West Seattle Crime Watch: Intruder awakens mom; suspect arrested

9:54 AM: A terrifying close call for a Gatewood family early today: A woman tells WSB she was asleep with her 5-year-old child when a man broke into their home and tried to get into bed with them, attempting to molest her in the process. She is recovering from surgery. The intruder fled and the victim says police arrested a suspect. This happened after 3 am near 39th and Morgan. We’re working to find out more and will update with any further details.

10:26 AM: Police have just posted a few more details via SPD Blotter:

Officers arrested a man after a woman called 911 Saturday morning when she woke to a burglar in her bedroom.

The victim was sound asleep in her home in the 6500 block of 39 Ave SW around 3:30 this morning when she felt someone touch her face. The victim woke, and assuming it was her husband, asked what was going on. The the woman heard a reply that was not her husband and tried to turn on the nightstand light. The suspect fled out of the home, taking the woman’s cell phone with him.

Officers quickly arrived and found the suspect in an nearby alley. The victim confirmed that officers had arrested the correct person. Officers determined the suspect entered the home through an unlocked back door before making his way to the bedroom.

Officers booked the suspect into King County Jail for investigation of burglary.

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  • Seattlite February 6, 2016 (9:58 am)

    Great job SPD.!!!  How bold was this criminal?  This was a horrible, scary situation.  Wishing the mother and child a speedy emotional recovery.

  • question February 6, 2016 (10:14 am)

    That sounds horrifying.  Glad they arrested the criminal.  (I am confused by one of the sentences. Is she having surgery due to the attack?)

    • question February 6, 2016 (10:32 am)

      oh, more details now I see. Looks like the surgery mention isn’t related to the intruder.

    • WSB February 6, 2016 (10:33 am)

      No. I had originally written ‘was recovering’ but she still is so that seemed to be more accurate.

  • M February 6, 2016 (10:50 am)

    Is there a description, name, or picture of this creep? We live in Gatewood too and this scares me. The other day a man approached my wife when she was standing in our doorway talking to a friend. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was told this is where the homeless shelter was. Huh? We live in a modern looking town home in Gatewood. Clearly not a homeless shelter. Scares me to think what would have potentially happened if I was not home. Too many wierdos walking around Gatewood now. Very scary. 

  • Rick February 6, 2016 (11:01 am)

    Even in total darkness a shotgun being racked discourages most. And your aim doesn’t have to be that good. 

  • Nsea February 6, 2016 (11:04 am)

    How awful and scary.  Kudos to SPD for catching him.  Having been a victim of a burglary not too far from this location the emotional trauma hits home.  Wishing the family emotional healing and safety during this time.

  • john kamin February 6, 2016 (12:11 pm)

    very strange and scary story! was the husband home??

  • MB February 6, 2016 (12:30 pm)

    Please please update with a name and photo of this monster when you can. Praying for this mama and her family. 

    • WSB February 6, 2016 (12:41 pm)

      We’ll be following up on charges, etc., and should have some information on Monday. Right now we don’t have an age confirmed on the suspect (I asked the victim and she didn’t have that info yet) and so making a match on the jail register is speculative at best. – TR

  • Heidi February 6, 2016 (12:48 pm)

    This is terrifying! Please let us know who this freak is as soon as possible. I wish the Mother and child as much peace and safety.

  • Dale February 6, 2016 (1:06 pm)

    Possibly related to the HUGE party in that block last night.  Went on well past midnight, police were called…Mostly seemed to be teens, wandering the streets, looking in parked cars, and racing vehicles around the neighborhood.  

    • Gatewood February 6, 2016 (6:35 pm)

      Dale, I was wondering the same thing.  I live in the 6500 block and was awakened by the car doors slamming and cars going up and down the street.  I  couldn’t tell which house the party was at, do you know?  I know there is a “vacation rental” on the corner that has had parties in the past.  If that was that house I will speak to the owners.  I don’t think it was a coincident there was a party on the block and 3 hours  later and a few houses away a burglary. I’m feeling very angry this happened in our neighborhood.  Sending loving thoughts to the victim.

    • add February 6, 2016 (7:55 pm)

      Gatewood/Dale – yes, the big party was in the vacation rental on the corner. The owner was notified and arrived at the scene around midnight to help clear everyone out.  We live close by and have never had any problems with other renters in the house, typically they are families and are friendly and quiet.  The curious thing was that the police said they wouldn’t go to the front door to see what was going on.  When my husband said there was likely quite a bit of underage drinking going on, the cop said, “How do you know, did you see their IDs?” … ???  They just sat in their cars, no flashing lights or anything.  Disappointing response.  

      • Gatewood February 6, 2016 (10:26 pm)

        Indeed, a very strange response from the police.  The few times I have called the police they were very responsive. 

      • Dale February 7, 2016 (7:54 am)

        ADD-That would be a totally inappropriate response by police.  We are two blocks up 39th (the street portion of the party had spread that far).  We saw police, when they finally arrived, sit in their cars and watch the migration of humanity, dancing and peeing in the street, on and on.   ALL looked underage.  It was obvious.  No response from police at all.  I’m a supporter of SPD, but they let me down this time.

  • Friend February 6, 2016 (1:10 pm)


  • skeeter February 6, 2016 (1:25 pm)

    Certainly hope everyone is okay.  That would be terrifying.  Just to clarify — was the husband home at the time of the attack and just in a different room?

