WSB West Seattle Crime Watch link archive, July 2013-February 2016

This is a continuation of the WSB Crime Watch archives. For stories after the date below, go to the main WSBCW page. Also, the entirety of our “crime”-tagged archive, in reverse-chronological order as published, is here. Thanks!

2/29/2016: New details of Friday’s attempted child luring

2/28/2016: Shooting investigation

2/28/2016: Dear Package Thieves … messages from two targets

2/27/2016: Attempted luring near Alki Elementary; three other reports

2/26/2016: Hit-run crash on Olson leads to search, arrest in Arrowhead Gardens area

2/26/2016: Business break-in alert

2/24/2016: Moped stolen; bicycle found

2/24/2016: Three car prowls

2/21/2016: Stolen IZIP electric bicycle

2/21/2016: Car-prowl attempt; dumped bicycles

2/20/2016: Delridge/Henderson police response

2/19/2016: Mural vandalized; backpack stolen

2/19/2016: Gunfire suspect out of jail, cites reason he fired a single shot

2/18/2016: From White Center Now: Man killed in Greenbridge

2/18/2016: Man arrested after gunfire in Highland Park

2/18/2016: Dumped blue bicycle; 7-11 gunfire followup; stolen mail

2/17/2016: Three reader reports

2/16/2016: Gunfire in Highland Park

2/15/2016: Stolen white Volvo wagon

2/15/2016: Reader finds stolen CR-V

2/14/2016: ATM theft attempt; car window broken

2/12/2016: 2 stolen cars – 1 gone, 1 found; helicopter

2/11/2016: Surprise for package-taker, and two other reports

2/10/2016: Reader reports, including rash of car prowls

2/10/2016: Gatewood burglary suspect charged

2/9/2016: Suspicious solicitor; attempted break-in

2/8/2016: $100,000 bail set for suspect in Gatewood burglary

2/8/2016: Another window-smashing incident reported

2/7/2016: About the ‘assault with weapons’ call

2/6/2016: Bus driver hit; package stolen

2/6/2016: Burglar awakens Gatewood woman; suspect arrested

2/4/2016: Prowlers in Seaview; mail theft in Westwood

2/4/2016: Big police response on Alki

2/3/2016: Truck stolen; windows broken; possible cast-aside loot found

2/2/2016: Robbery, search

2/1/2016: More windows shot out

1/31/2016: Car windows shot out

1/30/2016: Burglar interrupted

1/28/2016: Car prowl alert

1/28/2016: Suspect caught after early-morning burglary

1/27/2016: Scam call; car break-in

1/26/2016: Eighth-graders report being ‘grabbed’

1/26/2016: Burglar(s) steal memories

1/24/2016: Admiral break-in, stolen mail, more

1/23/2016: Diaper-bag-stealing car prowler(s); package theft; mail theft; possible casing

1/23/2016: Shots or not? What police say about what was heard near Delridge/Findlay

1/21/2016: Fast-moving burglar hits while resident is picking up child at preschool

1/20/2016: Reader finds stolen car; car prowler takes distinctive items

1/19/2016: Crime Watch reports include two stolen white cars, burglary, and water-tower graffiti vandalism

1/17/2016: Five reader reports – including a found Novarra bicycle

1/15/2016: Tools taken; mail stolen

1/14/2016: Seen this stolen car, and carseat?

1/13/2016: Car prowls; merchandise vandalism

1/12/2016: Crime Watch followup – Saturday night’s standoff

1/12/2016: Followup – Delridge gunfire ‘targeted’ house

1/10/2016: Car prowlers break window

1/9/2016: Standoff resolved without injury

1/8/2016: Student attacked after getting off a bus

1/9/2016: Second Bumble theft

1/7/2016: Helicopter-involved standoff ends in Highland Park

1/7/2016: Report roundup including bicycle theft from councilmember’s home, abandoned bicycle spotted

1/6/2016: Early-morning gunfire in Delridge; 32 casings found

1/5/2016: Safe found south of Alki Point

1/5/2016: Stolen Chevy Tahoe; vandalism; ‘ransacked’ bag found

1/4/2016: *VIDEO: ‘Coldest WS cold case’

1/2/2016: Three reader reports – stolen Nissan; car prowls; license-plate thefts

1/2/2016: Car vandalized; black backpack found

12/30/2015: Recognize these package thieves?

12/29/2015: Gunfire on camera

12/28/2015: Dumping, on camera, and other reader reports

12/27/2015: Car stolen, dog inside

12/26/2015: Five reader reports – stolen car, burglar photos, burglary attempt, package theft, plate theft

12/24/2015: Car prowl

12/23/2015: Charges in attack/robbery; car-prowl loot list

12/22/2015: Woman attacked, needs dental work

12/22/2015: Two mail-theft reports

12/21/2015: Student charged with unlawful gun possession in CSIHS incident

12/18/2015: Crash after gunfire at 12th/Roxbury

12/16/2015: Student arrested after gun, bullets found at school

12/15/2015: Gunfire in Highland Park; car prowl on video

12/14/2015: Gunfire on Puget Ridge

12/14/2015: Stolen burgundy Civic; weekend car prowl; recognize this truck?

12/13/2015: Two car prowls

12/10/2015: Where burglars are hitting

12/8/2015: West Seattle man charged in SeaTac killing

12/7/2015: Stolen motorcycle

12/7/2015: Truck full of massage business’s equipment stolen

12/7/2015: Victim of Sunday shooting in Columbia City was freshman at Chief Sealth IHS

12/6/2015: Stolen car; reader video shows package theft

12/4/2015: Warrant followup – murder suspect arrested at West Seattle home

12/3/2015: Stolen Bumble! Plus, pickup truck prowled

12/3/2015: Warrants served at home NW of Junction

12/2/2015: Car prowl/assault attempt, and more

12/1/2015: 5-year sentence for repeat drunk driver

12/1/2015: Stolen car leads police to holdup suspect

11/30/2015: The shooting victim who didn’t immediately realize it

11/28/2015: Admiral ‘grabbing’ incident, plus reader reports – car prowl, trailer taken, tires taken

