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FOLLOWUP: Demolition planned at Orchard Street Ravine expansion site

In summer 2018, we reported on the city’s plan to expand the Seattle Parks-owned area of Orchard Street Ravine by buying 7137 38th SW, a 5,600-square-foot parcel (map) holding the century-plus-old house shown in the King County Assessor photo above. Today, Parks announced it will be tearing down the house soon:

Seattle Parks and Recreation is moving forward with the structure demolition in the Orchard Street Ravine at 7137 38th Ave. SW. SPR purchased the property in 2018 to increase the green space in the Orchard Street Ravine, a natural area and important green space connector for the West Seattle community.

Watterson Excavating will be working in late May to demolish the structure on site. Between May and September, the Seattle Conservation Corps will put in erosion control measures and hydroseed the site. The property was purchased with community support and funding provided by the Seattle Park District.

In 2018, the city said the purchase price would be $235,000 (records verify that’s what was paid), and that it expected additional costs of $25,000 for “staff time, title insurance, and closing cost,” plus “up to $100,000 for demolition of the house.”

UTILITIES: Emergency repairs ahead for West Seattle water main

5:17 PM: Just received this from Seattle Public Utilities:

Friday evening, May 22, Seattle Public Utilities will begin an emergency repair on a large, 16-inch water main that is leaking in West Seattle near SW Holly Street between California Ave SW and 39th Ave SW.

The repair work is expected to be completed by early Saturday morning, May 23, to avoid construction over the Memorial Day weekend.

In order to safely complete this work, crews must temporarily shut off water to about 65 homes in the area. Impacted customers will receive a door hanger from SPU on May 21 with information about the water outage, which starts at 9 pm on Friday, May 22 and ends at 5 am on Saturday, May 23.

The noisiest construction work will occur between 8 pm and 10 pm on May 22 when crews are breaking pavement to access the leaking water main. However, customers in the area may also experience some overnight noise while crews work to repair the pipe.

During the repair, if customers have questions about the work or their water service, they should contact SPU’s 24/7 Operations Response Center at 206-386-1800.

7:14 PM: We went over for a look and found the NO PARKING signs along Holly in the 41st/42nd vicinity, so looks like that’s expected to be the main work zone.

SCHOOLS: Gatewood Elementary’s virtual auction – and dinner!

Another local PTA invites everyone in the community to bid – and dine!

The Gatewood Elementary PTA 2020 Auction is going virtual!

Silent bidding will begin on Monday May 25.

Live streamed event is on Friday May 29 @ 7 pm.

Please visit and click the online auction link to register for the event. Everyone has to register for online bidding. Anyone can participate – registration is free!

A special meal from Elliott Bay Brewery is available for purchase to be delivered in West Seattle on Fri May 29. Please order by this Friday May 22 at

Kid-made art, restaurant gift cards, Pearl Jam poster, vacation homes, and more!

Questions – please email

Thank you for your support of the Gatewood Community.

– Lauren Fabella and Matt Hoffman
Gatewood Auction 2020 co-chairs

DUMPED, POSSIBLY STOLEN: Recognize this kid-size bike?

May 3, 2020 6:44 pm
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The photo is from David, who says, “This bike has been sitting along the fence in the alley to the west of Myrtle Reservoir for at least a couple of weeks.”

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen black pickup

April 18, 2020 7:03 pm
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Someone stole Danielle‘s fiance’s truck:

It is a 2000 black Dodge Dakota. Is has a gray canopy and a lumber rack on top, along with some sun spots on the roof. License plate number is B20979D. We live on SW Mills St by Gatewood Elementary, where it was taken from. It had all his work tools and supplies. He has been working up in the Northgate area every day through all of this COVID-19 stuff and it was his dad’s truck, who is no longer with us, so this is difficult for him.

If you see it, call 911.

THE WEST SEATTLE TURKEY: Still wandering Gatewood on this #TurkeyTuesday

A #TurkeyTuesday full of more sightings of The West Seattle Turkey in Gatewood, where it has been since at least Friday. Today started with this video – listen closely to hear The Turkey, as well as Ben’s narration, from near the Thistle stairway:

A bit later, Tanya sent this photo from 39th/Kenyon:

Please be watchful if you’re driving – The Turkey likes to walk in the street, as seen in Dave‘s photo from 39th/Austin:

That’s also where Jessica got this picturesque view also featuring blossoms:

Susan and Jerry got a backyard visit:

From Leslie near 35th/Webster

And this one came in last night but we can’t resist the Napping Turkey … from Mike near 44th and Southern:

If you’re new here – readers have been reporting turkey sightings since tt first showed up (in Arbor Heights) 11 months ago.

