recent days, including one over the north end of the peninsula a short time ago. That one, like at least a few of the others, was a C-17 Globemaster cargo aircraft out of Joint Base Lewis-McChord in the South Sound, as shown on this screengrab from Flightradar24:

Given the base’s proximity, flyovers aren’t that unusual, and while we don’t so far have comment on this one, they’ve often turned out to be training, as explained here.

3:53 PM: Thanks to a lead from commenter Sven, we’ve discovered via Twitter that today’s flyover was in connection with a pregame event at the OL Reign match. Similar demonstration for Saturday’s Sounders match. (We’ve reported on many baseball/football flyovers in years past but not so many for soccer.)

4:45 PM: Thanks to Jennifer Moore for the photo of the C-17, just added above.

SEEN OFF WEST SEATTLE: USS Nimitz, on its way home

(Photo by Michael Fischer)

Thanks for the tips and photo! Seven weeks after it headed out for training, the Bremerton-based aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68) returned home this evening, visible from West Seattle before it turned into Rich Passage.

From the ‘in case you wondered too’ file: About that high-altitude flyover

(Photo by John Applegate)

You couldn’t hear them, but if you happened to be looking at the sky a few hours ago, you might have seen those five jets’ high-altitude flyby. Several people asked us about it, and our photographer at the Seafair Pirates’ Landing saw it too. No airshows or scheduled flybys, but one reliable source – Woody’s Aeroimages – says those were “fighters returning home from exercises in Alaska.” The Air Force has indeed just wrapped up the Red Flag 22-2 exercise, primarily flying from Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska (near Fairbanks – here’s a map).

WEST SEATTLE WEEKEND SCENE: Pride flags in The Junction

June 18, 2022 2:25 pm
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Thanks to volunteer help, the West Seattle Junction Association‘s rainbow Pride flags are flying today.

They’re scheduled to be in place until 6 pm. Other Pride events continue at various West Seattle venues throughout the month – see this section of our Event Calendar. A highlight will be 2-4 pm next Sunday (June 26th), the third annual Pride March in Morgan Junction.

WEST SEATTLE SCENE: Junction flower baskets arrive

On what just might be the warmest day of the year so far – if it does get into the mid-70s – the West Seattle Junction‘s hanging flower baskets have finally arrived! A few weeks later than usual this year because, well, spring itself has been running late. Installation began early this morning. The baskets are partly funded by annual “adopt-a-basket” donations; they’ll be up until blooming season runs out in late summer/fall.

VIDEO: Alki Daze costumed bike parade returns

From superheroes on wheels, to rock ‘n’ roll nostalgia …

… this busy day on Alki included the participants of the revived Alki Daze costumed bike parade along the beach. Ringleader is Alki resident Guy Olson:

Guy (who described his costume as “Burt Reynolds in ‘Smokey and the Bandit'”) sent out an open invitation; here’s who showed up by parade time:

We got some to pose for a group photo, too:

Guy says the costumed bike parade is meant in the spirit of the “car-free day” events the city used to present on Alki every spring/summer from 2008 until 2014.

SEEN FROM WEST SEATTLE: Congratulations, Sounders!

Congratulations to Sounders FC and their fans – the team won the Concacaf Champions League championship tonight, first Major League Soccer team to win that title. The 74 in lights on the Russell Investments Building downtown – seen in a photo sent by a reader who wondered about it – is a tribute to the team’s original founding in 1974. Above the numbers are the words “born in,” as also seen in the photo we published back in November 2017,

READER REPORT: Dumped/possibly stolen school bag

The photo and report are from Ray:

Saw this dumped bag at Thistle and 17th. Lots of student material (pens,note cards).

Ray says the strewn material also included a piece of paper with an email address that he’s notified about this too, but if the bag’s owner sees this first, here’s where it wound up.

READER REPORT: Lose a chair and/or toolbox on Charlestown Hilll?

The photos and report are from Sean:

First, I saw this chair fall out of am moving truck around 10 am today on Charlestown near 48th. I moved the chair to the sidewalk afterward. I then found this toolbox a block away on the side of the road. This does contain tools that the owner may wish to see again. If someone can properly describe the contents, I will get it to them.

If one or both of these items might be yours, email us – – and we’ll connect you.

WEST SEATTLE SCENE: St. Patrick’s Day tradition endures

Wouldn’t be St. Patrick’s Day if we didn’t go check on the legendary green stripe down the middle of 41st SW north of Admiral Way. We just went over to look and yes, it’s there. The mystery leprechaun(s) who maintain it may have run out of paint and/or time, though, as it appears decidedly faded north of a certain point near SW Walker, but fresh and bright to the south of that point.

‘Notes of Kindness’ mystery messages still turning up in West Seattle

It’s been almost a year since first word of mysterious musings, labeled “Notes of Kindness,” turning up around West Seattle. Today, Stewart L. found two of them and sent us photos:

I came across two separate Notes of Kindness on my morning stroll through Don Armeni this morning. Each contained in a plastic sandwich bag. From the numbers on them, looks like there could be a many as 400 of them out there. Someone is making an effort to be kind, which is always appreciated.

These were numbered 173 and 181 of 400 – so if you haven’t happened onto one yet, there’s still hope.

Mystery plane circles Admiral, and beyond

Lots of questions this afternoon about a small plane that spent at least half an hour doing circles over north West Seattle – then headed over to do some loops over the Kitsap Peninsula before returning minutes ago to Boeing Field. Here’s the FlightRadar24 screengrab as it headed back in:

No answers yet about what it was doing. We tried tracing it but its most-recent commercial owner, a flight school at Boeing Field, said it was recently sold. The current registered owner appears to be a company that traces to a Seattle lawyer who is shown in the FAA database as a licensed private pilot.

MAILBOX WATCH: 63rd/Hinds box is back

Thanks to the texter who sent the photo, reporting that Alki’s 63rd/Hinds USPS mailbox has reappeared. It had been gone at least three months. P.S. Looking for a mailbox? Here’s the USPS map (though it hasn’t re-listed the 63rd box yet).

UPDATE: Insect invasion in West Seattle

8:31 PM: We’re hearing from multiple readers about an insect invasion in the Alki area. Stephanie said she went out for a walk and “was covered in” small blue aphid-type bugs. An earlier texter said they believe the bugs are smoky-winged ash aphids. So far we haven’t found history of them swarming in Seattle, but they seem to be a periodic problem in Eastern Washington – a recent report there points to this WSU website report from 2017, describing them as “hovering masses of puffy gnat-like bugs.” This time of year, the females lay eggs, and that’s the reason for the swarming.

9:47 PM: Commenters from all around the peninsula are reporting sightings, so we’ve updated the headline. We’ll be trying to track down an expert tomorrow to see if we can find out more.

From the ‘in case you wondered too’ file: Production crew at West Seattle Stadium

October 14, 2021 8:25 pm
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For the second time this week, there’s a video/film crew shooting something off 35th SW in West Seattle. This crew is even bigger than the one that was at the Lucky 5 on Tuesday. But this crew had something in common with that one – they said it was a commercial video/photo shoot, but weren’t allowed to disclose the client. We couldn’t get further than the parking lot – but Dan sent this photo from earlier in the afternoon:

That was a smoke machine, Dan explained, adding, “They had what looked to be actor/football player doing exercises. Plus earlier a group of players in training uniforms doing group exercises.” We caught a glimpse of people in marching-band-type uniforms. Otherwise – a mystery so far.