11/28/2015: Crime Watch reader reports, including a found bicycle

11/24/2015: One stolen car, two found bikes

11/24/2015: Court notes in arson, robbery cases

11/22/2015: More from the “stolen-and-found” files, including 2 car prowls and 2 discoveries

11/21/2015: Stolen 1986 Porsche, plus, helicopter false alarm

11/21/2015: Car-prowl reader reports

11/19/2015: $100,000 bail set for suspect in store robbery; under investigation in other robberies/thefts

11/18/2015: Students report luring attempt

11/17/2015: Shooting in North Delridge

11/17/2015: Store robbed at Westwood Village

11/17/2015: Car-prowl alerts

11/16/2015: Followup on Friday night ‘stabbing’ whose ‘victim’ is now described as a ‘suspect’

11/13/2015: Man stabbed in south Highland Park

11/12/2015: Charges filed against suspect accused of Junction street robbery, eluding police, shortly after getting out of prison

11/10/2015: Bank vandalism; mail theft x 2

11/7/2015: West Seattle mugging linked to Queen Anne carjacking, Airport Way crash

11/5/2015: Stolen green Accord to watch for

11/5/2015: Reader report: Strong-arm robbery

11/5/2015: Reader report – street robbery

11/4/2015: Air, ground search after possible burglary in progress on Puget Ridge

11/4/2015: Car prowls, hit-run, found items, missing items

11/2/2015: Stolen, found, not-yet-found

10/31/2015: Followup – surveillance photos of person described as suspect in early-Halloween arsons

10/31/2015: Two early-morning arsons in The Junction

10/29/2015: 5 reader reports and 6 prevention tips

10/28/2015: Shooting suspect released as investigation continues; prosecutors to decide on charges later

10/28/2015: VIDEO: Deputies seek help identifying bus-stop-stabbing suspects

10/28/2015: Four reader reports

10/27/2015: Arson investigation update and more @ West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network

10/25/2015: Reader reports – two car prowls, one burglary

10/24/2015: Two people shot, one dies

10/22/2015: ‘Person of interest’ in West Seattle arsons – recognize him?

10/22/2015: Man hit by pellet; reader reports; “Dashboard” debuts

10/20/2015: Car prowls, burglary

10/19/2015: Arson at High Point management office

10/18/2015: Stolen red-and-white Trek bicycle

10/18/2015: Two cars set on fire in Sylvan Ridge

10/15/2015: Vandals target decorations

10/15:2015: Morgan Junction burglary

10/13/2015: Stolen pickup truck

10/12/2015: Gatewood burglary followup – police-response time; burglar photo

10/11/2015: Gatewood burglary; 36th/Hanford car prowl

10/10/2015: Two businesses hit by burglars

10/9/2015: Repeat offender Emanuel Kozma sentenced

10/7/2015: Memorial bench stolen from ARK Park in Arbor Heights *has since been found

10/7/2015: Car prowl leads to burglary – one of at least 20 car prowls this week

10/6/2015: Bail set at $25K for Westwood arson suspect

10/3/2015: Honda Element stolen, and found

10/2/2015: Morgan Junction toddler’s death investigated as homicide; father’s girlfriend jailed

10/1/2015: Package-theft prevention advice, plus another case

10/1/2015: VIDEO – See thieves keep trying (and failing) to steal a classic car

9/29/2015: Where car prowlers are striking

9/27/2015: Package theft; car break-in; is this YOUR bag?

9/25/2015: ‘Flasher’ on Harbor Ave

9/25/2015: Seen this stolen Volvo wagon?

9/25/2015: Police, helicopter search for armed car prowler

9/24/2015: Stolen bicycle, found bicycle, burglary hotspot

9/23/2015: WashFed bank robbery north of The Junction

9/21/2015: Chest found; burglary updates; window mystery

9/20/2015: Stolen (?) ashes found; hit-run help sought

9/19/2015: Bike stolen; fire extinguishers returned

9/18/2015: B of A robbed in Admiral – recognize the robber?

9/17/2015: Helicopter search; car prowl

9/15/2015: Another motorcycle stolen

9/15/2015: Extinguishers stolen from Fire Engine 32

9/15/2015: Stolen motorcycle; street robbery; car prowl; stolen car found

9/12/2015: The car prowler who looked under the hood

9/11/2015: Church burglary; robbery report; assault

9/11/2015: Stolen work van – found with reader’s help

9/10/2015: Café Osita break-in; Highland Park prowler

9/6/2015: Bus trouble; stolen car; scam call

9/5/2015: Vandals hit two local schools

9/4/2015: Stolen car; suspicious encounters

9/3/2015: Two more car break-ins, one on video

8/31/2015: Two followups – Puget Ridge assault charges, North Admiral incident details

8/30/2015: Followup: Murderer sentenced

8/29/2015: Stolen old-school mountain bike; mail theft on Avalon

8/27/2015: Helicopter search over Genesee – never mind

8/27/2015: FOLLOWUP: Man charged with shooting brother over video-game threat

8/27/2015: North Admiral search; Seaview car prowl

8/26/2015: FOLLOWUP: Puget Ridge domestic-violence suspect remains in detention; police explain how specially trained dog found guns

8/26/2015: FOLLOWUP: Suspect arrested, charged in Hamilton Viewpoint Park robbery/Delridge shooting

8/26/2015: Restaurateurs’ truck stolen; car prowl; purse found

8/25/2015: Puget Ridge domestic-violence-assault suspect arrested; Admiral car prowl

8/24/2015: $500,000 bail for man accused of shooting brother

8/24/2015: Car prowl in Seaview

8:23/2015: Man shot in Junction apartment, brother arrested

8/21/2015: Search for assault suspect on Puget Ridge

8/20/2015: Burglary attempt; possible bike-theft evidence

8/18/2015: Robbery and gunfire at Hamilton Viewpoint Park followed by shooting in North Delridge

8/17/2015: Stolen van, stolen boat, stolen outdoor furniture

8/16/2015: Possible Roxhill-area gunfire; car stolen; attempted theft of van; about those bicycles …

