West Seattle Crime Watch: Admiral break-in; stolen mail found; more

In West Seattle (and vicinity) Crime Watch:

THANKS FOR THE TIPS: Received a few about a sizable law-enforcement presence at 15th and Roxbury this past hour. Headed that way and found King County Sheriff’s Office deputies had converged on the gas station at the southwest corner of the intersection. They were searching what one deputy told us was a stolen car; we’ll be following up on our partner site White Center Now.

ADMIRAL BURGLARY: Tyler e-mailed this weekend to share the word about this:

On Wednesday at exactly 12:44 am we had a person enter our property at 53rd and Admiral and break into our garage, stealing wire and several small tools. They then moved a camera out of the way and tried to gain access to a small basement window. They were on site for over 20 minutes.

The house is being sold, so there was no one home and only various tools on site. Police report filed Thursday.

Suspect was wearing black jeans and hooded sweatshirt also in black. He knew there were cameras as face was covered. Had a distinctive large rectangle style back back with straps.

MORE HIGHLAND PARK MAIL THEFT: Shirley in Highland Park wants her neighbors in the 11th/12th/Barton vicinity to “please be aware that there is a lot of mail being taken and thrown on the ground and or put in other mailboxes. On my dog walk this am I found some of my neighbor’s mail in my paper box. This afternoon walking the dog, I found another neighbor’s mail in the alley … Also noticed several mailboxes open along the way.”

STOLEN MAIL FOUND IN SEAVIEW: A reader “found someone’s mail from Ballard (Friday morning) dumped at the corner of 44th SW and SW Graham.” They planned to take it back to the Post Office but added, “I just wanted to let people know to be watchful for thieves using our neighborhood like this.”

5 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Admiral break-in; stolen mail found; more"

  • csx January 24, 2016 (9:45 pm)

    Found mail along 10th ave, was able to return it to the original recipients 

  • Mrs Marty January 25, 2016 (8:26 am)

    I saw a person fitting that description walking north on 26th Ave SW this morning 530am. Thought he was sort of peculiar because he was wearing all black and it was hard to even see him at that time of the morning then for that brief instance I thought he is up to no good!..

    • dyan January 26, 2016 (11:04 am)

       my son saw two guys fitting that discription in alley of 60th & admirill also a few days ago. now we hear our neighbor was robbed.???? wow

  • Corey January 25, 2016 (9:27 pm)

    Shirley – I reported and WSB posed my tip after I found stolen mail in the Highland Park area  for the third time in as many months. It seems pretty regular in this area. I recently moved from Walingford/Fremont and in 10+ years there I never once came across stolen and discarded mail, but maybe I am just more aware now.  We purchased a locking mail box so now the thieves can’t get our junk mail.  

  • Thomas M. January 26, 2016 (4:10 pm)

    Get a mail drop like Mailbox West or UPS Store, or one of the other mail box services.  I basically have not taken any mail at home since 1994.  It stays nice and warm and dry and secure.

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