    • AJ February 7, 2016 (12:40 am)

      When the story ran on KOMO News tonight, they said the husband was asleep upstairs. She was sleeping downstairs due to her recovery from heart surgery. Apparently, she tried to yell for her husband and the intruder told her he saw that her husband was asleep. So creepy!

  • Dzag February 6, 2016 (1:29 pm)

    I am sorry for the victims of this crime. Great reporting WSB. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the prosecution goes the distance to keep this person in jail as long as possible 

  • Mathiso2 February 6, 2016 (1:49 pm)

    Two weeks ago my neighbors across the street woke up to a man standing over them while they were sleeping. The intruder said he lived there and said his name was Eric.  Police caught him a couple blocks from the house.  This was around 17th ave SW & SW Holden st.  

  • Aly February 6, 2016 (1:56 pm)

    That happened to my mom when I was a kid. She chased him out of the bedroom and he ran out of the house. Super scary and creepy, but glad no harm was done to her or her child. 

  • Andy February 6, 2016 (2:43 pm)

    Why is this person being referred to as just a burgler? 

  • Jill February 6, 2016 (3:07 pm)

    In addition to wishing the Mom and child well, I hope that the intruder gets the help and education he needs to become a productive member of society. I’m glad he was caught, now I hope that our system can help provide a different path forward in his life. 

  • H February 6, 2016 (3:12 pm)

    Beyond Scary, I’m a single mom and moved in to our rental. With in the last 11 months I’ve had three attempted break in’s last one they tried to bust down my back door filed reports with SPD ( all break in’s ) plus mail being stolen. I believe my German Shepherd is the reason they backed off not realizing he’s here. Please watch for your neighbors, and be alert. 

  • Curate February 6, 2016 (6:00 pm)

    WSB, can you please clarify whether this was a “forced entry”? How did he get into the home in the middle of the night? Where were the other occupants of the home (husband)? This is absolutely terrifying.

    • WSB February 6, 2016 (6:13 pm)

      The SPD Blotter post, which appeared after our initial report and is included above (the first paragraph is everything I had when I published at 9:54, from the victim), mentions an unlocked door. Burglary is burglary, regardless of forced or unforced. All the information we have is above. Of course we’ll try to get the official report narrative on Monday, as well as tracking what happens to the suspect, who likely will have a bail hearing then. – TR

  • Wsea 98116 February 6, 2016 (7:47 pm)

    Very scary, and could cause continuing emotional trauma. I’m curious about the intruder, but I don’t understand the many posters urgent NEED to know his identity. Why do you need to know as soon as possible? What will you do with this info?

    • KM February 7, 2016 (2:52 pm)

      I was going to invite him to connect on LinkedIn.

      • Wsea 98116 February 7, 2016 (4:51 pm)

        Now I understand! Thank you for the clarity, KM. (Btw- great idea- LinkedIn invites make a dreadful punishment.)

  • heylady February 6, 2016 (9:46 pm)

    Why do you need to know why we need to know?

  • Wsea 98116 February 6, 2016 (10:38 pm)

    Why do you need to know why I need to know why you need to know?

  • WTF February 6, 2016 (10:48 pm)

    I want a name and description or photo of that lunatic!

  • Rose February 6, 2016 (11:22 pm)

    Terryifying. How lucky that they were unharmed, that the suspect fled and that there was another phone in the house to call the police.

  • ChannelingLewisBlack February 7, 2016 (8:51 pm)

    At what point, folks, are we going to say “enough is enough”?  I moved to this area 18 months ago thinking, in part, that buying in an area with prices so high, surely there is a level of decency here.   I am amazed and astounded by the lack of civil decency, accountability, and respect for the safety and sanctity of others.  Lisa Herbold and the city council need to hold a session in WS to articulate what they are going to do about reducing crime in this city, not how they are going to continue to coddle the homeless and addicted with dedicated RV parking.  We need a Guiliani-esque cleanup of the city to ensure the safety of the law abiding citizens and TAXPAYERS before we can help the homeless.  This crime – when considering its sheer audacity as well as the lax SPD response to the disturbance that likely led up to it – is exhibit A into how the city is underserving the taxpayers (very specifically the property owners) of this community.  Write Lisa Herbold and demand a public hearing.

  • Xyz February 7, 2016 (11:43 pm)

    I am the victim. I would like to say that I was physically unharmed but am truly traumatized emotionally and mentally and struggling to return to anything remotely close to normal. I too am curious about further details a I only know as much as general public when it comes to the individual. I underwent a heart procedure 12 hours prior to the incident so I was extra vulnerable at the time. 

    • al February 8, 2016 (8:56 am)

       I am so thankful that you are safe and your family is too- that is the most important thing!!  So very sorry this happened to you and your family.  Please know that you have a lot of community support and lots of thoughts and prayers.  

    • Alan February 8, 2016 (9:40 am)

      XYZ – I would expect that you should be provided a Victim’s Advocate by SPD. While the rest of us rely on WSB for our information on this, you should not have to.  Eventually, I would expect the KC Prosecutor’s office to contact you, but I would expect that you should have someone that can keep you updated.


      If you were not given a card with contact information, I would call the SW Precinct and request an advocate.

      I am sorry this happened to you.

  • Concerned older brother February 13, 2016 (1:57 am)

    Xyz – if you truly are the victim, I’m not sure if this will mean anything to you but I would like to apologize on behalf of my brother. My brother was invited to a party where he had a little too much to drink. I want to let you know that he doesn’t have a criminal background because he truly is not a criminal. He’s a young father who spends most of his time working. He’s not an experienced drinker and did not target you he wondered into the wrong home unfortunately. 

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