8/13/2015: Vans stolen, one found; two-time car-prowl victim

8/12/2015: Robbery followups

8/12/2015: Reader reports including burglaries, vandalism, car prowls

8/11/2015: Mini-mart robbery

8/11/2015: Robbery arrest; backyard burglary

8/10/2015: FOLLOWUP – sign of kindness for young crime victim

8/9/2015: Shooting verdict; break-in attempt; abandoned (stolen?) bicycle

8/8/2015: Bank robbery in Admiral, first one in West Seattle in more than a year

8/7/2015: Stolen dark-green Saab

8/6/2015: Vandalism suspect’s bail increased; toddler’s street sign stolen

8/5/2015: 10 vehicles vandalized; man arrested for property destruction and harassment

8/4/2015: Scam alert and 9 other summaries in the latest WSBeat

8/4/2015: Mail theft, abandoned bicycle (with photo)

8/2/2015: What car prowlers stole; also, the burglar who left a card

8/1/2015: Teenage girl attacked in Highland Park

8/1/2015: ‘Flasher’ at Westwood Village

7/31/2015: Jewelry taken by burglar(s)

7/29/2015: Car-prowl loot?

7/26/2015: Reader report roundup including package thief and shoplifter on surveillance imagery, plus vandalism cases, and a possible case of casing

7/23/2015: SWAT serves ‘drug warrant’ in South Delridge

7/22/2015: Summer Fest theft suspect charged

7/18/2015: Stolen red 1991 Honda Civic

7/16/2015: Two overnight incidents reported – robbery, burglary

7/12/2015: Suspected thief caught at Summer Fest (part of our Day 3 coverage)

7/9/2015: Stolen Trek 8000 bicycle

7/9/2015: Burglary followup; P-Patch car prowl

7/8/2015: 2 burglaries, 2 suspected package thefts

7/6/2015: Subaru stolen, recovered

7/6/2015: Stolen car found in Alki area; Belvidere vandalism

7/5/2015: “Rainbow” bicycle stolen

7/2/2015: Child threatened, chased; hit-run driver sought

7/2/2015: Seen this stolen motorcycle?

7/1/2015: Armed street robbery on Puget Ridge

6/30/2015: 2 bikes stolen, 1 pirate ‘launched’

6/29/2015: Hit & run; plant thefts

6/26/2015: Newest local crime stats

6/25/2015: Salmon stolen; coffee-shop break-in

6/22/2015: Small biz hit by shoplifter; thief takes child’s bike

6/21/2015: The WSBeat’s latest edition

6/18/2015: Car dumped? Plus, vandalism

6/17/2015: Repeat drunk driver jailed after bridge crash

6/17/2015: Bike stolen, truck found, purse back

6/12/2015: The WSBeat: 9 incident reports including Beach Drive drug bust, Alki street robbery, car-prowl suspect caught, more

6/12/2015: Purse stolen at school event

6/12/2015: Stolen red pickup truck

6/12/2015: Construction workers chase car-prowl suspect, one gets bitten

6/10/2015: Bullets hit car under West Seattle Bridge, graze passenger in suspected ‘road rage’ incident

6/9/2015: Search in Junction area nets two suspects wanted on warrants

6/7/2015: Alki robberies, stolen bike, stolen purse/wallet

6/5/2015: Admiral gunfire; bus-stop robbery; car prowl in new building’s garage

6/4/2015: Stolen car? Plus, burglary & scam call

6/3/2015: Parkgoer’s warning; stolen chairs

6/2/2015: Street robbery in Admiral area

6/2/2015: Where car prowlers/burglars hit

6/1/2015: 1980s-era bicycle stolen

6/1/2015: North Admiral car prowl; south WS crime discussion

5/31/2015: Coffee-shop break-in

5/29/2015: Stolen Fuji Absolute bicycle; early-morning helicopter

5/28/2015: More details on scooter theft; North Admiral break-in alerts

5/27/2015: *Stolen car, scooter found

5/26/2015: Woman grabbed in Lincoln Park

5/24/2015: Prowler alert; recognize this shoplifter? (photo)

5/23/2015: Seen this scooter? (photo)

5/19/2015: ‘Flasher’ near Holy Rosary

5/19/2015: Alki armed-robberies followup

5/17/2015: Bicycle stolen along with entire street rack

5/16/2015: Bicycle stolen

5/16/2015: Alki street robbery

5/15/2015: Convicted rapist jailed after arrest in North Delridge for harassment, attempted officer-biting

5/13/2015: Gatewood burglary; major crime trends

5/13/2015: Charge filed in Westwood McDonald’s stabbing

5/10/2015: Restaurant employee stabbed, suspect arrested

5/8/2015: Reader report: Ripoff via router

5/7/2015: Guardian One helps police find man ‘in crisis’

5/7/2015: 3 reports including early-morning burglary that drew big Admiral-area police response

5/2/2015: Gatewood hit-and-run

5/1/2015: ‘Jury Duty’ scam hits West Seattleite

4/30/2015: Westwood arrest; another scam; more car prowls

4/29/2015: Car prowls; possible gunfire

4/28/2015: Triangle street robbery; bag stolen from car

4/27/2015: Reader reports: Stolen Blazer, swapped plates, found/sighted bicycles, mail theft

4/26/2015: Helicopter search over South Delridge/White Center results in arrest

4/25/2015: Drive-by theft of Buddha statue

4/25/2015: Bee Garden mosaic sign vandalized, and two other reader reports

4/23/2015: Highland Park burglary suspect arrested in White Center

4/23/2015: Girl groped in Admiral

4/22/2015: Helicopter search after 35th/Avalon 7-11 robbery

4/21/2015: Myers Way house raided in multi-location multi-suspect drug investigation

4/21/2015: Girl grabbed at Westwood Village

4/20/2015: Reader-report roundup

4/19/2015: Reader-report roundup including car-prowl victim’s “vent”

4/18/2015: Stolen car found, three teens arrested

4/18/2015: Stolen pickup truck

4/17/2015: Bullet holes found in Admiral cars

4/17/2015: Two stolen cars to watch for

4/17/2015: Robbery at home on 35th SW

4/15/2015: Warning about “fake plumber”

