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BIZNOTE: B’s Po Boy on Alki won’t reopen

(Photo courtesy Tod)

Multiple readers have sent photos of the sign that just went up in the past few hours announcing the permanent closure of B’s Po Boy on Alki. We know the time frame because we were in the area around midmorning, at which time the sign was still the one that had been up for about a week, saying the restaurant was still closed because of the weather. Previously, an early February opening was promised when B’s Po Boy closed just before Christmas, citing vacation time; the business has also been listed for sale for some weeks. B’s opened a year and a half ago, run by a couple who had moved here from Indianapolis, where they had a restaurant of the same name (which closed in late 2017). The 2738 Alki Avenue SW spot had previously been the site of Fatburger, from fall 2013 to early 2017, following Bada Bistro‘s less-than-five-month run, after two years for the Beachside Café, which in turn was the successor to Alki Bakery, a corner fixture for 25 years, until November 2010. Other Alki food/beverage closures in the past year include, west to east, Marée Bistro, Sushi Samurai, Phoenecia, Tully’s Coffee (which, as first reported here almost two weeks ago, will become Harry’s Beach House), Saigon Pho.

FOLLOWUP: More about Harry’s Beach House on Alki

More info today about the restaurant on its way to the 2676 Alki Avenue SW space from which the former Tully’s Coffee was evicted. It’s from our friends at Capitol Hill Seattle Blog; Capitol Hill is the home neighborhood of Harry’s Fine Foods, whose proprietor Julian Hagood – as revealed in our community-collaborative coverage last Sunday – is opening Harry’s Beach House at the ex-Tully’s. Here’s the full CHS report, in which Hagood promises “killer brunches and seasonally driven fare” at the new place. CHS publisher Justin Carder also notes that the Alki property was sold for $1.5 million last September to a group that includes Hagood’s Capitol Hill landlord.

BIZNOTE: Signage sighting

Eight months after we first reported that The Habit Burger Grill would take over the former KFC location at 35th and Avalon, a banner has appeared. The remodeling work at the site has been under way for three months. No official word yet on plans for opening but with the banner up and paper off the windows, it is clearly getting closer. Habit Burger is a California-based chain with more than 240 locations.

BIZNOTE: Former Alki Tully’s to become Harry’s Beach House

10:59 AM SUNDAY: The “for lease” sign has been down for a bit but there’s been no hint of what’s ahead for the former Tully’s at 2676 Alki Avenue SW – until now. A “site plan” has just showed up in city files. The early-stage plan is for remodeling the space into a “new eating and drinking establishment” that the document names as “Harry’s Beach House.”. What’s on file also notes that the siding and windows will be replaced, but the alterations otherwise are interior only. That’s all the info so far. It’s been 11 months since the Alki Tully’s suddenly closed, part of a wave of other closures around the area, followed by legal action for eviction a few weeks later.

EARLY MONDAY: In finest community-collaborative-news style, more information has unfolded in the comment discussion – thanks to Will o Wisp saying he’d learned of an affiliation with Harry’s Fine Foods on Capitol Hill, we found a clue, that Todd then confirmed.

BIZNOTE: Restaurant space’s new tenant serves up signage

Thanks to the texter who just sent that photo. Back on December 9th, we reported that city files revealed Agave was taking over the Junction space vacated by Fresh Bistro last spring. They never replied to our followup inquiry, but now signage has appeared in the windows. Agave has locations in Queen Anne and Issaquah.

FOLLOWUP: West Seattle Pizza Hut closure

On the second day since the closure of the West Seattle Pizza Hut at 6501 35th SW (as previewed here two weeks ago), we went by to look for signs of the space’s future. As our photo shows, the signage is already stripped; a dumpster’s in place on the south side of the building, but nobody is around to ask, and there’s still nothing in city files. The signage posted in the ex-restaurant’s windows says CLOSED, and nothing more. As originally pointed out in a comment on our previous story, Checkmate Dry Cleaners to the west also has closed (though its signage remains).

BIZNOTE: Shadowland changes

Two readers emailed us to report that they had heard Shadowland in The Junction would be discontinuing its regular slate of events including pub-quiz trivia and DJ Night soon. They were worried it was a sign of more change to come. So we went over to ask. No, manager Heather told us, not a sign of anything ahead – they are doing fine as a restaurant and bar and have decided to focus on that since attendance at events had slipped, and features such as trivia are abundantly available elsewhere. Shadowland (4458 California SW) is in its 12th year.

