West Seattle Crime Watch: More stolen-and-found reader reports, plus hit-run search

West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports center on car prowls again tonight – thanks in advance to everyone helping reunite theft victims with their stolen stuff:


This morning my car was prowled on on the 8000 block of 17th Ave SW. A couple of binders were stolen that are very valuable to me (they are records of my training at Vashon Island Fire and Rescue), but were probably of no value to the thieves. I suspect that the binders ended up in someone’s yard, on the street or in the trash. They are two white binders, one filled with laminated maps of Vashon Island, the other full of training documents. Again, this happened near the corner of 17th Ave SW and SW Trenton Ave. Any help is much appreciated!

Yes, stolen items DO get found. WSB readers have proven that time and again. Most recent case:

FOLLOWUP: On Monday, we published Robert‘s report of a car prowl. He found some of his belongings. Then another key item turned up, found by GRG, who posted a comment after a theft at his residence led to the discovery of others’ stolen property. Robert now has that suitcase back – empty, though, so his teaching materials are out there somewhere, still. He also recovered an umbrella he hadn’t realized was missing.

Not far from where that all unfolded …

MORE FOUND ITEMS: John writes:

One of my neighbors found some things (including glasses) on Monday that had been tossed in her yard; another neighbor helped her out and is holding on to the items for safekeeping; spoke with him today and took the attached photo found in the vicinity of 37th Avenue SW and Thistle:

Also, I just recently got back from walking a dog and during the walk found something thrown onto an area beside sidewalk; seen (and left) on Monroe about halfway between 37th Avenue SW and 38th Avenue SW. Not exactly sure what it is; perhaps some sort of netting attached to something and inside a cover of some sort. Here is a photo:

Please comment if anything shown above looks familiar. Two more car-break-in reports:

ALKI BREAK-IN: From Desiree:

Just a note to let you know that someone smashed the sunroof of our Volvo that was parked out on the street last night. We never leave anything at all in the car for this very reason – so it may have been vandalism versus a break in. We live close to 61st and Alki.

MORGAN CAR BREAK-IN: An anonymous reader report: “Just wanted to make the community aware that our car was prowled sometime between Halloween night and (Monday evening). Glove compartment and center console were rifled through, and electronics and cords taken. There appeared to be no forced entry. Neighbors on our block had similar incidents take place last week. Again, no forced entry. I’ve filed an electronic police report. We live on Willow between California and Fauntleroy.”

And finally, a hit-run victim looking for witnesses:

HIT-RUN DRIVER DAMAGES PARKED CAR: From Aiden, who says this happened at 49th and Waite:

My parked car was hit last night, a hit and run. No injuries. Our neighbor heard someone hit the car at 10:41 last night. He said they heard one of those really loud cars with the loud mufflers drive down the street rev their engine hit something then speed off. From a piece of this car left behind, the car that hit and run was a Dodge.

If you have any information, you can report to police and cite the incident number 15-385904

3 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: More stolen-and-found reader reports, plus hit-run search"

  • Robert F November 5, 2015 (2:03 pm)

    Thanks for the follow up, WSB. Is there any way we can contact John? In a comment to the earlier post about this, CW mentioned having prescription eyeglasses stolen. Perhaps those are his. Also, none of that stuff looks like my books, but it was found very close to where some bags containing stolen goods were found. I sympathize with Stephen; papers and files have no resale value, but are hard if not impossible to replace.

  • John November 6, 2015 (10:24 am)

    Following up on Robert’s comment above with reference to the information provided by me (John). Regarding the found items held by my neighbor for safekeeping, the rightful owner can call to my neighbor at 206-938-8845 to discuss identifying and claiming the items.

  • Trelstas November 8, 2015 (10:28 am)

    I found a cannon camera on the 2nd or 3rd . a birthday cake in the pictures said happy birthday Mondo call 4252692504

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