4/14/2015: 3 reader reports

4/11/2015: Stolen car found in Morgan Junction; police take suspects into custody at gunpoint

4/10/2015: Car prowls; phone scam

4/9/2015: Man shot in Upper Morgan

4/9/2015: Teen arrested, under investigation in connection with gunfire incidents

4/8/2015: Multiple gunfire incidents

4/7/2015: Home-invasion robbery in Westwood

4/6/2015: Mail thieves strike again – and again

4/4/2015: Police searching for would-be burglar in Beach Drive area

4/4/2015: Two mail-theft reports

4/2/2015: Grocery theft

4/1/2015: Plea bargain in theft of SUV with baby inside

3/31/2015: Pickup truck stolen in Admiral

3/30/2015: Stolen SUV

3/28/2015: Stolen car? Plus, hit-run mystery

3/27/2015: Suspect in Southeast Seattle shooting arrested here; helicopter explained; recognize this gutted truck?

3/25/2015: Store-burglary suspect in jail; stolen car found

3/25/2015: Stolen bicycle; stolen car; mail theft; suspicious person

3/23/2015: Alki shooting recorded on video by witness

3/22/2015: Early-morning Alki shooting

3/19/2015: Arbor Heights exposer

3/19/2015: Minivan taken

3/18/2015: 20 car prowls this past week

3/17/2015: Rooftop robbery; stolen car

3/14/2015: Burglary; mail-theft suspect; found loot?

3/12/2015: Greggette Guy murder still unsolved after 3 years

3/11/2015: Incidents & reminders, including another note about those tax-return scam calls

3/10/2015: New info on Morgan arrests in shoplift-followed-by-robbery/beating in Westwood

3/9/2015: Arrest, search in Morgan after Westwood robbery

3/9/2015: Woman knocked down, robbed; car abandoned

3/7/2015: Shoplifting-turned-robbery at Admiral Safeway; large ‘shipment’ stolen

3/7/2015: Burglaries – one with bicycle stolen, one with laptops stolen

3/5/2015: Student grabbed, harassed on way to Madison MS

3/4/2015: Luring attempt in South Park, involving Pathfinder student; also, car prowl report

3/3/2015: Monday’s 15th/Roxbury search, explained

3/2/2015: Rapist Michael Stanley, arrested in Admiral, charged with attack in Bryn Mawr

3/2/2015: Car prowls, recent robberies – reader reports and SPD summaries

2/28/2015: Burglary report leads to police search in Alki area

2/27/2015: At least 1 arrest after Westwood Target shoplift-turned-robbery

2/24/2015: Hit-run driver sought after collision with bicyclist

2/23/2015: Case of the non-starter; stolen car found

2/22/2015: Hit-run pickup flips, driver flees

2/22/2015: Possible shots heard in Puget Ridge, followed by hit-run report

2/19/2015: Reader reports – including a stolen bicycle & suspected prowlers – and summaries from police files

2/18/2015: Local stats at citywide briefing

2/17/2015: Followup on robbery suspect whose arrest was reported last weekend

2/17/2015: Bicycle theft and five other summaries

2/16/2015: Beware of tax-time scam calls!

2/14/2015: Helicopter and ground search in High Point

2/14/2015: Another robbery suspect arrested

2/14/2015: Delridge search after hit-run crash

2/13/2015: Racquets stolen in car prowl

2/12/2015: Search near Sealth/Denny following ‘lewd conduct’

2/11/2015: 3 incidents involving Sealth/Denny students; police plan to increase patrols, presence

2/11/2015: Search after burglary in South Delridge

2/9/2015: Admiral SWAT standoff

2/6/2015: Three helicopter visits, third one for Delridge 7-11 robbery

2/2/2015: Roxbury Safeway robbed

1/31/2015: Roundup of Crime Watch reader reports – thefts + car prowls this time – plus SPD advice for deterring car prowlers

1/29/2015: Student robbed near Delridge/Holden

1/28/2015: Burglary suspects charged; plus, car prowls

1/27/2015: “Flasher” reported by student

1/26/2015: Followup – 47th SW burglary suspects’ bail, backgrounds

1/25/2015: Junction 7-11 store held up

1/23/2015: Two suspects arrested after burglary west of Junction

1/23/2015: Delridge search after gunshot reported; car stolen twice

1/23/2015: Arrest in Tuesday’s Admiral robbery attempt

1/22/2015: Reader reports – burglary, car theft, 2 car prowls

1/22/2015: Precinct commander’s message after 5 street robberies in 7 days

1/21/2015: Admiral street robbery, wide-ranging SPD search

1/20/2015: Morgan holdup followup

1/17/2015: Third day in a row with a ‘street robbery’ – man held up in Morgan Junction parking lot, police search in Gatewood

1/16/2015: High-school student robbed while walking to school

1/16/2015: Car stolen twice in a week and a half

1/15/2015: Middle-schooler mugged while walking to catch the bus to school

1/14/2015: Arrest in incident that led to WSHS ‘shelter in place’

1/14/2015: 23rd/Findlay home shot at, no one hurt

1/13/2015: Stabbing charge; tool theft

1/11/2015: Package stolen in North Delridge; suitcase found in Admiral

1/10/2015: Seen this distinctive “beach cruiser” bicycle?

1/9/2015: Another Lincoln Park car prowl

1/9/2015: Followups including sentencing of driver who deliberately hit bicycle rider, and Alki burglary suspect’s bail hearing

1/8/2015: Burglary suspect caught in Alki area

1/7/2015: Girl stabbed, woman arrested

1/7/2015: Stolen VW Passat – update: found!