BIZNOTES: 2 more West Seattle closures

Thanks for the tips on these following our coverage of other recent closures:

IRASHAI RESTAURANT: Though the “open” sign remains illuminated and flashing, the Japanese restaurant in The Admiral District has closed, according to the note on its door, first noticed by Kim. The note says, “We hope to serve you soon with a new restaurant and a new menu.” (We did note recently that there was an application for a change in its liquor license.) Irashai opened a year and a half ago in a space that previously housed Mawadda Café.

CHECKMATE DRY CLEANERS: This first surfaced in comments on our coverage of the West Seattle Pizza Hut‘s impending closure – commenter GatewoodGuy noted that the cleaners next door had recently closed too. We went over to verify and found a note on its door citing “personal matters” and referring customers to Q Cleaners in The Junction. This is the second dry cleaners to close in West Seattle in six months, following the Alki Cleaners closure in July.

BIZNOTE: West Seattle Pizza Hut closing

The staff at West Seattle’s only Pizza Hut (6501 35th Ave. SW) confirms a tip we received over the weekend – it’s closing in two weeks. January 21st is the last day, we’re told. Why? That, we don’t know, and staff declined comment; we have an inquiry out to Pizza Hut corporate media relations. (No redevelopment proposals in the file; county records do show the property had a change in the owner of record last year, not a sale but an estate situation.) This is the latest change of several in the chain-pizza scene in West Seattle – a second Domino’s opened in South Admiral a year ago, not long after the lone West Seattle Papa John’s closed (that site is scheduled to be redeveloped into townhouses). After the 35th SW Pizza Hut closes, the nearest one will be in White Center.

EVICTED: West Seattle Junction’s Vine & Spoon restaurant, Alchemy bar

That’s one of the eviction notices dated/timestamped 2 pm today, now up at both Vine & Spoon (4706 California SW) and Alchemy (4717 42nd SW) in The Junction. Court records show Equity Residential, which owns the two-building Junction 47 complex housing both, sought court action to evict the same-ownership venues because of tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid rent.

Vine & Spoon already had been closed for more than a week, first posting a notice that it would reopen at the end of next week, then replacing that with a notice that it would reopen December 26th. We spoke briefly at the end of last week with an ownership representative who said they had a new investor who would assist them in reopening, and they promised to call us back to talk more about their plans. That call never came. Then, this afternoon’s action.

Court records show the eviction dates back to an “unlawful detainer” filing by Equity in late October, saying they had first served an order to pay back rent or vacate in July, at which time the documents say two months of the $15,000/month rent was owed; that had grown to $105,000 by the end of October, the filings said. Two weeks ago, the court reissued a “writ of restitution,” noting that the sheriff – which enforces eviction orders – could break and enter if necessary. The separate case involving Alchemy has a similar timeline of documents and actions, with a filing in late October alleging that three months of its $5300/month rent was due by July, and that $89,000 was owed by the end of October.

Vine & Spoon had opened just six months ago, a year and a half after the same ownership opened Alchemy.

West Seattle restaurants: Baja Taco reopens in Jefferson Square

Thanks to Marisa for the tip. After a days-long closure, Baja Taco has reopened in Jefferson Square, under new ownership (but apparently the same staff). We don’t know exactly how long it was closed after the planned shutdown at the end of November – Marisa’s tip came in yesterday; we went right over to check but it was closed, so we went back today, and found it open.

West Seattle restaurants: Looks like Agave Cocina is expanding to The Junction

Thanks for the tip that activity’s been sighted in the empty-almost-7-months ex-Fresh Bistro space on the ground floor of Mural (4727 42nd SW). That’s led to a discovery in city permit files: A site plan for a new restaurant called Agave. Same company that has Mexican restaurants on Queen Anne and on the Eastside? The city file says yes. We’ll be following up to find out more.

BIZNOTE: Baja Taco is closing one of its West Seattle restaurants

Thanks for the tips. We’ve confirmed that Baja Taco in Jefferson Square is closing – as of 4 pm Friday (November 30th). After confirming that, we went over to check on Baja Taco in Westwood Village, where staff told us that their restaurant is NOT closing. (Both Baja Tacos were originally part of the Taco del Mar chain.) This is the second Jefferson Square eatery closure in less than a year, after Subway last January.