THE WEST SEATTLE TURKEY: Gatewood adventures continue

(Texted from California/Southern)

We were SO close. Got multiple reports of The West Seattle Turkey in Gatewood again today, in one instance just a block from WSB HQ. After 11 months of writing about it, maybe it’ll visit us, we thought.

(From Debby on SW Holden)

Alas, no. But enjoy these reader photos anyway.

(From Mike at 44th/Southern)

And let us know if YOU see it!

(From Long Bach Nguyen, seen near California/Kenyon)

As noted the other day, The Turkey was first seen in SW West Seattle last April but has spent most of its time in southeast Admiral/Belvidere since then … until now.

UPDATE: Gatewood water-main leak leads to emergency work

4:47 PM: Thanks for the tip! We found that Seattle Public Utilities crew wrapping up at 41st and Webster after some research following a report that water was out near 35th/Webster. SPU explains that a water main in the area was leaking, so to prepare for full repairs, they had to turn the water off for a while today and do some rerouting. This is the notice SPU said it had sent out:

On Friday, February 14, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) crews will disconnect a water main in your neighborhood that is leaking underground. The broken water main will remain out of service until a permanent repair can be made.

To continue providing you with water service while plans for the repair are made, your water service will be connected to a nearby water main in the adjacent pressure zone. The water pressure in the adjacent zone is lower than what you may have experienced in the past, but still within the acceptable range of 65 to 70 PSI.

The change in your water pressure will remain in effect until a repair can be made to the broken water main.

An emergency water shutdown on February 14
A reduction in water pressure.
Construction activity near the work site

The crew told us they’d just turned the water back on. No word so far how many customers are affected or when the permanent work will be done.

8:56 PM UPDATE: SPU’s Sabrina Register tells WSB, “Today’s work affected about 70 customers … Roughly a dozen customers could experience lower water pressure.” No time frame yet for the permanent fix.

UPDATE: ‘Scenes of violence’ response in Gatewood

ORIGINAL REPORT: If you’re wondering about the sizable Seattle Fire “scenes of violence” response in the 6700 block of 36th SW in Gatewood: Police say one person who was “in crisis” is being taken to Harborview Medical Center. No word on his condition.

ADDED: The victim’s father says in the comment section below that he did not survive.

ADDED MONDAY NIGHT: As also noted below, a memorial service is planned next Saturday, and a crowdfunding page has been set up for the family.

ADDED WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Important information we neglected to include earlier: If you are considering self-harm, the local 24-hour crisis line is 866-427-4747..

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Package taken, grab-and-run style

Last night at the Pigeon Point Neighborhood Council‘s meeting (full story to come), Southwest Precinct operations commander Lt. Steve Strand was asked how to prevent package theft. His reply: “Don’t have them delivered to your home!” The video above, sent by Chris, shows one more reason why: “Caught a porch pirate on video (Monday) stealing an Amazon package off my doorstep, around 15 minutes before I got home.” This happened in Gatewood, near 35th/Thistle; report # is 20-051869.

CRIME WATCH: 89-year-old bus killer to be sentenced; plus, 2 reader reports

Three items in Crime Watch:

(1/26/2019 SDOT cam framegrab showing investigation scene)(January 2019 SDOT image)

SENTENCING TOMORROW: 89-year-old Roger Mize will be sentenced tomorrow for shooting another man to death almost a year ago shortly after both boarded a C Line bus in SODO. Mize pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter; prosecutors are recommending a 7 1/2-year sentence. As we reported last year, Mize and the victim, 51-year-old Ronnie Tyler, got into a fight aboard the bus after Mize took offense at Tyler walking past him. He pistol-whipped the victim and then shot him. Mize was arrested for shooting another man in 2013 but was never charged; that victim survived.

Two reader reports:

MAIL THEFT: From Chris, whose Arbor Heights neighborhood has been hit by mail theft before:

We have a new mail thief that struck every mail box this morning at 5:20am on SW oceanview Dr.
I can’t quite make out the make and model of the car this time.