1/6/2015: Lincoln Park car break-ins

1/4/2015: Stolen car; stolen/found car; casing

12/31/2014: Two shots fired through business window

12/31/2014: Roundup – camera thief sort of caught on cam; car stolen; car found; peeper/prowler; business burglary

12/30/2014: Stolen car; car break-ins

12/28/2014: 4 arrests, 2 incidents (plus 3 reader reports)

12/27/2014: Two reader reports, three police reports

12/24/2014: Stolen car found, with mystery items inside

12/23/2014: Armed robbery outside Avalon apartments

12/22/2014: Burglary at Zippy’s

12/20/2014: Car stolen; mail stolen; decoration stolen; bottle-throwing booze thieves

12/18/2014: Do you recognize these suspected toy thieves? Also, stolen car

12/16/2014: Stolen Vue; jewelry-store followup; package theft

12/16/2014: Morgan Junction robbery investigation

12/15/2014: Jewelry store hit by burglary for second time in 9 days

12/14/2014: Stolen car

12/13/2014: Hit-run driver damages salon

12/13/2014: Two stolen cars

12/12/2014: Charges filed in marijuana-raid case

12/11/2014: Stolen snowman; car break-ins

12/10/2014: Armed robbery at California/Andover gas station/mini-mart

12/10/2014: Two stolen cars, found

12/9/2014: Three reader reports – stolen CR-V, burglary attempt, stolen license plates

12/7/2014: Businesses hit by burglars; more package theft, with one thief on video

12/6/2014: Stolen black Honda Civic

12/5/2014: Car re-stolen; package theft thwarted

12/4/2014: Suspected drunk driver arrested after 35th/Alaska crash

12/3/2014: 14 summaries in The WSBeat

12/1/2014: Reader report: Westwood exposer

12/1/2014: Have you seen Aidan’s sketchbook or bag?

11/30/2014: Hit-run driver injures woman crossing street at 15th/Roxbury

11/28/2014: Four reader reports – hit-run, card fraud, grocery theft, vandalism

11/25/2014: Reader reports – package thefts, car prowl, bicycle found

11/24/2014: From White Center, surveillance photos of a repeat burglar, plus a stolen car to watch for, and what was inside it

11/21/2014: Local crime stats

11/20/2014: Hit-run witness(es) sought

11/20/2014: Underage-prostitution-sting arrest in West Seattle

11/19/2014: Followup – more on “attempted luring” incident

11/18/2014: Attempted child luring reported

11/16/2014: North Delridge policing plan discussed

11/14/2014: Rapist sentenced; survivor faces him in court

11/14/2014: Burglary suspect arrested

11/14/2014: Gatewood burglary; left-running car theft

11/13/2014: Sprint store break-in; dropbox theft; mail theft

11/12/2014: Burglar-besieged coffee shop

11/10/2014: Thief on cam, scam call, car prowl, more

11/9/2014: Stolen truck

11/7/2014: Search for hit-run driver

11/7/2014: Why three schools sheltered in place briefly today

11/7/2014: Stolen red Civic

11/6/2014: Stolen Maxima; car vandalized

11/4/2014: Armed robbery at Highland Park home

11/3/2014: Fairmount Springs hit-run victim finds clues, seeks specific type of car

11/2/2014: Stolen cars; truck break-in; holdup

11/1/2014: 2 Gatewood houses searched by police in marijuana investigation

11/1/2014: Stolen in Burien, found in West Seattle

10/30/2014: Little Free Library withstands attack, and three other reader reports

10/28/2014: Robbery, assault near Roxbury/Delridge

10/28/2014: 4 Crime Watch reports including “peeping,” auto theft, more

10/27/2014: Shooting, robbery attempt on 28th SW east of Arbor Heights

10/27/2014: Sunrise Heights home invasion break-in; stolen Morgan Junction store statue; Fauntleroy fence fight

10/24/2014: Guilty plea in high-profile Roxbury rape/attack

10/22/2014: ‘Wagner Prowler’; phone robbery; ‘road rage’

10/22/2014: Recognize these found (possibly stolen) items?

10/21/2014: Repeat offender Bryan Tiedeman sentenced

10/20/2014: Burglar Jason Wyman’s plea bargain

10/19/2014: Dog park car prowl; burglary attempt

10/17/2014: Friday night’s helicopter search

10/17/2014: Car prowl/window smash, plus – two found bikes

10/15/2014: Gunfire suspect out of jail; helicopter watch

10/14/2014: Gunfire suspect charged, and other Admiral-area crime updates at ANA meeting

10/14/2014: Stolen-car pursuit ends in 1st Avenue S. Bridge vicinity

10/13/2014: Not shots, recognize this car? recognize this bike? plus – two strong-arm robberies

10/11/2014: Fauntleroy search; package theft

10/11/2014: Acura stolen with new car seat inside

10/9/2014: Gunfire near Fairmount Ravine leads to search

10/7/2014: Stolen bike; stolen tires/wheels

10/6/2014: Stolen station wagon; mystery hit-run

10/4/2014: Teens attacked, robbed in Admiral

10/3/2014: 3 notes – metal theft, car prowl, stolen van found

10/2/2014: Yes, it’s been a quiet week! But please remember, it’s not as easy even for news media to get info from SPD … if something happens in your neighborhood (burglary, car prowl, etc.), a report here would alert others –

9/27/2014: Work van stolen

9/26/2014: Reader report: Parking-lot purse-snatch attempt

9/26/2014: Four-part WSCW update, including a stolen car, search for a hit-run driver, suspected DUI causing damage on Beach Drive, and charges filed in alleged-DUI crash from last weekend

9/24/2014: Followup – arrest in High Point shooting

9/23/2014: Why 3 local schools briefly ‘sheltered in place’

9/23/2014: Minor injury in Harbor Island stabbing

9/21/2014: What burglars took from a Seaview home, plus a look at other recent burglaries’ locations

9/19/2014: 18-year-old shot in the leg in High Point

9/17/2014: Burglary; motorcycle theft

9/16/2014: Evicted tenants arrested for alleged Puget Ridge break-in

9/15/2014: Two stolen cars found; one more stolen

9/14/2014: Police activity on the water; fire pit stolen; burglary

9/14/2014: Window-smashing in The Junction

9/13/2014: Car stolen, bridesmaid dress inside

9/10/2014: Junction flower-basket theft

9/8/2014: Flasher near Holy Rosary

9/6/2014: Three reader reports – stolen bike, phone stolen through cut screen, tire slashing

9/6/2014: Three fires investigated as arson – we covered in two reports, here and here

