West Seattle Crime Watch: Close-up ‘flasher’ at Westwood Village

Just found out about this via a late-night note from the victim, who is an 18-year-old employee at a Westwood Village business. She says this happened outside the WWV Starbucks:

While I was on a 10-minute break, having a cigarette, a man who was also smoking slowly approached me and sat down on the bench I was sitting on. He made small talk, i.e. how are you, “it’s smoke:30 huh?”. I responded politely and then looked away from him and paid attention to my phone. I was sitting there for about 5 minutes when he leaned down, put out his cigarette, turned to me and said, “Have a nice day.” I turned to respond to him and immediately saw that he was holding his completely exposed penis in his hand. He then got up and walked away immediately while adjusting himself. I went inside and the incident was reported to both Westwood security and the SPD.

The man was probably in his 30s, a white male with short brown hair of average height and build – probably around 5’9″ or so. He had been wearing a yellow button-up shirt and shorts; his eyes were covered by dark sunglasses. I had never seen him before and am obviously in the area often. I assume he had planned this out due to his clothing and sunglasses.

I just want to get the word out because there are many young people who spend time in Westwood Village and I don’t doubt that this man would do this again.

She didn’t say what time this happened so we’re following up to ask, and will add that information when we have it. SPD’s Tweets by Beat (which you can browse on our Crime Watch page) show a lewd-conduct report in the area, time-stamped 10:45 pm, but that might only indicate the time the report was processed.

7:27 AM UPDATE: It happened around 7:30 pm Friday.

3 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Close-up 'flasher' at Westwood Village"

  • Catherine August 1, 2015 (9:28 am)

    Be careful. Not trying to scare you but make sure he isn’t following you as you leave. Buy some mace and have it ready to go!

  • Evergreen August 2, 2015 (9:57 am)

    Thus happened to me when I was a teen, and I remember feeling shocked and violated. 18 is still young, and it’s horrifying to see a grown man act this way. To the girl — I am sorry this happened to you. I would make sure your employer is also on guard for your safety going to/from your car to work, just in case he is one of those obsessive type creeps. He obviously knew you were working and on a break.

  • lori bee August 4, 2015 (10:52 pm)

    Or it could have been random… he may have been waiting for anyone taking a break sitting on bench to join.

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