Chris says the thief’s car is the dark one at the top of that image.

CAR PROWL: Gatewood again. This report is from Christine:

Just wanted to let you know that our 2004 Audi was rifled through this morning while I was up and making breakfast for my daughter around 6:15 am. I almost caught them because I heard a car with a loud motor rumbling outside and began to walk to the front door but by the time I got to the window and saw the light on in our car, they took off.

The car was parked in the front of the house and accidentally left unlocked but luckily nothing of value was in there. All they took was our Leatherman multi-tool set. The sound of their car certainly drew attention so surprised they’re out casing when people are up and getting ready for work and school!

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: 3 theft reports – keepsake ring; car; bicycle

Three West Seattle Crime Watch reports:


My good friend lost her husband suddenly and unexpectedly not that long ago. She is raising their two young children alone. She was picking up her child at school and only ran in for less than 5 minutes. Her car window was smashed and her purse stolen. She carried her husband’s wallet, driver’s license and most importantly, his wedding ring around with her to keep him close. It was all in the purse. We are asking everyone to look out for the purse with the hopes that it was dumped somewhere. It could be in the Gatewood area or near either the Westwood or Junction QFC, as that is where they attempted to use her credit cards. If anyone knows anything about these items, please return them no questions asked.


Purse- black ‘shorty love’ purse/backpack
Wallet- light pink Kate Spade
Ring – tungsten carbide

We will add the police report # when we get it.

STOLEN CAR: From Conner:

Sometime in the early morning of 01/08/19, my dark blue 2002 Land Rover Discovery was stolen from my house in the Shorewood area. Last seen on 26th Ave. It was parked right in front on the street in a well-lit area, so it’s concerning. A neighbor was walking her dog around 5am and said that my car was still parked there when she walked past the house. Please post about my stolen vehicle and hopefully it will turn up!


Crime occurred Monday 1/6 approx 9:00 pm from 7100 block of Woodside Place SW.

As the video shows, the thief is a heavy-set bearded male wearing dark pants, a letterman’s or baseball-style jacket with lighter colored sleeves, and a baseball cap.

Bike stolen was a black men’s Raleigh Tokul 2 with gumwall tires and no reflectors. Police report has been filed.

About the police response in Gatewood

January 7, 2020 3:54 pm
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(Texted photo)

Thanks for the tips about a big police response in a Gatewood alley near Myrtle Reservoir Park. Here’s what we know via radio monitoring and checking with SPD media relations: This started with someone calling in a suspicious person in a vehicle idling in an alley. There was a suspicion the man had a gun in the car, so that called for a heavier response to approach and get him out. For a while he wasn’t responding, but eventually he left the car and was detained. The investigation continues.

WEST SEATTLE WEATHER: Wires down in Gatewood

January 6, 2020 1:20 pm
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1:20 PM: Blustery weather continues – though there’s no wind advisory in effect, we’ve noticed some strong gusts, and one has apparently taken down some lines in Gatewood. Seattle Fire has checked out the report at 41st/Southern [map] and assessed one wire as electrical, so Seattle City Light is being summoned. No outage reported, though.

5:17 PM: Just got a chance to go back and look; tape’s down, road’s open.


Mark sent the video, saying that prowler was recorded in his “back driveway” around 1 am Saturday, near 35th/Holden in Gatewood. Checking the SPD tweet log (which you can scroll through any time atop the WSB Crime Watch page), we note that Saturday also brought two auto-theft reports in Gatewood, 4100 block of SW Monroe and 4100 block of SW Portland – haven’t heard from the victims, so no details.


That’s Scott‘s truck, stolen overnight from 39th/Webster in Gatewood. It’s a 1989 Ford F250. Call 911 if you see it.

VIDEO: Austin Street Christmas Lights, 2019 edition

Tonight’s West Seattle Christmas lights spotlight are courtesy of Mark Bader, who sent the photo and video of his music-synched lights in Gatewood:

“Austin Street Christmas Lights” is at 3711 SW Austin Street. I have about 2000 lights; all of them are LED lights that can change to any color. There are 5 songs that are synced to the lights, if you stay and watch all of them, it’s about 15 minutes of music. The lights run from 4 pm to 10 pm nightly – tune your car radio to 99.5 to hear the music.