9/5/2014: Surveillance video from early-morning shooting/robbery

9/5/2014: Two hurt in South Delridge shooting

9/4/2014: Stolen motorcycle, car prowl, two found (stolen? lost? bicycles

9/4/2014: Two ‘assault with weapons’ calls

9/3/2014: Stolen Honda Civic

9/2/2014: Charges filed in car theft/kidnap case

9/2/2014: Stolen Isuzu Rodeo

9/1/2014: SPD car in collision, en route to carjacker search

8/31/2014: 35th/Myrtle search was for Nicholas Broughton, days after his plea bargain

8/29/2014: Vandal smashes Discovery Shop window

8/29/2014: Chrysler Sebring stolen in White Center

8/29/2014: Early-morning burglary arrest in Westwood area

8/27/2014: SUV stolen with baby inside, suspected thief jailed

8/27/2014: Rock-throwing thief steals iPhone from Sunrise Heights home

8/25/2014: Purse snatcher pursued

8/22/2014: Stolen Camry

8/20/2014: Hit-run in neighborhood, teens/booze case

8/18/2014: Delridge gunfire, night 2

8/18/2014: Strong-arm robbery in Admiral

8/17/2014: Delridge gunfire

8/15/2014: South Delridge store held up

8/14/2014: Home burglarized, victim hopes to find jewelry boxes of sentimental value

8/12/2014: Stolen car, stolen bikes, hit-run vs. planter

8/11/2014: Street-robbery arrest on Beach Drive

8/6/2014: SPD Blotter details a hit-and-run rampage that apparently started in WS

8/6/2014: Hit-and-run driver sought

8/5/2014: Stolen blue CR-V

7/31/2014: Arson on 16th SW

7/31/2014: Stolen car; stolen motorcycle

7/30/2014: ‘Flasher’ suspect Duane Atwood charged, bail increased, booked back into jail

7/29/2014: Stolen white Acura

7/28/2014: ‘Flasher’ suspect arrest followup

7/26/2014: Car stolen; part found

7/26/2014: Indecent-exposure suspect arrested; plus, reader reports on burglary, car prowls

7/25/2014: Three reports, including attempted wheelchair theft, found bicycle

7/23/2014: Tip-jar thief hits Delridge coffee shop

7/23/2014: ‘Home invasion’ with shots fired in Highland Park, $22,000 reported taken

7/22/2014: Two car prowls with items taken including custom skateboard

7/21/2014: Three car prowls

7/21/2014: South Park double-murder suspect bail hearing

7/18/2014: Another “flasher” incident, this time in Gatewood

7/17/2014: Burglary suspect charged

7/17/2014: One bike stolen, one left in its place

7/16/2014: Burglaries in Sunrise Heights, Gatewood

7/15/2014: Flasher in Admiral

7/12/2014: Car break-in, stolen laptop

7/10/2014: Tire-slashing rampage followup; Alan Polevia in jail again

7/9/2014: Guilty plea in deadly crash

7/9/2014: Charges against 3 in downtown kicking case; 1 defendant from West Seattle

7/6/2014: South Delridge shooting

7/5/2014: Overnight tire-slashing rampage in Seaview

7/4/2014: 4th of July police calls, including early July 5th stabbing

7/3/2014: Two robbery/attack incidents in local parks

6/28/2014: Followup – “Walking on Logs” still missing a sculpture

6/26/2014: Latest edition of The WSBeat

6/25/2014: Man stabbed at 61st/Alki

6/24/2014: What the Gang Unit told the Block Watch Captains’ Network

6/21/2014: Walking on Logs” sculpture stolen

6/21/2014: Stolen motorcycle

6/20/2014: Police responses in Junction, Highland Park

6/19/2014: New clue in bike/car hit-run

6/17/2014: Robbery aftermath; World Cup banner vanishes (then returns)

6/16/2014: Three reader reports, including a stolen stroller

6/14/2014: Two reader reports, plus an FYI: Ryan Cox out of jail

6/13/14: Lovett Chambers sentenced

6/12/14: Two stolen cars, both the same year/model

6/10/14: Reader finds stolen car; hit-run followup; more

6/9/14: Stolen car crashes through fence, suspect caught by citizen

6/9/14: Crime Watch roundup, including Jacobsen street robbery

6/8/14: Six reader reports plus the Block Watch Captains’ Network auto-theft briefing update

6/4/14: Suspect arrested, charged in rape/beating case

6/3/14: Teens arrested after early-morning burglary

6/1/14: Three reader reports – stolen car, hit-run suspect, break-in

5/30/14: Helicopter, ground search at Lincoln Park after robbery nearby

5/29/14: Top Hat suspect charged with murder

5/28/14: Park theft; tree vandalism

5/23/14: Stolen truck found, helicopter over White Center, bike found, more

5/22/14: $100,000 warrant for no-show suspect

5/22/14: Helicopter assists in search for domestic-violence suspect

5/21/14: Helicopter helps search for assault suspect

5/20/14: Suspect found with $45,000 worth of meth

5/19/14: Bank-robbery followup; teen robbed

5/16/14: Bank robbery north of The Junction

5/14/14: Purse-snatch attempt, yard lewdness, stolen bike

5/10/14: Pickup truck hit by gunfire

5/8/14: Shots fired at 29th/Cambridge

5/7/14: North Admiral hit-run with three wrecked cars

5/7/14: Constellation Park hit-run with stolen car

5/6/14: Admiral burglary, suspect arrested

5/5/14: Street robberies, gunfire, car prowls

5/1/14: Lincoln Park search after mystery man runs from truck

4/30/14: Helicopter over High Point; SPD guns drawn on Alki

4/29/14: Four notes, including car- and mailbox-prowl reader reports

4/28/14: Car theft; suspected gas theft

4/27/14: Big police response in Fairmount Ravine area; burglary suspect arrested

4/27/14: Flasher in North Admiral

4/24/14: Street attack/robbery; store vandalized

4/22/14: Stolen Clean Air Lawn Care truck

4/21/14: Stolen SUV to watch for

4/21/14: BBs hit Alki residence

4/19/14: Lincoln Park robbery arrest; North Admiral car prowl

4/18/14: Man stabbed in South Delridge home invasion

4/17/14: Recognize this package-theft suspect? Plus – car prowl, illegal dumping, nail scattering