West Seattle restaurants: Gyro Heroes sets opening date

If you’re tired of turkey by Saturday, you’ll have a new West Seattle restaurant option: That will be opening day for Gyro Heroes in the former Baskin-Robbins at 4111 SW Admiral Way. We first reported back in April that this eatery was on the way. At the time, they hoped to be open in mid-summer, but invariably, remodeling and permitting take longer, and we finally heard from proprietor Tareq that they are ready to open Saturday (November 24th). He was there a bit earlier this afternoon as they finished up work, so we stopped in for a quick peek. He says Gyro Heroes will be open 10 am-9 pm, seven days a week. No website yet; we’re awaiting a copy of the menu and will add it when we get it.

West Seattle restaurants that plan to be open Thanksgiving Day 2018

November 18, 2018 6:23 pm
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By request, we call West Seattle restaurants every year to find out who will be open Thanksgiving, for those who just don’t want to cook. Here’s the first take of our list. As always, some caveats – an establishment might change its plan; also, some didn’t pick up the phone and/or return our message. So we expect updates, and we appreciate tips if you find omissions or changes – 206-293-6302 text or voice, or editor@westseattleblog.com. (This is linked on our Event Calendar and in our Holiday Guide, too, for quick ways to find it later. Our guide also includes info on non-restaurant venues with free community dinners on the holiday.)

FOLLOWUP: Work crews finally arrive at future West Seattle Habit Burger Grill

More than five months after we broke the news that KFC was moving out of 3501 SW Avalon Way and The Habit Burger Grill was moving in, work at the site is finally beginning in earnest. If you pass by the busy 35th and Avalon corner frequently (which we do), you know the building was repainted in the chain’s trademark taupe fairly soon after the KFC closure, but it’s been idle in the months since, even drawing some vandalism. However, city permit files show the project has remained in the works, with a raft of filings in mid-September. We are attempting again to reach the company to see if there’s a projected opening date. The California-based Habit Burger chain opened its first within-city-limits Seattle store in Ballard back in August.

West Seattle restaurants: ‘Cure or vacate’ notice posted at ex-Kokoras, citing ‘deplorable conditions’

(January 2018 photo)

The long-shuttered Morgan Junction restaurant Kokoras now has a notice hanging on the door. (Thanks for the tip!) It’s a letter from an attorney for the building’s owner, to the tenants who took over the restaurant two years ago, alleging they are in violation of the lease. Not a matter of nonpayment, according to the notice, which says the violation is that the building’s been closed and empty and allowed to deteriorate into what the notice describes as “deplorable conditions.” The notice mentions “pest droppings” found recently as well as a gallon of old cooking grease that’s allegedly been left to sit in there for a year. As reported here a year ago, the restaurant abruptly closed, first posting a notice attributing the shutdown to “employee conflict,” then undergoing what a worker we found at the site told us was “remodeling.” The newly posted notice alleges that work was unauthorized. Last January, we noted that a banner appeared outside the restaurant (top photo) with word of a “grand opening” for TeriFresh, the name by which the tenant operated an eatery in Maple Valley, according to what Kokoras’s then-manager told us in 2016. But no opening ensued, and the banner eventually vanished; this week’s notice says the building’s owner also was told of a reopening plan last January that didn’t happen. The notice – dated October 25th – says it’s giving the tenant 10 days to “cure” (fix the problems) or vacate; we’ve checked court files and aren’t seeing anything there yet.

FOLLOWUP: Can Bar now open in South Delridge

(WSB photos by Patrick Sand)

It’s official grand-opening night for Can Bar in South Delridge. We caught up with its owners this afternoon, four months after reporting on what they had planned.

David Gradwohl and James Imonti (along with Joshua Baymiller, not shown) opened the bar/restaurant in what most recently was a bakery at 9427 17th SW.

Take a look at the menu here. The bar is half of the top deck of a 26-foot, half-century-plus-old Owens. Its old steering wheel is part of the decor, too.

Can Bar has hallway photos of what it took to get the old boat in place for the build-out.

Can Bar is adults only, open 3 to midnight Sundays-Thursdays, 3 pm to 2 am Fridays and Saturdays. They plan to add weekend brunch in a few weeks.

