West Seattle Crime Watch: Unicycle, purses among car-prowl loot

No major crime reports during this stormy weekend, but tonight we want to share reader reports in queue since just before the weekend, all related to car break-ins. (We would check the latest trends and include those here, but the Seattle Police system that automatically sends brief incident reports to the online map and to Twitter is NOT updating today – here’s hoping it’ll be fixed tomorrow.)

STOLEN UNICYCLE: Taken from Arbor Heights, near 32nd and 106th, early Thursday morning, from a car parked in a driveway. From our anonymous report:

The dog alerted us to intruders in the driveway even before the car alarm went off, I called 9-1-1, the neighbor saw the 2 people (one person had a mohawk-style haircut) as they were running away with it and was able to give descriptions to the 9-1-1 dispatcher, but *still* the perps got away.

This really stinks in many ways, especially because this type of unicycle isn’t made anymore, it is hubby’s favorite, and he’d just brought it home hours earlier from his last day at his job. If you see it, secure it and call the police, please!!

Further description, since our inset photo from July 2011 is not that close-up – the seat is all black, there’s a “bump out” on the fork, and the 26-inch wheel – much bigger than the usual unicycle – has a “mountain bike”-style treaded tire.

Ahead, four more reader reports – car break-ins at public facilities as well as in residential neighborhoods:

LINCOLN PARK CAR PROWLS: Malika says this happened Thursday:

At noon my girlfriend and I pulled into the south parking lot at Lincoln Park to go for a walk; we decided as a safety measure to lock our purses in the trunk of the car. When we got back from our walk, the window of my car had been shattered and our purses stolen. We looked everywhere in bushes, garbage cans, bathrooms, yards, you name it. No one saw anything and it was in the middle of the day. Our purses are a blue Hobo and a black Marc Jacobs. If anyone finds our purses, please let us know. We are very sad about someone violating us and taking our personal belongings.


We were playing co-rec soccer at Sealth Stadium (Wednesday night) at 8:30PM. The field is set well below the parking lot, and it is rather dark and isolated. After the game, all but two of the 20 or so cars had smashed in windows with several personal items reported missing. Just wanted to share this incident so that people avoided this parking lot in the future. I wish there was better surveillance or lighting in this area, because I’m sure it isn’t the first time this has happened.

And two more residential reports:

57th/WINTHROP BREAK-INS: Several break-ins/attempts happened in the past week, and we heard directly from one victim:

The vehicle was rummaged through thoroughly and items of value were stolen. The stolen contents included a Kenwood car stereo, Bazooka 10in subwoofer, Emerson Binoculars and contents of an emergency roadside kit. No windows were broken, but entry was gained somehow.

6000 BLOCK OF BEACH DRIVE: In a Crime Watch report last week, a resident reported a garage burglary in this block last week. One day later, the victim reports, “thieves smashed the sunroof of our car to get in.”

REMINDER: Even if nothing is taken when someone breaks into your vehicle or tries to, police hope you will still report it, because that helps them allocate resources and track trends, more important now than ever with their deployment of tools including Predictive Policing. You can report via an online form – go here. And here’s the official SPD advice on discouraging car prowlers.

2 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Unicycle, purses among car-prowl loot"

  • wetone September 30, 2013 (6:18 pm)

    Had truck canopy broken into sunday night(29th) , 50th & Alaska. Scum took about $600 of tools. Would have reported to police but called non emergency number sat on hold then was told to call back later by a recording. Went to file report online and found it odd that they would not take report unless I gave my DOB, race and sex what does that have to do with my truck broken into ? Fine system we have and you wonder why a lot of crimes don’t get reported as mine won’t now.

  • janis jerochim October 16, 2013 (7:55 pm)

    My car was broken into on 10-6 early in the morning. I think I saw the guy who did it and he hangs around Lincoln Park. If I see him again I will call the police.

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