4/15/14: Reader reports: Break-ins, hit-run

4/12/14: Super Deli Mart break-in

4/11/14: Liquor-theft sentencings

4/11/14: Update – new info, aerial video of helicopter-assisted search

4/11/14: Helicopter assists with search after burglary report

4/9/14: Stolen bicycle

4/5/14: Roundup of reader reports & updates

4/4/14: Donald Plute sentenced to 10+ years

4/2/14: Kayaks stolen; mailbox tampering

4/1/14: Report of someone seen showing off a gun leads to “shelter in place” for schools; 1 arrested

4/1/14: Two street robberies in West Seattle last night

3/29/14: Stolen van to watch for

3/27/14: What the helicopter was looking for

3/26/14: Two phone stores burglarized

3/25/14: Sketch of 26th/Roxbury attacker

3/24/14: New information in WC shooting

3/22/14: Stolen car; plus, recognize these shoes dropped by a hit-run driver?

3/20/14: Drug warrant served in High Point

3/20/14: White Center shooting kills teen

3/19/14: 2 sex offenders move to West Seattle, police announce

3/18/14: 16th/Holden response; stolen car

3/16/14: 2 burglaries, 2 car prowls, Crime Prevention Council preview

3/12/14: Business burglary; package theft on video

3/10/14: Stolen pickup pulled over on Delridge

3/9/14: Shot fired during Gatewood street fight

3/9/14: Stolen SUV, two hit-runs

3/7/14: Rapist Michael Stanley to leave jail Monday, no new charges

3/7/14: Woman assaulted near 26th/Roxbury; helicopter, K-9 join search

3/6/14: Burglary followed by car theft; car vandalism rampage; counterfeit bill given to cookie sellers

3/2/14: 2 held up at gunpoint north of The Junction; stolen, then found, car – stolen again

3/1/14: Arrest in December High Point murder

2/27/2014: Stolen car, stolen computer to watch for

2/25/2014: Notes from Admiral to Westwood

2/21/2014: Burglary investigation; car window smashed; bicycle-theft attempt

2/21/2014: Ryan Cox case update

2/19/2014: Crime-trends report, and other notes

2/18/2014: Any of this yours? Burglary loot from around the region
2/16/2014: Seen this Maxima? Plus, car-theft stats

2/15/2014: Car reported stolen via tow truck

2/14/2014: Car found; house burglarized; hit-run search

2/13/2014: The Saw met The Club, and 3 other reader reports

2/12/2014: Two stolen cars

2/11/2014: Mail-theft reader report

2/8/2014: Reader reports: Hiawatha playground vandalism; mailbox lock drilled out

2/7/2014: Serial burglar Sean Jeardoe sentenced

2/5/2014: SUV theft/break-in suspect Nicholas Broughton charged; judge cuts bail

2/3/2014: Followups in stolen-SUV case, store robbery; reader report about mail theft

2/1/2014: 16th/Henderson store held up

1/31/2014: Suspect arrested after stolen Tahoe tracked to West Seattle

1/31/2014: Drunk driver sentenced for crash that seriously injured 2

1/29/2014: Bridge closes for hours after stolen truck rams pursuing police car

1/29/2014: Seen this stolen Civic?

1/28/2014: Shoplifter alert; doorbell burglar

1/27/2014: 2 stolen items you might be able to help find

1/26/2014: Stranger approaches young woman

1/26/2014: Stolen car found

1/24/2014: Damaging burglar(s), and more

1/21/2014: High Point murder case progress

1/21/2014: Reader reports – another stolen Honda, mailbox and trash can blown up, more

1/20/2014: Seen this stolen car?

1/19/2014: Reader reports

1/18/2014: Pilfered pig

1/14/2014: Michael Stanley pleads guilty

1/12/2014: Reader reports; store arrest; tree mystery

1/8/2014: Reader reports including catalytic-converter theft

1/7/2014: Student reports ‘flasher’

1/5/2014: Murder trial starting after almost two years

1/4/2014: Four reader reports

12/31/2013: Shooting in South Delridge, two victims

12/30/2013: Brazen burglar; laptop left; hit-run

12/28/2013: Stolen car found stripped; stolen bag’s contents sought

12/27/2013: Plea bargain for drunk driver

12/27/2013: Auto theft, tree theft, mail theft

12/25/2013: Lost purse found – with contents stolen

12/24/2013: Intruders at Genesee Hill school building; 2 car thefts

12/24/2013: 13-year-old burglary suspect arrested

12/23/2013: 2 charged in 4 auto thefts

12/19/2013: Rite-Aid robbed; burglar search

12/19/2013: Video of bus passengers taking down armed robber

12/18/2013: Ryan Cox back in jail

12/18/2013: Cause of death, name made public in High Point murder investigation

12/17/2013: Frosty the Snowman stolen, and six other reader reports

12/16/2013: Rape reported at Roxhill Park

12/16/2013: Two package thefts thwarted

12/14/2013: Woman killed in High Point

12/14/2013: Police search in North Delridge

12/14/2013: Teenage burglary suspect arrested this morning

12/13/2013: Car theft, prowl

12/12/2013: Two vehicle thefts; mail prowler

12/10/2013: WSHS student hits man who tried to grab her, escapes

12/9/2013: Locker break-in followed by car theft

12/4/2013: Business hit; car, bike stolen; mail prowlers scared off

12/3/2013: Two reader reports, and a reminder of SPD holiday-safety tips

11/30/2013: Argument leads to reported stabbing in Arbor Heights

11/27/2013: Thanksgiving Eve burglary – watch for the loot!