BIZNOTE: Phoenecia announces it’s closing at year’s end and looking for someplace new

Just received from Nadia Khazaal – her family has announced that their acclaimed Alki restaurant Phoenecia will close in two months but is hoping to reopen at a new location, preferably in The Junction. Here’s the announcement in its entirety:

Dear West Seattle Community,

After 25 amazing years on Alki, the Phoenecia family is deeply sad to announce that we must soon close our doors. Our landlords have decided to sell the building to developers, due to some very expensive but necessary building upgrades.

Rather than dwell on sadness, we have chosen to revel in gratitude for the last 25 years of support from our many friends in West Seattle and beyond.

Because it is not over yet…

Many of you remember our late father Hussein Khazaal, who opened Phoenecia in the West Seattle Junction in the early 1970s, not long after moving here from Lebanon. Our father’s love of food, community, and family was the foundation that helped him persevere through countless obstacles—including those that come with running a successful restaurant, as well as two location moves—the last of which brought us these many wonderful years on Alki.

Drawing from his example, we too have decided to persevere. It may take us a while to find the perfect location, but with a little luck, we hope to come full circle and return to the neighborhood where Phoenecia first began: the West Seattle Junction.

Something special just for you…

In honor and memory of our father’s passion, generosity, and perseverance, we would like to offer the following gifts from our family to yours, during the next 9 weeks:
Sundays – half price bottles of our house red wine all day long
Mondays – purchase one bottle of wine, get your second bottle for half price Tuesdays – purchase Mama’s Lamb Shank entrée, get one complimentary pizza Wednesday – purchase any bottle of wine, get one complimentary pizza
Every Day – 30% discount for take-out bottles of wine

Our last day of service will be Monday the 24th — Christmas Eve — with a celebration of gratitude, great food, wine, and the community we love. Be sure to make your reservations soon, as you know how limited our space is.

We look forward to seeing you all over the next 9 weeks. Although we are sad to say goodbye to Alki, we look forward to what the future has in store for Phoenecia.

For updates, follow us on:
Instagram: @phoeneciawestseattle Facebook: @phoeneciarestaurantwestseattle

With love and gratitude, The Khazaal Family

We’ve checked the files and there’s nothing on record yet regarding a development proposal for, or sale of, the building, where Phoenecia’s longtime neighbor Alki Cleaners closed in July, one of a lengthening list of Alki closures.

BIZNOTE: Wondering what’s up with Gyro Heroes?

Six months after we reported Gyro Heroes was coming to the ex-Baskin Robbins at 4111 SW Admiral Way, it’s not open yet, though signage has been up a while. After weeks of going by almost daily in hopes of finding someone to ask “what’s up?” we finally happened onto someone there today. They’re currently awaiting inspections, we’re told, and hope to finally open within a month.

BIZNOTE: Saigon Pho, and other Alki notes

Ever since the first tip that Saigon Pho (2632 Alki SW) had apparently closed, we’ve been checking on it; more than a week has gone by, and it hasn’t reopened. No explanatory/farewell sign, and we haven’t been able to reach the restaurant’s proprietor, but a peek through the window shows furnishings and other items stacked and boxed. While that building’s site has long had a mixed-use redevelopment proposal, newer documents in city files show a plan to expand the neighboring preschool/day care into the building.

Saigon Pho, which opened in early 2010, would be the sixth Alki business to close in a little over a year, along with:

Sushi Samurai
Alki Cleaners
Marée Bistro
Alki Urban Market
Tully’s Coffee

The latter three spaces are all posted with FOR LEASE signs. At the ex-sushi spot (2758 Alki SW), an application is in the city system to add second-floor apartments to the building, as was proposed in 2009.

Schooner Brewing & Provisions – brewery, restaurant, deli! Welcome, new WSB sponsor

One of our newest WSB sponsors is Schooner Brewing & Provisions, which is more than a brewery – it’s also a restaurant and deli. Here’s what they would like you to know about what they offer:

Located in the heart of SODO, just a 10-minute drive from West Seattle, Schooner Brewing is a neighborhood brewery serving up delicious hand-crafted beers! Most of the staff call West Seattle home, and the brewery has a long history of involvement in the West Seattle community.

Independently owned and operated for over 11 years, Schooner Brewing offers everything from classic Northwest IPA’s and Lagers, to Barrel-Aged Sours and Farmhouse Ales. House favorites include Hopvine IPA, 3 Grid IPA, King Street Brown Ale, and SODO Lager. Longtime head brewer Joel Stickney enjoys experimenting with different hops and barrel-aged sours to consistently offer new and unique options. Schooner’s commitment to the craft is unwavering, and guests can taste the time and energy that goes in to every pint.