To see other lights we’ve featured, scroll through this archive. And if you have tips – your own lights or someone else’s, with or without photos – – thank you!

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Stolen black 4Runner (update: found)

The report and photo are from Peter:

Last night my 1987 Toyota 4Runner was stolen from the front of my house near the intersection of Woodside and Myrtle. It is black with a black fabric top on the rear. WA plates BBC2458. A police report has been filed.

If you see it, call 911.

UPDATE: Peter reports it was found, abandoned in White Center.

WEST SEATTLE CRIME WATCH: Another Gatewood burglary

The SPD log shows another burglary reported in Gatewood today – and this time we’ve heard from the victim. Mark reports:

While work(ing) on my security cameras this afternoon (!!!) , I stepped inside and left my garage doors open for several minutes. A guy drove by, stopped, and came into the garage. Fortunately he only stole a bike pump. Attached are pictures of the guy and his truck.

I literally was out of the garage for 90 seconds at the time of the theft.

This was in an alley behind the 6700 block of 38th SW. If you have any information about the person in Mark’s images, the SPD case # is 2019-443068.

WEST SEATTLE HISTORY: Peace Lutheran Church’s 75th anniversary

That’s one of the items that were on display as Peace Lutheran Church in Gatewood celebrated its 75th anniversary. 1945 would have been the church’s first full calendar year – from the announcement of today’s celebration, some history:

Peace Lutheran Church was founded just as World War II was ending, choosing a name that expressed its hope for the future. The congregation organized in November 1944, and held its first service as a new congregation the first Sunday in December 1944, in a portable classroom at E.C. Hughes School. Using materials reclaimed from former army barracks, members built a chapel on 39th Ave SW and SW Thistle, dedicating it in 1946, Ten years later, the congregation, in a major expansion of its original building, dedicated a new sanctuary which is in use today.

The church’s Fellowship Hall was full of photos and other memorabilia before today’s service:

Pastor Erik Kindem (below), who has served at Peace Lutheran for almost 15 years, was joined by recently installed regional Bishop Shelley Bryan Wee for festival worship this morning.

The celebration continued after the service with a luncheon. One more note: Churchgoers wanted to point out Donna, the crossing guard, helping people get safely across Thistle (not far from the scene of an early-morning crash):


Logged police calls indicate a burglary spike in West Seattle. So does what Erin was told after her home was broken into:

Our home in Gatewood (39th and Southern Street) was burglarized in the middle of the day (Tuesday). The burglars entered through an unlocked kitchen window and took jewelry, computers, a wallet, and rifled through our entire house. The police officers who responded said the area has seen increased burglaries in the past couple days.

We checked Tweets by Beat and found these West Seattle residential burglaries logged so far this week:
-3700 block of SW Tillman
-2200 block of SW Myrtle
-5600 block of 38h SW
-5400 block of 37th SW
-10100 block of 31st SW
-3800 block of 45th SW

Report details aren’t routinely posted so that’s why we appreciate reader reports so we can share information – – thank you.

P.S. Southwest Precinct crime-prevention coordinator Jennifer Danner reminds us that she offers “free residential safety/security assessments, as well as burglary follow-ups” – is how to reach her.

HOLIDAYS: Bazaar @ Peace Lutheran, with milestone anniversary a week away

November 17, 2019 12:59 pm
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No football, no rain (yet) – here’s an option this afternoon: It’s all about the home-made and hand-made at Peace Lutheran Church‘s holiday bazaar, on until 3 pm. Above, the card for the kimchi is right next to the bake-sale tables. Other tables offer sewn, knitted, crocheted creations at bargain prices:

The bazaar’s in the church’s daylight basement, entrance just north of the northeast corner of 39th/Thistle in Gatewood.

P.S. One week from today – on Sunday, November 24 – Peace Lutheran celebrates its 75th anniversary. Events start at 9:30 am and continue into the afternoon – details in our calendar listing.

WEST SEATTLE ART: Desmond Hansen’s newest signal-box tribute

Just noticed this one while headed out on an errand – Ray Charles, painted by Desmond Hansen on the cabinet at the northwest corner of 35th/Thistle. Unless we’ve missed one, this is the first one we’ve heard about since these two months ago.