11/27/2013: Search for killer(s) in deadly White Center shooting

11/26/2013: Indecent-exposure arrest outside Link

11/25/2013: Man robs passengers on Metro bus, subdued by other passengers, arrested

11/24/2013: Clerk scares away would-be robbers; the car-prowl week in review

11/21/2013: Package-theft alert

11/19/2013: Scam callers try again

11/17/2013: One week, 16 burglaries

11/17/2013: Police seek hit-run driver in West Marginal Way S. motorcycle crash

11/14/2013: Latest edition of The WSBeat

11/14/2013: Scammers call another local business

11/14/2013: From the WSB Forums: Video showing mailbox prowlers

11/14/2013: Stolen car found, police search for suspects

11/13/2013: Car hit, then stolen; another catalytic-converter theft

11/12/2013: Four reader reports plus, Alan Polevia is out of jail

11/10/2013: Arbor Heights burglary

11/7/2013: Reader-report roundup, including Fauntleroy, Admiral car prowls

11/4/2013: Another charge against Michael S. Stanley

11/4/2013: Charges in liquor-theft investigation

11/1/2013: 5 reader reports including a business burglary

10/29/2013: Followup – city can’t charge man arrested near Chief Sealth IHS

10/28/2013: Morgan Junction guns-drawn incident, plus three reader reports

10/26/2013: Stolen Honda Accord

10/24/2013: Child reports seeing possible abduction; police investigation ensues

10/23/2013: Two updates re: flasher incidents

10/22/2013: Flasher incidents reported near Madison MS, Westside School

10/22/2013: Canada-fleeing rapist arrested in West Seattle, where police say he tried to sexually assault a teen

10/21/2013: Crime Watch roundup with burglary, auto-theft stats, plus reader reports

10/18/2013: Serial burglar sentenced

10/15/2013: 13-year-olds arrested after burglary

10/13/2013: Long-gone bike back; salon burglarized; car prowl

10/11/2013: Girl followed by man in van

10/10/2013: Two stabbed in Westwood

10/9/2013: Roxbury crash arrest

10/8/2013: Two guns-drawn arrests

10/8/2013: Stolen cars found; bike gone; car prowls

10/5/2013: Puget Ridge arrests; Triangle bike theft

10/4/2013: Gone in a flash

10/4/2013: Big police response in Highland Park

10/3/2013: Possible child-luring attempt outside West Seattle school

10/2/2013: Taggers; burglars; loot or not?

9/29/2013: Reader reports on car prowls, including a stolen unicycle

9/26/2013: Helicopter assisting with White Center robbery investigation

9/25/2013: Reader reports and August crime stats

9/24/2013: Holdup at bus stop; six reader reports

9/22/2013: Stolen car; road rage; knife found

9/22/2013: Burglary; stolen stroller

9/19/2013: Third flasher incident in a week and a half

9/19/2013: Reader reports – car thefts/recoveries, attempted car prowls, bicycle found

9/18/2013: Another flasher incident reported by Holy Rosary

9/17/2013: Car stolen for second time in a year

9/16/2013: 3 reader reports including keepsakes taken by burglars

9/14/2013: Teenager shot at near 30th/Juneau, police say

9/12/2013: Fake package “deliverer” and stolen bikes

9/10/2013: Red Volvo stolen at Westwood Village

9/10/2013: New information on flasher incident near Holy Rosary

9/7/2013: West Seattle Runner break-in

9/7/2013: $4,000 theft at South Park food bank

9/6/2013: Police response in Sunrise Heights

9/3/2013: Stolen car in Gatewood, stolen truck on Alki

9/2/2013: Arbor Heights police search

8/30/2013: White Center KeyBank held up

8/29/2013: Helicopter search over Myers Way, after domestic-violence suspect flees in stolen car

8/26/2013: Robbery suspects charged

8/26/2013: Seattle Police launch @getyourbikeback

8/22/2013: Busy day for burglars, plus other reports

8/21/2013: Arbor Heights robbery investigation leads to 3 arrests; suspects likely linked to other crimes

8/21/2013: Stolen van full of work tools

8/21/2013: 2 held up at gunpoint in North Admiral

8/19/2013: ‘Camper’ arrested after WSDOT worker stabbed along Myers Way

8/18/2013: Stolen SUV; car prowl with clothes-laden backpack stolen

8/16/2013: Police investigate early-morning stabbing

8/14/2013: Three reader reports, including stolen items to watch for

8/12/2013: Details of Saturday night stolen-gun incident in High Point

8/11/2013: More car thefts

8/10/2013: Light-blue Subaru Legacy stolen

8/7/2013: Street-robberies followup – details on two in West Seattle, one now listed as part of a citywide spree

8/6/2013: Stolen pickup hits two cars, including Seattle Police cruiser

8/5/2013: Convicted rapist/kidnapper out of prison

8/5/2013: Roundup, including first word of two street robberies

8/3/2013: Stabbing, arrest in Morgan Junction area

7/31/2013: Car prowl followed by spending spree – surveillance photos

7/30/2013: Three reader reports

7/29/2013: $1 million bail for deadly-crash suspect

7/29/2013: Ryan Cox out of jail

7/26/2013: Four reader reports

7/25/2013: Burglary; siphoning

7/23/2013: Windshield, motorcycle, package stolen; backpack, bicycle found

7/22/13: Restaurant burglary attempt; two car break-ins

7/20/13: 3-wheel bicycle stolen

7/18/2013: Two burglaries reported by readers

7/17/2013: Man injured in ‘vehicular assault’ on 11th SW

7/15/2013: Mayor with police @ SW Precinct

7/15/2013: Hit-run driver sought after 4 vehicles damaged

7/13/2013: Police at Lincoln Park

7/13/2013: Hit-run, bike thief, bike found

7/9/2013: Flag followup and reader reports

7/9/2013: SSCC memo on man arrested in N. Seattle with incendiary devices, college maps

7/7/2013: Seen this stolen Cirrus?

7/7/2013: WSB reader spots stolen truck; police take 2 into custody

7/5/2013: 4×4 truck stolen

7/5/2013: Neighbors vs. burglars

7/5/2013: Followup to ‘carjacking’ case from Tuesday

7/5/2013: ‘Priceless’ flag stolen from Beach Drive home

7/2/2013: Tangled tale involving reported carjacking

7/2/2013: Two reader reports, including a suspicious person following a teenager

7/1/2013: Three reader reports – package theft, rack ripoff, car prowl

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