WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Suspect in custody after Westwood search; from the ‘dumped/possibly stolen’ file – ski-gear sighting

Two West Seattle Crime Watch items:

WESTWOOD SEARCH: As we write this, police are searching for an auto-theft suspect near 26th/Barton. The stolen car was apparently found at Westwood Village; the suspect took off running toward the east side of Roxhill Park. The description we’ve heard via radio is a white man in his 20s/30s, blue ball cap, blue jacket, tan pants. (2:34 PM UPDATE) They have a suspect in custody. You might still see some searching – per radio exchange, they’re looking for items the suspect might have discarded.


STOLEN SKI GEAR? Lose your ski gear in a car prowl or burglary? Tessa might have found it: “Looks like someone lost their ski gear among other things on 35th and Findlay. Put the boot, goggles, helmet and poles at the 21 bus stop.”

P.S. When lost/found items seem more like simple “lost/found,” you can post in the Lost/Found (Non-Pets) section of the WSB Community Forums.

8 Replies to "WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Suspect in custody after Westwood search; from the 'dumped/possibly stolen' file - ski-gear sighting"

  • Friend O'Dinghus February 17, 2020 (4:53 pm)

     Get ’em SPD! Another great apprehension! One misery-inducing loser at a time…one at a time….

  • Marcia Beherndt February 17, 2020 (6:39 pm)

    The ski gear belongs to my husband. Our tailgate wasn’t latched properly and those things slid out. I checked the bus stop, everything is gone now. 

    • Jordan Beherndt February 17, 2020 (7:24 pm)

      Did anyone pick up this ski gear!!??   I hope someone did not steal them since they were sitting at the bus stop.  If found please return to 5603 35th Ave SW on the corner of 35th and Findlay.   The boots are fitted and the helmet is XXL so probably not very useful to anyone else.  Thank you!

  • Alki resident February 17, 2020 (6:55 pm)

    And this is exactly why having a daycare center in WW is not a good idea. 

    • It Rhymes With Fudd February 18, 2020 (7:21 am)

      ‘Cuz Westwood Village is the place where all car thieves shop?

    • momosmom February 18, 2020 (7:33 am)

      I don’t agree with you Alki Resident, this sort of thing happens everywhere it is a sign of the times we live in now. This could had happened right in front of your home would you then move because of it?     

      • KM February 18, 2020 (8:44 am)

        Obviously! No crime happens on Alki.

    • JRR February 18, 2020 (9:53 am)

      Please explain to me what you mean? Do cars only get stolen there? Or are you making assumptions based on people’s socioeconomic status? Because it sounds like the latter.

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