The tap list features 20+ options ranging from Schooner beers, draft Washington wines, house-brewed spiked seltzers from San Juan Seltzers, and Timber City Ginger Beer, a non-alcoholic beverage made in the South Park neighborhood.

The dinner menu showcases a variety of large plates and shareable appetizers such as Chicken and Turkey Bahn Meatballs, Beer Cheese Dip with Giant Soft Pretzel, Chicken & Waffle Sandwich, The Schooner Burger, Asian Noodle Salad, a Build-Your-Own Dirty Fries menu, plus a variety of seasonal dishes highlighting fresh, in-season produce. Dinner and snacks are available in the brewery from 3 p.m. to close daily.

Happy hour is offered Monday-Friday 3-5 p.m. and features $3 select pints and $2.50 King Street Brown Ribs. Schooner Brewing’s weekend brunch is served Saturday-Sunday 10 a.m.-3 p.m. and offers dishes such as Biscuits and Gravy, Chicken and Waffles, Fresh Veggie Scramble, and Seasonal Pastries.

Schooner Provisions, the adjacent lunch deli, offers hot and cold made-to-order sandwiches, fresh salads, fish and chips and more, Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-3 p.m.

The brewery is family-friendly, with a shaded dog-friendly patio. Guests are encouraged to enjoy their custom-made shuffleboard table, giant Jenga, Thursday night trivia starting at 7 p.m. and other various events held at the brewery. Schooner Brewing is also a great setting for your next private event or party, with up to 75 people easily accommodated. For private event inquiries email info@schoonerbrewingseattle.com

Schooner Brewing and Provisions is located at 3901 1st Avenue South. Schooner Provisions is open Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-3 p.m. The brewery is open Monday-Thursday 3-9 p.m., Friday 3-10 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-10 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Weekend brunch is served Saturday-Sunday 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Happy hour is Monday-Friday 3-5 p.m. To learn more, visit www.schoonerbrewingseattle.com or call 206-432-9734.

We thank Schooner Brewing and Provisions for sponsoring independent, community-collaborative neighborhood news via WSB; find our current sponsor team listed in directory format here, and find info on joining the team by going here.

FOLLOWUP: Flying Apron to take over Great Harvest space in West Seattle Junction

The 4709 California SW storefront that Great Harvest Bread Co. is vacating (as reported here Tuesday) won’t be vacant for long. This morning, we spoke with one of the West Seattleites who own Flying Apron and plan to open their third bakery/café in that space.

Angela Cough and husband Jeff Silva already have two West Seattle businesses – Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (4410 California SW) and Shack Coffeehouse (2920 SW Avalon Way) – but their first business, Flying Apron, is in Fremont and Redmond. Now, they’re expanding it close to home, and Angela tells WSB they’re “very excited.” If you’re not familiar with Flying Apron, it’s a gluten-free, vegan bakery and café – sweet and savory items. Angela says they had long been looking for a West Seattle location and discovered the Great Harvest proprietors were looking for someone to take over the space. The Flying Apron café will be “casual dining,” counter-ordering with seating or takeout. They’ll offer soups, salads, sandwiches, pasta, pizza, lasagna, etc. – all “100 percent gluten-free and vegan” – and when Flying Apron is up to full speed in West Seattle, they hope to have an “even more robust” variety of bread offerings. Custom cakes, too, even wedding cakes. “Our goal is food access … giving (people who have food sensitivities) the opportunity to enjoy things they loved” even before they changed their diet. Full-service coffee, too, “similar to what you’d find at Hotwire and The Shack.”

Once they open – no later than January, Angela says, though they hope to at least have part of the operation going during the holiday season (it will likely take them a little extra time to convert the space because it needs to be thoroughly cleaned for the transition away from wheat and other ingredients Flying Apron doesn’t use) – their hours will likely be similar to their current Flying Apron cafés, in the 8 am-7 pm vicinity. And they’re glad to be able to keep the Junction space in local hands: “I was born and raised here – really, never left – so for me (especially) it’s a big deal. We’re very well-rooted in this community – our kids go to Genesee Hill Elementary,” and they support local nonprofits.

They promise a community “launch party” when the West Seattle Flying Apron is ready to go. “We’re going to do our best to open as fast as possible.”